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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 31
August 19, 1996

Flair/Anderson to combine with Sting/Lugar against the Outsiders at War Games

Goldust wins Ahmed's Title Shot

The Clash and the trash

This will be a long report tonight, since I was out of town over the weekend, I thought I would catch up a little before getting on with the news...

The Clash of Champions was a rather disappointing affair this time out. The best match of the night was without doubt the very first one - pitting Dean Malenko against Rey Mysterio Jr. for the Cruiserweight Title. Very fast paced as only these Cruiserweight guys can be. Malenko (and the referree) thought that Dean had won it after a roll-up, but then the ref saw that Mysterio's foot was on the rope during the pin. While Malenko was distracted, Rey Jr. nailed him and got the pin.

Duggan vs. V.K. Wallstreet - 'nuff said. Oh yeah -Wallstreet wins.

Match number 3 was also a good one - Konan vs. Ultimo Dragon, with Konan displaying his new-found heel attitude by holding tights for the pin.

Savage vs. Meng could have been a barn burner but was a forfeit due to Savages injury.

The ladies match - a return from Hog Wild was the usual Medusa/Nakano slugfest with Medusa winning after Sonny Oono kicked his own competitor.

Eddie Guerrero beat DDP for the Battle Bowl Ring - then got three Diamond Cutter's for his trouble.

The biggest disappointment of the evening was Chris Benoit vs. The Giant. Benoit got caught up in his ring attire (Woman was trying to help him off with it) and got drop-kicked (yes, you heard right) in the corner then chokeslammed. The latter move was spectacular, the Giant held Benoit high over his head before downing him.

Referree Nick Patrick was interviewed regarding his performance at Hog Wild and displayed a heretofore uncharacteristic arrogance. His interview skills were surprising to say the least. He is probably the "fourth man".

The Main Event came close to being an upset - after a fairly predictable match complete with Hogan's usual "Hulking Up" schtick, Flair slapped on a figure four which was reversed but Flair simply rolled through it to retain the advantage. Enter the Outsiders to attack Flair - then the "Insiders" (the Horsemen plus Sting and Lugar) chased them off. The announcer almost said that Flair had won the belt but corrected himself. Sting and Flair had a little shoving match afterward (apparently, in Flair's mind, it's all right for the Horsemen to bail out Sting/Lugar but not vice-versa).

Summerslam was a fairly exciting card (I got home just in time to "watch" it on "Scramblevision").

I missed the "Free-4-ALL" but I understand (from reading the Bagpipe Report - thanks Charles!) that Stone Cold defeated Yokozuna after a brief match.

Owen Hart vs. Savio Vega - Owen was told before the match that he would use his cast as a weapon at his own peril. He used it anyway and got away with it.

Bodydonnas vs. Gunns vs. Godwins vs. New (not improved) Rockers for the Tag Belts - a silly match. Bodydonnas were out of it early, then the Rockers fell by the wayside. The Gunns and the Godwins battled it out until Bart Gunn interfered whilw the ref was otherwise occupied. Gunns retain the belts.

The Brittish Bulldog vs. Psycho Sid - Sid won after a powerbomb - Clarence Mason was at ringside and didn't help the Bulldog's cause. I see a heel vs. heel feud brewing.

Goldust vs. Marc Mero - Goldust brought all of his psychological ploys to the table. He also brought Mankind who menaced Sable much as he had over the weekend (on Superstars). Mero was spectacular but couldn't stand up to Goldust's "Curtain Call" Goldust tried to put the move on Mrs. Mero but got a right hook for his trouble from Mr. Mero.

Jake Roberts vs. The Burger King - this was disgusting! Jerry Lawler has stepped over the line again with his taunting of Roberts. I really think Vince is making a mistake in pursuing this angle. He should let Jake cream the fool and get it over with. In fact I'd like to see Lawler just fade away - he's not funny and all of his matches are jokes. Forcing Jim Beam down a recovered alcoholic's throat is a criminal act in my book.

The Boiler Room Match - Undertaker vs. Mankind - this "match" ended when Paul Bearer switched sides (as Internet pundits have been predicting for weeks) and brained UT with the urn. The unconscience Undertaker was carted out by a group of "Druids" - thus setting up his return as "The Angel".

Shawn Michaels vs. Vader for the WWF Title - this sounded like an exciting match (I wish I could have seen it) after restarting the match twice, HBK pulled off a pin via a Moonsault - thus upsetting my prediction that Vader would win (but then I predicted Vader to win the KOTR so what do I know!).

A great PPV - I almost wish I had paid to see it.

Nitro Report

Hour number one begins with the return match between V.K. Wallstreet and Hacksaw Duggan from the Clash. Wallstreet's costume - with little dollar signs all over it - is as silly as Duggan's wrestling. Duggan is out wrestled (as usual). Wallstreet is out-powered. Duggan tries to tape up but the ref takes the tape away. Now Wallstreet is taping up - but so is Duggan! V.K. turns around and gets nailed.

Hacksaw interviewed - Duggan says "Terry - I want to talk to you as a man. What have you done to your friends, your fans and your family?" Randy Savage shows up to crash the interview. Duggan gives up the time as Savage is inteviewed. They review the Hogan attack with the chair. He says he'll "solve his problem" with the Giant during their match in the second hour.

We review the Benoit/Giant "match" from the Clash.

Bobby "Earl Robert" Eaton vs. Chris Benoit - the ladies are with Benoit again tonight. The Crippler dominates the early going. Benoit continues to pound Eaton after they take it to the floor. Woman gets involved - poor Bobby! Back in the ring Benoit taunts his opponent. They exchange fists then Bobby gets the advantage - goes for the "Alabama Jam" and misses. Benoit gets a headbutt from the top then pins Eaton. Cut to commercial.

Review of the Triangle match and Nick Patrick's interview. Then the end of the Hogan/Flair match.

Sting/Lugar interview - they say they have a surprise for the Horsemen later tonight. They claim to have a new attitude.

Disco Inferno vs. Scott "Flash" Norton - Norton looks at Disco like he's a bug to be squashed. Disco attacks but has no effect - he ducks one clothesline only to get caught by another. Norton pounds on him for a while. Disco comes back but can't make a dent in the big guy. It's all Norton. Disco goes to the eyes but it only buys him a few seconds. Norton wins with an arm-bar submission hold.

Teddy Long/Ice Train interview. Review of Norton's attack on Ice Train backstage at the Clash. Train vows revenge (yawn).

Lord Steven Regal vs. Dean Malenko - this match should be great - two consumate mat technicians. Malenko is giving up some size but more than makes up for it in ring savvy and intensity. Just after it starts we cut to commercial.

Nobody has a clear advantage as we return but Regal takes over shortly thereafter. It doesn't last long as Malenko comes back strong. Now its a see-saw battle between two superb wrestlers. Lord Regal effectively grounds the smaller man. Malenko gets a belly-to-back and rocks Regal but he can't pin the Engishman. After another exchange Regal goes for a move but misses completely - Malenko rolls him up for the pin.

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Mean Gene interviews the Horsemen - they're not worried about Sting and Lugar. Flair does his "stylin' profilin'" schtick.

Hour #2 begins - Eric and Bobby take over. Cut to commercial.

Nasty Boys vs. Public Enemy - what again? I thought they put this one to bed while back. One of these teams needs to go somewhere else to play. This is like a really bad fashion show (where did PE get those stupid outfits?). Nasties dominate inside and outside the ring as they usually do in these "matches". PE go for their usual table shot move and get beat at their own game...again. Nasties win.

Nasties interviewed - yatta, yatta...they steadfastly refuse to take sides in the NWO/WCW situation.

Eric says there isn't any "paranoia" over the NWO thing. Hmmm...that's a switch from the prevaling attitude over the past few weeks. Cut to commercial.

Review of Eddie Guerrero's win over DDP last week. We see the three Diamond Cutter's put on him after the match. Chavo Jr. makes the save...this sets up...

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Guerrero starts fast and makes a pretty good showing right off. Then he charges into the corner and smashes his shoulder into the ring post. The rest is vintage DDP. Page savages his opponent for several minutes. He is showing more wrestling skill then usual. Then Chavo reverses a move and pins DDP. Gets a Diamond Cutter put on then DDP grabs Nick Pattrick's belt and whips Chavo with it while Patrick stands by. Randy Anderson runs in and grabs the belt away from DDP.

Patrick interviewed - he blames the "media" for his problems. Gene questions Patrick's purchase of a new home recently. Cut to commercial.

Review of the American Males' win over Harlem Heat last year for the titles.

Harlem Heat vs. American Males - I can't figure how the Males have earned this Title shot. They haven't won an important match in months. (Eric says he thinks maybe there aren't any more Outsiders in the wings - I think he's one...and Patrick).

Booker T is an awesome competitor! This is really not even a contest when Riggs is in. Bagwell fairs somewhat better but still gets pinned in the end. One of the few non-screwjob wins these guys have had lately.

Horsemen (Flair/Anderson) vs. Sting and Lugar - S&L promised us a surprise - they begin by inviting the other two Horsemen to come down to the ring. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring as we return - Sting says they need to have a meeting of the minds about the NWO. He wants himself and Lugar to be the third and fourth men in the upcoming War Games match. They discuss the prospect among themselves. Flair says that if Mongo and Benoit will agree to the merger he will go along with it. First Benoit then Mongo agree. The deal is made. We don't get a match tonight.

NWO commercial featuring Nash and Hall.

The Giant comes to the ring to face Savage but gets blindsided with a chair before he can get there. He hits him several times and then Randy Anderson grabs the chair. Savage is distracted and gets caught. In the ring it's all Giant until he goes for the chokeslam - Savage gets in a kick to the midsection. Hart tries to interfere and gets creamed. Savage has the chair again - Dungeon of Doomers hit the ring and get chaired one by one. The Giant is back up and Savage is outta there - the Giant chases after him out of the arena.

Eric announces that the Flair/Anderson/Sting/Lugar team has been sanctioned by the executive committee as we fade away.

RAW Report

Still shots are shown in a review of the Mankind victory over Undertaker last night. The program is said to be live this evening.

Owen Hart vs. Brittish Bulldog (Intercontinental Championship 1st round match) - Oh Boy! They shake hands before the match. Bulldog gets the early advantage. (HBK vs. Yokozuna announced for later in the program - also: four man battle royal to pit Austin/Goldust/Sid/Vega for Ahmed's WWF Title shot) Jim Ross is talking about "weird occurances".

Meanwhile, Owen seems overmatched in the ring (static in the picture and sound is attributed to the "spirit of the Undertaker" by Ross) Sunny shows up just before the break.

Owen is in charge as we return and is working on the Bulldog's left leg. Cornette is interviewed in an inset as Owen puts the Sharpshooter on his brother-in-law. (Ross refers to it as a Scorpion Deathlock before correcting himself) The match goes out to the floor. Next thing we know the Bulldog lands in Sunny's lap! She throws a drink in his face. Meanwhile Owen beats the count to win the match.

Sunny accuses the Bulldog of trying to put a hand up her dress - she and Cornette get into a shouting match as we review Ahmed Johnson's medical situation.

Mark Henry shows up to sign autographs as Vader is being introduced for his match vs. Freddie Joe Floyd. Vader gets in Henry's face but doesn't attack. He gets into the ring where Floyd waits - the match begins as we cut to commercial.

Vader is pounding on Floyd as we return. Cornette rants at ringside. He says Yokozuna is back in Camp Cornette. More video/audio static. Vader bombs his opponent for the win.

Commercial for Summerslam replay.

Mankind/Paul Bearer interview - stills show more of Boiler Room match. Bearer claims he "carried" the Undertaker for six years - says he's "sick and tired of being sick and tired" (more static). Kevin Foley delivers another brilliant tirade - says he'll win the WWF Title at the next IYH PPV. Paul Bearer asserts that it is Mankind's spirit that's causing the static...then the lights go out! The Undertaker's music plays.

Druid chants are heard...then they're seen carrying UT's body. Bearer says it' all part of his "plan" - but he doesn't seem to sure of himself. The Druids leave the body in the aisle then leave. As Paul Bearer is declaiming, UT rises to his feet. Bearer and Mankind flee as the Undertaker takes possesion of the ring, posing and gesturing. Great, silly schtick.

Commercial for Barry Windham's new character - the Stalker.

Time for the Final Four Sudden-Death Battle Royal to fill Ahmed's vacant Title shot. Goldust approaches the ring where Savio Vega already waits. Austin is next then Sid.

Just after the match begins Sid gets triple-teamed and eliminated. He goes back in and Power-Bombs all three before being escorted away.

Now Goldy and Austin attack Vega. Austin hangs back and then attacks Goldust from behind. Another commercial.

Goldust can't decide who to attack as we return. Then the two bad guys team up against Vega - but Vega turns the tables and eliminates Austin. Goldust gets the advantage and goes for the curtain call but misses - but he recovers and tosses Vega out (really it was Vega's own momentum that did the trick).

Summerslam replay commercial.

Yokozuna makes his entrance. We get to see how Yoko lost his match against Austin last night. he was going up the corner when the buckle gave way. HBK video/commercial - whatever.

HBK vs. Yokozuna (non-Title match) - not much time left for this match. Shawn makes a quick start. He takes a couple of shots then tags Yoko several times before putting him on his can. Yoko is taking over and Cornette is coming to ringside as we cut to commercial.

As we return Cornette is attacking Jose Lothario with the raquette. Shawn goes out to help - Yoko gets the drop on him as he re-enters the ring and suplexes the Kid. But Shawn comes right back and puts the big man down yet again with a flying forearm and a splash. He goes for a super-kick but gets caught and squashed. Yoko goes for a leg-drop but misses. Michaels puts the "Sweet Chin Music" on Yoko's chin and gets the pin. He's holding his ribs as we fade to black.

Both programs were pretty good tonight. RAW had some excellent action but so did Nitro - less NWO crap floating around for a change. I give the slight edge to RAW. As one of my correspondents mentioned in the Reader's Forum this week - the WWF is starting to build some drama with the latest Undertaker mysteries and all. The NWO thing needs to go in a new direction to stay fresh. Maybe the Horsemen/Sting/Lugar combination will accomplish that...time will tell.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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