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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WWF Survivor Series

Austin Wins the IC Strap

Michaels the 3 Time WWF Champ

Volume 3, Issue 239 - November 9, 1997

WWF Survivor Series

We get a Free-for-All but it consists of promo videos and interviews. I have yet to hear anyone on WWF TV programing refer to the impending defection of their current Champ. I heard some talk on a WCW program that seemed to allude to the "current hot story" in wrestling circles but no direct acknowledgement of the situation by either promotion (except on the Internet).

Doc Hendrix tries to get an interview with Shawn Michaels but is cut off at the pass by HHH. Later Sunny interviews Owen Hart with the Bulldog and the Anvil standing by. Bulldog takes the mic to advise Team USA that their Canadian team is going to do them in. Owen takes the mic back and starts to exhort Steve Austin but is interrupted by the devil himself whose disembodied voice threatens him right back. We see Goldust dictating to a computer operator - he has painted his face almost entirely black and is cussing out the fans on line.

Mike Cole interviews Paul Bearer after showing us a video review of the Kane/Undertaker situation ending with the Kaner/Mankind incident which set up tonight's match.

We go to Doc in the ring who hypes the crowd then goes down to interview the broadcast team. J.R. and Lawler comment on the Main Event we go to a final recital of the card by Mike Cole and then it is time to rock and roll...

Live from the Molson Center in Montreal, Quebec the 1997 WWF Survivor Series takes the air, the place is vast, it's packed to the rafters there is definite electricity in the air as we anticipate the clash between the two top pure wrestlers in the world today.

Headbangers/Black Jacks vs. Godwins/BaddAss Billy/Road Dog - the crowd doesn't seem into this contest until well after it gets underway. A sign in the front opposite the camera says

Bradshaw locks up with Henry Godwin to start - two giant bulls blundering around the ring. Henry gets eliminated after a big powerslam by Bradshaw. Phineous runs in and moments later Windham is tagged in. Here the much slowed down Windham is at a disadvantage, he gets in a few licks then he is pinned after a clothesline and eliminated. Mosh goes in against Phineous and ties him up with a reverse arm bar. Phineous retreats to his corner and holds Mosh while Billy comes in. Billy mounts a quick vicious attack then stops to strut. He seems badly affected by the crowd's derisive chants but he regains his composure and goes on to counter a bulldog and pin Mosh moments later. Now Thrasher faces Phinious - the contest is pretty even but the more athletic Thrasher takes to the air and soon splashes the remaining Godwin into oblivion. He tags Bradshaw in to face Road Dog - the big Texan manhandles his opponent easily. Billy distracts him a moment and Road Dog rolls him up for a pin. There is some confusion but Bradshaw is eventually led away from the ring. Thrasher is already choking the Dog and goes on to thrash him as well. Road Dog has to use a cheapshot to turn the tables - he tries to out on another move but only manages a blind tag. As the Dog holds Thrasher down, Billy - now the legal man drops a leg on the back of his head then pins him.

Truth Commission (w/the Jackel) vs. Disciples of Apocolypse - after the initial melee sunsides, the first few exchanges sees the giant Interregator bury Chainz - Recon faces one of the Bruise Brothers (Eightball or Skull) next then tags in the Jackel - who can't handle his opponent's size and is pinned right away! He goes to jabber at the broadcasters. Recon faces multiple opponents and goes down next. Sniper replaces him in the meatgrinder and pins one of the Bruise's. The Interregator is standing in the corner most of the match until Sniper finally tags him in - he pins the remaining Bruise Brother and then dispatches Crush - the match is over in no time with TC the victors.

Kevin Kelly tries to interview Steve Austin who is talking to the fans on AOL. Austin obliges in his usual surly manner.

We get a video review of the Steve Blackman incident - Blackman is the "fan" who invaded the ring to help Vader last week. Turns out he is a martial arts expert and a kick boxer and will join Team USA tonight to replace the ailing Patriot. In fact the Patriot's music is used to bring in Vader's team...

Vader/Steve Blackman/Goldust/Marc Mero vs. The British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart/Furnas and Lafon - Team Canada has exactly one Canadian on it (LaFon) - Mero and the Bulldog start - Mero goes right to using his fists (this is so sad...) until he gets tackled to the mat by his opponent. He goes out to assert control over his wife before continuing the match. Vader comes in to replace him. Eventually LaFon tags in and is worked over by multiple opponents until Blackman tags in. He starts strong but gets tied up by LaFon. Eventually he goes out of the ring after some fairly impressive moves during which he seemed to have lost track of who his opponent was. On the floor he is surrounded and distracted long enough to get counted out. Back in the ring Vader overwhelms and pins LaFon. Furnas runs in to replace his partner - it is two against three (but Goldust is questionable) - Mero is in and gets his Merosault but lands funny. The battle continues after Furnas kicks out - and the embattled member of Team Canada eventially comes back to get a pin on Mero. Vader is in and seems to have Furnas in hand but gets surprised by a low blow. The match see-saws. Vader tries to tag Goldust in but the latter jumps off the apron and refuses. Furnas gets a belly-to-belly on Vader who kicks out and goes to tag again. This time he slaps Goldust who finally enters the ring only to slip out and walk away. Vader is outnumbered 2 to 1 now. He manages to handle Furnas but the Bulldog has gone and gotten the bell! He uses it, takes the pin and the match.

The Hitman's music plays as Ross hypes the remainder of the card.

Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Mankind - we get several minutes of video review before this match gets underway. Mankind comments live before the match - he threatens Uncle Paul with bodily harm (assuming he gets past Kane). He makes his entrance - then the lights go out. Kane doesn't quite get to the ring before Mankind attacks. They brawl under red light and Kane takes the advantage. Back in the ring Kane signals for his fireworks and the match is underway. The lighting remains subdued as Kane creams his opponent. Mankind has no offense to speak of throughout most of the match. It goes back out to the floor and Foley finally gains some ground. The match moves back into the ring where Mankind puts a piledriver on the big guy. He signals for the Mandible Claw and then puts it on...Paul Bearer! This allows Kane to recover and he shoves Mankind onto the Spanish broadcast table. Tito Santana and his cohort are both injured in the melee. Mankind comes back with a DDT onto the concrete! He struggles up onto the apron and throws Cactus Jack's famous elbow drop to the floor. Back in the ring Kane comes back in moments and tosses Mankind bodily to the floor. Foley struggles back into the ring where Kane puts a Tombstone on him.

NOD vs. Ken Shamrock/Ahmed Johnson/LOD - good to see Ahmed with the bandage off of his hand - Hawk vs. D'Lo to start. Brown is overmatched but manages to catch Hawk in a piledriver - it accomplishes nothing. He tags in Rocky Maivia who immediately downs Hawk and pins him! Ahmed runs in and renews the attack on Rocky but he turns and tags in Kama. Kama downs Johnson then tags in Faarooq. Faarooq shoves Ahmed into his corner then distracts the referee while his goons go to work. Faarooq takes him back over but is suddenly surprised by a Pearl River Plunge. He is eliminated. D'Lo comes in and pulls ahead momentarily but is overwhelmed - Rocky tags in and he and Faarooq (still in the ring area depite being eliminated) double team Ahmed to get the pin. Kama and Animal have a nice long run of exchanges as the match see-saws. Kama seems to have the upperhand when he stops to celebrate with Maivia. He is surprised from behind and pinned by Animal. Rocky and D'Lo doubleteam Shamrock as he comes in. D'Lo slaps on a reverse chinlock which Shamrock breaks but can't follow up. D'Lo continues to punish him then goes for a moonsault and misses. Now BaddAss Billy and Road Dog show up to distract Animal. Billy has his face painted and the Dog is wearing Road Warrior shoulder gear. Animal is counted out of the ring leaving Shamrock to face D'Lo and Rocky. They try to doubleteam him but get separated. D'Lo submits to an anklelock then Rocky runs in with a chair. He hammers Shamrock but can't get the pin. He tries twice more without success. Suddenly Shamrock comes back with a series of punches and a belly to back suplex. Both guys are down but Shamrock recovers in time to toss in a Hurracanranna. Immediately he comes back with arm bar submission then changes to the ankle lock to get the win.

Before the next match we get a promo for De-Generation-X - a new PPV.

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Steve Austin vs Owen Hart - Intercontinental Title match - they hype this one to the heavens with a couple minutes of video clips. Austin has to bust his own way through part of the candy-glass partitian at the entryway. He waits impatiently for the Champion. Owen comes down with team Canada in tow. JR is saying that some people call Owen the "real Hitman" of the Harts because of the injury he did to Austin. Is that right, Jim? He reminds us that Austin is wrestling at his own risk since he hasn't been cleared by his doctors. Neidhart distracts Austin long enough to get Stunned then Owen attacks. He tries to go for the piledriver too soon and gets upset. He recovers quickly and punishes Austin's leg against the ring post. Austin comes back strong and Owen decides to split. Austin won't let him leave and they continue the brawl outside the ring. Owen uses a TV cable to strangle his opponent. He is trying to get disqualified but the the ref is giving them plenty of leeway. Back in the ring Austin recovers then takes over. He pulls off a Stunner and gets the pin - and the Title. He defends himself against the other Hart thugs then celebrates with the fans.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart - WWF Heavyweight Title match - another long winded video review precedes the Main Event.

We watch Shawn and Company make the long walk from the dressing room to the entryway - Shawn then enters alone and strolls nonchalantly to the ring. He pauses to mime a dance movement on the ring apron then enters the ring with a Canandian flag. The flag gets rubbed over his crotch a few times before he blows his nose on it. Bret is followed to the entryway as well by his two brother-in-laws and one of their sons with the flag and the camera. He also enters alone. The reaction to him seems mixed to me.

Shawn abandons the ring while Bret communes with the fans then runs in quick to surprise the Champ. He is unsuccessful in taking the initiative. The match goes to the outside and we realize that the bell hasn't rung yet! The fight spills over the railing into the stands. Bret hauls the challanger back into the ring area.

For the first time Jim Ross mentions the "speculation about the Hitman's future..." that if Bret loses this match it may be his last in the WWF (I haven't heard it exactly that way)

Meanwhile the fight is still on the floor! Officials are gathering around - including Slaughter and McMahon - a referee gets creamed as the two combatents battle on in a match that still hasn't officially begun! They fight back up to the entryway where Bret clobbers another referee. Michaels seems to be getting the worst of it so far - he is definitely reeling as Bret tosses him into the ring.

At last the bell rings and we are underway. Bret is dropping his leg on the helpless HBK and otherwise kicking his butt. until he releases his hold and gets five-armed. HBK kips up and goes right to work. He drops a leg, a fists and boots the Hitman in the head. The match goes outside again where Michaels drops the Champ face first on the ring steps. Now Hart is reeling. The match goes back into the ring and Shawn continues his assault. A front face-lock provides a respite. He changes it to a chancilry as Hart fights to his feet. Bret takes over with a face drop of his own then tries to attack the legs. Michaels uses a finger to the eye to thwart his opponent. Bret is down again but comes back with a rollup and gets a two. After the kick out Bret grabs a leg and drags HBK to the corner. He slaps on his peculiar figure four and releases it at the five count.

Back in the ring he continues his attack on Shawn's left leg. He slaps on a figure four - mid-ring this time. Michaels hangs in there and won't submit - he turns the hold over and Bret goes for the ropes to break it. Bret stands HBK in the corner then whips him upside down into the opposite one. Bret tries another pin but gets just two again. Bret delivers the backbreaker then climbs to the top. As he tries to drop and axe-handle - Michaels pulls the ref into harm's way. Bret is surprised and the next thing we know Michaels slaps on a Sharpshooter and Bret is said to have tapped out! It looked hokey - like Bret meant to reverse the move but the ref waved for the bell. Both wrestlers look a bit stunned but Shawn is the new WWF Champion. Bret walks over to the ropes and spits in Vince's face. Shawn looks confused then angry. He yells something at McMahon and the referee as he stalks by them. He almost fails to acknowledge the cheering crowd but then turns to them and exaults just before ducking into the entryway. Fade to black...

Something wasn't kosher there, the match ended prematurely and surprised both wrestlers. Or that's how it looked...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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