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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

McMahon Fails in an attempt
to screw Steve Austin

Arn Anderson Comments on Flair Situation

from Bob Ryder

Volume 3, Issue 307 - April 27, 1998
News from Bob Ryder


ARN ANDERSON COMMENTS ON FLAIR Arn Anderson was a guest on the Pro Wrestling Rap radio show on Saturday morning, and made comments about the Ric Flair situation, Buff Bagwell, and various other wrestling related matters. Pro Wrestling Rap airs every Saturday morning at 9am Central on 1210AM in Baton Rouge LA.The show is hosted by Dave Hernandez and's Bob Ryder.

When asked about the Flair situation, Anderson said, "To be perfectly honest with you, this thing has been pretty tight lipped. The company has it's stance, and they fell it's justified legally and, I guess, morally. Ric has his stance, and he feels legally and morally that he's correct. Apparently they have come to a cross- roads, on contract negotiations. I don't know if it's length of time on the contract, or the numbers, or the number of days a year they are requiring Ric to work. I'm not real sure of that, and I think in order to protect me, Ric really hasn't told me alot...because if I don't have any information, I can't be held accountable. I know that my loyalty to Ric as a friend is one thing, my loyalty to the company is another. I have a job to do, so I pretty much keep my nose out of it. I hope at some point this can be resolved because I think WCW and the world of professional wrestling at large is a better place with Ric Flair in it, but that's a decision he and the company will have to make as far as his future goes."

Commenting on the injury to Buff Bagwell, Anderson said, "It's very serious. The word we got as late as yesterday is that they are holding Buff over the weekend in the hospital in Atlanta GA and they have the best neurosurgeon that they could possibly get to come in and perform the surgery. He's having disc removal and damage repaired to four vertebrae. The prognosis is that he will be out ten to twelve months, if he's able to come back at all."

Commenting on the bump that caused the injury, Anderson said, "The bump that Buff Bagwell took was nothing spectacular. That's just an example of showing people that you can get hurt and have a career ending doesn't have to be a big spectacular bump. That's exactly what happened to Bagwell."

The entire show will be available via Real Audio on in the Audioline section later this weekend.

Editor's Note: I have received quite a bit of email concerning the situation regarding Flair and the WCW but have chosen not to editorialize on the subject because I am not convinced that I really know what is going on. It is clear that a lawsuit has been filed but that is just about the only undisputed fact I have been able to come up with. I have had reports from various sources, both inside and outside the business, that the entire thing is:

The latest story I have heard says that Flair's people are talking to Bischoff's people and that a settlement is in the works to be followed by the entire episode being written into a storyline. Whatever the case, we will know the facts when the principles are good a ready to let us in on them. Until then I will keep my opinions to myself.

RAW Report

The announcer (Kevin Kelly I think) relates everything that happened last night to Vince McMahon's prediction of a catastrophie as we watch clips from the PPV. RAW is live from Hampton, VA.

We see Dork-X lined up in fatigues in front of the Norfolk Scope, where WCW is having their program tonight. HHH's rant mocks a general's fighting speech, laced with juvenile sexual references. They pile onto a fighting vehicle of some sort and drive away as we cut back to the arena. Ross tells us they have some "shocking footage" of DX's "assault" on WCW.

Ken Shamrock/Owen Hart vs. The Rock/Mark Henry (w/D'Lo/Kama) - Shamrock has a split lip. Must have happened last night but I didn't see it. Owen is ready to start ith Maivia but Shamrock wants the honor so Owen motions him in - then suddenly he attacks Shamrock! Owen has joined the enemy. They tie Shamrock's leg up in a chair and Hart launches himself onto it twice! Steve Blackman runs in and gets punked. Meanwhile Owen has Shamrock in a Sharpshooter. The announcers are saying they heard Ken's leg snap. Faarooq runs in now and he gets punked. Owen continues to hold the Sharpshooter as Shamrock starts to scream. Official swarm into the ring and break it up. Now Hart is biting Shamrocks ear!! His mouth is smeared with blood when they finally pull him off. He strides up the aisle with NOD, blood all over his jaw. Cut to commercial.

The Love Shack - Dude Love enters preceeded by two painted ladies in bikinis. He rants about how much respect he has for Stne Cold since their Title match last night. The girls drape themselves around him as he explains how Austin tried to take the "easy way out" last night but McMahon "talked him out of it". He figures that Austin is out of the running and proposes a number of scenerios all calculated to give him (Foley) the WWF Title. The announcers are speculating that McMahon will strip Austin of the Title or fire him, or both. Cut to Dork-X outside the Scope. HHH is ranting into a bullhorn. So far - not too shocking - stupid - but not shocking. Cut to commercial.

More DX "assault" footage. Now they are marching up to the arena. They interview a woman outside the arena who agrees that Dork-X rules the wrestling world. Gosh, maybe they'll get arrested.

Terry Funk/2 Cold Scorpio vs. the Headbangers - order breaks down immediately in this one. The fight goes on inside and outside the ring. These guys think they are luchadores apparently as first the Bangers execute a rocket launcher off the apron to the floor on Scorpio, then Funk throws a moonsault off the top to take down both opponents and his partner on the floor. After several minutes of oncontrolled mayhem the referee throws the match out. Not that it stops the action. It goes on and is still happening as we cut to more DX footage. Now they are at the door of the arena yelling in as security people try to move them back. It's pretty funny stuff but I'm not sure how it does anything to advance the WWF cause. The WWF seems to be going all out to recreate their ratings victory of two weeks ago. That shouldn't be hard considering they are running unopposed until 10:30 here on the left coast. Cut to commercial.

Vince McMahon limps to the ring as he is introduced as "the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, Mr. McMahon". The crowd chants "Austin!" He says his heart is heavy because of the difficult decisions he has had to make. A sign in the audience says "Hey Vince! Love the new part in your hair". He poses the rhetorical question "Should I fire Steve Austin." He answers his own question "Not yet". He then orders a match between Austin and Goldust for tonight and names Jerry Brisco as the referee. He mentions that Brisco is a former Tag Team Champ but doesn't mention that he was also the NWA World Champ. He further declares that is Austin lays a finger on the referee he will be stripped of the belt and fired (dream on promoter boy...) Vince ventures his opinion that Goldust would make a better Champion because "anyone" would be a better Champion then Stone Cold. We see Austin fuming in the back as we cut to commercial. I flip the channel and see that Nitro has started an hour earlier then it was supposed to according to my TV Guide. Fortunately I worried about that happening and switched on the VCR a few minutes ago - I may have missed the very beginning but I guess we'll see after RAW ends.

DX is approaching one of the loading dock doors in their vehicle. They pound on the roll-up door and demand to be let in. The announcers keep repeating the line that "if you aren't with DX you are their enemy". We cut to the announcers then to clips of Dubba J's concert performance last night followed by Blackman's attack and failure.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Bradshaw - JJ comes to the ring to absolute silence (except for his insipid music) This guy couldn't buy a crowd reaction. Bradshaw towers over his opponent and has him reeling in moments. Jarrett recovers but can't seem to make a dent in the big Texan. Suddenly Klub Kamakazi rus in to attack Bradshaw once again. This time Taka comes in to help but doesn't. A fourth guy in a suit and mask takes part in the assault this time. Cut to commercial.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Dude Love who is put out about the Title match. He mutters about "he wanted me to wear tie-die - this isn't the way it was supposed to go down." He passes out of camera range. McMahon comes into view then Dude is back accosting him, saying that things aren't going as they planned. McMahon has a fit and demands the camera be turned off. He orders Kevin Kelly to "get that mic out of my face". A worked shoot if you will.

Dork-X enters and HHH does his Michael Buffer impression ending with "Are you ready to Suck It?" (good thing, otherwise he might have been sued!)

New Age Outlaws vs. DOA (Skull/8 Ball) - non-Title match - DX hangs about ringside so DOA bring the Road Warriors with them as corner men. Of course the Champs are made mincemeat to start by their much larger opponents. That doesn't last long as the Champs use their brains and guile to take the advantage. The match see-saws with the Champs still in control for the most part. Billy gets a piledriver on one of the twins then while he is celebrating the switch is made. Billy goes back for the pin and gets rolled and pinned. Cut to the second hour montage.

The Undertaker vs. Barry Windham - I thought the fire was a good gimmick last night but the match was nowhere near as good as the one at WrestleMania. The "White Whale" is overmatched from the get-go in this one. In fact he is chokeslammed and Tombstoned within a minute of the bell. 'Nuff said. UT takes the mic to rant at his brother after the match. He states that his feud with Kane isn't over. He invites Kane to the ring to "finish it" and says he isn't moving until Kane asnwers the challenge. Cut to commercial.

UT is still in the ring as we return. The lights go out and Kane's music plays. Paul Bearer halts his charge on the platform and yells, "This has got to stop." he complains that UT isn't cooperating with his plans to destroy the Prince of Darkness. We are supposed to feel sympathy for Kane. Bearer wants a truce. Or so he says. Of course he can't be trusted - now he is claiming that Kane is his son...cut to commercial. There it is! Somehow I knew it would come to a situation where Paul would claim to be related to the boys. I used to think that he would be revealed to be Kane - but that theory went by the boards. The clue was that after Paul Bearer was burned by UT last year, he came back with red hair - just like the Undertaker's.

We get a replay of Paul Bearer's last statement - which the King interprets to mean that Paul Bearer slept with UT's mother (of course).

Another appearance by Dork-X. HHH is upset that DOA didn't cooperate by laying down for the Tag Champs. He lays his Title on the mat and issues a challenge to anybody in the back. 8-Ball shows up on the platform but Dan Severne runs past him and to the ring. He is in street clothes but starts stripping the suit off. Jimmy Cornette tries to talk him out of it then slaps him and gets assaulted. He is passing out from the arm bar submission as we cut to commercial.

Hey - what happened to the European Title match? I guess the attack on Cornette nullified HHH's challenge...somehow... In the back, Stone Cold whines about being treated unfairly by McMahon before we cut to commercial yet again.

Marc Mero comes to the ring without Sable and grabs a mic. He says "You want Sable?" the audience answers in the affirmative so he calls her down for her weekly dose of humilliation. He exhibits signs of what psychiatrists call transference - claiming that he was humilliated at the event last night. She tells him she is going to put him in his place. He wants to know if she is challenging him, and she confirms that she is! She wants a match in two weeks. In the back McMahon is telling Brisco to call the WWF Title match "right down the middle". He says it with a grin on his face and thanks Brisco in advance for a job well done. Looks like Vince intends to sandbag the Champion. Cut to commercial.

Replay of the scene earlier as McMahon gives Brisco his assignment.

TAFKA Goldust (w/Luna) vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - WWF Title match - Brisco warns Austin about his orders to fire the Champ if he lays a hand on the referee. Mcmahon comes down to the broadcast table as the match begins. He takes over the timekeeper's duties. In the ring, Austin is trying to end it quickly but Dustin is a formidable opponent and can't be taken lightly. McMahon holds the belt in his lap as he sits poised to ring the bell. Brisco is administering fast counts against Austin. He dares Austin to hit him. The fight goes to the floor and Austin gets smashed into the steps. Austin returns the favor with a shot to the rail. Goldust executes a low-blow right in front of the referee then takes the match back into the ring. He applies a reverse chinlock on the mat. Austin fights his way to his feet then they clothesline each other. They struggle some more and Goldust gets a sleeper. Austin reverses it to a Stunner. Goldust is down but now the ref has "something in his eye" and can't count. Dude Love invades the ring - now Austin and Foley are battling out on the floor. The ref is right there and so is Vince with the belt. He tries to brain Austin and gets Brisco instead!! Brisco has bladed himself (which is obvious because Vince turned the belt over and hit him with the leather side). As Vince struggles on the outside with Brisco's inert body, Austin grabs his belt and returns to the ring. Somehow the match is over (I guess - they are playing Austin's music as we fade to black...

Nitro Report (Part 1)

The program opens with a clip of Randy Savage on last Wednesday's Thunder program. Live from Norfolk Scope is Norfolk, Virginia. This is a special one-hour edition of Nitro - part 2 will air tomorrow. The Nitro Grrrls dance with jump ropes until Alex Wright decides to join them. He is taken away by security.

Kevin Nash and Randy Savage come to the ring to the nWo theme. Nash wants to run a survey ala his missing partner. He gets a pretty good response to his question. He then accepts Stings challenge from last week for a Tag Title match for the next PPV. He introduces Savage as the newest member of the Wolf Pack. He says he has a surprise for Hogan but first he rants at Bret Hart then turns the mic over to Savage. Savage threatens Hart as well. His rant is pretty much incoherent from there on. Nash introduces Konnan as the first nWo defector to the Wolf Pack. Konnan rants in dialect. He and Kevin sing together as we cut to more clips from last week's Nitro. Bret Hart is shown dragging Hogan on top of Savage and then pulling the ref into position. Cut to commercial.

Tribute video to Juventud Guerrera who claims to be an Aztec Warrior.

Chris Jericho vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (w/Eddie) - Cruiserweight Title match - Jericho has his portrait of Malenko with him again. He makes his usual non-sensical rant including a moch interview with Malenko's picture. Chavo comes on with his usual aggression of late and tries for an early pinfall. Jericho chokes him on the top rope immediately and turns the tables. Guerrero the elder is getting involved and not on his nephew's side. He gets knocked off the apron when he gets in the way. A head scissors attempt is turned into a Lion Tamer. Afterward Eddie has words with both combatants. We get a clip of Juventud Guerrera being unmask a while back. Cut to footage of the bump that Bagwell took last Wednesday then to commercial.

The winning Nitro Party tape is aired.

The announcers rant about Bret Hart's perfidy. We get an update on Bagwell's condition. He went under the knife tonight according to the report. Cut to more footage of Randy Savage ranting against Bret Hart then to commercial.

Bischoff leads Hogan to the ring trailed by the Disciple. Tony mentions that the arena has been sold out for tonights show well in advance while "they can't give tickets away up the road..." Hogan's rant includes references to Nash and Savage as "jokes". He claims to have "done it all". Poor Hollywood, no more worlds to conquer. He claims that Bret Hart helped him because "...he knows where the power lies". We watch Bret Hart deck Roddy Piper again on tape before we go to sell something.

Scott Norton vs. Goldberg - Norton proves to be a stiff test for the monster. Since neither of these guys can really wrestle they are pretty evenly matched. Norton gets his big shoulder breaker but Goldberg kicks out. Norton goes for another shoulder breaker but Goldberg powers away from it. He spears him, he Jackhammers him, he pins him. More of Savage ranting against Hart before the next commercial.

We get a look at Bret Hart's sh*teating grin before coming back to the announcers. Mean Gene invites Bret Hart to the ring to answer some questions. He is smirking as he comes down amid boos and catcalls. He puts down pro-wrestling in general and calls Savage a whiner. He wants Hogan to face him in the ring so he (Bret) can tell Hogan what's up. Hart does his "no more rules" bit - which sounds vaguely familiar. The program ends on that note.

At least that's the way I see it...

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