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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Pro-Wrestlers vs. UFC

Dreamcard Results by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Good Bye Punk

by Len B

Rumor Wrap-Up

by John Armstrong

Forum Quips...

Volume 3, Issue 242 - November 16, 1997

Pro-Wrestlers vs. UFC

Dreamcard Results by Ervin Griffin Jr

Well, the votes are in and the winners are:

Royce Gracie defeats Bret Hart

In this one-sided affair, Royce Gracie defeated the "HitMan" by a 5-0 margin. Many that voted said that while Bret would provide a stiff challenge to Royce, Gracie is just too good in the octogon. Here are some thoughts:

Some fans were not as generous:

Dan Severn defeats Scott Steiner

By a 4-1 decision, Dan Severn downs his fellow Michigan. Many felt that Dan was just the superior wrestler while one felt that Scott's back problems would prevent him from being effective:

"Tank" Abbott defeats Vader

In a close bout, Abbott edged out Vader by a 3-2 decision. At least one reader, however, is not all that impressed by Abbott:

Masa Chono draws with Keith Hackney

In the first of two draws on the card, Masa Chono holds his own against Keith Hackney. One thought that Hackney would take it simply because of his track record against bigger men while another thought Chono's expertise at submission would give him the victory. In the possible tie breaker, one reader felt the two would go to a draw and since I don't count draws in the finally tabulation, I had no choice but to call this one a draw.

Dean Malenko defeats Oleg Taktarov

Don "The Predator" Frye defeats Chris Benoit

This one was by a 4-1 decision in favor of Frye. Most felt that Benoit, while giving Don a tough match, would eventually fall to the "Predator":

Even Solie's own Garland Chan joined in the act here:

Marco Ruas draws with Steve "Dr. Death" Williams

This is another one that people either didn't have insight into or just felt that it was too close. The two readers that did vote on this match were split 1-1 making this match a draw. Personally, I think Ruas would end up winning over Williams but since I am not putting my vote in this, I am calling this one as I see it.

Paul Varlens downs Scott Norton

In another battle of the big men, Paul Varlens drops a member of the NWO by a 3-1 decision. One reader felt it was too close to call. I have to go along with the general feeling that while Norton is big and powerful, he would be in trouble if the match went to the mat. One reader, however, had a different view on it:

So, the score reads like this. UFC with 5 wins, Pro Wrestling with 1 win and 2 draws in two of the bouts. Well, it has been interesting to say the least. I like having the readers vote and will do more dream cards where the readers vote.

Next Dream Card: Out Of Time '97

Still Playing: Run, Blade Runner, Run: The Story Of Sting

Coming Soon: Diary Of A "HitMan"

If you have any added imput to this dream card or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at Even though the voting for this one is over, I still would like to hear your opinions on this if you choose to do so.

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the Solie's web site.

Good Bye Punk

by Len B

And now for a decidedly different take on the Bret Hart/WWF situation...

I've had some time to digest Bret Hart's exit from the World Wrestling Federation. There is no doubt that the whole process was carried out in very shoddy manner. Much of the blame has been thrown the way of Vince McMahon, Jr.. Well, Vince is any easy target. It's also true that he could have handled the situation in a manner which would have let Hart exit the WWF with a little more dignity. However, the lack of dignity of which Hart left the WWF can be just as easily be traced right back to Calgary's favorite son, Bret Hart.

When Bret Hart joined the WWF, he was nothing but a scrawny jobber. However, he was a good jobber and a good company man. There is no doubt the young man paid his dues. He was teamed with Jim Neidhardt and tasted his first success in the WWF as part of a rising heal tag team - The Hart Foundation. Bret worked on his mic skills; and, to his own credit, came into his own in the WWF to fill a huge void left by the departure of Hulk Hogan. The promoter and wrestler both profited greatly through the promotion of this man as the champion of WWF's New Generation. Yes, Bret Hart became big.

Bret knew his skills and persona were big enough for him to be in demand by the competition. He has always lacked a certain amount of humility. This man had himself believing his own tag line - "The Best There is....." He may have been obsessed with being the WWF champ and actually believed that being champ was his birthright. His disdain for Shawn Michaels was actually kind of amusing. Shawn's another easy target. Yeah, he probably deserves to be an easy target too. He can act like a bit of a jerk himself. However, the man who goes by the name of HBK is very talented. Bret did not enjoy HBK's first title reign from the sidelines. It was very convenient for him that his last contract expired. He was holding four aces in his hand when he negotiated a new contract with McMahon. WCW had taken over the television ratings and Vince couldn't afford to lose his star. So, Vince opened up his vault to Hart and offered him a contract which was no doubt more than Calgary's favorite son was worth. Reports had this contract being in the neighborhood of $20 million. Hart would have to been an idiot not to sign such a deal .

Since Hart's deal didn't make good business sense to McMahon, he asked out of the contract. That's a business decision. Hart agreed to cut the deal short. That's a business decision on his part. Part of the business end for wrestlers is to play the part they are given by the creative people in wrestling. It is the promoter's job to promote the product he will be selling to the public. One of those products is the myth of a wrestling world championship. When your champion is going to leave, you should not promote him. That's bad business. When McMahon got wind that his rival promotion could announce they had signed his champ, he made a business decision. However, Bret Hart somehow thinks he is entitled to be champ or to go out in a better way. Business circumstances dictated otherwise.

Bret's reaction to these business decisions was childish and criminal. McMahon did nothing illegal. He was protecting his business interests. Whether or not you like the way he does so is not important. It's his business and he is free to carry on with it as he wishes. The reports I have heard indicate that Hart committed assault and battery on McMahon in spitting on him and punching in the face a few times. Bret Hart has truly demonstrated to me what kind of person he really is. Sometimes we learn the most about people when we see how they react to adversity. Bret Hart stepped over that thin blue line. Yes, he acted like a true punk rather than a professional. People used to complain about this man whining too much. I'm complaining about criminal behavior from a true punk who thinks the world owes him something.

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Len B is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular contributor both to the Newsletter and the Solie's Readers' Forum where he goes under the alias "Blasse".

Rumor Wrap-Up

by John Armstrong

Flair to WWF?

It's been talked about for about a month now. The question is, "Will Ric Flair go to the WWF when his contract is up?" It's a big question, especially for the WWF fans. If Vince could sign someone the caliber of the Nature Boy away from WCW it would certain be a feather in his cap, so to speak. Over the last year and a half now, things have not gone well for the WWF. The addition of Flair would not only be a big addition to WWF, but a big blow to WCW. I know Flair's old and can't work a match nearly like he once could, but he's Ric Flair for pete's sake. He's still the best microphone worker in pro wrestling, and he still gets a bigger crowd reaction than most, if not all, other wrestlers. Now, will Flair go? Up until a week ago, I was saying "yes, he's gone." The WWF has been courting him hard, praising him on RIW while downing all other WCW wrestlers, and giving him a huge color picture in the latest RAW Magazine. Not to mention the raw deal Flair has been handed since Hogan arrived in the WCW in 1994. Think about it - since Hogan showed up, how many World Title reigns has Flair had? One. And he beat Randy Savage for it. His only other title reign was a US Title reign. Kind of below a 13-time World Champion, don't you think? Can you see Hogan's ego allowing him to be holding any less than the World title? On the flip side, I would imagine he'd be guaranteed probably two World Title reigns if he jumped to the WWF. Flair has every reason to jump ship to the WWF.

But I don't think he will.

Some sheets were reporting that Terry Taylor said (to paraphrase) if Flair was going to leave, we'd see less of him on TV. Well, he's not only been on Nitro the last two weeks, he's wrestled on Nitro. (For the record...I'll be at Nitro in Memphis next week, and I'm sure with my luck he won't wrestle). Word around the 'net is that he may have signed an extension (or been promised a new contract) that has him "back in the ball game" to use a Flair quote. My feeling right now is that he's going to stay put. I would imagine that if he stays, we'll not only see him back in the World Title picture, but we'll also see a reunion of the Horsemen.

John Armstrong Personnel Director for Coleman-Taylor Transmission Company out of Memphis, TN. He first became a wrestling fan when I was 8 years old, watching Georgia Championship Wrestling with his father. This was also his first introduction to the legend himself, Gordon Solie. John says "I mainly enjoy wrestling because of the humor involved - but it's also a darn good soap opera, too!"

Forum Quips...

For quite some time it has been apparent to me that we have some very talented writers visiting the Readers' Forum on a regular basis. In fact, many of the best articles I publish are sent to me by folks who frequent the discussion groups, so I decided to collect some of them from time to time and present them here.

It is only fitting that I inaugurate this new feature with a post from the irrrepressable "Wild Bill Rawlings"

Wild Bill

Nov 14, 1997 19:33

After this last week's RAW, it's apparent Vince doesn't have a deep enough talent roster to contend with Nitro, so he's back to resorting to gimmicks. Ryder's is reporting that the theme for RAW this week will be "Why, Bret, Why?"...Why, Vince, WHY? And HOW, VINCE, HOW since the RAW matches have already been taped??? Boy oh boy, I bet you WWF fans can't wait to hear Vince's side of the story can ya?? But, first you'll have to suffer through a Los Boringustotears vs Godwins match, where they'll introduce their latest addition, Granny Godwin!! (Sorry, that was's just that I saw the Beverly Hillbillies episode with Granny vs Mike Mazurski on TV recently and it stuck in my mind!! :) ) Then Vince will take the microphone in his trembling hands and through his swollen jaw will profess his innocence...his undying respect for Bret...and his hurt feelings about being made out to be the bad guy (sorry Scott Hall) in this fiasco! Can't you just hear it now..."Bret sold out his legions of fans for a few dollars more (sorry Clint)...we gave him the best years of our lives and he tossed us out like yesterdays garbage (sorry stomach!!) Get the Pepto ready guys...gonna be a LONG RAW this week! Wild Bill to the Sidelines...for now!!

That's it for this issue. I'll be back tomorrow night with the Monday Night Wars Edition. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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