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"Fly On Brian": The Story Of Brian Pillman: Part 3

by Ervin Griffin Jr. and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 230 - October 13, 1997

Due to the unexpected death of Brian Pillman I have rearranged the schedule on Ervin Griffin's Sting History in order to run the following article which highlights the career of "The Loose Cannon". The Sting articles will continue after this three part series is finished. Solie's Vintage Wrestling wishes to extend to the Pillman family our heartfelt condolences on their tragic loss.

"Fly On Brian": The Story Of Brian Pillman

by Ervin Griffin Jr. and Matt Benaka

In this final chapter of the Brian Pillman series, I am teaming up with Matt Benaka for this book of lists chapter. Matt will present his lists that will cover Pillman's greatest moments, titles won, and his best moments. I will cover his worst moments, greatest opponents and best quotes. First, Matt Benaka:

Titles Held:

1) Calgary Stampede Inernational Tag Team Title with Bruce Hart. They won the title on April 06, 1987 from The Cuban Assassin & Ron Starr in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They would lose the title on November 11, 1987 to Makhan Singh & Jerry Morrow. Length of title reign was 7 months 6 days.

2) Calgary Stampede Inernational Tag Team Title with Bruce Hart. It was during this reign that Bruce and Brian became known as Bad Company. They re-captured the title on November 13, 1987 from Makhan Singh and Jerry Morrow in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They would lose the title on July 22, 1988 to The Cuban Commandos: Jerry Morrow and The Cuban Assasin. Length of title reign was 8 months 10 days.

3) National Wrestling Alliance United States Tag Team Title with The Z-Man. They won the title on February 12, 1990 from The Fabulous Freebirds: Michael P.S. Hayes & Jimmy "Jam" Garvin in Gainsville, Georgia, United States. They would lost the title on May 19, 1990 to The Midnight Express: "Sweet" Stan Lane & "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton. Length of title reign was 3 months 6 days.

4) World Championship Wrestling World Light-Heavyweight Title. Brian defeated Ricky Morton in the final of the tournament to crown the first champion on October 27, 1991 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. He would lose the title to the reigning New Japan International World Grand Prix Junior Heavyweight Champion, Jushin "Thunder" Liger on December 25, 1991. Length of title reign was an even 2 months.

5) World Championship Wrestling World Light-Heavyweight Title. He re-captured this title by defeating Jushin "Thunder" Liger on February 29, 1992 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. He would lose this title for the last time on June 20, 1992 to Scotty Flamingo. Length of title reign was 3 months 21 days.

6) The Unified World Championship Wrestling and National Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Title with "Stunning" Steve Austin. Known as The Hollywood Blonds, they won the title on March 03, 1993 from Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat & Shane Dougals in Macon, Georgia, United States. They would lose the title on August 18, 1993. Brian had an injured ankle and was unable to compete. Austin was forced to use Lord Steven Regal as his partner against Arn Anderson & Paul Roma. Regal was pinned, and The Hollywood Blonds were no longer champions of the world. Length of title reign was 5 months 7 days.

Brian Pillman spent 2 years 5 months 20 days of his career as a champion.

Best Matches:

1) February 29, 1992 against Jushin "Thunder" Liger at Superbrawl II. This was when Brian became the only two time Light-Heavyweight Champion. The match was the opener for the card, and stole the show. Rarely, do we see opponents embrace after a match. Both showed true class in this title change.

2) May 17, 1992 against The Z-Man at Wrestle War '92. This was a Light-Heavyweight Title defense for Brian. These two former partners fought a superb match that left the viewer wondering who would win down to the last second.

3) I don't recall the exact date or PPV, but it was a match against Johnny B. Badd. The winner earned a United States Title shot. It went into overtime and Badd won, but it was one of Brian's greatest matches.

4) June 26, 1992 against Steve Austin for the World Television Title. This match was in my hometown of Topeka, Kansas. It was taped for TV, but may not have ever been shown. Paul E. stayed out of the match, and both men shone as the superstars that they were.

5) March 03, 1993 with Steve Austin by his side, The Hollywood Blonds won The Unified World Tag Team Title and etched their place in history. I still hold that they are the greatest tag team of the 1990's thus far. This match with Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas took both Austin and Pillman to another level.

6) His US Title match with Lex Luger at Halloween Havoc '89. I remeber the buildup for this match distinctly, and the actual encounter lived up to all the buildup and then some. This match proved to the world that Brian Pillman was not slouch. He would be around for years to come, and could surprise anyone if given the opportunity. If only he had been able to stick around and surprise competitors for years to come.

Best Moments:

1) April 06, 1987. That was the first time that Pillman won a wrestling championship.

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2) Being selected by Arn Anderson to be a member of The Four Horsemen.

3) September 02, 1992. On this day, Brad Armstong was unable to defend The Light-Heavyweight Title due to a leg injury. His opponent was to be Brian Pillman. The title was vacated and later abandoned. However, on that fateful night, Brian attacked Brad Armstrong both verbally and physically. This was our first peek into Brian's darker side, and his first chance to be a heel. If it weren't for this night, Brian would never have teamed with Barry Windham and Steve Austin. Thus, his assault on Brad Armstrong is one of his finest moments.

4) Having to be carried out of War Games '91. While he suffered tremendous injuries at the hands of Sid Vicious in this match, he established himself as someone with a never say die attitude. El Gigante had to throw in the towel for Pillman so as to stop the match. While the beating was a humiliation, coming back from the beating was evidence of Brian's will power and makes this one of his greatest moments.

Now, for the second half:


1. The Goldust/Marlena/Dakota Affair - This angle on whether or not Dakota is Dustin's or Brian's left a big black mark on an otherwise outstanding career.

2. WrestleWar '91 - At this card, Pillman was carried out on a strecher after "Sycho" Sid Vicious powerbombed him twice. Rendering him unable to continue. He suffered shoulder and neck injuries.

3. The Dress affair - Brian Pillman, as a result of losing to Goldust at SummerSlam '97, was forced to wear a dress the next night on RAW. When he refused, WWF Commissiner Sgt. Slaughter decreed that he would wear a dress every week on RAW until he defeated someone on RAW. This angle was later dropped.

4. The Ankle Incident - Pillman, still not 100%, was easy pickings for his former tag partner "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as Austin attacked Pillman and re-injured his already bad ankle.

5. Horsemen Slapping Incident - In this incident on WCW Nitro, Pillman refused to dress appropriatly for a meeting between the Horsemen and The Dungeon Of Doom. When Pillman responded as to why he didn't, Arn Anderson slapped the taste out of his mouth like he was a little boy!!!


1. Lex Luger - In 1989, Brian Pillman nearly defeated a seemingly unbeatable Lex Luger for the NWA United States Heavyweight Title at Halloween Havoc '89. Although Pillman was unsuccessful, he proved that Luger was not unbeatable and the Luger feud put him in the national spotlight.

2. Ric Flair - Not long after his feud with Luger, Pillman engaged in a match with Ric Flair in February of 1990. This was right after the incident where Flair and The Andersons turned on Sting. Pillman, a huge underdog in the match, actually dominated most of the action until a high-risk move backfired and Flair put him in the figure-four to end the match. But, in defeat, Brian gained even more respect from the wrestling public.

3. Jushin "Thunder" Liger - There is no way this list would be complete without him!!! Liger and Pillman had some of the best lightheavyweight bouts ever for the WCW Light-Heavyweight Championship (a predecesor to the WCW Cruiserweight Title). These bouts gave Brian even more respect and showed that not all the great atheletes had to weight 270lbs. or more.

4. Steve Austin - Now, I am refering to the bouts they had in WCW when "Stone Cold" was "Stunning". They had a series of bouts both when Austin was WCW World TV Champion and WCW US Heavyweight Champion. These were some great matches and I only wish Pillman could've gotten back to full capacity so we could see those bouts again in the WWF. I know that's kind of selfish but at least then Pillman would still be with us.


1. "I respect you, Booker Man!!!" - SuperBrawl VI. He said this to Kevin Sullivan during their "respect" strap match and then walked out of the match and out of WCW!!!

2. "It is a great day to be a blonde!!" - Brian Pillman's catch phrase during his Hollywood Blonde days.

3. "If I lose to you Goldust, I will wear a dress the next night on RAW. And it might as well be Marlena's because if I take that, THEN THAT'S NOT ALL THAT I'LL TAKE FROM HER!!!" - A quote leading up to the Goldust match at SummerSlam '97

4. "John 3:16 says 'So God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.' Steve Austin, you better hope that John 3:16 applies to you." - Brian Pillman's word of warning to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

5. "Well, Vince!!! We will see what happens when Austin 3:16 meets Pillman 9 millimeter!!!" - Pillman's response to Vince McMahon when informed that Steve Austin was on his way to his house.

I know that Pillman has had various other moments but I think that Matt and I have done a pretty good job. So, from Matt and myself, we wish the Pillman family the best and sympathize with them for their loss. Good bye Brian and God Bless You!!!

If you would like to speak to Matt or myself about this article, Matt's e-mail address is while mine is

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Coming Soon: Diary Of A "HitMan"

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the Solie's web site. Matt Benaka has also contributed historical pieces to Solie's - his latest was as fine series on the World Heavyweight Champions.

WCW Monday Nitro

Voodoo Child plays and Bischoff, Hogan snd Savage approch the ring.

Bischoff promos Hogan's new movie then wants to know "...who the Hell Piper thinks he is??" and rants about all the nWo's grievences, Savage is there is a neck brace. Hogan takes the mic and tells Commissioner Piper (who is currently holding onto the World Title belt since he used it as a weapon to defend himself in the ring last week...) that he (Hogan, sorry) wants his belt back plus he wants redress for Savage's neck injuries.

The show finally begins as Tony does the commentary with Mike Tenay and Legandary Larry.

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Eddie Guerrero vs. Psychosis - Cruiserweight Title match - these guys go right to the air...and then to the floor. Psychosis tries to throw a flying legdrop from the apron but over spins and injures his back - he never really recovers. The two competitors do what they can to make the match look good but Psychosis is limping big time. A Superplex, followed by a Frog Splash put an end to it. Cut to Mike Tenay's further exploration of the Luche Libre scene (today he talks about the tradition of masked wrestlers in Mexico) then to commercial.

Mean Gene introduces Piper, who has a new ICON T-shirt (his last one was torn off him and wound around his head...) He answers Bischoff's question by asserting that he is "the Boss" and reiterates his pledge to strip the Outsiders of their belts if they refuse to wrestle tonight. Kevin Nash is out with a bad knee so some arrangement must be made.

A video review of Piper swinging the Title belt in the ring last week then cut to...

Nitro Grrrls....

Steve Regal vs. Steve McMichael - Mongo is in a really bad mood but his new music is pretty cool...on paper Mongo can't win this match. McMichael is clearly the more powerful and muscles his way out of some of Regal's leverage moves. Regal is looking a little flabby these days but his mat technique is second to none. Unfortunately it does him little good. After a succession of power moves, Mongo puts the Tombstone on his Lordship.

Mean Gene with Mrs. Mongo - they reveal that Jeff Jarrett has left WCW. Mongo shows up and berates his wife for trusting "the snake". Gene declares Mongo to be the winner of the now defunct Jarrett/McMichael match at Halloween Havoc - but Debra disputes that and says she has a plan...the fate of the match is left in the air...

Yuji Nagata (w/Sonny Oono) vs Chrin Jericho - Oono and his new charge appear in an inset and challange Ultimo Dragon for a match at the PPV before Jericho enters. The match gets underway and Jericho's combination offense overwhelms his opponent for several moments until Nagata turns a headlock into a suplex. Things go to a see-saw battle quickly. Both men are fast and powerful. Jericho throws a giant swing variation (out of a sleeper) that I've never seen before at one point. It is Nagata who finally succeeds in locking in a standing figure four. He drops to the mat and the pain is unbearable. Jericho submits. Cut to video of Raven sitting in a darkened baby's room ranting in free verse about what a terrible childhood he had (we don't care Scotty - get out and wrestle!!)

Bill Goldberg vs. Scotty (I'll be sorry I signed this match...) Riggs - Goldberg towers over his opponent and is twice as thick. Riggs gives it a go with his better then adequate flying ability but Goldberg is a juggernaut. This time he shows a vicious streak as well as he drops Riggs across the railing outside the ring. His unique finisher, a standing vertical suplex turned into a powerslam, ends the contest. Cut to commercial.

We come back to the nWo music - Scott Hall and Syxx come down wearing the WCW Tag belts, it looks like Syxx will defend in Nash's place. Hall asks his usual "who did you come to see?" question. Syxx rants on another slogan and refers to them as "Degeneration X". Hall then takes the mic back and accepts the Title match against the Steiners. That's next up but first, let's go sell something...

Wolf Pack (Hall/Syxx) vs. The Steiner Brothers (w/Ted Dibiasi) - World Tag Title match - the Steiners enter as we return. They go right to the battle before the bell and drive the Champs from the ring. Things settle down and Syxx starts with Scotty. Syxx gets creamed and tags in Hall. The Steiners exchange. Rick wades right in and mauls his opponent until Hall suckers him into the corner and follows up with a clotheline. Rick is on the mat and now the Wolf Pack are tagging in and out like a well oiled machine. Scotty finally gets in after several exchanges and cleans house. Rick rejoins him and they have the match won. Scott has Syxx in a pinning combination when Hall reaches in and drags the referee to the outside. He knocks the man down and turns to walk up the aisle. He meets Larry Z and is distracted so that Scotty can grab him from behind and throw him back into the ring. Rick is already on the top rope and catches Hall in a flying bulldog. Syxx and Hall are both pinned as Legandary Larry counts them out. The Steiners are declared the new Tag Champs. We'll see if that decision stands up...

Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Tony informs us that the Tag Titles will stand because Zbyszco is an assigned referee. The two competitors shake hands before the match. It all starts out scientific but soon goes airborn. For the most part they stay away from the fisticuffs. Malenko has the obvious size advantage in this one but Misterio's speed compensates well and the match is very competitive. Just when Misterio is about to pin Malenko, Eddie Guerrero runs in and snatches off his mask!! Rey is too busy keeping his face covered to prevent the Texas Cloverleaf submission. It looked like neither Malenko or the referee ever saw Guerrero. Cut to a statement from Diamond Dallas Page about his upcoming match with Savage.

Mean Gene introduces Roddy Piper who re-affirms the Tag Title decision earlier. Savage and Bischoff crash the interview. Bischoff demands payment for Savage's injuries and demands the World Title belt back and he even demands the Tag belts be returned. Piper removes his belt to use as a weapon as he says "...I see you came to play". The thugs swarm on down followed closely by Sting (I think...they're not giving us a very good view). Sting joins Piper in the ring with his baseball bat...but wait...he attacks Piper with the bat!!! isn't's Hogan!!! The nWo beats Piper mercilessly until we cut to commercial.

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We come back to a video promo for the Flair Hennig match upcoming at Halloween Havok.

Scott Norton (w/Buff Bagwell/Vincent) vs. Ray Traylor - Traylor can't quite match Norton's power and he takes it from through the beginning of this match. Raven is sitting at ringside with Perry Saturn when Billy Kidman saunters down and joins them. Kidman looks like he's had a change of attitude - he is dressed punkishly for lack of a better term. In the ring Traylor has turned the tide after several minutes but it is just the last gasp before the end. During a scuffle in the corner, Bagwell tosses a can of spraypaint to Norton. He uses the weapon to deck Traylor then pins him. Vincent and Bagwell swarm the ring and Traylor gets punked. They spray paint nWo on his back. Cut to commercial.

Alex Wright vs. Disco Inferno - TV Title match - the break between these two theme music tracks is almost seamless. We are informed that the match between Disco and Jaquelyn will be a non-title event. They claim that the Nevada gaming commission has outlawed the Title contest. Wright comes in very aggressive and dominates the opening moments. Disco is a canny wrestler though and so he manages to hold his own. Wrights stops to dance but goes back to the match before it costs him. He goes to work on Disco's back, setting up for his finishing move. Disco is making a comeback when Jaquelyn comes striding down to the ring. Disco ignores her for a while then finally allows himself to be distracted. Wright tries to roll him up but Disco rolls through it and pins his opponent (using a generous handfull of tights). He flees from the ring area before Jaquelyn can confront him.

Nitro Grrrls followed by nWo music. Curt Hennig comes to the ring to face Diamond Dallas Page for the US Title. These two know each other very well from their days in the AWA - Page was a manager then. Page wins the first exchange and Hennig pretends to quit and leave but immediately turns back. In the ring, Page tries to grab a quick Diamond Cutter but Hennig has the move scouted and slips away from it. DDP quickens the pace and has his way for several moments. Hennig capitalizes on a mistake to re-assert himself with a reverse chinlock. They struggle on the mat for a couple of minutes. DDP fights his way back to his feet but then gets caught in a sleeper. A jawbreaker gets him loose and puts him back in charge. He puts Hennig down and prepares for the Diamond Cutter. as Ric Flair appears in the aisle being held in check by Security. In the ring Page has rolled through a roll-up and has Hennig by the tights. Randy Anderson is counting to three when Flair rolls into the ring and spoils it. DDP celebrates with the belt until the referee disabuses him. Cut to commercial.

Randy Anderson is approaching the ring with Roddy Piper - Piper wants to give the Title to Page. The nWo swarm the ring and all order breaks down once again. Piper is beaten in the corner while DDP is creamed in the center of the ring. Savage drops his elbow to prove that his neck isn't really hurt. This goes on for several minutes. We see Sting back in an audience entryway - then another Sting goes to the ring and gets repelled. Stings start appearing from all directions - none are having much effect. Finally a Sting comes to the ring and removes his mask and wig to reveal the real Sting. Hogan is stunned and retreats...fade to black.

WWF Monday Night RAW

Tonight's program is on tape from a show in Topeka, Kansas.

We get a video tribute to the Road Warriors as Jim Ross announces that the LOD have vowed to win the Tag Titles tonight or else retire. Gosh I wonder what will happen..?

Vince McMahon introduces the Hart Foundation. Jerry Lawler is hoping to see Vince punked again tonight. McMahon asks Bret to comment on what happened to him last week in his match against Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Before Bret can respond, Shawn Michaels and company interrupt on the TitanTron. They show some video clips of Shawn sticking the corner of the Canadian flag up his nose and then of HHH beating Bret last week. Michaels rant is so complete that Bret is left with a pretty lame rejoinder before he is interrupted yet again by the NOD music. Kama is headed to the ring for a non-Title match against Owen. He has the NOD in tow, of course. Cut to commercial.

The match is underway as we return. Michaels and his gang come down and join the broadcast team. In the ring Kama is pounding on Owen seemingly at will until Hart suckers his opponent into position for a back round kick. Most of the attention meanwhile is on the broadcast position where Michaels and HHH have taken over the headsets and are eating bananas. Eventually, the Harts get fed up with HBK's antics and decide to go shut him up. Their path takes them right into NOD territory and they get punked. Michaels taunts Bret with a banana as he is beaten down. The match is thrown out. This looks like the beginning of the Hart's rehabilitation as faces...cut to commercial.

The Road Warriors are profiled some more then we cut to the Godwins vowing to hold onto their Titles against LOD later tonight. Dream on, Pig boys...

Max Mini/Nova vs. Mosaic/Tarantula - as usual the Mini pair are slightly smaller then their opponents. This match is punctuated by the bigger guys pounding on each other as their smaller opponents slip out of the way. The match is short (no pun intended) and sweet. Usual outcome.

Clips from Shotgun Saturday night - Billy Gunn turns on the Honkey Tonk Man and goes with the Road Dog (Jesse James) - Great! Two jobbers together! The clueless lead by the badly dressed...

Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Flash Funk - Funk was supposed to be an opponent for Shawn Michaels but Kane invades the ring and plants him. Bearer rants then they leave the ring (and Funk laying in it...) Michaels comes down afterward and puts Funk in a pinning combination so HHH can count to three. The Kliq celebrates in the ring with nWo hand gestures while McMahon knocks the competition in his voice-over mumblings.

Road Warriors feted once again - is there any doubt who will win the Tag Titles later?

DOA (Chainz/8-Ball) vs The Truth Commission (Recon/Sniper) - TTC has a new leader - called the Jackel. This match is a big man's brawl which the announcers ignore to talk about other matters. We are told that Jim Cornette's commentary tonight will focus on an unfavorable column by Phil Muchnik (what other kind is there?) then Lawler makes a tasteless joke about the death of John Denver yesterday. Meanwhile the match has degenerated into a brawl on the floor. Somehow the DOA won by disqualification. I guess the interregator caused the DQ.

Vince waits in the ring for Steve Austin with the waver and the contract Austin wants for Owen Hart. There are several people at ringside wearing Steve Austin foam hands. It represents an upraised middle finger. Soooo classy... Austin makes Vince sign the contract first then he signs. Then he demands that McMahon shake his hand. Vince is dubious but finally offers his hand. Austin shakes it and McMahon is relieved until Stone Cold jerks him back...and tells him he could of done it... Faarooq shows up on the platform with the rest of his thugs and rants at Austin. Austin gets off the best line of the night when he says "I couldn't understand a word you said but it sounds like you're pissed..." He invites them on down. They send Maivia down to get stunned then the rest of them attack. Austin escapes into the stands. Cut to commercial.

The LOD are interviewed backstage. The Animal talks almost out of character about their ambition to be the Champs again. He takes a moment to throw in a gratuitis slam against Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. One wonders who wrote that line...

Tajiri vs. Brian Christopher - Tagiri outclasses his opponent but gets beat anyway. The match is fast and furious with the Japanese competitor demonstrating his clear superiority throughtout but still Lawlers little boy pulls it off (with the help of a fist full of tights).

Jim Cornette spouts off on Phil Muchnik. He voices the opinions of many wrestling fans, I'm sure.

Savio Vega w/Los Borecuas vs. Goldust (w/Marlena) - McMahon is just full of Hogan jokes tonight... The match is pretty even - both these guys are solid competitors. Savio's buddies interfere from the outside to upset the balance. The officials order the rest of the Borecuas away from ringside. The next moment Savio is out menacing Marlena - when Goldust charges from behind he is surprised with a boot to his face. Back in the ring Dustin re-asserts himself. Marlena tosses her cigar into the ring, distracting the referee so her husband can brain his opponent with her (loaded) purse. At ringside Vince, JR and the King are making more and more pointed remarks about the competition. You'd think they'd learn...they're not likely to make an impression on WCW fans so all they are doing is giving the Turner organization more publicity. Leave it to McMahon and crew to fail to grasp this simple concept...cut to commercial.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. The Patriot - Rick Rude attacks the Patriot on the platform before he can even start down to the ring. Michaels declares HHH the winner of the match. Sgt. Slaughter enters the ring and makes a ruling that there will be a substitute opponent. Rude deserts the ring while Slaughter chews HHH and HBK out for lack of respect. The new opponent is Ahmed Johnson but before he can get to the ring he is attacked by NOD. They are tearing him up in the ring while the Kliq looks on and eats popcorn. The Road Warriors and Ken Shamrock ride to the rescue. Animal is challanging the Godwins to come down right now as we cut to commercial.

Godwins vs. LOD - Tag Team Title match - the Warriors dominate the early going until Henry gets an elbow into Hawk's face. Godwins in control for about 5 seconds then LOD comes back. Phineous takes it for a while then reverses the trend. The Godwins are on the way back as we cut to commercial.

The Godwins are still in charge as we return. Hawk is the victim of the double-team tactics. Hawk explodes out of the corner and turns the tables then collapses. Animal is tagged in but the referee didn't see it. He forces the exchange. Hawk continues to be pounded as the Animal is led away with an injured shoulder. The Godwins slop-drop the referee. Animal runs back in and the fight continues. Cletus is getting involved now but his assistance rebounds against his boys. A second referee shows up just in time to count Henry out. The Warriors are th new Champs (surprise, surprise). Aftre the match Phineous and Henry attack Cletus and break his nose. Fade to black...

I was glad to see Goldust back - it would be a shame if his career was derailed because of this senseless tragedy.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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