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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Friday Morning Edition

Diary of a "Hitman": Part 15

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 3, Issue 273 - February 6, 1998

There's a great interview with Davey Boy Smith on the SLAM! Wrestling site of the Calgary Sun located at this URL.

Here's a letter from Ervin Griffin:

Hello readers,

Well, I want to thank those of you who responded to my question about who should be on Magnum TA and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's team when they have their fictional WarGames bout. I haven't decided who will be with them but I have received some interesting choices!!! I'll show some of the combinations in a future letter.

Now, I want to announce two things. First, I want to announce that the reader's pick (due to lack of response) was chosen by the "flip of the coin." The match is now The Giant VS. Bruiser Brody (it'll appear after Magnum/Austin II). However, Jushin "Thunder" Liger VS. Shawn Michaels WILL be a part of the "what-if" stories!!! It'll appear after WarGames.

The next thing I want to announce is that I have choosen what kind of a match that Magnum and Austin will fight in in Magnum/Austin III. It will be a "Hell In A Cell" match with Texas Death Rules!!! What that means is that it will be a Texas Death Match contested inside of the "HIAC" cage!!!

Finally, my question of the month concerns the recent "banning" of the powerbomb. It is:

By the way, tell me what you think of my choice of contest for Magnum/Austin III. See Ya.

Diary of a "Hitman"

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Part 15: Hakushi

After putting away his crazed rival Bob Backlund at WrestleMania XI, Bret Hart was greeted by a familiar foe: Jerry "The King" Lawler. He had claimed that "The HitMan" had made racist remarks about Japanese people and had sided with a newcomer to the WWF named Hakushi with manager Sinja (Akio Sato). While Bret was recieveing a award from the Japanese people, Hakushi attacked Bret on the interview platform. Hakushi then executed a moonsault off of the platform onto "The HitMan." To put this in perspective, Hakushi jumped off of a platform that was (at least) 6ft. off the ground onto Bret!!! This match was the first to be signed for the WWF's first In Your House PPV in May of 1995. Another stipulation added to the match was that Bret would wrestle Lawler regardless of the outcome of his match with Hakushi. "The HitMan" wrestled a great bout that saw the match up trade advantage time on several occasions. In the end, Bret rolled up Hakushi for the pin and the win. Bret, however, had hurt his knee during the contest or so we thought. In actuality, it was a ploy to throw Jerry Lawler off as Lawler thought that he would have an advantage going in. Bret dominated Lawler but was cheated out of a victory by Hakushi with a diving headbutt!!! This allowed Lawler to score a pin on Bret!! Bret would get his revenge later, though, in a match where the loser would have to kiss the other man's feet!!! This match took place at The King Of The Ring 1995 in June. Lawler actually dominated this encounter but you knew there was no way that Bret was going to kiss his feet!! With the help of a misfire by Hakushi, Bret hooked the "sharpshooter" on Lawler and forced him to not only kiss his feet but made Lawler kiss his own foot!!!

Bret, however, still had unfinished business with Hakushi. They wrestled one more time on an edition of Monday Night RAW and this bout was just as good as (or better than) their original encounter. This tough matchup ended with Bret securing the victory via of guess what hold? Sinja also got some punishment as he was given a vicious piledriver by "The HitMan." Sinja hasn't been seen in the WWF since.

Lawler, however, was still proving to be pain in the a** for Bret. As you will see soon.

NEXT: Pirates And Dentists

Coming Soon: Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. His latest dream card results will appear in the next issue.

Thunder Report

Live from Beaumont, Texas - Tony, Bobby and Mike Tenay are the hosts. They talk about the US Title match tonight between DDP and Chris Benoit. Then show us the confrontation (sort of) among the Steiners and Dibiasi after their match last week on Nitro. Scotty won the match after another one of his "I can do it by myself..." bits.

LaParka vs. Hugh Morrus - this looks to be one-sided. La Parka is a talented wrestler but he doesn't have the pizazz that Morrus shows us every time he gets into the ring. LaParka tries a little dance step after his first successful exchange and gets his bell rung by a massive clothesline and pretty much loses it after that. He finally turns the tables for about a second and a half with a spin wheel kick but gets crumpled again and its all down hill from there. He loses mercifully quick. Afterward he comes back in with a chair and blindsides his opponent so he can finish his dance. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Jim Powers - another extended squash for this guy. Powers is a veteran jobber who always pisses his opponents off by exaulting with the crowd after his first little knee lift or whatever. In this case it earns him an early spear-job and a Jack Hammer powerslam. 'nuff said...cut to commercial.

The Flock enters en masse as we return. I guess Kidman is the participant.

Kidman vs Juventud Guerrero - Juvi has been getting a push lately so he does very well from the beginning then somehow lets himself get captured during a head scissors. Kidman doesn't seem to be able to cope with his opponent's high flying style. In one spectacular move - Juvi throws a Frankensteiner on his opponent on the apron and flings Kidman bodily into Lodi who is being annoying at ringside. After that the match begins to see-saw and it looks like Juventud is going to pull it off. So Lodi jumps on the apron and takes a shot to provide distraction so Kidman can set his man up for a Shooting Star press. The thing he does the best. It wins him the match.

Mike Tenay with Diamond Dallas Page. They talk about the main event tonight. He says he wants to face the best. Tonight its Benoit. Good choice...cut to commercial.

Villanos/Silver King vs. The Juniors (Lizmark and Chavo, that is...)/Super Calo - Luche Libre style - this is a collection of the larger of the Luchedores - Calo seems to be the focus of the beginning of the match. He wrestles all of his opponents in line then Chavo comes in. It takes the combined efforts of the Villanos to turn the tables. They trap Calo in their territory and keep him under control for a bit. That lasts a little while, then everybody falls out of the ring except Silver King and Chavo. In the middle of their match, Psychosis runs down and lends a dastardly hand. He drops on Chavo from the top then rolls the equally unconscience Silver King over him for the pin.

Tony talks about the problems between Hogan and Randy Savage, shows some clips of their last confrontation. Tony seems to be shouting more than necessary tonight - even for him...cut to commercial.

We watch the Steiner's argument again before this one...

Steiner Brothers vs. Somebody in the nWo - Dusty comes up and invades the broadcast booth for the next match. Bobby tries to banter with Rhodes but just gets evil looks from Shiavone. The opponents are actually Buff and Konnan who hide out between the columns so they can Pearl Harbor the Steiners during their entrance. The Steiners seem to be getting along pretty good. Dusty spouts propaganda throughout while Bobby oils his way along and Tony snipes at both of them. Outside the ring Ted Dibiasi is going after Vincent. In the ring the match is pretty even with the edge moving steadily toward the Steiners when all of a sudden Scott Hall jumps on the apron and shoves Rick off the top rope and onto his brother. The bad guys are DQ'd and Scott is pissed. The brothers argue again after the match. Cut to commercial.

Raven vs. Marty Jannetty - Raven walks down the ramp a little then sits down on the set for a moment. Then he continues to the ring. This a return bout so of course a Jannetty attacks his opponent before he gets to the ring. Actually Jannetty looks like a perfect prospect for the Flock himself...hmmm... He dominates the early going but runs out of steam around the 2 minute mark. Raven gets his chair in the ring and Jannetty starts losing. Later, Raven sets up the chair by laying it on Jannetty but then throws a splash off the top only to be met with the chair - now in Jannetty's hands. The fight spills to the floor and Jannetty succeeds in crashing his opponent into the ring steps. Back in the ring he loses his momentum long enough for Raven to slip in his DDT and win the match. Cut to commercial.

They play a tribute video for the Giant emphasizing his neck injury at the hands of Kevin Nash.

Disco Inferno vs. Saturn - hard to say who will win this one - each of them has victories over the other. The edge definitely goes to Saturn. Disco shows some uncharacteristic anger early on. They match up pretty well for a few minutes - then Saturn starts to pull ahead. He drops Disco with a devastating belly-to-belly suplex just as we cut to commercial.

Saturn is still in control as we return - he's dealing some powerful blows to his opponent. Disco is still standing and comes to life with a knee lift. The advantage swings back quickly and Saturn gains again until Disco manages to slip in a Chartbuster. Saturn kicks out so Disco tries a series of pinning maneuvers without success. Saturn comes back briefly but then gets stunned and is lying up against the ropes while Disco snores in the ring. Kidman shoves Saturn onto his opponent and the ref starts to count - despite the fact that Disco is laying on his stomach! He corrects himself and starts counting both guys out. Saturn regains his composure enough to shift his position and put on his Rings of Saturn. This brings Booker T to the ring to save the day. He kicks the bejesus out of Saturn. Cut to interview.

Mike Tenay w/Nick Patrick - he claims that he will be officiating again by this Monday night. Raven does a commercial for the "Blues Brothers" movie which starts after Thunder tonight.

Scott Hall comes out with Louie Spicolli for a match against Jim Neidhart and does an abbreviated version of his survey - he calls his group "the Good Guys". He says he must be dense because he still doesn't understand how he lost his World Title shot. Then he makes a verbal committment for the Outsiders to meet the Steiners on Nitro next week. He gives his match against the Anvil to Spicolli.

Louis Spicolli vs. Jim Neidhart - this silly match ends abruptly when Neidhart slaps on his newly acquired (weapon assisted) Oriental Spike move on Spicolli. Hall invades the ring and then the British Bulldog follows him in. Chaos ensues until the Hart family guys clear the ring. Cut to commercial.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chris Benoit - US Title match - DDP gets a great pop as he makes his entrance. He seems determined and somewhat subdued as he slumps in the corner prior to the match. No Diamond Cutter gesture this time out of respect for his opponent. Cut to commercial.

We're back and the two are basically staring each other down.. They lock up and start struggling around the ring until they fall out to the floor. Back in the ring they struggle for position again then get on the move. The exchange turns into a see-saw battle for supremacy which ends in another stare down. They jaw a little then lock up again. Moments later Benoit manages the slap on his Cross Face finisher but DDP reaches the ropes. The match starts see-sawing again - Dallas mat wrestling for his life as Benoit delivers abrupt power moves. In the midst of a Benoit suplex, DDP manages to turn the move into a Diamond Cutter and Benoit is down. Lodi invades the ring and also gets Cut - Flock members start swarming into the ring. In the middle of this, Raven slips in and puts a DDT on the already-wounded Benoit. DDP cleans out the rest of the Flock then waits for Benoit to get his head together - but it's too late. The referee has already ended the match. They have another monumental stare down as we fade to black.

Tonight's program surprised me with it's seeming brevity. I guess I must have been entertained because the two hours seemed to go really fast. Funny...I don't remember much of what went down...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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