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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Volume 3, Issue 222 - September 15, 1997

WCW Monday Nitro

Live from Charlotte, North Carolina (Ric Flair's home town)

We see Ric Flair's battered face on a hospital gurney (he has a long cut sutured plus several small cuts over his eyes and on his forehead) then cut to Tony Schiovanni in a very emotional state. He starts to talk about what Ric Flair has meant to him and his career then bails out of the program saying he can't do the show. Larry Zybsco tries to talk him out of it but Tony leaves as Larry makes his comments. Mike Tenay takes over the commentary describing the scene last night at the end of the Main Event. We see stills of the match and then a brief clip of Hennig doing the damage to Flair.

Disco Inferno vs. Dean Malenko - Disco starts out cautious then gets an armdrag and blows it. He whoops after his little triumph and sets Malenko off. Disco gets in one recovery by way of a finger to the eye of his opponent. Then it is all down hill for a while. Disco continues to try and come back but it has no sustain. Malenko takes his time and really works over his opponent. Disco finally makes his break by way of an attack on Malenko's injured knee (from last night) but again it only lasts a while. Malenko steps up the plate and overwhelms him. The Texas Cloverleaf does him in. Cut to commercial.

We see Mark Maddon and Eddie Guerrero on the Internet backstage.

Faces of Fear vs. Harlem Heat - Stevie Ray starts with Meng and ends up holding off both his opponents. Meng is in alone again and gets suckered into the wrong corner and creamed. But he comes right out of it and has reversed the situation in no time. Stevie Ray is getting pummelled now. The Faces start unloading a heavy doubleteam assault immediately. We're hearing about the death of the Horsemen from the announcers (Tenay is doing most of the talking). They keep slipping back to the subject of Flair's injuries. In the ring the action has shifted back and forth twice more and now Booker T is back on the receiving end. The Heat make one last charge but it all ends when Meng puts the guzzle on Booker T. Cut to commercial.

Our first view of the Nitro Girls - its funny really - Kimberly stays in the back and you don't really see her until she pops up at the end of the routine. She seems to be getting better though...

She joins Mean Gene, who introduces her husband. Diamond Dallas Page talks about having an illness and eventually identifies the "disease" as Randy Savage. Page calls Savage a "low-life coward" and demands one more match from him at Halloween Havok.

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera - these guys are long time rivals in Mexico. Rey takes off his mask to reveal a second one. He presents the over-mask to a fan at ringside. This is prime high flying action once it gets underway. Junventud gets the advantage outside the ring and powerbombs his opponent off the apron. Back in the ring it's all Guerrera. He is using his slight size advantage to punish his opponent. Then he misses a charge to the corner gets hung up to dry. Now it's Rey's turn to deal out some hurts. Things begin to see-saw. Both guys are showing fatigue. Juventud goes out to rest but has to catch Rey's suicide dive. Rey throws his opponent back into the ring then stalks him for the springboard Frankensteiner. It is over very quickly after that.

Steve Regal vs. Alex Wright - World TV Title match - this should be interesting. Regal would seem to hold all the cards if Wright was still in his "boy next door" personna - that isn't the case any more...but still it will be hard for Wright to appear to win this match legitimately. Sure enough, Regal makes mince meat out of his opponent in the early going. Wright comes back with an aggressive attack but he gets stopped short by Regals superior counter wrestling. There is an extended exchange wherein Regal keeps thwarting Wright's initiatives until Alex gets in close enough to put on the German Suplex - a second bridge suplex gets him the surprising pinfall. Cut to comercial.

Mean Gene with Ray Traylor - he is challanging the entire nWo - one at a time. He grandiously plans to put them all out of wrestling (don't hold your breath boss boy...)

Konan vs. the Giant - you gotta be kidding! Konan gets thrown around like a rag doll right on the bell. He then attacks the Giant with his fists but gets tossed aside again. Konan abandons the ring with the Giant on his heels. He roughs him up then tosses him back in to the ring. Raven is seen at ringside - actually this is the second time they've shown him. Konan takes a beating then goes back out - this time he manages to blindside the Giant on the way back into the ring. He tries to follow up with an assault but the Giant grabs him by the throat...chokeslam city...

Nitro girls in the ring...

Bobby Heenan joins Tenay and Legandary Larry and talks about Ric Flair and predicts the Horsemen will come back.

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Stevie Richards vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Richards tries to charge up the crowd in his favor (fat chance) - DDP outclasses the youngster from the get-go. Stevie tries real hard and does have superior speed and some flying ability but he doesn't stand a chance. Page puts him into a fireman's carry and then turns it into a Diamond Cutter. After the pin Raven comes into the ring and starts kicking Richards - who is still out of it from the Cutter.

Scott Hall/Kevin Nash (w/Syxx) vs. Wrath/Mortis (w/James Vandenberg) - World Tag Team Title match - the latter have been losing every match to the Faces of Fear - so how do they rate a title shot? Some times I almost wish wrestling was logical... Bobby is again talking about last night, lets his mouth get ahead of his brain and refers to Hennig as "Perfect..." before he quickly chokes it off. Wrath and Mortis are really an ersatz version of Hall and Nash except that neither of them matches up size wise to his counterpart. Thus Hall overpowers Mortis but lets Wrath in, so he tags in Nash. Nash overpowers Wrath until the latter gets in a couple of his savat kicks. Wrath tags in Mortis who retains the advantage. Syxx provides the distraction that puts Nash back in charge. A big powerbomb on Mortis ends the match.

nWo plays that funky music - here comes Uncle Eric - he says he loves us and explains how great it is being him. He intros Hollywood Hogan who enters with the rest of the thugs. He pauses to take a sign and hold it up to the camera. It says "McMahon Bite Me!" Eric then introduces the newest member of the nWo. The Nature Boy's music plays and Hennig enters wearing Flair's ring robe! The ultimate insult in front of this Charlotte crowd. Eric talks about the "privelage" of having Hennig in the nWo - Hennig repeats that word "privelage" as he mocks the Horsemen. He then takes off the robe and reveals an nWo logo on his tank top - he presents the robe to Hogan!! Eric then asks Savage for his response to DDP's challange - he accepts the match for Halloween Havok. Hogan takes over and rants about Piper - the crowd chants "Hogan Sucks!!!". Hogan boasts that he will hand Piper his head in the cage match. He ends with the statement "What yuh gonna do when the entire nWo runs wild on you??!"

I heard a rumor today that Flair is going to take 6 to 8 weeks off and get cosmetic surgery. Sounds like another run for the Gold is in the works to me. Flair wants to have it for the fouteenth time. Cut to commercial.

Video review of the Hogan/Piper feud leading to the next PPV.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Eddie Guerrero - Cruiserweight Title match - Guerrero starts fast and aggressively. The Dragon matches his speed and its a draw. They square off again and go to a knuckle lockup which Guerrero escapes from using a cheapshot boot to the gut. Guerrero retains the initiative for the next several exchanges. Then the Dragon takes to the air. His aerial attack succeeds and he now has control of the action. The Dragon tries the first pinning combination without success. The action see-saws as the clock goes past the normal end of the program. The Dragon goes for his Dragon Sleeper but he also has an injury from last night and can't hold onto it. Eddie puts him down and Frog Splashes him to get the win and retain his Title.

Steve McMichael vs. Curt Hennig - US Title match - the main event preliminaries starts almost ten minutes past the hour. Michaels Buffer does the introductions. Hennig comes to the ring on his own - don't expect it will stay that way for long - especially if Hennig gets into trouble. They go to another commercial before introducing the Champ.

The Hometown crowd explodes as the Horsemen music plays. Mongo charges the ring without waiting for the intro. He is sidestepped by Hennig but catches hold of him and tosses him into the corner. Hennig comes right back and starts to work on the left leg of his opponent. Mongo overpowers Hennig and goes for a running powerslam but Hennig wiggles free and goes back to work on the knee. Mongo won't go out easily but he is losing the match steadily. He has another chance to come back and makes the most of it but in the end Hennigs slaps on his "Fisherman's Suplex" and takes the pin (and the Title). Fade to black...

I am convinced that this whole thing with Flair (and now the US Title loss) is to set up what appears to be overwhelming adversity so that the Horsemen can eventually come back in triumph. Look for Malenko to join their ranks to replace Hennig. I have even heard a rumor that Tully Blanchard will be on hand to give Malenko his blessing...but we know about rumors...

WWF Monday Night RAW

The fireworks go off and we hear that Vince McMahon is off "on assignment". First up...

Ken Shamrock vs. Farrooq - Intercontinental Title Tourney 1st round - this is a very hard hitting dustup right from the beginning. Both wrestlers play to their strengths - Shamrock tries to get a submission victory - Faarooq pokes his opponent in the eyes... Before long the highly experienced Faarooq has the rookie at his mercy. Ken Shamrock's mouth is bleeding. Suddenly Shamrock pulls a belly-to-belly out of nowhere and gets the pin. The four members of the NOD descend on the winner until the Road Warriors run in and break it up. Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin is interviewed by remote hook-up (I wonder why..?) by Jim Ross and the King. Usual rant...

El Pantera vs. Taka Michinoku - the first guys name sounds like a cigar or something. These guys put on quite a cruiserweight show. Luche Libre vs Japanese style. The announcers take advantage of this match to talk about the King's unacknowledged son while Michinoku takes control in the ring. He uses his Taka Driver brainbuster to take the win.

The Truth Commission rants - actually it's just the annoying guy who doesn't wrestle whose doing all of the talking. Why am I getting echoes of Col. DeBeers every time I see these goons? They face the Legion of Doom next.

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Road Warriors vs. Recon/Sniper - Sniper goes in with Hawk to start and uses guile to take over the match early. The exchange is made on both sides. Animal doesn't fair any better but gradually the Warriors assume command of the situation. They are setting up the Doomsday Device when the Interregator hits the ring (and Hawk). Animal tries to hit back but he gets a boot to the face and is felled. Ken Shamrock comes to the rescue but then the NOD shows up right behind him. The usual melee ensues...bad guys lose the match but win the battle. Cut to commercial.

Sunny dances down in her blue dress. She introduces the "Mini-Tag team Extravaganza"

El Torito/Piretita Morgan vs. Max Mini/Mr. Lucky - as usual the littler guys outwrestle the little guys but the little guys hold the overwhelming size advantage so they are not easy to beat. The littler guys spend a good deal of the match pacing around on the floor. Then they come back in and run right back into the bulk of their opponents. Finally Max Mini manages to sucker the Little Bull into climbing to the top rope and launching himself onto the mat. Max then climbs the same corner and delivers a flying head butt to get the win.

Video review of the Pillman/Goldust fiasco. I refuse to describe this atrocity.

Brian Pillman (w/Marlena) vs Dude Love -Intercontinental Title Tourney 1st round - Marlena enters in a very short black dress wearing a nose ring. Pillman tries to lift her skirt before the match - disgusting. They are trying to suggest that she is wearing no underwear. In the ring the match is pretty even. Marlena tries to flee the ring area but Pillman runs out of the ring to stop her. You have to wonder what that screechy Mrs. Pillman thinks of all this. In the ring Dude Love has taken control and is building momentum. He is setting up for the "Sweet Shin Music" when Dustin Rhodes (no makeup/costume) suddenly hits the ring and attacks Pillman. Marlena has a big smile on her face as her man beats on her tormenter. The Officials pin Rhodes down while Pillman flees the ring area with Marlena in tow. Pillman wins via DQ and advances in the tournament. Cut to commercial (good...).

The second hour begins with an interview of Steve Austin by the King. I hope to see Lawler get stunned here any moment. Lawler rants about how much he enjoyed watching Austin attack Ross, Slaughter and (almost) Vince McMahon. Then the Harts appear on the ramp with some young man in a suit. They have Austin served with a TRO - ala Eric Bischoff and the Giant (this one says 100 feet). As Austin looks over the Restraining Order Lawler continues to rant in that annoying voice of his. Austin answers the prayers of myself and all WWF fans by putting the Stunner on Lawler just to shut him up! Cut to commercial.

Jim Cornette has taken over Lawlers chair as we return. We are treated to a replay of the wonderful event from three different angles.

The Patriot vs. Owen Hart - they have a flag face-off to start. The 6'5" - 275lbs Patriot drawfs his opponent when they finally lock-up. He works on Hart's left arm. It goes in his favor for several moments. Then, just as Owen begins to turn the tide, Stone Cold and a phalanx of Security officers appear on the ramp and we go to sell something.

Austin has disappeared as we return - but the Security officers are still there. Owen has held onto his advantage through the break. As we watch, the Patriot slowly comes back. Tha announcers are still wondering where Austin is, meanwhile the Patriot has assumed command of the match. Suddenly Austin crosses the barrier out of the crowd and tears up the Restraining Order in Owen's face. The distracted Owen gets rolled up and pinned. Steve escapes through the crowd as the Security guys go after him.

We see the four security guards searching for Austin - they look like they're ready to use their guns if necessary (gosh...maybe we'll have a firefight..!!)

JR is in the ring to interview Shawn Michaels - HBK reveals that he is challanging the Bulldog for his European Title. He wants to be the only wrestler to hold all Four Titles in the WWF. He goes into his crybaby routine - "...oh woe is me - I'm so mistreated..." He states that the predictions of his impending doom are greatly exagerrated... Somehow he plans to take us all down with him - it's not clear what that actually means...

The Undertaker rants from behind a cyclone fence - Shawn answers back that he will make the Undertaker bleed once again. Cut to commercial.

Bret Hart/British Bulldog vs. The Headbangers - WWF Tag Team Title match - Thrasher wrestles the Bulldog to a halt in the opening moments. Mosh comes in and they doubleteam him before going on with the match. Bret Hart tags in and also gets outwrestled initially. The Bangers are showing great continuity while their opponents are not. The Bulldog finally starts turning things around about 2/3 of the way through the match. Bret takes over on Mosh and is looking good. The challangers are pounding on Mosh in their corner when we cut to commercial.

Coming back, we are nearing the end of the match (and the program time - you know these guys aren't going past the hour) - Mosh is trying to recover but is sinking fast under the dual assault. He finally gets out of the way as Bret launches himself from the second rope. All four men are in for a moment then the referee gets knocked down. The Hart's try to get away with pinning the wrong man but the referee orders the restart. Bulldog goes to the outside and grabs a fan's American flag. Back in the ring he uses it as a weapon and gets disqualified. The Harts go ballistic and the Patriot and Vader do a run in tothe rescue. The melee is still happening as we fade to black.

If I ignore the bad taste left in my mouth by the Goldust/Pillman thing I think this program was fairly good. I can't believe we got through an entire show with only one Steve Austin run-in.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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