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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

McMahon is Stunned!!

Apocolypse '97: Hell On Earth

Dream Card by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Seattle House Show Report

by Garland Chan

Volume 3, Issue 224 - September 22, 1997

Editors Note: I am on vacation this week and will be going out of town from Tuesday until Friday. This issue is a bit longer than the usual Monday Night Edition because I decided to include articles which would have appeared in the Thursday Mid-Week Edition, which I will be skipping this week.

WCW Monday Nitro

Kimberly opens the program from Salt Lake City, Utah. The Nitro Girls are in the house (yawn...) I'm looking out for a glimpse of Hitman (the Salt Lake City radio guy) in the third row but it's hard to write and scan the crowd at the same time.

Tony is talking about the "...big announcement of profound importance..." when Eric Bischoff shows up to interrupt the opening of the program. He gets in Legandary Larry's face about the latter's interference in a recent match. Larry comes back with a video of Eric being Jacknifed by Nash last year. Larry rants on for a while (Eric has disappeared). Maybe tonight is that night that Larry gets punked...

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Silver King - Rey is running circles around his opponent as the announcers ignore the match to talk about what just happened. We see Raven come down. The match goes on. Eddie Guerrero comes down to watch and, coincidently to distract Misterio. Rey wins the match despite it all. Eddie is up on the apron and taunting Misterio. He jumps down and takes his eye off Rey - who dives throught the ropes and splashes him! Rey handles the Cruiserweight Title belt then drops it on Guerrero's waist. Cut to commercial.

Hugh Morrus vs. Bill Goldberg (a SCSA wannabe) - the newcomer, who has a similar build, dresses like (and has his head shaved like) Steve William's current SCSA character, surprises everyone by first kicking out of Morrus' moonsault then going on to win the match convincingly. After the match he refuses to be interviewed by Gene Oakerlund. Cut to commercial. I recognise this guy but can't place him...maybe it will come to me...

The Grrrls are in the ring as we return. Tony hawks coming live events and the Nitro Party contest while they dance.

We get a video review of Larry's actions at Fall Brawl (he helped Luger and Page win the Tag Team match against Hall and Savage).

Disco Inferno vs. Alex Wright - TV Title match - right, Disco has earned a Title shot..? Somebody holds up a sign that reads "World Wrestling Failure"... These guys both tend to lose focus during matches but I expect Wright to win this one. Wright sets the tone with a slap to the face (actually the side of the neck) of his opponent. Disco proceeds to outwrestle the Champ. We see Raven in the front row (the kid who got Misterio's outer mask sits nearby in the camera frame). The match is still being felt out as we go to commercial.

Disco is pummeling Wright in the corner as we return - Wright turns the tables with a lariet and does some pummeling of his own...then he stops to dance. On the next exchange Disco slips in a belly-to-back suplex. Wright manages to keep the initiative. He climbs to the top rope and delivers a single foot stomp to the sternum of his prone opponent. This seems to wake Disco up - he becomes a whirlwind of activity and snatches control of the match. Another few exchanges and they both try to throw flying body blocks at the same time. They collide and Disco ends up on top. He gets a pinfall. Disco Inferno is the new TV Champ!! Jaquelyn comes out and says "Everybody knows why you were gone for six months..." He tries to shrug her off - she challanges him to a match!!! He refuses to bite and walks away. How weird is this..??

The nWo is starting to show clips from the Arn Anderson retirement parody in their promotional videos.

Dat funky music plays as we return... Hall and Syxx appear on the ramp and go to the ring. Hall has a mic and wants to know who the crowd came to see. He gets the crowd to call "nWo" in response to his question. Syxx adds his own rant then Hall starts to go after Larry Zbyzsco - but he stops and challanges Lex Luger to a match this instant instead. When Luger doesn't respond Hall turns and challanges Larry. Larry heads for the ring area but won't enter the ring unless Syxx leaves the area. He walks away when it becomes obvious that Syxx is going nowhere. Meanwhile Hall says send someone down for a match. Hector Garza enters to the old music of Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce (the Godwins). Hall handles Garza easily and even takes time to intimidate the referee. He tears off the guy's breats pocket and pulls out his shirt tail - Garza sneaks in behind and gets a pinfall!! The thugs descend on him and he gets Outsiders' Edged - ditto the referee. Cut to commercial.

Psychosis/LaParka (w/Sonny Oono)/the Villanos vs. Ultimo Dragon/Cyclope/Juventud Guerrera/Lizmark Jr. - LaParka carries a chair to the ring. The Dragon gets in a spectacular move when he slides Pychosis out of the ring headfirst to the floor. This is a typical Luche Libre style tag match that WCW does so well - bodies flying all over the place and including the usual six-man pile-up out on the floor. Sonny Oono tries to hold the Dragon so Psychosis can hit him but gets hit himself. Back in the ring Juventud and LaParka are facing off for the final exchange. Juventud gets the pin after a Frankensteiner.

Roddy Piper goes to the ring to talk to Mean Gene - he rants about Scott Hall's crybaby attitude then announces a match between Hall and Luger at Halloween Havok with Larry Z as the referree! He reiterates his intention to face Hogan in a cage. He promises to finish Hogan's career and anoints himself as the Cage Match king.

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Lee Marshall phones in from somewhere... The Faces of Fear vs. The Steiner Brothers (w/Ted Dibiasi) - Scotty and Meng lock up to begin. The end up in a test of mass as they collide with neither giving up an inch. Scotty ducks a clothesline and then downs his opponent. The Steiners control the next several exchanges. Meng comes back with a powerbomb on Scotty to turn the tables. He drags Scotty to his corner and they go to work on him. Scotty finally gets away and tags in his brother who lays waste to the competiton. They get their patented two story move set-up on the Barbarian but Meng breaks it up. Scotty tries to wastelock Meng but he shoves his hand up and puts on the goozle. The Steiners lose the match. Big upset.

Hollywood Hogan enters wearing Flair's old ring robe - he has cut off the arms. Hogan has the mic and wants to know where Sting is. Sting fails to appear (fancy that...) Hogan thanks Curt Hennig for the robe. I just noticed Hitman in the background of this shot. "Blasse fears JBYRD" says one of his signs...why doesn't he hold up a "Solie's" sign..?? Oh well... He gets his Blasse sign up again right at the end of the rant. (see the image above) Cut to commercial.

More nWo music as we return - it's Savage and his ex-wife this time. He is here for a match against somebody. He decides to rant first. There's Hitman holding up a sign "Extreme Sports Network If you Weeel.." Savage finishes talking to himself and Stevie Richards heads down as his opponent for the match.

Raven still sits ringside but hasn't said or done anything. Savage dominates his young opponent in the ring as Hitman holds up his sign again - (did they just lead him away..?) Savage and his opponent are out on the floor and Liz is getting uncharacteristically physically involved in the match. Savage gets flung to the rail in front of Raven which brings the latter to his feet. Back in the ring Savage has things well in hand but Raven decides to invade as Savage is getting ready to take the pinfall. Savage moves away and Raven helps Richards to his feet then DDT's him. Cut to commercial.

Harlem Heat vs. Scott Norton/Konan (w/Vincent) - Booker T comes out with just Jaquelyn - Booker T explains that his brother is injured and offers to face any of the nWo wrestlers present one on one. Norton says "No deal" - Booker T will wrestle a handicapp match. Of course he is outnumbered three to one so soon is in big trouble. He fares well considering the odds and manages to dominate the contest for quite a while. It's just a matter of time until the frustrated nWo guys begin to openly cheat and get disqualified. Strangely, given the chance to show some of the Jaquelyn we all know and love, she chooses to complain to the referee instead. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrls on parade in the ring.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Curt Hennig (w/Liz) - US Title match - I'm surprised Debra is still with this loser. "Anarchy is TWIN KILLING" says the latest sign from our friend Hitman. We cut to commrcial as nWo music fills the air. It is 7PM.

The match gets underway as we return. Tony sends a message out to Ric Flair "...wish you were here with a baseball bat..." In the ring Hennig takes charge early and goes to work on Jarrett's left leg. The match spills out to the floor where Hennig tries to us a chair but misses. Jarrett smashes his face into it. He then drags Hennig to the corner and returns the favor to his opponent's leg. Back in the ring Hennig slaps on a sleeper but Jarrett counters with a jaw breaker. Hennig comes back with a punch that decks his opponent. Jarrett comes back with a DDT. He attacks his opponent's legs repeatedly. He slaps on a figure four but Liz is distracting the referee. Savage comes in and hands Hennig the Title belt. He uses it to upset the move - Jarrett is out of it. Hennig puts Jarrett into a Fisherman's Suplex and gets the pin. Afterward the nWo swarm the ring and do a number on Jarrett. The Giant saves his bacon as we fade to black...

WWF Monday Night RAW

From Madison Square Garden - we are treated to a video montage of great moments from the past at the venerable Wrestling Mecca of the Western World. The announcer (Jim Ross) is going a bit overboard as he states that tonight's RAW program will a "defining moment in the history" of MSG.

Rocky Maivia (w/NOD) vs. Ahmed Johnson - Intercontinental Title Tourney matchup - Sgt. Slaughters comes down and orders Faarooq and his thugs to vacate the ringside area before Johnson comes down. Ahmed immediately throws Rocky out of the ring. Maivia tries to sneak back in but gets caught and slammed. He uses a cheapshot to turn the tables. Lou Albanno is ringside taking notes for some reason. The match goes out to the floor and Ahmed gets whipped into the ring steps. Johnsons hand is lacerated and bleeding (that has to hurt...) Rocky continues to dominate until the very last moment when he slaps his opponent and Johnson suddenly turns it around with a kick to the gut and a Pearl River Plunge. Johnson advances to the next round. The announcers mention that Shawn Michaels is now the European Champion - having defeated the Bulldog at the One Night Only PPV.

Stone Cold makes an appearance in the stands and rants.

Stills from the European Title match. Shawn won with a figure four leglock.

The Undertaker makes an entrance. He takes his time coming to the ring - the crowd eats it up. Vinnie Mac is waiting in the ring to interview him. McMahon informs him that a new wrinkle has been added to the pending Hell in the Cell match. The winner will get a Title shot against the WWF Champion as Survivor Series. UT says "...fine" but wants to talk about Shawn Michaels. He threatens to burn him in "eternal damnation..." (I wonder how he enforces that?) Shawn Michaels shows up and rants his usual crybaby thing about how the WWF is giving him the shaft. He rants to the Undertakers face (from 50 feet away on a platform). Cut to commercial.

Is it me or do all the heels in the WWF seem to have the same act these days - they whine and cry and accuse each other of giving them a hard time. How boring...

Sunny dances down to the ring. She announces the next match:

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The Road Warriors vs. Faarooq/Kama - we see a video of the Warriors forecasting the weather on a news show before the match starts. Animal faces Kama to start - this guy is huge, even next to Animal. Faarooq tags in and Hawk almost immediately comes in on the other side. The NOD succeeds in double-teaming Hawk for a while and then he comes back. The LOD are ready to put Faarooq away when D'Lo interferes. LOD are getting creamed when Ahmed Johnson comes down. He gets caught up in the slaughter and ends up in the same boat as LOD. Cut to commercial for One Night Only videos.

Owen Hart vs. Brian Pillman (w/Marlena) - Intercontinental Title Tourney - Owen comes to the ring to a new piece of music accompanied by four security officers. Pillman comes with Marlena. Her outfit is two-piece leather and chains this week and she is wearing a navel ring. Pillman has his arm in a sling and says he can't wrestle. He slipped and fell in the bathtub during some activity concerning Marlena (right...) - he wants to forfeit his IC Title Tourney shot. Slaughter comes down and disputes Pillman's claim and orders the match to go on. Brian removes his sling and his arm is fine. They start out wrestling a scientific match with little effort being expended as we go to commercial.

During the break there was a dustup between the combatants precipitated by the actions of Pillman's companion. Marlena hit Owen with her purse and set him off. The match goes on with a bit more intensity now until Goldust comes down and attacks Owen then Pillman. For some reason this gets Pillman DQ'd.

Owen starts to rant in the ring - then Steve Austin runs in and attacks him. The police storm the ring to enforce the Restraining Order. Vince runs into the ring and tries to reason with Austin. He tells him that he needs to stop trying to get back in the ring and compete before he hurts himself. Steve seems to be taking it in. He comes back with what starts out to sound like a conciliatory speech - then he puts the Stunner on McMahon!!! The rumors we heard were true... Austin is cuffed and removed from the scene. Cut to commercial (is this what JR meant when he said tonight would be a defining moment?)

A short montage pays tribute to Dick "the Bulldog" Brower, who died this week.

The second hour starts with a bang. There is a gorgeous blond hanging out behind the rail at the Kings shoulder. We get a video review of the Stunner from several angles.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chynna) vs. Dude Love - No DQ/Falls Count Anywhere match - the King tries to interview the bimbo but his sound equipment fails. It turns out to be the Late Night Movie host on the USA Network (Rhonda Sheer). The Dudester appears on the Titan Tron. He's says he's not interested in a "falls count anywhere" match but offers his alter ego as a substitute - But Mankind says "lets send in Cactus Jack!"

Jack approaches the ring with a garbage can and uses it to cream Hunter on the fly. He drags him back to the ring area but doesn't go into it. Instead he beats on his opponent out on the floor. They go in for a moment then Jack brings it back outside. Chynna has to interfere to give Hunter a chance to catch up. They battle out to the entryway and then fight in the hallway by the locker rooms. Hunter heads back toward the ring but gets turned back by the referee. He turns around and gets a fire extinguisher opened in his face. They battle back to the ring area where Hunter turns the tables with Chynna's help. Cut to commercial.

Hunter has a mop in the ring and is using it as a weapon as we return. There is also a chair in the ring. Moments later the chair comes into play. Jack is getting creamed. He uses a low-blow to retake the advantage. Chynna gets in a chair shot then Jack catches the chair and takes it from her. Hunter attacks Jack from behind and sends both Jack and Chynna careening into the ring steps. It is all Hunter now. They battle up the ramp and Hunter sets up a table. He tries to Pedegree Jack on it but he reverses the hold and gets a piledriver which destroys the table. Jack gets the pin. Chynna crawls over and the three of them lie togther for a moment until Jack pulls himself to his feet. Cut to Survivor Series promo. then to a clip of Andre the Giant slamming Big John Studd then starts distributing the $15,000 he won for that feat... Cut to commercial.

Another video still review of the European Title match preceeds Shawn Michaels appearance in the ring. He rants about his match against the Bulldog. He brings a chair to sit on while he calls the Undertaker to come to the ring. Lets go sell something before anything happens.

Shawn is still taunting the Undertaker as we return. Finally UT's music plays and he strides to the ring. Helmsley tries to attack from behind but is caught. The distraction allows Michaels to strike with his chair. Helmsley and Shawn doubleteam UT until Rick Rude comes down to lend a hand. They are all fought off and the Undertaker is standing tall (hard for him to do otherwise) with the chair as we cut to commercial.

Bret Hart vs. Goldust - Bret grabs the mic and rants for a while before his opponent is introduced. He tells both Michaels and the Undertaker to watch out. His opponent comes to the ring in mostly dark face paint but with only one side painted. He goes right to work on the Hitman and dominates the early going. He has a definite size advantage but Bret Hart is "the Man". The Champion takes over the match soon enough. He starts working on the left leg, setting up for the Sharp-Shooter. At ringside Jerry Lawler is making tasteless jokes about the Pillman/Marlena situation. In the ring the Champ is creaming his opponent. Shawn Michaels appears on the ramp as we cut to commercial.

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Bret has the Golden one in the center of the ring and is still working on his leg. Michaels is cavorting on the ramp but doesn't approach the ring. In the ring Goldust has reversed a suplex to regain the advantage. Hart grabs that leg again and restablishes his control. He is trying to hang Goldust's leg up on the bottom strand when he gets levered out to the floor. Goldust is in control again on the outside. Back in the ring he gets a bulldog on the Champ. But then Bret recovers and gets the Sharp Shooter and the win. He holds onto the hold until Michaels runs in followed by Hunter Helmsley and then Rick Rude. The rest of the Harts (including Jim Neidhart!) join the frey. Then the Undertaker makes his appearance. He has both Hart and Michaels and chokeslams them as we fade to black.

House Show in Seattle, WA. 9/21/1997

By Garland Chan

Hey everyone. If anyone remembers, a while back I went to the WWF Tacoma House Show in August. Now I have the best of both worlds.

The WCW house show was billed as the "Battle in Seattle," and they made a big deal about it because it's been 8 years since the WCW/NWA came to town. They were even broadcasting it on the Internet. I saw Lee Marshall and Mark Madden down at ringside. In the 15 minutes or so before the card even began, there were chants of "whooooo," proving that Ric Flair is really over there. And he wasn't even there. I was pleasantly surprised as the card started on time.

Cruiserweight championship match

Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Challenger Dean Malenko

In quite easily the best wrestling match of the evening, I got to see quite a bit about how well Eddie works his heel role. He really knows how to sell his cowardly act. Very big pop for Dean and Eddie. At first, Eddie tried to shake hands with Dean, but he wouldn't have any of it. When Dean finally did shake his hand, he suddenly clotheslined Eddie and the match is under way. Eddie worked on the leg for the majority of the match and even gave us all the double bird when he was bridging backwards to get leverage on leg hold. Eddie almost got a figure four, but Dean blocked the leg preventing its execution. Dean eventually got a superplex on Eddie and when Eddie tried to do something similar, he got straddled on the top rope. Dean tried a powerbomb, but Eddie reversed it into a sunset flip and a near fall. Eddie tried a Frankensteiner, but Dean reversed it to a powerbomb and a near Texas Cloverleaf, but Eddie blocked it. After Dean executed a butterfly suplex, the Texas Cloverleaf was applied, but Eddie made it to the ropes. Eventually Eddie gets the pin near the corner with the foot on the rope.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero by pinfall

Time of Match: 21:29

World TV champion Alex Wright vs. Ultimo Dragon (non-title match)

Alex complains about not getting the second entrance and he goes back and gets his music to play again as we are subjected to another dose of Alex's dancing. Alex sneak attacks Dragon only to get pinned with a rollup not too long after.

Winner: Ultimo Dragon by pinfall

Time of Match: 0:38

Konan vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (in a no DQ affair)

There were not too many highlights in this match as Konan consistently tried to pull Rey's mask off. Rey managed to pull off a moonsault from the middle ropes. Konan's big move was a DDT. The end came when Konan finally pulled Rey's mask off only to reveal a second white one underneath. A kick to the groin and a Frankensteiner roll-up later, Rey got the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. by pinfall

Time of Match: 11:07

WCW tag championship match:

Challengers Lex Luger and The Giant vs. Champions The Outsiders w/Syxx

A sneak attack and a belt to the face put the Giant to the mat and Lex was left to defend himself. This one was out of control right away as Syxx took it upon himself to make it a handicap match and tag in as well. Syxx was really entertaining as he acted wild on the ring apron working up the crowd. Eventually, the Giant gets up in a big way. First, Syxx is thrown on Nash and Hall. Then Luger got Nash in the Rack. But referee Nick Patrick had just now declared the match a no-contest and the Giant took the liberty of pointing to Nick and clokeslamming him must to the crowd's pleasure. After Luger and the Giant left, The Outsiders gave an interview to the Seattle audience plugging the nWo. The crowd ate it up.

Winner of Match: no-contest

Time of Match: 4:40

US championship match:

Challenger Jeff Jarrett vs. Champion Curt Hennig

Jeff did his usual strutting before, during and after the match (although the one after the match was a bit short-lived). The final moments of this match saw Curt get a sleeper on Jeff only to be the recipient of a neckbreaker shortly after. Jeff got off a heel groin kick and a slingshot and almost a Figure Four. Jarrett makes one mistake on the corner and Curt perfect-plexs his hapless opponent.

Winner: Curt Hennig by pinfall

Time of Match: 8:51

Harlem Heat vs. Steiner Brothers

Booker T was giving Lee Marshall a bad time before and in the opening moments of this match. As usual, the Steiners flex their suplex muscles. In the middle of this affair, the ring ropes actually broke when one of the wrestlers went off the ropes(although it looked ok). So they tried to stay away from using the ropes for the remainder of this match. The end came when one of the Steiners cradled one of the HH. The ref was distracted as the other HH member turned his partner on top. But the other Steiner turned his partner on top and the ref counts his shoulders on the mat.

Winner: Steiners by pinfall

Time of Match: 8:35

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Macho Man Randy Savage (no DQ, no pinfall, no submission, no countout, only way to win is by 10 count.)

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Mark Madden and Lee Marshall left the ringside area in the most disappointing match of the evening. Because the ring was obviously broken, the match spilled outside very quickly. They actually took the action to the crowd at one point and there was a table shot by DDP. As soon as they when back into the ring, Randy tried a suplex, which was suddenly reversed into a Diamond Cutter. Savage failed to answer to the 10 count.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page by 10-count

Time of Match: 3:22

All in all, not a bad card. The first match was definitely very good, but they had to temper it with a short one right after and we didn't get to see Ultimo Dragon's rapid-fire kicks. The final match was short, too short. But it looks as though they changed the stipulations for that one because of the ring. Regardless, it was a poor main event. I do think I got my money's worth though.

Garland Chan is a regular contributor to Solie's. His series "The Best..." is currently running in the Thursday Mid-Week Edition each week

Apocolypse '97: Hell On Earth

A Dream Card by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Well, here's another one (as the late Notorious BIG was fond of saying). This time, try to imagine the biggest, toughest wrestlers around agreeing to be on one dream card where the matches were no holds barred!!! Well, that's exactly what you are going to see in this article. I call this one "Apocolypse '97: Hell On Earth." Guest commentators for this card would be Tony Schivone (WCW), Jim Ross (WWF), and Joey Styles (ECW) with guest commentary by Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Gordon Solie (that would please Earl greatly). Here are the match ups:

The Outsiders VS. The Road Warriors (Chicago Street Fight for the WCW World Tag Team Titles)

This is one that I have gotten a lot of e-mails for. The Warriors (as most people on the web knows) left WCW in May 1996 over a contract dispute with Eric Bischoff over guess who?!! Hall & Nash, though WCW World Tag Team Champions, has been probably THE most overrated tag team champions of all time!!! I can count, at least, three occasions where they should've lost the title but was given it back on a screwjob. Still, they are a good enough tag team that can give the Warriors hell!!! The Roadies, while still effective, have lost a step or two but facing the men that they left WCW over would give them added incentive for this match. I made it a Chicago Street Fight because it is going to be out of control anyway so you might as well make it no rules. I would give a slight edge in power to The Outsiders but experience would definitly belong to the Warriors. As with the Hogan/Hart match up in the last article, I would order wrestlers and officials from both organizations to be locked up in the dressing room for this match and have an official that didn't work for either group. This one's a toss up, so I will leave this one to your imagination.

Winner: Reader's pick

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. Steve "Mongo" McMichael (WCW US Title VS. WWF Intercontinental Title/ "Stone Cold" Bullwhip Match)

This is the first time (in the dream world anyway) that the two secondary champions have hooked up!!! In this match, the ringropes will be removed as both men will be armed with bullwhips!!! They will be allowed to wear anything to the ring but it will be a no holds barred affair. The object is to either pin your opponent or force him to run back to the dressing room!!! "Mongo" has improved leaps and bounds and would be a formidable opponent for Austin. Austin, however, is the more experienced wrestler and the more talented one. This match will not be pretty!!!

Winner: Steve Austin takes both belts

Chris Benoit VS. Ahmed Johnson (Indian Strap Match)

It's the power of Ahmed VS. the technical skills and attitude of Benoit. This match would be conducted under usual strap match rules: you must drag your opponent to all four corners of the ring to win!!! Ahmed is obviously the more powerful of the two but Benoit has held his own against big men. Both the "Crippler Crossface" and "The Pearl River Plunge" would be effective tools here because both could render a man unable to stop his opponent from dragging him to the corners. I have to go with Benoit here because Ahmed is injury prone and Benoit is good at taking advantage of an opponents' weakness.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Jeff Jarrett VS. Shane Douglas (Scaffold Match)

Both Jarrett and Douglas are fine scientific wrestlers. Science, however, would mean nothing in this match as you must battle on top of a 25ft. high scaffold with the object being to throw your opponent off the scaffold!!! Douglas, being ECW bred, would have a huge advantage in this match since there are no rules!!! It would take more than Debora McMichael to save Jarrett in this match!!! Speaking of whom, I wonder what Francine would have planned for the "Queen Of WCW?"

Winner: Shane Douglas

Ken Shamrock VS. Ric Flair ("Use Your Hold" Submission Match)

In this version of the submission match, the participants can only use a particular hold to win the match. Flair, of course, would use the figure four leglock. As much as I respect Flair, Shamrock is a master of several submission holds to choose from and would have a huge advantage here. Flair's only hope would be to get Shamrock hurt early on. Otherwise, expect Flair to tap out.

Winner: Ken Shamrock

Shawn Michaels VS. Sabu (Mexican Death Match)

In this match up, it would be a "come as you are/bring anything" affair. The object would be to climb a 15ft. pole and retrieve the keys to a brand new Mercedes Benz!!! Shawn Michaels is double tough but Sabu is a wild man and would have a huge advantage in this match!!! Still, you can't count out HBK!!! I think that this match will come down to who can survive the longest to get up the pole and get those keys. I think that I will go with Sabu here although an HBK upset wouldn't be out of the question.

Winner: Sabu

Vader VS. The Giant (Steel Cage Match)

Here we have two of the biggest bruisers in wrestling today. Had Vader remained in WCW, we might have seen this match up in real life. Ah, well. Vader would have the experience edge but The Giant has been one of the most impressive wrestlers in the last two years. In this cage encounter, it would be the chokeslam VS. the powerbomb. I'll go with the man that has looked good lately. I'll go with the Giant here.

Winner: The Giant

Bret Hart (C), Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer VS. Sting(C), Diamond Dallas Page, Syxx, Taz and Jerry Lawler (WarGames Match)

This match up would be conducted under WarGames rules. Two men start the match and then everyone else enters one after the other via a coin flip. One added stipulation for this match would be that the team captains (Bret and Sting) would have to start the match!!! In other words, they would be the first two in!!! As for the match itself, I would have to give the edge to the Hart team but not by much.

Winner: Bret Hart team

Lex Luger VS. The British Bulldog (WWF European Title/Texas Bullrope Match)

In this match up, you have the two former members of "The Allied Powers" going at it. This would be another "come as you are" match with pinfall being the only way to win. The Bulldog has been proven to be tough to beat for the European strap but Lex is one competitor that could do it. Still, Luger would have to watch out for the Harts to win. I'll go with an upset here.

Winner: Luger takes European Title

Miss Jacqueline VS. Chyna (No DQ match)

I got an e-mail requesting this match as well. This would be between two of the strongest females in wrestling. An obvious edge would go to Chyna here only because of her height. Miss Jacqueline, however, has proven to have a mean streak a mile long so don't look for here to be dominated. I expect the men of both women to get involved here (Hunter Hearst Hemsley/Shawn Michaels for Chyna, Harlem Heat for Jacqueline). I'll go with Jacqueline here because she has more pro wrestling experience than Chyna.

Winner: Miss Jacqueline

Well, I must say that I have enjoyed doing this dream card articles and plan to do more of them in between the Sting series and the up coming Bret Hart series.

If you have a question, comments, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis.

That's it for this edition. I will be back for next Monday's Edition. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
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