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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Monday Night Wars Edition

An Interview with Lou Thesz: Part 2

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Volume 3, Issue 288 - March 9, 1998

Ervin Griffin's New Web Site

Here's a letter from our friend Ervin:

Hello readers,

I would like to announce the construction of a new web site. It is my own web site dedicated to fan fiction for pro wrestling fans!!! As I said, it is under construction but go there and see my letter which will have some future plans stated in it for the site. For the record, however, my first story will be BattleBowl '98: The World Warrior. It'll be based on the winners of my vote-in by e-mail dream card that's in the 2/15/98 edition of Solie's. My other annouced "what-if" stories will appear in Solie's but BattleBowl will be part of that continuum as well. The URL is

If you have a question, comment, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website.

An Interview with Lou Thesz

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Part 2

This is the second of a three-part of an interview with 6-time World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Lou Thesz conducted by Jeremy Hartley as part of the Hartley Interviews which were originally broadcast in RealAudio on the TWC-Online web site and are reproduced here in print for the first time. In this installment, Thesz talks about his famous workout with Ed "Strangler" Lewis and reveals the truth about his controversial match with "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers.

Jeremy: You know that's something that I was going to get in to in just a little bit. There's something else I wanted to ask you about, because it's been miss-reported, and that is the first workout between yourself and Ed Lewis and it was indeed a workout at a gym if I'm not mistaken...

Lou Thesz: Yes, it was the National Gym in St. Louis, we used to workout there all the time...

Jeremy: Right , that's the gym you mentioned earlier. And just to dispel any thought that you weren't one of the hardest working guys in the business, recount for us, if you would that episode...

Lou Thesz: Well, I had the good fortune to have won quite a few matches. George Stregos was the wrestling coach at Missouri U and if I start to stray just get me back on track...

Jeremy: (laughs) Okay...

Lou Thesz: ...and when he took me over, the promoter in St. Louis was also a Greek man, they decided that he should retire from coaching and just devote his efforts to me, and of course I had no part of that financially or otherwise, and that's what we did. So Stregos and the promoter and Ray Steele thought that I was really a comer and that I was going to go somewhere. So Ed Lewis came to town, the old "Strangler" and they arranged a private workout in the gym and there were some really stupid reports about me beating Lewis in five minutes and all that stuff, you know some publicity people will take a lot of liberties and that was a complete falsehood, where they dreamed that up I don't know. Anyway, in about 15-20 minutes he had me beaten down to a pulp, you know? And I retired from wrestling, I didn't tell anybody anything and Stregos when I left, said everything was okay. I said, "Okay with you? Fine, not okay with me." So I went back and I told my father "Okay, I'm going to stop wrestling now." And he wanted me to stop and take over his shoe repair shop, so I said, "Okay, I'm ready to take over the shop, whenever you want me to do it, we'll do it." So Ed Lewis got wind of this so he called my father, which would be like the President of the United States calling you to say "Hello" because my father had never talked with him. Anyway he said to my father, "Tell that guy to get back up here." He said, "Tell the boy to come back, he did very very well." He said, "But he forgot that he was wrestling me, and I've traveled the world and learned to take care of myself and that's what we we're trying to teach him to do." So I mulled that over a day or two and when I looked at the shoe repair shop again compared to the fantastic hype you get with the wrestling, I said, "I think I'm going back to the gym."

Jeremy: Right, and that's a practice that nowadays is almost unheard of and that's that the "old guard" if you will, and I say that with the utmost respect, could work to put somebody over. That's something you just don't see these days. There isn't a lot of respect in today's dressing rooms, the face of wrestling has indeed changed, and with that I'd like to bring us up to the present day. As I understand it you wrestled your retirement match in 1979 and then later you wrestled your last match in Japan in, I believe it was 1990?

Lou Thesz: Yes, I was 74 in 1990. I guess you could say it was ego, but it really wasn't that. I wrestled a fellow, he came there from Germany, his name was Chono, he weighed about 250 and he was about 25 years old, a super guy and a very good wrestler. So I was in Tokyo and they said, "We'd like to have you wrestle one more time for free."

Jeremy: Oh yeah (laughs)

Lou Thesz: So I said, "Well sure, I'll do it." And I didn't know who they were going to put me in there with, and of all things they put me in with Chono who was the Title holder at that time! And I said' "Well, this is really great." Anyway, I had had a total hip replacement, you know, and it didn't perform as well as I would like it to sometimes. But anyway, we got out there and I tried to do a double bridge out of a problem, you could actually do a bridge out and pin your opponent, but that wouldn't work because the hip just wouldn't perform. So I picked him up, I was going to be a reverse slam on him, you know, pick him up over my head and toss him onto his head, and again the hip just didn't perform, not a great deal of pain but just sounded like a warning and I just didn't have it, it just wouldn't do it. He weighed 250 and I weighed about 220, so that was getting pretty close to 500 lbs. on a hip that had just been replaced. It was kind of stupid, and I've said this so many times, I was old enough to know better but I did it anyway...and I was wrong...

Jeremy: There were a couple of people I wanted to ask you about to see if you have any memory of wrestling. Did you ever wrestle Bruno Sammartino either when you were the NWA Champion or when he was the Champion of the World Wide Wrestling Federation?

Lou Thesz: When I was NWA Champion I wrestled him in Toronto, Canada...

Jeremy: With Frank Tunney as the promoter..?

Lou Thesz: Tunney was the promoter, that's right...

Jeremy: What type of match, if you can recall...

Lou Thesz: It was a wrestling match, it lasted about 30 minutes and I pinned him.

Jeremy: Oh, you pinned him...that was going to be my next question...

Lou Thesz: I figured that...

Jeremy: Now, you always hear of professional and personal rivalries in the business, most recently with this whole, Stu Hart's kid, Bret Hart incident. How about you and "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers? You had a pretty intense rivalry. Could you take us through this match which culminated in some of the North Eastern promoters breaking off and forming the World Wide Wrestling Federation. They said Rogers had beat you but in reality all Title matches were supposed to be two out of three falls...

Lou Thesz: Never happened...

Jeremy: Never happened..?

Lou Thesz: Never can check all of the records...we had a situation out in California where he was DQ'd for throwing me over the top rope and they changed the publicity because they couldn't handle it financial-wise and I wanted my money, you know from the promotion. So they decided they were going to try and bury me so they try to play a little gitchie-goo game but it didn't work. And as far as Rogers is concerned, the last time I won the NWA Title it was him I beat for it in Toronto, Canada. And I was over 50 at the time.

Lou Thesz: Now, you've been able to wrestle in a lot of areas and I always batter this word around, the term territories. That doesn't seem to hold any clout with today's fans - which is sort of a sad thing because the more I learn, I mean honestly I'm only 22 years old and I've been a student of this sport for the last couple of years and the more I read about the territories the more I learn about how a wrestler was able to develop in these territories. A lot of wrestlers talk about in interviews the overexposure, and you being all over the world, did you ever face that?

Lou Thesz: Well, overexposure could be a problem, particularly with TV because its on the tube and they could run it over and over again kind of like a broken record. But so far as traveling internationally, you really kind of evade the problem because you're in so many different places like in India and Australia and they didn't have the TV situation like we do in this country, they do now but 25-30-40 years ago they didn't. But over-visibility is a real problem. Jack Dempsey once said, "...the wrestling game is going to hurt itself because you show it over and over again on TV", and he said, "How much rice can a Chinaman eat?" And it's true, you know. It's a repetition thing. But traveling internationally is a very challenging thing especially with foreign referees, because you get a local boy and the referee's got to live in that town and no matter what happens you're not going to get preferential treatment, he is. That happens frequently. So that's when we had to come in with that rule about no Title change under disqualification. They could disqualify you for using a legitimate hold. But anyway, it was a real adventure running around the world wrestling the local Champion, by the time we would get in with the local guys, the local Champion we knew if he was a wrestler or not because we hustled and worked out with some of the people he trained with, so it was an adventure and it was an exploration. Every one of them was a little different until video came out...

Jeremy Hartley is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular contributer to the newsletter. His "EYE on Wrestling" columns can be found in the "Articles" section of the web site. His previous interview with Bob Blackburn is currently to be found in the "Interviews" section.

Nitro Report

We get a clip of Randy Savage's rant from last week.

Live from Winston-Salem, NC. We go back to the same clip again after a few words from the announcers.

Ernest Miller vs. Dameon - the Cat is wearing boxing trunks these days. I just hope he doesn't plan to adopt a crotch-shot as his finishing maneuver :-) Tenay tells us it is a Muey Tay (sp?) outfit as Miller does his opponent in within a minute or so.

Voodoo Child plays as Tony is hyping the card - Bischoff preceeds Hollywood Hogan to the ring. The music switches to the nWo theme as they come down. Hogan poses as Bischoff pretends to be overwhelmed by his magnificant presence (pu-lease...). He rants about the lack of gratitude (toward Hogan) on the part of Randy Savage. Hogan refers to Savage as the "Macho Clown". He complains about Savage's mentioning of Hogan's wife last week. He implies that Liz has had sexual relations with the other athletes in the various organizations in which Savage has wrestled. He refers to himself as the "real Macho Man". He plans to win the cage match at Uncensored (duh...) Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is on the Campus at Duke University with a crowd of fans and the Nitro Grrrls. The Grrrls seem to have a bit of a problem getting their start cue...

Sick Boy (w/the Flock) vs. Lenny Lane - Lane comes on very aggressive at the opening of the match and manages to knock his opponent out of the ring. Lane then throws a suicide dive which downs both his opponent and Lodi. Back in the ring, he continues to hold the advantage for another 5 seconds or so before getting creamed. Lane manages to avoid getting pinned for a while but that is about all until his opponent throws an elbow off the top and misses. Lane pancakes the Flock member but takes his time going for the pin. A failed moonsault still puts his opponent down - moments later Sick Boy puts on his version of the HHH's finisher to get the pin.

Mike Tenay introduces the Giant. The big guy is still wearing a neck brace. The Giant rants a little about Kevin Nash and then invite two of his "buddys" to come on down. Sting and Savage come to the ring together. Savage has his say - pointing out that he isn't on his own as Hogan contends, citing his current companions. He wants to challange Hogan and any two members of the nWo to a six-man tag match tonight! Cut to commercial.

Barry Darsow vs. Bill Goldberg - Darsow gives Goldberg a little better run for his money then most - he matches his opponent in size for one thing. He's also a very skilled and experienced wrestler (formerly known as Krusher Kruschev, Demolition Smash, Repo Man and the Blacktop Bully) . Eventually however he is overwhelmed after taking the match out to the floor for a while. Usual ending. The replay is appropriately sponsored by Ben Gay. Cut to commercial.

Back to Mean Gene at Duke for his Hotline promo. Kimberley plugs some Nitro Grrrls bikini cheesecake photos on the Internet.

Scott Hall comes to the ring - I suppose it's survey time... He is roundly boooed as he revs up - no survey tonight (how refreshing) - he says there's no time. He doesn't like Savage's words pertaining to Hogan and volunteers himself for the six-man match. He rants a little about Sting then leaves the ring after saying, "Hollywood, I got your back..."

More nWo theme music as we return. Now Kevin Nash approaches the ring. He enters and makes a show of putting on a Hollywood Hogan T-vest. He throws his hat into the six-man ring as well. He pledges fealty to his lord (so to speak) and rants at the Giant saying, "I still feel the pain in my back..." but suggests that pain makes him stronger. So we have a big main event, assuming Hogan agrees to the match.

Kidman (w/the Flock at ringside) vs. Dean Malenko - Malenko takes control early in the match but goes for the Texas Cloverleaf too soon. He gets a mouthful of boot. Kidman takes the advantage. Malenko tries to come back but Kidman is very aggressive and maintains his initiative. In the middle of the match Chris Jericho comes down to check things out. He's trying to entice the Flock into the ring again - we know what happened last time he tried that. In the ring Malenko has turned the tables with a gut-buster off the top rope and gets his Cloverleaf and the submission. Jericho brings in the Flock who ignore Malenko and attack Jericho, of course. If he's smart, that will never, ever, happen again... Cut to commercial.

More nWo music - it's Hogan and Bischoff again. They trade rants directed toward Savage. Evidently he is accepting the six-man match...cut to commercial.

Carl Torbush - the Tarheels new football coach is shown ringside before we cut back to Mean Gene at Duke. He says "Let's go to the Nitro Grrrrls..." but we don't.

Brian Adams vs. Kaos (w/Rage) - one-half of High Voltage (the lesser half in my estimation) faces the former Crush. The match is a squash. Young Kaos is a game competitor but is dominated totally in this one. His only offense is a jaw-breaker which allows his partner to get in a cheap shot from the outside. He follows up with a flying clothesline and a suplex but then both he and his partner are overwhelmed and pinned individually (sorry Troy...) Cut to commercial.

Konnan vs. Juventud Guerrera - best sign of the night - "Dusty Fears SlimFast" - Konnan rants at Juventud Guerrera before the match suggesting that someone else of Juvies size and skills will be taking the match in his (Konan's) place. The substitute is Scott Norton. The fight starts on the floor and Juvi is getting creamed right off the bat. Back in the ring, Juvi gets loose and scores with a few flying moves but he can't take Norton off his feet. Norton slaps on a bearhug then changes to a full nelson. Juvi refuses to surrender. He finally gets the right idea and attacks the big guy's knees but it is too little, too late. He is hauled up into a back breaker then dealt a shoulder breaker and pinned easily. Cut to commercial.

Benoit vs. DDP vs. Raven is explored via a tribute video.

Raven/Saturn (w/the Flock at ringside) vs. Chris Benoit/Diamond Dallas Page - the DDP/Benoit team holds the advantage until we go to commercial.

DDP is being doubleteamed as we return. Is Saturn growing more hair these days..? DDP struggles mightily to escape but the opponents are keeping him tied up. He manages to make the tag but it is unobserved and disallowed by the distracted referee. Caught in a bearhug, DDP tries to come back to life but he is losing steam. Then he applies a bell ringer but is caught immediately and finds himself on the receiving end once more. Saturn executes a guillotine legdrop and forces Benoit to make the save. Finally Benoit gets in against Raven and cleans house. He puts the Crossface on Raven but then DDP catches Saturn in a Diamond Cutter and lands on Benoit. This results in a brawl between the partners and a count out as they fight their way up the aisle. Bobby wants to go watch the continuing fight backstage but Tony tells him to stick around. Bobby looks like his feeling were hurt. Cut to commercial.

We see clips of Disco Inferno and Bill Goldberg mingling side by side with the fans and children at Duke U then cut live to Okerlund with the Nitro Grrrls.

Konnan (again) (w/Vincent) vs. the British Bulldog - it's funny to see Vincent saying "nWo 4 Life" when we know he has been let go by WCW. I guess Konnan actually plans to wrestle this time. Both guys here exhibit good wrestlng skills and power moves as they vie for position at the outset of the match. Konnan takes the early advantage with his slightly superior speed and more unorthadox style. The Bulldog comes back almost immediately with a flying powerslam and a surprising early pin.

Tenay welcomes Ric Flair to the ring. Flair has a match against Curt Hennig tonight. The Nature Boy states his case with...well...flair - to say the least. Cut to commercial.

Disco Inferno vs. Chris Jericho - Cruiserweight Title match - this should be good. Disco constantly surprises us with his agressive style. Sure enough, the fight is pretty even in the early going. As the match continues neither man holds a decisive advantage until the very end when Jericho slaps on the Lion Tamer. Cut to commercial.

Back to Mean Gene and the Nitro party at Duke. He hypes next week's Spring Breakout program from Panama City.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Booker T - TV Title match - Eddie Guerrero follows his nephew to the ring and gets into heated discussion with him as Booker makes his entrance. Booker ejects Eddie and Chavo takes advantage of the distraction to get in the first licks. Now Eddie is cheering his younger relative on. Chavo's advantage is shortlived as his opponent gets into the match. A scissor kick followed by a missle drop-kick gets Booker T the pin. Eddie is back after the match to help his nephew up then puts a brainbuster on him. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) vs. Ric Flair - Flair dedicates the match to Winston-Salem, to WCW and to "every Horseman that ever walked that aisle". He tosses Hennig out of the ring right away. Back in the ring, Hennig is chopped and bealed out of the corner. Hennig comes back with a back drop and some chops of his own. Flair falls out of the ring and gets pounded by Rude. Back in the ring they go toe-to-toe and Flair comes out ahead. It's all Flair as he continues his assault then goes out for a chair. He ties Hennig up in the corner then covers his head with the chair. Konnan and Rude hit the ring before he can follow through. They pound him down then set him up with the chair over his head. Bret Hart hits the ring and clears it. He and Hennig go toe-to-toe until Hart elevates his nemesis over the top to the floor. Cut to commercial.

Scott Steiner/Scott Norton vs. Rick Steiner/Lex Luger (w/Ted Dibiasi) - Ricky brings a dog to ringside (black and tan - either a doberman or a rottweiler - I couldn't tell for sure but I think the former). Rick starts out against Norton and devestates him with suplexes. Luger comes in and then shortly faces Scott Steiner. Rick is tagged in and Scotty runs from the ring. Norton comes in and fares better this time. With Ricky down - his brother comes in to continue the assault. As soon as Rick starts making a comeback, Scotty turns tale again. Norton gets creamed again by the enraged Rick Steiner until Scotty tries to interfere. Luger goes ballistic and attacks Scott Steiner - they brawl up the aisle with Rick and Norton in pursuit. The referree ends the match on a quadruple count-out. Cut to commercial.

Hogan/Hall/Nash vs. Sting/Savage/Giant (w/Ms Liz) - Sting hits the ring like a buzzsaw and creams Hall in the corner. Hogan attacks Savage down on the floor then comes in to grab Sting and gets likewise creamed. It sorts out to Hogan/Sting in the ring and the match see-saws with Sting gaining ground. The Giant tags in and Hogan back-pedals. Nash is tagged in by accident. Nash comes in and distracts the Giant so that his cronies can attack from behind. For some reason the Giants partners stand there while he is triple-teamed. The Giant is getting swamped in the corner as Sting and Savage keep distracting the referee. They are working on his injured neck, of course. Hogan gets the neck brace off and continues the assault. The Giant suddenly throws them all off. Finally Savage is tagged in just as the Giant comes alive. Savage starts in on Hogan as the Giant chases Nash from the arena. Savage faces Hogan while Sting beats on Hall. Sting and Hall go to the floor . Bischoff jumps up on the apron and gets decked. Ed Leslie comes in and puts and Austin style stunner on Savage. Hogan refers to the move as "The Apocolypse". Hogan takes the pin on Savage then Leslie and Hogan exault on the floor as Sting protects Savage in the ring. Fade to black...

RAW Report

A video review of Mike Tyson's antics from last week opens the program. Cut to Steve Austin getting his clock cleaned then the return of the Undertaker.

I notice that we still see fleeting glimpses of Bret Hart in parts of the opening montage. RAW comes to us on tape from Wheeling, West Virginia.

Faarooq/Rocky Maivia (w/NOD) vs. Steve Blackman/Ken Shamrock - Maivia takes his time joining the NOD salute. Faarooq starts the match against Blackman holds his own with the veteran grappler. Shamrock comes in and cements their advantage. Maivia comes in and immediately turns the tables. Faarooq comes right back in - both teams are tagging regularly. In a moment we have Maivia in with Blackman whose martial arts blows are extremely crisp. The NOD needs a doubleteam to regain the advantage. The tape is having difficulties and the announcers are forced to comment on it, thus proving that they are not really calling the action at ringside. With little further ado the NOD decides to invade the ring and earn their coohorts the DQ. The rest of NOD splits and leaves Maivia and Shamrock to battle on at the Rock's insistance. Faarooq restrains his troups up on the ramp as Shamrock makes mincemeat out of their partner. He slaps on the ankle lock down on the floor and refuses to release it as the NOD leave the arena. Cut to commercial.

We come back to DX music - Chyna and HHH come to the ring. It's hard to tell that Michaels isn't with them because they continually show his image in the quick cuts that accompany the video. The cut to video of Tyson joining DX then back to HHH with a mic in the ring. Somebody in the crowd holds up a "Degeneration X-Lax" sign - very droll... HHH is telling us that Shawn will not be here tonight - apparently the intend to bring him to us via TitonTron. I have heard that Michaels re-injured himself during his super-kick on Austin last week. Sure enough, Michaels appears on the screen - it appears that he is pre-recorded on the pre-recorded program since he doesn't interact with his cronies in the ring. He is sitting on a couch - resting his hurt knee as he does his rant. There is increasing speculation that he won't be well in time for WrestleMania - Austin vs. Tyson anyone. HHH joins the broadcast team, making his juvenile sexual cracks. Cut to commercial

Barry Windham vs. Owen Hart - European Title match - this would have been a great match...about 5 years ago. Now, however, Windham is to old and tired to keep up (have I ever mentioned that I once babysat young Barry..? It's one of my wrestling claims to fame...maybe the only one). Besides, we know that HHH and Chyna won't let Owen lose the Title before the PPV. The "Widowmaker" puts on a good show for the first few minutes - the tape has problems again. Windham is sucking wind as the match goes on. He looks as bad as Flair although he's about 8 years younger. He gets up from a take-down and walks right into a missle drop-kick. The fight goes out to the floor where Owen continues his flurry then rolls Windham's flab back into the ring. Chyna comes up behind Owen and delivers the low blow - thus getting Windham DQ'd. Bradshaw runs in and attacks the "white whale" after the match. Cut to commercial.

Jerry Lawler interviews Paul Bearer with Kane standing by. Uncle Paul doesn't want to talk about the Undertaker but rants about the number they did on Vader instead. Behind them the locker seats keep banging on their own. Lawler and his interviewees are finally frightened out of the room. The announcers are telling us that the technical difficulties they are experiencing seem to be mysterious in origin.

Aguila (w/Taka Michinoku) vs. Brian Christopher (w/Jerry Lawler) - Aguila is said to be sick with the flu as the match begins. Christopher gets in the early advantage but Aguila comes right back. We have more mysterious disturbances as the match goes on outside the ring. Back in the ring, Christopher is on the comeback trail with a neck breaker on his opponent but then Aguila takes to the air and turns things back around. The lights are flickering again - the Undertaker must be operating the lightboard. Lawler tosses Taka into the ring to distract the referree then runs over and knocks Aguila off the top turnbuckle - but the ref sees him and DQ Lawler's little boy. Afterward there is some more action with the Lawler guys mostly on the receiving end. Cut to commercial.

We see Austin stalking into the into the arena. He is in civies and looks pissed (but then, when doesn't he..?) Austin demands that they engineers play back VM's intro of Tyson last week. He rants about the reference to Tyson as "the baddest man on the planet" as an insult to himself and gets a chair so he can sit in the ring and wait for McMahon to come out and talk to him about it. Jerry Brisco and Blackjack Lanza come out and demand that he leave the ring but he refuses. They head back up the aisle. Now it's Slaughter's turn to come down and try to reason with Stone Cold. We see McMahon in the back looking nervous. Austin threatens Slaughter who retreats. In the back, Brisco is telling a sweaty Vince that he's going to have to go out and talk to Austin. This is great theater. Cut to commercial.

Austin is still in the ring as we return and now there are a phalanx of security guys and Pat Patterson facing the Rattlesnake. He threatens Patterson - the officials retreat again. Finally Vince heads down with a squad of officials. Vince hesitates on the apron as Austin rants. Vince enters the ring and explains that "baddest man on the planet" is a figure of speech. Austin replys with his own "fingers" of speech. He offers McMahon a free shot at him - even closes his eyes. Vince demures so Austin tears his jacket. He says either "hit me" or get out of the ring. He gives Vince ten seconds to vacate the ring. Vince heads out complaining about his torn garment. Austin threatens to disrupt HHH's match tonight, or challanges him, or something - it really isn't all that clear. Cut to commercial.

The Quebecers vs. Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie - Jack goes after Pierre as Charlie attacks Jaques. At first all four are out on the floor, then Funk takes Rougeau back into the ring. The pictures starts going to snow as the match continues. Apparently it distracts Charlie and gives Pierre a chance to turn the tables:-) The Canadians are doubleteaming Funk now. Finally Jack gets in and cleans house. The match starts breaking down so its hard to tell who the legal men are. Pierre executes a Frankensteiner on Jack off the top - something you hardly ever see big guys do. Moments later Jack DDT's Pierre in the confusion and gets the pin. Road Dog appears on the ramp with an arm brace and taunts Jack into coming after him on the ramp. Meanwhile Billy Gunn sneaks up from behind and lays Charlie out with a chair. Cut to commercial.

The lights go out completely as we return...but it's just Kane. We get a review of the Undertakers return from last week before Paul Bearer starts his rant. As Uncle Paul is reaching his apex, the lights go out again and when they come back up UT is standing behind to Kane in the ring. Kane turns and sees his brother then the lights extinguish again and come back up to reveal him gone! A neat magic trick. Cut to commercial.

We come back to a replay of the illusion. Even though there are flashbulbs going off during the dark moments it is hard to tell where UT is coming from and going to.

Goldust vs. Marc Mero (w/Luna and Sable handcuffed to opposite corners of the ring) - Sable obviously want to attack Luna as she enters but Mero restrains her. Mero attacks Goldust with fists and gets the early advantage. They go to the floor and Mero chases his opponent around the ring until Luna trips him. They go back into the ring but then Goldust goes out to menace Sable. That gives Mero the chance to blindside him. Back in the ring, Goldust quickly regains the advantage then knocks first the referree then Mero out! He gets the handcuff key and releases Luna. Mero is out cold. Luna attacks Sable and starts smearing cosmetics on her face. She then takes a soft drink and drenches her enemy. Goldust and Luna depart up the ramp as Pat Patterson releases Sable from her shackles. She tries to pursue the wierdos but is held back as we cut to commercial.

Goldust and Luna challenge Sable and Mero to a mixed tag match at WrestleMania.

Replay of the Tyson footage yet again fades into a replay of the entire Mike Tyson/WWF saga.

Jim Ross interviews Tyson. They go over the whole story again from his perspective. Ross wants to know how Tyson can be an impartial enforcer as a member of DX. Tyson takes offense and walks out of the interview. So I figure either Michaels will bow out of the match and leave Tyson to face Austin - or Tyson will run interference for the ailing WWF Champ at the PPV. Don't look for a legit Title contest.

HHH vs. Savio Vega - so that's the match... Wrestlers and officials surround the ring in a futile attempt to keep Austin away. I expect this match will not last long because HHH isn't 100% either. Sure enough, Austin walks down and right into the ring before the match can get underway. He disposes of Jerry Brisco then goes after HHH - but wait - Shawn Michaels is in the ring! He plants a boot on Austin's face then lets HHH sit on his chest and pummel him. Michaels is poised to strike with a chair as we fade to black...

Well now, at least we have a cat fight to look foreward to at WrestleMania.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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