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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Hogan Wins the World Title
with the Help of Bret Hart!!!

Goldberg in the New US Champ!!!

The nWo Splits Wide Open!!!

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 6

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 304 - April 20, 1998
Thanks to all of you who joined us last night for the Interactive PPV Report. It is my intention to cover all such events this way from now on.

This just in from Bob Ryder

Taz suffered a serious cut to his leg at the ECW Arena show. The injury happened as he was leaving the ring and caught his leg on a piece of the ring apron. The cut went all the way to the bone and took 18 stitches to close.

Doctors told Taz he would need to take a minimum of 4 weeks off to recover.

Taz had been expected to face Chris Chetti at the PPV. If he is unable to compete, he may do color commentary with Joey Styles or may just make an appearance to do an interview.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 6: The Ankle Incident

In October 1985, one of the most confusing and disgusting incidents took place in Atlanta, GA at The Omni. Then-NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair had just defended his title in a steel cage against Nikita Koloff. Ivan Koloff & Krusher Krushshev, unhappy with the results of the match, attacked Flair afterwards. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes came in to aid "The Nature Boy." After the attack, Flair screamed something at Rhodes. Dusty, looking confused, demanded an explanation. This would turn out to be a distraction as Ole & Arn Anderson sneaked into the cage and, along with Flair, attacked Rhodes. Magnum TA and several others charged the cage but the Andersons had locked it!!! In the meantime, Flair had Rhodes in the figure four leglock and used it to break Rhodes' left ankle. Magnum and company finally got into the cage but the damage had been done.

In early November 1985, Rhodes was given permission to return to action. The NWA authorized Dusty to wear a protective steel toe boot for his injured ankle. Protests by Flair and The Andersons fell on deaf ears. It was the NWA's way of saying, "if you hadn't have injured Rhodes, then you wouldn't have to worry about a steel toe boot." In any event, Rhodes was granted an NWA World Title match with Flair at Starrcade '85. The card was split to two venues that year. One half would be in Greensboro, NC while the half that featured the Flair/Rhodes match would be held in Atlanta, GA. Rhodes, however, couldn't wait to get his hands on Flair and challenged him to a six man tag match in Philedelphia, PA. Flair would team with the Andersons but Rhodes surprised Flair by picking The Road Warriors as his partners!!! This match would be the first time that Flair had ever been in the ring with The Legion Of Doom!!!

Needless to say, Rhodes scored a pin on Arn Anderson, gaining an indirect psychological edge going into Starrcade '85. This, by the way, wouldn't be the last time Flair and The Andersons would see the team of Rhodes and The Warriors.

At Starrcade '85, Dusty and Flair got it on in one of the most controversial NWA World title matches ever. To Dusty's credit, this match is probably the most energy he's ever shown. The match ended when Dusty rolled up Flair for pin and, seemingly, the title. NWA Board Of Directors, however, deemed that the title would remain with Flair because of the interference of The Andersons (who earlier in the night literally fought for their lives against NWA (Florida) United States Tag Team Champions Billy Jack Haynes & Wahoo McDaniel). They stated that there should've been a disqualification before the pin occured. Personally, I think that if the ref didn't see the interference by The Andersons, the pin should've been allowed. But that's just my viewpoint.

Afterwards, Flair would feud with Rhodes for the remainder of 1985 but, as 1986 began, more enemies would begin to appear for Flair, The Andersons, and their new comrades Tully Blanchard and manager JJ Dillion.

NEXT: Hands Of Stone, Warriors, And R n R's

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Nitro Report

We see what happened last night after the PPV went off the air. Kevin Nash is shown helping Savage back to the dressing room - Hogan and the Disciple intercept them, punk them and confiscate the Title belt. Then Scott Norton and others appear and Norton grabs the belt from Hogan saying, "The belt is back in the nWo - let's keep it there."

Live from the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tony spiels while Legendary Larry takes a bow to the the adoring crowd.

Hollywood Hogan comes to the ring with Eric Bischoff and the Disciple. Time for Hogan's spin on last night's events. He claims, as usual, that the Title rightfully belongs to him. He tells Savage that he and the nWo (whatever part of it he still controls) will prevent Savage from leaving and he wants a Title shot tonight. He refers to Nash as Savage's "big sexy girlfriend". He acknowledges that the nWo has split asunder but he will heel the rift by becoming the new Champion - or so he believes... We get a look at Goldberg in the back getting reved up for his US Title shot against Raven then cut to commercial.

Now it's Randy Savage's chance to make some comments. He comes to the ring on his own with the World Title over his shoulder. He first says that he didn't comes here to gloat - he came here to fight. He accuses Hogan of being a coward and states that he (Savage) hates him (Hogan). He denies that his objective is to lead the nWo - then accepts the match with Hogan. He introduces Kevin Nash as "the new leader of the nWo". Nash declares that last night was, "step one of the end" of Hogan's career and endorses the Macho Man's decision to wrestle Hogan tonight. He threatens bodily harm against the Disciple and Bischoff if they try to interfere. He says that it is all over and wishes Hogan a "nice life".

Raven is shown slumped in a corner of the john and vows not to be Goldberg's "#74" (dream on Bird Boy...) Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls strut their stuff... Cut to Mean Gene hawking the Hotline.

More nWo music...

Konnan (w/Vincent) vs. Chris Adams - A few years ago I would have given Adams the edge here but this match is hard to call in 1998. Both are fine technical wrestlers with well developed mean streaks. After the first few exchanges Konnan takes the advantage with one of his patented drop-kick-to-the-sternum-of-his-seated-opponent maneuvers. But Adams, who holds the experience edge, comes right back. It doesn't last for him as he launches himself onto the top rope and ends up in a Tequilla Sunrise. Cut to Goldberg working himself into a frenzy, then to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls cavort in the ring... Cut to a Nitro party tape from Clemson U.

The Barbarian (w/Jimmy hart) vs. Wayne Bloom - the Barbarian literally creams his opponent in the opening moments of the match. Then he rushes into the corner and gets a boot in the chest. It hardly affects him at all. Bloom starts to come off the rope but Hart grabs his foot. He hauls Hart to the apron and lays him out. Of course that distracts Bloom who turns around and gets laid out himself. Cut to Raven still trying to convince himself that he can beat Goldberg later tonight then to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera - Jericho comes to the ring with a framed print of Dean Malenko's picture and wearing Prince Iuakea's loin wrap. He dedicates the match to Malenko, who he claims has retired. The Champ tries to start before the bell but Juvi thwarts his plans. He pounds on the Champ then settles into a reverse chinlock. Moments later Jericho upsets a Frankensteiner attempt and takes the initiative. Then he tries to launch himself onto Juvi on the apron but Guerrera ducks him and Jericho tastes concrete. Back in the ring Juvi gets two pinfall attempts in succession. Then he tries another Frankensteiner and gets caught in the Liontamer. He refuses to tap out but eventually blacks out and is declared the loser. Cut to commercial.

Raven (w/The Flock at ringside) vs. Goldberg (all by his lonesome + the entire audience) - US Title match - Michael Buffer does the introductions. Raven is introduced first (giving us some idea of who is getting the push in this one...) The crowd goes nuts as Goldberg is introduced. Raven lays the belt at his feet and they go nose to nose - then Raven attacks with his own version of the Goldberg spear. The match goes to the floor and Goldberg recovers and is all over his opponent. Back in the ring Goldberg surprises Raven (and us) with a reverse kick that sends the Champ to the floor. Raven grabs a chair and retakes the advantage. This is the first time we have seen this monster staggered. Raven grabs a reverse chinlock...but the Birdman finds that he should have beat on him some more as Goldberg comes roaring back. The Flock comes swarming in and Goldberg does them all in. Soon he stands alone in the ring - Raven is trying to leave through the crowd but the audience throws him back!! Back in the ring, Goldberg spears him then Jackhammer's him onto a Stop sign that was introduced earlier. Goldberg gets the pin and the Title. Whew..! Cut to commercial.

Clips from the last match.

Nitro Grrrls dance down the ramp led by the lovely Kimberly...

La (yawn) Parka vs. Ultimo Dragon - I think I've figured out what turns me off to this's that stupid costume. Of course his opponent's get-up is no winner either but the Dragon at least impresses me with his wrestling and especially his record. I have heard that the Dragon is planning to change his name to avoid a lawsuit from Ricky Steamboat. That seems pretty petty considering that Steamboat is permanently retired. In the match La Parka does pretty well using his superior size to good advantage during the early going. He rushes into the corner and takes a boot to the face but quickly recovers. Later he takes too long mounting the top turnbuckle and takes another foot in the face. Dragon is coming back as we see the Guerreros heading toward the ring. Chavo is being ridden by his uncle to get involved. He sneaks up behind and attack the Dragon as he is perched on the top turnbuckle. La Parka takes the pin after Dragon tumbles to the mat. Cut to commercial.

More stills from the main event last night. We see how Savage became the Champion.

Chris Benoit vs. Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) - the announcers are speculating about whose side Hennig is on in the nWo. Tony asks Rude the question, but Rude demures. In the ring Benoit is all over Hennig's bum knee. Next Benoit is calling Rude out, so Rude abandons the broadcast location and heads to the ring. Moments later Hennig suckers Benoit in then levers him to the outside and into the waiting arms of Rude. Benoit is flattened then rolled back into the ring. Hennig tries to go for the Fisherman's Suplex but Benoit reverses it to a Crippler Crossface. That brings Rude into the ring to cause the DQ. Booker T runs in and breaks the punk job up. Hennig limps away with Rude's help. Booker T splits without trying to talk to Benoit. Benoit catches up to him on the ramp and tells him to butt out. Booker T tries to leave again but Benoit spins him around and a brawl ensues. Cut to commercial.

More stills from last night - we see Hogan interfering in Savage's match.

Mean Gene calls Roddy Piper to the ring. Piper says' "I had a ball at Spring Stampede, unfortunately Hogan had a bat..." Piper declares that the Title match tonight will be no disqualification and he will send out wrestlers to see that Hogan doesn't run away from the fight. He then hints that Hogan will have to deal with him (Piper) at some point, though he doesn't spell it out. Cut to commercial.

More stills from the main event last night - in these clips Kevin Nash wins the match for Savage.

Hammer (w/the Flock at ringside) vs. Saturn (w/the Flock at ringside) - the two combatants hook it up right in the aisle and Hammer gets flung onto the apron back first then speared on the steps. Finally they arrive in the ring where Saturn is controlling things but taking some licks as well. Hammer tries to use his superior size but isn't really up to it against this opponent. He steadily loses ground to Raven's henchman. He makes a brief come back but can't follow up because of the beating he's already taken. The match goes to the floor again and Hammer starts to mount a recovery. It is shortlived as Saturn uses the ringsteps on him. They continue to brawl up the aisle as both guys are counted out. Nick Patrick tries to separate them but they are still battling on the platform as we go to sell something.

More stills of last night - we are slowly seeing the entire match but out of order.

Public Enemy vs Bagwell/Steiner - these guys (PE) have undergone the Sheepherders-to-Bushwackers transition if any team has. They have never really recovered from leaving ECW where they were taken somewhat seriously. Bagwell and Steiner seemed to have patched up their rift from last night. Bagwell starts the match with Grunge. He has a good laugh at his dumpier opponent's expense. He showboats too much and bites the dust as Grunge takes off on him. Rocco comes in and also Steiner - suddenly the nWo guys are leading. Rocco recovers and gets a break to tag in his partner. Steiner immediately downs Grunge and tags Bagwell in. Bagwell continues the assault with authority. Now the nWo guys are isolating Grunge pretty effectively. Out on the floor Bagwell holds Grunge's head on PE's table while Steiner attempts a chair shot - but Grunge foils that and posts Steiner with the chair in the way. Moments later they have Bagwell positioned on the table but he slips away and PE is hoisted on it's own petard. Back in the ring, Steiner is about to put the Steiner Recliner on Rock - but Bagwell requests the honor and finishes the match with a Block Buster. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls on the platform...

Psychosis vs. Booker T - TV Title match - Booker T comes on in his usual ultra-aggressive style and his opponent is immediately on the receiving end. In fact Psychosis can't seem to get anything going for himself from the get-go. The match goes to the outside and the challenger gets his first break by re-entering first then attacking the Champ on his way in. He drop-kicks Booker's knee to maintain his advantage. He attempts a surfboard but Booker is too strong to be held that way - so Psychosis attacks the knee again. Booker gets loose and decks his opponent with a clothesline - but the next moment Psychosis is back on the knee again. He drags the Champ to the corner and batters the leg against the ringpost. Now it is a full-out assault on the injured limb. Booker T is losing ground until he catches Psychosis in a massive sidewalk slam. Booker T is back and he ain't going away. Harlem Side Kick then a Missle Drop-kick tell the tale. Booker retains the Title. Cut to commercial.

Brian Adams (w/Vincent) vs. Lex Lugers - here's two powerhouses with about the same amount of talent (slim to none...) - Adams asserts himself early on - as usual Luger is a slow starter. But the Flexer comes back strong and turns the tables after the second exchange. He staggers Adams with a pair of clotheslines then knocks him to the floor. Outside they trade bigtime shots with Luger taking the advantage. Adams is suplexed back into the ring from the apron but then Adams turns the tables with a knee-lift. He gorilla presses the "Total Package" then drops him onto his knee (ouch!) He gets a two count. Luger slips in a reverse neck-breaker to recover the initiative. Vincent tries to interfere and gets racked, then Konnan comes in. They have him tied up for a moment but Luger still downs Adams with his bionic elbow then gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer intros the main event - I can't believe they are giving this match a full 20 minutes at the end of the program.

Hollywood Hogan vs. Macho Man Randy Savage - World Title match - the two most recognizable wrestlers in the world (don't tell me about Austin, very few people outside of the wrestling fan community have ever even heard of him) will get it on. Voodoo Child plays and Hogan enters first - as befits the challenger. He is trailed by the Disciple - possibly his only friend in the world. He grabs the mic from Buffer and taunts Savage. We go to commercial as the nWo theme starts up but before Savage enters.

Savage enters as we return...alone again. He has a slight limp and wears a brace (we have heard about his injured leg which needs surgery soon). Hogan confers with the Disciple on the outside - telling him to handle any member of the nWo - especially Nash. I notice that Leslie has bulked up quite a bit since his last WCW tour. Hogan bulls Savage into the corner and buries his knee. It's all Hogan to start this match. He plants fingers in the Champ's mouth and eyes and taunts him relentlessly. He downs Savage and puts on a choke. This is no DQ, remember. The Disciple is getting in his shots as well - it doesn't look good for the Champ. Savage is thrown to the floor and beaten on by Leslie. Hogan comes out and uses a chair on Savage's knee and head. He continues his assault on the floor. Back in the ring Savage battles back and downs Hogan. He kicks Hogan but hurts his own leg. Hogan comes right back and goes to work on the leg again. The Disciple again interferes but there is nothing to be done in this no DQ situation. Savage is in bad shape and can't stand upright on that leg. He gets a brief flurry of punches but Hogan holds the cards. Back out on the floor, Hogan removes his belt and whips the Champ. Back in the ring, he chokes Savage with the belt. Patrick counts to no avail. Savage is down and Hogan tries his trademark legdrop but misses. Now Savage has the belt and whips Hogan then goes to the top. He throws the elbow and connects but can't follow up because of his own pain from the blow. Hogan recovers rapidly and goes for a spinning toe-hold (I didn't think he even knew that move...) He slaps on a credible figure four but Savage is fighting it with all he's got. He makes it to the ropes and Hogan is physically forced to break by Patrick. Hogan grabs a choke but Savage breaks through with a choke of his own. The Disciple puts the Apocolypse on the referee. Now the two thugs are out to cripple Savage as they pull him to the ringpost and wrap his legs around it. Patrick is still out. They drag Savage back to the center of the ring where Leslie stuns Savage with the title belt on his shoulder. Nash runs in and Bischoff is there too. Hogan accidently hits the Disciple with the belt then Nash powerbombs Hogan. He sets Savage up for the pin but then Bret Hart runs in and creams nash with the belt!! He drags Hogan onto Savage and pulls the referee into position to make the count. Hogan is the new World Champion!! Piper runs in and Hart decks him as well just before we fade to black.

Vinnie will have to put on some show tonight to top this one...

RAW Report

RAW has a new opening teaser montage tonight. We see clips from last weeks show centering around the aborted Austin/Mcmahon match. Cut to the old montage. RAW comes to us on tape from the Nassau Coloseum in Long Island, NY. The announcers are telling us that Austin wants to get his hands on McMahon tonight - of course they told us that last week too...

Michael Cole is at the cemetary telling us to look forward to the Kane/Undertaker confrontation.

Dude Love appears to a new theme song - this is an interview spot called "The Love Shack" - McMahon shows up, commandeers the mic and says that he had a chance to humiliate Austin last week and the Dude spoiled it. He fines Foley $5000 then leaves. Dude continues his rant about how Austin attacked him from behind last week (huh?) He maintains that Austin is jealous of his success with the ladies. This is really bizarre... Ross think's he's hallucinating. He offers to forgive Austin and give up his Title shot on Sunday if Austin will grovel before him tonight.

The Nation of Domination makes it's way to the ring carrying garbage cans and a beer keg for the next match.

Faarooq vs. Kama - Long Island Street Fight - Faarooq gets a quick start with the beer keg and the match goes to the outside. Back in the ring, Kama turns the tables by hitting Faarooq with a hammer to his broken ribs!! He continues to work on his opponent's mid-section. The rest of the DOA are being held back on the ramp. In the ring, Faarooq is getting squashed by the continued attack on his ribs. He is still fighting but is sinking fast. Kama with his martial arts expertise is the perfect opponent to exploit Faarooq's injuries. Faarooq finally gets a break using a knee to the groin but Kama comes right back and Faarooq is down again. Kama breaks off the attack to go get the hammer but Faarooq is ready with his boot and brains his opponent. The Dominator gives him the pinfall.

Backstage Dork-X is watching a tape of themselves whizzing on the motorcycles last week. Billy and the Dog dare HHH to expose himself and even spray the crowd in the arena. He agrees...heaven help us...cut to commercial.

Dubba J is back as a singer for this Sunday's PPV.

Dork X makes their entrance as we come back from the Jarrett spot. HHH is wearing a "flasher" coat to make us wonder what is underneath. Their reception is lukewarm at best. "Potty Mouth" HHH makes a uncouth crack about DOA then turns the mic over to the real DX mic talent - the Road Dog. He rants about their upcoming Tag Title match with LOD 2000. HHH takes the mic back and tries to get a "Skanky" chant going about Sunny - but without success. He rants about Chyna's situation (she will be suspended in a cage over the ring for the European Title match). He ends his rant with a gratuitus sexual reference. Gosh, this is so entertaining... He unleashes a water pump on the what? LOD shows up on the platform. Hawk says they are on their way to the ring - Slaughter runs down and stops them - then he orders a six-man match for later tonight. Dork-X's response? What else..? The WWF presents uplifting TV once again...(pun intended). Cut to commercial.

We are back at the cemetary with Kevin Kelly who says the Undertaker is on his way.

Dan Severn (w/Jim Cornette) vs. Mosh (w/Thrasher) - Mosh shows considerable mat wrestling skill in this match. He needs it against "the Beast" - a brilliant wrestler in his own right. As the match goes on Ross is telling us there is a problem at the cemetary. In the ring, Severn has applied a hyper-extention armbar and taken the submission victory.

Kelly tells us that the Undertaker arrived then immediately left. As he continues his report, UT suddenly appears and starts choking him out demanding, "Where are they..?" Cut to commercial.

Kelly is on camera again speculating that UT is headed back to the arena.

TAFKA Goldust (Luna) vs. Bradshaw - Luna starts taunting Sable before Goldy's opponent makes his entrance. She threatens to strip Sable naked at the PPV (I could get behind that...) Bradshaw immediately starts to cream Guldust the moment he hits the ring. He reminds me more of Stan Hansen then his dad actually. Goldust finally gets a boot between them to regain the advantage but Bradshaw comes roaring back in a flash. The match see-saws with Luna getting involved when she can. Now Goldust seems to have the upper hand for the most part. Bradshaw comes back with a fallaway slam but is slow getting up. Nevertheless, he recovers quickly and has it well in hand when Club Kamakazi suddenly attacks from all sides. He swats them off at first but they overwhelm him, drop a Sention splash on him then split. We see Austin entering the arena as we cut to commercial.

Steve Austin makes his entrance after the mid-show montage gets cut off. Austin rants about his situation vis-a-vis the boss. He alledges a conspiracy between McMahon and Foley and vows to get his payback. He promises to get his hands on both Vince and the Dudester then leaves after intimidating everybody around ringside, camaramen, timekeeper, announcers, etc.

Terry Funk/2 Cold Scorpio vs. The Midnight Express - out back a hearse pulls up as they introduce ME. The match is fast paced as Scorpio battles Bob Holly then tags in Funk. Holly fares poorly against the veteran at first then comes back and tags in Bart. Funk is knocked silly and starts punching the air. Soon ME have him isolated and are working him over (somebody needs to gag Lawler as he makes an absolutely dreadful reference to Linda McCartney - who died of breast cancer yesterday). In the ring Scorpio has gotten back into the ring and is tearing up the place until Bart stops him with a gutwrench. Bart distracts the referee while Bob piledrives Scorpio. Next they get Funk in and spike him as well. They drag him out to the floor and drop him on the apron. But they have taken their eyes off Scorpio who drops a suicide dive on both of them. Back in the ring, Scorpio goes for a moonsault on Holly but meets a pair of knees. Still he comes back and moments later gets the 450 splash and the pin. Dan Severn enters the ring and devastates Scorpio with a belly-to-belly suplex - too late... Cut to commercial.

Val Venis at his cheesy best in a shower scene...

Sable enters in a blue spangled gown as we return. Mike Cole wants a response to Luna's taunts. She counters with the question, "Does this body look like it could embarrasss me?" - she doesn't care what happens to her clothes - she just wants to get her hands on Luna. In the back the hearse disgorges Kane and Paul Bearer who prepare to remove a casket from the back. Lord help us...they're going to expose UT's parent's bodies or something... Cut to commercial.

Cole is with Vince in a fancy dressing room. He refuses to respond to Austins allegations of conspiracy and says he is ready to face Austin (but he isn't out looking for him...)

Dork-X makes their entrance as Ross makes a reference to Greensboro, NC as "Ric Flair" country. Calculated to stir the pot no doubt...

DX (w/X-Pac/Chyna) vs LOD/Owen Hart (w/Sunny) - 6 man tag match - Billy and Owen start the match. Owen outwrestles his opponent so Billy thumbs his eye and tags in HHH. HHH runs in and right out then tags in the Road Dog. The Dog grabs a front facelock on Hawk who just throws him off. Animal is tagged in and continues the assault. HHH comes in and fares a little better...but not much. Owen is tagged in and HHH scoots to the outside once more as we cut to commercial.

Owen and Billy are in again as we return. Ross tells us that McMahon is hiding out in a skybox surrounded by security. Now Owen finally has HHH to wrestle. he gets a Sharpshooter but Road Dog runs in and puts on a DDT to break that up. He beats on Owen for a while then they collide and both are down. Owen tags in Animal who cleans house. LOD have the Dog set up when Chyna grabs Sunny and throws her over her shoulder. Animal continues on the Dog while Hawk goes out to rescue their manager. It is a standoff on the outside while Animal is being doubleteamed and pinned on the inside.

Out back Kane and Bearer have a recently unearthed casket and are wheeling into the arena as we cut to commercial. This is disgusting...not that that is surprising anymore.

The lights go out as we return and Kane's music plays. We see that there are two caskets. As Paul rants, Kane is positioning a gas can in the background. The lights go out again and the Undertaker arrives. Under the blue light, Kane drenches the caskets with gasoline. As UT arrives on the platform the first casket is set alight and then Kane chokeslams UT onto the second one. We are shown human bones and worms as we cut to commercial The WWF has hit a new low - just when you think they can't get any worse - they always surprise us. "Anything can happen etc., etc" takes on a whole new meaning...

Vince McMahon comes out and joins the broadcast team for the next match.

Steve Blackman vs. Dude Love - Vince is still talking trash about what might have been last week. Blackman's martial arts expertise is formidable but no match for Foley's experience, guile...and push. McMahon seems to be suggesting that he might plan to interfere in the Title match on Sunday. Suddenly the bell rings for no apparent reason and Blackman goes out to confront then assault the timekeeper. McMahon goes over to assist the fallen official and then Austin runs down, clotheslines the Dudester and attacks McMahon. Stone Colds gets in a beal and a few kicks then Dude Love wades in and takes over. McMahon flees the area as Austin gets loose and takes off after him and we fade to black.

This program wasn't bad (it was disgusting...) but I think WCW took the honors tonight.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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