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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 25
July 29, 1996

WCW Delivers the Goods!!

Outsiders Attack Stops the Show!!

See the story below.

Bulldog Brown's Heart Attack

Here is an e-mail I received today from a reader - Thanks Drew.

I enjoy your wrestling page very much. Here is an article I found from the July 29th 1996 issue of the Kansas City Star about former KC wrestler "Bulldog" Bob Brown. Growing up Brown was one of my favorites. He wrestled for All Star Wrestling out of KC up until 87 I believe. Think he might of wrestled in St Louis too. ASW did shows up in Des Moines, IA and I caught about all of them from 83-85. His matches with Race, Flair, a young Marty Jannetty and Bruiser Brody were wild ones.

"'Bulldog' Bob Brown makes improvement."

The condition of former professional wrestler "Bulldog" Bob Brown was upgraded to serious Sunday at North Kansas City Hospital. Brown suffered a heart attack Friday. Nursing supervisor Tammy Moulder said a breathing tube was removed from Brown and that he was doing better. Brown has been working in security at The Woodlands (a local horse-track.)

Compiled from Staff and Wire Reports by Rich Sambol

Thought I'd pass this on to you - possibly you could print it up on this page somewhere since Brown was pretty well known in the Missouri area.

Drew Murphy

We at Solie's want to wish the Bulldog a speedy recovery

On with other news.

Nitro Report

The program begins with a WCW Motorsports review. Their car won the Taladega race.

Review of the Outsiders' attack on Sting in the parking garage after luring Lex Lugar away. Footage supplied by the NWO.

Mike Enos vs. Hacksaw Duggen - two big brawlers going at it. This one is bound to be a genuine slobberknocker. Duggen has the experience edge but Enos is also a ring veteren - and younger. Enos' inexperience shows in his hesitancy to stay on the attack when he has the upper hand. At one point he goes for a second rope splash and misses. As he is arguing with the ref a moment after some corner action - Hacksaw tapes up and lets him have it. Duggin gets a pin.

Mean Gene with Duggen in the ring - Hacksaw comes out of character to deliver the interview of his career in denouncing Hogan's betrayal of his fans, especially the children. He seems genuinely worked up and uncharacteristically sober about it all - a masterful performance (Duggen is a college graduate you know).

Sting/Lex/Savage vs. Flair/Benoit/McMichels - a melee erupts right from the get-go. About 30 seconds into it we cut to commercial.

The bell sounds as we return - Benoit vs. Sting in the ring. Benoit is outwrestled and tags in Flair. Flair gets tossed out of the ring and into the arms of Savage who plants him on the VIP table amid the fruit. Back in the ring he has to deal with Sting who roughs him up. Flair runs away - Savage brings him back. Mongo tagged in - he's clumsy and falls through the ropes after a shove from Lugar. Back in he locks up with and drags Lugar to his corner. Flair tagged in - Lugar does his lion pose - Flair gives it to Benoit. Now the tags are coming quicker on both sides - although Flair seems to be representing the Horsemen for the most part. Mongo in with Sting - McNuggets gets the better of the "franchise" and gives it back to Benoit. They seem to see Sting as the weak link - a mistake I believe.

Flair gets a Figure-4 on Stings then slaps his face - another mistake. Sting reverses it - Flair is back on Sting when Jimmy Hart comes running from the back screaming for help...

The Outsiders are beating up Marcus Bagwell with baseball bats out behind the trailers...Arn is down...Scotty Riggs runs in and gets crowned with a steel watering can. Rey Mysterio dives at Nash off of the trailer steps and gets caught and speared into the side of the trailer. Hall and Nash split in a limo with Savage hanging off the top...pandamonium reigns as we cut to commercial.

We're back and Arn is hurt bad - Nancy Sullivan is hysterical. Face and heel wrestlers are equally upset it seems. We will see some major face turns in the weeks to come. Various wrestlers are guarding their friends and partners as the medical triage goes on. Benoit and Barbarian almost come to blows...Rey Mysterio is saying there were four guys!! Another commercial.

We're back and Bobby Heenan is walking off the show because he doesn't feel safe. Eric lets him go. We watch the concerned faces of Sting, Flair, Benoit and others as the cameras move around the disaster area. This is great drama...but the crowd isn't in on it and they're getting restless (wrestleless?) Eric has a tear in his voice as he announces that stand-bye matches are being arranged.

Bagwell with Sting in attendance end up in the same ambulance with Arn accompanied by Flair and Woman. Lets go sell something.

Steiner Brothers vs. (newcomers) High Voltage - our first standbye match (in the back Scotty Riggs is being carted away) Rick Steiner is spooked, he stays on the floor until Scotty comes out to urge him to pay attention to the match. In the ring he's still in a fog and lets the advantage slip to the opposition. I recognize both of these wrestlers but couldn't tell you their names. Scotty stays focused and eventually wins the match. The last ambulance is leaving as we go to a break.

We're back for Big Bubba vs. Eddie Guerrero - (Eddie was supposed to face Rey Jr for the Cruiserweight belt). As soon as they are introed we go to sell something.

Eddie Guarrero dominates the opening with his speed and athletic prowess. But Bubba knows how to throw his weight around and soon takes over. Guerrero comes back only to be put down again and again. Bubba puts a body scissors on Eddie - something you almost never see anymore. Now he has a headlock on Guerrero and has him on the mat. Eddie fights back up and gets a modified DDT from the top rope. Hart is distracting the ref while he tries to get the megaphone involved. Bubba flubs it and gets pinned.

New World Order commercial - Hall and Nash get their fair share of airtime at last. This is great stuff!!

We're back for a review of the attack -- they cut back after Mysterio gets creamed.

Greg Valentine gets Arn's shot against the Giant for the World Title. Hammer gives it his all but he can't topple the monster. He tries some aeriel manuevers and gets chokeslammed off the top. The Giant leans into the mic and says, "Listen closely Hogan."

Mean Gene takes it from Tony - the Giant starts to mimic the Hulkster's delivery, then says that Hogan is a con man and that he'll chokeslam the Hulkster at Hog Wild. Jimmy echoes the Giants sentiments...fade to black.

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I will post this newsletter early tonight and be back later to finish up after RAW. This has been absolutely the most amazing wrestling shows I've ever seen (including PPV's). Vince will need to have someone killed tonight to top it.

RAW Report

Ahmed Johnson is reported to have a ruptured kidney after Ron Simmon's attack last week.

Justin Bradshaw is ready in the ring as the program begins. Psycho Sid makes his entrance to a big pop. Sid and the Hawk go nose to nose - Sid takes the advantage and chokeslams he youngster. While Sid is distracted by the referree, Bradshaw cheapshots with his bullrope. Uncle Zeb comes in and they try to doubleteam but Sid turns the tables - powerbombs both of them to a huge pop.

Sunny with Faruuk Assad (Simmons) - they have a match for the title agains Johnson at the next PPV.

Vader approaches the ring as his squash of HBK at the last PPV is reviewed. Cut to commercial.

The Wildman makes his entrance - they lock up. Vader backs Mero into the corner and spits on him. Mero comes back with a flurry then drop kicks Vader to the mat. He gets Vader in a crusifix and grounds him again. Vader kicks out and takes over. After some massive power moves Mero fights back up but gets a finger in the eye. Vader stands him up in the corner and pummels and then splashes Mero but can't get more then two. In a toe-to-toe slugfest Mero holds his own (he's always had a lethal fist). He knocks Vader out of the ring and drops his "Bad Day" move on him. Back in the ring it's all Wildman until Vader catches him coming off the top and powerslams him for the win. Cut to commercial.

Interview with Cornette and Jose Lothario - Cornette tells us about Lothario's history - calls him a has been. He says his revenge on Lothario for the shot he took at the last PPV will be to have Vader humiliate his protege. Jose gets riled and threatens Cornette - when Jim tries to use the raquette he gets laid out again! Then we see Mankind sticking his fingers down some unidentified person's throat...huh? What? Cut to commercial.

Coming back we find it was HBK getting the finger treatment - he was attacked while watching the in-ring confrontation on the monitor.

Bulldog vs. Henry Godwin - (the King's loss to Aldo Montoya over the weekend is reviewed - he challanges Montoya to a re-match which is accepted). Owen is ringside in the color chair - Hillbilly Jim threatens him with the slop.

On with the match - these guys are pretty even power-wise. Godwin almost gets a pin early on. Bulldog soon takes over but the Hogman is tough. The Bulldog has his hands full just keeping the Hog farmer off his feet. Cut to commercial.

Just after we return Owen distracts Godwin which allows the Bulldog to slap on his running powerslam for the win.

Mark Henry video

Goldust/Undertaker match at last PPV reviewed. Goldust and Mankind interview - brilliant macabre stuff.

Stone Cold is in the ring - here comes the Undertaker (Battle Royal announced for next week - the winner will face the Champion after Summerslam.

Austin vs. Undertaker - this is easily the best match on either program tonight. A fierce battle that see-saws back and forth. Undertaker tries his walk-the-ropes move but gets jerked off to the mat. Just before the next commercial we catch sight of Mankind lurkng about under the stands.

Were back and Austin is in command. He gets a piledriver on his opponent then goes up for the coup de grace only to be pulled off the turnbuckle and slammed - Mankind shows up - Undertaker chases him out of the arena - gets counted out. Austin wins but UT comes back and puts the Tombstone on Cold Stone (cute, huh?)

Undertaker interview - he's gonna get yuh Mankind!!

Well, RAW had some excellent matches this evening while Nitro overflowed with drama. Not quite a toss-up, the tension in the air at WCW right now is hard to top, but Vince does seem to be trying harder this week - doing the only thing he knows... putting on a great card.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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