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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report:
Special Edition

Maxx Pain's Statement
Regarding the Death of Louie Spicolli

Mid-Week Rumblings...

Volume 3, Issue 279 - February 17, 1998

This note was sent to me by our friend Barb Wire Bill:

This is a short statement from former WCW and WWF star Maxx Pain. Pain was a close friend of Louie's since Louie was 15.

"Stomastose" Louie had a great spirit , he was a very passionate man about things that he loved, unfortunately he allowed the spectacle of his addiction to rule his life and in the end that what it cost him." Louie and Brian Pillman just mention a few are merely a symptom of what fundamentally wrong with the turn a blind eye hierarchy of the WWF and WCW.

This is merely the beginning and these are prefect examples of what happens when power is unchecked. The lose of these 2 fine young mens life, is merely a wake up call and warning the professional wrestling is last Entertainment origination in the world , that does not have a protection agency for the guys in the trenches. To use the word union is too strong, buts its time for the boys to united and look after one another

The sadness is it will never happen because greed with get in the way every single time.

Drug testing in the WWF and WCW are merely promoters tools to eliminate wrestlers who otherwise what no reason to be fired. The Promotor's of both of these organizations use them as punishment and for the fear factor and enable them to have the upper hand in any negotiation situation.

Drug testing is farce, and virtually ignored by the promotor s when the wrestlers on the top both organizations test positive , they are fined sums of money they can easily afford while jobbers are fired and serve as tokens of drug policy s that mean nothing. "

Thanks Earl, any questions should be addressed to, All will be forwarded to Maxx personally

Mid-Week Rumblings...

by Earl Oliver

This editorial will be published simultaneously here and on the Bad Boys of the Wrestling Web site. It grew out of a post I made to my Readers' Forum earlier tonght. It is only an opinion, but it is something I feel needs to be said:

February 17 - Hayward, CA

It seems to me that a lot of the statements I have read around the Internet in regard to the treatment of Louie Spicolli's death by WCW start with a laundry list of complaints against Eric Bischoff that have nothing to do with the current situation and then end something to the effect "...and by the way, he disrepected Louie..." They cite the simple tribute and the comments of Larry Zybzsco to bolster their argument.

Well I will say that what I saw and heard on the Monday Nitro program did not disrespect Spicolli.

For instance, let's look at Zybzsco's statement. It read: "I could comment on Spicoli, but out of respect for his family, I will just let it pass."

Now what did he say? He said he could say something but he didn't feel it was appropriate. So what does that mean? Some people seem determined to read a put-down into that statement, but all I hear is "I don't want to talk about it." Since none of us is able to read Larry Z's mind I believe it is reasonable to assume that one possible meaning is "I was close to this kid and I don't want to talk about it in public."

I think at a time like this that people should put aside their pre-conceived notions (about Zbyzsco, Eric Bischoff or whoever) and deal with the facts.

Another comment I read compared what McMahon did in the way of tribute for Pillman and contended that WCW came up short. I can't agree.

WCW's tribute to Spicolli was dignified and to the point. The three rings of the bell is a traditional salute in both wrestling and boxing to the dearly departed.

I will also mention that when Bobo Brazil died a little while back, the WWF had a similar tribute - his picture was shown with his vital dates, period. Now BoBo Brazil had not been in the WWF for a while, but he was still a very important figure in wrestling, a former World Champion and a hero to people all over the world, something that Spicolli was not. By any rights Brazil "deserved a better tribute" - but what the WWF did was fine because it was dignified and to the point.

There are a lot of people in this world, myself for instance and probably Larry Zbyzsco as well, who think that when someone dies the proper thing to do is mourn that person in private. People who make a big deal out of it are frequently trying to make themselves look good, rather than showing respect for the dead.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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