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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WCW/nWo Souled Out

The Horrors of War 1998

Dream Card by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 3, Issue 268 - January 24, 1998

The Horrors of War 1998

Dream Card by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Being still in the Halloween mood, I came up with this dream card featuring matches that have either never happened or matches that have happened but I made a few changes to them. The competitors will mostly be from WCW (NWO) and WWF but this would be down the ECW's alley. I even have a location for this fictional card. New Orleans, LA at the Superdome. As with previous cards, it'll be a vote by e-mail card. Here are the matches:

The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neihart, Davey Boy Smith), Chris Benoit, and Chris Jericho VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Dangerous Alliance (Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zybzco) and Hunter Hearst Hemsley (Ervin Griffin's House Of Doom Cage Match)

This match up is a combination of WCW's WarGames and the old NWA's Tower Of Doom match up. The match will have three rings side by side each other. The will be enclosed by one big steel mesh cage. On top of that cage will be three other cages (each smaller than the one beneath it), thus making a four storied "house of steel." The match will start with one man from each team at the top of the cage. Every two minutes, another team member from each team will come in. Also every two minutes, a trap door will open for a wrestler to escape into the next level. They will have 30 seconds to get through the trap door. When all 12 wrestlers are at the bottom (in the three ring cage), the match will only end when someone quits!!!

As for the match up, it'll reunite the former students of Stu Hart as well as reunite the Dangerous Alliance with SCSA. Neihart and Davey Boy have all of the power while The Hart Bros., Benoit, and Jericho are all great wrestlers with submission experience. We all know about SCSA and Hemsley. The DA was a vile group of villians who knew how to get the job done!! This would be an endurance match up indeed. Call it.

The Undertaker/Sting VS. Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage (Burboun St. Alley Fight)

I would find the most disgusting, vile, decrepit alley on Burbon St., rope it off, put some objects for the combatants to use, and let them have at it!!! This would be a dark match, to say the least. In this fight, they will fight in an alley with pinfall or submission being to only ways to win!!! Both UT and Sting have had their run ins with Hogan and Savage. All of the men's finishers (UT's tombstone piledriver, Sting's scorpion deathdrop and deathlock, Hogan's legdrop and Savage's flying elbow) would be useful in this anything goes affair!!!

Vader, The Giant & Ahmed Johnson VS. Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, & Ken Shamrock (Triple Russian Chain Match with Texas Death Rules)

Power War in this match!!! All of the participants would be joined by the wrist to one of the opponents by 15ft. chains!!! The match would end by a 10 count on a participant and (as an added bonus) can end anywhere in the Superdome!!! All six men are big but size would belong to the Vader team as they weigh a combined 1,212lbs. compared to Luger's team (who's combined weight is about 825lbs.)!!! Still, that could work against the Vader team as conditioning could become a factor in the match!!! All of these men's specialties will be effective in this match up.

The Steiner Bros. (1990) VS. Bruiser Brody/Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (Double Cage Texas Tornado Match)

In this bizzare match up, there will be two seperate cage erected. Each man from a team will get in the cage with a member of the opposing team (example: Rick VS. Brody, Scott VS. Hansen). There will be no rules in both cages as pinfall is the only way to win. When one man from a team wins his match, he will be allowed to go to the other cage and help his partner for five minutes!!! When that five minutes is up, the man that lost his match can join his partner in the other cage!!! From there, it'll be Texas Tornado rules!! That means no tags and no DQ's!!! In 1990, The Steiners were almost unbeatable but Hansen and Brody were wild and crazy!!! This would've been a fun match (for the fans).

Steve "Dr. Death" Williams & Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy (1992)/Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes (1992) VS. The Road Warriors (1988) & The Nasty Boys (1994) (Bunkhouse Elimination Cage Match)

This match features two former WCW/NWA Unified World Tag Team Champions in Williams/Gordy & Windham/Rhodes against the three time WCW World Tag Champs The Nasty Boys & two time WWF World Tag Team Champions (as well as former NWA and AWA World Tag Team Champions) The Road Warriors. In this match, there will be no DQ's. The match will be conducted by elimination rules and when a man is eliminated, he must return to the dressing room!! The match will end when one team is gone!! All of these men have had rounds with each other in the past!!! These teams are about even in power, skill, brawling and rulebreaking. Of course, this is virtually no rules so there are no rules to break!!! Pick it.

Shawn Michaels/The Skyscrapers (Sid Vicious & Dan Spivey)(1988) VS. Cactus Jack/DOOM (1990)(Superdome Locker Room Streetfight)

Total Mayhem here!!! I would take bar off these competitors inside the locker room and the hallways of the Superdome!!! "HBK" would be in for the gang fight of his life against the insane Cactus and the rugged team of Ron Simmons and "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. Fortunately, he's got the awesome team of The Skyscrapers to back him up!!! Spivey and Vicious were an awesome team that ran into a lot of bad breaks and never realized their potential!!! Anyway, the match will end by pinfall or when a competitor can't continue!!!

Well, that's the line up for this dream card. Send in your votes and opinions on the matches to

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles

WCW/nWo Souled Out

Live from Dayton, Ohio. Tony Shiavone welcomes us to the second annual Souled Out Pay-Per-View. He is joined by Dusty Rhodes and Bobby Heenan.

Juventud Guerrera/Super Calo/Lizmark Jr./Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Psychosis/LaParka/Silver King/El Dandy - Luche Libre 8 man tag match - Calo and Psychosis start. Psychosis gets knocked out to the floor almost immediately but none of his partners come in. He re-enters the ring only to have Calo get the best of him again. Psychosis rolls out and Silver King takes his place - Lizmark comes in on the other side. They spar and then are replaced by Guerrero and El Dandy. Moments later both tumble out to the floor. Guerrera and LaParka replace them in the ring. After a couple of exchanges, LaParka gets caught in enemy territory. Moments later the exchange is made again for Lizmark and Silver King. Now things are speeding up and getting harder to call as wrestlers enter and leave the ring in dizzying succession. Then follows a series of pin attempts that are broken up by various partners. Calo gets knocked out to the floor prompting Silver King to attempt a planche but Calo moves and Silver King dives right onto the concrete (ouch!!). What follows is a series of suicide dives which leave all but Psychosis and Chavo Guerrera out on the floor. The two finish the match as Chavo gets a flying DDT to get the pin. After the match La Parka brings in hia chair and brains everyone standing in the ring - including two of his own partners!

Mean Gene hawks his Hotline out on the ramp.

Raven vs. Chris Benoit - we got a preview of this match this afternoon on WCWSN - Mongo had a match with Raven and had Benoit substitute for him. It was a short match before Raven's Flock intervened. David Penzer announces that the Flock is barred from ringside for this match and WCW says Raven must wrestle. Raven goes into a self-pitying rant before Benoit makes his entrance. Raven drop-kicks Benoit as he tries to enter the ring. The fight goes to the outside immediately where Raven maintains his advantage. Back in the ring he continues his assault but is starting to have some trouble keeping his opponent off balance. Benoit almost pins him twice. The fight goes back out to the floor where Raven uses a chair (as usual with him - this is a no DQ match). Back in the ring Raven snap-mares Benoit onto the chair. Then bulldogs him onto it. But he can't put Benoit away. He tries to employ the chair a third time but Benoit reverses the field and drops Raven face first onto it. Now Benoit is getting his second wind. He suplexes Raven onto the chair then rips his shirt off. Raven takes some more chops then rolls out to the floor. There is no escape however, Benoit follows him right out and is relentless. He fights his opponent right up the ramp. Raven is reeling now. Benoit throws him back into the ring. He tries to suplex Raven onto the chair again but doesn't get all of it. He then positions the chair on Raven's head then throws his flying head butt - both are unconscience now and Micky Jay is counting. Benoit recovers at 6 and goes for a pin. Raven kicks out. Benoit is staggering but Raven is out on the mat. He tries to go for a DDT but Raven reverses the move. Both are down again. Benoit recovers first - moments later he puts on the Crippler Crossface. Raven refuses to submit, even seems to smile but loses conscienceness and is ruled as the loser. The flock invades - first Kidman - but Dean Malenko shows up and puts the Texas Cloverleaf on him. Others come in and are fought off by the two non-Flock members. Benoit acknowledges Malenko before he leaves.

Chris Jericho vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Cruiserweight Title match - we saw Rey re-injure his leg on the Saturday afternoon show today - of course that was on tape (not really today) - Jericho goes right to work using his superior size to try and ground the Champ but not succeeding. Jericho gets knocked out to the floor but we see that Rey is limping. Back inside, Rey has shifted to a mat wrestling strategy. When he does try to fly he is hampered by the bum wheel. Jericho out maneuvers him pretty easily. The fight goes out to the floor where Jericho solidifies his lead. Surprisingly he is not attacking the injured limb at first - but soon starts in on it. Still Rey manages to regain the advantage. They go out again and Rey throws a somersault planche on his opponent. Back in the ring Rey is starting to show the pain of his injury but fights on gamely. What appears to be an attempt at a Frankensteiner off the second rope is thwarted by Jericho who drops to the mat and turns the move into a Boston Crab (Lion Tamer) and gets the submission victory. He makes a speech afterward - aping Sally Fields at the Oscars ("You like me - you really like me..."). When the crowd boos he takes it out on Rey, pummeling him in the ring, tearing off the leg brace then throwing him to the floor where he uses the ringsteps and a toolbox on Rey's injured leg.

Mean Gene w/JJ Dillon in the ring. Dillon holds the World Title belt. He recounts his actions several weeks ago in stripping the title from Sting and states that meeting have been had concerning the disposition of the title. They bring in Roddy Piper who shakes hands with the two of them. Piper states that he will decide what is to happen. Piper calls Sting to the ring then calls for Hollywood Hogan and Scott Hall. Bischoff shows up with them (uninvited, of course). He explains that Hall has a legit shot coming to him but that there isn't a Champ at the moment for him to challange. He turns to Hogan and starts to sound like he is giving the Title back to Hogan but then pulls back and says "Not!!!" He orders a match between Hogan and Sting at SuperBrawl. Hall leaves in disgust and Hogan bails as well after Sting get in his face.

Booker T vs Rick Martel - TV Title match - the two go nose to nose to begin then lock up collar and elbow - struggling for position. They separate then engage again. The contest is pretty evenly fought but Booker T's superior power seems to be making a difference. Martel, the former AWA World Champ, is a great wrestler but is getting a little slow these days. It is evident moments later when Martel fails to make a leapfrog and gets Bookers head to the solar-plexus. That turns Martel on - he goes ballistic (Martel is noted for his temper) and manages to beat Booker to the draw. He gains the advantage for a while. He almost gets a three count after a spine buster. Now the match is see-sawing with Martel working on the neck and back to set up his Boston (Quebec) Crab. He switches to an abdominal stretch but Booker fights out of it. Moments later Martel gets the Crab but Booker is close to the ropes and forces the break. Booker comes back with a scissor kick to turn the tables. The Harlem Hangover gets him the win. He and Martel shake hands after the match then Booker leaves. Saturn slips into the ring and attacks Martel afterward so Booker T comes back to run him off.

Scott Hall vs. Larry Zbsyzco - Hall comes down with Louie Spicoli (this is who he meant when he said he wouldn't come alone?) Dusty Rhodes abandons the broadcast position to accompany the Legendary one. to the ring. Hall attacks and gets dropped on his back in the first exchange. The second exchange sees Larry employ a Fireman's Carry take down. They trade arm bars with Larry again holding the cards. Zybiszco seems to out maneuver Hall at every turn for much of this match. Hall finally gets in a right cross to knock Larry down where Spicolli gets in a shot. Now the tables are turned as Dusty chases Spicolli around to the other side of the ring. A contingent of the crowd starts chanting "Larry Sucks!" WCW fans answers with "Hall Sucks!". In the ring, Hall is starting to get over-confident. He sets up for the Outsider's Edge but Larry back drops him. Larry gets in a flurry of punches then is pulled off by the referee. Hall uses the ref as a screen to get in a cheap shot but Larry comes right back. The ref gets downed by Larry's spin kick and fails to count for Hall's pin attempt. Hall is reviving the ref while Larry revives himself and then plays possum. Hall goes to roll up Larry but Larry slaps on a front chancelry. Spicolli hits the ring and the Dream comes in right behind him. Dusty makes short work of Louie then turns to where Larry is holding Hall. He throws an elbow but Hall ducks. Larry takes the bionic elbow and goes down. Hall and Dusty face off - then Dusty starts removing his work shirt - he's wearing an nWo T-Shirt!!! He drops a big elbow on Larry to cement the relationship. Hall and Dusty leave together after Dusty looks into the camera and says "That's tradition...WCW bite this!"

Tony is shattered and has to leave broadcast position for a while. He comes back and they are joined by Mike Tenay.

Steiners/Ray Traylor (w/Ted Dibiasi) vs. Buff Bagwell/Konnan/Scott Norton (w/Vincent) - the announcers ignore the beginning of the match as they are still in shock over what just happened. I'm having a little trouble here myself. Rick starts the match for a change (probably in order to get a chance to wrestle at all...) He fares well against Bagwell then tags in Traylor. Big Ray doesn't have as much luck and finds himself being pummeled by all three of his opponents. He finally manages to tag Rick back in. They are keeping Scott out of it. Rick succombs to a triple attack as Traylor and Scott argue on the apron. Both are on the same side of the corner post. The crowd seems subdued over Dusty's defection as Rick continues to be pummelled. Steiner finally gets to the corner and both of his partners tag in! Konnan ends up in the ring with both if them as the other three participants are out on the floor. Scott manhandles the ref then helpf Traylor by dragging Konnan into a suplex. He goes out to the apron then is tagged back in by Traylor and finishes the match as he has been lately. He and Bagwell have some strange words afterward. Scott seems obsessed with posing against Bagwell.

The Giant vs. Kevin Nash (w/Hogan/Bischoff) - Nash is accompanied by his cronies to the ring. The Giant comes alone. He looks very calm. He and Nash face off and the Giant shoves his opponent away. Finally he can touch his nemesis. Nash grabs a headlock but gets suplexed for his trouble. The Giant drops a big elbow. Nash retreats to the comfort of his fellow nWo-ites. Back in the ring Nash makes up some lost ground but the Giant is overwhelming. Nash finally comes back and clotheslines the Giant to the floor. He then launches himself over the top and is caught in mid-air. Before the Giant can do much damage, Bischoff distracts the ref so that Hogan can bash the big guy with a chair. The Giant is almost counted out of the ring but barely gets back in in time. Nash still has the upper hand but not for long - the Giant gets a big clothesline. They both come back with boots to the jaw - both guys are down. Nash recovers enough to make a feeble cover but fails to get the pin. Nash holds the advantage in the corner but the Giant comes back with a reverse atomic drop. He puts his boot into Nash's face then turns to point at the former champ on the floor. The Giant is ready for the chokeslam but is distracted by Bischoff on the apron - Biischoff gets chokeslammed inot the ring. The Giant turns around to get a pitcher of coffee in the face (Hogan had handed it to Nash) Nash barely manages to Jack Knife the Giant (in fact he drops him on his head - it looked pretty bad). Nash gets the pin - the Giant isn't moving. A trainer and others come out to assist the Giant. They bandage his eyes (obviously that was supposed to be the major injury from this match - but that powerbomb looked really lethal). The camera cuts away so we don't see them get the Giant out of the ring.

Bret Hart vs Ric Flair - Battle for the Best - Hart gives a pair of sunglasses away for the first time in months. Flair looks in unusually good shape for this match. I expect this to be a scientific match because both men want to show off their wrestling skill. This is Hart's debut match in WCW. After the first few exchanges Hart catches Flair in a figure four but Flair is near the ropes and forces the break. Hart continues to control things with a reverse chinlock. Flair is trying to work on Hart's left leg. He gets loose again and they have a shoving match with Flair on the receiving end. Flair rolls out to the floor to regroup. Back inside, Flair shortcuts a lockup with a knee to the solar-plexus but Hart comes back with a backdrop. Hart goes back to the side headlock. Flair gets to the corner and gets the break. He goes to the eyes for the first illegal move of the match. The exchange again and then Hart grabs a sleeper. Flair counters with a suplex. Flair grabs a headlock then distracts the ref so he can get in a low-blow. Flair goes to the reverse chinlock to rest a moment. He is cheating with abandon now. He flings Hart into the corner then drops on him with a choke. The ref breaks that up quick. They trade blows in th corner then Hart executes a swinging neck-breaker. I've just realized that Hart is avoiding many of his trademark combinations. He goes to work on the left knee of his opponent. He drags him to the corner for his peculiar figure four but Flair has it scouted and kicks him away. The fight goes to the floor where Flair maintains his advantage. Back inside he is setting up for his finisher. He hammers Bret's left knee again and again. Bret counters the first figure four attempt with a cradle. Moments later Flair is successful - and in the center of the ring. Hart refuses to submit then starts to turn it over - and does it. Flair pulls away. Bret seems spent and Flair mounts the corner but Hart is playing possum. He gets to his feet and has to hobble over to knock Flair to the mat. They are up again and into the corner where Flair throws his chops - but Hart is absorbing them! Flair tries a reverse atomic drop but Hart blacks it. Hart comes back with a headbutt and Flair back pedals. Hart closes in and its the beginning of the end. Momenta later he has Flair on the top rope and executes a superplex. He slaps on the Sharpshooter. Flair first shakes his head "no" then nods "yes". Bret wins.

Michael Buffer does the honors for the final match.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage (w/Liz) vs Lex Luger - Savage leaves the ring right after the bell and retreats up the aisle. I smell a rat. Liz attacks Luger from behind which allows Savage to get the upper hand. Back in the ring, Savage continues his assault on the Total Package. Luger just can't get anything going for several minutes. Savage distracts the ref so LIz can strangle Luger with Randy's bandana in the corner. Later, Liz gets involved again and Luger gets her by the hair. But her job is done as Savage attacks from behind again. They go to the floor where Liz slaps him a good one. Savage attacks again and then loses tha advantage. Luger creams him as they fight into the crowd. Back inside its all Luger now. He is in charge but here comes Hall with a chair. Hogan follows him down and tries to stop him but Hall gets to the apron. Hall is distracted and gets knocked off the apron by Savage. Luger racks his opponent as Hogan enters the ring and attacks. The rest of the nWo swarms and Luger is declared the winner as he is being punked. Sting runs in and together they clear the ring of the bad guys. Luger racks Kevin Nash as Sting puts Hogan into the Scorpion Death Lock. The nWo limps away with their wounded as Luger and Sting rule the ring. Fade to black.

Well - that was certainly a vast improvement over the last Souled Out PPV...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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