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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Friday Morning Edition

Cauliflower Alley Report

by Jeremy Hartley

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

In Search of Burma Shave....

by "Wild Bill" Rawlings

Volume 3, Issue 295 - March 27, 1998
Here's a message from Ervin Griffin:

Hello everyone!!! I just wanted to say that BattleBowl '98: The Story (which is actually a continuation of the dream card that was run here in Solie's recently) is up at my web site!!! It is only pt. 1 but I plan to have pt. 2 up real soon!!! Check it out by going to or by going to

In Search of Burma Shave....

by "Wild Bill" Rawlings

Part II: The Search is Afoot!

The fog descended over the stately manor at 221B Baker Street. Lit inside by only a couple of antique hurricane lights, the house looked every it's bit it's age as few people wandered the street at this time of night. In the study where the light emanated, sat a man known to all, yet unknown to most lo these many years. The mantle over the fireplace held many recognizable items, his calabash pipe, deerstalker cap, and autographed picture of Madonna.

Sitting in the plush Elizabethan chair, his great calculating mind devoted to the book in his hands, one can almost hear the train of thought this brilliant man was experiencing.

"Hmmm. Quite interesting", he says to no one, merely breaking the silence of the late hour. "But how do I make this bloody thing stop flashing 12:00?", he remarks throwing the VCR owner's manual toward his $129 K-Mart blue light special.

His question unanswered...for now, the sound of a telephone ringing resonates through the house at this late hour. Reaching to the table beside his chair, the great detective picks up a cell phone.

"Hello? No...this is not Blockbuster Video", the inspector stated impatiently. "Yes, yes, goodbye", and with that he pushed the button to disconnect the call. It was rare that his phone rang nowadays, and usually consisted of wrong numbers or school kid pranks like requests to speak to "Mia Ass". Almost immediately the phone rang again.

"Listen, I told you this is not....Oh, HELLO Leonard! How wonderful to hear from you again. Yes, I appreciate the tapes you sent me...and the neighborhood children just loved it when I wore those ears you sent me for this past Halloween."

"What's that you say? I'm sorry to hear about your "accident". A rabid bull struck you? It is indeed a stroke of luck that you survived. What? You want ME to discover the truth of this chap named Burma Shave? Leonard, surely you know...I've been retired for many years. Were it not for the life prolonging miracle known as Minoxidil, I would have shaked the coils of this mortal world long ago."

"I have other...considerations as well Leonard. Well, as you may or may not know, Dr. Watson has left my side. Yes, London was having a revival of "La Cage Aux Folles" and he got the lead! Without Watson by my side, I don't know if I'll be know someone who may be available. Is he intelligent?...well read?....can he stop this bloody VCR from flashing 12:00 for me? He CAN...charming! Yes, yes, I'll make all the arrangements."

"Where shall I meet him? of an event known as Wrestlemania...excellent! I'll catch the first flight! Leonard, get well soon and thank you for giving an old detective another chance to feel young again. Goodbye!" The twinkle in his eye, perhaps brighter now than those lamps that lit his study, gave note to the world...Sherlock Holmes has returned!

Epilogue: The plane touched down at Boston's Logan International Airport and proceeded to Terminal A for demarkation. The renowned detective had been told that his new assistant would meet him upon his arrival in Boston. As the flight attendants too cheerfully thanked the passengers for flying their friendly skies, the inspector was cautiously optimistic about meeting his new assistant. As he exited the ramp, he could hear a voice over the multitudes gathered to greet loved ones.

"Inspector! Inspector!" the voice cried out!

Holmes looked among the mass of humanity and spotted a man wearing a fishing cap, holding a cardboard sign with the name "HOLMES" aloft so that it obscured the famous detectives view of the new man's face. As the two men approached each other, his new assistant spoke up again.

"Hidey Ho Inspector...I'm your new name is...Wilson!"

The vast optimism that had filled Sherlock Holmes since the phone call from Nimoy left him immediately.....

"Wild Bill" Rawlings is a longtime friend of Solie's and an occasional contributor to the newsletter. He also regularly enlivens the Solie's Readers' Forum with his wit and insight.

Cauliflower Alley Roasts Lou Thesz in Los Angeles

My friend Jeremy Hartley recently attended the Cauliflower Alley Annual Dinner and Roast of Lou Thesz. Here is his report.

As readers of Earl's news letter have been following, I had the honor of talking to 6 times NWA world champion Lou Thesz back in January. In fact, it was Thesz who was the one to finally talk me into attending this year's reunion. By the way, this is the 31st west coast reunion. Getting myself back on track, Thesz explained to me that the Cauliflower Alley club was founded by long-time friend of his Mike Mazurky and Art Abrams.

To make a long story short, when someone tells you that the Cauliflower Alley Club is the ring of friendship within the boxing and wrestling world, they aren't lying to you. The event was held at the wellknown Sportsmen's Lodge located in Studio City California. For those who don't know, Studio City is located by a lot of attractions: Hollywood, Melrose, Universal Studios, are all minutes away. I wish I could give you a stunning visual description of the place, however this will be an impossible task so I will leave it up to someone else to do that in a future column.

It was a strange feeling as I sat in the lobby of the hotel before the Dinner and awards presentation. Here was little old me from Santa Rosa California, and within an few feet from me were men like Pat Patterson, Verne Gagne, Killer Kawalski, need I say more? Needless to say, I was completely overwhelmed most of the time I was at the CAC reunion.

I will include a few highlights below.

The awards presentation was a bit different this year. Normally, awards are given out to people in many catagories. This year however, the presentation dealt with two subjects. The first to be honored was the late Art Abrams. It is interesting to note here that quite a big deal was made about how Art Abrams took the Cauliflower Alley club so seriously, that when he passed away earlier this year, it took over 30 people to organize what one man did for many years.

I never knew MR. Abrams, but after hearing just that one bit of tribute, it was enough to make me bow my head and just smile. Several folks spoke in memory of Art including his wife Selma, Lou Thesz, Red Bastine and others.

The second half of the night featured a toast and roast to the legend himself, Lou Thesz. Nearly 30 people got up and spoke about lou. Some of the names included: Verne Gagne, who was a long time wrestling rival of Thesz, but tonight he was holding nothing back. It was all in good fun. Other names were: Pat Patterson, Kenji Shabuya, Dick Beyer the Destroier, J Michael Kenyon, Actor John Philip Law, and actress Stella Stevens.

One of the funniest moments of the night came when former lady wrestler Ida Mae Martinez challenged Lou right then and there to a contest! Well, not quite what you think. :) It is common knowledge that Thesz never liked to be on the same card with Lady wrestlers and midgetts and other attractions that may sidetrack the wrestling audience.

So. Ida Mae challenged Lou to a contest, but it had to be in her arena so-to-speak. You ask what was the contest? Yodelling of course! :)

Ida Mae thrilled the crowd with her yodelling skills, only to have Lou stand up and proclaim her the undisputed champion!

All in all, a wonderful introduction to such an event for someone like myself.

I will admit, I was caught off guard and overwhelmed, and probably didn't talk to as many folks as I should of or could of. I guess there is next year right?

Please note, I have tried to check spellings of names and make sure they are correct. If I missed one, it is not done on purpose.

Jeremy D. Hartley

Jeremy Hartley is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular contributer to the newsletter. His "EYE on Wrestling" columns can be found in the "Articles" section of the web site. His interview with Buddy Landel is running currently in the newsletter and his previous interviews with Bob Blackburn and Lou Thesz are currently to be found in the "Interviews" section.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 2: Bigger Fish."

After the loss of the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title to Wahoo McDaniel, Ric Flair went on to have a breakthrough year in 1977. He won the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles again by defeating Dino Bravo & Tiger Conway, Jr. (It is not known who his partner was). He also, in February 1977, teamed with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine to win the NWA World Tag Team Title. The title was later vacated by these two for unknown reasons (by me anyway). In May of 1997, Flair won his second NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Title from Rufus R. Jones. Then, on June 25, 1977 in Charlotte, NC, one of the most revered feuds in wrestling began when Rick Steamboat (who was new to the federation) challenged Ric Flair on national TV. Flair, feeling confident, gave him a title match and lost the belt to Steamboat. Steamboat also defeated Flair for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team belts on August 22, 1977. Steamboat's partner for that match was "Number 1" Paul Jones.

Ric Flair would go on to win his first major championship as he defeated Bobo Brazil in September 1977 for the NWA United States Heavyweight Title. Steamboat, however, would continue to plague Flair as he defeated him for that very title in the fall or winter of 1977. Flair would see some gold again, however, as he and Greg Valentine would regain the NWA World Tag Team Titles. They would be later stripped of those titles in 1978 and were forced to disban their team for unknown reasons.

In 1978, Ric Flair would become US Champion again in May 1978 as he defeated Tim "Mr. Wrestling" Woods for the title. He would hold that title in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Tag titles as he and Big John Studd would defeat Rick Stemboat & Paul Jones on October 30, 1978. They would hold that title for seven days before Steamboat & Jones would regain those straps on November 5, 1978. Then, on December 18, 1978, Rick Steamboat would regain the US Title by defeating Ric Flair in Toronto, Ontario up in Canada. Thus, Steamboat would be a constant source of irritaion for Flair over most of Flair's wrestling career.

NEXT: The Road To The World (title that is)

If you have a question, comments, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at or

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Thunder Report

We open with Eric Bischoff in the control truck trying to prevent some footage from last week being shown. Doug Dellenger shows up and hustles him out to the parking lot. Meanwhile we cut to the footage from last weeks nWo/WCW tag team contest showing some heated discussion between Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash.

Live from th Patriot Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia - Tony is talking about what we just saw.

Eddie Guerrero (w/Chavo Guerrero, Jr) vs. Chris Benoit - Eddie uses his leverage to force Chavo to take this match and give Eddie his (Chavo's) TV Title match for later tonight. Benoit goes on the attack right away - he doesn't care which Guerrero he has to face. As the match gets underway, Bischoff and Rick Rude commandeer the broadcast position. In the ring Chavo is getting a second wind and is on his way back. Now the match is see-sawing as the nWo guys grouse about people in the WCW organization trying to cheat the nWo. Meanwhile Benoit has taken control again and has Chavo in his Crippler Crossface. 'Nuff said. Cut to commercial.

Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring for their weekly rant. They complain some more in the same vain as earlier. They say their piece then Kevin Nash joins them. He takes the mic and describes Hogan as the "self-proclaimed" leader of the nWo, declares that the "heart and soul of the nWo is the Wolf Pack", wants to know why his friend Syxx no longer has a job and why Scott Hall isn't on TV more. Hogan replies that it isn't his fault that Syxx couldn't "cut the mustard" and he doesn't know where Hall is these days. Nash asserts that there might be a problem with trust between the members - so Hogan suggests that he and Nash be partners for a tag match tonight. Nash agrees, somewhat sarcastically. Cut to commercial.

Prince Iaukea vs. La Parka - the announcers ignore the match to talk about the last segment. La Parka has the size and experience advantage here but Iaukea has been getting a mild push lately. He in fact, gets a quick win with a rather sudden Northern Lights Suplex.

Tony interviews Lex Luger - he wants to accept the Tag Team match with Hogan/Nash with his partner Sting. Cut to commercial.

Disco Inferno vs. Chris Jericho - they don't mention whether or not this is a Title match. Disco dominates the early going but then gets dropped throat-first onto the top rope and loses the initiative. Disco takes it for a while and finally recovers with a sidewalk slam. The next flurry almost gets him the win (and the Title - this is a Championship match) the next moment see Jericho dragging his opponent into a Lion Tamer. He takes Disco's headband as a trophy. Cut to commercial.

Jerry Flynn vs Goldberg - this is a re-match, Flynn was one of the few who gave this monster a decent run a few weeks back. We hear that Goldberg demanded this match. Again Flyyn gives a fairly good account of himself - with Goldberg that just means the opponent lasts longer than a minute or so. The match lasts only as long as it takes to get Goldberg mad - then the spear happens and it's all but over for Flynn. Usual ending... Cut to commercial.

Kidman (w/the Flock) vs Psychosis - Kidman tells his opponent of his intention to hurt him before the match (Psychosis broke Lodi's ankle last week). Shortly after the match starts he manages to shove his opponent off the top turnbuckle onto the railing then throws a Shooting Star Press (now dubbed the "Seven Year Itch") off the apron to splash Psychosis on the floor. Back in the ring, Kidman continues his assault and is still dominating despite his opponent's occasional flurries. Now Psychosis turns the tables and gets in a couple of shots before Kidman catches him short. As the struggle continues, Sick Boy attempts to interfere but hits his cohoort by mistake. Pychosis executes his guillotine leg-drop and takes the pin.

Tony invites Diamond Dallas Page to the ring to talk about Raven. Page states that he had a telegram from JJ Dillon offering to help get the belt back but he says "Thanks but no thanks" - he'd rather get it back himself. He expresses his respect for Sting (who he met in a World Title match last week) then says that Raven is at the bottom of the list for a US Title shot - but at the top of his list to get "Banged". Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig/Brian Adams (w/Rick Rude) vs. The British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart - it seems we are destined to see some version of this match-up over and over again. Rude invades the broadcast booth again, displacing Lee Marshall. Rude starts by complaining about Goldberg. He'd like to see him take on Curt Hennig. He then agrees that there seems to be some problems between Nash and Hogan but asserts that they will work it out. In the ring Brian Adams is working on the Bulldog, but gets upset and Neidhart comes in. Hennig interferes to turn the tables for Adams who then tags Hennig in. The Bulldog is tagged in and the advantage shifts back but then all four are in the ring and things are getting a little confused. Hennig suddenly leaves the ring and heads up the ramp with Neidhart in pursuit, then Adams and Davey Boy brawl up the aisle. All four end up where the ramp meets the platform and are counted out. Cut to commercial.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Saturn - US Title match - the match is pretty even during the first few exchanges but eventually Saturn takes the advantage. He is using submission maneuvers to greta effect but DDP can't be put down so easily. The match begins to see-saw but still favors Saturn for the most part. Page finally turns the tables with his fists. He goes for a Diamond Cutter but is thwarted by a jawbreaker. Raven appears on the platform at this point and taunts DDP with the belt. A distracted Page still manages to put a Diamond Cutter on his opponent as he flies off the top turnbuckle. But rather then take the pin he chooses to chase Raven into the back area and is counted out. Cut to commercial.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr vs. Booker T - TV Title match - at least that's the way it was suppose to read, but Eddie has pre-empted his nephew for the Title shot. Booker wants to know what Chavo has to say about the situation but Eddie won't let Chavo speak. Booker turns his attention towards the younger Guerrero, who tries to let Booker know that his uncle is donning brass knuckles. Booker turns around and gets decked. Eddie tries to get the pin but Booker kicks out. Meanwhile, Chavo has retreived the weapon and tosses it into the ring to get Eddie DQ'd. Afterwards, Eddie insists that Chavo hit Booker with the brass knucks. Chavo demures at first but then succombs to his uncles blandishments. He further puts the boots to the prone TV Champ at Eddie's urging. Cut to commercial.

Scott Norton (w/Buff Bagwell) vs. Rick Steiner (w/Ted Dibiasi) - Bagwell distracts Steiner at the top of the match so that Norton can blindside him. He suffers through a few shots then comes back with a suplex. He then grabs a half-crab. He releases the hold and sends Norton to the ropes only to carom off in a back-elbow attempt. Norton is firmly in control. Rick has a few good moments but seems unable to have much effect on his massive opponent. Scott Steiner shows up and gives Norton Rick's dog collar to use as a weapon. Norton misses the shot and Rick gets the collar. Norton picks Rick up in a belly-to-back but Steiner pounds his forehead with the dog collar and then gets the pin. Bagwell comes in and is ejected. Scotty starts to enter then thinks better of it when confronted by his brother. Scott runs away chased by Rick and trailed by Dibiasi. Cut to commercial.

With about four minutes left in the program we get the main event.

Hollywood Hogan/Kevin Nash vs. Sting/Lex Luger - it takes a minute or two just to get these guys to the ring - I assume the program is set to run over a little. Hogan and Nash are bickering before the match starts. Hogan faces Sting to start. He takes a shot then returns three. Hogan looks frustrated already. He comes back with a series of punches and takes the advantage briefly. Sting comes roaring back and then tags in Luger. Luger continues the assault - Nash seems a little tentative about coming in to replace his partner. Hogan thumbs an eye to turn the tables then tags in Nash. Nash opens up on Luger in the corner, whips him across and follows in with a clothesline. Hogan comes back in and starts choking Luger. Nash comes in and throws a boot but hits Hogan instead. Luger manages to tag in Sting who has Nash on the run. Suddenly Randy Savage runs in and starts beating on Sting. Meanwhile Hogan and Nash are having words. Luger racks Savage and Nash saves him. That pisses off Hogan and they are arguing again as the nWo hits the ring. They attack Luger as Sting is getting some shots in on Hogan. He breaks off that attack to rescue Luger and they clean the ring together. At ringside, Hogan and Nash are continuing to bicker as the nWo retreats and we fade to black.

Except for the Hogan/Nash problems, this program was the usual Thursday fare.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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