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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Monday Night Wars Edition

Hogan and Savage Face-off in the Ring!!

Steiners Win the Tag Team Titles!!!

Horrors of War '98

Dream Card results by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 3, Issue 274 - February 9, 1998

Here's a house show report from a reader on Saturday:

Here's what happened last night at the Center (Springfield, Illinois)

Funny Side Story: Foley drove from Cape Girardeau (the site of the previous night's house show) to Springfield, MISSOURI!! He did show up in time enough to have his match.

Your Man in Lincoln Land,

Horrors of War '98

Dream Card results by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Hello everyone!!! Well, the results are in for "Horrors Of War" and so are your comments on it!! I would like to thank everyone that voted and everyone that commented on this dream card. Here are the results:


In my "House Of Doom" cage match, the team of the Hart Foundation, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho routed the team of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and The Dangerous Alliance by the count of 7-2!!! Most of you, because the match could only end with submission, felt that the Harts would have a huge advantage because four of their wrestlers were submission wrestlers (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Benoit and Jericho). Here are some comments:


By a vote of 6-3, Sting and The Undertaker defeated "Hollywood" Hulk HOgan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage in the Burboun St. Alley Fight. Surprisingly, all of you pointed out that the former "Megapowers" would hold their own despite being up in age!! Still, the six that vote for Sting/UT felt that the structure of the match favored them. Here is a good comment for the victors:


In the Triple Russian Chain Match w/Texas Death rules, the team of Kevin Nash, Lex Luger and Ken Shamrock defeated the team of Vader, The Giant and Ahmed Johnson by a pretty close vote of 5-3. Most everyone agreed that power would belong to the Vader team while stamina and science would belong to Nash's team. Here are some thoughts:


By a 5-3 vote, the late, great Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen defeated the Steiner Bros. in the Double Cage Texas Tornado match up. Most of you felt that in a tag match, the Steiners would reign supreme but being that it would start off as two singles matches, you (five of you anyway) felt that would favor Brody and Hansen. Here is a comment that sums up the feeling of the majority:


By a narrow score of 5-4, the Road Warriors and The Nasty Boys defeat the foursome of Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes, Steve "Dr. Death" Williams and Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy in the Bunkhouse Elimination Cage Match!!! I think there were good arguments for both sides here:


In one of the rare draws in the whole time that I have been doing vote-in dream cards, the team of Shawn Michaels and The Skyscrapers draw with DOOM and Cactus Jack in the Superdome Locker Room Streetfight!!! Here are two comments for both sides:

Well, that's how it went!!! Now, if you didn't vote this time, be sure to catch my next vote-in dream card which is "BattleBowl '98: The World Warrior"!!! Look below for other things that I am working on to be released soon as well!!!

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Upcoming "What-If" Story: Rick Steamboat VS. Chris Benoit

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website.

Nitro Report

A replay of the Hogan/Savage confrontation from last week opens the program.

Live from El Paso, Texas - Tony Schiavone welcomes us as the strains of Voodoo Child play. Here come Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan. Hogan looks more like SuperStar Billy Graham every time I see him. Bischoff rants about "following the rules..." then holds the mic for Hogan. Hogan says he's sick of hearing about the nWo "unwinding" and states that they are here tonight to take care of family business concerning Randy Savage. He challanges (or more correctly orders) Savage to a match tonight. Savage appears in the stands and accepts the match - he seems to think it will be a Title shot... Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls dance in the ring... Tony points out that the Hogan/Savage match will be the first ever nWo vs. nWo contest. He also mentions that Larry Zbyszco has not shown up tonight and nobody knows where he is. They show clips of Steve McMichael vs. the British Bulldog from 2 weeks ago. Then some from last week.

Glacier vs. Steve McMichael - this is an interesting match-up. Both of these guys are relative rookies in the pro-wrestling ranks. As the match gets underway Louis Spicoli joins the broadcast team. He says he has Larry Z's bags - he and Legendary Larry have become friends according to Louie. The match is running pretty even - Glacier has the better moves but Mongo is all powerfull and very resiliant. Spicoli continues to prattle on almost incoherently. In the ring Glacier has been having a good spell but Mongo is coming back. Two three point stance tackles and a Tombstone Piledriver (they're calling it the Mongo Spike these days) win him the match. Mortis comes running in and attacks Mongo after the bell. He puts him down then turns his back on him. Big mistake - first McMichaels creams Vandenberg then he spikes Mortis. He grabs the mic and aims a rant at the Bulldog before departing the ring. Cut to commercial.

Spicoli has assumed Larry Z's seat as we return.

Norman Smiley vs. Konnan (w/Vincent) - Konnan seems to have a problem adjusting to Smiley's unique combination style at first. But he soon catches up and Smiley starts losing ground. Konnan definitely has the edge in viciousness - sometimes that's all you really need... Smiley stays in it and manages to turn the tables. Now the match see-saws. But it's close to being over. Konnan slaps on his Tequilla Sunrise to win by submission.

Mike Tenay interviews a GM Motorsports exec. They are partnering with WCW Motorsports these days - the new driver is Lance Hooper. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls...

Nick Patrick is in the ring and JJ Dillon joins him. Dillon tells Patrick he is still under suspension. Patrick rants about his loyalty to WCW and says he shouldn't be on suspension. He points out that he was with the company that Turner bought to create WCW (Crockett's NWA). He states that he intends to referee the next match but Dillon has security escort him away.

Yuji Nagata (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Disco Inferno - these two had a match over the weekend which Disco lost. We'll see what happens here - where Disco is the bigger star. Oono distracts him before the bell so that Nagata can blindside him. Nagata dominates the first several exchanges until Disco slips in a neckbreaker. Nagata comes right back and Disco is back on the defensive. Nagata starts to put on his Nagata Lock finisher but Oono stops him and says "hurt him..." That turns out to be a mistake because moments later Disco gets a Chartbuster and wins the match. La Parka - appropose to nothing - comes in and assaults both guys with his chair. I wish I could figure out what they're trying to accomplish with La Parka. His attacks seem completely random. That kind of thing could work if the attacker is a monster like Goldberg or a nutcase like Randy Savage...but La Parka...? Cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay w/Lex Luger - he questions the idea of a match between Hogan and Savage. He reminds Hogan that he should be concentrating on Sting. He then (rather opportunistically) states that he intends to come to the ring after the Hogan/Savage match and take on the Macho Man. Cut to commercial.

Eddie Guerrero/Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko/Chavo Guerrero - a uncle vs nephew (plus two other guys...) match. We get the two Guerreros to start. The match goes out to the floor right away where both guys take it. Back in the ring Chavo dominates his uncle. Eddie bails and Jerichho tries to start his match with his Cruiserweight belt on! He sheds it at the referee's order. Chavo proves to be a house afire and then hands it over to Malenko. Malenko keeps the pressure up and gets the Cloverleaf but Eddie breaks that up with a dropkick from the top. Guerrero tags in and tries to follow up against Malenko. He manages to get him into an abdominal stretch. Malenko escapes but Guerrero knocks him down and tags in his partner. They doubleteam Malenko then take turns working him over. He is being controlled by Jericho when he gets in a succession of knee lifts and almost gets loose.The doubleteam action continues until Malenko catapults Guerrero onto the top rope. Both guys are down. Guerrero recovers first and tags in Jericho. Jericho continues the assault but then misses a moonsault. Chavo is tagged in and cleans house for a while. Things get a little chaotic as Malenko and Eddie Guerrero fight to the outside. In the ring Jericho gets his Boston Crab and the win. Cut to commercial.

We get a Steiner Brothers video as we return. It looks at their tribulations of late.

El Dandy vs. Juventud Guerrera - El Dandy has the definite size advantage but Juvi is a flying fool and takes control early. The fight goes outside where Dandy gets splashed then posted. Back in the ring he finally gets in some shots. Tony can't make up his mind about how important this match is for Dandy. First he points out that Dandy has held several World Titles in the lighter weight catagories then says that this may be his most important match... Juventud gets his 450 splash to win. Jercho comes out and attacks Juventud after the bell. Juventud ejects him which causes Jericho to complain that he just came out to congratulate the Mexican star. Juvi starts berating him in Spanish so Jericho translates - Juventud wants to put up his mask against Jericho's Title. Jericho agrees to the match for SuperBrawl.

We return to a Goldberg video.

Steven Regal vs. Goldberg - we have seen this match once already on one of the Saturday shows a few weeks back. In the last one Regal gave Goldberg a relatively good run before going down to defeat. I expect the same to happen here. Goldberg seems a bit cautious in this contest. Clearly he respects Regal's wrestling ability. In fact Regal rather awkwardly ties his opponent up pretty effectively through much of the match. He is getting in his powerful European uppercuts and rocking the monster. Finally Goldberg gets some distance between them and spears his opponent. The Jack Hammer does the trick. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls yet again... followed by a Nitro party tape.

Louie Spicoli vs. Chris Adams - Spicoli comes down carrying Zbyszco's luggage. This one has to be a squash but Louie surprises everybody with a quick flurry at the beginning of the match. The Flock, lead by Raven comes down to take their seats. Back in the ring Adams has taken control of things. He gets in his super-kick but Spicoli is near the ropes. They are near the Legendary one's Halliburton case - Spicoli uses it as a weapon and gets disqualified. Larry Z runs in and chases Louie off then tells us how Spicoli broke into his hotel room, took his stuff and switched limo drivers on him. He ended up at an empty arena. Cut to commercial.

We come back to a Booker T video - they seem to be into tributes tonight.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Saturn - this is a very interesting match. Very hard to call because both of these guys are genuine talents. Saturn slips in an early STF but the Dragon is too close to the ropes. Saturn puts his opponent down again and delivers a full-body stomp. Saturn is giving us a suplex clinic as the match goes on. He slaps on an armbar submission hold but again the Dragon escapes by grabbing the ropes. Saturn continues his assault and it becomes apparent that he wants to win this one by submission. Saturn goes to the top and gets caught and Frankensteinered to the mat. Dragon tries twice to hook in the Dragon Sleeper but Saturn finds an escape both times. After several more exchanges, the Dragon ges back to the well again. This time Saturn snap-mares his opponent over then grabs a cradle to get the pin. This was the best match so far tonight. Cut to commercial.

We come back to clips of the US Title match between DDP and Chris Benoit last week on Thunder. They will have a return match at SuperBrawl.

Raven vs. Booker T - TV Title match - Booker T has all the talent in the world - Scott Levy has never really impressed me that much. If deviousness is a talent then he has it in spades, but as a wrestlers he leaves something to be desired - at least by me. We get the introductions then cut to commercial.

Raven has the mic as we return. He rants about Benoit then turns his guns on Booker T. He says that the TV belt belongs to the Flock and more specifically to Saturn. He then sics his thugs on the champ. Booker makes mincemeat out of them all, then Raven attacks when the time is right. Mickey Jay has already ended the match. Booker holds his own until the Flock attacks again. Raven gets the DDT then has Saturn come in and apply the Rings of Saturn. The crowd chants "Raven Sucks!!" as they leave Booker T lying in the ring.

Another tribute video - this time Macho Man Savage is the subject.

Hollywood Hogan (w/Bischoff) vs. Randy Savage (w/Liz) - these are the two most recognised wrestlers in the world. Savage attacks in the aisle before Hogan can get to the ring for his entrance. Savage takes the assault into the ring and Hogan is reeling. Hogan finally gets a finger to the eye of his opponent to turn the tide. He uses his torn t-shirt to strangle Savage then he puts the boots to him. Hogan wants Savage to ackowledge him as "the man". Now it is all Hogan and his work rate is impressive (for Hogan). Savage recovers briefly but Hogan gets in a low blow to recover his advantage. He chokes Savage on the mat until the referee breaks that up. The fight goes to the outside where Hogan continues his attack. Savage finally breaks free and deals some shots of his own. He goes to the top turnbuckle and launches his double ax-handle shot - but Hogan sidesteps and Savage lands on the railing. Hogan hits his opponent with a chair but then lets Liz distract him - Savage chairs him twice! back in the ring Savage throws his big elbow ad would have the pin but Bagwell runs in and stops the count. The nWo swarms into the ring and punks Savage severely. Hogan hits him with the chair while Savage is laid out. The nWo start to leave up the aisle but incredibly, Savage attacks from behind again as we cut to commercial.

Lex Luger makes an entrance - we recall that he said he would confront Savage tonight...only Savage is gone at this point. Luger circles the ring then goes in to have his say. His stance and gestures say "...where's Savage?" Liz shows up instead - a distraction so Savage can run in from behind. He downs Luger and sets up for the elbow - but Sting runs in and topples him. They go to the floor where Stings creams Savage. Back inside he continues his assault. nWo guys head for the ring but they are taking their time. The nWo surrounds the ring when a net drops from above and captures Sting, Savage and Luger. The camera pulls back and we can see the thugs starting to work Sting over as we cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls... more Video of the Steiners' tribulations follow.

Steiner Brothers (w/Ted Dibiasi) vs. The Outsiders - World Tag Team Title match - Hall and Nash come down with both sets of belts (the real ones and the phony ones). Hall runs his survey past the crowd. He denies the rumors that there are some problems within the nWo. Nash takes the mic and issues his "too sweeet..." edict - this guy has really lost a step in his mic skills in recent months. Hall takes a potshot at Savage - mimicing his tag line. Nash then sends his best wishes to Syxx. Cut to commercial. It's going to be a short Tag Title match...

The Steiners make their entrance as we return. They are telling us that Sting has been injured during the previous attack. Rick Steiner starts and pounds on Hall. He tags in his brother who conitnues the attack. But the Hall sneaks in a knee lift and a chokeslam. He stops to make fun of the Giant and suffers a suplex for his trouble. Scott gets distracted by Nash and runs right into Hall's lariat. Nash tags in and takes Scott apart. Hall comes in and executes his fall-away slam. Nash in again and pounds him some more. Scotty is reeling big time. Hall slaps on his abdominal stretch. He switches to a reverse chinlock then tags Nash in. Nash threatens a powerbomb but then drops an elbow instead. Hall is in again and Scotty is still on the recieving end. He finally recovers and gets in a side salto. Rick wants the tag but Scott refuses. Rick sets up for their two story move anyway. As Hall takes Scotty up for an Outsiders' Edge - Rick comes off the top and bulldogs him!! Rick takes the pin. The Steiners are the new Tag Champs!!! Scott looks put-out at first - then accepts the decision. Fade to black.

RAW Report

Sunny "Monroe" sings Happy Birthday to Fred Blasse before the show starts (she does her impresssion of MM singing to Jack Kenneday). He is 80 (Solie's extends our wishes for many happy returns to Mr. Blasse as well - Classy Freddie was one of the biggest stars in LA when I was growing up. I'll never forget the match I saw him in vs. John Tolos back around 1963).

On tape from Evansville, Indiana. Steve Austin makes his way to the ring to begin the hour. He is carrying a white cloth bag. He complains about Michaels rubbing the Title Belt in his face last week. He wants HBK tonight. Degeneration X appears on the TitanTron and taunts Stone Cold (of course Shawn won't be wrestling tonight - probably not next week at the PPV either - in fact it will be interesting to see how they handle that one). They exchange words...electronically. Austin claims to have the Title Belt in the bag - and he does! Shawn opens his own bag to reveal toy belt. DX is freaking out. Austin says come on down and get it. Cut to commercial.

Sunny comes out all pretty in pink. She is here to announce the next match.

The Road Warriors vs. Jeff Jarrett/Barry Windham (w/Jim Cornette/Rock & Roll Express) - Hawk takes after Barry Windham as soon as he enters the ring. He is all over the big Texan. Jarrett rescues him and then is tagged in. Jarrett similarly gets creamed until Windham distracts the Animal and helps turn the tables. Now Windham does a number on Animal but can't pin him. Jarrett comes back in but doesn't fare so well. Hawk is tagged in and continues the assault begun by his partner. All four are in until Windham is dumped out. LOD doubleteam for a moment then Hawk strikes the corner post. R&R get involved on the outside then suddenly Justin Bradshaw hits the ring. He chases the NWA guys away, pausing only to brain Ricky and Robert. Windham and Jarrett win by DQ. Cut to commercial.

Pierre (w/Jacques) vs. Henry Godwin (w/Phineous) - yeah right...this is going to be a singles match (not!!!) The Quebecers bring out their own slop bucket. These two represent the two best tag teams in the WWF currently in terms of teamwork. Pierre is just nuts and shows it by throwing a suicide dive early on in the match (the guy weighs 280 lbs!!!) A little later he throws a somersault splash off the top but takes too long getting there and tastes the mat instead. Now Henry is working on the legs of his opponent. He knocks Pierre to the floor and looks like he's going for a baseball slide but he is tripped by Jacques who then hits him with his bucket. Moments later Phineous does the same to Pierre then rolls his partner on top. Henry gets the pin.

Chynna is shown backstage enlisting the Borecuas to help DX get the belt back from Austin.

Brian Christopher/Pantera vs. Taka Michinuko/Aguila - Aguila looks like a Juventud Guerrera wannabe. He shows us some great moves during this match however including a corkscrew planche that flattens both of his opponents. Taka folows it up with a springboard planche of his own and knocks them down again. A little later Aguila misses a moonsault and hands the advantage to Christopher. He is exalting in his good fortune as we cut to commercial.

Christopher is still in charge as we return and has Aguila on the mat. He tags in Pantera who squanders their advantage. Taka tags in and creams Pantera. Meanwhile Christopher is donning some brass knucks. Before he can use them he is suplexed by Taka. Pantera sees the weapon in the ring and slips it into his mask. He then comes off the top and headbutts Taka. The pin is easily obtained since Taka is unconscience. Cut to commercial.

The announcers are talking about Chynna's machinations when the lights go out and Kane shows up with his keeper. Paul Bearer does all the talking of course. He claims we are all still in shock from watching Kane put the Tombstone on Vader - he then recalls the fire extinguisher incident from last week. Then he hands Kane a clock with Vader's face on it. The clock bursts into flame in Kane's hand then sputters out. He shows a clip of the Undertaker's coffin being burned.

We review the situation vis-a-vis DX and Austin before the second hour credits run.

Chainz/Ken Shamrock vs. Faarooq/Rocky Maivia - as usual all the troups come out to the ring for this one. Seems highly unlikely that order will be maintained for any length of time. The crowd roars "Rocky Sucks!!!" as the NOD enters the ring. The Rock makes a statement about human cloning - he thinks it should be done selectively... He says he's he only one who deserves cloning. Faarooq and Chainz starts the match. Chainz controls the action then hands it off to Shamrock. Faarooq has better luck with the rookie and tags in Maivia. Ross mentions that Gordon Solie will be honored down in Florida next week - I didn't catch the significance of that announcement regarding the WWF. Meanwhile Maivia has taken control of the contest. Faarooq tags in and doesn't fare so well. Shamrock takes over and has Faarooq in an ankle lock submission hold when Rocky comes in and hits him with a chair. Faarooq gets the pin. Afterward a livid Shamrock starts suplexing everybody - including the referee and Chainz. He seems dejected after the match - almost in tears in fact.

WrestleMania XIV press conference report. McMahon looks like the cat who swallowed the canary as he announces Mike Tyson's role as the "Enforcer" for the WWF Title match at the PPV. Tyson needs some elocution lessons before he participates in many more press conferences. The report is followed by clips from various news shows that covered the event. I hear now that McMahon is making noises about being Tyson's new manager since the ex-boxer has supposedly split from Don King. I'll believe that one when Tyson confirms it after WrestleMania. Cut to commercial.

Chynna and the Borecuas are still searching for Austin.

Recon (w/Sniper) vs. Steve Blackman - as the match begins Jackyl ascends from the rafters with his own pulpit! He rants throughout the match doing his best Fundamentalist Preacher impression. Meanwhile the rookie Blackman is getting his can kicked. He's tough though and hangs in there. No one is paying much attention though - the camera keeps focusing on the idiot in the pulpit. In the ring Blackman has turned the tables and pulls off a submission hold to win. Jackyl enters the ring and tears into his charge verbally then slaps him. Recon gets hot but Jackyl just turns his back on him. They leave him alone in the ring as we cut to commercial.

The New Age Outlaws enter - the champs loiter on the ramp reliving past glories. They pull a dumpster from behind the curtain and make jokes about last week. Road Dog calls the action as the tape of the incident is replayed on the TitanTron. Then they shove the dumpster off the platform. They climb down and pull a couple of inflatable dummies out of the overturned dumpster (dressed like Charlie and Jack of course). Ross is saying something about Steve Austin as we cut to commercial.

Chynna and the Boring Guys continue their search. The guys go into a room then Austin appears right behind them and locks them in with a chain and padlock. Chynna shows up but can't get them out.

Goldust (w/Luna/Marc Mero/Sable) vs. Thrasher (w/Mosh) - Goldust wears his Marilyn Manson get-up again. Sable is shooed away from ringside as we cut to commercial.

Goldust gets off a very crisp armdrag as we return. I don't see much chance for Thrasher in this one. Goldust has size, experience and two very dangerous assistants at ringside to ensure his victory. Sure enough the fight goes to the floor and both Mero and Luna are all over Thrasher. Back in the ring it's all Goldust. Thrasher tries to come back but Luna trips him. Suddenly Sable comes down and gets in Luna's face. Goldust tries to intervene and gets slapped. Thus distracted, he is rolled up and pinned. Luna goes after Sable and also gets slapped down. The angry look in Sable's eyes is dynamite stuff...

DX are shown on their way to the ring as we cut to commercial.

The DX video plays as we return. They look pissed as they walk to the ring. Shawn rants about the PPV this weekend coming up. He wants his belt back of course. Austin's music plays and he heads for the ring. He runs right in and chases DX out of the ring using the belt as a weapon. The Tag Champs appear as well but rather then surround the ring they all collect in front of it. Meanwhile Chynna grabs the belt. Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack saw their way through from underneath the ring. The Tag Champs attack as DX retreats - they have the belt back so what do they care. What indeed...

I suppose Michaels can use the cover of the other seven guys in the ring on Sunday to stay out of the action. We shall see...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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