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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WWF In Your House: D-Generation X

Report by Earl Oliver

Magnum TA vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

a "what-if" scenerio by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 3, Issue 251 - December 7, 1997

Magnum TA vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

by Ervin Griffin Jr


"Hello, fans and welcome to NWA World Wide Wrestling!!! We are coming to you from Virginia Beach, VA!!! I am Tony Schivone along with David Crockett and today you will see such stars as Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, US Heavyweight Champion Magnum TA, "The Minnesota Wrecking Crew" Ole & Arn Anderson and many other top stars!!! So, now let's go up to....." says Tony.

That's all he gets off because just as he is about to get the program underway, a man with a microphone suddenly speaks!!! He interrupts Tony with a "shut the hell up!!! You know, it amazes me that they actually pay you(Tony) to do this!!! A damn retard could do this!!! This has to be the most sorry piece of trash ever put on a damn television screen!!!" Tony, in a state of shock, responds, "Who are you? What the hell are doing here?!!! Your not supposed to be here?!!" Austin says, "Who am I? WHO AM I?, with that Austin knees Tony in the gut and gives him his "Stone Cold Stunner." The Virginia crowd is stunned!!! "That'll give you a clue who I am!!! The name is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!! I am the best damn wrestler in the world today!!! I have kicked plenty of a** up there in the WWF!!! From Bret Hart to his sorry sack of crap brother Owen Hart to Rocky Maivia to even Vince McMahon!!! The damn head of the WWF!!! So, with no other new challenges to conquer, I kept hearing about the old NWA!!! 'The oldest sanction body in pro wrestling today!!' Well, the oldest is right because you got that fat piece of crap Dusty Rhodes who couldn't hold on to his pants belt for more than three days much less a title!!! At this point, the crowd is booing fiercely!!! SCSA responds to the crowd with "bird" sign!!! "Shut up!!! And I'll tell you a worst thing, the NWA got a beach bum who thinks he's Tom Selick for a US Champion!!!" The crowd really looses it now as fans begin to throw things at Austin!!! Security forcefully ushers Austin out of the building!!! Meanwhile, medical help is called out for Tony Schivone. But, it doesn't really matter, Austin had made his precense known in the NWA.


Over the next week, NWA President Bob Geigel makes this taped statement:

Vince McMahon also made this statement: The following week, NWA US Champion Magnum TA made these comments:

In response to those comments, Geigel made these words: "....While I can, being a former wrestler, appreciate Magnum's dedication to the NWA, the NWA thinks this is best suited to be handled legally and I don't think a match would neccessarily put Austin in his place. So, while I do understand Magnum's feelings. The NWA can't, and won't, sanction a match between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Magnum TA."

The next week, Magnum was wrestling a "squash" match on NWA World Wide Wrestling. Upon winning that match, Magnum was ready to leave the ring when a voice from ringside boomed out over the speakers:

Magnum's response:

With that, Austin runs into the ring and he and Magnum exchange blows. Austin uses a double leg takedown on Magnum but neither man has a clear advantage. Several security officers come in to seperate the two men. As Austin is being dragged away, Magnum has to be pinned down by the remaining officers to keep him from going after Austin. Magnum, however, does see Austin giving him the "bird" as he being carried away!!!

Later in the show, NWA Promoter Jim Crockett, Jr. made the following announcment: "Because of the recent actions of Mr. Austin and Magnum's desire to get in the ring with "Stone Cold", I have gotten permission from both the NWA and WWF to sign a match between Magnum TA and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. The match will be for Magnum's NWA United States Heavyweight Championship. They have also agreed to have a no-disqualification, no-time limit event and it will happen on World Wide next week!!! Furthermore, because of the attention surrounding this match, I have made the following steps: 1. Because of the magnitude of this event, this match will be the main event of a two hour card that will air from the Charolette Coliseum in Charolette, NC on WTBS. The card will stay on the air past the two hours if necessary but you will see great action. 2. Because of the personal animosity between not only "Stone Cold" and Magnum but also NWA and WWF wrestlers, I have added a stipulation that even these two are not aware off. The match will take place inside of a cage with a roof on top of the cage!!!"

The site of the match is Charolette, NC. The undercard for this event was also NWA VS. WWF matches just to catch the feel. Here was the line up and the results:

Ric Flair (1985) VS. Hunter Hearst Hemsley (1996)

This is a surprisingly close match up. At about 15 minutes into it, Shawn Michaels comes down to interfere as Flair has Triple H in his figure four leglock. Flair, seeing trouble coming, makes a motion for help in the form of National Tag Team Champions Ole & Arn Anderson. As the ref is trying to break up the outside action, Chyna clobbers Flair from behind and holds him for Hemsley. Triple H bounds off the ropes with a flying knee but Flair moves out of the way and Hemsley hits Chyna instead. Flair quickly takes advantage with a quick roll-up for the three count!!!

Tully Blanchard (1985) VS. Brian Christopher

After about 10 minutes, Tully is ready to put Lawler, Jr. with his "slingshot suplex" when Lawler jumps up on the apron. As Lawler, Blanchard and the ref argue, Lawler slips in a pair of brass kuckles into the ring!!! Baby Doll, Tully's valet, comes over and pulls Lawler down and give him a pretty good whippin'. Meanwhile, Christopher gets the knuckles to use on Tully but Tully kicks him in the gut, picks up the object, and uses it on him!!! The ref, however, had seen Blanchard use the object and DQ's Blanchard!!! Christopher leaves with DQ victory.

Ivan & Nikita Koloff (1985) VS. The Headbangers

The 'bangers control most of the match by keeping Ivan in the ring for most of this 20 minute affair. But once Ivan made the tag to Nikita, it was all over for Mosh and Thrasher!!! Nikita wasted no time as he immediately "sickled" Thrasher and Mosh and (for added humiliation) covered them both for the win!!!

Hulk Hogan (1986) VS. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams (1988)

In a 30 minute affair, Hogan goes for the legdrop after making a comeback (the match was controlled mostly by Williams) and connects!!! Surprisingly, Williams kicks out!!! Hogan can't believe it!!! Hogan picks Williams up for an Irish-whip into the ropes but Williams reverses it, picks up Hogan and executes the "Oklahoma Stampede" powerslam but Hogan kicks out of that as well!!! The two continue to battle outside the ring until the ref calls the match a double-countout!!!

The Giant VS. Bruiser Brody (1986)

In the only non-NWA VS. WWF encounter, The Giant battled Bruiser Brody to a no-contest as the match never officially started!!! These two big men tore into each other with no regard for the other!!! The time of the match was less than 3 minutes!!!


Ring Announcer Tom Miller is standing in the cage to make the introductions: "Our next event of the evening is a one fall cage match, no-time limit, no-disqualification for the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship!!!"

With that announcment, shattering glass blasts over the speakers as the music of "Stone Cold" plays!!!

Miller: "Introducing first, from Victoria, TX weighing in tonight at 245 pounds, here is the challenger "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!!!"

A roar of boos goes up to the rafters in the Charolette Coliseum as Austin makes his appearance. He appears cold (no pun intended) and focused on the task at hand. As he enters the cage, he looks at a group of fans that are booing him mercilessly!!! Austin, with a look of indifference, walks into the cage, mounts the the second rope and raises both of his hands in the air and recieves a tidal wave of boos!!! Austin gives the "up-yours" sign to the fans!!! He then gets off the ropes and sits in the corner and awaits Magnum!!!

Miller: "His opponent!!! From Virginia Beach, VA, weighing in at 236 pounds, the US Heavyweight Champion, Magnum TA!!!"

A thunderous roar goes up from the crowd as Magnum makes his way to the cage to face the "rattlesnake"!!! Magnum, still outside the cage, takes off his leather vest and his title belt. Then he enters the cage and stands in the center of the ring to face Austin. Austin gives a look out to the fans in the Charolette Coliseum but this turns out to be a ruse as he charges and takes down Magnum and the two pick up where they left off on World Wide!!! For about 30 seconds, neither man has the advantage until they get to their feet. Magnum then overtakes Austin with three unanswered rights to the jaw!!! Austin goes down and scoots to the corner with Magnum in hot pursuit!!! Magnum picks up Austin and whips him into the opposite corner!!! Austin, however, explodes out of the corner with an high-powered clothesline with almost knocks Magnum out of his boots!!! Austin screams at Magnum and flips him a "double bird" to his face!!! Austin then throws Magnum into the ropes, picks him up and executes his "Stun-Gun" move across the top rope!!! As Magnum is slumping to the canvas, Austin rebounds off the ropes with a running elbow/forearm smash across Magnum's chest and throat!!! Austin picks up Magnum and throws a right hand to the face of Magnum!!! Austin again throws him into the ropes and goes for a backdrop. Magnum, however, read the move and hooks him for a piledriver!!! Magnum picks him up and jumps about 4 inches off the ground for added impact of the piledriver!!! Austin is as limp as a dishrag right now!!! Magnum goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count.

Magnum puts a rear chinlock on Austin trying to wear him down!!! He holds this for about a minute or so but Austin manages to get back to his feet!!! Once there, he elbows Magnum in the gut twice!! Austin takes to the ropes and gets a shoulder tackle!!! Austin hits the ropes again but puts on the breaks when he sees Magnum setting up for his belly to belly suplex!!! Austin, seeing Magnum wide open, gets a quick kick in and goes for "The Stone Cold Stunner" but Magnum reverses it into a hammerlock takedown before Austin could apply it!!! Magnum then drives his knee into the elbow and bicep of Austin!!! Magnum also adds insult by smacking Austin in the back of the head and screaming, "How's that Austin?!!! How's that?!!!" Magnum adds more pressure by hooking his left arm underneath Austin's chin and hooks both of his hands together to form a combination hammerlock/chinlock-crossface!!! The pain is unbelievable but Austin refuses to give up!!! After about 2 minutes of suffering, Austin moves Magnum into a corner. As the ref forces a break, Austin drives his shoulder into Magnum three times!!! Austin then throws Magnum into the ropes, sidesteps him and throws him into the cage face first!!! The ref is admonishing Austin but Austin glares at him and says, "Hey stupid!!! No-DQ!!! Remember?!!" The ref backed away. Magnum is laying with a cut on the forehead as Austin is walking towards him!!! Austin then flings him into the corner and begins to kick/stomp Magnum down faster and faster!!! Austin then stops, turns around, and "moons" Magnum and mule-kicks him in the face!!! Austin then drags Magnum out to the center of the ring and hooks a "Texas Cloverleaf" on Magnum!!! Magnum is bleeding heavily now as the pressure is building on his legs and back!!! Somehow, Magnum manages to get on his right side to relieve some of the pressure and inch his way to the ropes!! The ref calls for a break but Austin justs laughs at him!!! "You must got a memory shortage ref!!! No-DQ!!! I don't have to break nuthin' except Magnum's stinkin' back!!!" He continues to hold on to the hold!!! Magnum, however, uses extra leverage from the ropes to force Austin off of him!!! But the "Cloverleaf" has taken its toll as Austin held it for almost 5 minutes!!

Austin picks up Magnum in a powerslam position and rams him back-first into the steel cage fence!!! Austin hangs on to Magnum and does it a second time and just dumps him down to the mat!!! Magnum's in tremendous pain at this point!!! Austin mounts the ropes to taunt the crowd, which responds with a sea of boos that come from ringside to the top of the Charolette Coliseum!! Austin goes back to the attack but Magnum responds with a right to the gut!!! Austin reels but comes back only to take another shot to the stomach!!! Magnum then gets to his feet and attempts a vertical suplex but can't get it because of his back!!! Magnum leans against the ropes to stay upright!!! Austin gets a running start, aiming a knee to Magnum's back. Magnum moves out of the way and Austin's knee strikes the steel fence!!! TA quickly takes Austin down to the canvas and puts him in a figure-four leglock!!! Uncharacteristically, Magnum takes a page out of Ric Flair's playbook and uses the top rope to add more pressure to the hold!!! Austin is screaming to the heavens but will not give it up!!! Magnum then suddenly lets go of the top rope and crashes down, adding more pain to the figure four!!! Magnum does this about three more times!!! Austin's knee is in dire straits but he will not concede!!!

Magnum, satisfied that Austin has been weakend, releases the hold and goes to finish Austin off!!! As Magnum comes in however, Austin grabs Magnum's trunks and throws him into the referee!!! Seeing both Magnum and the ref down, Austin heads for the door. "Open up this damn thing," says Austin. He gets his wish. At first, it looks like SCSA is trying to escape but he finding some weapons. He gets a steel chair and a table and brings it into the caged-ring!!! Austin sets up the table and puts Magnum on top of it!! Austin then heads to the top rope to finish Magnum off!!! Magnum, however, recovers and meets Austin at the top (by this time the ref is back on his feet). After trading some blows, Magnum hooks his belly to belly suplex from the top rope onto the table!!! The impact is such that the table breaks!!! Austin's back is lacerated from going into the table!!! Austin is out as Magnum covers!!!

The ref counts 1.2.....but Austin gets a shoulder up!!! Magnum, angrily, moves half of the broken table to one side and sets up the other half onto the cornerbuckle. He attempts to whip Austin into it but Austin reverses it and Magnum goes into the table head-first!!! When Magnum turns around, he is met with a "Stone Cold Stunner!!!" Austin covers for the 1.2....but Magnum kicks out!!! Austin can't believe it!!! He picks up Magnum but TA counters with a double-leg pickup!! Magnum slingshots Austin into the cage!!! Austin is now busted open as well!!! Magnum (after a series of punches to Austin's head to take advantage of his cut) goes for the slingshot again but makes the mistake of setting it up near the steel chair that Austin brought in earlier!!! As Magnum bends over to get leverage for the slingshot, Austin clocks Magnum in the back of the head with the chair!!! Austin covers for 1.2. and 3!!! Austin has won the NWA United States Heavyweight Title!! As he leaves with the title belt, Austin grabs the mic and says, "Magnum!!! You gave one hell of a fight!!! But, once again, Austin 3:16 says 'I just whipped you ass'!!! And that's the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!!!" Austin has to be escorted out by security as the fans are rioting in the Charolette Coliseum!!! Magnum, meanwhile, has to be rushed to Charolette Memorial Hospital for medical assistance.


No legal action was ever taken by the NWA against SCSA. The WWF fired Austin shortly after he won the US Title. Austin would defend the title against a wide range of challengers over his four month reign from Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and Nikita Koloff. Finally, in a rematch of this incredible encounter, Magnum would regain the US Title in another war in Greensboro, NC at the Greensboro Coliseum. Sadly, it would be Magnum's final time as a champion as he would go on to lose the title to Nikita Koloff in August of 1986 and was virtually crippled by a tragic automobile accident in October of that year. In a rare moment of respect, Austin called Magnum "the best damn opponent he's ever faced" and that "he'll probably never meet a wrestler like that again."


Magnum TA (Terry Allen) started his wrestling career in 1984 in the old Mid-South area. He was the Mid-South North American Champion in that area. In the spring of 1985, he made his move to the NWA where he won the NWA United States Title from "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel in a cage in Charolette, NC. He would have two reigns as US Champ. His career ended when he had a tragic automobile accident in NC (I don't know exactly where). His right side was rendered useless as a result. He is best remembered for his feuds with Tully Blanchard and Nikita Koloff over the US Title. He is also remembered for the $1,000 challenge to Ric Flair on TBS. He is married and lives in Virginia.

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What you have just read is the PG-13 version of this fictional story. If you wish to obtain the original R-rated version of this "dream story." Please e-mail me at

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the Solie's web site.

WWF In Your House: D-Generation X

I don't know if there was a match during the Free-For-All but if the last couple of PPV's were any indication...there wasn't. For my part, I had a music gig this afternoon and so had to review the card on tape when I returned at around seven o'clock.

The show opens with a lot of fireworks live from Springfield, MA. I notice a sign prominently displayed that says "Bret didn't give up!!" Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler our are hosts. First up:

Brian Christopher vs. Taka Michinoku - Light Heavyweight Tournament final - I don't feel that I am going out on a limb to say that I expect Christopher to win this Title - if not tonight then in the very near future. It has been clear from the outset that this entire tournament was set up to showcase the Kings little boy. Christopher takes the first exchange with a scoop slam. He follows up with an arm drag then the crowd starts getting on Brian's case and he responds in kind. Christopher is using his weight advantage pretty effectively until Taka takes to the air. Christopher is tossed to the outside and then splashed by his opponent from the inside out. In fact Michinoku ovbershoots his target and Brian has to grab him in mid-air in order to make it look like a splash. Back in the ring, Christopher uses a shortcut to assume the advantage. Now it is all Christopher for a while but he can't sustain it. A swinging DDT puts him down then a Hurrancanranna seals the deal. Brian slips out to the floor and gets splashed again. At this point Lawler decides to go over and comfort his son. Surprisingly, he doesn't deign to get involved in the match. Meanwhile Brian begins to bleed from the mouth but continues his assault. The match starts to see-saw with Christopher holding most of the cards. He definitely takes the advantage back with a missle drop-kick to the back of his opponent's head. A back breaker almost gets him the pin. Then he baseball slides to the outside in his best Ray Traylor (Big Bossman) imitation and uppercuts to the jaw. Taka is a game competitor but he is steadily losing ground. Christophers only problem now is a bout of overconfidence - he is showboating when he could be getting the pin. He goes for the Tennesee Jam (flying legdrop) and misses. A Michinoku Driver puts him away and Taka is the first Light-Heavyweight Champ. Don't expect his reign to last long...

Kevin Kelly is backstage with the Jackel - they will be interviewing the wrestlers on the SuperStar line as the evening goes on.

Los Borecuas vs Deciples of Appocolypse - six-man tag match - (yawn...does anybody really care about this match?) Jose/Miguel/Jesus will face Chainz/Eightball/Skull - Savio gets sent away from the ring before the match starts. Crush is out with an injury. Chainz and Miguel tie it up with no clear advantage. They both tag out - Jesus vs. Eightball is a short meeting then Miguel is back in. DOA are the crowd favorites so naturally the Borecuas are taking shortcuts and dominating the action. Miguel gets tossed to the outside and injures his leg. He writhes in pain on the floor and is effectively out of the match. Jose and Jesus continue to dominate however - they are clearly the better team in this one. Savio comes down to take his downed partner's place but the ref won't let him in. He stays to comfort Miguel as the match goes on with the DOA starting to pull ahead. Just when it looks like DOA will take it, Miguel miraculously recovers and gets in to the ring in time to cheapshot Chainz so that Jose can take the pin.

Doc Hendrix interviews Butterbean who says he will beat Mero tonight. Switch to Michael Cole with Sable. They show a video of the Mero/Butterbean feud which consists almost entirely of Mero screaming in the face of his congenial opponent. Sable says she will be with Marc Mero but he interrupts to tell her to shut-up and then threatens his opponent.

Marvelous Marc Mero vs. Butterbean - tough man boxing match - four-2 minutes rounds - Butterbean looks as big as a house and pissed off for a change as he approaches the ring. The tale of the tape favors Butterbean by weight alone - all the other stats are virtually the same. Mero spends much of the first round on his bicycle - backing away until he gets shoved out of the ring. He takes his time re-entering. Mero has excellent hand speed but neither of these guys really lands a punch during the first round. Moments after the bell sounds to end the first round Mero tries to start a brawl but Butterbean's handlers get between them. At the beginning of the second round, Mero uses a tape from his glove to choke his opponent. Then he thumbs him in the eye. They spar pretty ineffectively throughout the rest of the round. The bell sounds and Butterbean turns away only to get drop-kicked in the back of the head by his opponent! Butterbean is really pissed as the third round begins. He basically stands and lets Mero punch him to little effect. Then Butterbean opens up and Mero takes it for a while. They have a pretty good slugfest as the round winds to a close then Butterbean knocks Mero down. The bell rings and Butterbeans gets a bucket of ice water to throw on his opponent. The stats on the screen show Butterbean with a two to one advantage in punches landed. At the beginning of the last round Mero gets knocked down again and decides to use his crotch shot and gets disqualified. Then he hits Butterbean with a ring stool, twice. Mero flees the ring chased by his massive opponent.

Kevin Kelly interviews Dude Love about Steve Austin's match later. He predicts an Austin win.

Goldust and Luna appear in the entryway both dressed in pink. Goldust has white face make-up and a sparkled eye-mask and lipstick. His hair is also pink. He reads a poem reminiscent of Dr. Seuss - complete with references to "Sam I Am" and Green Eggs and Ham. In the midst of his recital Luna decks him and then drags him away by his leash.

Michael Cole interviews the Legion of Doom. He shows clips of their loss of the Tag Titles. They both rant on their opponents this evening (Badd Ass Billy and the Road Dog). Hawk says they are the "equivelent of his and my boogers (referring to his partner)"

The Road Warriors vs. Badd Ass Billy and the Road Dog - Tag Team Title rematch - Jesse James uses his mic time as they approach the ring to refer to their opponents as "Dinosaurs" - LOD leaves the ring and chases them back out through the entryway. They start their entrance again. The LOD chase them out again but this time they run into a phalanx of WWF officials and are turned back. LOD drag them back to the ring and the match begins. Road Dog is in with Animal to start and he isn't up to it. He has to leave the ring and come back in to gain an advantage for about three seconds. Animal is all over him again. James goes out again and gives Hawk the chance to double clothesline both of the Champs. Back in the ring, Hawk is tagged in and continues the assault. This is good strategy because Road Dog is clearly the weak link here. The match goes out to the floor again and Hawk beats up on both his opponents. The Champs are circling the ring then start to leave - but LOD has other ideas. A brawl ensues in the aisle until James fishes an ice chest out from under the ring and brains Hawk with it. Back in the ring, James goes for a pin but can't get it. Billy is tagged in for the first time and picks up where his partner left off. Hawk is taking it now. He almost gets a tag but Billy grabs his tights and prevents it. Shortly thereafter both teams exchange and Animal is creaming the Road Dog again. Suddenly Henry Godwin shows up with a slop bucket and brains Animal with it. Hawk grabs the bucket and returns the favor then starts laying into the competition with it. The result: Billy and the Dog win by disqualification. Cut to commercial (yes, that's what I said...)

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Boot Camp Match - it seems like Hunter is always reffered to by his Internet nickname these days (HHH). The Sarge has put on a little weight since the last time we saw him in the ring. He is my age (49) and looks it but he takes it to HHH right off the bat. He has his riding crop and uses it (this match is no-DQ - no count-out) then drops it and conitnues the assault with his fists. Taking this match would seem to have been a mistake on Hunter's part. The Sarge is dismantling him. He goes for a pin on the floor but the referee seems to be unclear on the rules. He insists they take it back inside. Now Sarge has his belt off and starts lashing HHH with it then uses it to choke him. Slaughter goes for another pin but fails then sets up for the Cobra Clutch. Hunter has done his homework and sits out then kicks Slaughter off. He throws Slaughter hard into the corner and the Sarge tumbles out to the floor. Now it is all HHH as the brawl continues. Slaughter is levered over the railing then tossed back into the ringside area. HHH tries to grab the ring bell but the time keeper fights him for it and gets clobbered. The distraction allows the Sarge to get a shot in but HHH holds the advantage. Back in the ring, HHH has the belt and whips his opponent then chokes him. Sauce for goose and all that... Now he has a chain which he raps around his hand before delivering the haymaker. Still he can't get the pin. HHH gets to his feet and measures his opponent but gets blocked and punched and downed. Now the Sarge has the chain but gets levered out of the ring before he can use it. Hunter rolls him back in then goes to the top. He launches himself but Slaughter gets a boot between them. Both men are groggy - the Sarge can't even get HHH up for a slam. Hunter goes for a vertical suplex but Slaughter reverses it. He goes to the top but is caught and slammed. Hunter slaps on a sleeper. Slaughter goes to his knees and is fading fast. Then he rallies and gets back to his feet. He reverses the hold then slaps on the Cobra Clutch. Chynna gets involved at this point and downs both the Sarge and the referee. She leaves then re-enters with a chair. As she goes to use it - Slaughter throws powder in her eyes. Hunter comes up again and Slaughter grabs another Cobra Clutch. The ref is checking on HHH when Chynna attacks again. Both Slaughter and the ref get it again. Hunter gets to his feet and drops Slaughter face first onto the chair. He takes the pin. This was actually the best match so far, as surprising as that may seem considering the paticipants.

Jeff Jarrett vs. The Undertaker - Jeff Jarrett, who apparently uses Jesse James' tailor, enters telling us what a great wrestler he is. Not to be outdone - The Undertaker turns the lights out on him. On paper this match is a squash but, of course, we know that Kane will show up so all bets are off. Jarrett starts out with a good strategy of hit and move but then gets caught by the throat, slammed into the corner and pummeled. Now it is all UT. He grabs an arm bar and starts ramming his shoulder into Jarrett's. He does his rope walk schtick successfully then continues his assault. Jarret finally gets back on top by attacking his opponent's leg. Once he is charge, he is relentless but he can't sustain it. UT grabs the initiative once again. Then the lights go out and Kane 's music blairs forth. Paul Bearer appears and follows his protege to the ring. Once Kane is in the ring, Jarrett tries to urge him forward but he chokeslams Jarrett instead. The match ends in DQ. Kane slaps his brother and they face off - then Kane and Paul Bearer retreat from the ring, having costs UT the match. The distracted UT is then attacked again by Jarrett who tries to slap on a figure four. Undertaker reaches out and grabs Jarrett's throat. He gets to his feet and executes his chokeslam. Then he leaves. JR is calling this a "shocking turn of events" even though we all knew something like this was bound to happen.

Michael Cole is in the audience with the frequently missing Mark Henry. Henry says he is coming back to the WWF soon (I actually don't remember him ever being in the WWF so far).

Rocky Maivia (w/NOD) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Intercontinental Title match - the build-up for this match lasts about five minutes longer then it should. The crowd chants "Rocky Sucks" as "the Rock" makes his entrance. He is still calling himself the "defending" Champion. Austin is properly introduced as the Champ and then drives his pick-up right to the ring. As he enters the ring, NOD falls on him and pounds him to the mat. The match hasn't yet begun. D-Lo attacks Austin as he gets up but gets slammed into the windshield of the truck - shattering it. Austin delivers the stunner n him atop the truck cab. NOD assaults Austin again on the outside while Maivia keeps the referee busy. Kama tries to use a chair but gets Faarooq instead. Back in the ring Rocky still has the upper hand and Austin still has his vest on. Ausitn still has a lot of fight left in him but Rocky retains his advantage. Meanwhile his NOD cohoorts on the outside are devastated and no help at all. Rocky misses an elbow drop allowing Austin to regain the advantage. Austin turns to fend off a revived Kama, the referee comes up behind him and gets stunned. Rocky has brass knuckles and measures his man but Austin blocks the blow, kicks Rocky is the stomach and gets the Stunner. A second referee administers the count. Austin grabs his belt back and splits while we watch the replays.

Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Shamrock - WWF Title match - we get another 8 minutes or so of build-up for this contest. I'll be surprised if this one doesn't end in a DQ when DX interferes. Shawn starts out strong with a flurry of punches then they separate and start whipping past each other. Shamrock slips in a kick to end that exchange. Michaels backs off to regain his composure. Then they tie up and again Shamrock dominates the action. Michaels falls out of the ring to consult with his gang. Back in the ring he's still having a hard time. Shamrock continues to have the upper hand. He clotheslines Shawn to the floor where HHH and Chynna help him to his feet. Chynna moves away just in time as Shamrock reaches through the ropes and knocks HBK and HHH's heads together. Back in the ring the match is now a little more even. Shamrock ends up out on the floor where HBK catches him with a suicide dive from the top turnbuckle. He is held outside by Shawn's repeated baseball slides - on the third one Shamrock gets out of the way but Chynna shoves him from behind and he smashes into the ringpost. The brawl continues on the outside until Shawn turns and re-enters the ring. HHH deals out some more punishment then rolls Shamrock back inside. Shawn is all over him now. The DX are helping out from the outside and Shamrock is sinking fast. He is still in the fight however and things start to see-saw. Michaels grabs a reverse chinlock and settles in to get his wind back. Eventually Shamrock recovers and things are more even again until Michaels slaps on a sleeper. He forces his opponent to the mat. Shamrock won't allow a pin and then fights back to his feet. He backs into the corner trying to escape and succeeds on the third try. He deals out some heavy shots and HBK is reeling. He almost gets a pin after a powerslam. Next he throws a Hurracanranna and then stops to punch his opponent about the face repeatedly. Michaels regains his feet and positions himself for a Hurrancanranna of his own - only to be powerbombed. They fight some more and Shamrock tumbles out again and is again pummelled by HHH. He is tossed back in then slammed by Michaels. JR is telling us how "nobody delivers this move like Michaels..." as HBK drops a flying elbow off the top ala Randy Savage. HBK sets up for his superkick but misses. Shamrock suplexes him then applies the ankle lock. HHH and Chynna hit the ring and the match is over. The three of them punk Shamrock and toss him out to the floor. Michaels is poised to deliver the coup de gras when he is hit from behind and crashes into one of the broadcast tables. Its Owen Hart! He continues his attack until HHH drives him off - Owen escapes through the crowd. Shawn's nose appears to be broken. Shamrock is declared the winner by DQ, Michaels is still the Champ (of course).

This PPV was better then I expected but not really up to some of their past efforts.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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