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Under the Grapplers' Christmas Trees

Volume 3, Issue 256 - December 22, 1997

Nitro Report

We open with video of Flair getting punked by the nWo on last weeks show. The DDP makes his challange.

Live from Macon, GA. The Nitro Grrrrls are decked out for Christmas as Tony, Mike and Legendary Larry intorduce the program. The crowd starts a "Larry! Larry!" chant as the spiel goes on. Larry promises to take Eric Bischoff a one-way ticket to "Larryland" at Starrcade. We cut to an nWo paid announcement featuring Bischoff addressing Larry Z. I think it is the same one we saw last week. Maybe not - he promises us a special "Holiday Treat" for tonight on Nitro. I think maybe it was the one from last week with some new footage added.

Fit Finley vs. Eddie Guerrero - this should be excellent! Finley is a seasoned grappler with some impressive wins under his belt (including one against Chris Benoit and several over Steve Regal). It can't be a Cruiserweight Title match because Finley is too heavy for that (he runs in the 240 to 245 lbs class). Guerrero starts with a drop-kick to the knee and goes right to work on the leg. But Finley upsets him with a sock to the jaw. Now its all Finley for several moments. He is using his considerable weight advantage to good effect. Then Eddie comes back and the match see-saws. Finley then assumes command - he drags his opponent to the apron and works him over mercilessly. Back in the ring he continues his assault. Then Eddie hits that drop-kick to the knee again. Guerrero climbs to the top but is caught halfway up and superplexed to the mat. Eddie abandons the ring and is counted out as he walks away. Finley is not happy about the ending at all. We see a clip of Kevin Greene battling Steve McMichael before the first break.

We get a video extolling the Giant as we return.

Meng (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Steve McMichael - this is the match we missed last week because of Goldberg's backstage interference. Meng uses a kick to the knee during the first lockup to take the advantage. Momants later Mongo returns the favor with a kick to the gut and turns the tables. He is then flung to the corner and can barely hold his opponent off with repeated boots to the chest and face. He comes out of the corner and gets power-slammed. Mongo comes right back though and now Meng is fending him off. He finally downs him and climbs to the top. He delivers a splash but then pulls Mongo up. The fight goes out to the floor where Mongo is flung into the corner post. Jimmy Hart tries to get in a chair shot but misses. McMichael chases him into the ring and gets cut off by Meng. Hart tosses a wooden chair into the ring and Mongo breaks it over Mengs head. That wakes Meng up but has little effect otherwise. Mongo grabs a steel chair (how that got into the ring I didn't see) and bashes Meng with it as well. Meng seems still unaffected but then walks right into a Tombstone Piledriver set-up. The piledriver does the job and Mongo gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls up on the platform. Tony hawks the Nitro party contest. Cut to Mean Gene in the ring who introduces Diamond Dallas Page. Page wears a "Deck the Halls" t-shirt. He describes himself as "Mr. Christmas" and declares "...thats a shoot." He talks about the decorations on his house and says he expects to win the US Title as his Christmas present this year. He promises Hennig a Diamond Cutter as his present. Cut to commercial.

La Parka/Silver King/Psychosis vs. Juventud Guerrera/Rey Misterio Jr./Hector Garza - the two un-masked men start the match. and are pretty evenly matched. Juventud then comes in and Silver King goes down. He manages to tag in Psychosis who assumes command of the action. He downs his opponent and then taunts Misterio. Guerrera comes back and Psychosis is on the receiving end for a while. La Parka comes in and things start to get confused. Part of it is the Luche Libre rules which allow another wrestler to come in as soon as one of his partners leaves the ring. At one point La Parka sets up his chair on the floor and sits Guerrera down on it then suicide dives onto him. Psychosis and La Parka are on the outside when Garza throws his corkscrew planche and hits the two of them squarely for a change. Moments later Juventud springboards off of Garza and downs La Parka with a planche. In the end Rey Misterio gets his usual springboard Frankensteiner on Silver King to take the pin for his team. Cut to the winning Nitro party video from the University of Chatanooga. Cut to commercial.

Chris Benoit vs. Whoever-substitutes-for-Raven this week - this time its Hammer. This is his debut since joining Raven's flock. Benoit topples the big guy with a drop-kick to the knee right off the bat. Hammer is no match for the "Canadian Crippler" despite his size advantage. The fight goes out to the floor then Benoit allows himself to be distracted by Saturn at ringside. Even so he takes the initiative back once they return to the ring but Hammer finally gets a break and starts using his size advantage. The fight goes out to the floor again and Benoit comes back strong. The flock swarms and Benoit can barely hold them off. Saturn comes off the apron and Benoit goes down. He slaps on the "Rings of Saturn" to subdue the Wolverine. He is thrown back into the ring and punked. Cut to commercial. Interestingly, the first hour is nearly over and we haven't seen the nWo.

I spoke too soon - the nWo mid-carder ranks are chasing the announcers off the dais as we return. Buff Bagwell takes over one of the cameras. He forces the cameraman to don an nWo t-shirt. Rick Rude and Scott Norton are forcing other crew members to do the same. They start removing the WCW insignias from the dais and up on the scaffolding. Backstage Konnan is invading the control room and forcing the shirts on everyone there. It is a hostle takeover of the program taking place before our eyes! They even detach the cast iron "WCW" initials and topple them off the platform. Where is Larry Z? Well, the second hour has begun and presumably he had already left the broadcast position. They continue until they have stripped every vestige of the WCW logo and replaced most of them with nWo plaques and banners. In the ring, Bagwell is menacing Larry Penzer who stands his ground and gets knocked down for his trouble. Bagwell demands that the banners over the ring be replaced - and they are. Cut to a Starrcade commercial.

Bagwell is spray-painting "NWO" on the mat as we return. Some people in the audience are sporting "nWo Nitro" T-shirts. An "nWo Nitro" sign is lowered from the rafters to replace the toppled WCW letters. Now we get to see a new nWo Nitro opening montage. Bischoff rides in on a chopped hog, dismounts and struts to the ring. He "loves" each and every one of us, of course (thanks Eric...) He introduces the entire nWO - including the Outsiders, Hennig, Savage and Hogan. Hogan comes out last and poses on his way to the ring. Eric says they have the Worlds Tag Team Champions in the ring (although I don't see the Steiners there...). He tells Hogan that they have several Christmas gifts for the World Champ but first he dedicates the first edition of nWo Nitro to Hogan. nWo leaflets fall from the rafters as a stranger in an nWo t-shirt rides another Hog (or maybe it is the same one) to the ring. Then a second one with a custom "Hollywood Hogan" paint job is brought out. It has low-boy bars. Next his "Saturday Night" wheels are presented. A black ultra-stretch convertable limo with a hot tub installed!!! The tub is heart shaped and comes with two Nitro Girls. Then Bischoff declares that the program will be three hours long tonight. Cut to commercial.

We see JJ Dillon backstage with Rick Steiner and Ted Dibiasi - he tells them that they aren't obligated to go to the ring, but they opt to go ahead.

Eric, Rude and Nash (I think) are manning the broadcast position as Rick Steiner enters with Dibiasi. We see a video review of Scott Norton punking Stiner on last weeks show. His opponent will be

Rick Steiner (w/Ted Dibiasi) vs. Scott Norton - Steiner takes Norton apart from the get-go but Norton comes back by side stepping a rush into the corner. The fight goes out to the floor where Norton continues his assault with authority. Back in the ring, Rick is still on the receiving end. Steiner finally comes back with a clothesline. They climb the rope and Steiner delivers a superplex (belly-to-belly). Steiner mounts the corner but Konnan jumps onto the apron and shakes him off. Rick is about to get punked but Scott Steiner and Ray Traylor show up and drive off the attackers. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig vs. Disco Inferno - Disco pauses to pick up and then tear an nWo flyer as he approaches the ring. He doesn't seem intimidated. This will be interesting because he has been undefeated since regaining his TV Title. Bischoff refers to Hennig as the "United States Champion of the World..." (yeah right Eric...) As the referee diplays the two belts, Disco grabs them and parades around with them. Hennig seems contemptuous of his opponent. He bulls Disco into the corner and musses his hair. He grabs a headlock then they do a whip move and Disco leapfrogs. Hennig comes up with a flying drop-kick and follows it with a standing version. Disco falls out of the ring and is followed out by Hennig. Back inside Hennig continues his assault. Massive chops in the corner are interrupted by Disco who finally gets in some shots of his own. Hennig meets a rush into the corner with a reverse mule kick and he re-assumes command. He pounds his opponent down and starts raking at his face. Disco is blinded and swatting ineffectively from the mat. Hennig stands him up in the corner and receives a couple of boots to the gut. He absorbs the blows and goes on the offensive again. Disco is still in it and reverses things again. He boots Hennig in the gut again and gets a swinging neck-breaker. Hennig comes back suddenly and gets his Fisherman's suplex to take the pin. No titles were at stake in this one apparently. Cut to commercial.

Bobby Heenan comes out to the broadcast position to "talk business". He cowtows to Bischoff and says he's "got to be with Nitro..." He wants to be considered for a job as announcer...Eric tries to shut him up but he continues to grovel. Rude wants to know if Heenan thinks Sting deserves to have his neck broken - Heenan agrees. They give him Nash's seat as Kevin retreats to the back. Something tells me Bobby may get punked tonight...

Harlem Heat vs. Lodi/Scotty Riggs - talk about a squash match! Lodi can't wrestle at all as far as I can see. Riggs holds the distinction of holding a Championship victory over the Heat (with Bagwell) but I don't see him competing here...with this partner. As the match starts, Bischoff orders Mike Tenay to take his place at the dais and Tenay takes over the commentary. Heenan is still groveling, now towards Rude (he does it so well...) Somehow Riggs has taken the advantage over Booker T in the ring but he can't sustain it. Booker T comes back with his talented feet. Stevie Ray is tagged in then Lodi comes in to get creamed. He shows not one lick of offense. Riggs isn't even trying to get back into the match. Rude is intimidating Tenay into saying that he "enjoyed" the nWo takeover of the program. Riggs has left the apron and retaken his ringside seat!! Lodi is demolished and pinned. Heenan calls the replay with relish. Cut to commercial. It is ten minutes past the second hour so I guess Bischoff was serious about going to three.

Chris Jericho vs. Buff Bagwell - Bagwell starts out with a slap to the face and gets pummeled to the floor in return. On the floor he continues to dominate. Back in the ring he is still on top but then climbs the corner and gets caught there and toppled. Bagwell knocks him off the apron onto the railing then goes out to continue the assault as we cut to commercial.

Bagwell is dominant in the ring as we return. Jericho escapes briefly but is soon under the gun again. Jericho keeps coming back and then getting stopped short. Bagwell slaps on a reverse chin lock and forces Jericho to the mat. Chris escapes again and lands two good drop-kicks but then takes his time following up. Bagwell uses a finger to the eye to re-assert himself. He mounts the corner and misses an elbow drop. Jericho assumes the lead for the first time in the match. He almost gets the pin after a suplex. They both climb the corner and struggle for position. Jericho back flips off the top but Bagwell follows after him with his somersault reverse DDT from the top (I forget what he calls this devastating move) and gets the pin. Then he decks the referee. I have to admit that Bagwell has shown a lot of improvement in recent months. Cut to commercial.

nWo theme music plays and the nWo enters en masse to go to the ring. Bobby and Mike are left alone to do the commentary. Bischff now wears a Santa hat. Eric sings "we wish you a merry Six Pack and a Hollywood New Year" Ne has some more presents for Hogan. He describes a ring which we see up close - it resembles the World Title belt. He presents it to Hogan then says "'s not over yet" They reveal a banner with a picture of Hogan's Sports Illustrated magazine cover (from the late eighties when he still had some hair on top) then another that depicts him choking Sly Stallone in "Rocky III" (Hogan's movie debut). Cut to commercial.

Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) vs. Lex Luger - Savage detours to the broadcast position to help intimidate Mike Tenay before continuing on to the ring. We cut to commercial before Luger makes his entrance.

Luger's music is playing as we return. He glares at the nWo sign on the ramp before going to the ring. Luger stops short in the aisle and invites Savage to come to him. Savage declines so then Luger enters the ring. He downs Savage immediately and goes on the offensive. Savage is getting creamed from the get-go. He finally turns the tables by meeting Lugers rush into the corner with a boot. Savage uses the top rope for leverage as he puts a boot on Luger's throat. It is all Savage now. They go out to the floor where Savage continues to dominate until Luger halts his momentum. He turns the tables and they re-enter the ring. Luger sets up for the Bionic Elbow but Savage sidesteps it and then knocks Luger to the floor where Bagwell is waiting to blindside him. Nash has joined the thugs and they punk Luger in the ring. The ref is still out and has seen none of this. Savage drops the flying elbow and Randy Anderson is revived to make the count. Cut to commercial.

"Voodoo" Chile plays as Hogan and Bischoff go to the ring yet again. Hogan rants against Sting. As he talks a staffer comes to the ring with a rather large package - he hands it to Hogan. Bret Hart rides into the arena in the limo and gets out. He stands in the aisle gazing at Hogan. Hogan opens the package to discover a model of his head!! Sting appears on top of the girders over the platform. He has a zip line and flies toward the ring as we fade to black...

RAW Report

We begin the program with a video review of the destruction of the Road Warriors last week.

It's snowing in the arena as we open the show. We get Degeneration-X's annoying entrance video as the first thing on the card. HHH and HBK are wearing white terry cloth bathrobes. Shawn tells us that DX has a Christmas present for all of us "good little boys and girls". HHH takes the mic to denigrate the LOD. He then turns his ire on Road Dog and Billy. He compares them to a couple of vultures picking the bones of DX's kill for trying to take credit for the Road Warrior's demise (I hope this means that those losers will get punked...) He then states that he intends to face Owen Hart (when is not clear). He makes a disgusting reference to his "pacifier" (I am not going to explain that - ask someone else). Shawn then rants against the Undertaker. He again mentions their special Christmas present - they remove the robes and are wearing some fairly tame boxer shorts. Then they strip those off but their are graphics interposed to cover them up. We can see that they are actually wearing fuzzy white thongs with misletoe pinned strategically. Sgt. Slaughter comes to the ring and tells HHH and HBK that he has surprises for them. He tells Shawn that he has to defend his European Title against an opponent of his (Slaughter's) choosing or will be forced to forfeit (he hasn't defended the Title in over 60 days). HBK is unbowed but agrees to a match. Slaughter then names HHH as his opponent!! HHH confronts Slaughter and makes the mistake of stating that he would win the match. That causes Shawn to jump in and throw down the gauntlet. The match is on for later tonight. This is a very interesting development... Cut to commercial.

Thrasher (w/Mosh) vs. Henry Godwin (w/Phineous) - this one will break down - probably before it really gets started. Right away Phineous grabs Tharashers foot and distracts him so Henry can take the initiative. It doesn't last long as Thrasher gets a boot in between them. Momanets later Phineous enters the ring and causes a disqualification. The Godwins produce belts to whip their rivals with before we cut to a video of the Dude Love's travails at the hands of the New Age Outlaws (as they are nowing being referred to). Mankind is shown sitting on the floor back in the boiler room and he vows revenge in the name of his alter ego. It's still snowing in the arena as we cut to commercial.

We see Steve Austin throw the IC Belt (supposedly, actually it is not clear what he threw) into the river as we return. Then we cut to the ring last week where Santa Clause sits waiting for Sable to show up. A child enters the ring - it looks like a girl but Santa keeps referring to the kid as "little boy". He is rude to the kid and sends him/her away. Steve Austin then comes to the ring and confronts Santa and calls him a fat piece of trash. He relates a story about how when he was 6 and had been a "good little SOB all year". He challanges Santa to tell him what it was that Austin wanted for Christmas that year. Santa makes a bad guess (a Barbie doll and tiddly winks). Austin invites the crowd to express their opinion about whether this is the real Santa. They agree that it isn't - so he stuns Mr. Kringle and then tosses him out of the ring. We cut to the door of DX's dressing room wherein HHH and HBK are arguing loudly. HHH departs with Chynna in tow and we cut to commercial.

Faarooq leads the NOD to the ring. Maivia introduces himself as the "Undisputed Intercontinental Champion" - he and Faarooq seem to be on better terms tonight.

The Undertaker vs. Rocky Maivia (w/NOD) - they don't mention if this is a Title match or not. Of course it should be - UT is certainly a contender if ever there was one. Maivia blindsides the distracted Undertaker at the bell but UT absorbs the blows and takes the iniative. He works on the left arm relentlessly from the get-go. He does his ring-rope walk but Paul Bearer shows up and distracts him again. Kama shakes him off the rope and we go to commercial.

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UT is on the floor being beaten by the thugs as we return. They roll him back into the ring. Maivia takes over the pummeling althought the NOD are still interfering from the outside. UT comes back but takes a rake of his face and loses the advantage right away. Rocky slaps on a shoulder claw hold. UT fights to his feet so Rocky turns him lose and clotheslines him to the mat. Then, as UT rises again - Maivia delivers a low blow. He continues his attack but the Undertaker won't stay down. Moments later UT comes back with a big leg drop onto Maivia's back. Then he delivers a chokeslam followed by the Tombstone as the lights go out. Here comes Kane...

The two face off across the ring as Paul Bearer rants.Kane attacks and the Undertaker seems about to fight back but resists the impulse. Kane pounds on him until UT slumps in a corner. Bearer wishes him "Seasons Beatings" then they depart. Cut to commercial.

We get a video review of what happened before the break. The they show us the confrontation between DX and Sgt. Slaughter.

The second hour begins and first up is...

HHH vs. HBK - European Title Match - these guys both have such monumental egos (HHH with little justification in my opinion) that I can't imagine how they will iron things out. But I am sure they will because DX and SCSA are just about all McMahon has going for him at the moment. Chynna comes down first with the belt, then Shawn. Hunter is making his entrance when Owen Hart jumps him from behind in his best SCSA impression. Slaughter runs in and pulls him off. DX confront Slaughter - accusing him of being in cahoots with Hart. Their personal differences seem to be forgotten for the moment. Slaughter just grins at them - he's loving this. The match is postponed until later. Cut to commercial.

We get a video review of what just happened as we return. Then we switch to some more comments from Mankind (actually a replay of his concluding statement from before). We see Billy and the Dog searching for Mankind (wearing miner's hats with lights on them) - they stumble across a figure in the dark and punk him - the lights are turned on and they discover they have gotten the wrong man.

Marc Mero vs. Scott Taylor - Mero makes a speech before the match - he says he has a special present for his fans (is he going to take off his clothes..?) No, he introduces Sable - or somebody, in a reindeer costume. She disrobes him and then leaves the ring. She removes the head of the costume and stands at ringside. It is Sable. Taylor attacks the distracted Mero and gets a quick two count. Mero recovers his composure and takes control. He keeps talking to her as she is telling him to concentrate on his opponent. Taylor again blindsides him and gets another two count. Mero comes back with the "Total Knockout" to win the match. He chastises Sable then delivers a low blow to the already out of it Taylor. He has Taylor on his shoulders when Tom Brandi hits the ring. Mero is knocked out of the ring and hursts his knee. Sable ignore him and removes the costume to reveal a not-that-revealing Santa outfit. She wishes the crowd a Merry Christmas and departs. Cut to commercial.

HHH is interviewed back in his locker room. Chynna tries to tell him that he has nothing to prove but he doesn't agree.

Kerrgan (w/The Jackel) vs. Eightball (one of the Bruise Brothers) - Eightball goes after the big guy's legs right off the bat but the Interregator just takes it then fights back. The Jackel is ranting at ringside asd Jim Cornette complains about "motormouth managers". Meanwhile Jackel is distracting Eightball so Kerrgan can blindside his opponent. The match ends abruptly when Kerrgan executes a sidewalk slam and gets the pin. Eightball goes after the Jackel and gets gang-banged by the rest of the Truth Commission until Skull chases them away with a 2X4. Cut to more of the Tag Champs looking for Mankind. They still fail to find him. Cut to commercial.

D-Lo Brown (w/NOD) vs. Ken Shamrock - Shamrock attacks the thigh of his opponent with kicks at the beginning of the match. He slaps on an knee submission hold right away but D-lo gets hold of the ropes. D-Lo is obviously out-classed in this one. He puts up little offense and. in fact, seems incapable of defending against Shamrock's submission style attack. Shamrock gets the ankle submission to achieve the win. NOD surrounds the ring as Maivia appears in the aisle and taunts the former UFC Champ. He says that the UFC is full of "has-beens and never-was'" then he offers Shamrock a match at the Royal Rumble for the IC Title. He summons the NOD to leave the ring area with him. I can't believe that Farooq isn't going to get tired of this guy's arrogance.

Shawn Michaels is interviewed in his dressing room. Chynna is there as well trying to defuse the situation but to no avail. Cut to commercial.

The Tag Champs are still looking for Mankind. They find him - or rather he finds them and attacks with a vengance (and a barrel lid). They eventually lock him in a walk-in freezer.

Goldust and Luna enter looking like a Santa's helper (Luna) and a Christmas tree. Luna introduces her man who reads "The Night Before Christmas" for the crowd. Santa shows up in the aisle. Something tells me this isn't Santa either - Vader-claus anyone? It's snowing again. Goldust continues to read until Santa attacks him from behind. It is Vader of course. He poses on the ropes as Goldust and Luna retreat. Cut to commercial.

HHH vs. HBK (2) - I think the biggest question here is will Chynna choose to get involved and if so, on whose side. Chynna enters alone again with both belts this time. Hunter comes next this time. All three are wearing Chynna Syndrom T-shirts. They are wary at the beginning - each pauses to consult with Chynna at ringside before they lock up. Then Michaels lies down in the ring! Hunter starts bouncing back and forth across the ring then finally throws a fake splash and gets the pin. Michaels has given him the Title! DX have sucked us in. Slaughter appears in the aisle with a look of grinning disgust. Michaels pretends to breakdown and makes a speech about how "emotionally draining" the match was - he's lost his smile. HHH says this is the greatest moment of his life and he to pretends to cry. They share a laugh at Slaughter's expense and fail to hear Slaughter ordering a match for the European Title between HHH and Owen Hart for next week. Fade to black.

Under the Grapplers' Christmas Trees

Well, here are the results of our call for Christmas Gift Suggestions for the Stars of the Wrestling Ring. My emailbox overflowed with all the "Wish Lists" you guys sent. My thanks to "Wild Bill" Rawlings for suggesting this feature and to all of those who chose to participate.

From: Allen Duff

From: Nick Koroman

I could go on, but I guess I have to stop somewhere.

From: Heretic

Heretic's note. The talents I leave do not necessarily have to be talent in wrestling. If Hillbilly Jim wants to become a concert pianist, that's fine by me.

From: Felix Smith

From: Scott Braddock

And I need a drink. See ya around....Chris

From: Runnels D

From: Graahound

From: Kevin Brewer

From: Brian VanAllen

From: The White Man

From: Robb Pasco

From: The Warriorman

From: Greeny072

Deranged Clint

From: Troy Williams

TJ Kagey


That's it for this edition. I will be back on Christmas Morning with the Mid-Week Edition. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

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