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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Run, Blade Runner, Run: The Story Of Sting: Part 16

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

The World Titles: An Historic Perspective

by Matt Benaka

A Tribute to Bret Hart

by Matt Benaka

MidWeek Ramblings

Volume 3, Issue 241 - October 13, 1997

Run, Blade Runner, Run: The Story Of Sting

by Ervin Griffin Jr

Part16: November 20, 1995

The new dark Hulk Hogan, suspicious of Sting's connection to Lex Luger because of Luger's ties to the Dungeon Of Doom (Hogan's enemies), challenged Sting to a match on WCW Monday Nitro on November 20, 1995 (hence the name of this chapter).

For this chapter, I will focus on the match itself. I will also throw in some impressions that I had watching this match (I will mark them with this symbol (*)). I think it is also interesting to note that on this same date, Shawn Michaels collapsed on WWF RAW.

Anyway, Sting is coming down the isle and is entering the ring. One of the first things that I notice is that Sting, though wearing his scorpion logo and face paint, was wearing them in Hulk Hogan's colors (yellow and red)!!! *Insult city* Sting was standing in the ring waiting for Hogan to arrive. When he hears "American Made" *Ugh*, he assumes that Hogan is coming out but it is Randy Savage with his arm in a sling. Sting is confused at this point. Then from out of the crowd comes Hogan. He starts to cheap shot Sting but chooses not to. Instead, he spins Sting around for a staredown. As they jaw back and forth, Hogan cracks first and gives Sting a shove!!! *Don't shove him back Sting, just nail him!!* Sting responds by kicking Hogan and giving him a flurry of kicks and punches *Yes, Yes!!!* Hogan does make a small comeback by suplexing Sting on the floor!! *Ouch!!! A good move though*

When they return to the ring, the gameplans of both men become clear. Hogan just wants to overpower Sting while Sting is concentrating on Hogan's left knee for the "Scorpion Deathlock." Sting does get Hogan in the "Scorpion" but Hogan powers out of it!!! *Oh, sh#t!!! They're going to make Sting job to Hogan!!! Damn!!!* Hogan makes one of his "miraculous" comebacks and goes for the big leg!!! *Remember the Warrior Sting!!! (making reference to his old partner and what he did to beat Hogan)* Sting moves out the way *YES!!* and puts the "Scorpion" back on Hogan!!! Hogan, at this point, was crying like baby!!! *SCREAM, HOGAN, SCREAM!!!* His comments were "He's breaking my leg!!! He's breaking my leg!!!" I think Hogan was about to submit when the DOD came out and cause the end of the match.

Here I am thinking *Damn!!! Hogan got saved from jobbing again!!!* Now that I look back on it, I think this more than any other reason, is why Hogan is going to avoid Sting as long as he can.

Next: A Turbulent Marriage

Coming Soon: Diary Of A "HitMan"

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the Solie's web site.

The World Titles: An Historic Perspective

Part VI: Book of Lists

by Matt Benaka

This series has traced the lineage of the World Heavyweight Titles of WCW and WWF. Then, it looked at the different personalities to have worn the two titles. From there, it ranked those personalities based on the words World Heavyweight Champion. With all that having been said, it is time to conclude the series. Who has a stronger claim to the World Heavyweight Title? That is a matter of opinion. I feel that both promotions are worthy of having a World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone has their own opinion though. So, I will leave it to the readers to determine for themselves who has the strongest claim to the World Heavyweight Title.

In closing, I thank you all for reading as this series progressed. It has been a pleasure to write for Solie's Vintage Wrestling. I will end the series by merely providing a book of lists for both promotions, and a combined list. Enjoy.

Number of (W)WWF World Heavyweight Titles Held

Length of Time as (W)WWF Champion:

Number of WCW World Heavyweight Titles Held

Length of Time as Champion:

Number of (W)WWF & WCW World Heavyweight Titles Held

Length of Time as (W)WWF & WCW Champion:

Matt Benaka's Wrestling Title Histories are a permanent part of the Solie's web site.

A Tribute to Bret Hart

by Matt Benaka

The day was October 6, 1997. The scene was Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. The show was Monday Night Raw. We sat through several hours of matches. Many jobber matches for Shotgun Saturday Night. Many screw job endings. Our eyes burned from the smoke created by the pyrotechnics, but no one was leaving.

Bret Hart defended The WWF World Heavyweight Title against The Undertaker in the dark match main event. Neither of us ever liked the gimmick of The Undertaker and were rather disappointed to see him in the main event. None the less we watched on. The match went back and forth during the early moments.

Then, a fight broke out in the stands. Bret dropped the big man into a rest hold so they could both watch the fight that all our attention was drawn to. Even as the match continued, we still watched the continuing fight in the stands. Bret turned to the fans and screamed, "This is my match! Youre supposed to be watching me!" This drew our attention back to the ring and we were in awe as The Hitman carried The Undertaker through the best match on the card. His ability to draw fan reaction is a testament to his ability as a wrestler and an actor. He didnt allow us to forget that we were paying to see him, and we got our moneys worth.

I am trying to say, "Thank you Bret." I thought I would attend many more cards with you as The WWF World Heavyweight Champion. Now, I feel blessed to have seen the few live matches I did. Bret, you were and are a class act in the business. I regret the way Vince ended things, and hope that Eric doesn't misuse your talent.

I wish you the best of luck in WCW.

Mid-Week Ramblings

When Bret Hart failed to show up on RAW Monday night we knew that the ending of the Survivor Series Main Event had not been a work. It is clear that Hart was set-up for that loss. In fact we now hear that he, Vince and Shawn Michaels had gotten together before the match and agreed to a double-DQ ending. Vince then went to referee Earl Hebner and ordered him to end the match in Michaels' favor. Hebner is said to have refused until threatened with termination.

Such a scenerio argues that Shawn Michaels was unaware of Vince's machinations behind the scenes and explains the looks of confusion and anger that crossed his face as the match ended. There has been some speculation that HBK was aware of the the alteration - some are arguing that his speech the next evening proves that. I prefer to think (as much as I dislike Michaels) that he has more honor then that, and that his confusion and anger were real. I suppose we will never really know one way or the other.

If this situation is looked at from McMahon's perspective it becomes clear why he acted the way he did. Basically he was afraid that Bret would take off with the belt and go over to the competition as "the Real WWF Champion". And of course Vince would see it that way because that is exactly what Ric Flair did several years earlier with the Title belt that has now been spray-painted with the letter "nWo".

That says a lot about Vince's relationship with his wrestlers...not good things, by the way. My personal opinion is that Bret has always displayed a lot more class then that. I think Vince made a mistake, and I think he will pay for it over the next few years when wrestlers will find themselves unable to trust him.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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