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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Austin Attacks McMahon Again

and is arrested

Waltman Joins DX

Dan Severn Appears in the WWF

Midnight Express Win NWA Tag Titles

New Age Outlaws Retake the Tag Titles

DX helps them win a brutal cage match--are they now part of DX?

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 3

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 297 - March 30, 1998
The following comes to us courtesy of Bob Ryder:


The WWF is benefiting today from wide coverage of the Mike Tyson appearance at Wrestlemania.

The Associated Press released a wire story within 30 minutes of the completion of the event, including winners of key matchups. The New York Times, and dozens of other mainstream papers carried stories about the event in today's editions.

The WWF expects a big buyrate for the event. They hope to exceed the buy for Wrestlemania VII, when they set their record of 764,000 buys.


WWF Senior Referee, Earl Hebner, was rushed to a Boston hospital on Saturday after suffering an apparent Brain Aneurysm.

Hebner had been expected to be the referee in the Shawn Michaels title defense against Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. The WWF made note of the illness on the show, and said Hebner was in the Intensive Care Unit at a local Boston hospital.


Doug Gilbert was crowned the new NWA National Champion, after coming out the winner in a triangle match involving Barry Windham and Rocco Rock. Rocco was filling in for Terry Gordy, who missed the show due to illness.

The show took place in Mount Holly, NJ as part of the "Twisted Metal 98" event.

Gordy is expected to return to action in time for the NWA Southwest tournament to crown a new NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion on April 10.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 3: The Road To The World Title

After losing the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship to Rick Steamboat in Toronto on December 18, 1978, Ric Flair went into the new year without any gold around his waist. That was soon to change, however, when he regained the US strap on April 1, 1979 by defeating Steamboat. He would hold that title until August 12, 1979. Flair was forced to vacate the title after he and Blackjack Mulligan (the father of one of Flair's archrivals Barry Windham) won the NWA World Tag Team Championship from Paul Jones and Baron Von Raschke in Greensboro, NC. This would be Flair's third run as a world tag team champion. The reign would last only a month as Jones and Von Raschke would regain those titles. I have it on good source that after the loss, Mulligan turned on Flair and Flair became a face for one of the first times in his career. Thus, it would begin Flair's long feud with the Windham family in wrestling. Flair would go with out any championship gold for about eight months. In the meantime, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka would win the NWA United States Championship on September 1, 1979 in a tournament final against Rick Steamboat. Flair challenged Snuka to a "No DQ" match for the title with the added stipulation that both Buddy Rogers and Gene Anderson would be banned from ringside. Flair's requests were granted and, on April 19, 1980 in Greensboro, NC, Flair regained the US Title for a fourth reign. He would lose the title to his former NWA World Tag Team Championship parter Greg "The Hammer" Valentine on July 26, 1980 in Charlotte, NC. Flair would regain the NWA US Title for a fifth (and final) reign as he defeated Valentine on November 24, 1980. He would hold the title until January 27, 1981 when "Rowdy" Roddy Piper defeated Flair in Raleigh, NC.

Flair would continue to wrestle top flight competition until September 17, 1981. On that day, he defeated "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes in Kansas City, Missouri for the first of his ten NWA World Heavyweight Titles. Now, as the series progresses, you will see where Flair got 10 NWA titles. Most American fans believe Flair only won eight (as I did previously until I started doing research on Flair with the help of Matt Benaka).

Anyway, Flair would hold the title for almost two years. In that time span, he defended the title all over against Rick Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Blackjack Mulligan and even against then WWF World Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund in a title VS. title unification bout!!! Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff would never dream of having such a bout today!!! Anyway, Flair's first reign ended on June 10, 1982 in St. Louis, Missouri as Harley Race defeated Flair in a two out of three falls match. Race was one of Flair's great opponents that I will discuss in length next time.

NEXT: Harley Race

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Nitro Report

The program opens with a clip from the discussion between Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash from Thunder.

Live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Tony welcomes us to the program and then we cut to the Nitro Grrrrls in the ring.

More clips from Thunder illustrate the discension within the nWo.

Mike Enos/Wayne Blloom vs. High Voltage - this would be a major win for Troy Williams favorite tag team. Enos and Bloom are a very experienced duo. Enos starts against Rage who manages to hold the upper hand until he tags in Kaos. They double-press slam the powerful younger member of the opposing team. Rage is back in and they continue to isolate Enos for a while, but he escapes and Bloom comes in with the advantage. Now it is all Enos and Bloom as Enos gets an over the head superplex on Rage. The Giant approaches the ring as the match continues. Kaos has come in and has things well in hand when the Giant walks right into the ring and ends the match by chokeslamming everyone in sight (sorry Troy). He grabs a mic and says, "Roddy Piper, you want me? You got me!" What ever happened to JJ Dillons edict about handing out fines to people who break the rules..? What ever happened to JJ Dillon..? Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring as we return. He brings Roddy Piper down. The Giant accompanies him. He is wearing a Chicago Cubs baseball cap. Piper starts by declaring, "God bless Harry Carey!" He says he has him a "mean Giant" and rants away about the coming "Bat Match". He compares Nash to the Titanic and says he hates waiting for things. He says that Nash has to pick a partner other than Hogan and face Sting and Luger tonight. Now he turns his attention to Hogan. He reveals the identity of the Disciple (Ed "Brutus Beefcake", "Brother Bruti", "Zodiac", "Bootyman" etc. Leslie) and states that he (Piper) will have a match with Hogan tonight. Cut to commercial.

The opening clip is shown once more as we return, with some added footage - basically the entire discussion is re-aired then the announcers discuss the discussion.

Saturn (w/the Flock) vs. Fit Finley - Raven enters carrying the US Title as usual of late. Two of the real tough guys hook it up in this one. Both use a similar mix of mat wrestling and hard contact brawling styles. Finley takes the early advantage and seems to have a little more guile on his side. Saturn finally uses an eye shot to turn the tables but Finley comes back immediately and retakes the advantage. Saturn uses a fall-away suplex to grab the initiative once more but again Finley comes roaring back. A quick suplex gives Saturn the break he needs to hook in the Rings and take the fall. Cut to Mean Gene at the ramp. He hawks the WCW Hotline. Cut to commercial.

Voodoo Child plays as Hollywood Hogan comes to the ring trailed by the entire nWo. I take it back - Nash and Hall are missing. Hogan accepts Piper's challenge, then calls Leslie to the mic, names him as the Disciple and declares that he (Leslie) is there to watch his (Hogan's) back. He says he doesn't trust Nash - which brings Nash to the ring. Hogan declares that Nash can't use any of the nWo members as his partner. Nash responds that Hogan better watch his back around the nWo - but don't worry about ", because I'll shoot you right between the eyes." Nash says he has a partner but declines to name him. This sets the entire group of thugs looking at each other suspiciously. The more I see of this "discension" angle the less I believe that it exists in real life. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls...on the platform this time. We see Irwin Mandel (CFO of the Chicago Bulls) at ringside.

Chris Jericho vs. Marty Jannetty - Cruiserweight Title match - Jericho dedicates the match to "the memory of Dean Malenko" then taunts the "man of a thousand holds". Jericho attacks before the bell and grabs the early initiative but then loses it immediately. Jericho is screaming "Help me!" as Jannetty pounds on him. Jannetty tries his leg over the head drop maneuver but Jericho reverses it into a Lion Tamer to win. He grabs the mic again. He claims that Malenko really only knows about 60 moves but he (Jericho) knows 1004...and he has a list of them. He unrolls a list several feet long and starts reading them off as we cut to commercial.

Jericho is still reading his list as we return. The second hour begins with a flurry of fireworks. Somebody cuts off Jericho's mic.

Prince Iaukea vs. Glacier - Iaukea comes down for his mic and states that Malenko's old man also trained him (the Prince) and shoos Jericho out of the ring. Glacier has a pretty substantial weight advantage here. He is also devious...but cocky - and that could be his downfall. Iaukea has shown himself to be a solid performer. After dominating the action, Glacier jumps right into a Northern Lights suplex and is pinned. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls cavort among the fans. Cut to Nitro Party video from a High School somewhere in Ohio.

El Dandy vs. Juventud Guerrera - Dandy seems contemptuous of his opponent. More of that Konnan inspired derision I suppose. He seems to be one step ahead and is using his superior size to good advantage throughout the match but his covers are rather cavelier. Juventud excecutes a "Juvey Driver" out of nowhere to get the pin. Cut to commercial.

We get a clip of "Lost in Space" as we return. Looks like a real fun movie ("Warning Will Robinson!!")

Kaz Hayashi vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (w/o Eddie) - Eddie faced this guy a couple of weeks ago and claimed that he was a better Japanese wrestler then the one that Chavo faced the same night (Ultimo Dragon if I recall correctly). So we'll see how this one goes. This is a very fast paced match. Both these guys are speed demons. As the match goes on, Chavo pulls ahead at a steady clip. Hayashi gets a flurry or two but for the most part it's all Chavo. His Tornado DDT does the trick. He helps his opponent up and shakes his hand before leaving the ring. Cut to commercial.

Raven vs. Buff Bagwell (w/Scott Norton) - This match doesn't really happen. Raven makes a condescending speech before the match. It is his usual whining rant about what an awful childhood he had and how Diamond Dallas Page has done him wrong. Even refers to his time in ECW - saying that Page could have "made a call" and got him into the WCW (funny, I seem to remember that Raven - or I should say, Scotty Peacock was in WCW...) Buff poses then gets a good laugh out of Raven's physique. Raven comes on aggressive but Buff out-maneuvers him. DDP comes down as the match gets underway, Raven grabs the stolen US Title belt and runs away with Page on his tail. Buff wins by countout.

DDP joins the broadcast team - usurping Heenans place. He wants to tell his side of the Raven/DDP saga. He claims that Raven has a selective memory. He mentions Scott Levy's silver spoon upbringing and compares it to his own impoverished childhood. He says Raven doesn't know the meaning of the word "hardship". Cut to commercial.

The announcers speculate on who Nash's partner will be as the crowd chants "Goldberg! Goldberg!" in the background.

Disco Inferno vs. Kidman - Disco comes down in his polyester street clothes - apparently he means to face Kidman that way. He strips off the loud shirt and the match is on. Kidman gets in the first shots but then Duisco elevates him and drops him on his stomach. Now it's all Disco as he stomps his opponent in the corner then beals him over the top rope to the floor. Outside the ring Disco gets in one more shot then Kidman turns the tables as he returns to the ring. He's flying all over the place and gaining ground. He climbs the to the top and misses a splash giving Disco his opening. Disco dominates for a while then misses a flying move of his own. Now the match see-saws until Disco hits a devastating piledriver and gets the duke. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) vs. Jim Neidhart - Rude heads to the broadcast position and takes Tenay's place. Yet another Hennig vs. Hart brother-in-law match (boooring...) Hennig won't let Neidhart into the ring at first. So he drags Hennig out to the floor. Back inside he follows up on his advantage. He keeps stopping to yell at Rude. As Hennig keeps taking it, Rude abandons the broadcast team and runs right into the ring to attacks Neidhart. He handcuffs the Anvil to the top rope. Davey Boy Smith runs in to even the odds but is followed closely by Brian Adams. They cold-cock the referee and are creaming the brothers-in-law when Bret Hart runs in and cleans house. The nWo guys retreat. Bret makes his usual "...nobody knows more about getting screwed than me..." speech until we cut to commercial.

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T - TV Title match - Benoit wears the Hitman's Hockey Team jersey to the ring. What might that mean..? This is a rematch from last week's time limit draw. The early going is largely a stand-off. Neither guys seems to be able to get the measure of the other. The match see-saws throughout. Booker T is very crisp as always, delivering high impact blows but Chris is holding his own despite his size disadvantage. Benoit has a long run toward the middle of the match and seems to be gaining the edge. He grabs a surfboard and hangs n for dear life. Booker powers out but Benoit hits a belly-to-back suplex to keep the advantage. He delivers two German Suplexes then Booker escapes. They hit simultaneous body blocks and both are down for the count. Both are back up on 6 and Booker gets a belly-to-back then a Harlem side kick but is reeling. He climbs the turnbuckle and gets caught. They struggle for position and Benoit gets knocked to the mat. Booker throws a missle drop kick but misses. Benoit goes for the Crossface but they are in the ropes. The bell sounds as they stand toe-to-toe slugging it out. Patrick separates them and declares the time-limit draw...again. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls as we return.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Pychosis - the Dragon is as much a Luchadore as his opponent here, despite his Japanese ancestory. These are two of the larger high flyers. The contest is pretty evenly matched with Dragon exhibiting more finess but Psychosis being the more suicidal flyer. He demonstrates this with a suicide dive to the floor. The Flock decides to interrupt the match at this point before it can really get going. The two combatants join forces to clear the ring. Cut to commercial.

Ray Traylor vs. Bill Goldberg - a few years ago this would have been a great match. Traylor was a formidable competitor in his earlier days (he was the second UWF World Champ - defeating the One Man Gang handily). The two bulls collide and neither gives ground. Traylor invites his opponent to hit him with a tackle but Goldberg short clotheslines him instead. Moments later Traylor gets his trademark sidewalk slam but Goldberg pops right up and then spears him. The Jackhammer ends the match. Saturn is ringside and is being held back by his Flock-mates from running in to face Goldberg. Seems like a fool-hardy idea. Cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer is on hand to announce the double main event.

Sting/Lex Luger vs. Kevin Nash/? - Nash's partner turns out to be...Savage? He comes running down and attacks Sting before the World Champ can get to the ring. He piledrives him on the floor then enters the ring and confirms his participation. Sting lies on the floor as the nWo guys double team Luger, then Savage goes out to beat on Sting some more. Savage tags back in and takes over the assault on Luger. Sting is trying to get back on the apron but Savage keeps running out to attack him. Luger is getting creamed while Savage has Sting neutralized. He's out there using a chair now. Savage goes into the ring and Nash takes his place out on the floor. The match goes on this way for several minutes. Finally Sting recovers enough to give Luger a break and the table are turned. Hogan shows up to join the attack on Sting but gets posted. Luger has Nash in the Rack when the Disciple runs in and applies his "Apocolypse" stunner move on Luger. He rolls Nash over as the referee, who has been distracted by Hogan, turns back and makes the count. Piper runs in and attacks Hogan but the Disciple is right there and the two nWo members fight him back up the ramp. Cut to commercial.

Hogan vs. Piper - if Piper makes it back to the ring that is... Voodoo child starts and then stops. The combatants come battling down the ramp to the ring. The Disciple tries to interfere but he gets his clock cleaned as well. Piper is beating on both guys and ends up rolling them both into the ring. He spits on Hogan. Hogan punches him in the head but Piper just stands there inviting Hogan to hit him again. They spill out onto the floor where Piper is still in charge - still fighting both guys. Piper fells the Hulkster with rapid rights and lefts (for those who don't know - Piper was once a Golden Gloves contender). Hogan regains his feet but Piper slips in a low blow. They face each other on their knees then Hogan grabs a choke. Now Hogan is making a comeback. He surprises me by not going after Piper's plastic hip. The Disciple drags Piper out of the ring and runs his back into the apron. Piper rolls back in and Hogan pound on him some more. Piper grabs a sleeper but the Disciple runs in and puts on the Apocolypse. They are standing over Piper as Kevin Nash comes in. He picks Piper up to hold him for Hogan, who throws a boot and gets Nash as Piper moves aside. The Giant lumbers down to clear the ring. Nash and Hogan are facing off out on the floor with the Disciple trying to stay between them. In the ring, the Giant and Piper are ready to rumble as we fade to black...

RAW Report

We start with scenes from last nights event. The clips end with Austin waving the WWF Title belt in celebration. RAW is live from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York.

Vince McMahon is natily attired in a dark blue suit as he strides to the ring carrying a brand new WWF Championship belt amid a chorus of booes and chants of "Austin!" Austin!". He has some problems hearing himself as he introduces the new Champ. Austin comes down, grabs the new belt from Vince and drops the old belt on the bosses foot. Vince is back pedaling on his unkind remarks a few weeks ago pertaining to Steve Austin's prospective Championship reign. He says he is proud to congratulate him and says that he hopes that through the combination of his (McMahon's) mental prowess and Austin's physical prowess they can make Austin into the greatest WWF Champ of all time. He oozes sincerity (that's called sarcasm, folks). Austin says, in effect, f**k you. Vince tries to kiss up but Austin puts him on the spot when Vince says he "loves" Austin. Austin makes him repeat it then says he plans to go his own way just like he always has. Vince comes back with, "We can do this the easy way...or the hard way." Steve asks Vince to define those terms. Vince says he has to either "adapt" or be forced to do it Vince's way. Austin decided to do it his way...and stuns McMahon for good measure. Predictable end of interview. Cut to commercial.

Video clip of what just happened. We see Vince in the back being tended to.

The Road Warriors (w/Sunny) vs. Jose/Jesus - this match is over in a flash - hardly worth I won't. The Warriors are growing their hair out and Sunny is referring to them as LOD 2000. Meanwhile, Kevin Kelly is backstage telling us that Vince has sent for the police to arrest Austin. Cut to commercial.

We get another look at the Stunner on McMahon as we return, then Kelly tells us that when Austin was informed that the police were on their way, he was quoted as saying,"Vince doesn't have the balls to have me arrested..."

Kurrgan vs. Chainz - we see McMahon pacing around in the parking lot as the match proceeds. In the ring Chainz is holding his own but it's obvious this can only go on so long. He grabs a claw hold on his opponent's forehead as Jackyl is accusing the announcers of "causing this". Kurrgan drags his opponent up the aisle by his forehead.

In the back the police arrive as we cut to commercial.

Vince is explaining the situation to the police as we return. He leads them into the building - there are four of them - hardly seems like enough...

Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee) vs. Aguila - Jarrett rides his lighted horse to the ring. He starts in on his opponent as soon as he enters the ring. His promoter joins the broadcast team and has his own opinions on the Austin problem. In the ring, Jarrett is taking the youngster apart. Aguila makes his comeback and flies around for a while but eventually makes a mistake. The Figure Four tells the tale. After the match, Steve Blackman hits the ring and knocks Jarrett out of the ring. He menaces Lee but Jarrett comes back and cuts that short. Blackman wants Jarrett in the ring but Dubba J walks away. In the back the police are leading Austin away. He detours to head butt Vince but is dragged off in handcuffs. Cut to commercial.

We watch Austin being carted away as we return then McMahon and Slaughter come to the ring. Vince says, "I came out here because I felt I owed you an explaination..." the crowd booes. Vince says he felt Austin needed a cooling off period. "Mr. Austin made his choice", Vince says, "and damn it, I made mine!"

Backstage HHH is angry and says that the WWF is coming to an end tonight.

NOD is backstage - the Rock is the spokesman. He rants at Shamrock then turns to Faarooq and acknowledges the latter's leadership. Cut to commercial.

The second half of the program starts 10 minutes early as we see clips from the first hour.

The Nation of Domination (Faarooq/Maivia) vs. Steve Blackman/Ken Shamrock - the Rock is limping from Shamrock's ankle lock last night. Faarooq is ready to start the match but the Rock insists he be allowed the honors, despite his limp. As Shamrock advances, Maivia reaches back and tags Faarooq back in. Faarooq starts strong but is soon overwhelmed by Shamrock. Blackman is tagged in and continues the assault. Shamrock comes back in and strides right over to punch Maivia on the apron. Turning his attention back to Faarooq, he and Blackman show some good teamwork until Faarooq hits a spinebuster on Shamrock. Both guys are down and Faarooq crawls over to his corner only to have Maivia raise his hand up high and demand that Faarooq stand up to make the tag! He then turns on his heel and leaves!! Shamrock finishes off Faarooq then leaves. Faarooq then demands that Maivia come back down to take his licks. Maivia comes back but the officials get between them before they can damage each other. The Rock allows himself to be sent away but Faarooq isn't done. As he calls for Maivia to come back - his minions attack him from behind!! They beat him down. The Rock comes back and proclaims himself as the ruler of the Nation. They leave him lying in the ring to be helped out by the officials.

Jim Ross and the King are discussing what just happened when the DX theme starts up. HHH and Chyna come to the ring. Helmsley rants about Tyson's defection last night. He seems to be holding Michaels responsible for what happened. He says HBK dropped the ball - and he (HHH) says he will make the decisions from now on. He brings out Shawn Waltman (Syxx, 1-2-3 Kid). Waltman, who hasn't been identified yet, starts his rant with a put down of Hulk Hogan for saying he (Waltman) couldn't "cut the mustard" then he makes a crude suggestion about Hogan's relationship with Eric Bischoff. He says HHH called him and asked for his help - then he claims that Hall and Nash would "be here to..." if they weren't tied up contracturally down South (naturally, he is disgruntled - who knows the truth of it really..?) Chyna actually looks a little disconcerted...this is a calculated risk but probably necessary because Michaels needs some time off. It's yet to be seen whether DX can be sustained without the "Show Stopper". Cut to the "Slam of the Week" - Sable powerbombing Luna last night - then to commercial.

Val Venis (sounds like some kind of cheese, actually it's Sean Morley) is introduced during a silly video. The ultimate WWF porn actor. Why not..?

Taka Michinoku vs. Marc Mero - Luna appears on the platform to demand an "Evening Gown" match with Sable. Sable agrees. Mero isn't too happy about the situation of course. He is a little flummoxed for a bit but soon recovers and starts using his size to advantage. Sable is jumping up on the apron to protest Mero's illegal tactics. He administers the low blow while she has the ref distracted and uses the TKO to win the match. After the Mero's leave three Japanese guys (Nippon Posse?) run in and attack Taka.

The New Midnight Express vs. The Headbangers - NWA Tag Team Title match - Jim Cornette introduces Dan Severn as we return. He is the current NWA World Champ and former UFC Champ. In the ring ME is having their way with the youngsters until Thrasher gets a foot into Bob's face. Mosh is tagged in and cleans house. Moments later ME show their double teaming stuff as they recreate the Rocket Launcher to win the match and the Titles. Afterward, Severn comes in, despite his suit, and devastates the Bangers. At ringside Ross is taking a phone call from Austin who is threatening McMahon with bodily harm. He reminds us that he has made "housecalls" in the past. Great, so next week we'll get scenes from Vince's neighborhood with Austin breaking into his house...Vince holed up in the den with his .44 magnum, Austin breaks down the door and...we lose the satelite feed...cut to commercial.

Kane and Paul Bearer appear on the platform and rant. You know, I got some mail saying that my prediction about things being left up in the air at WrestleMania was proved to be wrong. But think about it, the only thing that wasn't left hanging last night was the World Title...and that had to be resolved because Shawn Michaels needs to take it easy for a while. Thus we have Kane back tonight to propose an "Inferno Match" for the next PPV, Luna challenging Sable to an "Evening Gown Match", and a cage re-match for the Tag Team Titles. Speaking of which...

Chainsaw Charlie/Cactus Jack vs. New Age Outlaws - Tag Team Title re-match in a cage - the Dog talks some trash on the way to the ring - brave words when your stepping into a cage with Terry Funk and Mick Foley. They have their way for a while and manage to tie Funk up by his throat to the cage. But Jack is still holding his own until DX shows up and uses a chair on him. Waltman (he's being referred to simply as "the Kid") throws the chair into the ring and Jack is piledriven onto it. Now the four of them are beating on the Hardcore Legends. The King says this is the new DX. They climb to the top of the cage and give us the crotch shot hand gesture as we fade to black.

A very interesting evening...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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