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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

The Giant Rejoins the nWo!!!

He joins the Hogan faction

Dustin Rhodes Trashes the Goldust Character

He blames McMahon for the break-up of his family

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 9

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 312 - May 8, 1998
The latest from Bob Ryder


Recent hotline reports that Joey Styles vetoed Steve Prazak as his color commentator for Wrestlepalooza are blatant lies. Bruce Mitchell "reported" the "news" that Prazak would do the color commentary on his Observer Hotline report last Saturday.

ECW never planned to have Prazak do color commentary, and he was not listed in any of the scripting for the show. Joey Styles arrived at the Arena on Sunday not having heard anything whatsoever about Prazak supposedly doing color commentary. Styles had been given the outline for the show the night before...and Prazak wasn't on it.

Styles spoke to Prazak prior to the show, and the two were very cordial to each other.

ECW's plan for Prazak, who lives in the Marietta area, was to use him in interview segments during the show. A decision was made, though, to drop the interviewer for the Douglas and Snow segments...and to have them simply talk into the camera.

Prazak was used after the show in interview segments that aired on the weekly show.

Following the PPV, comments were on another hotline that Joey Styles had vetoed Prazak's involvement on the show. That is absolutely not true. Steve Prazak verified on his own Observer Hotline segment on Thursday that he was not scheduled to do color commentary on the show, and had nothing but good things to say about his ECW experience.


Kevin Kelly teased some "familiar faces" set to return on RAW this week. Most of the speculation centers around Al Snow. Several reports say Snow is headed back to the WWF and will be bringing his "Head" with him.


Ahmed Johnson noshowed an NWA Championship Wrestling America show this weekend. According to NWA promoter, Dennis Coralluzzo, Johnson was at a local motel, but demanded more money and a limosine before he would come to the show.

Coralluzzo gave out the number to the hotel several times during the show, and encouraged fans to call all night to wake Johnson up.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 9: Savagery Of The Four Horsemen

After Ric Flair's non-title defeat by Rick Morton on TBS. Flair and Co. went onto the first annual Jim Crockett Senior Memeorial Cup in New Orleans, LA. Originally, Ole and Arn Anderson was scheduled to team in the tournament but his leg injury in January was still on the mend. Flair volunteered to team with Arn for the tourney but the NWA had already scheduled Flair for a title defense against Dusty Rhodes so Arn teamed with Tully Blanchard for the first time that I can recall. That day was a mixed bag for the Horsemen. Flair successfully defended his title with a DQ victory over Dusty but Arn & Tully lost to The Fantastics (I'm not sure which round though). Just to note, The Road Warriors won the tournament.

Afterwards, The Horsemen challenged The Rock n Roll Express and Dusty Rhodes to a six man tag team elimination bout at a house show. The last two men were Morton and Flair. Morton surprised Flair with a quick roll-up for the three count. An irate Flair led a Horsemen attack on Morton and Robert Gibson in the dressing room!!! Gibson took a beating but Morton got it worse as Flair rubbed his face into the concrete, severely scaring Morton!! A few weeks later at another house show, Morton was on the verge of defeating Flair for the NWA title when Tully and Arn showed up to get Flair DQ'ed. But, that was the least of Morton's worries as Flair drop a knee on the back of Morton's head, shattering the bridge of his nose!!! Flair did this again before the Horsemen were forced to run by other fan favorites coming in to help!!!

In May, Dusty Rhodes (on an edition of World Wide Wrestling) challenged Ric Flair to a match on that program. Flair agreed to it and the two battled!! Tully and Arn ran in to interfere but Rhodes was ready for that as well!! What Rhodes wasn't ready for was the return of "The Rock" Ole Anderson (the real "rock" in my opinion)!!! Ole came out of virtually nowhere and attacked a stunned Dusty Rhodes!! The other Horsemen came in and they put a pretty good whipping on him!!! Two weeks later, on World Championship Wrestling, The Road Warriors felt the wrath of Flair and the Horsemen as well (see my IronMan: The Legend Of The Road Warriors for this story). The Four Horsemen were riding high again!!!

NEXT: 13 Days

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Nitro Report

We open with scenes from last week's main event, Bret Hart and Brian Adams are shown grinning outside the ring at th end of the program.

Live from Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO. We hear that Fit Finley will defend his TV Title tonight. This is the return for Nitro to their regular time and program length. After the announcers' spiel we go back to more footage from last week's Nitro. Sting and the Giant come in to help their outnumbered friends.

Mean Gene is in the ring and invites Bret Hart to come on down. They talk about the coming match with Randy Savage at Slamboree on Sunday. Hart refers to Savage as "a big chicken" whose been "ducking" the Hitman for years. Hart intends to prove to Savage and all the fans that he's the best...yatta, yatta... It's a silly speech because he is unlikely to convince anyone that the Macho Man lacks courage. We are treated to multiple showings of Hart slapping the Sharpshooter on Savage. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls dance down the ramp singley - with Kimberly as the finale.

As the announcers are talking we see Barry Horowitz head for the ring. He has no music.

Disco Inferno vs. Barry Horowitz - this could be interesting. Horowitz is generally under-rated as a wrestling talent. He has a definite experience edge in this match. He takes the advantage from the get-go and even goes for an early pin attempt. Then Disco comes back with a combination ending in a swinging neck breaker that gets him the quick win.

nWo music plays, including the "Oh Yeah!" signature of the macho Man. Apparently Savage is here to answer Bret Hart's insults. His new outfit is black and red with white highlights. Savage addresses Hogan first - stating that Hogan has Hart to thank for his current Title reign. Then he fires off a round at Hart. He says he can't wait for Slamboree - he wants to fight someone that he's "known for a long time" and challenges Hogan to a match. Calling him a "bald-headed reject from the glue-factory" he wants a Title shot tonight. He keeps referring to "that carrot that you dangle" - whatever the hell that means. Tony says it's "crystal-clear" but I have to admit to some confusion. Cut to commercial.

Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera - these guys are of a size and both exhibit a lot of wrestling and high-flying talent. They end up on the outside almost immediately. Back inside, Juvey holds the upper hand. But not for long as Kidman pulls off a reverse that turns a Frankensteiner attempt into a flap-jack suplex. Juvey comes right back however with a flying drop-kick and a spin-wheel. A splash from the outside-in almost gets him the pin. Some furious action results in a Juvey driver but Kidman kicks out. While the referee checks on Kidman, who grabs a handfull of striped shirt, Reese sneaks in and creams Guerrera. Kidman throws the 7 Year Itch (Shooting Star Press) and gets the pin. Reese carries Juvey away after the match.

Eric Bischoff shows up on a motorcycle which he parks in the aisle and then proceeds to the ring. He rants about Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and other DX members showing up at CNN Center and about Waltman alledgedly coming to the Turner offices and demanding an apology - his response - "Bite Me!" He then rants about Vince McMahon - he invites the WWF owner to show up at Slamboree "in your backyard" (Worchester, Mass) on Sunday, and challenges him to a match!! He guarantees that Vince won't show-up, but says he'll be ready to "knock him out". Gosh, RAW is live don't suppose... nah! Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls... Alex Wright makes his usual uninvited appearance and is removed by Doug and the boys.

Yuji Nagata (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Scott Norton - Norton makes mincemeat out of his smaller opponent from the opening bell. A highly unusual occurence which doesn't last long as Nagata comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex. It is ineffective and Norton mows him right down with a clotheline. On the outside Oono can seem to decide who he is backing. he cheers both guys on as Norton finishes his opponent.

Mean Gene is on the ramp to hawk the WCW Hotline.

The announcers are speculating about which nWo faction is the stronger. We get a replay of Curt Hennig's defection to the Wolf Pack last week.

Hugh Morrus (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jim (the Jobber) Powers - Powers attacks as Morrus enters the ring but Morrus strikes back immediately then hits the "No Laughing Matter" moonsault for the pin.

Announcers jabber a bit and then we see Kevin Nash and Konnan coming down through the crowd. They hold off on the commercial break to hear what Nash has to say to us. He recalls that he and Scott Hall formed the nWo two years ago and claims that Hogan "saw the train leaving the station" and decided to jump on board. He says there is only one nWo. He then reveals that he and his cronies broke into Bischoff's office and looked at Hogan's itinerary and that Hogan is flying into Kansas City tonight. He wants Hogan to come to the arena and acknowledge him (Nash) as the true leader of the nWo. He demonstrates the proper ways to deliver the "4 Life" and Tooo Sweet" tag lines and admonishes Hogan to "...get it right". Cut to commercial.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Johnny Swinger - a silly match. Swinger can't lace his opponent's boots. Dragon gets great extention on a round-kick but then Swinger somehow turns the tables. As he continues to hold the advantage by the skin of his teeth we see Chavo Guerrero coming down to cheer on the Dragon. Dragon takes advantage back and the win and Guerrero enters the ring to congratulate him. This brings Uncle Eddie down to chastise his nephew which earns him an interference (and a Dragon Sleeper) from the Dragon. Chavo pulls the Dragon off which gives Eddie his opening to Pearl Harbor the Dragon - now Chavo pulls Eddie off and they argue as they split the scene.

Dusty Rhodes appears on the ramp and declares his allegence to the Wolf Pack faction. He rants about Scott Hall saying that Hall has a "personal problem" but is taking care of it and will compete at Slamboree. He takes Savage to task for stirring up the pot then concludes by saying that Nash will be in Hogan's face before the night is over. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Len Denton - US Title match - again, who has this guy beat to deserve a Title shot?? The hapless Denton never has a prayer. His one offensive move. a jaw breaker, is totally ineffective. Usual squash ending. Cut to commercial.

We get video of Diamond Dallas Page hanging Raven by a bullrope during the MTV/WCW joint broadcast over the weekend. From all accounts the program was a bust.

Mean Gene has JJ Dillon in the ring and Raven comes down to talk about a grievence he has filed against WCW and DDP. Dillon states that he doesn't like Raven but has to treat his complaint seriously. Raven says he has been put into an "unsafe work environment" - Dillon provides four "riot control" officers to protect Raven. Raven takes the mic and begins his rant about a "Bowery Death Match" in a cage against DDP as the security guys and his Flock surround him in the ring. He calls Saturn out to come out and defend his reputation. Kidman takes the mic and starts to rant as Saturn comes down. The Flock then turns on Hammer and sets him up so Saturn can knock him down.

Jerry Flynn vs. Saturn - Flynn runs in for what is supposed to be a match with Hammer but gets Saturn instead. He is put down pretty quickly. Cut to commercial.

Replay of Fit Finley's winning of the TV Title last week.

Fit Finley vs Rage (w/Kaos) - TV Title match - Rage comes on strong in the early going to take the early advantage. As soon as Finley retakes the advantage, Kaos interferes from the outside and hands the initiative back to Rage. Finley comes right back but Kaos is climbing the corner. Booker T runs in and knocks Kaos off leaving Finley to finish his opponent with a Tombstone. Benoit also shows up and that brings Dillon down to order a match between Booker T and Benoit tonight to determine the top contender for Finley's Title at Slamboree. Replay of Bischoff's challenge to McMahon from earlier then cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls dance then we look at a Nitro Party video - these look like grade-school kids...

Lenny Lane vs. Diamond Dallas Page - this match is probably a set-up for Raven to make another appearance. Lane is way over-matched. Lane gets a cuple of good moves but showboats too much and blows it. DDP sets him on the corner buckle then puts the Diamond Cutter on him. DDP takes the mic after the match and challenges Raven to come down now. Raven appears on the ramp with his bodyguards but declines to face Page in the ring. They replay more of Bischoff's challenge to McMahon then cut to commercial.

Bischoff leads Hogan to the ring as we return. They bring Brian Adams, Vincent and the Disciple along for the ride. Hogan takes the mic after a short intro from Bischoff. Hollywood plugs his new movie and mentions that there is a new "Assault on Devils Island" TV movie in the works. He agrees that there is only one nWo - and he is the leader. Hogan answers Savages challenge with a promise to beat him "one more time..." He turns his attention to Nash and orders him to the ring for a face-to-face. Nash appears on the ramp and heads for the ring. They banter for a moment then Hogan makes a statement. He demands an apology from Nash for his recent actions. Nash refuses to apologize ans says he'll go "through your three stooges to get to you." Then Hogan plays his trump card - it's the Giant!! Back in an nWo t-shirt!! As the melee breaks out, Giant enters the ring and puts Nash down decisively. The rest of the Wolf Pack faction shows up but they are too late to save their leader from a beating. Cut to commercial.

Tony reminds us that the Giant and Sting are set to face Hall and Nash this weekend. The question - what does this latest development do to that match? I have heard some speculation that Hall is set to come back and turn on Nash this Sunday. So maybe we'll get Sting/Hall vs Giant/Nash...or maybe not...

Video of Chris Jericho intorducing "Bore-us Makenko" on last week's show. Cut to Mean gene in the ring with Jericho. He is wearing Juventud's mask on a string and Prince Iaukea's mahi-mahi. He claims there are no more challengers for his Title so he's going to retire it. JJ Dillon shows up and disputes Jericho's plans. He reveals that there will be a 15 man Cruiserweight Battle Royal at Slamboree s- the winner will challenge Jericho the same evening. Jericho unveils his portrait of Malenko which has been defaced. He claims not to know what happened. Joe Malenko shows up and takes Jericho to task. Jericho steps back a pace from Dean's older brother and denies that he has disrepected the Malenko family. He offers to let Malenko take the picture and promises to "never, ever" do it again. Of course, as Joe turns away he is attacked. Cut to commercial.

Glacier rants in an interview taped earlier today. He promises to take out anyone who uses his super-kick.

Sick Boy vs. Glacier - Glacier takes the early advantage with a series of swift kicks about the head of his opponent. Sick Boy comes back but then launches himself onto the corner buckle. Nick Patrick goes down in the midst of the action so Glacier can't get a pin after the Cryonic kick. Saturn runs in and super-kicks him but Sick Boy is unable to hold him down. Glacier comes back and wins the match with a second C-kick. Saturn attacks him again after the match and get a Death Valley Driver. Cut to commercial.

Replay of Scott Steiner's double-cross on his brother last week.

Mean Gene invites Lex Luger down to comment on these development. He says he was in Atlanta today as Rick Steiner had surgery on his shoulder. Luger wants a match with Scott Steiner, Brian Adams or both of them. Okerlund seems to be clarifying the situation as he says that Luger wants Adams at Slamboree. Cut to Outsiders' t-shirt commercial. In the ad, Hall points out that the shirt is "black and red"...hmmm...

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T - TV Title contenders match - the action breaks out before the bell sounds and the match is fast and furious as we expect from these two. The match see-saws several times with neither man holding any decisive advantage until Booker goes for a Harlem Side Kick and ends up straddling the top rope. Benoit cements his advantage with a back-breaker but can't get the pin. He puts the former Champ down again and then connects with the diving head-butt. Still no cigar. The audience erupts in "Wooo's" as Benoit chops away but then Booker comes back with the scissor kick. Moments later Benoit hauls his opponent into the Crippler Crossface and gets the submission victory. Look for Benoit to win the TV Title this Sunday. Cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer introduces the main event.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Randy "Macho Man" Savage - WCW World Title match - I watched Savage's dad (Angelo Poffo) wrestle on the Classic Sports Network over the weekend (Chicago 1963) - what a scrapper that guy was! And a great interviewee to boot. Hogan comes to the ring without his sunglasses for a change and looks about a million years old. But then Savage is older... Savage attacks as Hogan turns his back to hand the belt to the Disciple. He chokes Hogan with his own shirt. Thuis is all Savage to start. Hogan is back-pedaling but then gets a thumb to the eye to turn the tables. Now it's all Hogan. The fight goes to the outside where Hogan continues the assault. Back inside, Savage lashes out with his bum wheel but Hogan blocks the kick and then slams his knee into his opponent's thigh. Hogan still holds th advantage. In the corner he rakes the face and demands that Savage "tell them who the man is..." Savage answers with a back-kick to the groin but can't move fast enough to follow up. Hogan puts a boot into his face then scoop slams the challenger. He goes for the leg drop but misses. Savage climbs t the top but gets shoved off by the Disciple. Savage is right back up but Bret Hart runs in and brains him with the Title belt. Hogan gets the pin. Kevin Nash runs in to save Savage's bacon. Here comes Roddy Piper. He declares that Savage won the match by DQ. He declares himself as the special referee for the Savage/Hart match on Sunday. He warns them both that he will call it "down the middle, what ever that is..." As he continues to rant the Giant comes striding down but stays outside the ring with Hogan. Savage throws the referee out of the ring then Sting appears in the rafters looking confused and angry. Fade to black...

RAW Report

We are treated to video of McMahon's pep talk to Mick Foley last week followed by match clips and the aftermath.

RAW is live tonight from Baltimore, MD.

Jim Ross promises a blockbuster announcement from Vince McMahon and apparently it is first up because here he comes. Vince announces that Austin will have a tag team match tonight on the program then he introduces Mick Foley as Dude Love. The Dude wears a sport coat and tie and his hair has been cut. He dons a pair of glasses as he enters the ring. He actually looks almost exactly like Vic Venom (RAW Magazine editor Vince Russo). Foley makes a refined speech and states that he is the future WWF World Heavyweight Champion. He states that he has found his smile - then he hugs Vince. Vince then introduces the guest time keeper for the Foley/Austin Title match at the Over the Edge PPV - Jerry Brisco. His choice for guest ring announcer is Pat Patterson. Then he tries to introduce the guest referee - he mispronounces the word "abyss" (putting the accent on the "a" - like the mother superior of an abbey) in his spiel - but nobody shows up. Vince looks disgruntled and heads up the ramp. He dissappears as the three co-conspirators confer back in the ring. Pat Patterson finally introduces the guest referee - Vince McMahon!! McMahon prances down in a striped shirt looking smug.

Kevin Kelly is shown backstage but can't get a word with Sable. Ross promises us some "shocking footage" of Dork-X "invading" the WCW offices earlier today - I guess this is what Bischoff was talking about on Nitro. If this is as "shocking" as their last escapade...I'll probably fall asleep...cut to commercial.

The clowns are at the front door of CNN Center as we return. The security guy is asking them not to block the door. Ho hum...Ross says that Nick Lambros tried to have them arrested. Cut to Kevin Kelly with Al Snow who is carrying his maniquin head (his gimmick from ECW).

Vader vs. Barry Windham - this is Vader's return to the ring after a layoff for facial surgery. Windham is is an easy opponent for the mastadon. He tries a sunset flip but gets sat on. Windham gets a momentary break and tosses Vader out into the arms of the Midnight Express. Back in the ring, Vader sits down again then throws a splash. Windham is on his last legs. The Vader Bomb spells the end. ME attacks after the match and are repelled. Windham joins th attack and Vader splits.

Kevin Kelly is on hand as Austin pulls up in a silver sedan but we go to commercial before he can get the interview.

We get Austin's interview during the break on tape. Austin says it's all crap. He says he's not a tag team wrestler anymore. Austin takes the mic and heads away with it.

Hawk (w/Sunny and Animal) vs. Skull (w/8-Ball) - a four man melee erupts immediately but sorts itself out in a moment. Animal and 8-Ball continue to brawl on the outside as Hawk loses the advantage in the ring. Skull jumps off the second rope and eats leather. But then Hawk runs himself into the ringpost and falls out to the floor. He is back up in a moment but the Bruise Brothers have made the switch. 8-Ball takes the pin.

More of the Dorks in Atlanta. I'm still waiting to be shocked...mostly they are being polite to the CNN security guys...I suppose that is a bit shocking but somehow I don't think that's what Ross had in mind. Cut to commercial.

Bradshaw gives Taka Michinoku a driving lesson. Then they get punked by the Japanese gang.

Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee) vs. Faarooq (w/Steve Blackman) - Jarrett attacks before the bell but Faarooq overwhelms him son enough then tosses him out so Blackman can get some licks in. Jarrett re-enters the ring and comes back with a swinging neck breaker and takes over. They scuffle in the corner and Jarrett comes out on the short end. Out on the floor again Jarrett gets a kick in the chest from Blackman. Back in the ring Faarooq is about to wrap it up when the NOD hits the ring. Jarrett hits Blackman with his own numchucks before he splits. Austin is shown in the back heading for the arena floor as we cut to commercial.

We get a mock commercial for the Brisco Brothers Body Shop as we return.

Stone Cold definitely has the floor as he comes down and enters the ring. He rants about the cards being stacked against him at the next PPV. But really he doesn't care. He rants about his pending tag team match tonight. He wants some info...little things like, who his partner will be and opponents, etc. Vince appears on the TitanTron with Patterson and Brisco. They pretend not to know information Austin seeks. He says he doesn't care and flips them the double bird. Sable is shown warming up backstage as we cut to commercial.

Mr. Cheese (Val Venus) stinks up the place as we return.

Here comes Sable for her confrontation with Mr. Mero. She calls him out. He comes down lookiing pretty cocky (no pun intended). They square off then she turns aside and demands the mic back and berates him. His answer is to put her in position for a TKO. Then he puts her down and demands an apology. She kicks him in the groin - then she powerbombs him! He's freaking out in the ring as she walks away up the aisle.

Suddenly the Undertaker shows up next to Jerry Lawler. He hits the King twice then tosses him into the ring. Lawlers "locker room" conversation comes back to haunt him as UT chokeslams him. He has Lawler ready for the Tombstone when the lights go out. Kane appears on the platform with Paul Bearer. Bearer rants about his experience with UT's mother then says that he will prove he is Kane's father next week. The Undertaker turns his attention back to the King and completes the piledriver. I notice several nWo t-shirts in the audience as UT surveys the scene. Cut to commercial.

Ross is just wondering what else can happen tonight when Al Snow shows up and takes the Kings vacated position. He puts a set of headphones on the head. Patterson. Brisco and some security stooges haul him away but not before he jumps into the ring for a moment.

The Dorks sign off from Atlanta with a special effects cannon blast at CNN Center. Then they make their entrance into the arena. X-Pac claims that he lost his job at WCW because he failed to kiss-ass. The New Age Outlaws take the floor for a moment then HHH does his bad Buffer imitation - gosh, doesn't this group have any other material? No, of course not... Owen Hart appears on the platform and says that he and HHH have unfinished business. HHH invites him down and he heads for the ring - then stops and calls for his back-up. We cut to commercial as NOD makes their entrance.

Owen and HHH are going at it in an impromptu match as we return. Non-Title of course. Owen is kicking butt for the most part. HHH comes back with a knee to the face to turn the tables. HHH is revealed to be wearing a CNN Studio tour pass. Gosh, how shocking! Owen has resumed the initiative ands almost gets a pin. NOD takes the chance to pummel HHH as he gets too close to them. X-Pac and the Outlaws start to come over but back-pedal pretty quickly when confronted by the massive Kama and Mark Henry. In the ring Owen is still carrying the fight to HHH and has drawn blood by chewing on his ear. He goes to the top but gets knocked off by Chyna. Soon the Dorks are on the inside and the Nation is on the outside - Sgt. Slaughter shows up to stop the match as we cut to commercial.

Goldust is out of character on the platform - he stuffs his costume and wig into an oil drum and sets them on fire. He says that the Rhodes name goes way back and has a lot of honor attached to it. He accuses Vince McMahon of ruining his life, estranging him from his father and family. He wants to be Dustin again.

Funk and Funk vs Kai N Tai - handicapp tag team match - the manager of the latter team(Yamaguchi San) comes out on his own to introduce his team. Meanwhile Kai N Tai are sneaking out from under the ring. They isolate Scorpio for a little bit then he starts to come back. He cleans house single-handed until he misses a moonsault. Terry Funk is in and now he is cleaning house but soon they overwhelm him. Bradshaw and Taka run in and end the match via DQ. So what do they do? They play Terry Funk's music of course.

In the back, Vince is talking to someone who is off camera. Apparently it's Austin's mystery tag partner for tonight. Cut to commercial.

Al Snow is at the back door trying to get in without a ticket.

NOD shows up and heads for the ring. Maivia rants about the "fire between Stone Cold and the Rock reignites..." Here comes Austin - still without a clue as to who his partner will be. All evening the announcers have been pushing the concept that tonights program is completely impromptu - no scheduled matches, etc. It seems to be suggested that McMahon might be Austin's mystery partner as we cut to commercial... but it is unclear.

Steve Austin makes his entrance as we return. McMahon introduces himself as the partner. Vince looks almost womanly in his striped, sleevless referee's shirt. The Opponents are Maivia and D'Lo - the match starts with Austin and the Rock. Austin is a house afire as he tears into the opposition. Outside the ring he attacks Maivia on the ramp then comes back and noggin-knocks Patterson and Brisco. Back in the ring he loses his advantage to D'Lo and gets tossed out. Patterson takes a cheap shot. Now its about seven against one and McMahon is just hanging out in his corner. Back in the ring Austin finally gets the upper hand again but as he grabs a sleeper on Maivia, McMahon distracts the referee so that D'Lo can blindside him. The Rock grabs a reverse chinlock and holds on for dear life. Austin escapes, they criss-cross and clothesline each other. Both guys are out for a moment. D'Lo is tagged in and goes for a Frog Splash but misses. Austin doesn't even bother to try and tag but flips Vince off then goes back into the frey. Austin stuns D'Lo and goes for the pin as Maivia drops an elbow. But Austin rolls away and D'Lo gets creamed. Austin tosses the Rock over the top then turns around only to be clotheslined by McMahon. Patterson and Brisco attack and try to hold Austin for Vince but McMahon gets kicked in the gut. Dude Love hits the ring next followed closely by DX and the melee is on as we fade to black...

Well, it was chaotic if nothing else...

At least that's the way I see it...

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