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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Monday Night Wars Edition

WCW House Show Report

by KAB

Volume 3, Issue 266 - January 19, 1998

WCW House Show Report

(Shreveport LA)

Sunday Jan. 18


One note before the matches begin. Hirsch Coliseum is packed and people are pumped. This town has always supported wrestling and appears ready for action.

Ernest Miller vs. Brad Armstrong - Miller finally connects with his big kick off the top rope. Armstrong is history.

Miller gets the pin.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Dave Taylor - Hacksaw has always received big pop in Shreveport. He used to be a regular in Shreveport Mid-South days. Duggan wears Taylor down with relentless attack. Duggan dives at Taylor and connects with a big fist and the 1..2..3. Duggan is the winner.

Chris Jericho defeats Juventud Guerrera. - Juventud goes for a high risk move several minutes into the match. Jericho counters the move and catches him in position to apply the Lion Tamer. Jericho wins.

Scott Hall does his "Hey Yo" survey. It truly is about 50-50 so he chalks up another one for the "good guys."

Scott Hall vs. The Giant - Hall grabs the mike and tells the crowd that the Giant can't touch him due to a legal stipulation he agreed to at Nitro last week. The Giant shows and reminds Hall that the stipulation only applies to Kevin Nash. Hall attacks the Giant as he steps over the top rope. He knocks the Giant down and pounds on him. Hall gets up to strut a little. The Giant springs to his feet and grabs Hall by the neck. Choke Slam it's done in about a total of 3 minutes!

Chris Benoit vs. Scotty Riggs - Good matchup. Both have their moments but in the end "Crippler Crossface". nuff said. Winner Chis Benoit.

Booker T. vs. Meng for the T.V. Title (shouldn't this be on TV? - ha) - Another good match. Meng goes for a powerbomb but Booker T. slides down his back and rolls Meng over for the pin and the 1..2..3. Booker T. retains the title.

Diamond Dallas Paige vs. Buff Bagwell for the U.S. Heavyweight Title - Buff gets frustrated with the crowd chanting D.D.P. He grabs the mike and threatens to come up into the crowd and kick people's a** is they don't stop cheering for DDP. DDP later grabs Buff by the trunks and exposes Buff rear. The ladies in the crowd love this move. In the real end though, Diamond Cutter Bang! DDP retains the title.

Good time had by all except for several intoxicated people in the parking lots afterwards who either thought they were DDP or some member of the NWO.

KAB is a regular contributor to the Readers' Forum.

Nitro Report

Live from the SuperDome in New Orleans, LA. Tony Shiavone, Legendary Larry and Mike Tenay welcome us to the program.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rick Martel - this should be good - to very talented veteran wrestlers - Eddie jumps right on his opponent as he comes into the ring. Martel takes it for a moment then turns it around in the corner. He press slams Guerrero who then rolls out to the floor. Martel declines to follow him out. Back inside Guerrero walks into an armdrag. Eddie stops to complain of a non-existent hair pull then uses the referee to screen a cheap shot and takes the advantage. Now it is all Guerrero who is relentless. He makes a mistake however - during an offensive flurry he throws himself into Martel's arms. Martel powerbombs him then turns him over for the Boston Crab and gets the submission. Cut to commercial.

We come back to video clips of the main event from last Thursday - Savage is losing it - the nWo seems in dissarray. Luger lays waste to them as they fight among themselves. Later a melee erupts with the Giant and Sting coming in to help out.

"Voodoo Child" plays (I looked this up over the weekend and both "Voodoo Child" and "Voodoo Chile" are correct according to BMI - "Voodoo Chili" is not :-) and Hollywood Hogan comes to the ring accompanied by Eric Bischoff. Eric has a baseball bat - he says it's Sting's weapon. He presents it to Hogan. Hogan rants about the supposed internal strife within the nWo. He says that everyone is in line now and he will enforce order with the bat. He still claims to be the "real" World Champ, of course. He rants some about the Giant - says he'll beat him tonight. He poses. Cut to commercial.

Marty Jannetty vs. Chris Benoit - Benoit goes right into his usual buzzsaw routine but Jannetty out maneuvers him and gets a superkick in. Jannetty holds the cards for the next several exchanges then Benoit's afterburners kick in. A snap suplex puts Jannetty on the receiving end. Jannetty stays in it but Benoit is gaining ground on attitude alone. But then Jannetty starts to turn it around until suddenly Benoit slaps on his Crippler Crossface. About this time Raven and his thugs show up. They swarm into the ring and have Benoit down but then Jannetty comes back to help - between the two of them they drive the intruders off. Benoit stands with Lodi writhing at his feet as we cut to commercial.

Jerry Flynn vs. Ernest Miller - Martial Arts wrestling match - Flynn dominates the early going with his combination wrestling/martial arts attack then Miller turns it around. Both are using some good wrestling maneuvers though Flynn is clearly more comfortable in that arena. Miller is showing more finess as a martial artist ans slowly begins to assume control. He wins it with his usual round kick off the top turnbuckle. Cut to Nitro Grrrrls... Tony hawks the Nitro Party Contest.

nWo music ushers in Scott Hall - wearing his two Tag Team belts (one is bogus). He pulls one off as goes up the aisle (the bogus one I think). He conducts his survey and pretends to like the results. He then starts ranting at Larry Z. He accuses Larry of causing the AWA to go out of business. The Legendary one starts toward the ring as we cut to commercial.

Buff Bagwell/Konnan (w/Vincent) vs. The Steiner Brothers (w/Ted Dibiasi) - Bagwell starts with Scotty who takes his opponent apart after the first exchange. Konnan comes in and gets the same treatment. Bagwell is in again and has some more luck this time but still can't help being overwhelmed. Konnan finally has to interfere from the apron to turn the tables. Scotty tumbles out but Rick comes around and saves his bacon. Back in the ring, Scott is in trouble for the first time in the match. Still he fights them off and has the match under control again. Rick is asking for the tag but his brother is ignoring him. He finishes the match on his own. Dibiasi confronts him in the ring after the win but Scott tells him to back off. He spins around and goes noew-to-nose with Rick. Neither says anything and then Scott leaves the ring and retreats up the aislt. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene introduces the Giant who promises Hogan a chokeslam tonight. Hogan and Nash (with coffee cup in hand) come down and Nash gets in his face. Savage runs down as well and Hogan has to hold him off with the bat. Hogan thinks he's got things under control so he turns around but Savage shoves him from behind. They disappear from view as Nash continues to taunt the Giant. Hogan is back with the bat and sneaking up behind the Giant. Nash throws his coffee in the Giant's face again then Hogan attacks with the bat. Sting runs in and puts the Deathdrop on Hogan then sticks around to pump the Giant up as we cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls...

Mortis (w/James Vandenberg) vs. Booker T - TV Title match - we haven't seen Mortis in a while - I wonder what ever happened to Wrath? Tony tells us that Nitro will go to three hours next week. Booker T seems to have his opponents number in the early going. Mortis can't seem to hold onto an advantage until Booker launches himself onto the top rope and hurts himself. Mortis keeps the pressure on with high impact moves and seems to have it in hand until he sets his opponent on the top rope and goes for a Frankensteiner. Booker upsets it and turns it into a super-powerbomb. He gets the Harlem Hangover to retain his title. Wrath (there he is...) runs in and blindsides the Champ then puts him down with his Death Penalty finisher. Rick Martel runs in and gets between them. Wrath backs away and leaves. Booker thanks his rescuer who asks for a title shot at Souled Out. Booker says "...set it up and you got it." Cut to commercial.

We're back and so is Mean Gene - he brings Ric Flair to the ring. Flair "whooos" his way through the interview as usual. He starts to call himself "the best" when Bret Hart shows up and Flair moves to the apron. Hart re-iterates his respect for Flair and calls Ric one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He says he knows that this coming match is his chance to make his reputation in WCW. Flair comes back and invites Hart to admit that he (Flair) is the best. Bret says that Ric will "...wake up Sunday morning with those words ringing..." in his ears. Cut to commercial.

We come back for video on Chris Jericho's attack on Rey Misterio Jr. Rey went on to win the Cruiserweight Title on Thunder.

Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera - no speeches from Jericho tonight. He greatly outweighs his opponent but Guerrera gets the best of him early on. Jericho eventually uses his size advantage to turn it around - the match see-saws. The Juvi launches himself shoulder first into the ringpost but comes right back with a flying move then gets a spinwheel kick from the top. Moments later Jericho sidesteps his opponent who tumbles to the floor. Juvi gets pearl harbored coming back in then tries to throw a Frankensteiner. Jericho wins the same way as Martel did earlier. Jericho holds onto the Crab a little too long. He lets it go and then makes a fake apology - Juvi's not buying it and starts to leave but gets attacked from behind. Jericho is pummeling him when Rey Jr. shows up. Together they flatten the bigger man. Cut to commercial.

We return to a fan's Nitro Party Video - for a change it is a man and his kids rather then a Frat Brawl.

Scott Hall vs. Lex Luger - this is the first of two main events. Hall flicks his toothpick and gets a slap in the face for his trouble. They lock up and Luger shoves his opponent off easily. Hall comes back and goes to work on Luger's left arm - but Luger reverses things and does a little arm work of his own. Now Hall wants a test of strength. He suckers Luger in and puts a boot into the midsection. He grabs onto a surfboard. Lugger tries to power out but Hall knees him in the solar plexus and holds onto it. Luger powers out and reverses the move and Hall goes to the ropes. Hall maneuvers the referee out of position then slips in a low blow. Luger in on the mat and Hall is stomping him in the midsection. Luger comes to his feet and gets whipped. Hall grabs a sleeper. Luger throws him off and reverses the hold. Hall levers him onto the top rope to escape but Luger comes right back and now he's on a tear. He clotheslines him, gets the flying forearm then starts to rack him. Savage runs in and breaks that up. Luger holds them both off for a moment but then succombs. They dump Luger out of the ring then Larry Zbyszco runs in and gets punked. Luger rescues him by coming back in with a chair. Cut to commercial.

Hollywood Hogan vs the Giant - Michael Buffer is on hand to do the introductions. The Giant comes down first then Hogan and Bischoff. Bischoff is calling for time out and pointing to Hogan who wears a neck brace. Bischoff grabs the mic and tells us that Hogan is not able to wrestle tonight because of the attack earlier. As he is talking, the Giant reaches down and suplexes Hogan into the ring. The bell rings and the match is on. Hogan is getting creamed in no time. Nash shows up at ringside. Hogan takes it in the corner then stumbles out to the floor. The Giant follows him out to the aisle. He presses him over his head then tosses Hogan back over the top rope. Back in the ring he executes a neck breaker. He continues to work on the neck until he is distracted by Nash. Hogan attacks from behind then Nash snaps the Giant's neck off the rope. Now it's all Hogan. The Giant is pummeled in the corner then Hogan bites him!! The fight moves to the center of the ring and Hogan scoop slams the Giant. Hgan goes for the pin but Savage is on the top turnbuckle. Hogan turns to confront him and the Giant recovers. He grabs Hogan and chokeslams him. Now Savage and Nash are getting it on! Luger runs in and attacks Savage. The nWo starts to swarm and then Sting decends from a very high ceiling (Tenay says it's 27 stories up) and lands out in the aisle. He comes to the ring and joins the melee. He and Luger fight the nWo off - Sting tries to get the drop on Savage but the Macho Man squirms out of his grasp. Hall is the last nWo left in the ring. The Giant is back and is chopping Hall's chest in the corner as we fade to black.

RAW Report

We get a replay of the supposed demise of the Undertaker last night for the opening.

Live from Fresno, CA.

Paul Bearer appears on the platform to the strains of the Undertaker's music and then struts to the ring. He looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. He revells in the crowd's chant of "You Suck!" He gloats about his triumph over UT and the way he fooled the fans. He ridicules the Undertaker's belief that he had reconciled with his brother. He recounts the events of last night. He slips up in his script at one point referring to the "Undercasket" then corrects himself. As he pronounces the Undertaker "...gone and never to return..." the Undertaker's music plays again and some gremlins appear on the platform with a casket. It is the burned casket from last night. They wheel it to the ringside area and Kane bursts out of it. Paul Bearer introduces Kane as "...the last surviving member of the Undertaker's family. Cut to some promo for tonight's show then to commercial.

Shawn Michaels expresses his regret (yeah right...) about what happened to the Undertaker last night. He says that Degeneration-X is going to go find the Undertaker and bring him to the ring (I can just imagine...)

DOA vs. NOD (Kama/Faarooq/D-Lo) - well at least it isn't DOA vs the Boring Guys... D-Lo starts against 8-Ball - the DOA gets the early upperhand but D-Lo comes back. In the end he is overwhelmed however and tags in Kama. Chainz comes in on the othe side - the two big guys get it on with a vengence - Chainz seems to hold the cards and tags in Skull. This contest is more even and Kama tags in Faarooq. The NOD leader gets creamed and tags in D-Lo. This guy has shown a lot of improvement in the last few months and gives a good account of himself. In fact he controls Skull and tags Kama in to continue the attack. Then D-Lo is back in but blows a flying move. The next moment all six guys explode into the ring and a melee ensues. Maivia and Mark Henry storm in and turn the tide until Ken Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson help DOA drive their enemies from the ring. A hearse pulls up out back as we cut to commercial.

The camera examines the hearse as we return. Tom Brandi vs. Marc Mero - Mero pauses to make his wife don a ring robe as they come to the ring. It reads "Property of Marc Mero" on the back. In the ring he turns his back on her and waits for her to pull off his ring attire. Brandi moves her aside and attacks. He holds the early advantage but Mero comes back with some fast punches and turns the tide. Meanwhile Sable is having flowers delivered to her at rindside. Mero comes out and grabs them and is caught by Brandi who takes advantage of the distraction. Back in the ring he gets two pin attempts in succession. Mero escapes and tries for the TKO but Brandi knocks him down again and tries the pin again. Mero has to stoop to his low blow to win the match.

Backstage DX approaches the hearse. Chynna jerks the rear door open - the hearse is full of women who swarm out and squeal as they embrace the boys. HHH and HBK jump into the hearse with them and we cut to commercial.

Mike Tyson and his entourage arrive as we return.

The Quebeckers vs. Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie - Funk takes the early advantage but Jaques soon takes over. The Quebeckers always had great teamwork and they haven't lost it - the match degenerates into a four-way brawl and the referee calls for the bell in no time. After the match Cactus jumps the opponents out on the floor then Funk launches himself onto all three of them! Cactus uses his barbed wire wrapped bat to chase them off. DX is molesting the Minis in the back in their quest to find the Undertaker. Cut to commercial.

We see Tyson backstage with some of the WWF stars of yesteryear. Apparently none of them mind being seen with a wife beater and convicted rapist...

Jeff Jarrett (w/Jim Cornette and the Rock & Roll Express) vs Blackjack Bradshaw (w/Barry Windham) - NWA North American Title match - R&R are wearing title belts - I suppose they are the NWA World Tag Titles (which were vacated back in August). They beat on Bradshaw when the referee isn't looking. Windham seems to have disappeared. No, there he is on the far side of the ring. Windham comes into the ring and tries to take Jarrett down with a clothesline but Bradshaw gets it instead. Jarrett gets the pin and keeps his meaningless title. Bradshaw looks confused afterward then attacks Jarrett. The R&R take him down and the three of them beat on him until Windham enters the ring. He starts to help his partner up then attacks him as well. Barry Windham has joined the NWA ranks (whatever that means...this version of the NWA seems to be akin to the nWo - an invading promotion...or something...)

DX are still looking for the Undertaker - Shawn is telling the others how important it is to find him "for the fans..." when HHH points over Shawn's shoulder and the lights begin to dim... Cut to commercial.

We see Tyson heading for the ring then the lights go out and the Undertaker's music plays for the third time. What looks to be the Undertaker descends from the rafters. The figure looks lifeless. Like a hanged man. The lights go out completely then start to come up on a figure in the ring. It seems to be the Undertaker but isn't - its HBK who starts stripping off the UT robe. HHH and Chynna come to the ring with a Webber bar-b-q grill. They put the UT ring attire and a bag of marshmellos on the grill. HHH and HBK don chefs hats. They each display a hotdog and use them to make crude sexual references. Then Chynna pulls out a giant salami. Shawn rants about the Undertaker being "done" then HHH takes the mic and challenges Owen Hart to a European Title match. He then obliquely refers to Ric Flair as "old and broken down" and compares himself favorably to "Space Mountain". Shawn next takes off on SCSA. He ticks off Austin's accomplishments and says "...been there done that, Stone Cold..." and ends the sentence with a "...'cause the heartbreak Kid says so..." He goes on to tell Austin that "the Heart Break Kid lays down for nobody" then they throw marshmellos to the crowd and we cut to commercial.

Tyson clowns with the Road Warriors and Sunny in the back...

Owen Hart/Taka Michinoku/Headbangers vs. Los Borecuas - MIguel starts with Taka and its actually pretty even. Both guys take some lumps. Mosh and Jesus are next and Mosh takes the advantage. Thrasher comes in and gets doubleteamed. Savio in and Thrasher is taking it. Things starts to break down after that with 6 to 7 guys in at once. Eventually Owen puts a Sharpshooter on Jesus to get the win for his team. Afterward he accepts the European Title match for next week (like we thought he might not...)

In the back, NOD is trying to recruit Tyson... Cut to commercial.

Rocky Maivia vs. Ahmed Johnson - IC Title match - Ahmed runs to the ring and right under Maivia's waiting boots. Maivia holds the early advantage as a result until Johnson blocks a suplex and then reverses the move. The fight goes out to the floor where Maivia gets smashed against the ring steps. Mark Henry comes down as things go badly for his mentor. He uses a chair on Johnson to give Rocky the win. Ken Shamrock hits the ring before they can do much damage. Now Tyson is with Jack and Charlie. Cut to commercial.

Now DX is with Tyson - who feels Chynna's bicep...

New Age Outlaws vs. The Godwins - Tag Team Title match - the Champs come out dressed like the Godwins. Billy carries a stuffed pig. The Dog talks some trash before the Godwins take off on them. They sort Billy out to work on and strip the overalls off him before stomping a mudhole in him. They are a most effective team and manage to keep Billy in their territory while they manhandle him. Just when it looks like Billy is out of it, the Dog hands him the stuffed pig and he puts it in Henry's face then pins him. Turns out it was loaded with a half a brick (and I'm not talking about marijuana). Vince McMahon is striding toward the ring and seems to be enjoying the boos he is receiving as we cut to commercial.

Vince says that in a minute they will make the "biggest announcement in WWF history..." (oh really...) then he introduces Tyson. "Iron Mike" comes down with his entourage. Vince looks so proud of himself... Vince starts to announce that Tyson will referee the main event at WrestleMania but Steve Austin interrupts the preceedings. Vince doesn't look pleased...but of course he is. Austin seems as disgusted as I am by Tyson's presence in the WWF but no - he just wants a piece of him. He says he respects Tyson (well - he lost me there...) He says he could beat Tyson anytime then flips him the double bird. Tyson shoves him off and Austin jumps one of Tyson's people! They fall to the mat as Tyson steps back and seems completely ineffective - the suits drag Austin off while Vince shouts "You ruined it!!" and tries to hit and kick the rattlesnake. He is being restrained now as well by his son and some of the officials. They hustle Austin out. Cut to commercial.

We get one last look at Tyson in the back protesting about his treatment and Vince's abjectly apologizing...fade to black.

I don't have to repeat how I feel about Tyson being brought into this thing. Its lower then low IMO. Otherwise not a bad show.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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