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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 30
August 12, 1996

First a correction to last night's article. As a number of my correspondents pointed out, Hulk Hogan is 43 years old.

By the way, for an in depth report on last night's PPV: check out Erwin Green's article in Issue #86 of the Bagpipe Report. Excellent job Irwin!

Nitro Report

The program comes to us from Casper, Wyoming this evening.

Stills from the Outsiders vs. Sting/Lugar - did referree Nick Patrick throw the match? He clearly clipped Lugar behind the knee...but did he do it on purpose?

High Voltage/Rough & Ready vs. Dungeon of Doomers (Sullivan/Morris/Faces of Fear) - this was a silly match (as 8 man tags almost always are). Doommers win. R&R beat up on HV after the match. That was predictable.

Sting and Lugar show up after the first commercial to challange the Outsiders (it's not clear whether Hall and Nash are present). No sign of the NWO. Larry Legand doesn't "smell the New World Odor".

Cut to Glacier commercial. Alright so he can punch and kick - when are we going to see a warm body? I think this angle has been blown under the weight of too much hype.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Renegade - another predictable match. The Ultimate Warrior wannabe is a wimp. DDP does a good job of selling Renegade's moves but the guy is pathetic. After making him look better than he is, Page wins - guess what move he uses. During the match Tony announces that the NWO will respond to the Sting/Lugar challange.

From the backstage area (looks like a "green room") the NWO responds: "We'll fight when we want to on our own terms..." they show the spray-painted WCW belt. Talk about melting it down to make a new one (a lighter one that won't hurt the Hulkster's shoulder when he takes it through airports). They end up saying they will accept the Sting/Lugar challange later in the program (so the end of the show is set). Cut to commercial.

Konan vs. Jim Powers - What is this? Pathetic jobbers' night? This guy (Powers) has always been a loser. He looks good - and that's it. Konan displays his "new attitude" by winning with his feet on the rope.

Konan interview with Mean Gene - the Mexican Heavyweight Champion declares his loyalty to WCW despite his new heel personna. Cut to commercial.

Ron Studd vs Chris Benoit - Studd is a big boy, over 7 feet tall (is he related to the late Big John Studd? Not!!) Benoit shows up with the brunettes. He slaps his opponent which ellicits a short flurry. It doesn't last, Benoit takes out the giant's left leg then goes to work. Not a great debut for the newcomer Studd. He rallies briefly and then is put down by Benoit.

Benoit interview - they show stills of the Hog Wild match with Dean Malenko. Chris says he'll take the Giant at the Clash on Thursday.

Stills of the Steiners vs Harlem Heat from Hog Wild - it was Col. Parker who hit Scotty with the cane last night. Steiners will get a re-match for the title tonight.

Second hour starts - Eric and Bobby are on hand tonight. Eric says he was "taking care of business..." last week.

Steiners come to the ring. Then the Heat. The match begins - Steiners dominate the early going. Suplex city!! Cut to commercial.

Steiners still in control as we return. Then Rick follows Booker T out of the ring and gets nailed by Stevie Ray. Back in the ring he takes the advantage again. Things get a little fuzzy with wrestlers and managers all over the place. Sherri tries to interfere by holding Scott's leg but Rick chases Col. Parker into the ring causing the Steiners to win by DQ. No title change tonight. Another commercial.

We get to see Medusa trash Bull Nakano's Honda from the PPV.

Stills of Rey Mysterio/Ultimo Dragon from the PPV - another return match for tonight.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Ultimo Dragon for the Cruiserweight Title - (why bother paying for the PPV?) - UD is awesome!! Almost pins the Champ in the first two minutes. Put a running Powerbomb on Mysterio - great move!! Once Mysterio manages to get airborn he turns it around. That Frankensteiner variation of his is a killer. Now things are more even. This is one of the better matches I've seen on Nitro. Mysterio wins it by "playing possum" then surprising his opponent with a modified Sunset Flip roll-up.

Stills of Flair/Guerrero from Hog Wild.

Flair vs. Savage - batten down the hatches for this one! Flair enters with the ladies. Savage runs to the ring after disrobing on the ramp, tears into the Nature Boy. After being pounded in the ring, Flair goes outside and tries to hide behind Liz. She jumps out of the way as Savage attacks again (smart girl). Cut to commercial.

As we return Flair is in control. Liz slaps Savage through the ropes - first time I've ever seen her lay violent hands on a wrestler. Savage gets knocked out of the ring so Woman can kick him. Now Flair has Savage's leg in his clutches. Figure 4 slapped on in the center of the ring. Macho reverses it. Both competitors are reeling now. Then Savage takes over. The ref goes down. Savage takes Flair outside - as he's about to piledrive Flair on the concrete Hulk Hogan shows up with a chair and levels the Macho Man then tosses him back into the ring so Flair can pin him. Couldn't tell if Flair saw what happened.

Now the announcers are questioning Flair's loyalty to the WCW - give me a break.

Stills of Hogan/Giant from the PPV. They show the Bootyman's Hog Wild Birthday cake misadventure on videotape. Hogan gives him the "kiss of death" before setting his henchmen on him. Later the belt is spray-painted with the letters NWO.

Hogan interview with Mean Gene - says the NWO is unbeatable. Says he saved Ric Flair's butt tonight so he can beat him up on Thursday. He's going to rename all of the WCW wrestlers - Flair becomes the "stupid little man". He repeats his threat from last night toward Flair. We're supposed to have the Outsiders vs. Sting/Lugar when we return from commercial. We shall see...

We return and are told that the match is going down but where? Finally the Outsiders show up. They play Sting's Music - Lugar shows up - where is Sting?? Luger attacks both opponents - then Sting appears (it was a plot!), they clear the ring. Where is Hogan? Sting/Lugar maintain control for a while...Sting gets tossed out over the top (Nick Patrick ignores it!!) - the match continues. Then the Horsemen swarm into the ring and drive off the Outsiders. Nick Patrick leaves the building. We see Patrick pull Hall out of the way as Sting attempts a Stinger splash during a videotape replay! The man has been bought off!!!!

Horsemen interview - Flair says he'll play ball with Sting and Lugar because they are WCW guys. Challanges Hall and Nash to take on Arn and McMichaels repectively. Says he will take care of Hogan at the Clash. Fade to black.

This show was a step up from the one last week - but we're still seeing more squash matches on Nitro these days. Lets see what VinnieMac can come up with.

I spent the interval between the two shows (we get Nitro at 5 pm out here on the left coast) watching some of the Republican Convention. The tribute to Reagan makes me want to throw up. General Powell is a pretty good speaker - to bad he's a hypocrite. George Bush, who's been out of office for four years, is still younger than Bob Dole is today.

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Go Democrats!

RAW Report

I missed the very beginning of the program - my cat was having a crisis (she's 20 years old - and she is all right now, thank you)

Faruuk Assad vs. Skip - Ron Simmons in his new garb makes short work of the Bodydonna.

Review of the Lawler vs. Montoya incident from last week. Jake the Snake is on the phone as we see Savio Vega entering the ring. Jake expresses outrage at the Burger King's taunts. Lawler's rejoinder is cut off mid-sentance as we go to commercial.

We're back and so is Crush (although he is nearly unrecognizable under dreadlocks and a facial tattoo). Clarence Mason sits in at ringside. Crush dominates Vega until the next commercial.

As we return Vinnie is trying to stir up trouble between Mason and Cornette. Meanwhile, back in the ring, vega is making a comeback - but he can't sustain it. Crush wins with a full nelson.

Report on the condition of Ahmad Johnson. His Battle Royale victory is reviewed, as well as the attack afterward by Simmons. He is interviewed at home. He is serious about his medical condition, seems pretty upset.

T.L. Hopper/Who (Tony Anthony and Jim Neidhart) vs. The Godwins - Bob Backlund at ringside to commentate.

As the match begins Backlund is talking about the new wrestler he plans to bring into the WWF to challange Shawm Michaels. he better bring him in before Summerslam or I suspect he will be facing Vader! he rants for a while then gets up and stomps off. Weird!

In the ring the Godwins are getting the short end of the stick.

Monsoon comes on in an inset and declares the IC Title vacant because of Johnson's inability to defend. He will hold a single-elimination tournament to crown a new champ (in the ring the Godwins win).

Wrestle Vessel video - Brett Hart is interviewed by Mr. Perfect about his plans for the future. He won't say whether or not he will return anytime soon.

Owen Hart makes his entrance - cut to commercial.

HBK enters as we return, Jose is with him. This should be a great match - except that it will probably end in a screw job. Why does Owen still have that cast on?

The match is mostly Michaels. Owen can't seem to get anything right. One of Shawn's great strengths is his ability to frustrate even a top-notch technician like Owen Hart. That causes them to make mistakes -which Michaels rarely does.

Hart finally turns the tables and goes to work on the Heartbreak Kid. Cut to commercial.

Michaels is making a comeback as we return - but it gets cut short. Owens grounds him with a reverse chinlock. Shawn fights back but misses a bulldog move. Shawn is out on the mat, then gets up only to be knocked down again by a flying drop-kick off the top. Another commercial.

We're back and so is HBK. Owen tries his spinning wheel kick but Shawn ducks it. HBK goes to the top rope and drops a Savage style elbow on his opponent. He is setting up for some "chin music" when Vader shows up only to get dropkicked off the apron.

Shawn gets the pin while Vader is outside grabbing a chair. Vader is on the apron again and, behind the Kid, Owen is back on his feet and about to clobber the enemy with Cornett's tennis raquette. Michaels is one step ahead, boots Owen in the gut then brains him with the raquette. This gives Vader the distraction he needs to lay Michaels out with a clothesline. Vader bombs are boy twice, then he's on his way up for a third time when we fade away...

This RAW show resembled some recent Nitros in that the announcers were talking about the various angles rather then calling the matches. The Godwins tag match was virtually ignored. On Nitro we had Steiners/Harlem Heat, Savage/Flair, Mysterio/Ultimo Dragon and the first decent showing of Sting and Lugar vs. the Outsiders...sorry Vinnie, Nitro wins it tonight.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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