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Diary of a "Hitman": Part 1

Out Of Time '97: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Thanksgiving Ramblings...

Volume 3, Issue 247 - November 27, 1997

Out Of Time '97: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!

by Ervin Griffin Jr

Hello, readers!!! The results for "Out Of Time '97" will be released verrrrry soon. For now, here is my own take on the matches and how I envisioned them ending. Now, this is an edited version of this article (out of respect for the page). If you wish to see the uncensored version of this article (which is a hell of a lot more uncensored than a WCW Uncensored!!), see the e-mail address below. Here we go:

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. Ron "Hands Of Stone" Garvin (1986)(Steel Cage Match)

At about the 20 minute mark, Garvin goes for his "knockout punch" but Austin moves out of the way and Garvin hits nothing but steel fence!! As Garvin moans in pain, Austin gets a running start and kicks Garvin and puts "The Stone Cold Stunner" on him!!! Austin then quickly takes the pin and, afterwards, stomps repeatedly on Garvin's right hand until it is severely damaged!!! Austin then grabs the mic as he is leaving and says, "Austin 3:16 just took the damn 'Hands Of Stone' and reduced them to damn powder!!! Your a** just got kicked by the #1 hell-raiser in wrestling and that's the bottom line, cuz 'Stone Cold' said so!!!"

Bret "HitMan" Hart VS. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (1985)(NWA World Heavyweight Title VS. WWF World Heavyweight Title "I Quit" Match)

After about 70 minutes, both men are fatigued but will not surrender. Bret goes for a bodyslam but Flair reverses out of it and stuns the crowd by executing a "Dragon Sleeper"!!! Bret is struggling to make it to the ropes as his neck and left shoulder is being wrenched!!! Bret manages to get his right foot on the bottom rope!!! Flair lets out a 'whoo' and continues his attack by taking a page out of Bret's playbook by putting a cross-face chicken wing armlock on Bret around the ring post!!! Flair, however, makes the mistake of not protecting his head. Bret reaches back with his free hand and rams Flair's head into the ring post, thus breaking the hold and busting Flair's head open!!! Hart, seeing Flair on the floor, goes to work on Flair's cut by kicking him repeatedly in the face!!! He then throws Ric back into the ring and continues to work on the cut!!! As Flair tries to get some distance between himself and Bret, Bret grabs him and executes a piledriver on Flair!!! Bret then goes for the "sharpshooter" and gets it but can't hold it because of his injured shoulder. Flair, seeing the opportunity, grabs Bret and hooks a Japanese armbar/crossface combo to make Bret submit at the 80 minute mark. Flair has won both the NWA and WWF titles but both men would spend a week in the hospital after this bout!!!

Harley Race (1981) VS. Dean Malenko

At about the 20 minute mark, Malenko gets the "Texas Cloverleaf" on Race. Race manages to get to the ropes after about a minute or so of struggling!!! Malenko then picks Race up for a whip into the ropes. Malenko goes for his flying leg lariat but Race holds on to the ropes and Malenko misses!! Race then executes a quick piledriver and goes to the top rope for his patened diving headbutt and connects!!! Race goes for the cover and gets the three count!!!

Goldust (w/Marlena) VS. "Exotic" Adrian Street (w/Miss Linda)(1980's)

At about 10 minutes into it, Dustin has regained the advantage. Seeing her man in trouble, Miss Linda puts a pair of brass knuckles in the corner and gets up on the apron to distract the ref. Adrian, seeing his opportunity, gets the knucks and brains Goldust!!! Adrian goes for the cover but as he does, Malena is in the ring!!! Adrian gets up to confront her but as he does, Dustin, realizing what's going on, gets up and hooks the "Curtain Call" on Adrian and gets the three count!!!

Harlem Heat (w/Jacqueline) VS. The Road Warriors (1983)(Chicago Street Fight)

The Warriors hit the ring and pound on the Heat. The Heat hold their own for about 2 minutes but never recover. The match ends when Hawk executes a running clothesline with a chain wrapped around his arm on Booker T!!!! He quickly covers him for a three count. The match ended in 5 minutes flat!!!

Kevin Nash VS. Big John Studd (1985)

Ten minutes into it, John Studd throws Nash into the ropes and gets set for a backdrop!!! Nash sees his opening and hooks a "jacknife" powerbomb on Studd. In doing so, however, Nash hurt his lower back and fell as soon as Studd did!! Amazingly enough, Nash still manages to get the three count but has to be taken to the hospital for observation.

The Giant VS. Andre The Giant (1981)

The Giant has Andre going at about the 15 minute mark when he attempts the chokeslam!!! Unbelievably, he gets it off but strains his shoulder doing so!!! The Giant covers but as he covers (after about 30 seconds), Andre grabs him by the throat and executes a chokeslam on The Giant!!! Andre then drags the Giant to a corner and mounts the second rope for his rear-end splash and connects!!! Andre gets the three count!!! Graciously, Andre helps his foe out of respect for his abilities and courage. The Giant accepts the help and raises Andre's hand in victory.

Faces Of Fear VS. Ole & Arn Anderson (1985)

Twenty minutes into the match, a four-way fight ensues!!! As Ole tangles with The Barbarian, Arn gets the advantage on Meng. Arn mounts the second rope for a flying ax-handle but, as he is leaping at Meng, gets caught in the "Tongan Death Grip!!" Meanwhile, Ole pushes The Barbarian into the ringpost and sees his partner (and son in law) in trouble. He mounts the top rope behind Meng and comes off with his patened knee to the shoulder and back!!! That breaks the "Death Grip" and allows Arn to get the cover and the three count.

The Headbangers VS. The Rock n Roll Express (1985)

The Headbangers dominate most of the match but make the mistake of not covering Robert Gibson on several occasions. Gibson manages to make the tag to Rick Morton and Morton cleans house!!! The 'bangers, however, regain the advantage. Mosh goes for his top rope Thez-Press on Morton but hits his partner instead!!! Morton and Gibson come back in and deliver their double-dropkick on Mosh for the pinfall!!!

Chris Benoit VS. Manny "Ragin Bull" Fernandez (1985)(Mexican Death Match)

Fernandez is dominating most of this brutal match (which is up to 30 minutes now)!!! Both men are extremely bloody and battered though!!! Fernandez goes for a clothesline with a leather belt but Benoit stops it with a gut shot!!! Benoit picks up the belt, wraps it around Manny's neck and performs a neckbreaker with it!!! Fernandez, weakend by the neckbreaker, is easy prey for Benoit's "Crippler Crossface". The referee calls for the bell when he sees that Fernandez is passed out and can't continue.

Steve "Mongo" McMichael VS. "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel (1984)

About 5 minutes into it, Wahoo goes into his "wardance" and repeatedly chops McMichael in the head and chest!!! McMichael has "beet" red marks on his chest!!! Wahoo finishes his opponent with his trademark chop of the ropes and a "chop-smash" (as opposed to an elbowsmash) to the head for the win.

Owen Hart VS. Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff (1986)

About 20 minutes into this see-saw match, Owen adds insult to injury by applying a piledriver to the master of the piledriver!!! He takes about 15 seconds to gloat at the crowd after he does it!!! Owen then goes for the "sharpshooter" but Orndorff kicks him away, causing the back of his head to strike the top turnbuckle!!! As Orndorff gets to his feet, Owen tries to kick Orndorff but has his kick stopped. As it turns out, it was a set up move for his insiguri kick to the back of the head!! Owen goes for the cover but Orndorff gets his foot under the bottom rope. The ref sees this and taps Owen on the shoulder to break the pin. Owen, however, thinks the match is over and goes to celebrate. Orndorff, seeing his opportunity, catches him with a clothesline to the back of the head that causes Owen to go face-first into the turnbuckle!!! As Owen turns around, Orndorff kicks him in the gut and gives him his piledriver for the pin and the win.

The Undertaker VS. Abdullah The Butcher (1985)(Parking Lot Brawl Match)

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After 15 minutes of carnage, both are on the hood of a '94 Cadillac Deville!!! Abdullah goes for a blow to the head with a spoon but misses!!! UT, incrediblely, gets enough leverage to pick up the 400lbs. plus Butcher and executes a tombstone piledriver on the hood of the car!!! UT covers him and gets the hell out of dodge!!!

The Steiner Bros. VS. Rick Steamboat/Jay Youngblood (1983)

This one is up to about 30 minutes now as Scott Steiner has Youngblood in a crusifix pin maneuver. Youngblood kicks out at 2. Scotty is frustrated at this point and rams Youngblood into the turnbuckle. He whips Youngblood into the opposite corner but makes the mistake of charging in. Youngblood reacts with a tomohawk chop and makes the tag to Steamboat. Steamboat, seeing that Scotty is down, goes immediately to the top rope and comes off with a "chop-drop" (as oppose to a fist-drop) onto Scotty. Rick comes in and gets met with a thrust-kick to the chin!!! Steamboat whips Scotty into the ropes and catches him with a chop!!! He then rebounds off and catches Scotty with a flying chop to the head!!! Steamboat then mounts the top rope for his patened flying bodypress and connects!! Scott,however, rolls through it and reverses it to get a 2 count on Steamboat!!! Scott quickly makes a tag to Rick. Rick Steiner takes Steamboat and whips him into the ropes for one of his "steinerline" clotheslines!!! Steamboat's head is almost decapatated from the move and he hits hard to the mat!!! Steiner goes in for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Rick follows up the move with a bearhug suplex and gets another 2 count!!! Rick tags Scott back in. Scott goes for a "tilt-a-whirl" suplex but Steamboat reverses out of it and puts Scott into a tombstone piledriver!!! Steamboat goes for the cover and gets a 2 3/4 count!!! Steamboat quickly makes the tag to Youngblood. Youngblood follows up quickly and whips Scott into the ropes. Scott,however, makes a "blind" tag to Rick. Scott reverses the whip on Youngblood, picks him up in double-leg maneuver, and holds him in place for Rick to bound off the ropes with a flying "steinerline" (shades of the Hart Foundation's "Hart Attack")!!! Rick covers him for the three count. In the meantime (while the count was going down), Steamboat tries to run in but is met with a "frankensteiner" coming in!!!

Vader VS. Barry Windham (1988)

Vader is running in for one of his corner splashes but Windham moves out of the way!!! When Vader turns around, he is met with the clawhold of Windham!!! Vader is down to one knee but manages to get to the ropes. Windham breaks the hold but follows up with a bodyslam on the 450lb. monster!!! Windham goes to the corner and mounts the second rope to taunt the crowd. Vader, meanwhile, goes to the outside and catches Windham off-guard. Vader mounts the top rope and executes a powerbomb from the top rope that almost breaks Windham's back!!! Vader covers Windham for the victory.

Davey Boy Smith VS. Nikita Koloff (1985)

Davey Boy has been controling most of the match until he goes to finish Koloff. Smith goes for the powerslam but, as he is running forward, Koloff slides off and pushes Davey into the turnbuckle!!! When Davey turns around, Nikita meets him with a thunderous "Russian Sickle." Nikita covers him for the win.

Hunter Hearst Hemsley VS. Tully Blanchard (1985)

Blachard, about 20 minutes into it, gets Triple H ready for his slingshot suplex but, as he does, Chyna slides a chair into the ring behind Blanchard!!! As Blanchard is executing the move, Chyna trips Blanchard and Triple H lands on top of him with the steel chair underneath Blanchard's back!!! The referee calls for the bell but Blanchard is in serious pain!!! Baby Doll jumps Chyna but Chyna shrugs her off. She then decks Bady Doll and puts her in the "Human Torture Rack"!!! As she does so, Triple H performs the "Pedigree" on Blanchard onto the steel chair!!! Triple H and Chyna leave triumphant even though they have lost the match!!!

"HeartBreak Kid" Shawn Michaels VS. "The Boss" Magnum TA (1985)

About 40 minutes into the match, Michaels goes for the "sweet chin music" superkick but misses. Magnum comes back with his belly to belly suplex and covers but only gets a two count!!! Magnum picks up Michaels for a bodyslam but Michaels slides behind Magnum and connects with his "SCM" but he only gets a two count as well!!! The two continue to battle back and forth for about 5 more minutes until Magnum tries a Lou Thez Press. Michaels catches Magnum and clotheslines him on the top rope!!! Michaels then follows up with a piledriver and goes to the top for a flying elbow and the victory!!!

The Patriot VS. Dusty Rhodes (1986)

About 15 minutes into it, The Patriot is pounding Rhodes but Rhodes starts his quick hand tactics and puts the big man down!!! After an elbow of the ropes and a running elbowsmash, Rhodes gets a relatively easy victory.

DDP VS. Terry Funk (1989)(No DQ)

Seventeen minutes into this violent fight, DDP gets the "Diamond Cutter" on Funk and covers. Amazingly, Funk kicks out!!! DDP can't believe it!!! DDP goes outside and gets a steel chair (to use for the DC) and attempts the "Diamond Cutter" again but, this time, Funk lifts DDP off of him as he is in the air for the "DC" and DDP lands on his back on the chair!!! Funk then sets up DDP for his piledriver into the steel chair and gets the win with 20 minutes gone by!!!

Lex Luger VS. Tito Santana (1986)

Luger, 13 minutes into it, is ready to go for the "tourture rack." As he lifts Santana up, however, Santana punches him on the bridge of the nose!!! Luger drops him to the mat!!! Santana goes for his flying forearm but Luger ducks out of the way!!! As Santana comes up, Luger bounds off the ropes (Tito Santana style) and catches him with his "loaded" forearm for the win!!!

Cactus Jack VS. Buzz "Mad Dog" Sawyer (1982)(Falls Count Anywhere Match)

About 5 minutes into it, Cactus stacks two tables on top of each other. Somehow, he manages to catch Buzz up there and executes a DDT that drives them through the two tables to the concrete floor!! Cactus, wearlily, covers Buzz for the victory.

That's it for now. I'll have pt. 2 of this article next week. If you would like an uncensored version of this article, please e-mail me at

Ervin Griffin forwarded the following disclaimer:

In the Book Of Lists chapter for Sting, I had the name of Brian Pillman listed under MEN MOST DESERVING OF A SCORPION DEATHDROP. I wrote that piece before Pillman's untimely death in October. It is never my intention to disrespect the dead but Pillman was still alive when I wrote that chapter. This is just to avoid confusion.

Diary of a "Hitman": Part 1

by Ervin Griffin Jr

In this issue we begin Ervin Griffins epic series on the life and times of Bret Hart

Part 1 :Beginings

For over 20 years, fans everywhere have watched a young man from Calgary, Alberta Canada come from the preliminary ranks to become one of the legendary superstars of this sport. This man is Bret Hart.

Thanks to Matt Benaka, another historian here at Solie's, I was able to get some interesting facts about "The HitMan." One fact was that he actually had his first pro match in the summer of 1973 in Amarillo, TX!! This happened at a spot show because the promoter was short of a wrestler. So, Bret actually made his ring debut at age 16!!! Another interesting fact was that his wrestling idol growing up was Dory Funk, Jr.!!!

An interesting fact that I read on his column page from the Calgary Sun was that he almost didn't become a wrestler. While he was a successful amatuer at East Manning High School, he actually attended Mount Royal College for a year majoring in Broadcasting (Yeah, that's my major!!!) with dreams of becoming a movie director. But, as we can assume, the pull of the ring was too great and he officially began pro wrestling in 1976 at about 19 years of age (just a guess since he recently turned 40) for the Stampede organization in Canada. His first opponent was Dennis Stamp. I do not know if Bret won or lost but it was the start of his career. Stamp, by the way, was the guest referee for the recent Hart/Terry Funk match that saw Bret get the duke after suplex attempt by Funk caused a double-pin but saw Bret get his shoulder up at the last second.

In 1980, Hart won his first singles title when he defeated The Junkyard Dog for the North American belt (I'm not certain if it is the same title that was later changed into the UWF Title). In 1981, he won the IWGP Championship Tournament final against Ted Dibiase (not to be confused with the IWGP title). He also received shots at both the NWA and AWA World Titles during that time.

Now, we jump to 1984 when Hart first appeared in the WWF. He was a bit of a hearthrob in those days. While he didn't shake his a** like Shawn Michaels, his scientific skills and good looks made him a favorite with the ladies. While he was successful, he didn't get the chance at the spotlight. That is, until he met Jimmy "Mouth Of The South" Hart. Jimmy Hart was managing Jim "The Anvil" Neihart at that time and convinced Bret that they should form a team and take on the tag ranks of the WWF. Bret, seeing that his singles career was going no where, agreed to hook up with the heel manager and his future brother in law. They would become known as The Hart Foundation and from late 1984 until 1991, they would become a feared and respected tandom.

Next Target: The Bulldog Wars

If you have a question, comment, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the Solie's web site.

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Thanksgiving Rambling...

A quick correction: I introduced Miss Pamela in Monday's newsletter as the person who runs the Sting Fans Without Order Fan Club web site. Miss Pamela was quick to inform me that she is merely the vice-president of the organization which is run by Simply Feline. Sorry, I didn't mean to step on any one's toes.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you the happiest of Thanksgiving Holidays and then had the idea of assembling a top 10 list of the things that Wrestling fans have to be thankfull for - so here it is:

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
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