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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Friday Morning Edition

Diary of a "Hitman": Part 13

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Pay Per View...Internet Style

Part 2 by "Wild" Bill Rawlings

Volume 3, Issue 270 - January 29, 1998

Pay Per View...Internet Style

Part 2 by "Wild Bill" Rawlings


Well, this second of three installments on WCW's Internet premium service, Boston Brawl, will be relatively short and sweet. This segment is like the "eye" of the hurricane...there was a lot of activity in the first report, and the last column should be jam packed with the results of the action from the house show itself. This segment, however, is the calm before the catastrophe!

On Tuesday, January 27th, WCW offered no new goodies for download. This was bit of a disappointment in that I was looking for something new every day. Not even a "Macho Man" .wav file saying "OHHH YEAAH"?? Come on guys, that wouldn't have been hard to do.

As far as the trivia contest is going, I had 6 out of 10 correct answers from the first day. According to their statistics, over 106 people answered at least 5 questions right the first day. I wonder if WCW will report the total buy rate for this premium service when all is said and done?

The Classic Match for Tuesday was from the main event from Road Wild '97. It pitted Lex Luger, who had just won the WCW championship days before on Nitro's 100th episode, in a rematch with Hollywood Hogan. After about 15 minutes, and with Hogan close to losing, the NWO tries to come to his rescue. Luger is able to fight off several members and is about to rack Hogan when all of a sudden "Sting" comes to the ring! But, no, it turns out not to be a fake Sting, and the imposter strikes Luger with the bat, which allows Hogan and the NWO to regain the his championship and the belt.

On Wednesday, January 28th, WCW must have heard my silent pleas! They had new items to download! Another Quake II "skin", this time of Diamond Dallas Page...I wonder if this means you can now put the Diamond Cutter on the monsters?? There are also three more wallpaper pictures for your Windows background. One is a shot of a wrestling ring from the Bob Uecker seats, a picture of Muhammed Ali at a WCW event, and, my favorite so far, a picture of Hall, Nash, and Hogan in the ring. Why is it my favorite you ask? Well, because it captures Hall and Nash kicking the crap out of a fan who tried to rush the ring!! Let that be a warning to anybody contemplating getting into that may become wallpaper also!! :)

Trivia...well, my first day success must have gone to my head because I only got 3 out of 10 questions correct! I promise to do better!! :)

The Classic Match of the day was one featuring Sting vs Lex Luger from Milwaukee. They didn't announce what card this was from, I believe it was a Super Brawl. The match lasted only 17 minutes total, with about 11 minutes of that being actual wrestling. In the end, Sting regains the WCW title with a flying body press! Of the three matches shown so far, this is the shortest and least satisfying.

I had hoped to have Thursday's information in this installment, but WCW has been updating the site daily around 9:00, and I need to get this to Earl in time to make his Thursday Thunder edition of the newsletter. But, never fear, the third and final installment will include everything else that WCW offers between now and through the house show Saturday night. Be looking for it in the newsletter published after the Monday shows!

Oh, by the way, I got 7 out of 10 questions right the third day. Tied for 4th place, and striving to do better!! TOP OF THE WORLD MA!!!

"Wild Bill" Rawlings is a friend and occasional contributer to Solie's Newsletter and regularly enlivens the Readers' Forum with his informed opinions and imaginative wit.

Diary of a "Hitman"

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Part 13: Bob Backlund: MadMan

After his bout with Diesel at the 1994 King Of The Ring, Bret Hart had another unexpected problem to deal with. After a televised title match with Bob Backlund, which the "HitMan" won after a close match, Backlund attacked Bret viciously and used his dreaded cross-face chicken wing armlock!!! Bret was in pain for several minutes until some help finally came to the ring. Backlund, who had been a fan favorite for several years, just snapped because of the result of the match and the way he was being treated by fans during his comeback in the WWF (not much unlike Bret recently).

Meanwhile, Bret still had that family dispute going on with Owen and now Jim "The Anvil" Neihart. At SummerSlam '94, many thought that the cage title match would be the end of this rivarly but that was not the case as "The Anvil" attacked Bret after he defeated Owen in a close match up. Owen and Jim threw Bret into the cage and locked the door!!! As other members of the Hart Family tried to get in, The British Bulldog (who was sitting at ringside with his wife, Diana) scaled the cage and came to the rescue of Bret. Owen and Neihart beat a hasty retreat out of the cage but the damage had been done!!! Owen and Bret later had a title match with the stipulation that if Owen lost, it would be his last chance to challenge for the title (I had interpreted it as "his last chance" as long as Bret was champ). Bret, with The Bulldog keeping "The Anvil" at bay, defeated Owen and would finally gain some peace from his brother, right?!! WRONG!!! Although Owen lost the match, he still wouldn't leave Bret alone. He began to accompany Bob Backlund to the ring and agreed to be the towel bearer for Backlund's title challenge to Bret at The Survivor Series 1994 in a submission match. This match would be decided when one of the seconds for the wrestlers (Bulldog for Bret/Owen for Backlund) throws in the towel.

I must say that this was a great scientific match that ended in screwjob for Bret. Bret had Backlund in the "sharpshooter" but Owen began to move on the ring apron. As the ref was trying to keep the Bulldog back, Owen broke up the "sharpshooter." As the Bulldog chased Owen, he cleverly ducked down and caused the Bulldog to trip and fall head-first into the steel steps!!! While Owen avoided a beating, he realized that, without a towel bearer for Bret, Backlund couldn't win the title (by this time Backlund had slapped on the cross-face chicken wing armlock on Bret). I'm not sure but I think Bret was in that hold for about 10-15 minutes!! Maybe I'm wrong, but I know he was in it for a hell of a long time (I would've been screaming "I Quit" in about 30 seconds)!!! Owen, in one of the most sickening angles that I have ever seen, manipulated his mother (Helen) into throwing in the towel for Bret. Thus, ending the match and the second title reign of Bret Hart.

Backlund, however, would not have the title long as Diesel (who had just become a face) whipped Backlund's a** in 8 seconds to win the title in Madison Square Garden just three days after Backlund won the title!!! Just to put this into perspective, the bell sounded, a boot from Diesel doubles Backlund over, a jacknife powerbomb is executed, Diesel makes the cover and is the new champ (all in eight seconds)!!!

Getting back to Bret, he suffered some serious shoulder injuries as a result of being in the cross-face chicken wing for so long and not submitting!!! When he returned to action, however, we got a glimpse of the "HitMan" that we have seen for most of this year for the first time in 1995.

NEXT: Dark HitMan

Coming Soon: Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

If you have a question, comment, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles

Thunder Report

We start with a new opening montage built around the Hollywood sign...

Live from the Mid-South Coloseum in Memphis, TN. Thunder also has a new set - kind of a chrome and glass high-tech affaire to replace the concrete and stone look of the former set. Tony tells us that Nash and Konnan are going to defend the World Tag Team Titles against the Steiners tonight. Also: Nick Patrick will make a statement and Dusty Rhodes is in the building.

Sick Boy vs. Diamond Dallas Page - US Title match - who the hell has Sick Boy beat to rate a US Title challange..? This is ridiculous! I will say that he shows me some wrestling talent and forces DDP to exhibit some of his own in this match. One of his more interesting moves is a throw away drop kick from a prone position lying flat on his stomach. He blasts DDP'd knee to turn the tables. Shortly afterward he executes a belly-to-belly suplex by grabbing his opponents shoulders for leverage. DDP comes back and then is felled again by a headbutt to the knee - again from a prone position. It doesn't help though - moments later DDP gets the Diamond Cutter and the pin. Lodi starts toward the ring but Riggs prevents him from jumping the barrier. DDP exits through the crowd as we cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay is on the ramp with JJ Dillon. The Exec Committee has fined Kevin Nash $50,000 for his actions in Jack Knifing an opponent on Nitro.

Meng (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan - two former "Kings" of the WWF to face off. Duggan is one of the few wrestlers who can match up power-wise with Meng. He downs his opponent, after two double ax handle blows, with a massive clothesline. He generally holds the advantage until he flings himself into the corner. Meng grabs a trap and hangs on for dear life. Duggan escapes pretty quickly and regains the upper hand. As they struggle, Hart is on the apron with the 2x4 hidden behind him. He tosses it over the head of the referee but Duggen catches it and breaks it over Meng's back! Then he makes the mistake of turning his attention to the manager. As he turns back around he is caught in the Tongan Death Grip. He fights it but eventually goes down and is pinned. Cut to commercial.

Marty Jannetty vs. Raven - Raven makes his usual statement about it being a no DQ match. Jannetty starts strong but then the match goes to the outside and Raven turns the tables. Back in the ring, Raven brings in a chair but hardly gets to use it. Jannetty continues to dominate the action until he tries to use the chair himself. As he raises it in front of himself - Raven drop-kicks it into Jannetty's face. His usual DDT ends the contest. Cut to commercial.

We see Jerry Lee Lewis in the crowd as we return. He's sitting right behind the Flock.

Yuji Nagata (w/Sonny Onoo) vs. Bill Goldberg - here is some real competition for Goldberg. He is forced to use some wrestling moves in the beginning of this one - but it doesn't last long. Once Goldberg loses his temper and throws that spear to the sternum - it's all but over. The Jack Hammer does the job. Sonny flees the ring area in terror after the match.

Tony reviews some of the travails affecting the nWo - mostly concerning Randy Savage. Video clips are shown of his confrontation with the rest of the thugs on Monday night.

WCW Motor Sports report

nWo music plays and Scott Hall saunters to the ring. Of course he runs his poll. Usual result. He whines about his lost (or maybe just postponed) Title shot. He brings out Dusty Rhodes. "Dirty" Dusty Rhodes rides again. Someone in the audience yells out "Your son's a f*gg*t!" as he starts his rant. He complains about losing his position as booker in the WCW organization then says he "...carried Tony Shiavone for years..." He credits all of WCW's success to the nWo. He specifically taunts "all you marks on the Internet" (gosh...thanks Dusty...) He wishes Syxx well before ending his rant.

Scott Hall (w/Dusty Rhodes) vs. Disco Inferno - Disco slips away from Hall's finsher and almost gets an upset win with his Chart Buster early on but Rhodes saves Hall from the outside. After that Hall takes control and finishes it with dispatch (and an Outsider Edge). Cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay introduces Nick Patrick - he calls WCW's actions against him an outrage. He claims that his lawyers have assured him that he will back as a referee soon and he wants to officiate the Hogan/Sting match at SuperBrawl.

Saturn vs. Booker T - TV Title match - Saturn comes on very strong in the early going of this one and succeeds in dominating the Champ. The fight goes out to the floor and Booker is making a comeback by dumping his opponent into the laps of his fellow thugs as we cut to commercial.

The match is back in the ring and Saturn holds the advantage again as we return. Moments later Booker T's talented feet have him back on top. The Flock swarms and Martel shows up again to help (this time in a sports coat and tie). He knocks Kidman off the apron then gets hit from behind by the flying bodies in the ring. That helps Booker to get the pin - then the winner gets shoved into Martel again. Martel takes offense and they argue in the ring before leaving.

Video of the end of the Luger/Savage match from Monday night.s

Chris Jericho/Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko - Jericho and Guerrero don't really look too together from the beginning of this one. Jericho seems like the odd man out here because he has never exhibited the viciousness of the other three in this match. He holds his own however. Benoit and Malenko are showing the better team work all through the contest. This is one of the fastest paced Tag Matches I've ever witnessed and is really hard to call. In the end Benoit slaps the Crippler Crossface on Jericho while Malenko holds off Guerrero. Jericho taps out.

Mike Tenay joins Benoit in the ring and points out that he has never had a major Title shot. Benoit promises to keep beating up on people until someone takes notice. DDP appears in the stands and compares his own situation vis-a-vis the promoters to Benoit's. He puts it to a vote of the fans assembled whether they want to see a Benoit/DDP match for the US Title. Chris thinks its a great idea so DDP declares the match will occur next week on Thunder.

Steiner Brothers (w/Ted Dibiasi) vs Kevin Nash/Konnan - Tag Team Title match - the Steiners make their entrance. They still look to be on the outs. We cut to commercial before the Champs' entrance.

Nash and Konnan come out as we return. Nash and Scotty have some words before the match begins. Rick starts the match with Konnan. Rick seems inclined to use his fists tonight. The ref warns him so he drops Konnan into an STF. Nash comes into the ring and Scotty enters from the other side. In their first display of real teamwork in some time, the Steiners put the big guy down with a double clothesline. Rick is still in with Konnan and the latter manages to turn the tables and tag in Nash. They work pretty effectively as a team for the next several exchanges. Scotty keeps distracting the referee leaving his brother to the Champs' mercies. Just as Rick finally gets a chance to tag - Buff Bagwell comes out and pulls him off the apron. As he confronts his nemesis down on the floor, Nash crowns Rick with the belt and earns a DQ. He then grabs the referee and executes a released Powerbomb on him. He is taken away in chains again (making tasteless references to Lee harvey Ozwald) and the scene fades to black...

Not a bad show but they've done better. I'd nominate the Benoit/Malenko vs. Guerrero/Jericho as match of the night followed by Booker T/Saturn.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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