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WWF House Show Report by "Wild Bill" Rawlings

Run, Blade Runner, Run:
The Story Of Sting: Part 19

by Ervin Griffin Jr.


humor from Miss Pamela

Volume 3, Issue 246 - November 24, 1997

Nitro Report

Live from Saginaw, Michigan

The nWo are gathered in the hospitality area - they troupe out to the arena en masse. The nWo music plays as they appear on the ramp. Rude is with them and Scott Hall but no Kevin Nash. Hogan poses with a "Bischoff Owns Vince" sign. Eric has the mic and says they have business to attend to. He introduces Curt Hennig - who shows his belt - then congratulates Hall on his win at WWIII. Hall gets the crowd to chant "nWo". Hogan takes the mic and rants about how "sweet" he feels tonight. He puts out a challange to "anyone" for the World Title. The Giant appears on the ramp and accepts the challange, JJ Dillon is standing by to say that the Giant can't wrestle with his injured hand. The Giant says he'll sign a waver to wrestle and JJ agrees. The match is made!

The announcers are hyping the big main event as we return. Legendary Larry is back from his punk job and as feisty as ever.

Disorderly Conduct vs. The Steiner Brothers - this one is a foregone conclusion. The Steiner's opponents look strong but there is just no contest here. DC put up a good fight but their tag team coordination is second rate. The Steiner bulldog from the top ends this extended squash. Cut to commercial. The announcers are heavily hyping the Hogan/Giant main event again.

Nitro Grrrls cavort as Tony promos some local cards. One girl does somersaults off the top turnbuckles. Forward then Backwards. They should do an angle with two of the Nitro Grrrrls getting into a feud - settle it with a match (or maybe a dance-off...)

Meng Mean Gene with JJ Dillon aproach Raven at ringside with questions about whether or not he intends to sign a contract with WCW. Scotty Riggs shows up and joins the Flock as Raven stands by. Raven says he has signed the contract but will only appear under his own conditions, sit where he wants, wrestle when he wants and the way he wants (no DQ). The announcers are making a big deal about Riggs' presence next to Raven - Riggs looks properly mesmerized and brutish in his black eye patch.

Chris Benoit vs. Sickboy - this was supposed to be Raven's match but he designated the youngster to be his substitute. The kid doesn't wrestle very well but he has incredible flying talent. He scores with a couple of major shots and then Benoit makes mincemeat out of him. They tumble out to the floor and the new (unnamed) blonde member of what they are now calling "the Nest" decides to interfere. Benoit manages to get it back into the ring and takes control but then "the Nest" swarms and Benoit is creamed. Tony calls the group "the Flock" again at the end as we cut to commercial.

The nWo puts on a humiliating video which spurs Legendary Larry to come to the ring and issue his challange to Scott Hall once again. A flurry of leaflets depicting Bischoff, posing over Larry Z's corpulent carcass descends from the ceiling as Larry shouts his threats toward Hall. Larry says he isn't leaving until Hall comes down. Eric Bischoff comes down to the foot of the ramp and addresses Mr. Z. He insultingly declines the challange on behalf of his client - repeating the canard that he (Bischoff) could beat Larry. Larry responds predictably, the security guys get between them, and somehow Larry gets Bischoff to agree to a match. We cut to commercial as they continue to trade insults.

Nitro Grrrls on the platform. Yeah, they could have one accidently knock another off the platform and start a fight...hmmmm

Prince Iukea vs. Alex Wright (w/Debra) - I don't see much of a contest here. Wright is bigger, more experienced, much more aggressive, a better wrestler. Naturally, the Prince dominates the early going by staying in motion but eventually Wright grounds him and knows how to hold the advantage. He starts to take over but now his manager is up on the apron and is distracting him. Debra's dress is caught on the middle turnbuckle and its simply more important to her than the match. They argue, he gets surprised and pinned. After the match he fires her! She looks disbelieving as we cut to commercial.

Disco Inferno vs. Randy Savage - I suspect they may let Disco surprise us tonight. Not that he is likely to win the match - but he'll give a good account of himself. Savage shows contempt for his opponent early on. The fight goes out to the floor immediately and Liz shows a new side by shoving Disco into the ringpost face first. Savage lives up to his name as he works over Disco around the ring area and then tosses him back into the ring.The Macho Man makes short work of his opponent despite my prediction :-) - polishing him off with the big elbow. He delivers two more elbows, then attacks and tosses the referee out! Liz spray-paints Disco's chest then Savage drops another big elbow. Cut to commercial.

We return for home video of a fan's Nitro Party.

Brad Armstrong vs. Dean Malenko - this could be good. Armstrong is a fine wrestler and we know what Malenko can do. Brad has softened his character somewhat lately - he still looks menacing but doesn't seem to take himself so seriously. There is a desultory "boring" chant as the match gets underway but it subsides quickly. Armstrong is doing well for himself in the ring - using his swinging neck breaker to good advantage. Malenko pops up suddenly with a side kick to the head and assumes command of the match. Brad stays in it and tries to set up his Russian leg sweep but fails. The have a good see-saw match for a few minutes and then Malenko grabs onto his Texas Cloverleaf to get the win.

Mean Gene w/Steve McMichael - Mongo thoroughly enjoyed the scene with Wright and Debra earlier and says so. Debra crashes the interview and tries to talk Mongo into working with her. She says she would do anything to be back with him. He repeats that line twice and then tells her to take a hike... cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls again...Kimberly has opted for the lead position in this one.

Buff Bagwell vs. Chris Jericho - Jericho seemingly has a heart-attack as the pyrotecnics go off behind him, but recovers. Bagwell always starts with some poses. Then he outmaneuvers his opponent in the first two exchanges. We expect Jericho to come right back but instead Bagwell holds the advantage for a while. Jericho slips aside on a whip and comes back with an airborn assault. The fight goes to the floor where Jericho shows more then usual aggression. Back in the ring he is still dominent until Bagwell suckers him into position for a hang-up on the top rope. Now Bagwell is back and showing some aggression of his own. He settles into a standing reverse chinlock. Jericho escapes and Bagwell goes to argue with the referee. Bagwell is blindsided - Jericho is on a tear again until he runs into an upraised boot in the corner. Bagwell gets the pin after a modified power-slam. Cut to commercial.

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Video stills of the Flair/Hennig match last night. Actually that was one of Flair's better matches lately. He looked a little more fit then he was a month ago.

Curt Hennig vs. Ray Traylor - US Title match - Hennig wisely bails as Traylor invades the ring. He lingers on the outside and gets distracted by a fan Traylor assaults him on the floor and uses the ringsteps as a weapon before tossing the Champ back into the ring. Hennig rolls out immediately and Traylor has to go back out and get him. They return to the ring and Hennig retakes the initiative. He pulls out all the stops, gouging Ray's face. Traylor is tough but Hennig is having his way for the most part. Traylor turns things around briefly then misses a splash. Hennig is relentless but Traylor keeps upsetting his plans. Traylor gets a burst of offense and actually has his man ready to pin when Scott Hall flies into the ring. As Traylor fights him off the rest of the thugs swarm over him. Liz does the honors again with the paint can. They try to use a Pilot marker on him but can't get it to work on his skin. Cut to commercial.

More stills from last night.

The Giant vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan - World Title Match - the Giant's right arm is heavily casted - he enters to utter silence (and crowd noise). Hogan comes out with Vincent and lip-synchs the Jimi Hendrix lyrics as he struts to the ring. Vincent complains to the referee about the cast and so the Giant uses it on him! Hogan takes advantage of the distraction and beats his opponent down. Bischoff and Rick Rude take over the broadcast booth and eject the announcers. In the ring Hogan starts out by attacking the injured limb. The fight goes to the floor where Hogan continues his assault. Back inside Hogan is getting a little more resistance. The Giant is starting to assert himself but he can't keep from using the right hand and keeps hurting himself. He actually manages a chokeslam then Nash in his Sting get-up comes down and interferes. Nash attacks the Giant's hand and eventually breaks most of the cast off. The entire nWo is now in the ring but they are not attacking. Hogan is helped up. Then a Sting dummy descends from the rafters and crashes through the mat! They take turns bashing the still showing head of the dummy then haul him up so Hogan can confront him. Hogan crawls over and rants into the camera as we fade to black.

RAW Report

Live from Fayetteville - so says Jim Ross - Rick Rude's old Stripper theme plays and Harvey Wippleman comes to the ring in a double-breasted grey suit with a silver briefcase. He stands in the ring and delivers a passable imitation of Rude's classic entrance speech. Degeneration X makes the scene and Shawn waits for the crowd to calm down. He then shoves Harvey aside and starts to rant about the controversial ending of the Title match at Survivor Series. The crowd is chanting "you suck! you suck!" - then Shawn says that he doesn't like the way he won the title and reveals that Bret is still under contract to the WWF. He says that Bret "deserved better" and the fans as well. He then claims that he and Bret have come to a private agreement to settle it all tonight. He offers Bret Hart a "handshake or a fight". He seems pretty confident that Bret will show. Well...nobody's changing the channel tonight... the Road Warriors are played to the ring and then we cut to commercial.

I did hear stories today about a match between Michaels and Hart being advertised for tonight in some TV markets. But I don't believe it will happen. Think "Diesel and Razor"...

Road Warriors vs. BaddAss Billy and the Road Dog - the LOD start things early when their opponents are stupid enough to wear some of their stolen ring attire to the ring. These clowns have been getting some surprise wins lately but I can't see it in this match. It is a familiar scene in the ring. The LOD have been beating up on those Armstrong boys for years... Then Animal runs himself into the ringpost and the whole complexion changes. The miscreants are taking over as we cut to commercial.

The Road Warriors are about to turn the tables as we return but the beleagured Hawk is waylaid before he can tag out. He is punished some more then manages to tag in the Animal. Animal cleans house and then Billy is double teamed and set up for the Doomsday Device - but now Road Dog has a chair in the ring. He clobbers Animal then distracts Hawk out of the ring while Billy gets the pin by a second referee. Wrong again... The Glorified Jobbers are the new Tag Champs (and we thought the WCW TV belt had been devalued...), run right out of the arena, jumped in a car and speed away! Mercifully...cut to commercial.

We are shown the limo that the new tag champs almost crashed into. The announcers speculate that it contains Bret Hart.

Goldust is wheeled to the ring in a wheelchair as his latest antics are reviewed. He claims to be a quadraplegic! He asks his "nurse" to rub alcohol on his shoulders. Vader shows up and issues a threat then attacks. The "nurse" throws alcohol in Vader's eyes as Goldust comes out of the chair and attacks as well. The "nurse" removes her mask and reveals herself as Luna Vachon... they trash Vader then leave together. They show us the limo again. Cut to commercial. Big disappointment there...who wants to see Luna? But then...who cares about Vader..?

More limo - cut to Degeneration X attacking Sgt. Slaughter then some clips of some of his matches. Mike Cole introduces Slaughter up on the platform. Slaughter warns Helmsley and Degeneration X not to take him lightly. He puts on his Marine hat on and rants about what a tough guy he is. He mentions his various holds and moves. Mike tries to say something but Slaughter shuts him up. He then announces that the match with HHH will be a "bootcamp match". He predicts dire consequences for his young opponent.

Brian Christopher (w/his dad) vs. Flanagan - the latter throws a suicide dive before Christopher can get into the ring. They fight back inside then Lawler grabs hold of Flanagan's leg as he stands on the apron. Christopher sunset flips his opponent to the floor! Back in the ring it's all downhill for Flanagan. After one or two false starts Christopher hits his stride and puts his man away with a leg drop from the top.

JR is still hyping the pending arrival of Bret Hart. He also mentions that there is some mystery about why Vince McMahon isn't on the program tonight. He promises Bret Hart again (next!) then they cut to commercial. Remember - we've already seen "Ravishing Rick Wippleman" tonight...

They start the second hour a few minutes early then the DX video and music play and the DX Boys (and girl) head for the ring. HHH has the mic and uses his time to try and intimidate Sgt. Slaughter - he says Slaughter can have any kind of match he wants. Then he makes an exceedingly crude suggestion to all the soldiers at Fort Bragg. Shawn introduces Bret Hart - the Hitman's music plays and a one of the mini's in a Bret Hart mask comes down. Of silly of me to think that Vince wouldn't disappoint us...

They re-enact the ending of the Survivor Series Main Event with their own spin on it. Very stupid stuff...the little person walks away with a WCW sign on his butt. Jim Neidhart appears on the ramp and threatens Michaels as the sole remaining Hart Foundation member. Shawn replies with an offer of a Title shot! He says Neidhart was the real force in the Hart Foundation and tries to butter him up. Shawn prompts Neidhart to recount where each of the Hart family members are currently. He says Davy Boy is having surgery, Owen is distraught over Bret's situation etc. Michaels then offers Neidhart membership in DX! Neidhart turns and leaves to ponder his answer and we go to commercial.

Michaels vs. Vader is announced for later. We see Steve Austin on his dinner date with a contest winner. Next up is a video on Butterbean. He is shown devastating his opponents

Savio Vega vs. Ken Shamrock - Savio attacks from behind before Shamrock can get his robe off. But Shamrock comes right back and has an ankle submission in no time. Savio grabs the ropes to escape. The match is fought pretty evenly until they tumble outside. Savio distracts the referee while Miguel Perez does a number on Shamrock who is still out on the floor. Savio snatches the initiative and goes to work. He holds all the cards until Shamrock gets his knees between them. Shamrock gets a powerslam then a hurrancanranna. Perez tries to enter the ring but is repelled. Shamrock slaps on his ankle hold. Savio taps out. Stone Cold pulls up outside in a stock car or something. Cut to commercial.

NOD comes down - Maivia is still carrying the IC Belt. Rocky snatches the mic from Mike Cole - he claims to be the "eople's Champion" - his mic keeps cutting out on him. Suddenly, as he drones on, "Rocky Sucks" flashes on the TitanTron. The lights are going out on him as well. The NOD leave Rocky to investigate - we see that Steve Austin is in the control room playing with the settings. The lights dim way down then Austin appears in the ring behind Rocky! Rocky's beeper goes off and it must say "3:16" because his eyes go wide just before Stone Cold beats on him then chases him from the ring. Rocky still manages to retain the title belt. Austin climbs onto the broadcast table to shout his rejoinder. Sorry, I liked it better when he was the one running in and doing dasterdly things...cut to commercial.

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Crush vs. Jeff Jarrett - Jarrett wears a ridiculous outfit as he waits to go on. He complains about his accomodations, his opponent, the lack of Evian Water. He refuses to go on! Crush wins by forfeit. Then the lights go out. Kane makes his usual dramatic entrance with Paul Bearer and advances toward the ring where Crush waits. The DOA founder attacks first but can't seem to make an impression. Kane chokeslams him. The rest of DOA arrive to remove their friend. Jack Brisco takes a bump as well for bumping into Kane. We see Neidhart backstage ruminating over his choice with a lot of beard stroking... we can practically see the gears turning... Cut to commercial.

Vader vs. Shawn Michaels - non-Title match - Vader has his left eye bandaged from the earlier attack. Michaels pauses on the platform and introduces Jim Neihdhart as the newest member of his gang. They go to the ring and arrive just before we cut to commercial.

The match is on as we return. They are duking it out then Vader takes the helm. Michaels tries a sunset flip and gets sat on hard. Michaels is reeling but can't be pinned yet. Vader is thrown out and Neidhart seals his bargain by attacking the big guy. Back in the ring the match is all Vader. He is going for his Vader Bomb when HHH throws hot coffee in his face. He is pinned. Neidhart poses with his new "pals" who then turn and punk him out!! Where is Ed Leslie when you need him...?

Shawn does his Psycho Sid impression ("DX rules the world...") Neidhart's body still lies in the ring as the DX'rs do their pose thing. Fade to black.

Check out this Interview with Arn Anderson


Hampton, VA, WWF House Show Report

by "Wild Bill" Rawlings

A father is lucky if he can share a sport, a passion, in his son's life as he grows up. For me and my father, it was wrestling...and in the early seventies, it was at the local arena where he and I attended several house shows. The old NWA ruled this territory, and that organization up north, the WWWF had better not cross over the state line in Virginia!

Things change...professional wrestling found itself replaced by other priorities....girls, cars, girls, graduating high school...oh, and girls! Not exactly something you share with your father. And so, as the NWA faded from view, so did those times of the smoke filled Hampton Coliseum, enjoying a 60 minute match between Dory Funk Jr. and Johnny Weaver with my dad!

Fast forward to today...with access to the Internet rekindling my interest in wrestling, a house show was held at that same arena, probably the first in many years. This time, however, the WWF came to town...and the town came to the WWF!

A near capacity audience, somewhere between 12,000 and 14,000 fans, arrived over two hours early to try and catch a passing glimpse of their favorite WWF wrestler and/or personality. There were already plenty of Stone Cold T-shirts around, with a few Mankind and Shawn Michaels thrown in for good measure. Of course, NWO and WCW T-shirts could be found...why, I even saw two EC F'N W T-shirts!

The card itself was a mixed bag of matches...some good, some not so good, some not at all! The first match of the night pitted Taka Michinaku against Brian Christopher. Brian drew some pretty good heat and defeated Taka in about 12 minutes with a power bomb. This was the third best match of the night in my opinion.

Then things went down hill for awhile. The next match was D-Lo Brown of NOD against Mark Henry. The power lifter used very few wrestling holds, relying instead on power and eventually winning a 10 minute match with a power slam.

DOA vs Los Boriquas was next. A rather uneventful match, ending at the 15 minute mark with Savio being rolled up for the 1..2..3. DOA received some pretty good pops from the crowd, and the "shave your back" chants at Miguel were hilarious!

Kane vs Vader. On paper this ought to be good. However, the best part of the match happened BEFORE the bell rung. Paul Bearer grabbed the microphone from the ring announcer and bellowed, "Don't call me FATTY!"....Gee, I wonder what the crowd started to chant at that point? Next, when he arrived at ringside, Vader grabbed the microphone and said "What the hell you looking at Shamu?", directed at the calorically challenged Paul Bearer! A very short, 7 minute match, ending with Kane hitting a tombstone on Vader. I really feel badly for Leon he's jobbing to a former wrestling dentist five days a week!

Rocky Maivia vs Dude Love. Since I read a report from the Greensboro card held the previous night, I had a good idea where this match was going to head from the get go. The entire NOD came out, to more heat, and told Dude he's outnumbered four to one.

The ring announcer then informed the crowd that Stone Cold Steve Austin will be in the corner of Dude Love! Of course, the fans ate it up, but as I watched Austin come to the ring, it appeared he is still weakened by his bad neck. It should have been evident that his involvement would be minimal at best.

A no DQ match, all hell breaks loose early! Austin goes back behind the curtain and comes out with a garbage can full of suitable objects for such a match. The one that got the most cheers was a "C" clamp, which was applied to his groin, without too much concern to Maivia's personal discomfort! Peter's pain was increased when Kama tightened it, instead of loosening it...obviously, not remembering the age old adage of clockwise on, counter off!! Hilarious action!

Another funny thing was that Foley was wearing Dude Love pants, some kind of white Cactus Jack T-shirt (unlike any I have ever seen before), and Austin threw him his hand puppet for the mandible claw, which was applied to Maivia!! This guy could get group discounts for psycho therapy!

As the other members of NOD concentrate on Love, Stone Cold takes the opportunity to apply a stunner to Maivia, and Dude covers him for the win! As the music plays, Love climbs into the garbage can on wheels and exits via Austin power. This was a good match before intermission, and the fans seem pleased with the show so far.

After intermission, the next match is "Marvelous" Mark Mero vs Flash Funk. I wonder if Marvin Hagler might be Mero's next opponent? This match was not very spectacular, with Funk missing some spots. Mero got the victory in about 14 minutes with the TKO. A personal note, Mero doesn't appear to do the diamond cutter well. Maybe he should stop putting the guy up on his shoulders first, and apply it like DDP does.

Supposedly the next match was to pit Ken Shamrock against Jim Neidhart. The announcer reads a statement that due to travel problems, the Anvil did not make the show (somehow I doubt that...I haven't heard that he has wrestled since the Hart incident). Oh oh, NOD music...again. Kama challenges Shamrock, but the match doesn't even last long enough for the rest of NOD to make it back to the locker room, as Shamrock wins with a belly to belly suplex in less than 15 seconds! A great disappointment personally because I wanted to see what this Ultimate Fighter could do in person.

The next to last match was very puzzling. The Legion of Doom, Hawk and Animal, defended their tag team belts against BA Billy Gunn and Road Kill. The reason this match was puzzling is that at one point, Gunn's shoulders were down and the referee counted 1...2..and stopped. However, Gunn hadn't moved, and should have lost! Then the next time he was in a pinning position, the referee counted the 1..2..3, but this time his shoulder DID come up before three! It looked like a Hebner, it smelled like a Hebner....and I think the rumored heel turn for the "evil" Earl (as opposed to Solie's own "good" Earl) is on schedule! The fans, however, didn't seem to appreciate the semi-screwjob ending...neither did Hawk and Animal!!

The last, and best match, was a casket match between the Undertaker and Hunter Hearst Helmsley, with Shawn Michaels and Chyna at ring side. A friend of mine had prepared a sign that read "Chyna Fears Estrogen" and got a good reaction from Michaels and HHH when they saw it! It quickly became a three on one effort for most of the match, with the Undertaker being placed in the coffin on at least three different occasions...yet they couldn't close the lid on the man from the dark side!

Despite the constant groin chops, Degeneration X worked the crowd well! The finale sent everybody home happy as the Undertaker closed the lid, not only on HHH, but on HBK...AND Chyna as well!! Three in a casket is a little kinky to me, but it worked for the thousands of fans in attendance!

After the match was over, and the idiots who wanted to get in the traffic jam first had started filing out, the three members of DX, in true Three Stooges fashion, came out of the casket into the ring, and fell all over each other. The remaining fans enjoyed this camp routine, proving that wrestling doesn't have to have serious societal issues to provide entertainment....slapstick can work just as well sometimes!

All in all, a mixed bag. A decent effort for the first time in the arena (at least to my knowledge, it is the first time the WWF has been to Hampton). The fans left happy and would probably return to enjoy another WWF show in the future.

For me, however, once was probably enough. Although I felt like the card was well worth my time and money, it was also a little depressing. I went home and told my father about the card, however, he really doesn't keep up with the WWF, especially with all the negative story lines over the last six months. I do tape the best matches from Nitro for him to watch...but even that is not the same.

Nothing will replace those memories of attending the house shows with my father in my youth...and I know I'll never enjoy his company at another one. You CAN go home again, as I found, but that doesn't necessarily translate into FEELING like you're home again. It was the same Hampton Coliseum of my youth...however, without my father, and Dory and Johnny, it just wasn't the same!

Wild Bill to the Sidelines...for now!!

"Wild Bill" Rawlings is a long time friend of Solie's and an occasional contributer to the Newsletter. He also helps enliven the Readers' Forum on a regular basis.

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Run, Blade Runner, Run: The Story Of Sting

Part 19: Book of Lists

Sting has been around this sport since November 1985 and has collected quite a scrapbook. Here are some lists that I have made up on him:


GREATEST MATCHES (Bear in mind that some of these matches "The Stinger" didn't win but turned in a good performance nonetheless)

TITLES AND AWARDS HELD (Sting has held a host of titles and awards. Here is the list.)





If you have a question, comment, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the Solie's web site.

Here's a piece sent to us by our friend Miss Pamela:

From "RINGSIDE with Miss Pamela", OE #122, 11/22/97:

Finally, Miss Pamela's been somewhat overwhelmed by all the heavy stuff that's gone down these past few months that have left her and millions of others concerned over the fate of pro wrestling at the hands of Turner & McMahon. But then, a funny thought struck me, and I decided to run with it. We don't yet know what the future of Titan Sports and the WWF will be. I don't like Vince McMahon very well, but I do like and wish the best for many of the great WWF wrestlers! The same for Turner and WCW.

But while we'll have to wait and see if WWF fails because McMahon & Co. have been poor businessmen, I got to thinking: if some of the wrestlers decided to get out of it altogether and start their own businesses, which ones would THEY likely fail at? Some do have business interests outside of pro wrestling -- Sting and Lex Luger own a couple of gymnasiums, I believe, and have been successful. But what about other scenarios? So with that in mind, here's a light-hearted look at:


�1997, Miss Pamela's Ringside Seat, All Rights Reserved.

Miss Pamela runs the SfWo - Stingfans Without order web site.

That's it for this issue. I'll be back with the Mid-Week Edition on Thursday. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

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