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Friday Morning Edition

In Search of...Burma Shave, Part IV

An Interview with Bob Ryder: Part 1

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley for TWC Online
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Volume 3, Issue 302 - April 17, 1998
Here is a letter from Ervin Griffin:

Hello readers,

I want to announce that my pro wrestling fan fiction page has been upgraded and looks much better now!!! Also, the Rick Steamboat/Chris Benoit, Magnum/Austin II and Giant/Brody stories are all on display on the page!!! The URL for the page is still the same but just for reminders, it is

Here is an interesting note from Solie's reader (and occasional contributer) Mike Siroky

EARL: You missed a point in the Nitro show.

Hogan was in California appearing on Leno. That show is taped later afternoon in L.A., so there is no way Hogan could do both shows. Obviously, the Piper deal was on tape and everyone sold it, including Nash who claimed Hogan ran out of the building that night. Hogan was not even in the state that night. Fans have got to be disappointed in the Nitro lie that made it appear as if Hogan had been there. None of the annnouncers ever said it happened live. There was no lie in that respect. But it obviously was on tape due to the Leno appearance.

Mike Siroky
South Bend Tribune

In Search of...Burma Shave, Part IV

by "Wild Bill" Rawlings

"Toto, We're NOT in Kansas Anymore!"

"By chance do you have any raw meat to throw at these animals?" Holmes nervously asked. The equally perplexed Wilson surveyed the oncoming disaster. From all angles of the ring, twenty eight WWF wrestlers stood between them and freedom.

"I'm afraid not Inspector" Wilson replied. "I don't suppose any of these guys will be very interested in helping us find Burma Shave either?"

As Phineas and Henry started to move toward the pair of unsuspecting detectives, Holmes noticed the Southern clothing that the Godwinns wore.

"I'm not sure some of them even know HOW to pronounce Burma Shave!" Holmes said while climbing Wilson's back to try and get a bird's eye view of their possibilities. "For God's sake Wilson....start singing "Dixie" or something!!

"Gentlemen, might I commend you on the...elegant clothing you are currently wearing...and what an exquisite slop bucket I might add", Wilson gleefully stated, hoping civility would help their odds on successfully surviving their current predicament.

It didn't.

"You like our bucket....HERE!" Phineas said as he swung the bucket towards Wilson's face. Ducking to escape the assault, Wilson forgot that Holmes was still on his back. With a clang that shook his fillings, the wizened inspector took the full blunt of the blow and fell backwards towards the mat, only to have his fall broken by a bear skin rug.

Or at least that's what the detective thought until the rug spoke.

"Hey! Get off me you old fossil!" Miguel Perez blurted. Holmes scrambled to separate himself from the irritated Boriqua who went back to his feud with Skull and 8-Ball.

The melee in the ring around them was reaching a fever pitch. Wilson had somehow mesmerized the Godwinn cousins with a discussion on the mating ritual of the Ugala Mountain Bat. A couple of teams had been eliminated already.

Holmes shook the cobwebs out of his head and looked for the nearest exit. Spotting a hole between the feuding Midnight Express and Rock and Roll Express, he started crawling towards the ropes. He almost reached the relative safety of the floor when Brian Christopher landed on the mat next to him, a victim of a body slam.

Brian caught his breath and gazed at the inspector momentarily. "Hi....I'm Too Sexy!"

"Greetings...I'm Too Scared", Holmes replied as he started crawling in another direction!

Teams were being eliminated quickly and more attention was suddenly being paid to the pseudo-Road Warriors. Wilson had convinced the Godwinns that there WAS a Ugala bat up in the rafters of the Fleet Center, so they exited the ring to begin their own private search.

Soon there were only two teams left...the new Midnight Express and the unlikely detective duo.

"I hate beating up on old folks" Bob Holly said to his partner.

" least that's better than your last gimmick! Would you rather be Crankshaft again?", Bart Gunn shot back.

"I was called Spark Plug, not Crankshaft! You're just jealous that the Honky Tonk Man picked your brother to be his protege and not you!", Holly replied.

Even as the new team mates continued to bicker among themselves, they were able to cooperate long enough to grab the fallen inspector and throw him through the middle ropes out into the first row of unsuspecting fans! Next, still deep into their argument, they turned their attention to Wilson, who hoped that he could engage the team in a meaningful discussion of the devalued Chinese Yen.

Something snapped in Sherlock as he was laying half unconscious among the fans! Enough was enough! Lured from his semi-retired state of tranquility in the London he loved, forced to suffer through an ardous flight overseas to Boston that consisted of coach seating and a twin bill of Pauly Shore movies, and now the physical abuse and torture of a battle royal! This was the final straw that pushed a man far past his 100th birthday over the edge!

"OHHH, WHHHAT A RRRRUUUUSSHHH!!!!" Holmes screamed aloud as he climbed over the containing rail and back into the ring. The fans cheered wildly as the great detective slowly but surely moved toward the Express. Having cornered Wilson, they were only moments away from personally demonstrating to him the aerodynamics involved in the over the top rope toss.

Holmes jumped on Holly's back and proceeded to batter him with his fists! This gave Wilson the opportunity to apply the dreaded "Geneva Genitals Grasp" on Gunn as both men worked their opponents near the ropes.

"This is for Watson and that damn lipstick he now wears!" Holmes yelled, climbing down and planting his feet firmly on the ground.

"...and this is for Tim Taylor and the next appliance that blows up in his face!" Wilson replied as both men then connected with punches to the faces of Holly and Gunn. The impact sent the new Midnight Express over the top rope to the floor, leaving OLD-2000 victorious in the battle royal!!

The fans started chanting...."OLD...OLD...OLD!!!" as Holmes and Wilson celebrated their victory in the ring!

The next few hours were a blur to the winning team and consisted of bandages, oxygen, and blood transfusions after the two men made their way back to the locker room. Manuel and Franc cheerfully offered to give them a "personal" rub down, which they politely declined.

Vince McMahon approached the duo in the nearly vacant locker room at the end of the night. The adrenalin burst that somehow had enabled them to be victorious in the battle royal had long since faded, as the aches and pains of the night's match had started to settle in.

"Guys, I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did in that ring. We proved to our fans tonight that "ANYTHING" can happen in the WWF. We almost had to put Pete Rose and Gennifer Flowers in there as the 15th team!! Of course, you know we can't pay you....but please take these as a token of our appreciation."

Vince handed each man an official Wrestlemania program autographed by all the stars who participated. One autograph in the bottom left corner caught their attention immediately.

"Better Luck Next Time Guys!"...and it was signed by Burma Shave!

The two men looked at each other momentarily. "I don't care anymore" Holmes flatly stated. "I just want to get home to my safe, secure, and quiet lifestyle. And if on my return flight, they decide to show any more of that Shore chap's movies, I'm going to do what that bald headed man told me...I'm going to open a can of whoop ass on the pilot!"

Wilson was shocked into silence by the great detective's change of character. Muttering something about "Leonard warned me...stay OUT of the ring!", Holmes limped toward the nearest exit as Vince discussed the possibility of a rematch at Wrestlemania XV against Mike Tyson.

An individual, encased in the shadows of the Fleet Center, made his way over to where Wilson now stood alone.

"I appreciate the help back know, keeping my identity secret", the unknown person said.

Wilson just smiled. "It was my pleasure Burma Shave. After all, there are some things that should never be known in the world. Things like who really created Stone Henge, did Elvis "really" die, and your identity among them."

"Don't forget YOUR secret also", the shadowy figure added.

"Yes, imagine how the great detective Sherlock Holmes would have felt if only he knew...." Wilson started to reply. He then reached under his chin and skillfully removed a latex mask that covered his face.

"....that his obnoxious partner in this misadventure was none other than his greatest enemy, Professor Moriarty!!"

The two men shared a laugh that was barely heard by Holmes as he left the building.....

Epilogue I: "This is Donna Kelly of CNN and we interrupt this program with a late breaking news story. We understand that an elderly man who claims to be THE Sherlock Holmes was arrested this evening after an incident on a flight from Boston to London. Reportedly, the movie "Bio Dome" was playing when this gentleman suddenly became enraged! He ripped off the wooden leg of the passenger beside him and proceeded to the cock pit of the plane, using it to club the pilot and crew along the way! He was restrained eventually and is being held at a London hospital pending psychiatric evaluation. We now return to you to our regularly scheduled program, "The Ugala Bat...Nature's Horniest Creature", already in progress."

Epilogue II: Leonard Nimoy, with his vast array of experience and financial backing was unable to determine Burma Shave's true identity. Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective, was unable to piece together this puzzle. Is it possible, that in this vast world of ours, that there are two individuals with more intelligence, who might have a better chance at solving this mystery???............

"huhuhuh, huhuhuh, hey Butthead! I just opened the mail. We just won two tickets to something called a WCW Bruise Cruise!"

"Shut up you buttmunch and bring the Nachos before I kick your gnads!" Beavis replied.

"Wild Bill" Rawlings is a longtime friend of Solie's and an occasional contributor to the newsletter. He also regularly enlivens the Solie's Readers' Forum with his wit and insight.

An Interview with Bob Ryder

Conducted by Jeremy Hartley for TWC Online
Transcribed by Earl Oliver

Here is the first of a three part interview with the man who could arguably be called the founder of the Internet wrestling community.

Jeremy Hartley: Joining me this week is the Internet's leading reporter of wrestling news, I'd like to welcome to the show, Mr. Bob Ryder - Bob, thanks for joining us this evening.

Bob Ryder: Well I'm glad to be here.

Jeremy Hartley: Before we really get into the interview I want to ask you this one thing. Did you really think that was going to have the impact that it's had over the past 3 or 4 months? It seems to have really taken off especially with the Bret Hart situation as well as your premium area. I must say that this has been a successful '97 for you.

Bob Ryder: Yes, it's been a good year and I really can't say that I was surprised by how successful it was because I've been involved with Prodigy for quite a while and the potential was there but it's been a learning experience for us and we've had a good time.

Jeremy Hartley: I always want to ask the question when I talk to people who have been in the wrestling business or write about wrestling, what makes you a fan, what makes you want to take on this kind of job?

Bob Ryder: I've been a fan since I was a kid, and that's been a long time ago. Mid-1960's was when I got hooked on wrestling in the Louisianna area. I grew up watching the Bill Watts territory, there was a lot of really good wrestling in my area, and I followed it all the way through high school, through college and never really lost touch with it. And really, what got me back involved in wrestling, watching it as much as I do in the computer system. I got on Prodigy about six years ago and was looking around and stumbled onto a small area that had fans talking about wrestling with other fans. It just grew from there. I have always enjoyed it, I watch it for the entertainment value, for the soap opera type of intrigue, it's just a lot of fun. And it's more fun when you can talk to other fans that share your interest, and that's what the computers have allowed us to do.

Jeremy Hartley: That's right. It's certainly something that can allow a fan to escape a bit of reality for a while and just have a good time. You mentioned that you followed the Bill Watts promotion and that promotion, I will say, just from talking to others, because being only 22 years old and out here on the west coast I didn't really get to follow it much, there have been some fascinating things happen in that promotion. Who were some of the wrestlers who really took your interest, who were the guys, and the gals, that you followed in that promotion and others?

Bob Ryder: Well, the Bill Watts territory really came about and evolved from the Leroy McGuirk territory that had been in Oklamhoma and parts of Louisianna, Arkansas and Mississippi. Watts basically took over the territory and in fact during that time he was still an active competitor. He was involved in a lot of real memorable matches people like Dick Murdoch, he had Killer Karl Kox and Ted Dibiasi. One of the most pleasurable things that I was involved in as far as a fan was the launch of Ted Dibiasi's career. He started out in this area and I saw a lot of his early matches, and in fact I was at the building in Shrieveport whan he scored a surprise upset win over Killer Karl Kox. At that time Kox was the top heel in the company - was real rough tough marine who beat everybody up, and Ted Dibiasi was a real babyface, real young kid that was a fan favorite but had not quite broken in to the big time yet. He won, I believe, with side suplex - I can't remember exactly the finish but it was a real shocking flash victory and the fans went really wild for him. I think they handled the debut of Dibiasi , the real early push, better than anyone I had seen at his level, because what they did, they came back in the ring the next week and they did it again. They had it on TV where they had Dibiasi beat Kox again. I believe either the next week or the following week he was being interviewed at ringside, when Kox, along with Akbar and a couple of people in Akbar's army attacked Dibiasi and injured him. That put him out of action for several weeks. So you had a situation where the kid comes in and he gets two quick victories over top heel in the company and then he's put up in the hospital for six or eight weeks to recover. By the time he came back they had, of course, shown clips of his recovery, his rehabilitation and him working on the treadmill - on the road to recovery with Ted Dibiasi. By the time he came back he was unbelievably popular and that really launched his career. They did a lot of things with Dibiasi during the Mid-South days and it really made him one of my favorites. The feud with Dick Murdoch, who was somewhat of a mentor for him, the "Rat Pack" - the deal with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Steve Williams, there were so many big stars at that time. The territory got to the point where it was pretty much a feeding ground for quite some time to the WWF - not intentionally - They certainly didn't want to lose the talent, but the WWF raided so many of the guys from that territory, fans who are old enough to remember the early eighties when the WWF made their talent raids - they really hit the Mid-South area pretty hard, they took a lot of the top names - Junkyard Dog, a lot of fans don't remember him as dynamic force in wrestling that he was but he was incredibly popular in the Mid-South area and when they took him that was a very devastating blow. Hacksaw Duggan was at that time a brawler, a very credible wrestler in a rough-house style - then Vince took him and put a stick in his hand...

Jeremy Hartley: (laughs)

Bob Ryder: So it's a territory that had so many stars - Terry Taylor, it's a shame that a lot of people remember Terry Taylor as the Red Rooster - Terry Taylor is, in my opinion, one of the top stars to ever come out of this territory and was another one of my favorites. I think probably that Ted Dibiasi, Terry Taylor, that type of wrestler was something that a lot of fans today haven't experienced. To watch those guys - they could easily jump back and forth from heel to babyface, and have no real problem in doing it. They were the consumate wrestlers, and I wish there were more of them today.

Jeremy Hartley: Uh huh, and just for the record, for the fans, Bob mentioned the Junkyard Dog. I recall reading something, I think it was in Ted Dibiasi's book, where he was saying that they took a poll of sports figures at one point from the Louisianna area as well as all those other areas and, I don't remember the year, but he came in first in the poll and second was the New Orleans Saints of that year. So that should tell you right there that he was much more of a force in wrestling in those days then his times at WrestleMania and others would lead you to believe.

Bob Ryder: It was really incredible. I watched all of that and Mid-South was one of the first areas to really use music in wrestling. Of course the Freebirds came through here with their music but I still remember the Junkyard Dog's entrance music at that time was "Another One Bites the Dust". He would come in and that music would be playing really loud, and the crowds would just go crazy. Of course his finish at that time was, basically, the powerslam. The Big Thump, he called it. He wasn't a scientific wrestler by any means, he was a very powerful, very strong athlete and incredibly popular.

Jeremy Hartley: Lets spend a little more time on Mid-South because I think it is a very important part of wrestling history, not only for the wrestlers who came through but also the booking style, the building of the angles...a feud I can recall that lasted for years was Paul Orndorff and Ted Dibiasi which was a monster feud in the early eighties...

Bob Ryder: Right. Actually it may have been in the late seventies. Orndorff, at that time had come in and played briefly for the New Orleans Saints, I believe. He was involved with the NFL. He had a real muscular physique, he was a real good looking guy that a lot of the lady fans really enjoyed and he had a lot of charisma, he was the North American Champion at the time. That's a title that a lot of really big names held. But that's just indicative, they had so many feuds thast came through here involving Dibiasi, Orndorff - and of course Orndorff was another one who left to go to New York and was very successful in the WWF. I think was one of the more significant angles that happened that year, and one that I recently had a chance to watch the video of again, was the Eddie Gilbert situation with Bill Watts.

Jeremy Hartley: You know, I was going to ask you about that because Eddie Gilbert kind of came up in my mind as I was preparing for this interview. Part of it was something that's up on your premiun area, that Eddie Gilbert interview that he did, I guess it was some kind of a press conference...but yeah, go ahead and explain that.

Bob Ryder: He talks in that interview, about one of the most famous angles of all time. Eddie Gilbert had been managing a team of Russians - this was after his break-up with Missy Hyatt - and the Russian team had been basically running roughshod over all the competition in the Mid-South, and Eddie was using a Russian shovel, it was a symbol of Russia...I don't know if this was during the time when there was some kind of problem between the U.S. and Russia, whether it was when one of the planes got shot down, I don't recall, but there was tension and the Cold War was still going strong. So the Russians were basically laying out all the good guys. Bill Watts, at the time, was sort of the figurehead president for the company, though he did own it. On the air he was showing up and the President, basically doing commentary, he had retired by this time. And he was very outraged that Eddie Gilbert, an American boy would take the side of these Russians, and he was very critical for several weeks. He was furious that Eddie was involved in this. At the same time, Gilbert was also managing the Bladerunners - that was Sting and the Ultimate Warrior - so what happened is that after several weeks of this, they'd been attacking all of the wrestlers and after they had beaten them they would drape the Russian flag over the top of the wrestler - and in this area in particular there was a lot of patriotism, and the fans were really just irate that they were desecrating the U.S. by using this Russian flag in that way. So, what happened was, on the Mid-South TV show one week Eddie Gilbert came to the ring alone and said that he had a special announcement he wanted to make, and he asked the announcer if he could have a few minutes to make his announcement. Basically, he apologized, he said, "I want to tell all of you people that I've been wrong and I'd like to ask Cowboy Bill Watts to come to the ring because I want to be man enough to apologize to him to his face." So, Bill Watts comes walking out and gets into the ring, and Eddie says, "Mr. Watts, your a fine American, I'm very sorry, you're right, I was wrong, I shouldn't have done this and I'm not going to have anything to do with those Russians anymore. I feel bad that I'e desecrated the good name of America and I won't do it again." Bill Watts basically accepted the apology, Eddie Gilbert had the Russian flag so Watts says, "Let's just burn this flag right now." They get ready to burn the Russian flag and the Russians come and attack Watts from behind - and of course, Eddie Gilbert has set-up the whole thing.

Jeremy Hartley: Right...

Bob Ryder: So they destroy Watts, he's left laid out and they put the flag on top of Bill Watts. Now a couple of things happened that made this even better then it could have been otherwise. Jim Ross was with the commentators and he never called a match, or an angle better then he did that evening. If you get a chance to listen to the tape, his commentary is just priceless. The fans in the arena wanted to jump into the ring and kill Gilbert. It set off a feud that was just incredible, and they took this around the territory for the next few months, basically Watts was involved in matches against one or both of the Russians and the stitpulation was that if he got a pinfall or if he won the match, he would get five minutes alone wih Eddie Gilbert. He just tore Gilbert up. It was one of the best angles I've ever seen. People still talk about it. When I'm on the road and people have tapes, they stay up late in the motel rooms, that's something that always comes up.

Jeremy Hartley is a longtime friend of Solie's and a regular contributer to the newsletter. His "EYE on Wrestling" columns can be found in the "Articles" section of the web site. His previous interviews with Bob Blackburn, Lou Thesz and Buddy Landel are currently to be found in the "Interviews" section.

Thunder Report

We get a clip of Randy Savage's surprise appearance on Nitro this week at the end of the Main Event.

Live from the Fargo Dome in Fargo, North Dakota. The announcers throw out some hints about tonight's main event (it sounds like Sting and Bret Hart are going to team up against members of the nWo) then we cut to a tribute video to Buff Bagwell.

Buff Bagwell (w/Vincent) vs. Rick Steiner (w/Ted Dibiasi) - Tony tells us that the main event will be Sting/Hart vs. Savage/Nash as they make introductions. Bagwell starts out playing head games as usual. Steiner creams him after the first exchange. Bagwell leaves the ring for a moment then grabs the advantage as he returns. It doesn't last against a machine like Steiner - Rick quickly regains the initiative. He is up on the top ready for the bulldog when Scott Steiner runs in and knocks him off. The two of them start to beat on him but then Lex Luger runs-in and clears the ring. Cut to what appears to be video of Hogan ranting against Savage with the Disciple in the background then to commercial. Takes balls to run a movie called "Stone Cold" following the Thunder broadcast tonight :-)

Kevin Nash comes down to the ring. His rant targets Hollywood Hogan - he says he agrees that Hogan walks on water because "everyone knows that a turd floats..." He (possibly correctly) blames Hogan for his failure to win the World Title recently. He then turns his guns on Bret Hart - misquoting Jim Croce in telling Hart to back off. He reiterates his intention to beat everybody with the bat on Sunday then tells Sting to bring it on later tonight. Cut to Bret Hart being interviewed, same running commentary that was used on Monday, then to commercial.

Video tribute to Goldberg

Goldberg vs. Barry Darsow - this is a rematch from several weeks ago. Darsow gave the monster a pretty good run last time. Goldberg's win streak stands at 72 wins, 0 losses. Tenay mentions that Goldberg and Kevin Greene were once room mates. I have heard that the two of them are likely to be members of the new Horsemen. In the ring, Darsow again does better then most...but not good enough. Usual ending. Cut to another Hogan video (he berates Nash in this one) then to commercial.

We come back to a video review of the Raven/DDP feud.

Tony is with JJ Dillon. Dillon announces that there will be a US Title defense on Monday night against Bill Goldberg. Could be either Raven of DDP according to how it comes out on Sunday at the PPV.

Booker T vs. Rick Fuller - TV Title match - again...huh? Rick Fuller? Title match? Of course, in the old NWA days the TV Title was defended everytime the Champion wrestled on television - I guess they are still following that rule. Fuller is made to look pretty good by the Champ. He's a big tough guy but there is no way he will become the Champion tonight. Booker T comes back from a Fuller flurry with a suplex followed by a Harlem Sidekick and then the missle drop-kick to get the pin. More Hogan footage - this time it is in black & white...cut to commercial.

We come back to video of the aftermath of the parking lot attack on Savage, cut to clips of Hogan and Nash making statements about the coming bat match.

Tony announces a match between Luger/Rick Steiner vs. Bagwell/Scott Steiner on Sunday. The latter two come down to interrupt. They deny that the match will happen. Steiner says he won't show up...

Scott Norton (w/Vincent) vs. Chris Benoit - Benoit is wearing a Calgary Hitmen jersey again tonight. He drags Vincent out of the ring and flattens him before entering. He attacks Norton but gets upset right away. Norton starts laying in the heavy shots. Benoit recovers but can't seem to make an impression on his massive opponent. Norton tackles him and drives him out to the floor. Benoit gets posted before he rolls back inside. Norton rushes in and hits the corner and Benoit gets his first offensive flurry. Moments later he gets the Crossface but Vincent distracts him. Vincent retreats and Benoit applies the hold again. This time Vincent climbs in and starts beating on Benoit. The match is thrown out and the nWo guys start to punk Benoit. But Booker T runs-in to break it up. Benoit is less than grateful and shoves Booker onto his can before leaving the ring. More Bret Hart then cut to commercial.

Tony introduces the Giant and Roddy Piper. Piper comes out riding on the Giant's shoulders to demonstrate how he plans to get the bat on Sunday. He rants about how mean his partner is as he continues to sit on the Giants shoulders. He has the Giant put him down to continue his rant. He mentions an attack on him by Hogan and the Disciple on Nitro this week. He says, " We'll bring the bring the balls..." Cut to commercial.

Super Calo vs. Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) - Rude replaces Lee Marshall as the match gets underway. In the ring, Calo is no match for this opponent until he gets a chance to employ his superior speed. Speed alone isn't sufficient to keep his advantage however. Hennig is in control again in a moment. He takes the pin in no time - this time there is no reason for Rude to leave the broadcast position...cut to commercial.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs Chris Jericho - Cruiserweight Title match - for a change uncle Eddie doesn't insist on taking Chavo's Title shot. Chavo's star is definitely on the rise and he makes a good account of himself here. In the end Jericho gets the Liontamer and Chavo might have struggled out of it if it wasn't for the fact that Eddie slapped his hand away from the ropes. Afterward Prince Iaukea comes down wielding the scales from last week and chases Jericho from the ring. Eddie castigates his nephew and tells him that he will let Chavo out of their deal if he can win his match against Ultimo Dragon on Sunday.

Hollywod Hogan comes down with Eric Bischoff and the Disciple. Hogan rants about his power in the wrsetling business. He returns the compliment with insults directed at Nash. A woman at ringside can be heard yelling, "Take me home with you!" He insists that he is the only one who deserves a Title shot. More from Bret Hart before we cut to commercial.

JJ Dillon reiterates that Bagwell and Steiner will wrestle on Sunday. He then addresses the World Title situation. He states that if Savage is still wearing a cast he will not be allowed to wrestle Sting on Sunday. Savage and Liz come down to comment. Savage is having none of it of course. He says he's going to be in the match come hell of high water.

Brian Adams (w/Vincent) vs. The Giant (w/Roddy Piper) - there is really no time for this match with less then ten minutes left in the program. Adams comes on strong in the opening moments then steps out to accept Vincent's congratulations. The Giant takes over as Adams re-enters the ring and chokeslams him in moments. Minor members of the nWo swarm and are ejected by the big guy as Piper directs traffic. Cut to commercial.

Saturn (w/Kidman) vs. Silver King - come on guys! There isn't going to be any time for the main event tonight. Silver King is completely out of his league in this one. The Rings of Saturn end the match in no time. Cut to tribute video on Diamond Dallas Page.

Tony brings DDP to the ring for an interview. He has brave words to throw out at Goldberg then turns his rant toward Raven. He calls Raven "delusional" and says he's coming to Spring Stampede to get "...what's mine..." Still more Bret Hart then cut to commercial.

It is four minutes past the hour as the program resumes. Time for the main event at last.

Kevin Nash/Randy Savage vs. Sting/Bret Hart - Tony is harping on the bait and switch on RAW the other night without referring to it outright. Nash indicates that he wants to get in against Hart to start the match. They get right into a slugfest. Nash uses his leverage advantage to beat Bret down. He roughs up the Hitman in the corner. Rushing into the opposite corner he eats leather. Sting is tagged in and loses the advantage after the first exchange. Saveg is tagged in and he gets upset. Sting slaps on the Scorpion but Nash helps Savage escape. Now Nash wants Hart again. Nash rushes in with a knee lift then goes for a scoop slam but Bret wriggles free. He gts in some blows but Nash turns the tables again and follows up with a sidewalk slam. He misses an elbow drop and Hart is right there going for the Sharpshooter but Nash kick him away. Hart is downed once more then he is up and in a side headlock. He suplexes the big guy and both are down. Savage and Sting are tagged in almost simultaneously. Sting takes the advantage and Splashes Savage in the corner, but turns around and runs into Nash. They struggle and Nash is drop-hicked out of the ring. Sting tries to splash Savage again but the macho man gets his cast between them. Now Sting is down, Nash and Hart are battling on the outside and Savage is getting ready to drop the big elbow when the Disciple runs up and shoves him off the top. Hogan enters the ring and attacks Savage's injured arm. Nash pulls him off and the nWo is clearly splitting into two camps as we fade to black...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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