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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Fit Finley Captures the TV Title!!

Chris Benoit distracts Booker T to cause the upset

WCW House Show Results
from Charleston, SC

Chris Benoit Captures the TV Title
for the Second Time is 3 Days
Then Loses It Again!

by Alan Garmendia

An Evening with Arn Anderson

Personal Appearance Report by Ryan "Rhino" Semmes

Volume 3, Issue 310 - May 4, 1998
Corrections: In a previous issue I inadvertently identified Horace Boulder as Hulk Hogan's brother. He is, in fact, Hogan's nephew. On another subject, I was watching the weekend WWF programs and was relieved to see that Vince McMahon actually did refer to Jerry Brisco as a "former WWF Tag Team Champion" so my error of last week was one of not checking my facts rather than making an assumption about what a misunderstanding of he said. For the record, again, Brisco was never a WWF Tag champ.

Charleston WCW House Show Report: 5/2/98

by Alan Garmendia

1st match: Yugi Nagata (w/o Sonny Ono) vs. Ernest Miller

Miller was the face here, mostly mat wrestling, and there was little heat throughout the match. Miller won with a side kick.

Winner: Ernest Miller

2nd match: The Barbarian (w/o Jimmy Hart) vs. Bobby Eaton

Eaton got a decent pop coming out (my guess is because everyone remembers him from the Midnight Express). Very slow in the early going but things picked up when a chair shot was teased between the two. Mark Curtis interfered, though. Bobby hit a nice swinging neck breaker and tried to do a knee drop from the top, but the Barbarian put a foot up. The Barbarian then hit the kick of fear, and his setup looked like Shawn Michaels because he stomped his foot.

Winner: Barbarian

3rd match: Kidman and Sick Boy vs. High Voltage

Kidman said: "Coming down to the ring I see people who have no teeth, chew tobacco, and have beer bellies. And that's just the women. I know every trailer park is empty tonight. Anyways, since you people stole from your welfare checks to come here, I'll make this match quick." THAT got the crowd upset. High Voltage came out and charged the ring. Kidman got pounded on early, but Sick Boy weakend the other team. The brown haired one (I can't tell who's who Editor's Note: that's Rage) hit a nice variety of suplexes. Kidman was going to sit down on a chair in the aisle, but Doug Dilenger grabbed it from under him. It was pretty funny. Anyhow, the blond High Voltage guy (Kaos) was getting pummeled, but made the hot tag and the other guy cleaned house. High Voltage won when the blond on lifted Kidman like he was going to gorilla press slam him, but he dropped him on to the brown haired guy's knee, like a gut buster.

Winner: High Voltage

4th match: Perry Saturn vs. Fit Finlay

Finlay was the heel in this one. It was a see-saw match for the most part. Saturn won when he did a fireman's carry suplex on Fit.

Winner: Saturn

15 minute intermission

By the way, I had brought signs. They were:

5th match: Chris Benoit vs. Booker T. for the TV title

Both competitors got large pops. Slow in the early going, but picked up later. Benoit did some Flair chops, which prompted some "Whoo's" from the crowd. Benoit hit a killer german suplex on Booker T. He then executed his diving headbutt, but only got a 2 count. Booker T. was coming back, though. Booker T. tried a Harlem Side Kick but Benoit pulled Mark Curtis in front of him. Curtis did duck the kick though, but he was cowering on the ground protecting himself. Booker went to see if he was alright, but Benoit slapped the Crippler Crossface from behind and won.

Winner and NEW TV champ: Chris Benoit (Editor's Note: I am reliably informed that Benoit subsequently lost the Title back to Booker T in a rematch last night in Savannah, GA)

6th match: Raven vs. DDP

DDP got the loudest pop of the night. The match was Raven's rules. DDP used on of those big orange cones on Raven. DDP kicked out of Raven's DDT. He then hit the Diamond Cutter for the 1-2-3.

Winner: DDP

7th match: The Giant vs. Kevin Nash

Nash comes out to the Fugees "Ready Or Not". Nash gets a mike and says "Yo, it's time for a survey. You know the drill. Are you here for WCW? (mixed reaction). Or are you here for the...(crowed says N...W...O). I knew I loved Charleston". Both guys were wearing each other down. Nash has the Giant in powerbomb postition, but the Giant runs him into the turnbuckle. Nash is leaning on the ropes, with his back facing the ring. The Giant is going to get him, but Nash kicks him in the groin. The ref DQ's Nash. A lot of boos are coming from the crowd, so Nash powerbombs the ref (who is, by the way, the blonde one who looks like Zach Morris). Nash leaves, and the Giant got up and carried the ref on his shoulders back to the locker room.

Solie's reader Alan Garmendia is the self-proclaimed 5th Horseman, who has watched wrestling for as long as he can remember in his humble home in Charleston, SC.


by Ryan "Rhino" Semmes

On Thursday April 30, 1998 myself and two friends had the pleasure of traveling to Tuscaloosa, AL to meet one of the ICONS of professional wrestling: Arn Anderson. The event was a part of the University of Alabama's Spring Fling fund raiser.

We arrived at Paty Hall at five minute to seven o'clock and payed our five dollars for our tickets. We took our seats in what looked like a cafeteria in a dormitory and waited around. Finally, a huge guy with a heavy Northern accent came out and thanked us for being there. He said his name was Bob Blackburn and that he was Arn's business partner (I think Earl has an interview with him at Solie's). Editor's Note: Blackburn's interview was published here as part of "The Hartley Interviews" and can be found in the Interviews section of the web site.

He started off the evening by showing a tribute video of Arn Anderson over the years (the same video that WCW showed when he retired). Finally Bob introduced Arn to a deafing cheer. There were probably only a hundred people there, max, but the ovation that he received was extremely loud.

Arn thanked us for coming, and said that he hadn't been to Tuscaloosa in a while, but he was glad to be there. He said that his God-daughter attends UA and that she is Bobby Heenan's daughter!! (And I must say that she is very attractive, too...not bad weasel...) Arn then talked about success and how you should achieve it. He got the Alabama fabs riled up when he mentioned that his first wife introduced him to the egendary Paul "Bear" Bryant.

He then told about how he worked in the meat department at a local market and one day accidently cut his finger off!!! He said he had it reattached (It was only the top part) and was back at work that same day!! That was what he was stressing, doing your job well and not letting your co-workers down. He really stayed away from the wrestling business and stuck mainly with ways to achieve success.

We then went outside to get autographs and pictures made. While standing in line, Bob let us ask him questions about Arn, wrestling, etc. He said that Flair was not telling Arn anything about the lawsuit in order to protect him. He said that Arn's toughest opponent was Meng. He said that Pillman and Roma as Horsemen were front-office decisions and not Horsemen decisions. Some girl asked him if wrestling was fake and he told her that he'd show her how fake it was (sidenote: she later lost her wallet and keys and was really ticked off.....karma baby....).

Arn signed an 8x10 for all three of us and took a picture with each of us, then all at once. I even got a picture with Bob...that seemed to surprise him.

My roommate floored Bob with this question that we always ask poeple...he asked "Who's a better wrestler? Hulk Hogan or Lex Luger?" Up until that point Bob had an answer for everything, but he couldn't come up with one for that. He finally decided on Luger because he knows more wrestling moves. He's the only person ever to pick Luger that I know of.

Arn was very approachable and I liked him a lot. It was well worth the 90 mile trip and the $5 I payed. Not to mention that it all went to a charity for kids with AIDS. It was a fine evening, one that I'll remember for a long time.

Ryan Semmes is a regular correspondent to the Readers' Forum where he posts under the name "Rhino".

Nitro Report

The program opens with video of the introduction of Konnan to the Wolf Pack.

Live from the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana (my home town!) Nitro Grrrls dance in the ring.

More video of Nash ranting about the Wolf Pack.

Eddie Guerrero (w/Chavo) vs. Scott Norton - Eddie makes a speech putting his nephew down before the match gets under way. He calls Norton to the ring. Norton obliges him by showing up. Eddie acts like he has hurt his knee before the match can get under way and bails. He wants Chavo to take the match!? Chavo agrees, like some kind of idiot or something. Norton just devastates him from the get-go. Eddie distracts him and Chavo attacks the big guy's knee. After a quick consultation with his uncle on the floor he re-enters the ring and is immediately squashed. Ultimo Dragon comes in to assist Chavo and takes a toungue lashing from Eddie. Cut to commercial.

Scott Putsky vs. Kidman - ah geeez, do we have to put up with this loser again? (Putsky, I mean) I thought he was crippled or something. Wishfull thinking I guess... He uses his superior power to take the early advantage but Kidman comes back with a bulldog then drops a modified Guillotine on him. Putsky comes back with a sidewalk slam then gets a powerslam. Nash, Konnan and Savage come down. They are wearing nWo T-shirts in black and red. They go right into the ring and put Putsky down with a Powerbomb. Kidman is ejected. Nash takes the mic and declares that "Wolf Pack is running the show from now on..." He asserts that his partner Scott Hall is being kept off TV.He rants about the coming match with the Giant and Sting. Then hands th mic over to Savage who adds his two cents about Hogan and Hart. Nash then introduces the newest member of their faction - Curt Hennig. He wears a black and white nWo shirt. He gets stopped by Brian Adams on his way to the ring - but he passes the big guy by and continues to the ring. He pulls off the shirt to reveal his own red/black colors. Konnan challenges Brian Adams to a match tonight. Nash then challenges Luger for the main event. Cut to Raven video then to commercial.

We get video of Chris Jericho taunting Malenko via a poster then the real thing comes down. He has David Penzer hold the poster of Malenko. He shows a video of Malenko talking about his dad then cuts it short to throw some more taunts. He dedicates his own career to Bore-us Malenko. It's a jobber wearing a Malenko look-alike outfit with a big "1" on the back of the tights..

Chris Jericho vs. Bore-us Malenko (I guess) - this is a silly match. Jericho is just fooling around. He makes short work of the jobber. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls cavort with chairs in the ring...Alex Wright interrupts at the end and is hauled away again.

Video footage of Hollywood Hogan ranting about Kevin Nash and Randy Savage.

Hugh Morrus/The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) vs Public Enemy - Street Fight -Hart's team bring their own "plunder" to the ring. The match starts in the aisle as PE makes their entrance. Rock and Barbarian go at it in the ring while Morrus and Grunge do their thing out on the floor. Rock gets dumped head-first into a plastic garbage can but doesn't stay there long. The Barbarian gets Grunge positioned on his own table then flies off the top with an elbow but Grunge rolls out of the way. Next Rocco takes the same kind of shot on another table. Finally Jimmy Hart gets and some how that ends the match.

Mean Gene with Brian Adams. Adams refers to himself as one of Hogan's "main enforcers" and then sings the praises of his leader. He accepts Konnan's challange for a match. Cut to Chris Benoit and Booker T arguing over who should be the TV Champ via competing videos then to commercial.

We come back to see video of Bret Hart telling Savage he doesn't have a chance against "the best there is...", then he talks about Hogan. We also see what went down when Hart and Hogan were face-to-face. Savage attacks then Hogan and the Disciple hold him while Hart pounds on him.

Saturn (w/Kidman) vs. Hammer - loser-leaves-the-Flock match - Kidman makes a speech at the beginning that makes it clear that Raven would prefer that Saturn win this match. Hammer asserts his superior size and power early on but Saturn really has the advantage here. Hammer gets a verticle superplex with massive hangtime, but Saturn gets right back up and retakes the advantage. The Flock is shown watching back in the dressing room. Saturn brings a chair in and uses it to springboard into a drop-kick in the corner. He goes for a second one but the referee gets in the way and downed. Suddenly what looks like a beer vendor runs in and decks both competitors then leaves so that the revived ref can count Saturn out. In the back, Diamond Dallas Page explodes into the Flock dressing room and lays waste with a Stop sign! He drags Raven to the ring by looping a bull rope around his neck. Once they get to the ring Raven recovers and asserts himself but DDP manages to hang him over the top rope as we cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls - on the ramp and in the aisle this time.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Sick Boy (w/the Flock at ringside) - Sick Boy goes right on the attack early on. Juvey tries to fly but gets caught by his wiley opponent. Another pick-up gives Guerrera his opening. The ring is still wet from the beverages spilled earlier so there is some slipping and sliding going on in this one. Guerrera slips as he applies the Juvey Driver but manages to complete the move. He goes for the 450 splash but Horace Boulder shoves him off the top. Now the Flock is all over him until Goldberg runs down and squashes the bunch of them. He Jackhammers Reese! Then he goes for a pin before remembering that this isn't a match...cut to commercial.

Mean Gene introduces Rick Steiner. He wants Scotty to come out and tell him to his face whether they are going to get back together. Big Papa Pump limps out on crutches. Gene seems to be buying it but Rick isn't for a minute. Scott makes a conciliatory speech referring to Buff Bagwell's condition, saying there isn't any reason for he and Rick to fight. he says he wants to be a Steiner Brother again. He has a tear in his eyes. Rick says he can't trust Scott and so the latter starts to limp away. Rick relents and says "OK". They embrace and, of course, Brian Adams runs down and hits Rick with a baseball bat. They prepare to pound on him as we cut to commercial.

Brian Adams vs. Konnan - the nWo music plays twice before this one. Konnan uses his flannel jacket as a weapon in the early going. But Adams asserts his superior size and soon has his opponent reeling. He is tossed to the outside. Suddenly Bret Hart runs in and does a number on Konnan then rolls him back into the ring. The referee is distracted and sees none of this. As Adams is about to pin Konnan, Kevin Nash runs in and kicks him in the head, then power bombs him. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls yet again...Nitro party video airs.

Fit Finley vs. Booker T - TV Title match - seems like Chris Benoit should be getting this shot (see the story above). There has not been a single mention of the fact that Benoit held the Title twice since Thursday. Finley bulls the champ into the corner then hits him on the break to take the advantage. They struggle back and forth until Finley gets levered over the top to the floor. Booker T comes out and beats on him then rolls him back in. He is caught re-entering the ring and Finley is again briefly in control. Now the match see-saws with Booker gaining ground. A sidewalk slam turns the tables for Booker T. As he is about to throw the side kick he is distracted by Chris Benoit coming down to ringside. Finley comes back with a Tombstone Piledriver and gets the win! Fit Finley is the new TV Champ! Cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer is on hand to announce the main event.

Kevin Nash (w/Konnan/Randy Savage) vs. Lex Luger - Luger gets a fast start for a change and takes the early advantage. Nash comes back with superior size to turn the tables until Nash rushes into the corner and gets a foot in the face. Luger downs Konnan and Savage as they swarm but gets overwhelmed and punked. Nash is going for the Powerbomb when Stings runs down. The Giant follows him and after a moment's pause a melee breaks out. Bret Hart and Brian Adams watch with interest (and big smiles) from the sidelines as we fade to black...

RAW Report

We get a video review of the latest shenanigans between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. The question we're left with..."what corporate fury will McMahon unleash on Stone Cold tonight?"

RAW was pre-recorded in Richmond, VA.

The program begins with an installment of the Love Shack. Foley is dressed as Cactus Jack and carrying his Dude Love tie-dye outfit. His rant is serious. He feels wronged because he has been assigned a hard-core style match against former partner Terry Funk tonight. He refers to McMahon as a low-life. He appears to be tossing out the Dude Love personna - vows not to perform in the tie-dye outfit ever again. He demands that Vince come out and talk to him face to face. Vince appears to a chorus of boos. He looks a bit put out. Foley tells him where to shove his Dude Love outfit. Vince comes on beligerent, saying, "Who the hell do you think you are?" He reads Foley the riot act and denies that he is punishing Foley. In fact he says that the match tonight is a "reward". He rants about Foley's "opportunity" which he can realize if he faces Funk tonight and beats him decisively. He ends his speech by slapping Foley - who looks like he might be convinced. Suddenly Steve Austin arrives on the scene. McMahon moves away quickly as Austin destroys the Love Shack set. Vince retreats to the ringside area followed by Austin who goes to the ring and gestures to the crowd before departing back up the ramp. McMahon is insensed by this performance and is ready to use the timekeepers bell as a weapon if necessary. Cut to commercial.

Just a word here about the DX skit last week. Some people have been saying, and over the weekend the WWF implied, that DX made WCW look bad by apparently showing that the WCW was giving away tickets to fill their arena. It was revealed today that the marquee reference to "Free Tickets" was in fact a clever re-editing job. Actually that sign referred to another event at the Scope altogether.

NOD (Rocky Maivia/Owen Hart) vs. Faarooq/Steve Blackman - a melee erupts right off the bat but is sorted out to Faarooq vs. Maivia. Faarooq applies the Dominator early on. Blackman is tagged in and faces Hart. He goes to work on Owen's previously injured left leg. Faarooq comes in to continue the assault but then Owen turns the tables and gets a pin. Faarooq quickly executes a piledriver but the Rock comes right back. The match begins to see-saw with the Rock steadily gaining ground. His arrogance is not serving him well however. His pinfall attempts are much too cavelier. Hart comes in and throws the advantage away. Faarooq downs him again and then tags in Blackman. Blackman goes for a submission hold but Maivia breaks it up. Blackman is starting to come back when Jeff Jarrett runs in and spoils the match.

Video tribute to Jerry Brisco - again they repeat the misinformation that the Brisco's held the WWF Tag Team Titles. In fact neither of the Briscos ever held any title in the WWF.

Time to send in the clowns...Dork-X makes their entrance. If this is such an important stable, how come there isn't a single main event wrestler within their ranks? HHH does his bad imitation of Michael Buffer again then makes his usual crude sexual reference before handing the mic over to Jesse James. The Dog rants about the loss last week with Skull and 8-Ball being a "fluke". LOD 2000 appears on the ramp as Ross repeats his admonition that "business is about to pick up..." for about the 100th time. Hawk calls HHH "Mr. Nose" and Waltman is "X-Lax" - Billy gets his usual "Mr. Ass" moniker and I won't repeat what he calls Road Dog. LOD wants to turn the Tag Team Title match later into an 8-man contest. So much for a Title defense (I have to wonder how DOA feels about that...) . X-Lax accepts for his cohoorts despite the fact that he can only stand by and watch. When Waltman makes a reference to his manhood - Hawk says "I can't see it..." Dork-X are reduced to lame sexual-reference threats. Pretty funny stuff, actually...I wonder if these idiots even realize they are becoming a joke...

Dan Severn vs. Savio Vega - Severn clearly has a hard time keeping up with Vega in this one until he gets into position to slap on his arm-bar combination submission hold.

We get a staged "off-camera" interview wherein Paul Bearer reveals to Jerry Lawler that he lost his virginity to the Undertaker's mother on a kitchen floor at a funeral home before we cut to commercial. Uncle Paul is out of character and having a high old time describing his experience as a 19 year old undertaker's assistant. He doesn't explain what UT's mother was doing at the funeral home.

We come back to Lawler apologizing for the "inadvertant" broadcast of their "locker room" conversation. Cut to a video of Sable working out for her match coming up against her husband next week in Baltimore.

Marc Mero vs. Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee) - Steve Blackman runs in and attacks Jarrett before the match can get started. They brawl out to the floor as officials try to separate them. I wonder how the UFC feels about their guys being brought into the WWF and portrayed as prone to fly off the handle at every provocation? Not that Blackman was in the UFC (was he?) but he is clearly being painted into the same corner. It's almost seems like a clever way of preventing any of them from ever being serious Title contenders in the WWF... Cut to commercial.

NON/LOD vs. DX - he referee sends Sunny away from ringside before the match begins. I assume they will also force Chyna to vacate the premises. Sure enough they do try to send Chyna away but Waltman insists that she is wrestling so he leaves. Skull is devastating the DX team until Billy gets in and drops him. Chyna is tagged in and throws a Frankensteiner then goes for the pin. She is thrown off with authority and tags Road Dog. He maintains the advantage then tags in HHH. Hunter is trying to hold Skull down as we cut to commercial.

HHH is pounding Skull in the corner as we return. Hawk gets in a nd cleans house but then lowers his head and gets downed. Chyna comes in a delivers a couple of kicks then mounts the corner but is knocked off by Hawk. The next moment she is back in the ring and delivering a low-blow. Hawk gets creamed while Chyna taunts his partners, thus assuring the referee's distraction. Billy Gunn comes in and continues the assault until he collides head-to-head with his opponent. 8-Ball is tagged in and seems to be doing well but suddenly a fight erupts among LOD and DOA! The match is forgotten as they brawl out on the floor. Animal is tossing the ringsteps toward the camera as we cut to another commercial.

We see video of the brawl which continued backstage during the break.

Goldust vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer) - Dustin goes after Kanes "burned" arm but can't seem to make a dent in the big guy. The Undertaker runs down and attacks Paul Bearer until Kane drops on him from the apron. Then he smashes Kane's injured hand against the ringsteps and batters him up the ramp. Sgt. Slaughter tries to get involved and gets knocked aside. The two brothers disappear through the curtain and Bearer is left to curse UT as we cut to commercial.

Video tribute to Foley and Funk.

Val Venis cavorts in the woods with Jenna Jamison, cheesy as usual...

Steve Austin comes to the ring to a huge pop. He celebrates with his fans then takes a seat next to the king afetr first downing a beer.

Terry Funk vs. Mick Foley - No Holds Barred match - Pat Patterson is introduced as the special referee. The match is a knock-down-drag-out affair as is to be expected. In no time they are out on the floor hitting each other with chairs. As they return to the ring we see that Foley is bleeding about the head. Steve Austin is keeping up a running commentary until his headset starts to buzz and crackle. He snatchs Lawler's headset but it acts up as well. So he decks Lawler! Then he sits back down and continues his commentary. The brawl is continuing around the ring - both guys are still going strong. The fight crosses the safety railing and continues among the fans. They brawl up to the concession area and a hot dog vendor gets creamed. Funk climbs up on a granstand and throws a moonsault that takes out Foley and the hot dog guy. Funk is complaining about pain in his neck while Foley continues to tear up the concession area. Foley executes a piledriver on top of a table which destroys the table. Then they brawl under the bleachers as we cut to commercial.

The fight went on back in the dressing room area during the break. Now they are fighting back toward the ring. Foley DDT's Funk on the ramp but can't get a three count. Back in the ring it is still all Foley. The fight goes back to the floor where Foley tears up the bradcast table to use as a weapon. He has some words with Austin telling him "your next". Austin says "...finish the job first..." Back in the ring, Foley piledrives his opponent, then repeats it on a chair. He finally gets the pin. He's still pounding on Funk when Austin approaches the ring with beer in hand. Foley says "What's up?" and Austin throws the beer in his face. Patterson gets in the way and has the Mandible Claw put on him until Foley realizes he has the wrong guy. Foley and Austin are jawing nose-to-nose as Patterson sneaks up behind Austin with a chair. Stone Cold spins around and plants a boot in the old guy's gut then stuns him. Meanwhile Foley is headed up the ramp. Dude Love's music starts to play and McMahon appears with the Dude's floozies and his tie-dye outfit. He congratulates Foley and goes into a silly dance with the girls. They celebrate for a minute or so then dance into the sunset (figuratively speaking of course...) Fade to black...

I guess with the Undertaker tied up in his interminable feud with Kane, Foley is all the WWF has to throw at Austin...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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