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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Ultimo Dragon is the New Cruiserweight Champ!

Booker T Takes the TV Title!

Hogan and Sting in a Rematch

...but the match goes past the end of the program

George "the Animal" Steele appears on RAW!

In-Person Report on Starrcade '97

by Andre Hollis

Volume 3, Issue 259 - December 29, 1997

Ervin Griffin's Holiday Greeting

Happy Holidays,

I hope each and everyone of you had a Merry Christmas and are having a safe and Happy New Year!!! Again, I would like to thank everyone that voted on "Out Of Time '97" and hope that you'll vote on "Horror Of War '98" coming soon.

Now, to address ideas that I got from Douglas A. Helm and Tom Renick. Douglas wondered if the Magnum TA/SCSA would have a continuation and Tom gave the idea of having continuous storylines. Well, I have been doing it all along but now I will anounce the Magnum/SCSA feud will have a continuation in conjunction with other "what-if" scenerios. Everyone knows about the upcoming "Harts VS. Andersons" story but I am announcing two another stories to come sometime after that one. One story is an NWA Contenders bout between Chris Benoit and Rick Steamboat and the other will be Magnum/SCSA II subtitled: A Trip To The Bunkhouse.

Finally, I know that it would've happened by the time you read this, but Starrcade '97 is finally here. I am prepared to be dissapointed but just the fact that Sting VS. Hogan is happening at all is enough to get me to watch it!!! By the time you read this, I hope Sting (regardless of what side he's really on) is wearing the strap and Hogan is put out to pasture!!!

Happy New Year Readers,

Ervin V. Griffin, Jr.

Ervin Griffin's "Diary of a Hitman" feature article is ongoing and will be seen again this Thursday in the midweek edition.

In-Person Report on Starrcade '97

by Andre Hollis

Solie's reader and regular Readers' Forum contributor Andre Hollis sends us this first person account of the Starrcade '97 Wrestling card. Thanks Andre!

Thanks to my colleagues in attendance -- Diane "The Queen" Gunther; Jim "The Slim" Gunther and Alex "Latin Heartthrob" Menendez for the great seats in a sky box. Although you could not see any signs from our location, we had all the beer and food we could inhale -- good start for wrestling.

A TON of security all around the ring and the aisles. The announcer tells the crowd not to throw objects or to jump the rails or they will be prosecuted. Good warnings.

6:45 p.m. -- The new MCI Center is packed -- even the nosebleeds are full. Lots of funny signs, e.g., "Hogan fears Rogaine" and "Ray Traylor Jobs for Food" and "Micasa". Hilarious.

A sign of things to come -- Willie the Wildcat is unable to get the Crowd up -- they seem asleep.

Malenko/Guerreo for the Cruiserweight Title. Pop for Malenko and lots of boos for Guerrero. Two outstanding mat wrestlers but, surprisingly, they spend a lot of time lulling the crowd to sleep. Guerrero wins by taking out Malenko's leg and frog-splashes to a three count and retains the Cruiserweight Title.

Scott Hall. Scott Hall comes out to a tremendous crowd reaction. When he first mentions his infamous poll the reaction seems solidly WCW but when he asks " . . . did you come to see the . . ." the crowd really marks out as yells, "N-W-O".

Hall announces that Nash is not present (I later find out that Nash is ill and unable to wrestle). Big boos and further dormancy on the part of the crowd.

The Giant gets moderate pop and huge pop when he choke slams Hall. Hall stumbles out with Norton and Vincent's assistance.

Norton/Vincent/Savage v. Steiners/Traylor. From the start a likely squash in favor of WCW. Lots of tags without any real excitement. You start to hear the cries "Boring !" To everyone's surprise, Savage manages to get the splash and the pin.

Goldberg/Mongo. Goldberg comes out to a surprising small pop. Mongo comes out to big pop and they start to brawl before even getting in the ring ! When Mongo hits the table, everyone starts to chant "ECDub!!!" The only real highlight of the match, IMO. The match is not very sophisticated as the fans begin to yell Goldberg's name and he gets the pin with the piledriver/slam. Again, cries of "boring" and surprisingly, crowd dormancy.

Mean Gene Okerlund with JJ Dillon. JJ Dillon comes out with some crap about the selection of a neutral ref for the Sting/Hogan match. he says that a neutral ref -- Nick Patrick -- has been selected. The crowd groans and senses a screwjob with Patrick returning to the NWO.

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Benoit/Saturn. Did I miss something ? Was this to be a no-DQ match ? If so, no one told the crowd ! Before either Raven or Benoit come out, the crowd jumps on the flock and yells, "LODI sucks " to his obvious dismay. Raven comes out but, as a web smart, I know that he is not wrestling. He rants and appoints Saturn his substitute. Benoit comes out to huge pop but misquotes Raven ("Quote the Crippler no more" (sic)).

Benoit's chops are fierce -- we can hear them clearly even in the sky box ! Suddenly, however, Kidman and the others are punking Benoit without mercy AND, SHOCKINGLY, WITHOUT THE REFEREE DQ'ING SATURN. Needless to say, Benoit puts up a valiant fight but gets punked in the end when the ref signals for the bell while Benoit is in the Rings of Saturn. The crowd is confused and DEFINITELY dispirited by the poor booking.

Buff Bagwell/Lugar. Both get big pop. Lugar puzzles me. For a man with such impressive physical ability and potential -- the fact that he is mid-carding the "Granddaddy of 'em all -- if you weeeel" -- is mysterious. Buff gets big pop too -- he has progressed far this year and is my vote for "Comeback wrestler of the year".

Not much to say other that what you saw or have seen written -- the crowd was further dispirited by the BS ending when Norton knocks Lugar out with one swipe. Poor booking. As Hennig comes out for the next match -- they hurry Lugar out of Hennig's limelight.

Bischoff/Zybysko with Brett Hart as the Referee. Big match. Everyone is more attentive since the ratings fiasco of last Monday night leaves many of us speculating whether there will be an NWO Nitro.

Hart comes out to BIG pop. He seems pleased to receive such a reaction from the crowd although it also is WWF territory and he is well known.

Bischoff comes out to huge boos. Yeah, he may be truly deserving of accolades for his marketing acumen, but he needs to stay out of the ring -- he looks scrawnier than "Iron" (sorry, Blasse) Mike Tenay.

Larry Z comes out to big pop. He looks good for someone out of the ring for so long and at his age.

The initial pushes and altercations that Larry has with Hart leave the crowd confused -- I heard many children (there were tons there -- that is another issue for another post) who were chanting "Brett Hart sucks" -- probably what they heard from their parents.

As everyone saw, Hall places the "international object" into Bischoff's foot pad. When the device goes flying into the crowd, a lucky fan stands up with it and a huge security guard comes and takes it away to the crowd's boos.

When Hall comes in and gets dropped and the Sharpshooter, the crowd goes crazy. Brett Hart is WCW ! But -- Larry Z NEVER PINS EB OR GETS HIM TO SUBMIT. What does this mean ? The crowd returns to sleep.

DDP/Hennig for the U.S. Title. Hennig comes out to moderate pop and Flair signs. DDP gets HUGE pop. It is truly remarkable how much he is over with the crowd.

For the first time of the night, the crowd seems into a match. When DDP Diamond Cuts Hennig, everyone expects a screwjob. When Page wins, the place truly goes nuts !!!!!! DDP races up through the crowd with the title and a phalanx of security.

Sting/Hogan for the World Title. The BIG Match. Everyone wakes up and stands. To my surprise and an indicator of who might win, Hogan comes out first even though he holds the title. He plays the guitar a little, poses and has an interesting conversation with Patrick.

They spend the next 60-90 seconds doing a laser light show (remember the Nitro with the vulture) and the young kid's voice on Sting. Unappealing. Finally, Sting walks down the aisle to MONSTER pop. The crowd is truly over and chants "Hogan Sucks !!!"

The match see saws. When Sting gives the crotch shot to my shock, the crowd goes crazy. Some people start chanting "Degeneration X".

Suddenly the end occurs quickly. Patrick seems to count three times but Sting's shoulder might have been up (I will let those with VCR's tell me). Hart runs out and screams "I won't let [a ref screwing someone] happen again. Hart chases Patrick off and signals for the match to continue. Everyone is asking -- what is going on and why is Hart [who is not a ref] out here when all the WCW wrestlers are sitting fifty feet down the aisle ? Again - - poor booking, IMO.

Sting gets the Splash and puts on the Scorpion after knocking Norton and Buff out (why could Lugar do the same thing ?). Hart signals that Hogan gave up (It will be interesting to see if Hogan claims that he did not give up and got screwed by the ref).

The place goes upside down. All the WCW wrestlers (including Alex Wright -- I hope that he is OK) come out. The TV goes black but Sting stays in the ring with a couple of Luchadores and climbs each buckle, shows the belt and yells the Stinger scream. Everyone leaves, to my further disappointment, with no dark matches.

I go down and have confirmed that Hall was ill. To my further disappointment, I am told by WCW staff that my friend Alan Sharp, the Director of Marketing and all the wrestlers are leaving immediately for Baltimore and the Monday Nitro show. Alas, no opportunity to talk with them at their hotels.

In sum, I grade Starcade 1997 a B-. WCW books by the seat of their pants and paid for it tonight. Instead of making up for a, presumably, real illness that Nash had, by substituting, say, the Heat or the Luchas (all of whom were present), they simply acted as if it did not matter. The Booking of the Benoit/Saturn, Norton-Vincent-Savage/Steiners-Traylor match, Buff/Lugar and Bischoff/Zybysko were poor, IMO. On the other hand, the Sting/Hogan match -- APPARENTLY -- ended with Hogan doing the job and Hart aligning himself with WCW -- all major highlights for any fed. It remains to be seen what happens with the Monday and Thursday shows or with the question of who possesses the World Title since Hart was not a legit referee.

This is not my first live show nor will it be my last but, unfortunately, I have been to better.

Nitro Report

Live from Baltimore, MD.

Tony welcomes us to "WCW Nitro" - all of the nWo stuff is gone. The Nitro Grrrls are in the ring and they are getting ready to introduce Larry Zbyzsco. He strides out onto the platform amidst the Grrrls (who have moved up there) then makes his way to the broadcast position. Larry says he's ready to take on Scott Hall on the Souled Out PPV (I made that mistake last night - it's not going to be at SuperBrawl).

Glacier vs. Goldberg - Glacier comes to the ring under a chorus of "boos". Goldberg is still sporting a scar on his forehead from last night's slugfest and he makes short work of the martial arts master. Glacier suffers his third ever loss in the ring. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene introduces Bret Hart. Hart is not dressed to wrestle. Gene asserts that the Hitman is definitely shown himself to be with WCW. Hart doesn't dispute that and states that yesterday was an example of justice prevailing and goes on to call the nWo "scum" and other not nice things. He says he looks forward to "satisfying all the WCW fans" and wrestling such as the Giant, Lex Luger and Sting. He calls himself the "Excellence of Execution" and repeats his " there is..." tag line. He challanges the nWo as well, including Nash, Hall - and particularly Hulk Hogan.

Raven is sitting ringside. He rants about Chris Benoit - calls him a "masochist" and says he must have serious mental problems. He sends Hammer to do his dirty work.

Hammer vs. Chris Benoit - Benoit comes to ringside and launches himself over the railing right into the midst of the Flock. They eject him and Hammer drags him into the ring. Hammer is such a poor performer that Benoit has to help him complete a super-plex. Moments later he moves out of the way of the Hammer (who hangs himself up in the corner) and then slaps on the Crippler Cross-face. The Flock swarms as usual but this time Mongo McMichaels comes to the rescue. Together they demolish the Flock. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene introduces Ric Flair. Flair congratulates Diamond Dallas Page on his win last night. He then congratulates Sting on his victory and gives Bret Hart his due for his actions last night. He is a bit put out that Bret didn't mention him in his list of guys he wanted to wrestle. He pulls a newspaper clipping from the Baltimore Sun in which Dave Melcher calls Flair "the greatest wrestler ever".

Ultimo Dragon vs. Eddie Guerrero - Cruiserweight Title match - Guerrero attacks the Dragon from behind as he makes his entrance. He drags him to the ring and the match is on. The Dragon attempts a come-back moments later but Eddie seems to have his number. But no...the Dragon turns right around and slaps on a Dragon Sleeper to get the win. Ultimo Dragon is the new Cruiserweight Champ! Cut to commercial.

"VooDoo Chile" plays and Eric Bischoff appears on the platform with Hollywood Hogan. They are strutting but it seems kind of hollow. It's strange to see Hogan without the belt. The announcers are saying that Patrick's count was "quick" last night. Hogan uses a parody of Bret Hart's tag line to say that "the way it was, the way it is and the way it will be..." is that he is the man. Hogan says that Nick Patrick was supposed to have been the only referee for his match last night and plays a tape of JJ Dillon revealing the selection of Patrick. They show stills of Bret Hart interfering in the match. Then they show tape of Hart decking the ref. Hogan seems to be losing his voice as he rants on. He says that he and Bischoff are open to suggestions about how WCW can "save face" and call on Dillon to "fix it". Cut to commercial.

Tony is starting to explain that it will be a two man broadcast tonight because of the actions of Bobby Heenan last week when the devil himself walks up and assumes his place at the table. Heenan says he did what he did for WCW (dream on Weasil boy...)

Nitro Grrrls invade the booth as Tony hawks the Nitro Party Contest.

Mortis (w/James Vandenberg) vs. Diamond Dallas Page - US Title match - DDP sports the Title belt for the first time tonight. Page comes on very aggressively but so does his opponent. He goes for a Diamond Cutter almost immediatly but Mortis slips away. Meanwhile, in the booth, the announcers are showing some disunity as Tony points out that he was the only one who didn't come back out after the nWo took over last week. Tenay says he was "forced" to stay by the nWo. In the ring Mortis has taken the advantage and is dishing it out pretty severely. He puts DDP into a fireman's carry is preparation for a Flatliner - but DDP turns it into Diamond Cutter, decks Vandenberg and retains his Title. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene w/JJ Dillon. Dillon thanks Larry Z for his action last night and then says that the World Title decision will stand. He says he saw Sting after Bischoff's statement and the new Champion is willing to put the Title on the line tonight!!

Disco Inferno vs. Booker T - TV Title match - it was surprising to me that Disco wasn't scheduled to defend his title last night. Disco and then Booker make there entrances before we go to commercial.

This match looks pretty one-sided on paper but Disco has surprised us a few times lately. As expected he doesn't fare that well in the opening moments. Booker T greatly outweighs the champ in size and talent. He does appear to be underestimating his opponent however...and that could be a mistake. It is - Disco catches Booker T's neck on the top rope then takes over. He is surprisingly aggressive - even taking things out to the floor and holding onto the advantage. Back in the ring he goes to a reverse chinlock - Booker escapes but Disco drops his opponent knee to the gut. He goes back to the reverse chinlock but Booker T struggles to his feet. Disco slips in a swinging neckbreaker. They criss-cross and Booker comes back with a flying forearm smash. Now it is all Booker T and it looks like he will finish off the Champ. Not surprisingly he does. Booker T is the new TV Champ!

Mean Gene with JJ again. Dillon says he hasn't had a response from the nWo yet. Bischoff shows up and threatens Dillon with bodily harm (actually, he says "Dillon you're mine")...then accepts the match with Sting for Hollywood Hogan. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) vs. Chris Jericho - Rude has shaved his mustache (maybe he did it earlier and I just didn't notice). Both men approach this match somewhat cautiously but soon it breaks lose and Hennig is forced to the outside. Back in the ring Hennig takes the advantage with some heavy chops. Then Jericho reverses the field and gets in some chops (and a kick and a slam) of his own. He rushes Hennig in the corner and pays the price for his over-confidence. He recovers from that move and escapes a reverse chinlock via a jawbreaker. He tries to throw his moonsault off the second rope but fails to get flipped over and crashes back-first into Hennig's knees (ouch!!) Hennig finishes him off with the Fisherman's suplex. Jericho grabs a chair out from under the ring announcer and throws a tantrum after the match as Hennig strolls away vowing to get DDP. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls on the platform then more nWo music. Scott Hall comes out with his bogus Title belt. He's also wearing an nWo stocking cap and "crew" t-shirt. I can't figure out what this guy has to celibrate considering what happened to him last night at the hands of the Giant (and others). He tries his survey yet again and pretends to enjoy the results - the reaction is noticably tepid. Cut to commercial.

We come back to a Nitro Party Tape.

Buff Bagwell (w/Scott Norton) vs. Lex Luger - what again..? This feud is really getting old... To start off Norton gets involved and allows Buff to take the advantage. Moments later Luger is out on the floor and Norton batters him again. Back in the ring Bagwell keeps the pressure on. He then throws Luger out to Norton's waiting arms yet again. Back in the ring again, Bagwell goes for a Sunset Flip but Luger ducks him. Norton tries to interfere yet again but Luger knocks him off the apron then racks Bagwell and finally gets a win over the Buff man. I don't know why they couldn't have let this happen last night Luger leaves the ring area throwing a challange toward Randy Savage - "...your next on my list Macho Man!" Cut to commercial.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Sting - WCW World Title match - Michael Buffer is conveniently on hand to announce this match (oh yeah...he just happened to be in the building...) Hogan makes the first entrance - as the challanger should on his own. Randy Anderson is the referee for this one. The lights go out and Sting makes his entrance. Hogan attacks as Sting flies into the ring. The Title belt is cleaned off again and Hogan uses it to...well, belt his opponent. Hogan is a man possessed as he flails away at the Champion. Sting has shown no offense do far. Then he recovers and does some flailing of his own. Hogan is knocked out of the ring. Sting follows and uses the railing as a weapon on the former champ. Back in thering he continues his attack. Hogan is reeling until he gets a finger to the eye. He goes to the eyes a second time and then bulls his opponent into the corner. He chops wildly then hits Sting with a running clothesline. Then his trademark boot to the face. He goes for the pin - no cigar. Sting recovers and downs Hogan. Hogan keeps going for the eyes. He slams the Champ and tries to drop the leg but misses. Sting throws a Stinger splash then flings Hogan to the opposite corner. He tries it again but Anderson gets between them and is down. Suddenly Tony yells "...we're out of time" and we fade to black...

Give me a major break!! For weeks the program goes 25 minutes past the hour or even to a full three hours but now - when Sting and Hogan are at the crucial point in their rematch...they bail on us!!

To quote Jim Ross..."this is crap!!!"

RAW Report

The program begins with a video review of the European Title match from last weeks show. They hype the match tonight wherein Owen Hart will challange HHH for his ill-gotten title.

Live from the Nassau Coloseum in Uniondale, Long Island - Jim Cornette and Kevin Kelly are the hosts.

The artist formerly known as Goldust vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Dustin comes out in a baby outfit complete with diaper and giant baby bottle. He takes the mic and throws his hat into the Royal Rumble ring. He then disputes Austin's claim to be the toughest SOB in the WWF - says he (Goldust) is... Stone Cold runs him out of the ring. I see now that Goldust is dressed as baby 1998 - I hadn't noticed before because I was so shocked at his appearance. Austin gets the mic and says he's not going to wrestle Goldust, but has surprise for him. A black shrouded box descends from the ceiling as Austin tells Goldust in so many words that he "sucks". He is impatient with the technician who is trying to unwrap the "present". It turns out to be a Porta-Potty with a "crapper 3:16" sign on the door. As Austin rants, Goldust slinks around to the other side - but his sneak attack is foiled when Austin slams the door open in his face. Austin beats on Goldust then shoves him into the commode. Goldust comes out and walks right into the Stunner. Austin puts him back in the crapper then tips it over and stands on it to rant some more. There is a mysterious crate on the corner of the ramp. We see a teaser concerning Mike Tyson before we cut to commercial. Toilet jokes and Mike Tyson...yup - its the WWF...

Los Borecuas vs. Disciples Of Apocolypse - wait...have we seen this match before..? They show us incidents from July and October - I guess we have at that... DOA arrive on their motorcycles. The Puerto Ricans dive onto them and the melee is on. This is a Long Island Brawl - meaning that it is no DQ all in at once 6-man match. We are informed that Kane has run Crush out of the WWF so there are only three Disciples now - but four Boring-guys around the ringside area. The match is just as billed - basically a pier six brawl. The Borecuas use their one man advantage to no effect as the DOA run away with it in the end (you didn't really expect me to try and describe that match did you?)

HHH and Chynna are in the ring as we return. Helmsley is on crutches and has his leg in a cast. He informs us that he can't wrestle tonight because he dislocated his knee-cap in a match last night. He then taunts the Undertaker - saying that Shawn is at home with a fever so he won't appear either. The lights go out and the Undertaker's music plays. Several shrouded figures wheel a coffin down the ramp with a good deal of difficulty. They position it next to the ring. Hunter rants some more then the casket is opened and Shawn Michaels pops out (did you see this coming a mile away too..?) Michaels has the mic and rants about not coming down with any Bimbos. He then introduces the two newest members of DX - Chynna's breasts! (Has she gotten a boob job? I believe she has...) Michaels goes on ranting about the Undertaker and their coming match. He plays sexual games with Chynna - making a joke about addressing her chest instead of face. His ususal moronic stuff... You know - I enjoy Bevis and Butthead - but these guys don't strike me as funny at all... maybe its because the MTCV boys are such total losers and these guys really aren't...

Sgt. Slaughter comes down and excuses HHH then orders Michaels to face Owen Hart for the WWF Championship on tonight's program!

The NOD (minus the Rock) have entered the ring as we return. It will be Kama Mustapha vs. Ken Shamrock - this should be good. Kama is formidible and a giant besides. He towers over his opponent. But Shamrock cuts him down to size with an ankle submission hold almost immediately. Kama gets to the ropes to escape. Jim Ross has joined the commentators, and Michael Cole I think - Jim Cornette is gone. JR is teasing the Tyson story again. In the ring Kama goes for a kick to the face while D'Lo holds Shamrock but D'Lo takes the shot instead. Moments later Shamrock gets his submission hold in the center of the ring and wins it. Rocky Maivia interrupts Shamrock's music to rant about Social Security then offers Shamrock a match with Faarooq. Faarooq looks surprised and not at all happy. The "Rock" then summons the troups to follow him out of the arena. Faarooq goes grudgingly - this is going to be ugly when it unfolds...

We get another editorial from Vince McMahon as we return - its a New Years message.

The King and his son are in the ring to face Taka Michinoku and a mystery partner. Lawler says that he has found out that Brian Christopher is really Jim Ross' son... Taka comes to the ring and then is joined by his partner...George "the Animal" Steele!! He looks the same as ever and is doing the same act (Steele is a college wrestling coach in real life). This match could have been pretty good but Lawler and his progeny manage to keep Steele out of the ring for most of it. Lawler starts using a weapon so the "Animal" pulls out his trusty comb and gets DQ'd. After some ringside antics he chases the referee up the ramp. They continue to hype the Tyson story (whatever it is) and we see the mysterious crate again - it's starting to move...

The second hour begins with a burst of pyro. Lawler has joined the broadcast team now. JR keeps saying they are going to tell us "more" about the Tyson story (so far all they've done is say his name...)

Road Dog (w/Billy Gunn) vs. Mankind - Dude Love makes an appearance on the TitanTron then morphs into his alter-ego Mankind. Billy and the Dog are wearing Hockey outfits and carrying Hokey sticks. Foley rants as Mankind then morphs into Cactus Jack. Jack goes to the ring with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed-wire. He tries to attack both guys at once but they knock the bat out of his hand. They drag him back into the ring and break a hockey stick over his head. He comes right back though and takes the advantage immediately. The fight goes back outside and he is caught between the two New Age Outlaws - they can't seem to get their hands on him though. He knocks the bat out of Billy's hand but finally the Dog gets him with a chair from behind. The brawl heads up the ramp where Jack again takes the initiative. He keeps talking about someone named "Chainsaw Charlie". He runs Billy into the box on the ramp. Suddenly we hear an engine roar and whoever is inside the box starts cutting himself a door...with a chainsaw!! It is "Chainsaw Charlie"!! Togther Jack and the Chainsaw man chase the Outlaws back down to the ring and surriound them. Charlie decides to try and cut down the ringpost as the Outlaws escape around the other side of the ring. That was fun...

It's time for Sable's weekly appearance. She pretends to try and hold her robe together as she jiggles to the ring. She wants give us a preview of what people can expect to see in the upcoming issue of RAW magazine. Marc Mero comes down with a chair to break it up. He starts ranting at his wife about wanting to "see the show", then when Kevin Kelly tries to calm him down he gives the announcer a crotch shot! He starts to menace Sable until Tom Brandi shows up to help the lady. He runs Mero off and starts to escort Sable out of the ring. Mero comes back and hits him with the chair he brought to the ring. As they hype the coming World Title match we watch "7 angry men" come to the ring. These are the guys that Ross has been saying are planning to gang up on Kane - all of them have been his victims in the last few weeks. Chainz, Skull, Eightball and Flash Funk are among the group. I'll tell you the rest when we return from this commercial.

Chainz has the mic and challanges Kane to come down. One of Christophers Light Heavyweight opponents is also there and the Headbangers in jeans. Kane come right down followed by the Undertaker. They all face off then the melee erupts and UT fights next to his brother as they clear the ring!! Then he leaves the ring and pauses to reiterate his vow not to ever fight against Kane ("I'll burn in Hell first...") Cut to commercial.

Michael Cole is with the Outlaws backstage. They are in quite a state over Chainsaw Charlie. He comes busting in through the door with Cactus Jack to break up the interview.

Jim Cornette delivers one of his editorials - this one mostly rails against the WWF. He calls the Titan management a bunch of New York Yankees who don't know about wrestling. He aims a few gibes at WCW, Eric Bischoff and the Internet but mostly he attacks the WWF management and vows to bring in some "real wrestling" as his New Years Resolution. JR teases the Tyson story again and we cut to commercial.

JR is about to spill the beans about Tyson but Sunny interrupts to shake her booty. JR finally tells us that the WWF is in negotiations for Tyson to appear at Wrestlemania XIII in March. In other words, he may show up and wave to the crowd...

Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels - WWF Title match - Shawn comes down to his annoying video monatge - which is cut short when Owen tackles him in the aisle. Owen pummels him then suplexes him on the steel ramp. He drags him into the ring and continues his assault. Michaels tries to come back but gets levered out of the ring to the floor. Owen follows him out and delivers a European forearm uppercut as we cut to commercial.

Owen still has the upper hand as we return. Michaels can't seem to get anything going. Chynna has to get involved to get him back into it. Michaels knocks the challenger of the apron onto the railing. Now it is all Michaels. He gets a piledriver then goes for a pin but fails. Owen tries to come back but runs right into a DDT. Michaels slaps on a sleeper as Owen fights back to his feet. Owen runs him into the corner but Michaels is right back on him. They go through that routine a second time but this time Owen turns it into a suplex - both guys are down. Owen recovers first and gets a series of high impact blows. But he can't pin the Champ despite numerous attempts. Michaels has a brief flurry then Owen comes back with an insigurie and would have the pin but HHH shows up and attacks him with his crutches. We fade to black as the thugs go to work on Owen...

Well both programs went all out tonight - the Title match we just saw was too short and the Tyson thing was just stupid. On the other hand, WCW didn't exactly give us much to write home about with their Title bout either.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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