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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WWF In Your House: No Way Out

Shawn Michaels Replaced at PPV

Savio Vega Substitutes

Battle Bowl '98: The World Warrior

Dream Card by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 3, Issue 277 - February 15, 1998

Gorilla Monsoon recovers!

I read that Gino Morello (aka Gorilla Monsoon) has been released from the hospital and has begun appearing at House shows. Solie's sends it's best wishes and our hopes that we will see the Gorilla on TV again soon.

Here is a letter from Ervin Griffin:

Hello readers,

Well, I don't have much to say this time other than to announce this. Remember my first "what-if" story (as nicknamed by Earl) featuring Magnum TA VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin? Well, if you recall, I released an edited version for Solie's but I also made an "R-rated" version of the story available by e-mail!!! Well, this version (which I now call "The Director's Cut) is still available from me for those who may have came in late and want to catch up or those who want to see how I really envision these two meeting!!! My e-mail is listed below.

Battle Bowl '98: The World Warrior

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

BattleBowl '98: The World Warrior

This is another creation of my design. It is based on the BattleBowl events that WCW has once in a while. This one, however, will feature 60 of the best competitors in wrestling PERIOD!!! From the past, present and from the grave, I have made several unusual tag teams to compete against other teams and, possibly, with each other!!! The winners (decided by you fans) will go on to pt. 2 of this article where the winners will be announced!!! From there, they will go on to BattleBowl!! A two ring, over the top rope battle royale!! The rules will be explaned for that portion in pt. 2. Now, let's see who fate (in this case, ME) has chosen to team:

Bret "HitMan" Hart/Sting (1990) VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin/Bruiser Brody (1986)

Eddie Gurrero/Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka(1982)VS. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat(1989)/Scott Steiner(1990) Lex Luger (1990)/Antonio Inoki (1984) VS. Owen Hart/Barry Windham (1988) Ric Flair (1987)/Dan Severn VS. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (1986)/The Undertaker Chris Benoit/Road Warrior Animal (1983)VS. Bruno Samartino (70's)/Ken Shamrock Nikita Koloff (1986)/Road Warrior Hawk (1983) VS. Kerry Von Eric (1984)/Davey Boy Smith Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (1983)/Tatsumi Fujinami (1991) VS. Rick Steiner (1988)/Ole Anderson (1985) Shawn Michaels/Jushin "Thunder" Liger (1992) VS. Wahoo McDaniel (1988)/Syxx Hulk Hogan (1989)/Ron Garvin(1987) VS. "Superstar" Billy Graham (70's)/Billy Jack Haynes (1987) Kensuki Sasaki/Ahmed Johnson VS. Kevin Nash/Don "Magnificent" Muroco (1981) Randy Savage (1987)/Arn Anderson (1991) VS. "Ravishing" Rick Rude (1993)/Buzz "Mad Dog" Sawyer (1983) Brian Pillman (1992)/The Giant VS. Vader (1993)/Dean Malenko Terry Gordy (1986)/Scott Hall (1994) VS. Ron Simmons (1992)/The Great Muta (1989) Ultimate Warrior (1990)/Riki Choshu (early 1980's) VS. Michael Hayes (1984)/Marcus "Buff" Bagwell David Von Eric (1983)/Steven Regal (1994) VS. Pedro Morales (1970's)/Shinya Hashimoto Well, there are the line ups. Send in your votes to or I'll be back with the winners and round two. Until then, see ya.

Coming Soon: Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

If you have a question, comment, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website.

WWF In Your House: No Way Out

The Free-For-All is the usual melenge of interviews, clips and silly announcers. It all ends with Doc Hendrix trying to get the identity of his mystery partner out of HHH - who takes a phone call in front of the announcer and then brushes him off.

Live from the Compaq Center in Houston, Texas - the big question at this card is who will replace Shawn Michaels.

Marc Mero (w/Sable)/T.A.F.K.A. Goldust (w/Luna) vs. The Headbangers - Dustin still wears his Marilyn Manson getup. Right away there is tension between Sable and Luna so Mero dismisses his wife from the ring area. Don't worry, she'll be back. At least half the small amount of interest there is in this match derives from the hope of a confrontation between the two "ladies". Mero takes on Mosh to start the match. He controls things with his boxing technique until Mosh suckers him into rushing the corner. Thrasher comes in and cements their team advantage. Goldust comes in but is outmaneuvered by his opponent. The Bangers are definitely the better team in this contest. Mero makes a blind tag to retake the iniative for his team but he doesn't hold it long. The match see-saws. Mero and Thrasher take the match outside where Thrasher gets his head busted open on the ringsteps. Back in the ring, Mero works over the cut then complains about getting blood on his fist wrappings. Goldust comes in and keeps up the attack on the wound then tags Mero back in. Mero uses the tape from his wrist to choke his opponent. Thrasher's face is a bloody mess. Mero goes for the "TKO" but gets DDT'd instead. Both guys are down. At the eight count Mero recovers enough to tag Goldust - Mosh also gets the tag and Goldust gets doubleteamed. Luna gets involved and that causes Sable to head for the ring. Shortly thereafter Mero gets his TKO on Thrasher but then leaves the ring to get between his wife and Luna. While he is distracted, Mosh changes with Thrasher - Mero comes back in and gets cradled by surprise and pinned. Afterward the two men try to restrain the two women as theit victorious opponents leave the ring area. Sable ends up shoving Mero to the mat then staring him down - he leaves in a snit.

Kevin Kelly interviews the Jackyl (yawn...)

Mike Cole is with Owen Hart - Hart doesn't know or care who Michaels' replacement will be. He dismisses any problem with Steve Austin and tells HHH to watch himself because he (Owen) intends to break his other leg...

Sunny comes down is the same pink outfit as the last time we saw her to announce the Light Heavyweight Title match up next.

Pantera vs. Taka Michinoku - Pantera is a dork in a cat suit - somebody needs to tell him those outfits are out of style. Brian Christopher shows up at the beginning to add some excitement to this match that nobody really cares about. The match is a lot of fun. Very fast paced and featuring Taka's spectacular flying moves. Pantera seems to be outgunned from the get go until he throws a Hurrancanranna from the top which flings Taka from the apron to the floor. Back in the ring Pantera throws a chickenwing beale into a backbreaker that looks really devastating. Moments later he executes a surfboard on the Champ. Taka takes it for several moments then comes back briefly only to be catapulted out to the floor. Pantera drops a suicide dive on his opponent before he returns to the ring. Now it is all Pantera as he works over his opponent's injured back. They struggle for position on the top but Pantera achieves the Hurrancanranna again. Now the match see-saws again with each man making pinfall attempts until Taka gets in position for the Michinoku Driver and the win. Christopher wants to attack after the call but Lawler restrains him. They both get bombed at ringside. They both then invade the ring but Taka is too fast to ge caught that way.

Kevin Kelly has Terry Funk and Mick Foley back in the AOL room. Both of them say they have great partners tonight and expect to win.

The Quebecers vs. The Godwins - this could be the best Tag Team match on the card - at least on paper. Unfortunately neither of these twosomes display much personality so its good that they are both good teams. The Godwins seem to dominate the early going through sheer size superiority. The Quebecers teamwork is first rate so they hold their own but the Godwins are showing more then usual wrestling maneuvers and continue to hold the advantage. They keep Jacques tied up for a considerable time with fast in and out tags. He finally gets a jawbreaker on Henry but then muffs a piledriver attempt. Phineous is back in and continues the assault - now they are just brawling. Pierre finally gets back in and turns the tables. Now it is Phineous' turn the take it for a while. Eventually Henry slips in a clothesline from the outside and gives the pin to his partner. The Quebecers are busy protesting the decision and fail to see the Godwins sneaking up behind to deliver pail shots.

Doc Hendrix asks the New Age Outlaws who their partner will be for the eight man tag match later. They vow to go find out. Cut to WWF Attitude spot followed by a Steve Austin T-shirt commercial.

Jeff Jarrett and Jim Cornette interviewed by an off-camera Jim Ross. They hype the coming match between the Jarrette vs. Bradshaw.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Barry Windham/R&R Express and Jim Cornette) vs. Bradshaw - NWA American Heavyweight Title match - Windham and R&R are sent away from ringside before the match begins. Bradshaw attacks Jarrett on th outside while the latter is distracted by the refree's action. He tosses Jarrett into the ring and the match is underway. Bradshaw continues to dominate since Jarrett doesn't have his back-up until the match goes to the outside again. Jarrett turns the tables and continues to assert himself back in the ring. Cornette is manages to gets some shots in with the tennis racket as well. Still, Bradshaw is a monster and can't be kept down for long. The big guy starts to make a comeback but Cornette whacks his knee with the racket again. Jarrett starts setting up for the Figure Four leglock. He is kicked off but comes back with a surprise DDT to retain control. He tries to climb the corner but gets caught and dropped. He tries is again moment later and gets caught in mid-air. Now it is all Bradshaw. He pulls Cornette into the ring which gives Jarrett a chance to use the racket and get DQ'd. Bradshaw whacks the whole lot of them as they swarm into the ring. Then they come back en masse and punk him. The Road Warriors run in to save his bacon...

HHH and Chynna get asked the same question about who their partner will be tonight. No luck so far in finding out. In fact Hunter says there is nobody that can take Michaels' place - he proposes a handicapp match. Cut to WrestleMania commercial.

Doc is with the NOD - there is a little tiff between Faarooq and Maivia about who is in charge. But Faarooq overrides the younger man.

NOD vs. Ken Shamrock/Ahmed Johnson/DOA - War of Attrition match - D'Lo starts out against Skull who soon tags in Shamrock. D'Lo takes it for a moment then tags in Kama. This part goes nowhere so Mark Henry comes in against Ahmed. This is an intense power vs. power display which ends when Johnson scoop slams his opponent. Henry tags out and D'Lo takes his place again and manages to turn the tables. Faarrooq comes in to continue the attack on Johnson and things start to turn up a notch. There are several exchanges resulting in Maivia replacing his mentor - then Shamrock comes in. Now the tags are coming fast on both sides. Everybody except Henry is back in the match within the next few minutes. D'Lo Brown is showing us a lot in this match. The NOD start to dominate the action. Henry comes in again right after Maivia executes a low blow and gets in a few cheap shots before tagging out again. Now things are slowing down and D'Lo is in again against Skull. He throws a splash and misses - moments later all eight erupt into the ring - then all but Maivia and Shamrock tumble out to the floor. Shamrock slaps on his ankle lock to get the submission victory. Afterward Maivia gets into Faarooq's face and precipitates a brief melee until cooler (?) heads prevail. Faarooq eventually asserts his authority but Rocky's compliance is not enthusiastic.

Vader vs Kane (w/Paul Bearer) - I've heard some speculation that we will see the Undertaker tonight but I think it's too soon for that. On the other hand the WWF might need him for WrestleMania if Shawn Michaels is still on the shelf. The two competitors go right to it before the bell sounds. The fight goes out to the floor almost immediately where Kane takes the advantage. He batters the Rocky Mountain Mastadon then returns to the ring. Vader seems in no hurry to return so Kane goes back out after him. They struggle their way back inside then go out again. It's amazing how fast these two behemoths get in and out of the ring. Back inside for a while now and Kane is gaining ground. He is showing a lot more athleticsm then we are accustomed to seeing from him. He leaps to the top rope in a single bound then comes off with devastating effect. Now it is all Kane - Vader can't get anything going at all. Kane is taking his time and finally pays for it when Vader gets up a head of steam and knocks him over the top rope. Kane lands on his feet exactly like the Undertaker. Back in the ring the match see-saws with Vader gaining ground. He actually puts Kane down and seems to have it well in hand. He executes his moonsault even...then turns his back. Kane pops up exactly like the Undertaker and the fight is joined once more. They go to the outside where Vader retrieves his Fire Extinguisher and uses it to drive his opponent back into the ring while Bearer is distracting the referee. Vader powerbombs Kane but the spooky guy sits right back up and then chokeslams his opponent. The Tombstone is next and it gets him the pin. Kane roots around under the ring and finds a massive wrench. He climbs back into the ring and smacks Vader in the face with it!! They have to cart Vader away. Sgt. Slaughter gathers the wrench as evidence and we go to hype for WrestleMania.

Steve Austin/Owen Hart/Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie vs. New Age Outlaws/Hunter Hearst Helmsley/Savio Vega (w/Chynna) - (No Holds Barred match) Jesse James does his best Michael Buffer impression during the introductions of his team but Vega is a poor substitute for Michaels and the crowd seems let down when his name is revealed. This match is a rout from the beginning - Austin makes like a one-man army. The match goes partly outside and partly inside. Chairs, tables and garbage cans all come into play in short order. This reminds me of the Dudleys vs. almost anybody in the ECW except it seems less organized... The referee keeps trying to settle this into a tag match and some of these guys (notably Austin) are occasionally cooperative..! Funk seems to be getting the worst of it all but continues to stand on two feet. At one point Austin throws a trash can to bean Billy from across the ring. Now the "bad" guys have Funk under control for several minutes - he is staggered but unbowed. He tags in Jack who evens the odds a bit. He gets his Mandible Claw on both the tag champs simultaneously. HHH breaks it up with a low blow. Jack falls out of the ring and is piledriven on the floor. Billy scoop slams him and hits him with the ring steps. Back in the ring HHH continues the assault. Savio comes into the ring with a coil of barbed wire and starts tying Jack up with it! Jack is then rammed into a chair. Then he is struck repeatedly with the weapon. Billy winds up for his own shot and gets the Road Dog instead. Foley manages to tag in Austin who opens a can of whup ass on everybody who gets in his way. He finally stuns Billy and gets the pin. Afterwards Chynna comes into the ring and gets in Austin's face. He tries to ignore her but she continues to berate him then flips him the double bird. He comes back in and puts the stunner on her!

Well Shawn's replacement didn't make it for me but that ending was a real winner...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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