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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Vince McMahon Almost Faces Austin

ECW House Show Report

by Anarchy

Volume 3, Issue 301 - April 13, 1998
This is from Bob Ryder


The WWF website also updated the condition of Earl Hepner, and said he is still hospitalized in Boston following a brain aneurysm he suffered on the Saturday prior to Wrestlemania.

Wes Smith sent us this article. Thanks Wes!


Scripps Howard News Service
Release date: 4-10-98
Scripps Howard News Service

Macho Madness has been derailed.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage is expected to miss his main-event match against Sting on the April 19 Spring Stampede pay-per-view show because of a serious knee injury.

Savage (real name Randy Poffo) tore his anterior cruciate ligament during a March 31 match against Sting in Madison, Wis. There is no word on how long Savage will be out, but considering his age (46), the recovery could take as long as a year.

As of Wednesday, World Championship Wrestling hadn't settled on Savage's replacement. The leading candidate would be Lex Luger, because he doesn't have a match scheduled on Stampede. Ric Flair would be a better choice, but he is in the process of reforming the Four Horsemen with Luger (Larry Pfohl) and Bill Goldberg.

Rather than honestly explain what happened to Savage, WCW instead turned the injury into the main storyline on this week's WCW Monday Nitro telecast. The show opened with Savage already sprawled on the ground, the result of a sneak-attack by Hulk Hogan. Savage was portrayed as having a neck injury while being loaded into an ambulance.

The loss of Savage is a major blow to WCW, as he was positioned as one of the group's top performers in 1998. Savage was reportedly set to win the WCW title from Sting (Steve Borden) at Stampede. Now, Sting's title reign will probably continue indefinitely.

ECW house show report

Kissimmee, FL - Kissimmee Agricultural Center
April 11, 1998

by Anarchy

Bell time - 8p.m.

Al Snow v. Roadkill / Doering(?)
Snow came out to huge pop. He beat the two jobbers about the head and neck until Roadkill went after the Head, and Doering got in a cheap shot from behind. Doering kept Snow pinned in the corner while Roadkill prepared for a splash onto the Head from the top rope. Snow crotched Doering and grabbed the head out of the way just in time. Roadkill hurt himself legit with the miss - Snow immediately rolled him over for the pin, and then Roadkill didn't move for a good five minutes. Snow gave Doering a boot to the gut and then the Snowplow for the handicapped victory. Doering did a lot of staggering and buffoonery in the ring to take the attention away from his partner as he was helped from the ring by three guys.

Winner: Al Snow w/ the Head

FBI v. Duncun, Jr.(?) / Furnas
Lots of crowd heat for the FBI - several lewd chants about their preferences and habits. Smothers was great with the fans. Duncun, Jr. was a big guy with a cowbell, and Furnas looked quick and pretty smooth. They controlled most of the match. Little Guido caught a lot of hell when he tried to pick up Furnas for a slam, but couldn't get him all the way up - more chanting. Duncun finally hit The Don, Tommy Rich, in the back of the head with the cowbell, which gave Smothers the opportunity for the roll-up and the pin.

Winners: The FBI

Candido/Storm v. Balls/Axl
Balls controlled most of the early going, once the match finally got underway, as Storm and Candido bickered and pushed each other around. Then Candido took control and the champs went to work on Balls for a good five minutes. Axl finally got tagged in, cleaned house, then the action went to the outside. Back in the ring, Storm hit Balls with a sensational splash and had him pinned, when Candido hit this own partner with a chair. Candido pulled Storm off and took the pin for himself. After the match Storm recovered enough to give Candido a chairshot of his own to the delight of the fans.

Winners: The Champs.

Rob Van Dam v. Spike Dudley
How Dudley warrants a title shot I'll never know. Spike got the crap kicked out of him. It was a 10-minute squash with a ton of high spots. Just when we thought Spike was a corpse, he came back with two near-falls, but in the end fell to the Van Daminator.

Winner: RVD

Mikey Whipwreck v. Justin Credible w/ Jason and Chastity
Jason interfered almost immediately, throwing Pee-Wee (the ref, not Mikey) out of the ring. Justin beat on Mikey for a few moments before Jim Molineau(?), another ref, emerged from the back and gave the crucifix sign and Tommy Dreamer's music blared. Tommy came threw the crowd and took control of the match. The fight came out into the crowd, about ten feet from where we were sitting. Tommy used the back wall of the building, a sign from a fan, and a cup of beer on Justin before throwing him back over the rail. Jason and Mikey were up in the stands somewhere, too. All four men were back in the ring. Tommy and Mikey hit stereo slams and top-rope splashes, and had Jason and Justin set up for double chair-shot baseball slides, when Chastity grabbed Tommy's ankle. He dragged her into the ring and planted a kiss on her. He whipped her over to Mikey, who looked like he might do the same, but kicked her in the gut instead and gave her a WhipperSnapper (Stunner). HUGE POP! Then they hit stereo DDT's, but Jeff Jones came out and clocked Jim Molineau before he could make the three-count. Jason and Justin made a brief comeback. The match ended with a triple WhipperSnapper - Tommy hit Justin (who sold the sh*t out of the move), Mikey hit Jason, and Molineau hit Jones.

Winners: Mikey and Tommy. Best match of the night.

BushDudleys v. Chetti / Lynn
Cousins Luke and Butch Dudley started the match but were quickly joined by Big Dick, D-Von, and Bubba Ray. The 5 on 2 lasted too damn long. Finally, New Jack's music came on and out came New Jack and Kronus with the usual can of weapons. They hit the ring. They had time to hit the BushDudleys with a cookie sheet each and Big Dick took a crutch shot. Then the Dudleys scattered to the back. Total time - less than a minute. Easy night for these guys.

Winners: No contest - certainly not the fans.

Sabu v. Fatu w/ Lance Wright
Obviously not the real Fatu, but could be related judging by his Yokozuna-size ass. Sabu hit him with all the usual aerial moves - and drove him threw a table. Just when Sabu had the match won, RVD came out dressed as Sabu, pushed his partner out of the way, and hit Fatu with an awesome splash - RVD is the whole f'n show. RVD gets the pin. Sabu gets credit for the win. After the match Fatu was helped to the back and was bleeding pretty heavily from the mouth - we didn't see how it happened.

Winner: Sabu

Bam Bam Bigelow v. 2 Cold Scorpio
Scorpio hit the ring. Bigelow hit him with Greeting from Asbury Park. Total time - 18 seconds.

Winner: Bam Bam

Bam Bam challenged anyone in the back who was man enough. Taz hit the ring.

Bam Bam v. Taz
They fought all the way around the stands and out the door in to the parking lot and back into the building. Taz slapped on his judo submission hold (Kazahajume - or however you spell it). Francine came out and pulled Taz off. Douglas came out in a sling, followed by Candido. This brought out Lance Storm. Balls and Axl came out to avenge their loss earlier in the evening. Justin and Jason hit the ring, which brought out Mikey and Tommy. Finally, Al Snow hit the ring. Tommy, Mikey, Balls, Axl and Snow all stayed in the ring as the others scattered (Taz chased Bigelow to the back) and did some Head-banging.

Winner: No contest.

All in all, a decent night of wrestling. Disappointing, because we had heard about the show two nights prior down in Ft. Lauderdale - and this didn't live up to that show. The Dudleys/Ganstanators non-match was crap - if they're too hurt to perform give them the night off - don't jerk us around. The absence of the Sandman, also a demerit.

I'll go again the next time they're in town. IMO, even a sub-par ECW house show is far superior to any WWF/WCW house show I've attended./// Anarchy Reigns. ECDub rules.

Jeff Wilson (aka Anarchy) is a long time friend of Solie's who regularly enlivens the Readers' Forum.

Nitro Report

We get a clip of Roddy Piper challanging Hollywood Hogan to a match tonight before the program credits.

Live from the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. The Nitro Grrrrls make an appearance and the announcers are all over the coming "Bat Match".

Fit Finley vs. Scott Steiner (w/Vincent) - I definitely heard that Vincent's contract had not been renewed. I suppose that means that he is working without a contract - not that anyone really cares... Steiner jumps out of the ring to consult with his crner man before the match starts. When it does he comes on very aggressive, probably a good idea with this particular tough-guy opponent. Once he has the advantage he goes in for his usual showboating. He steps out of the ring to face down Larry "The Ax" Hennig at ringside. Back in the ring he succombs briefly to Finley's assault, then he recovers and takes control again. The Steiner Recliner gains him the submission victory. Cut to a tribute video on Bret Hart then to commercial.

Lenny Lane vs. Ultimo Dragon - Lane has a pretty good offensive flurry early on but takes too long celebrating with his hometown crowd between moves and thus throws away his advantage. As soon as the Dragon gets loose the match starts to see-saw. The match goes out to the floor where Lane re-asserts himself but then he renters the ring and tosses it away again. Lane continues in his aggressive manner but eventually puts himself right into position for the Dragon Sleeper. More Bret Hart video then cut to commercial.

After some trash talk by the announcers we get Mean Gene with Roddy Piper who vows to "rid the wrestling world of Hogan" and seems to be saying that there will be Hogan/Nash match coming up later tonight - as he rants Hogan and the Disciple run in and beat him up. Disciple puts on the Apocolypse before we switch back to the announcers. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene introduces the Giant. The Giant looks pissed (not surprisingly). He assures that Piper will be okay for the match coming up at Spring Stampede on Sunday. He also assures us that he hasn't forgotten all the crimes of the nWo and give a special warning to Kevin Nash.

Johnny Grunge vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - no sign of Chavo's uncle tonight. Grunge has a big weight advantage but Chavo is definitely getting a push these days. Grunge gets in a brief flurry toward the end of the match but surrenders the advantage almost immediately. Then Chavo goes for a sunset flip and gets caught underneath his heavier opponent. Grunge takes the surprise win. Cut to more Bret Hart then to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls in Easter Bunny outfits...

Kevin Nash heads for the ring. He says he just watched his "good friend" Hollywood Hogan run out the back door because he doesn't want to face "big sexy". He notes the absense of the Macho Man then says that he wants another match with Sting. Stings comes right down trailed by JJ Dillon. Stings states catagorically that he's tired of hearing Nash whine and that he is ready to have a match tonight, he even hands Nash his bat. He tells JJ Dillon he wants the PowerBomb reinstated for this match. Dillon tries to disagree but both guys are adament so he relents. Sting is clearly livid - even Nash looks a little non-plussed at the Champion's behaviour.

Glacier vs. Chris Benoit - the Wolverine comes on with his usual buzz-saw routine. Glacier stops his assault and takes over with his martial arts attack. Then he turns his back on Benoit and pays for it. He recovers quickly and the match see-saws with Glacier still holding the advantage for the most part. When it looks like Glacier is about to finish the match he walks right into an armbar - Benoit drops to the mat and turns it into a Crippler Crossface to get the win. Cut to commercial.

We get a clip from last week of the Luger/Steiner assault along with AAA's appearance and Rick Steiner's attack on Eric Biscoff.

Buff Bagwell (w/Eric Bischoff) vs. Lex Luger - are we going to start this again..? Buff grabs the mic and rants for a while before Luger makes his entrance. He now thinks he should have challanged Rick Steiner instead of Luger. Bischoff then takes the mic and claims that the reason Hogan left was to do the Leno show later tonight. We cut to commercial with still no sign of Luger.

Luger makes his entrance as we return. He dominates the early going for the most part. Buff would probably be doing better if he would stop showboating. He gets knocked out of the ring and watches Luger do a passible impression of his (Bagwell's) usual posing schtick. Bagwell comes back pretty quickly and the match see-saws. Now Bagwell is starting to take shortcuts as his frustration grows. Luger makes his final assault, hits the big forearm and racks Bagwell. Bischoff runs in and kicks Luger who turns his attention to the nWo leader then gets blindsided by Scott Steiner. They double team on Luger until Rick Steiner runs in to save his bacon. More Bret Hart video - a running interview. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls...

Super Calo vs. Chris Jericho - Cruiserweight Title match - Jericho passes two disturbing signs on his way to the ring. One says "Jericho is Gay" the other says "Jericho is a Joke". He makes his usual self-absorbed speech before the match - accuses Calo of being Prince Iaukea in disguise. Calo turns to the ref and starts to show him his face - which gives Jericho the chance to get in the first shot. He goes right to work on his challanger but, as usual, is showboating all over the place. The contest seems to be all Jericho during the first half then Calo fights back but is immediately put back down. Calo escapes again and has an extended flurry fast paced flying moves. Jericho gets knocked to the outside then splashed. Back in the ring, Calo climbs the corner but Jericho runs onto the ropes and upsets his balance. The struggle for position at the top and Jericho is thrown off. Calo tries to hit a head scissors but misses - Jericho leverages him into the Liontamer to get the submission. Bret Hart pledges his help to Sting before we go to commercial.

Hammer vs. Saturn - huh? Oh yeah - guess they did have a little set-to last week. Kidman tries to get between them before the match but he takes a shot and the match goes on. The only advantage Hammer has is size here. It isn't enough. He manages to have a moment or two but soon succombs to the Rings of Saturn. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Rocco Rock - oh sure...this is a contest... Rocco carries a table to the ring but you know he won't get to use it... Rocco grabs a headlock and gets thrown off easily. He comes back with a shove and gets leveled by a sock to the jaw (and I don't mean argyle...) Rocco leaves the ring and is followed out by his opponent. This Rock's territory and he takes advantage with a finger to the eye and a drop-kick that sends Goldberg careening into the ring steps. As the monster is recovering, Rocco is setting up his table in the corner. Goldberg re-enters the ring and spears his opponent right into the table - breaking it in half. The Jackhammer tells the tale. Saturn starts to come down but Raven grabs him and prevents it. Kidman and Sick Boy attack Goldberg but are shrugged off like flies. Cut to a Goldberg tribute video then to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls... and a Nitro party video

Yuji Nagata (w/Sunny Onoo) vs. Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) - well, at least it isan't a Hart brother-in-law this time. We see Hennig's father at ringside again - plus there is Rude's father as well. Rude comes to the broadcast table but then reverses course and goes down to greet the elders. Hennig is attacked as he enters the ring but comes back very quickly. Nagata is knocked to the outside where Rude and Hennig attack him right in front of their dads. Back in the ring Hennig is still on top but Nagata is no pushover. Before long Rude is on the apron to distract the Japanese star. Moments later they drag Nagata out to the ringside seats again so that Hennig senior can take off his sweater and reveal a "Hennig Rules" t-shirt. Back inside the ring Nagata is subdued with a fisherman's suplex and then handcuffed to the top rope. The thugs beat on him until Jim Neidhart runs them off. Cut to commercial.

Booker T vs. La Parka - TV Title match - the first lock-up is inconclusive. La Parka gets in a knee lift during the second exchange but can't hold an advantage against the Champion for any length of time. The match see-saws with Booker holding the cards. A big offensive flurry puts Booker in position to drop his opponent with a missle drop-kick then get the pin. La Parka goes out after his chair but Chris Benoit runs in and prevents the attack. Booker then extends his hand to thank Benoit but Benoit prefers to have a shoving match. Cut to commercial.

A video runs down the Raven/DDP feud.

Rage (w/Kaos) vs. Diamon Dallas Page - US Title match - oh come on! Sorry Troy, but this guy has no way earned a US Title shot! Who has he ever beat in a singles match? Kaos gets involved in the match to give Rage his only offensive success. He has a good, short run, then Page sidesteps him and turns the tables. A swinging neckbreaker sets Rage up for the Diamond Cutter. Raven starts his rant from the platform as the bell rings. He is claiming that he spent three years in a "carnival freak show" because of Page. The Flock runs in and attacks DDP - meanwhile another fan is attacking Raven in the aisle. The security guys down him and Raven continues his rant. DDP fights off the Flock. Cut to commercial.

Konnan (w/Vincent) vs. Rick Steiner (w/ Ted Dibiasi) - Dibiasi and Vincent have a little shoving match at the beginning which distracts Steiner and gives Konnan an opening. He blows it. But later he pulls Steiner out of the ring where the two of them try to doubleteam - but Dibiasi breaks that up. Back in the ring, Konnan starts to hit his stride. He applies a head vice then lets his opponent up and pays for it. Steiner is up on top in a flash as Vincent runs around to interfere. But Dibiasi gets involved again and Steiner is allowed to finish his flying bulldog...and his opponent. Cut to commercial.

Video review of the attack on Randy Savage last week is followed by - another video on the whole Savage/Hogan/Nash triangle.

Michael Buffer introduces the main event...they should be saving this guy for PPV's.

Kevin Nash vs. Sting - World Title match - Nash grabs the belt and holds it aloft - Sting snatches it back and the fight is on. Sting dominates the opening moments then Nash takes over. Sting is reeling as Nash lays in the heavy artillery. Sting comes back with a series of kicks to the gut then picks up the big guy and collapses under his weight. Nash is in charge again. He slaps on a head vice which Stings fights out of but then gets elbowed to the mat. A gut wrench follow-up almost gets Nash the Title. Nash signals for the Jack Knife but then executes a sidewalk slam instead. Nash goes to a bearhug which Stings breaks with a series of bellringers. Sting gets in two Stinger Splashes and has the Scorpion on the big guy when Savage shows up to interfere. He distracts the Champ who is subsequestly powerbombed. Nash would have the pin except that Bret Hart interrupted the count. Hart enters the ring and starts fighting off the thugs. He clears the ring just before we fade to black...

Well, that ending was a little different...but not much...

RAW Report

Clips of last week's appearance by Stone Cold Steve Austin in a suit open the program. Austin has vowed to end the dispute once and for all tonight.

RAW is live from the Core State Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA

Austin comes down to the ring right off the bat. He says he wants to get something straightened out between himself and the WWF owner. He promises to behave himself and not get physical and demands that Vince come to the ring. McMahon appears tentatively on the platform then slowly decides to come down. He brings security guys in riot gear to back himself up. In fact he sends them into the ring ahead of him. Austin demands to know who his opponent will be at the next PPV. Vince says he hasn't made up his mind yet. He promises that Austin will know soon. Austin runs down the things that Vince objects to - his language, his attire, his attitude, etc. Austin concludes that Vince really wants to be the WWF Champ! He runs Vince down some more and Vince is starting to get pissed. Austin says he is putting the WWF Title on the line tonight. Then he says that his opponent will be Vince! he wants to know if McMahon will accept the challange. Vince says, "No way!" Austin says, "do you want it to be the hard way or the easy way?" Vince counters with a request for a description of the terms. Austin says "face me in the ring" (the easy way) or "face me in your office with a camera to record the event" (the hard way). He further reveals that McMahon can't leave the arena because his limo's tire have been flattened. The security guys surround the boss as we cut to commercial.

Backstage, Jerry Brisco and Pat Patterson are urging McMahon to take the match!

Los Borequas vs. DOA - Chain match - the match in the ring is pretty much ignored because Dork-X are attacking Chainz out at ringside. They hit him with chairs (apparently the only move that Waltman knows these days - people have been saying they think mic skills are one of his strengths...he certainly didn't demonstrate that last week) then pull him up on the ramp and piledrive him on one of the chairs. Now they go into the ring and team up with the Boring Guys to attack Skull and 8 Ball. After the slaughter the Dorks get Savio and his partner to do the crotch chop then Chyna hits them both with low blows from behind. Cute...

In the back, Shane McMahon has joined into the discussion. He's against his father taking the match. Vince exclaims, "Are you saying that I can't take Austin?" "Duh...yeah dad - if you can take him then he isn't much of a WWF Champ now is he..?" Cut to commercial before I throw up...

McMahon comes down to the ring again as we return. He is alone this time. He confers with the official (there is a match ready to go in the ring) then enters the ring and takes the mic. He impugnes the honor and integrity of the WWF Champ and then announces his decision concerning the challange. He says, "...will I face Steve Austin in this ring tonight...Oh Hell Yeah!!" He leaves the ring and they prepare to start the next match - Jim Ross starts to leave the ringside area when the lights go out. The Undertaker makes a rather unspectacular entrance, goes into the ring and chokeslams three of the four Light Heavyweight wrestlers waiting there (Jerry Lawler's little boy bails). UT says its about time Kane see's what real evil is. He demands that Kane show himself. We cut to commercial with the challange unanswered.

Kevin Kelly is backstage talking about the the situation - cut to a clip shot during the break. Shane and JR are arguing against the match - Vince shuts them up and orders Shane to go out and get his gym bag out of the car. Does Vince carry wrestling gear around with him??

Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee) vs. Taka Michinoku -Tennessee Lee introduces his charge with a fall of leaflets. The beginning of the match is ignored while we talk to Steve Blackman in the back about his plans for revenge. In the ring, Taka gets the early advantage but Jarrett takes over after the third exchange and he is relentless. Suddenly Club Kamakazi runs in and punks Taka while Jarrett stands aside. He slaps on the Figure Four after they leave. Cut to Steve Austin in the back. He is not suprised that McMahon accepted the challange and says he plans to settle it all tonight. Cut to commercial.

Patterson and Brisco are in the back giving McMahon some advice on the coming match.

Rap music plays and Faarooq comes down to the ring. His ribs are taped, he wears no shirt. He rants against his former associates and then throws out a challange to all of them together. They appear on the platform. The Rock has a mic and taunts his mentor saying that he is going to do what he wants and there are only two things Faarooq can do about it, "Nothing" and "Like it". Faarooq returns a Nation salute then we see Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman returning the salute from behind the miscreants. They rush down and chase Maivia and his cohoorts to the ring where all hell breaks loose. Several officials run in to break it up. Cut to commercial.

Terry Funk comes to the ring to announce his new partner. He says that Cactus Jack has quit the business as of last week. His new partner is Flash Funk. The opponents are the Quebecers. The announcers are calling Flash "2 Cold Funk" Later Ross refers to him as Scorpio. The two Funks are cleaning house through the first several exchanges. Then Pierre gets in a big superplex and turns the tide. The Funk team eventually comes back and 2 Cold gets the pin after a 450 splash. Ross is now calling him by his former name "2 Cold Scorpio". Well, I was expecting another version of Mick Foley - somewhat disappointing.

We start to go to commercial then pause while Luna comes to the ring. She is taunting Sable (of course). She wants a match to settle their differences right now. Cut to the opening credits for the second hour.

Goldust comes out dressed as Sable as we return. Sabledust lets Luna tear his gown off - then Sable comes down and rips into Luna before the officials (and Goldust) break it up, Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin is putting on his boots in the dressing room as we return.

Ken Shamrock/Steve Blackman vs. The New Midnight Express - Non-Title match - Dan Severn meets the challangers in the ring as the come down. He faces off with Shamrock but nothing is said. He leaves and the match is underway. ME are smart enough to isolate the rookie (Blackman) but not good enough to neutralize him. He holds his own as they take turns beating on him. Once Shamrock gets into the ring its pretty much all over. Before we can get a decision the ref throws the match out - DQ's both teams for some reason. Cut to Vince in the back looking ready to rumble then to commercial.

Kevin Kelly is with Vince - he admits that he has butterflies in his stomach but denies that he is afraid of Austin (or Ted Turner or the US Government).

The Undertaker appears again - the Headbangers are waiting in the ring for their match. They attack UT as he enters the ring he Tombstones one and chokeslams the other then the lights go out again. Now it's Kane who appears with Paul Bearer. As usual uncle Paul does the talking. he says that UT will have to wait until next week to face Kane in the cemetary (I guess he means that graveyard set...) We see Steve Austin heading for the ring as we cut to commercial.

Val Venis struts his cheesy stuff...

Time to send in the clowns - HHH and his juvenile delinquents come to the ring. They are followed by Owen Hart who throws out his challange for any one of the gang to face him. HHH rants about an essay contest he conducted to determine who would be Owen's opponent. Billy Gunn gets the nod.

In the ring Billy and Owen are into the match while HHH and X-Pac have joined the broadcast team. Owen is controlling the match. Billy is knocked to the outside and takes a very professional header on the floor. He climbs back on the apron and is suplexed inside. Hart has the Sharpshooter ready but Chyna distracts him. Hart is dragged out to the floor but LOD come around and protect him as we cut to commercial.

Bill Gunn vs Owen Hart - before the match can get underway, LOD comes down to even up the odds a bit. We see Vince pumping up in the back as we cut to commercial.

Owen is back in control of things as we return. X-Pac is displaying his mic skills by blathering at ringside. Billy uses a shortcut to turn the tables then stops to celebrate. His advantage is short lived as Owen rolls him up and pins him. The Dorks hit the ring but Owen has retreated behind his LOD screen.

Vince McMahon vs. Steve Austin - Vince manages to looked pumped and flabby at the same time. Shane is back trying to talk his dad out of the match again. He seems pretty upset with Brisco and Patterson. Here comes Austin and he looks ready to go (of course when doesn't he?). They face off with the ref between them and Vince reaches out and slaps Austin! Now Vince has a condition - he reminds Austin that he said he could beat McMahon with one hand tied behind his back so he insists that Austin wrestle that way - and he wants it to be the right arm. When Austin hesitates, Vince questions his courage. Brisco does the honors. Vine taunts him while he is tied. Austin is grinning ear-to-ear as the crowd chants. They waste 5 of the remaining ten minutes as Vince confers with his corner men. They start to lock up finally when Dude Love appears and says, "Why can't we just get along?" Dude says they can't have the match because he is against it. Both combatants look like they want to go at it. Vince shoves him down in the middle of his rant. Dude then threatens him with the Mandible claw, but then suddenly turns and puts it on Austin. He rants some more then goes back to beating on Austin. McMahon, who has been moved away from the ring wants to come back in and take on Foley now. They have to restrain him. Dude and Austin end up out on the floor where Austin gets in a few shots but he is still tied up and so is getting the worst of it as we fade to black...

Talk about bait and switch...

At least that's the way I see it...

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