Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 3
May 21, 1996


McMuffin is mercifully absent from the broadcast booth tonight. Said to be in training with Kevin Green for the upcoming tag team contest against Flair and AA. They showed a clip of the confrontation during the weekend PPV.

It was announced that the Giant is still the Champion. I guess Sting gave him a pretty good match - I rarely watch PPV's , but couldn't get the job done. AA is to face him for the Title in the main event.

Fire & Ice vs. The Steiners - F&I gave a good account of themselves but suffered greatly on several occasions due to over-confidence. Finally they took it avoid being beat. The match ended in a double count-out. The Steiner Brothers were impressive as always against the powerhouse team.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rick Flair - this was the best match on the program, although Flair was really showing his age. He was out-wrestled and run around in cirles by the very speedy Mr. Guerrero. It was all Eddie until just before the commercial Flair turned the tide with a thumb to the eye. When we came back Flair had squandered his advantage, Guerrero is still in it. Finally Eddie misses a spectacular leap to the outside, hangs up on the railing. Beginning of the end. He manages to continue to give it a good shot but re-injures his knee on a splash move. Flair wins via the figure four leg lock. A great match but Flair is becoming painful to watch.

Next up: an interview with Flair and company. What in the world is this has-been celebrating about? After the interview, Flair takes his entourage and invades the broadcast booth.

Here's a question: Why is it that "Woman", the tart, always dresses like a lady while Miss Liz, the lady, always dresses like a tart?

Sting/Lugar vs. Faces of Fear - didn't catch whether or not this was a title match but it was a good one. Barbarian executed an amazing super-plex on Sting from the top rope. Then both faces dive bombed him from the top for a double-headbutt. Sting was mauled for about two minutes while Lugar didn't seem to be trying very hard to get the tag. Finally, after a heroic effort on Sting's part, Lugar is tagged in and great teamwork won the match for the Tag Team Champs.

I wish I knew for sure what this "Blood Runs Cold" stuff is all about!

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Brad Armstrong - he's baack! And back as the newly crowned Lord of the Ring. A short, competitive match, DDP via Diamond Cutter.

DDP interview: He challanges the Giant, but then is brought down by Mean Gene who informs us that DDP's Title shot has been cancelled due to the questionable tactics he used to win the Tournament.

Arn Anderson vs. The Giant for the Title - Flair spends the match suggesting that a "plan" is about to kick in and Arn will be the champion. Apparently the plan wasn't working. Giant squashes AA. Several good matches - a good program.


Great match to kick off the show - Mark Mero vs. Steve Austin - Austin pretty much grounded the Mad Man's high-flying attack. Solid mat wrestling technique wedded to calculated brutality makes Austin hard to beat. Too bad he's really not getting much of a push. I notice that DiBiassi rarely gets physically involved in Austin's matches. An occasional distraction of the opponent or the ref seems to be it. By the way, Savio Vega ran-in and spoiled the match in the end.

Kuwait tour video aired - Ahmed Johnson vs. Vader is announced as the opening contest in the King of the Ring tournament.

Savio stays in the ring for the next match - Savio vs. the Kid. A solid competitive match with lots of foot action. Savio rolled the kid up after he missed an flying move. Then Austin ran in and blindsided the "Caribean Kid" with his own "Carabean Strap" and then crowned him with a chauffer's cap.

Video of MSG matches from Sunday night - highlights of a match between the Body Donnas and the Godwins which ended after PIG turned the tables on Sunny by grabbing and kissing her. Winners and new Champions! The Godwins!! Boy the WWF tag team situation is pathetic!

Interview with Paul Bearer during which the Undertaker pops up out of the Gold casket. Mankind and Goldust show up again. MK seals the casket while Goldust keeps Percy Pringle busy. Haven't we seen this angle before? The last time it was UT sealing up the Ultimate Warrior in the casket. Set-up the betrayal and eventual feud with Jake "the Snake" Roberts as I recall.

Speaking of whom, Jake is up next in a feature confrontation with the British Bulldog. This match took a backseat to the HBK/Diana Smith angle. Cornette and his weasel lawyer produced a restraining order requiring Shawn to keep his distance from Diana, thus hoping to thwart the plan for him to do color commentary during the match. Monsoon came out and turned the tables by ordering Diana to leave the ringside area. Shawn comes down and is mercilessly barraged by the Burger King with accusations and taunts. At the end Diana stalked back out to ringside to confront HBK yet again. Threw a soda on him. Cornette taunts HBK and gets belted for his trouble - the Bulldog attacks from the rear - fade to black.

All in all a pretty poor showing I thought. Two unfinished matches and a third one that nobody paid any attention too.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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