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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 23
July 22, 1996

Nitro report

The program comes to us from an outdoor site at the Disney-MGM theme park. It is announced that Sting/Lugar/Savage will face the Horsemen tonight (Flair/Benoit/Mongo).

Tony talks about Muhammed Ali lighting the Olympic Torch this weekend - they show a clip of him at last year's Halloween PPV. For some reason they also show the Shaq with Hogan.

NWO incidents reviewed.

Squire Dave Taylor vs. Scott Norton - Fire and Ice is no more (apparently). Taylor is the better wrestler but Norton is pure power and intensity. Norton gets disqualified for throwing his opponent over the top then goes out to pummel the winner on the floor.

Horsemen interview - the Nature Boy is missing. Arn assures Mean Gene that Flair will show up in time for the match.

Konan vs. VK Wallstreet - this contest is pretty slow-paced for a Konan match. Wallstreet is a master grappler and thoroughly grounds the Mexican star. Konan wins anyway - go figure. Cut to commercial.

Interview w/Sting/Lugar/Savage - they want the Horsemen and the NWO.

Video: Powers/Wright/Gomez/Renegade - I guess these guys need a video to generate some didn't work by the way.

Above 4 vs. Sullivan/Barbarian/Hugh Morris/Leprauchan (Buddy Lee Parker) - right after the match starts there is a disturbance in the production area, a camera goes back to reveal the Outsiders in the Control Room messing with the equipment! They intimidate the director into panning the crowd. Who are they looking for...? Before we can find out they are hustled out by Security. Razor invites the crew back to the trailer for "pot pies".

Back to the match - Jim Powers is getting squashed. Teddy Long approaches him outside the ring and gives him a pep talk. Powers mounts an offensive...then the Giant shows up and starts chokeslamming everyone. We never did get to see what the Leprauchan can do...

Mean Gene interviews the Giant/Hart - the Giant accepts Hogan's challange from last night. Says he'll chokeslam the Hulkster. Cut to commercial.

DDP vs. Prince Iakea - Iakea is a high flyer and looks good for about 45 seconds until he gets caught in a Diamond Cutter. Another commercial.

Review of Benoit vs. Sullivan feud.

Malenko vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Chavo looks good. He's carrying on the Guerrero family tradition of fast-paced, high flying wrestling. Malenko grounds him fairly quickly however. He doesn't intend to lose to another Guerrero this week.

The second hour begins (those fireworks have got to be distracting to the wrestlers)

Back in the ring Malenko still has young Chavo on the mat. This doesn't look to be an auspicious debut for Guerrero. He does have some good moves. He seems to be able to pull out a dropkick from just about any's not enough. Malenko wins with a Texas Cloverleaf submission hold.

Meng vs.Ice Train - Long is in Ice's corner for this one. These are two powerhouses but the Train is too green to have much effect against a veteren like Meng. (Ice Train vs. Scott Norton is announced for the next PPV). Just as Ice seems to be making a come-back - Norton runs in and gets him DQed.

NWO incidents reviewed.

Psychosis vs. Eddie Guerrero - this should be a barn burner. Before they really get started we get a commercial.

Were back and Guerrero seems to be a step ahead of his opponent. Lots of high-flying action. Psychosis takes over for a while - drops a vicious heel on Guerrero's throat - now its a see-saw battle. Finally Eddie gets a Frankensteiner off the top then pins Psychosis with a frog splash.

Another Glacier video - now we're seeing the guy...doesn't look like much actually. I'm afraid his momentum has been spent on commercials.

Four Horsemen vs. Savage/Sting/Lugar - Flair is still missing during the ring entrance...lets go sell something.

We come back to find Arn peering into the back of a mysterious limo that has pulled up out back. I think he's looking for Flair...the announcers are speculating about the possibility that Flair is joining the NWO. Are he and Hogan conferring in the limo...? Arn takes Flair's place as the opponents are introduced. Sting starts out strong but Mongo catches him by surprise with a football tackle. Savage is being distracted by the women. Meanwhile McMichaels is looking good - he keeps Sting grounded with a credible drop-kick. The Horsemen pour it on. Mongo tries a belly-to-back suplex on Sting but only succeeds in dumping him on his backside. Sting grabs Andersen and shows how it should be done. He tags Lugar in. Lex cleans house - then all six are in. Debra tries to give the moneycase to her husband but Woman prevents it. In the confusion Savage wrestles it away and nails Benoit with it behind the referree's back. The Horseman loses to Lugar.

We cut to commercial as Woman is being berated by Benoit. She will jump ship soon, no doubt to be with her husband during her pregnancy.

Mean Gene interviews the victors (who still have the moneycase). We never find out who was in the limo...or what happened to Flair...or who the Outsiders were looking for in the crowd. They may have too many angles going on here.

RAW Report

There's a birthday cake for HBK ringside. Ahmed has a broken nose from last night's match on the PPV. (I guess - I missed the show because I was away in Colorado over the weekend)

HBK/Ahmed vs. the Smoking Gunns for the Tag Titles - before the match Sunny comes out to distract the guys while the Gunns attack from behind. HBK and Johnson clear the ring (Billy gets super-kicked) then Shawn goes down to confront Sunny. He gets some icing on his finger and paints her nose then turns away. She picks up the cake but Shawn turns around to face her - she backs away...right into Ahmed who dumps the cake on her head! Funny stuff! Commercial time.

We return to Gorilla Monsoon explaining that they have decided to give Billy time to recover and will hold the title match later.

Meanwhile...the Goon vs. The Wildman - Stone Cold is on hand to do color, Jake the Snake calls in as well during the match. The Goon is Wild Bill Erwin without his mustache and muttonchops and sporting a hocky uniform. This is funny because in his prime Erwin would have mopped the floor with Mero. As it is he puts up a pretty good fight. At one point he has the Wildman reeling on the outside - but then he slips in the remains of the cake which are still on the floor ringside (somebody fire the janitor!). Mero goes on the win in short order.

Freddie Joe Floyd (Tracy Smothers) vs. Mankind - before the match we cut to video from a legal wrangle going on between Monsoon and Clarence Mason. Mason is trying to bring a new wrestler - someone with a criminal past. We also see stills from the Undertaker/Goldust match last night

Now the match - Freddy has done his homework on Mankind and manages to look pretty good against the WWF's best horror show. Still he succombs to the Mandible Claw.

Mark Mero is interviewed in an inset as Barry Horowitz and Goldust come to the ring. He's ranting about Goldust and his presents and letters directed at Sable.

Goldust vs. Horowitz - Brian Pillman shows up to do color. He's threatening to use profanity on TV! Horrors!! Is this the "loose cannon" angle? Give me a break! His word for tonight seems to be "ass" (can I say that on the internet?)

Oh yeah...the match was a squash.

The "slam of the week" is from the PPV. Shawn has Vader set up for some "sweet chin music" but Cornette grabs his leg and holds him while Vader recovers and splashes Shawn in the corner. Then he executes a Vader bomb on the Kid.

Cornette and Vader interviewed in the ring by Vince. Vader has been awarded a title shot at the next PPV. Cut to commercial.

We come back to the Gunns vs. HBK/Ahmed - the Gunns try the Pearl Harbor bit again and again are foiled. Billy is still not 100% and gets the worst of it throughout the match. Shawn and Ahmed are about to win when Ron Simmons (in a sort of half mask) runs in and sucker punches Johnson. A melee ensues as the announcers try to identify the intruder. At one point the Burger King says "It looks like Ron Simmons..." but Vince ignores him saying "Well, whoever he is..." The melee is re-erupting as we fade to black.

Vince seems to be ignoring the competition in the hopes that it will go away...wake up Vince - you're losing the war!

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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