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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

The All-Time Wrestling Album Side Three

by Jeff Yelton

Volume 3, Issue 234 - October 26, 1997


(Original instrumental Themes of Wrestlers)

by Jeff Yelton

Part 1

1. Brutus Beefcake's music (1988). One of the first non-rock and roll entrance themes to be used, this one perfectly described the many facets of Beefcake's ridiculous garb. One on the one hand, he looked like a Chippendale wannabee with the see-through pants, so his theme was very reminiscent of those characterizations, plus you had the humor element of the "Barber" character factored in with the tweaking at the end of every line, which also sounded humorous as well. A real crowd pleaser.

2. The Ultimate Warrior's music (1987). With it's emphatic drum opening leading the rapid guitar riff, this music could get any crowd's blood pumping. It even "juiced up" the Warrior! (Sorry, had to say that,...) The NWA ripped it off a little for Sting's theme music.

3. The Hart Foundation music (1995). This is the second version of the Harts' theme, used by Bret in 1995, and now used by the Hart group in tag team competition or RAW IS WAR openings. Actually, the reason for making a new theme for Bret is very simple. Jim Neidhart, when he returned to the WWF in 1993, and turned on Bret almost immediately to side with Owen Hart, used the old HF theme, which never really did anything for me musically. It was just a generic thrown-together-at-the-last-minute guitar dirge with a synthesizer thrown in for variety. So, Bret had to get a newer, more complete, more inspiring version of his old one. The new one, with its guitar squal at the beginning, has a faster tempo, and includes a harmony as well as the original melody, but has more instruments, and is better produced. The old HF thing sounded like Motley Crue "Looks That Kill"-type stuff, while the new one has a better feel to it. A good theme for a great wrestler.

4. The Undertaker's music (1995). The Undertaker's original theme was also jazzed up in 1995, and a harmony was added to old funereal melody, with a bit of fanfare. It also suggested a change in the Undertkaer's image, from one of a guy who got his kicks from smelling formaldehyde to a more "human" character. One who has flaws. And the Undertaker since 1995 has had his problems. The new music doesn't glorify his obsession with death, like the old one did. No, the new music shows a tortured soul with its organ dirge and violins in the background. A truly beautiful piece of music.

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin's music (1996). From the shattering of glass that precedes it, Austin's music emanates a pure mean person with its unpredictabilty. The music rises and falls in a nasty cadence that sounds like Austin stomping around. Listen to it with your eyes closed once.

6. Owen Hart's music (1992). I don't care for his new theme that much. The old one, of course, was first used by Owen and Koko B. Ware when they were wearing clown pants and wrestling as the tag team of High Energy. Owen appropriated it as his theme, and for years, it led this arrogant little snot to the ring. The music itself is good. It's very danceable, and it worked for High Energy because of that, obviously. But as the theme for a heel, it worked in a different way. It conveyed arrogance, pure, unalduterated arrogance, and that's what makes it memorable.

7. Diesel's theme (1994). I LOVE this theme! As you remember, Kevin Nash was rushed into the WWF as Shawn Michael's bodyguard, and he didn't really wrestle much until 1993. His original ring accompanyment was the sound of an engine being turned over,...and over,...and over,...and over, leads one to believe that it was turned on during one cold morning,...

But as WWF champ, Vince McMahon knew he had to get some MUSIC for Kevin to use. So, he used a classic Chicago-blues sounding piece that is just gorgeous music to listen to. It also showed the coming arrogance of the future nWo member, as it had a swagger to it which you could plainly hear.

8. Razor Ramon's music (1992). When Scott Hall debuted in the WWF in 1992, he added a Ricky Ricardo accent to his WCW-created Diamond Studd look, and presto! A star is born! Of course, a star needs appropriate music as well. And this music, with its screeching tires and slow, Cuban percussion, fits the image of Razor Ramon to a t, chico.

9. Sid's theme (1995). I liked his music in his original WWF tour of duty, a good scary, dowmbeat metal tune that led this monster to the ring. But when he came back as "Sycho Sid", the "Sycho" element was illuminated in this theme that has the classic Norman Bates "Psycho" sounds of his stabbing of Janet Leigh in the shower. (Sid, of course, has stabbed someone, but not as successfully.) He is a bit loony, and this theme confirms it.

10. 1-2-3 Kid's theme (1994). This theme features the crowd cheering and yelling "1-2-3" to a single bass drumbeat, followed by a pretty cool beat. This theme was the unexpected surprise of the WWF's "Full Metal" album. And it fit the Kid during his underdog good guy days. Of course, once he turned heel, the theme lost its luster, and he started walking around to Ted DiBiase hauntingly beautiful (thank you, Joe Crowe) "Money, Money, Money, Money, Money".

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11. Tatanka's theme (1992). I loved the way this music enhanced the war dance-type cadence the way the Undertaker's music enhanced the traditional march of doom rhythm. This was a real crowd-pleaser, as was Tatanka for awhile, until he sold his heritage down the river for some of Ted DiBiase's filthy money. (BTW, Chris Chavis must have watched a lot of Lone Ranger reruns to learn how to speak precisely like Tonto. Once he turned heel, of course, he learned how to speak proper English. Amazing what money'll do for ya!)

12. Goldust's music (1995). A haunting, eerie piece of music reminiscent of 1940's Hollywood, it has a bizarre quality to it that suggests the great movie queens. I can see Joan Crawford or Bette Davis coming out to this stuff in their heydays. And of course, when referring to Hollywood queens, one thinks of Goldust. Just a hint, though. It works better if Dustin's a heel.

Jeff Yelton lives in Westminster, Maryland and has watched wrestling for 24 of his thirty-one years. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland. He is a regular contributor to Solie's

Monday Nitro Report

The program opens with Voodoo Child blasting away - we see some clips of the end of the cage match last night then Bischoff and Hogan come down to the ring. Hogan rants for a while then declares himself to be "God" (quite a stretch...even for Hogan). And says he'll face anybody tonight. Bischoff says that Hogan will take over the TNT network when his new movie airs tomorrow night (Assault on Devil's Island). nWo is 4 Life...yatta., yatta... They then show a clip from the movie. It looks like a typical military shoot-em-up right out of his "Thunder in Paradise" days. Cut to commercial.

The announcers reveal what Hogan and Company wouldn't tell us - that Piper won the match last night. Both Piper and Legandary Larry are said to have been severely injured last night. This is a three hour show tonight.

Rey Misterio Jr. vs Dean Malenko - Cruiserweight Title match - the new Champ gets to defend his belt 24 hours after winning it. What a first challanger! Misterio is to be commended for taking this contest. The match proceeds as expected with Malenko using his superior technique to ground his high-flying opponent. Rey shows some good mat technique and does his usual "climb-all-over-his-opponent" routine to hold his own nicely. Raven and his gang come down and take their seats ringside during this match. In the ring Malenko is wearing his opponent down. The first time Misterio gets to take to the air he throws his hurracanranna finisher but Malenko catches him short and powerbombs him. Malenko goes for the Texas Cloverleaf but Rey manages to reverse the hold into a cradle and gets the pin.

Mike Tenay's latest installment of his Lucha Libre report focuses on second generation wrestlers. Several of them comment on their careers. Next time: the aerial moves of the Luchadores. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls dance in Halloween costumes on the platform...

La Parka vs. Glacier - LP brings his chair along. This could be a good match - La Parka is a genuine talent and, as a wrestler, is much more experienced then his opponent. Of course, we know what Glacier can do. Actually, I like seeing him in a singles match. He generally seems to just set things up for Ernest Miller's spectacular kick from the top turnbuckle these days.

Unlike most of the Luchadores, La Parka is big enough to go with Glacier - he may actually have a weight advantage. He succeeds in catching Glacier in a pile driver. Moments later he stands his opponent up on the floor then levels him with a twisting suicide dive. He throws another similar move then goes back to the well a third time (this time with the chair involved) and blows it. Glacier throws him back in the ring and kicks his brains out to get the win.

Gene Okerlund w/Diamond Dallas Page - DDP names Hogan as the "Sting" who assaulted him last night. He rants at Hogan - Hogan as God? - "I don't think so!" He accepts Hogans challange for a match tonight. Cut to commercial.

Legendary Larry comes to the ring to the Nitro credits music to talk to Mean Gene. He has a contract. He invites Scott Hall to come visit "Larryland" - a challange for a match. nWo music starts up right away and Hall appears on the platform with Syxx. He rants at Larry - puts him down - says he doesn't consider Larry to be in the same league with the Wolf Pack - he warns him off. The Legendary One keeps shouting his challange. They show clips of Larry getting punked last night. Larry is livid. Hall is nonchalant - he hypes the Hogan/DDP match as Larry continues to challange him. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls in the ring...

Stevie Ray (w/Jaquelyn) vs. Lex Luger - this match is a no brainer...neither of these guys are too bright...but seriously folks - Luger is getting a push so he will rack the big guy for sure. These two bulls butt heads with as little actual movement as possible. A lot of sudden power moves followed by a pause while the downed guy gets up. Luger actually exhibits the better mat technique - Stevie clearly has the superior size and uses it to good advantage. He dominates the mid-portion of the match then slaps on a bearhug. Luger powers out then comes back with his clothesline - forearm combination. Luger goes for the rack but Stevie grabs the ropes. They irish whip for position and Luger prevails with a powerslam. The rack does the trick. Tony reminds us that this is a three hour program tonight. Cut to a new Raven rant. God! This guy is full of himself and his crappy childhood. Cut to commercial.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho - poor Eddie...he looks so dejected as he shuffles to the ring without his Cruiserweight Title. Jericho's appearance here tonight is a surprise. He took quite a bump last night against Gedo. His shoulder is bandaged so, of course, Guerrero goes right after it. He suceeds in executing a flying shoulder-breaker and later drop kicks the injured body part. Jericho continues aggressively and eventually gets a combination ending in a Powerbomb. Eddie is down but Jericho can't put on his Boston Crab because of his injured shoulder. Eddie escapes by attacking the shoulder with his fists. Jericho keeps coming. He executes a standing vertical suplex and dumps Eddie on the floor then collapses. Amazingly, Eddie jumps right back into the ring and drops a Frog Splash on Jericho's back! He gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Fit Finley vs. Chris Benoit - the Belfast Bruiser is back on Nitro and facing the Wolverine. Finley looks in better physical shape then the last time we saw him but Benoit dominates this match from the beginning until the fight goes out to the floor. Finley shines in that arena and takes command of the match. Back in the ring he continues his assault - showing us some great speed and unconventional mat technique. Benoit, for his part, simply refuses to be pinned. He waits for an error and it comes as the fight goes back out to the floor. He gets in some licks but his advantage is short lived as Finley comes roaring back. In the ring once again, Benoit capitalizes on another mistake and gets a German Suplex. A flying headbutt to the chest of his opponent gets him the win. Cut to commercial.

The announcers hype the rest of the card including Hogan/DDP, Hennig/Booker T, Flair/Savage. They show stills from last night's Flair/Hennig match. Mean Gene is at the ramp to talk to Ric Flair. Flair comes out in his blue sparkling robe - he looks ready for a match. Flair predicts that Hogan will take the Diamond Cutter tonight and predicts that he will tear Savage up in their match later tonight.

Scotty Riggs vs. Raven - this is Raven's first Nitro match. His "flock" follows him to the ring including Billy Kidman, Stevie Richards, Perry Saturn and a guy they call "Sickboy". Raven invites Riggs to duck out of the match and join his gang. Riggs refuses so I guess that means Raven will wrestle him. As usual with Raven, this is a no-DQ match. His pals hand him a chair to use almost immediately. Moments later Riggs gets drop toe-holded onto the chair and apparently pokes his eye. The referee ends the match as Kidman comes in to aid Riggs. Kidman gets punked by his boss. Riggs is writhing in pain and bellowing on the mat as the trainers (and the camera) try to get a look at his eye. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls on the platform - why does the black girl always wear a head covering? Is she bald..?

Michael Buffer announces the next match (I take it he was in the neighborhood just in case there should be a real main event match).

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Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan - non-Title event - Page is out of his mind to face Hogan in the shape he's in - he makes his entrance, bandaged ribs and all, and then they cut to commercial.

Buffer introduces Hogan as we return. He enters alone to the regular nWo music. DDP slumps in his corner. The match begins and Hogan actually exhibits some fairly good mat technique. He exploits his leverage advantage until Page starts the fisticuffs. Then Hogan starts laying them in. Heavy body shots have Page reeling but he stands up under the attack. Hogan is showing us some surprising quickness as he out maneuvers his opponent. DDP goes for a Diamond Cutter but Hogan shrugs Page off and thwarts the move. Moments later Page gets a bulldog on Hogan and sends him rolling out to the floor. Hogan takes his time re-entering the ring. He overwhelms his opponent again and drops a succession of elbows, then knocks Page out to the floor. He follows Page out and continues to pound on him. The crowd is chanting "DDP..." rather uncertainly. Back in the ring, Page gets a swinging neck breaker and turns the tables. But he can't follow up. Hogan gets a reverse atomic drop and a two count. Hogan stands him up and mows him down with a clothesline. Now he starts attacking the ribs in earnest. He executes a credible snap-suplex. Moments later Page is up and swinging!! He out punches his opponent and knocks Hogan out of the ring! He goes out and drags him back where Hogan regains the advantage and tries a leg drop - but misses. Before DDP can capitalize the rest of Hogan's thugs show up along with a Sting clone who also attacks Page. The real Sting comes down to the ring and disposes of Vincent then lays waste to the field (without a baseball bat!). Hennig is the last man to bail. Scott Hall attacks but Sting gets his hands on him and drops him, then Hennig comes back in and gets the same treatment. Sting is re-ejecting Konnan as we cut to commercial.

Disco Inferno vs. Bill Goldberg - TV Title match - so Disco is fated to either hand his belt over or break Goldberg's winning streak... I would guess the former...but we'll see. Alex Wright tries to attack Goldberg in the aisle but gets dragged in and dispatched. Goldberg turns his attention to Disco and mows him down - but comes Steve that's how Disco can keep his belt. Sure enough, Mongo enters the ring and is attacked - the match is thrown out. Is it possible that this big buildup of Goldberg is really a dodge to get Mongo over with the fans?? Cut to commercial.

Hogan and Bischoff enter to their regular funky music - they look pretty pissed. Bischoff rants against Sting then points the mic in Hogan's direction. Hogan rants about the "fear in Sting's eye..." (dream on Hollywood boy) then hypes his movie again. He offers Sting a Title match - at first it seems like he is talking about a match tomorrow night but then it turns out he is challanging Sting to come to Las Vegas and sign the contract for a match at some later (unspecified) date. Cut to commercial.

The Steiner Brothers talk to Mean Gene and Ted Dibiasi. Scotty thanks the fans for believing in them - and thanks the nWo and their fans as well. Teddy thanks the brothers for trusting him and invites anyone to challange his Champions.

Steiners vs. The Public Enemy - Tag Team Title match - Tony tells us that they will go to Vegas tomorrow night with the video equipment and shows us the contract signing during breaks in the Hogan movie. why would they be doing that..?

PE tries to outsmart their opponents but they are overwhelmed by the Steiners' power. They spend a lot of time stalling out on the floor. The announcers are ignoring the match to talk about tomorrow's Vegas event. Nothing much is happening in the ring as we cut to commercial. That Savage "Slim Jims" bit with the wrestling coach is priceless.

Scotty is down and being pummeled by Grunge as we return. He knocks Steiner out to the floor and continues the attack. Back in the ring, PE starts tagging in and out, keeping Scotty under control. Scotty overcomes them with a double clothesline. Rick gets in for the first time and flattens the opposition. The Steiners' second story Bulldog gets them the win over Rocco Rock.

Booker T vs. Curt Hennig - US Title match - Booker comes without Jaquelyn. Hennig is sporting a plaster bandage on his face. Booker has every advantage except experience here. He proceeds to outwrestle his opponent from the opening bell but Hennig is cagey and manages to keep Booker busy. Liz does a power walk to the ring followed by Savage. She distracts the referee while Savage drops his elbow on Booker T. Ric Flair runs in and starts punching Hennig which causes the match to be thrown out. Flair chases Hennig around the ring as we cut to commercial. They are hyping the heck out of the movie tomorrow night.

Flair and Savage are brawling in the aisle as we return. They fight out into the crowd. Flair drags Savage back to the ring area, pausing to commit some mayhem at the railing. Then they head back up into the crowd. But it's only so Flair can run him back and toss him over the rail. The fight is back to ringside. Savage uses his shirt to tie Flair up and deal some punishment - but Flair comes right back and creams him!! Savage finally turns the tables with a mic thrust to the throat but he can't sustain it. Flair is relentless. Savage tries to use Liz as a shield. So Flair kisses her! He drags Savage into the ring and goes to work on him again. Liz gets a finger into his eye to turn things around. Savage tosses Flair out over the top - the ref is distracted by Liz and doesn't see it. Savage chokes Flair out as the ref tries to separate them. Savage tries to drop on Flair from the top turnbuckle but Flair side-steps. Savage ends up hitting the railing. Hennig rushes into the ring and attacks Flair. Together he and Savage punk the former Champ. Savage drops the elbow on him then drapes him upside down in the corner...the assault continues as we fade to black...

We probably should have skipped the PPV last night and just watched this program...

Monday Night RAW Report

The fireworks blast away and Jim Ross tells us what great fans we all are until the NOD's music comes on. We see a clip of the vandalism of their dressing room last week. Faarooq gets right in Vinnie's face and wants to know how they (the WWF) allowed racism to rear it's ugly head. Vince apologizes for the destruction of their property but denies strongly that racism exists in the WWF. He is intimidated into leaving the ring as Rocky Maivia takes over the rant. The crowd chants "Rocky Sucks!" Faarooq takes over the rant and challanges the Hart Foundation to a match next week. The Harts come out and Bret denies that he or his country is racist but accepts the match. DegenerationX interrupts to talk about that terrible racist thing the Harts supposedly did until the nation of Domination is incited to rush the Harts. A brief melee ensues during which Bret appears to be injured. Cut to commercial.

Goldust (w/Marlena) vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/DX)- Rick Rude has the mic as we return. He paraphrases his own classic entrance speech to introduce HHH as the "former Intercontinental Champion of the World" (I can hear Matt Benaka gasping at that statement!) and the cornerstone of DegenerationX. In the ring Chynna helps her man to blindside his opponent as HBK does commentary. Goldust turns it around in a flash and Marlena helps distract the referee so Dustin can take shortcuts. This leads Chynna to get involved in a much more physical way. She provides the mediocre Helmsley the opening he needs to take the initiative. Goldust resists but gets caught with a knee under his chin and is down again. Moments later he is back punching his way to advantage - he ends the flurry with a bulldog. No cigar. Hunter is tossed out and slapped by Marlena - but inside the ring Hunter is hitting Goldust with Marlena's loaded purse! Nuff said... Afterward the DX troups do their crotch pointing number - they have altered the hand gesture to a single hand affair so that it no longer resembles the nWo gesture so much...interesting... cut to commercial for "Assault on Devil's Island".

They show clips from the Oklahoma Legends card. Danny Hodge, the Brisco's and Jim Ross were feted.

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Owen Hart vs. Ahmed Johnson - Intercontinental Title match - Owen attacks his man as he tries to enter the ring. Ahmed turns it around right away and pounds Owen into the corner, backdrops him in the center of the ring. That's about the last thing he does. Owen contrives to dump him to the floor and then goes out and mauls his opponent. He smashes Johnson's (previously) injured hand with the ring steps just before we cut to commercial.

Owen has Ahmd down and in a sleeper as we return. For some reason he turns the hold loose and starts dealing out ineffective punches. Ahmed clotheslines him to the mat. Ahmed yells for the NOD as he creams his opponent. He signals for the Pearl River Plunge then Steve Austin appears out of the crowd and Stuns him. Owen retains his Title this time.

Looks like we have another one of those "reality" interviews coming up with Jeff Jarrett. It kills me how this guy was disparaged by the WWF when he left the last time around yet here he back and spouting the WWF party line. They must be paying him good! Of course he also gets to rant about McMahon's misuse of him as the cartoon Double J character. That must afford some satisfaction - even if it is an angle...

Mankind talks with Jim Ross who plies him with clips of his alter-ego's clash with Kaine last week. Mankind says that Dude Love has been destroyed and he is what's left. He is upset with "Uncle Paul" and vows to make his life a "living Hell!!" He wants Kaine in a match (of course) - it cracks me up how everybody just accepts that this monster is really UT's brother just because Paul Bearer says so. Sgt. Slaughter comes down to protest. He doesn't want the match due to Mankind's mental state and refuses to sanction the contest. Mankind gives a little speech about the bad things that can happen to people then attacks Slaughter with a Mandible Claw. They replay the attack then cut to commercial. Next up -

Bret Hart vs Ken Shamrock - WWF Title match - we come back to a video tribute to Ken Shamrock followed by the same for Bret Hart. The next match is promo'd like a PPV main event then they cut to the Mid-Show opening credits. Ken Shamrock makes his entrance. He is all business as usual. He doesn't have a prayer of wearing Federation gold tonight. Bret looks none the worse for wear after the NOD attack earlier. Shamrock pulls Bret over with a headlock and tries to pin him immediately. Moments later he rolls Bret up and goes for an ankle lock submission hold. Bret grabs the ropes. McMahon is talking about the upcoming Survivor Series Flashback show and it just occured to me that it is scheduled opposite the Hogan movie on TNT tomorrow night. In the ring, Hart has turned things around and is taking Shamrock apart - working on his left leg methodically. He gets his peculiar Figure-Four on for a while and then he applies a spinning toe-hold as we cut to another commercial for Hogan's movie.

Hart still rules the ring as we return. But then the match goes outside and Shamrock takes over. As usual, hot-headed Shamrock is incensed and gets carried away. The referee has to warn him off. Back in the ring the match see-saws with Hart maintaining control of things. In a flurry the referee gets knocked down. Bret goes for the Sharpshooter but Shamrock reverses it into an ankle submission hold. Bret Hart is tapping out but the ref is unconscience!! Shamrock gets up to rouse the referee, Bret grabs the initiative and puts on a Sharpshooter - but HBK runs in and attacks Hart. The ring swarms with wrestlers and officials as Hart and Michaels try to get at each other. Cut to commercial.

Road Dog/Baddass Billy vs. The New Blackjacks - Jesse James proves tonight that he is permanently afflicted with bad costumitis. His outfit tonight is almost as funny looking as his Double J duds. The Blackjacks can't lose this match on paper - but it goes much as the one last week with the jobbers cheating they're way to a cheap victory (Billy smacks Bradshaw with a chair). Cut to Jim Cornette harping on the Hulk Hogan/Roddy Piper match last night then to commercial.

We are informed that Commissioner Slaughter has decided t make the Kaine/mankind match for Survivor Series. I keep hearing that this guy is Glenn Jacobs (Isaac Yankem, D.D.S.) - I don't think so - this guy seems somewhat bigger. Paul Bearer does all the talking, of course. Kaine's masked visage surrounded by ratty looking hair seems similar a certain other wrestling superstar who has also been wearing a mask lately...hmmmm...

DegenerationX relaxes in their dressing room - Rick Rude does the talking then Shawn bends over and moons the camera (HHH conveniently half-covers HBK's crack with a sign emblasoned with the letter "X"). It is a very crude performance. Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs. Flash Funk - since Mero is featuring his boxing style these days Flash gets to do most of the fancy flying in this match. Mero does get to execute his turn-around moonsault midway through the contest. Funk comes back a few moments later with a moonsault of his own then Mero slips in a low-blow. Combination punches put the Funker down for the count.

Jeff Jarrett complains about the way he was misused during his last WWF tour. Then complains about his treatment by WCW (they show him carrying the US Title belt ...but I guess that doesn't count). He comments disparagingly about the average age of WCW stars saying the top eight guys ar all over forty - lets see...Flair, Hogan, maybe Hennig - someone tell me who the other five over 40 guys are, please?

Los Borecuas vs The Road Warriors - Tag Team Title match - Savio and Miguel represent the BusBoys as Baddass Billy and Road Dog lurk about ringside. The LOD are pretty much in control of things at first but the Borecuas turn the tables as Billy and Jesse clown around at ringside wearing the Road Warriors' spiked ring attire. The end of the match comes when Road Dog accidently trips Miguel to hand the Warriors the victory. We cut to Ahmed Johnson ranting about Steve Austin invading his "zone" - I think he wants a match but I can't undrstand most of what he says. The program ends on that rather illiterate note.

Survivor Series may not be any better than this show either, especially if Austin can't wrestle.

By the way, toward the end of the program, Vinnie Mac mentioned that Gorilla Monsoon (who he referred to by his given name) is in the hospital with a serious illness. Solie's wishes to express our Best Wishes to Gorilla and his family in their time of trial.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
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