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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

L'artiste Le Report

Volume 3, Issue 232 - October 20, 1997

David Rector is one of the few real pro-wrestlers who regularly posts on the Readers' Forum. He wrestles under the name "L'artiste" out of Ontario, Canada. Recently he appeared on a program in Niagara Falls, Canada. This is his first-hand report.

L'artiste Le Report

This is a report of a show I worked for in Niagara Falls Canada on Saturday October 18th.

The whole week I was anticipating a huge crowd. What to do, what to say was all in my head. To mark, or not to mark was the question, but I am almost beyond that now, I kind of have to be, especially at a show of this magnatude.

The pre-show get together was being held at a local bar, where all the boys were to meet. Everyone was pretty cool and calm and nobody had attitudes, which is good, cause a lot of the boys do. The limosines picked us up at that bar at around 6:30 for the show which to start at 7. I had the pleasure of riding in a four seat stretched limo with Typhoon, Steven Dunn, Pete Rokk, Jamie Jackson. Needless to say, there wasn't much room to breath.

As we pulled up to the front of the building I saw all the people with their noses up to the glass trying to see who was inside. I remember the times that I was the person on the other side of the glass. As the driver open the door, the cheering of the fans got louder. We all stopped and signed a few autographs, and were off to the dressing rooms.

The show didn't get underway until about 8:00 due to some technical difficulties.

The first match was Marty Janetty Vs Steven Dunn - Marty Janetty won by disqualification at 7:03 when Pat Tanaka and Kwan Chang came to the ring and did a run in on Janetty. Pete Rokk then came to the ring and saved Janetty.

The second match was the triple threat match which was called the best match of the night by most who attended. And no, I am not saying that just because I wrestled in it:-)

The participants were Steve Hart, Jamie Jackson and myself, L'artiste. The match started with Hart jumping Jackson from behind as I was disrobing. Somehow Jackson reversed it and I dropkicked him out of the ring, picked up Hart then press him outside the ring onto Jackson. I followed up with a high cross-body to the floor onto both of them. The match was all fast paced and for the most part was all high spots. The end came when L'artiste got frankensteinered from the top by Hart, but as Hart was gloating, he was met with a superkick from Jackson, which sent Hart our of the ring. As Jackson was going to go for Hart out of the ring, L'artiste jumped on Jacksons back, did a front roll over pin, but Jackson reversed it and went forward into a pin attempt of his own and got the pin at the 12:28 mark.

Jackson was celebrating when confronted by L'artiste. The two then shook hands and left the ring as the fans cheered.

The third match was The All American Mike Winner Vs Irish Omally. In an unusual ending, Omally won by K.O. at 7:48 when the referee didnt make a three count, he made a ten count instead and insisted it was a K.O. The forth match saw the "Little Big Men" in action as Little Eagle and The Karate Kid battled Josh and Bobby Dean with special guest referee 7'2 Gary Robbins. The match saw all the typical high spots of a midget match and came to an end when Josh and Bobby Dean got the pin at 14:16.

The fifth match saw Ravage Vs Gator tangle. The match was a hard fought stiff battle, which saw Gator win by submission at 8:40.

The sixth match was a tag team match - Pat Tanaka & Kwan Chang with there Canadian advisor Major Punishment Vs Marty Janetty & Pete Rokk. The match started off in a more scientific manner, with Rokk and Tanaka working each others arms and legs until Tanaka started his old ways with an eye rake. The match saw all the moves we used to see from the W.W.F. boys, but just with new partners. The end came when Rokk had Tanaka and Changs advisor on the ropes, when out of nowhere he threw a cane into the ring. Unknowing to the ref, Chang struck Rokk in the head and got the pin at the 18:47 mark In the main Event. Earthquake and Typhoon were each disqualified when they attacked the special referee 7'2 Gary Robbins at the 8:51 mark.

We went to a local bar for the after show party. We all had to sit on opposite sides of the bar due to the extreme tension between the wrestlers. The bar was generous with the "Cocktails" and food provided, by serving us all 2 strip loin steaks, salad, pasta and chicken wings. At around 2:30 we decided to go back to the hotel and have a few more "Beverages".

The day had been long, and around 5:30 am we decided to call it a night, or morning for that matter. All and all, a good show, an excellent promotor and a fabulous time.

Until the next show...........L'artiste will always Le Rule !!!!!!!

L'artiste's home page is located at:

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WCW Monday Nitro

We open on a scene of various nWo bodies on the floor! Some of them have sray-painted outlines around them!! There is anti-nWo grafitti, a baseball bat nearby and an ICON T-shirt. Norton, Hennig, Vincent and Konnan are down. The rest of the thugs, including Hogan and Bischoff come out to lend assistance then storm the ring and Hogan starts ranting about Sting, Piper and DDP being behind the mayhem. They demand satisfaction and declare that Piper won't make it to Halloween Havoc.

The announcers, Tony, Tenay and Legandary Larry show us a clip of the Sting appearance last week. I see I missed the fact that Sting was the one who handed Piper the World Title belt. They point out that there is a cage suspended over the ring (the one they will use for the cage match at the PPV I presume...)

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero - Cruiserweight Title match - both competitors have new music for their entrances. Eddie's is better in my opinion. This should be a great match. The contest is pretty evenly fought with neither man holding the definite advantage for any length of time. The fight stays in the ring for a surprisingly long time then Guerrero gets thrown to the outside. Benoit does a suicide dive to topple his opponent once more. Benoit throws his opponent back into the ring then we see him put on a belly-to-back suplex in a long shot as we cut to commercial.

Eddie has Benoit in an abdominal stretch as we return. Benoit hip-tosses him off and the match goes back to the same intense brawl it was at the beginning - still nobody can hold the advantage until Benoit is flung headfirst into the corner buckle and seemingly injured. After that Benoit is out of it. Eddie Frog Splashes him and takes the pin.

A clip of DDP having the US Title decision reversed on him last week. Hennig is still the Champion. Cut to commercial.

Bill Goldberg vs. Wrath (w/Mortis/James Vandenberg) - Goldberg stays in the ring while the goulie-boys put on their light show then he attacks before the bell. Wrath is clotheslined and "Jack-Hammered" is seconds! Goldberg pins his opponent easily then stalks down the aisle shouting "Whose next!?".

Steve McMichael vs. Mortis - Mongo encounters Goldberg as makes his entrance. They stand nose-to-nose then allow Security to separate them. That's a match I want to see... Mortis has the skill advantage in this contest. Mongo hangs on through sheer available power. Mortis trys many times to take the pin but Steve always powers out. Twice McMichael has Mortis in a pinning predicement, twice Vandenberg jumps to the apron and distracts him. The second time, Vandenberg gets creamed and Mongo grabs his opponent and buries him with a Tombstone piledriver.

Debra interrupts her husband's interview time tio give a hint about who Mongo will face at the PPV. It won't be Jarrett...that's the hint... She rants about her "big surprise" for Mongo at Halloween Havoc.

Raven rants some more about his childhood as he explores a children's playground. Poor Scotty - everything he remembers is painful... get a life Levy! Or better yet, get in the ring...cut to commercial.

The next installment of Mike Tenay's report on Mexican wrestling is focused entirely on Rey Misterio Jr. He talks about what giving up his mask if he loses the match against Eddie Guerrero at the PPV.

Yugi Nagata (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Juventude Guerrera - Nagata dominates this match from the get-go. We see Raven and his cohorts come down through the crowd to take seats ringside. Guerrera finally gets loose and is going to the top but Oono upsets his balance so that he tumbles to the mat. Nagata takes the pin. The Ultimo Dragon comes down to ringside as the bell sounds and confronts Oono. The distracted Dragon gets Pearl Harbored by Nagata then double team booted by the wrestler and his manager.

The Giant comes down and interrupts the intros for the next match (Damien and the Villano's are already in the ring). He rants about Kevin Nash's supposed injury and accuses him of hiding out... Damien takes exception to the interruption and gets creamed. His two partners do likewise. Cut to commercial.

The Nitro Grrrls make their first appearance of the evening as Tony hawks live events and the Nitro Party contest...

Disco Inferno vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - TV Title match - Rey has every advantage except size in this one. Disco does a little Macarena dance after his first big success in the match. As usual he celebrates to soon. Rey is out-wrestling him and out flying him. He has the initiative when Eddie Guerrero sneaks down and pulls him off the apron then starts pounding on him. Eddie is trying to remove the mask again when Jaquelyn blows right past the two of them to attack Disco in the ring. He pushes her off and then turns his back on her to leave. She jumps on his back and drives him from the ring.

Bischoff, Savage and Hogan come to the ring and declare that the doors to the arena are locked and nobody is leaving until Piper, Sting and Page answer their challange. They proceed to occupy the ring. Savage is showing no ill effects from his supposed neck injury. Bischoff invokes McMahon's name in his rant. Hogan and Savage are fuming. The nWo music plays and they decide to vacate the ring. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig vs. Dean Malenko - US Title match - What a great pairing! These guys are both consummate wrestlers and mat technicians. People keep reporting that Hennig has slowed down but I can't detect it. His moves are as crisp as ever and his intellect gives him a definite advantage against any opponent. In fact Malenko is one of the few I would expect to be capable of matching Hennig move for move. Malenko is on the receiving end for the most part up to the first commercial.

Hennig executes a vertical suplex as we return. Both men are out on their feet for a moment then Malenko recovers first and slaps on a reverse chinlock. Hennig uses his size advantage to lever out of that and the match begins to see-saw. Malenko throws an uncharacteristic crossbody from the top turnbuckle and blows it by leaping short. Hennig has to reach out and catch his opponent in order to complete the illusion. The match is still see-sawing with Malenko dominating the action now. In the midst of a struggle for control, Hennig cinches in a Fisherman's Suplex and pins his man. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrl cavort on the ramp...

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The nWo attacks Ray Traylor in a clip from last week.

Scott Norton (w/thugmate Vincent) vs. Ray Traylor - the announcers are more interested in Raven's gang at ringside then the introductions. Once the match gets underway they starts paying attention. Norton throws an all out powermove assault and dominates the opening moments. Traylor slips in a splash and the action see-saws. Bagwell has a paint can at ringside. Traylor is making a come-back now. He is more agile and more experienced then his opponent and is finally in control...when Vincent sprays paint in his eyes. The thugs assault him and signal the rest of the their associates down to help. Traylor is getting creamed (but still fighting) as we cut to commercial.

Lex Luger vs. Booker T - Booker tells Jaquelyn not to interfere in the match before it begins. He says "'s matter of respect..." Luger wins the first exchange by overwhelming power. Booker uses a fancy kick to reassert himself. The match is even. Luger goes for a pin after a massive powerslam but fails. Booker gets his chance after a scissor kick moments later. He slaps on a reverse chinlock after failing to get the pin. Luger fights out of it. Booker is showing more cunning then his opponent - Luger just powers through everything. An attempt at a Rack is foiled as Booker grabs the ropes and hangs on for dear life. He then turns the tables but climbs the ropes and misses a forward somersault. Lex Racks him...'nuff said. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene with Luger in the ring. Lex compliments Booker T on the match they just had. Then he comments on the sneak attack purpetrated earlier by parties unknown. He is commenting on his own match with Hall coming up when Larry Z strolls down to the ring and states his position ("I will call it down the middle...yatta, yatta..."). There is a lot of talk on the Net about Zbyszco's expected turn to the nWo and this speech certainly makes me think there is something going on. Another clue is Luger's reaction which is to say "I don't know what's up with that..." Cut to commercial.

Scott Hall vs Scott Steiner - Hall comes out alone for a change. In fact we haven't seen Syxx around at all tonight. He has a mic in his hand and makes a statement. He announces a survey - then asks his "who are you here to see..?" question. The crowd boos loudly througth a weak "nWo" outpouring. Hall looks disconcerted and whines about losing his Tag Titles because Nash wasn't around to help him defend them. He warns the Giant to watch out then calls Luger a "goof". He warns Larry Z about calling the match correctly. Then Scott Steiner's music plays. He comes to the ring with Ted Dibiasi. It is about three minutes after the hour. Steiner answers Hall's usual toothpick schtick with a firm "bite me" arm gesture. Hall demonstrates more wrestling ability then Jim Ross and Jim Cornette gives him credit for and dominates the action until Steiner slips in a forearm and turns the tables. Hall is suplexed to the floor and pole-axed by Dibiasi just before we fade to commercial.

Steiner slaps on a full nelson as we return. Hall tries to power out then backs into the corner to shake his opponent off. A fall-away slam puts him back in charge. Now it is all Scott Hall. He pounds on his opponent monetarily then slaps on the abdominal stretch. He uses the ropes for assistance until the referee catches him at it. Steiner escapes and returns the favor then slams his opponent. Hall is still in it but Steiner is dominent. Hall knocks the referee out of the ring just before Steiner nails him. Nobody to count. Hall fights back and gets an Outsider's edge on Steiner. Vincent in a striped shirt with a black bag on his head administers the count.

Eric Bischoff and Hogan come out looking a little less peaked - their Hendrix music is playing. Bischoff makes another joke at McMahon's expense to start his rant. Savage and Hogan agree with Eric that Piper, DDP and Sting are cowards (dream on Beach-boy...) Hogan says they over-reacted earlier. Some version of Sting appears on the platform and distracts the thugs, meanwhile two more enter the ring and prove to be Page and Piper. The rest of the thugs join the frey and the "Stings" are losing. But wait...the cage, which has been suspended over the ring all evening, is coming down! And the real Sting is descending from the ceiling. The nWo guys are driven from the cage and are in full retreat as we fade to black...

This was a great show from top to bottom.

WWF Monday Night RAW

Live from Oklahoma City

The New Tag Team Champs (LOD) come down to the ring followed by Ahmed Johnson and Ken Shamrock. The NOD show up. Is this an eight man tag team match against the NOD? - all eight come to blows immediately, then it is sorted out...

Rocky Maivia/Kama vs. Ahmed Johnson/Ken Shamrock - Shamrock is dwarfed by every other man in the match but he wades right in. DeGeneration X is goofing around in the stands. In the ring Shamrock is out-wrestling both of the NOD guys. They finally cheapshot him to turn the tables. The NOD get in some smooth tags but Shamrock upsets Maivia and almost gets a submission hold on him. Kama comes in to renew the assault. Maivia throws away the advantage by missing an elbow drop. Shamrock is making his come-back when Faarooq runs in and brains him with Rick Rude's briefcase. Rocky takes the pin. Ahmed never got into the match so he chooses to make trouble afterward. He catches up with and attacks the NOD as they pass through the curtain to the back. Cut to commercial.

Michael Cole shows us the NOD's dressing room which has been trashed - spray-painted and toilet papered - there is a Canadian flag showing and Hart Foundation grafitti. It looks like something I would expect Michaels and company to do. Ahmed breaks into the showing of the backstage footage to get in McMahon's face. Faarooq jumps into the ring and plays the race card for all he is worth. Disgusting. He challanges Bret Hart to a match. He and his thugs pace about in the ring making violent noises. Hitman's music plays and the Harts appear as if rushing out to answer an unexpected challange. Bret goes right to the ring and they hook it up. DX shows up and commandeers the broadcast table. In the ring Bret is under the gun as we go to commercial.

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As we return Bret is slowly making his way back. Soon he is in charge, Simmons can't hold a candle to him, frankly. Hart performs his figure 4 schtick in the corner but gets pulled into the post himself. A melee ensues ringside. Order is starting to break down when Steve Austin suddenly runs in and delivers a Stunner to Faarooq. The referee doesn't see it and neither does Bret Hart. Hart goes back into the ring and hesitates briefly before executing the pin. Stone Cold is long gone and the announcers are asking "Why did he do that..?" Cut to commercial.

A new Karate Fighters tournament is announced (yawn...)

The announcers are apparently stalling, waiting for something to happen. Jeff Jarrett strolls to the ring in a loud jacket and starts ranting about WCW and Eric Bischoff. He seems brutally frank about his relationship with Bischoff but basically spouts the McMahon party line...then he turns his venom on McMahon himself. He reveals that Vince met his salary demands. He says "Vince, you told me to get up here and shoot..." and takes off (like Vince's other mouthpieces) on the competition. Great, an angle that resembles a shoot... he puts down Steve Austin for his use of language, and complains about his use of "Austin 3:16" as being blasphemous. Its inspired stuff. I think Vince may have something here. The only problem I see is that the more they talk about the competition the more they direct attention toward it. If the strategy works, it is likely that both promotions will benefit. Biscoff must be peeing his pants...

Brian Christopher (w/Jerry Lawler) vs. Marc Mero (w/Sable) - Lawler retires to the broadcast table. Mero is trading on his boxing ability which is really a shame. He has made great strides as a wrestler since he first appeared in WCW. As Mero pounds away on his son, Lawler complains at ringside and eventually jumps up on the apron. His machinations are for naught as Mero takes advantage of Lawler's distraction of the referee to administer a low-blow then uses a couple of wrestling moves to win the match. Cut to live show promotions then to commercials.

Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels - Title vs Title match - the winner will have both the European and Intercontinental Titles - Owen carries more gold then anyone else with his Title belt and two Slammy's. He is wearing his Owen 3:16 shirt. Michaels' minions show up on the platform - where is Shawn? Rude has a mic and starts to talk then stops and feigns sound system problems. Then he introduces HBK as the "main eventer", the ICON etc. Shawn dances down and the crowd hates him. Owen dominates the early going and is clearly the crowd favorite. Backstage the Harts watch the match on a monitor as we cut to commercial.

As we return we see a clip of HBK delivering a piledriver out on the floor then are whisked back to the live feed which reveals that Owen is back in charge of the match. Shawn uses a shortcut to turn the tables and then starts punching Owen into a stupor. He clamps on a reverse chinlock and rests a while. Michaels escapes and the match see-saws resulting in HBK executing the flying elbow. Shawn misses his Sweet Chin Music but Owen gets the boot behind the head and then Austin runs in and stuns the referee!! What...? Bret Hart runs in and attacks Michaels, manages to give him a good drubbing before the DX troups start showing up. The Harts run in and all is chaos for a moment before the run the others out of the ring. Cut to commercial.

The Undertaker breaks his silence - he vows to never fight Kane.

Dude Love vs. The British Bulldog - is what this match is supposed to be...but Kane shows up with Paul Bearer following the Dudester's entrance. The ring is bathed in red light, Kane is gigantic beside the considerable bulk of Mick Foley. Dude Love puts up a fight and even uses a chair to no avail. He gets chokedslammed on the ramp. Kane and Bearer split. Cut to commercials for another retrospective program featuring current WCW stars.

The Headbangers vs. Roaddog/BaddAss Billy Gunn - everybody is imitating Austin's language - the former Tag Champs get a good pop. Roaddog is still dressing really funny. Mosh starts the match and is immediately set upon by the opposition. The crowd is chanting "Road Kill!!" to mock Jesse James. Meanwhile the new team is cheating their way to victory. Billy smashes the Headbangers' own boombox over Thrasher's head to get the pin. Cut to commercial.

Sunny minces her way down to the ring to announce the next match.

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Tagiri vs. Taka Michinoku - we see clips of Taka's contract signing with Vinnie Mac. Tagiri dominates the first exchanges but takes too many chances and gets surprised. At one point Taka springboards off the top rope to throw a spectacular suicide dive. Unfortunately neither man really sells the move. They jump right back in the ring. Taka out-maneuveres his opponent at every turn and takes the match despite a valiant effort by Tagiri. Cut to commercial.

The Godwins vs. DOA (?) - the Godwins try to intimidate the ref - who is the same one who counted them out last week. As soon as the DOA arrive they attack the Godwins then the Truth Commission wades in on the side of the Godwins and a veritible slobberknocker ensues. We switch suddenly to the boiler room area and find Mankind vowing revenge against Kane (huh??)...I mean I get that Mankind's mad about being beat up earlier but isn't this getting Kane off the track..? The image fades...

A strong offering from the Titan promotion as well. A few more screw-jobs then I like but clearly Vince has decided to take advantage of the Internet wrestling community to build his latest angles. It makes me kind of proud... :-)

I just want to take this opportunity to draw your attention to a new feature here at Solie's. Matt Benaka, whose excellent "World Heavyweight Title" article series is on-going in the Newsletter, has graciously allowed Solie's to publish his Wrestling Title Histories statistics. This record is the result of more then two years of research and promises to be an important historical document in years to come. Solie's wishes to congratulate Matt on his fine effort and encourage anyone who spots an error or can fill in some of the dates and places that yet remain undiscovered to please contact either Matt or myself.

That's it for tonight. I'll be back on Thursday night with the Mid-Week edition. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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