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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Eddie Guerrero Wins
the Cruiserweight Title

Rage in the Cage '97

Dreamcard Results by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Toronto House Show Report

by Mark Paar

Volume 3, Issue 240 - November 10, 1997

Toronto House Show Report

by Mark Paar

The WWF was in Toronto November 7, 1997

I went down to the SkyDome to see the show, it started around 8pm. I actually had good seats this time, so I could see everything, except for when the boob in front of me kept holding up his sign.

First match was the Mexican Minis.. typical mini match with lotssa lucha wrestling. Max Mini, Supernova and Mr. Lucky defeated Piratita, Tarantula, and some other guy when Max pinned Tarantula. These two did most of the work in the match. The crowd wasn't too in to the match, although there were some reaction to the high-flying maneuvers.

Next was Miguel Perez (Los Boricuas) vs. Tiger Ali Singh. Not much of a pop for the hometown boy. Miguel ranted on and on in Spanish I think, the acoustics were horrible, I couldn't make out what he said. I heard many shouts of 'boring' while this match happened. The crowd was chanting "Shave your back!" In case anyone cares, Tiger won by pin.

Headbangers vs. NOD (Kama + D-Lo). The headbangers were cheered massively. Of course there was the usual 'Rocky sucks' chant. I can't figure out which one is Mosh or Thrasher, but one of them was mimicking the NOD and I was killing myself laughing. Then the other banger grabs a sign from the crowd "Nation of Constipation" and prodly displayed it in the ring. The 'bangers have won me over, they had me laughing the whole match. Anyways, NOD won by pinfall after Rocky beat them behind the ref's back.

Rocky vs. Ahmed in a "revenge match". Ahmed looked extra greasy tonight. He was accompanied to the ring with Glen Kulka. Kulka is HUGE. Of course, during the match, Kulka got pummelled on the outside by NOD, eventually he ran into the ring and DDT'ed Rocky, followed up by Ahmed's PRP. Ahmed by pin.

Next match was supposed to have Savio Vega vs. Goldust. It is announced that Goldust won't be wrestling tonight as he has a broken wrist. Savio rant on the microphone about something or other about Marlena, it is hard enough to understand him on TV much less in a noisy arena. Dustin must have taken offense to something, as he came in his street clothes and belted Savio with his cast.

Tag team championship match. (Yeah.. they're gonna drop the belts at a house show). LOD vs. Godwinns. Nobody cheered for the smelly hillbillies. LOD got its usual op and chants of 'LOD'. Animal and Hawk did their usual no sell, and ended up with a clean pin following the Doomsday Device.

Intermission. I was going to buy one of those $2.75 cokes, but I ended up buying a $5.00 beer. I'm just as big a mark as those boobs buying $25 t-shirts or $18 foam thingys.

Vader defeats Faarooq by disqualification, after NOD runs in and starts beating Vader. Vader had just Vaderbombed Faarooq when this occurred. Then LOD runs in.. Hawk is in his street clothes, Animal is still dressed in costume. Godwinns run in.. Ahmed and Shamrock run in.. Hug melee ensues, eventually the faces clean house and celebrate in the ring.

In what was billed as a 'no holds barred' match (which it wasn't). It was Ken Shamrock vs. HHH. Chyna was there, Shawn or Rude weren't. Pretty dull match, although HHH consistently busts his ass every night, he is a great worker, like his egomaniac kliq buddy. Tons of crotch chops and nWo symbols. Shamrock ends up with the pin after Chyna took a bump. I had to listed to all the horny little 13 year old boys beside me argue whether they would rather sleep with Sunny or Chyna. (Like that would ever happen...) I think Sunny won out.

Main Event: Six-Man Tag Team - Not sanctioned by the WWF match. (THat's what they billed it as..) Undertaker, Stone Cold, and Mankind vs. Hart Foundation. Tonight Jim Neidhart was wrestling for the injured Owen. HUGE HUGE response for ALL participants, none as big as for Bret. Anytime Bret was in the ring, big pop. Halfway thru the match, the light go out.. boom! The arena is all red. Kane (Cain?) makes an appearance with PB. He walks out half way.. stares down UT, then leaves. The fireworks were so loud, I nearly pissed my pants. I wasn't expect Austin to wrestle, since he was dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt. But he did wrestle, and he took a few shots to the head, and one particular nasty spill. The total time he spend in the ring was maybe 2 minutes for the whole match. Davey Boy was up to his old antics making chicken noises, and flapping his wings at Austin. That was damn funny. Anyways, Austin put the stunner on the Anvil and a pin for the win. After the match Bret came out and waved to all the fans. Chants of "Don't go Bret" were heard.

Mark Paar is Solie's Toronto correspondent.

Rage in the Cage '97

Results by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Well, well!! The results are in for "Rage In A Cage '97!!" Before I begin, I would like all seven of you that voted for this card (I know seven is not a lot of people but I'm doing this for fun and that is better than nothing). I would like to give special thanks to Eric Knudson, Garland Chan, Matt Benaka and The Warriorman for their added comments. Now, the results:


In the NWA Tower Of Doom Match, the nWo team of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Randy Savage and Syxx downed The Hart Bros. (Bret & Owen), Davey Boy Smith, and Jim "The Anvil" Neihart by a vote of 4-2. This was a somewhat surprising upset because I expected the voting to be closer than it was. I think the ending of a possible real life match was described best by Eric Knudson:

"NWO over Hart Foundation, Syxx squirms his way to the bottom like the snake that he is."


In another landslide match, Shawn Michaels defeats former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Gurrerro in the Texas Death match by a 5-1 vote!!! This was another one that I was surprised by the voting!! I figured Eddie's deviousness and skills would give him some favorable

votes but only gathered one vote!! Eric Knudson also commented on this match as well as Solie's own Garland Chan:

"Shawn over Eddy, you can't go on after Shawn knocks you out with a little Sweet Chin Music." - Eric Knudson

"Given Shawn's proven stamina (60 minute Iron Man match at Wrestlemania VS. Bret Hart), I'll have to give it to him." - Garland Chan "STONE COLD" STEVE AUSTIN WHIPS CHRIS BENOIT!!!

Austin 3:16 ruled as SCSA defeated Benoit by a 5-1 decision in the "I Quit" steel cage match. This was another surprise because I figured "The Crippler" was one of the few men that could make Austin give up. Apparently, that's not what most of the fans thought. Here are two comments:

"STONE COLD" has proven in the past that nobody can make him say "I quit!", so Benoit would ultimately have to submit or be killed! - The Warriorman

"Benoit is very prone to missing those high risk moves, and Austin would take every advantage." - Matt Benaka


In a 4-3 upset, HHH defeats Sabu in the barb wire cage match up. This one was surprisingly close (as you can tell by the voting). I suspect the factor of Chyna may have influenced the voting:

"Sabu dominates HHH until Chyna climbs in and gets Sabu to turn his back and HHH hits him with a bat." - Eric Knudson

Still, others stood by Sabu:

"No offense to the WWF KOTR, but THE LORD OF THE HARDCORE can't be beat in a barb wire cage match!" - The Warriorman

Well, he got beat here in the dream world.

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In another close one, Stan Hansen got a 4-3 decision over DDP. This one was surprisingly close, IMV, because I'd figure Hansen would slaughter DDP. But, at least, one fan didn't think so:

"The Lariat has DDP at the top of the cage ready to hang him, but DDP (Diamond)Cuts him from the top, 1.2.3." - Eric Knudson


Shane Douglas, in the dream world, is officially a bald headed geek!! Curt Hennig scored a 4-3 decision over "The Franchise." I, personally, wanted to see Hennig lose but it didn't work out that way:

"Douglas is dominating when the nWo runs out, they grab the razor, but the ECW boys run out and handle things HARDCORE style. Imagine all that long dark hair from Hall, Nash, and Syxx on the floor." - Eric Knudson

"Hennig is the premiere wrestler here. He has had more mainstream competition in his career than Douglas. Douglas is tough and good, but like you said, Hennig is a smart cheater." - Garland Chan

"RAVISHING" RICK RUDE WHIPS MARCUS "BUFF" BAGWELL In the biggest margin of the card, Rick Rude defeats Bagwell by a 6-1 vote in the strap cage match. Apparently, Rude still has the respect of the wrestling community even though he has not actively wrestled in a long time:

"RICK RUDE would probably win this one, as he is indeed more hardcore when needed." - The Warriorman

"Rude is arrogant but he knows how to get the job done, Bagwell starts flexing and Rude takes the strap to him like a p*ssed off father. Rude wins rather quickly." - Eric Knudson

Garland Chan was a little kinder:

"Rude is the man here. Bagwell is 2-4 years away from being at that level. But he will get there."


By a 5-1 decision, The Giant was declared the winner of the Mexican Death Cage Match. This was not too surprising as Abdullah, while still feared, is getting predictable. I think Garland Chan summed it up best:

"The Giant is the better athelete. I doubt Butcher would know what to do with a guy that big." - Garland Chan

Well, that's the results of this dream card. Be on the lookout for future dream cards here at Solie's. If you still would like to comment on the results and/or have an opinion of your own about who should've won, e-mail either or

If you have a question, comments, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at or

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis.

Nitro Report

We open to the nWo music and Hollywood Hogan appears on the with Canadian flags stuck in his boots. The rest of the gang is right behind him and they are fairly bristling with Canadian flags. Bischoff grabs the mic and introduces Kevin Nash with great ceremony - he says there is a second surprise to be revealed tonight. Nash is wheeled up to the ring in a wheelchair then he springs to his feet and enters the ring. Bischoff holds the mic as Nash apes Lou Gehrig complete with slap-back echoes of his words saying "Today (ay-ay) I feel like the luckiest man (an-an) in the world (orld-orld)." He calls the Giant out for a confrontation during the World War III battle royal. Biscoff takes back the mic and introduces the latest addition to the nWo. He mentions Bret Hart's name and then leads his minions in the singing of the Canadian anthem. It doesn't please him so he singles out Curt Hennig to solo on a line. He then proceeds to introduce the aforementioned new member without actually saying that Hart is joining the nWo. Hart doesn't appear. Cut to commercial.

The opening credits finally roll as we return. We are live from Memphis, TN. Tony professes himself to be speechless then talks for a minute about Bischoff's announcement concerning Bret Hart. I notice he is just accepting that Hart actually is an nWo member although Bischoff offered no evidence to support his claim. Didn't he used to say the same thing about Sting a while back..? We go to Mean Gene for a plug of the Hotline. He says they know what went on after the cameras faded last night at Survivor Series.

Harlem Heat (w/Jaquelyn) vs. Dave Taylor/Steve Regal - the conclusion is foregone in this contest but it should be an interesting match none the less. The Heat are arguably the finest tag team in the world - Regal and Taylor are a couple of great wrestlers who have tagged together in the past. The contest proceeds on a pretty even keel for the first few minutes then the Heat start to gain ground, so the Britishers step up the pressure. Booker T goes for a splash on Regal but misses. Taylor shoves him to the floor then goes back to attack the knee of Stevie Ray (who has Regal in a slam position). Stevie topples, grasping his leg and Taylor rolls him up for the pin. A major upset.

Nitro Grrrls...followed by a video review of Saturn's win over the Disco Inferno.

Disco Inferno vs. Chris Jericho - these are both very talented young wrestlers - should be a good match. Disco will face Saturn in a rematch at WWIII. Disco attacks Chris right away and they engage in a brief slugfest before Jericho uses Disco's ring attire to tie him up. As the match goes on Raven and his "Flock" arrive. In the ring the match is a see-saw affair with Jericho holding most of the cards. He eventually gets his opponent into a Boston Crab and uncles him. As Disco is leaving the ring area he gets into an altercation with Billy Kidman. Sickboy vaults the railing and lands in a puddle of something, almost loses his balance. They and Saturn beat up on Disco until Scotty Riggs shows up to help. He is wearing an eyepatch (I assume because of the injury he suffered during his recent match with Raven). He threatens Raven but then backs off without hitting him. He seems confused...or mesmerized, maybe. Cut to commercial.

Barbarian vs. Glacier - the Barbarian of a few years ago would have made mincemeat out of this rookie - but in this contest Glacier dominates the early going. As the Barbarian is mounting his comeback, Jimmy Hart suddenly strides to ringside and starts coaching his man. He is dressed quite conservatively for a change. Barbarian continues to hold the upper hand until Glacier reverses a suplex. Things start to even out until Hart presents himself as a distracting target for Glacier's Cryonic Kick. Barbarian turns the tables with a clothesline but then takes too long climbing to the top turnbuckle. His face meets a boot as he comes down. Glacier takes the win. Meng appears and puts the Tongan Death Grip on Glacier as the snow starts to fall. Cut to commercial.

Raven enters the ring as we return. Saturn follows him into the ring. Raven apologizes to Scotty Riggs for injuring his eye then he rants on his sad life story once again. He calls his Flock a collection of misfits, mutants etc. then tells us that it is our fault that he is such a bad boy... Van Hammer shows up in androgenous attire and makeup with a ring through his left nipple (ouch!).

Alex Wright (w/Debra) vs. Yugi Nagata (w/Sonny Oono) - Wright has the size advantage but squanders it by being unfocused in the opening moments. As is his style, he comes back from initial defeat in a most aggressive manner. They take it too the floor where Wright dominates the action. Back in the ring Alex takes too long to mount the ropes and gets caught and downed. He rallys again and re-establishes his control, then stops to dance and gets downed again. He keeps coming back but then gets distracted by Sonny Oono's antics ringside (he hands Debra a bankroll then plants a kiss on her -- she responds with a hard slap). In the ring Nagata has downed the youngster once again and slaps on his standing figure-four submission hold. Alex taps out. Debra declines to return Oono's money. Cut to commercial.

Hour two begins with a bang and a chorus of Voodoo Chile - Hogan and Biscoff come to the ring with scowls on their faces. Bischoff is holding a rolled up poster. It is a movie poster for a movie called "The Real Reason" which features Sting in a major role. Hogan calls Sting out for a match tonight saying he (Hogan) is the only "Hollywood" athlete. Sting doesn't appear so they leave. Tenay fills us in that the film will preview at the Peachtree Film Festival in Atlanta.

The announcers are still freaking out about the Bret Hart announcement.

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Chris Benoit vs. Saturn - TV Title match - Saturn attacks outside the ring while the camera is focused elsewhere. In the ring the match goes to an even fight - these two know each other. Benoit assumes command shortly in his inimitible human buzzsaw fashion. He continues to dominate until Saturn ties him up near the ropes and steals a pin. Kidman and sickboy hit the ring and are repelled. Chris puts the Crippler Crossface on Saturn...too late. Van Hammer climbs to the apron and distracts Benoit so that Fit Finley can appear out of nowhere and attack him! Finley piledrives the Canadian Crippler then leaves him to the tender mercies of the Flock. Cut to commercial.

Ric flair makes his usual strutting appearance with Mean Gene. He has a match with Lex Luger later tonight. He predicts a victory for himself tonight. He rants against Curt Hennig then he challanges the entire nWo. He is still predicting a 14th Title reign for himself.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Cruiserweight Title match - Eddie attacks before the bell and asserts his authority immediately. Rey only has to get lose to turn the tables. Still Guerrero is quick and intellegent, he turns things around in moments but Rey is quicker - Eddie can't keep him down. Misterio takes control with a head scissors on the mat. He releases the hold and goes for a moonsault but gets caught. Eddie is in control again but not for long. Rey gets a desparation DDT then goes for the Hurracanranna but Eddie is ready for him. He catches Rey in mid-air then slams him. A Frog Splash gets Eddie the pin and the Title. Dean Malenko comes to the ring and faces Eddie down - then leaves. The message is clear. Cut to replay of the closing moments of the match then to commecial.

Nitro Party review then more nWo music. This time its the Macho Man and his ex.

Randy Savage (w/Liz) vs. Ray Traylor - the big guy dominates the early going and seems on the way to a major upset until Savage goes for his eyes. Now the Macho Man has a brief comeback but gets smashed again moments later. Savage is really taking it and Traylor knows how to dish it out. Liz finally turns the tables by grabbing Traylors leg as he mounts the turnbuckle. He topples to the mat where Savage quickly dispatches him with a slam and and elbow drop. Savage goes up and drops another elbow while Liz goes for some spraypaint. Savage goes up for a third assault but the referee is annoying him. Savage drops the third elbow then tosses the ref out of the ring. Liz comes in and paints Traylor's chest then Savage drops a fourth elbow. They leave the ring and we cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig vs. Diamond Dallas Page - US Title match - this is a rematch from the last PPV. Hennig is the more solid wrestler but DDP is rougher and tougher. He spits in his opponent's face early on. Hennig tries to tie him up but keeps getting punched in the mouth. DDP still has his ribs taped but it isn't slowing him down. He goes for a Diamond Cutter about half way through the match but Hennig has it scouted and escapes to the floor. DDP follows him out and gets trapped and creamed. Back in the ring Hennig is hard at work on the injured ribs for several moments. DDP is still in there but he is sinking fast. Hennig unwinds the protective bandage then slaps on an abdominal stretch. The referee discover him holding the top rope and upsets the hold.DDP comes back swinging and turns the tables. He is livid and hurting. He goes for a Diamond Cutter but gets caught in a jaw-breaker. Hennig is disqualified for attacking DDP with his title belt. He is distracted a moment by the ref and then tries to attack again but runs his face into a boot. He leaves and we can see that he is bleeding from the mouth as he retreats up the aisle. Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger - this match is a result of the interference of Flair in Luger's US Title match last week. The announcers are still hyping the possibility of a Sting/Hogan match later. Luger is just stupid enough to lose this seemingly lopsided match. Of course in the beginning he dominates the action with pure power. Flair tries to sucker punch him on the outside but he is having little effect. Back in the ring, Luger is back in control until Flair hits a low blow to turn the tables. He goes to work on the left leg where he is so very effective. It doesn't look good for Luger as the Nature Boy slaps on the Figure Four. Luger eventually turns it over and gets to the rope. The announcers are telling us that Sting still hasn't been heard from and that Hogan has a statement to make after this match. Flair continues to pound on the injured leg of his opponent. Luger reverses a suplex but can't follow up. Flair goes back to his chops and starts losing steam. Luger press-slams him and then goes to town. Flair is flung into the corner and comes back only to be caught in mid-air. Luger puts him down with a super-plex and prepares to rack him. Hennig comes running out right into Luger's arms. Luger neutralizes the US Champ then tosses him to the recovered Flair. Flair chases Hennig from the ring area as we cut to commercial.

nWo music plays and Hogan comes to the ring with Bischoff. Still no sign of Sting. They still look upset. Hogan calls Sting a coward and calls him to the ring again. No reply, although there are a lot of Sting masks in the crowd. Then Sting descends from the ceiling, bat in hand. He throws the bat away and faces Hogan down - Savage sneaks up from behind and we watch as the nWo strikes hard. Sting is being pummeled for the first time in over a year. The thugs hold him while Hogan drops his leg several times. Bischoff is calling the action sitting on a corner buckle. As they continue to torture Sting we fade to black

RAW Report

The suspense is killing me as I tune into RAW tonight. Live from Ottawa we kick off the program with an appearance by the new Champion. He has a new musical introduction and a new video on the TitanTron. Rick Rude comes down to do the honors. He paraphrases his own classic intro speech as he presents Shawn Michaels. The crowd chants "b*llsh*t!" as he concludes his rant. DX comes down and he's just so cool. Another current World Champion and his organization come to mind immediately. He says he is going to "unload" on everyone. He says he beat Bret Hart and now he is the Champ and he ran Bret "down south" (out of town?). He compares himself favorably to Hogan, Savage, Hart etc. (doesn't mention Sting...) and then says that Bret will have to face his (Shawn's) "friends" in the other promotion. He tells Rude that he plans to be a fighting champ.

At this point Ken Shamrock stomps down to the ring and climbs right in. Shawn stops him short and then offers him the mic. Shamrock is incensed as usual. He calls DX a "disgrace to the human race" and then lambasts Chynna for being a "woman or a man or whatever you are." He calls Rude an old man then says he plans to punch Michaels' lights out. Shawn takes the mic back and defends his henchmen (and woman). Sgt. Slaughter (or Slobber as Michaels refers to him) comes to the ring to tell Michaels that he has a match signed to face Ken Shamrock at the next PPV. Then he tells HHH that he will face Shamrock tonight and he (Slaughter) will be sitting ringside to make sure there is no hanky panky. He bans the rest of DX from the ringside area. Cut to commercial for the SS replay.

Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs. Ahmed Johnson - Johnson is the most "bull like" wrestler I can imagine. Mero just doesn't measure up at all. His new characterization is the worst thing Vinnie has done lately to anyone (with the possible exception of Bret Hart!) He uses his boxing prowess to down the bigger man but his time on top is short-lived. Johnson has him set up for the Pearl River Plunge when Mero stings him with his now-trademark low blow. This time the referee sees the move and disqualifies Mero immediately. This is making me sick...cut to commercial. Can anybody tell me that Mero is really better off in the WWF..?

Sunny sashays to the ring to be the guest ring announcer for this Light Heavyweight Title tournament match.

Taka Michinoku vs. Devon Storm - the latter attacks before the bell and thinks he has dumped Taka out of the ring. In fact Taka has landed on the apron and is back in the ring and all over Storm like a cheap suit. The match goes to the outside where Storm is apparently more comfortable - he takes control of the contest. Back in the ring he pummels his opponent then sets him up on the turnbuckle where Taka gets the best of him. Taka takes to the air and Devon loses ground but comes back with a pile-driver maneuver (similar to Taka's finisher). The match starts to see-saw with Taka steadily gaining. Lawlers little boy (Brian Christopher) who has been whining at people at the announcers' table, tries to interfere and succeeds in distracting Taka but can't prevent him from winning the match with his signature pile-driver suplex. Cut to a clip of Dustin telling Terry he's found "someone" then to commercial.

Jim Ross calls Goldust to the ring. As he did last night, Dustin is wearing black face paint and the letter F and U on either chin. His lips are red and he is wearing pendulous pearl ear rings. He rants against his old man then turns his venom on Marlena. JR starts to question him about his cowardly performance last night when Vader shows up. He gets in Dustin's face, talking about their past relationship as friends and enemies. They argue and then Vader grabs Goldust and powerbombs him with a vengence.

We go to the back where there has been an attack on somebody. Hawk Bradshaw (excuse me! Black Jack Bradshaw...this guy has too many names!) is freaking out so I guess it must be Windham who is down but we can't actually see who it is. Cut to commercial.

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The Truth Commission is in the ring as we return.

Recon/Sniper vs. The Headbangers - the DOA follow the Bangers down to the ring. Recon and Mosh start the contest. The Jackel is providing annoying commentary. In the ring both competitors have tagged in their partners. The TC tries to double team but the Bangers turn that around. The Jackel pops up onto the apron and gets knocked to the ground but he has done his job. The distracted Headbangers are caught off guard. Thrasher is beaten on by both of his opponents until he drops a low blow on Sniper. Recon can't quite prevent the tag and he faces a fresh Mosh. The Truthers try a doubleteam move but they do themselves in. Sniper is dumped to the outside. The Interregator starts to interfere and gets double drop-kicked - he is unphased but retreats. Recon gets pinned quickly then the I-Man comes in and devestates the Bangers. We cut to some live show promos then a peek into the DX dressing room before cutting to commercial.

We come back to stills from the IC Title match last night then the opening montage for the second hour. They have removed all of the Hitman's closeups from the clips shown. We see him in longshot and once from the back. Steve Austin is introduced by Michael Cole. JR mentions the Hart Foundation for the first time tonight (that I can recall). Steve says he's back - he says he sat on his a$$ for months, drinking beer, then walked right back in and took his Intercontinental Title back. The NOD music plays and Rocky Maivia appears on the platform to challange Austin for the belt. Austin answers with crude insults then grants the youngster a match saying "You don't suck because these people say you suck because Stone Cold said so, and that's the bottom line." (oooh...Rocky's eyes got big on that one!) Cut to commercial.

Los Borecuas are in the ring as JR interviews Steve Blackman. One of the busboys comes over to get in his face then Blackman is surrounded and beat on. He retreats to the ring and then fights the attackers one after another. He is going down when we switch to the back where Michael Cole is with BadAss Billy and Road Dog who are supposed to face the Black Jacks in a Bunkhouse match. Of course Windham is out of action so Bradshaw comes down to take the two on alone. Right away he has the glorified jobbers reeling. He's hitting them with anything he can get his hands on and seems to have the match in hand. With a chair in the ring Bradshaw positions Billy on the turnbuckle then gets bulldogged onto the chair. Both jobbers pile on to pin him. I have no idea what happened to Blackman. Cut to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett parades some more for the cameras. He spends the opening moments extolling his own virtues. He pledges to be the WWF Champ and claims to be "far superior" to Bret Hart (guess we'll never know will we..?) I thought we were going to hear something new but it is a repeat of the last interview I saw.

Tough Man Champion Butterbean is interviewed at ringside until Marc Mero comes down to butt in. He rants in the guy's face calling him a "nobody" as Butterbean maintains his cool. Mero finally lays hands on him which brings him around. Mero walks away as Butterbean whines at Cole.

Kama Mustapha vs. The Undertaker - what do you know - UT is back from vacation. I imagine Vince figured he needed Calloway tonight. UT comes on a little quicker than his usual plodding pace and overwhelms his opponent early on. Bouncing back out of the corner, Kama manages to turn the tables with a flurry of punches and kicks. JR is talking about Bret Hart's "last match in the WWF" - UT is taking the match when the lights go out. Kane appears on the platform with Paul Bearer who address UT as "Sunbeam". He says Kane won't attack UT yet - he wants to make his "brother" suffer first. Bearer finishies his spiel and the Undertaker tries to reason with his sibling - he puts Paul Bearer down as an "infectious disease" and appeals to the "something good left in you" then vows again never to fight with his brother. He threatens Paul as he concludes his speech. Uncle Paul calls down the fires of Hell on his one time protege. Cut to commercial.

Ken Shamrock vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Rude does his bit again to intro Hunter. JR invites him to get some new material. Hunter enters with all the DX in tow but Sgt. Slaughters meets them on the ramp and orders Michaels, Chynna and Rude back to the dressing room. Shamrock attacks on the bell and creams his opponent. Hunter tries to flee but is forced back to the ring by Shamrock. Shamrock is throwing devastating knees to Hunter's solar plexus. Back in the ring he ducks his head and gives Hunter his opening. Helmsley makes his comeback and then goes down to get into Slaughter's face. They are arguing as we cut to commercial.

Helmsley has a reverse chinlock as we return but he can't hold onto it. Shamrock escapes then gets kneed to the chest. Hunter dumps him out to the floor then goes out and rams him into the ring steps. He throws Shamrock back into the ring then goes back over to confront Slaughter again. Back in the ring he succombs temporarily to Shamrock's assault then takes control again. This time Shamrock hangs in there and regains the advantage. Rick Rude runs to the ring and starts to interfere but Slaughter stops him, Chynna and Michaels come down and, with Rude to run interference against Slaughter, Michaels gets into the ring and hits Shamrock with the briefcase before Shamrock can uncle his protege. Fade to black as the argument proceeds at ringside.

It would appear that the happenings last night were no work...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
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