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Friday Morning Edition

Diary of a "Hitman": Part 16

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 3, Issue 276 - February 12, 1998

Diary of a "Hitman"

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Part 16: Pirates And Dentists

After humiliating Jerry Lawler and defeating Hakushi, Bret Hart had to deal with his "royal" rival again. This time, he went and got Dr. Issac Yankum, DDS (Glen Jacobs). A 6'10" monster of a man. At the same time, Jean Pierre LaFet (formerly Pierre of The Quebecers) was making noise about challenging the "HitMan." He even went so far as to steal Bret's ring jacket!!! At SummerSlam '95, Bret took on Yankum in a one on one match that soon turned into a two on one situation with Jerry Lawler at ringside doing commentary at first. Lawler, being the sneak, couldn't resist getting involved as they gave Bret a savage beating. In September, "The HitMan" took on Jean Pierre in a surprisingly close encounter that saw Bret barely pull out a win with the "sharpshooter." I guess I was shocked because Pierre came so close to defeating him it was scary!!! In a rematch on Monday Night RAW, Bret defeated Pierre again but was blindsided by Lawler and Yankum. Yankum gave Bret his version of the DDT on the arena floor and challenged him to a cage match for the following week.

Bret accepted Yankum's challenge and soundly defeated Yankum in this televised cage match. Bret now focused on WWF Survivor Series 1995 as he awaited the winner of the WWF Title match between champion Diesel and Davey Boy Smith. This contest was at an October IYH and saw Diesel shove Bret as Bret was trying to help him up during the match. Later, Smith smacked "The HitMan" in the face and provoked him to come into the ring. This caused a DQ on "Big Daddy Cool." Diesel was so incensed that he attacked Bret and a brawl erupted!!! This prompted then WWF President Gorilla Monsoon to make the title match at SS a no-DQ, no-time limit and no-countout affair in which the only way to win was by pinfall or submission. He made this decision not only based on what happened at IYH but also based on Bret and Diesel's first two encounters at King Of The Ring 1994 and Royal Rumble 1995.

So, the stage was set for the final big encounter between Kevin "Diesel" Nash and Bret Hart (sorry, but I don't really count that cage match in February 1996 because everyone knew who was going to win that one and all of the drama had gone out of the feud by then). An encounter that I will cover next time.

NEXT: Exile

Coming Soon: Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website.

WCW Thursday Thunder

The program opens with clips of the trap sprung on Sting last week by the nWo.

Live from the Myriad in Oklahoma City, OK.

Voodoo Child plays as Eric Bischoff leads Hollywood Hogan to the ring. Bischoff has the mic and he says it's time to get serious. The nWo is declaring war on WCW (so what else is new..?) They're even threatening Ted Turner! Hogan takes the mic and singles out Bret Hart. He then invites Randy Savage to the ring describing him as "...our brother". He has something to tell the Macho Man. He teases the idea of an apology being necessary without saying who he feels should do the apologizing. He announces a tag match pitting Hogan/Savage vs. Luger/Sting for the Monday night show. He then lowers the boom on Savage. He wants Savage to thank Bischoff (for the opportunity of the match on Monday) and apologize to himself. Savage pretends to apologize then slugs Hogan. He drops Bischoff as well then splits before Hogan can come back with a chair shot. Cut to commercial.

Prince Iukea vs. Kidman (w/Lodi) - Louie Spicolli has joined the broadcast team again this week. He prattles about Larry Z as the match gets under way. Iukea dominates the early going until the match goes out to the floor where Kidman drop-kicks him into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Iukea comes back briefly then succombs once more. Meanwhile we head back to the locker room where Raven is inviting Mortis to join the Flock. He tells Mortis to lose the costume and beat Diamond Dallas Page tonight if he wants to follow the Ravenmeister. Back in the ring the match is still see-sawing. As things move along Iukea starts to pull ahead, but Kidman isn't done yet. Iukea misses a legdrop from the top which gives Kidman a chance to throw his Shooting Star Press and win the match. DDP hypes tonight's movie on TBS - Roddy Piper's "They Live" sci-fi flick (a great movie, by the way...) Cut to commercial.

We see clips of the Steiners winning the Tag Team Titles this week on Nitro.

Meng (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Hugh Morrus - this should be a good one. Two gigantic, very agile guys go at it. The match is see-saw from the get go. First Morrus dominates, then Meng. Once he is in charge, Meng is merciless. Morrus is reeling but Meng can't quite put him away. Morrus comes back and puts his opponent down then goes for his Moonsault. But Hart pulls his man out of harms way. Meng slaps on the Tongan Death grip and its all over. Hart calls the Barbarian out to pull Meng off his opponent. Meng obliges then grabs his partner by the throat!! He is chasing Hart out of the ring as we cut to commercial.

Mortis (w/James Vandenberg) vs. Diamond Dallas Page - US Title match - Vandenberg seems definitely put out as they come to the ring. DDP dominates the early going. He goes for the Diamond Cutter early but Mortis escapes and puts his opponent down. He pounds DDP into the corner, then distracts the referee so that Vandenberg can get in some licks. DDP comes back strong but is shorcutted by a back-kick. Mortis attempts a series of pinning combinations but no cigar. DDP is up and slugging again and starts to gain ground. Moments later a Diamond Cutter succeeds and Mortis goes down. Raven's flock arrives as DDP splits through the crowd. They collect the unconscience Mortis and walk out with him. Raven meets them at the bottom of the ramp. Mortis seems to be appealing to him. Raven's answer is a kick in the gut and a DDT. Cut to commercial.

Video clips of Mongo vs. the British Bulldog.

Steve McMichael vs. Jim Neidhart - Neidhart demonstrates his experience edge right off the bat and knocks Mongo to the floor where he wears a little on the big Texan. Back in the ring McMichael comes back with a football tackle. He goes outside and attempts to use the ringsteps as a weapon. This brings the Bulldog down to protest and a brawl ensues. So much for the match. Cut to commercial.

We see video of what happened during the break. Mongo and the Bulldog continued their brawl until security got between them.

Buff Bagwell (w/Vincent) vs. Chris Adams - here's another one with great potential. Bagwell starts strong but Adams is no pushover and soon has things in hand. He continues to dominate until Bagwell suckers him into flinging himself onto the top rope. Now it's all Bagwell until he drops his belly onto Adams upraised knees. Now Adams has the initiative and isn't giving it up. He gets a piledriver on Bagwell but the Buffer kicks out. As Adams sets up for the superkick, Vincent distracts him by climbing the corner. He takes a super kick to the gut which gives Bagwell the opening to apply his finisher and get the pin. Cut to commercial.

Video profile on Juventud Guerrera.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Chris Jericho - Again Jericho seems to about to start the match with his belt still on. As soon as he relinquishes it, Guerrero moves in. Chavo dominates the first few exchanges then flings himself into the corner and loses it. Jericho seems a bit lethargic in this one. I've noticed before that he tends to wrestle more cautiously when he has a title to defend. The result is that Guerrero steadily comes back until Jericho catches him in the Crab. He won't let it go which brings Juventud Guerrera out to save the day. Jericho gets the best of him and tries to remove Juvi's mask. Guerrera escapes and sends Jericho flying over the top rope to the floor. Cut to commercial.

Sick Boy vs. The British Bulldog - Biscoff shows up and usurps Lee Marshall's place at the broadcast table claiming that the fact that Piper's movie is playing tonight after Thunder constitutes some kind of conspiracy against Hogan (...what?). He rants then leaves. In the ring the Bulldog starts strong but soon loses his initiative. Sick Boy gets to deal out some punishment for a few moments then Davey Boy grabs onto his opponent and delivers the running powerslam. Mongo runs in after the pin and we get one of those "two guys being held back from attacking each other..." scenerios until we cut to commercial.

Clips of the Benoit/DDP match finish from last week.

Chris Benoit vs. Raven - Raven attacks Benoit from behind as the latter heads for the ring. Of course the Birdman brings his chair into the ring but he takes as many shots from it as he dishes out. In fact he takes more. After the first use by Raven, Benoit takes control of the match (and the chair) until he flings himself into it (Sick Boy pulled his mentor out of harms way). Benoit is out on the mat as Raven staggers around - but as Raven attempts to capitalize, Benoit comes back to life. He puts on four German Suplexes before theFlock swarms. Benoit goes down pretty quickly until DDP comes to the rescue like a one-man army. As he is busy clearing the ring of scum, Saturn has slapped the Rings of Saturn on Benoit. Finally DDP chases Saturn from the area. Benoit seems put out, claiming he didn't need any help (I think he better check the replay...) Cut to commercial.

Glacier vs. Goldberg - Glacier attacks as Goldberg enters the ring and manages to get in a few good shots before Goldberg recovers his composure. Glacier misses his round kick and the G-Man surprises everybody by throwing a back handspring! Glacier comes back with some more karate blows then whips Goldberg into the ropes. The monster bouncs back with a spear and his Jack Hammer to end the match rather quickly. Cut to commercial.

Ric Flair makes his first appearance on TV since losing to Bret Hart at the Souled Out PPV in this main event match against Lex Luger. Flair can't make a dent in his massive opponent during the early going. But the Nature Boy comes back with shots to Luger's ribs. Moments later Flair is flung into the corner to perform his Flair Flip but gets clotheslined on the apron. Flair finally turns the tables with a low blow. He kicks at Luger's ribs and continues to take his favorite shortcuts. Luger comes back with a pick-up and a superplex. he is lifting Flair into the rack but knocks the referee down in the process. Flair turns the tables then slaps on the figure four leglock. He reaches over and slaps his opponent which wakes Luger up. Luger turns the move over and seems to have it in hand when Randy savage runs in. Hogan follows him in and they seem to be cooperating. But no - Hogan attacks Savage in the corner. Sting runs in and it all leaves the ring. They're brawling in the aisle as we fade to black.

Several matches tonight had great potential but didn't really pan out...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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