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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition

Special Kansas Edition

House Show Reports from Salina and Topeka

Volume 3, Issue 313 - May 12, 1998

WCW House Show Report: 5/8 - Salina Kansas

by TonyB


I went to 2 house shows over the weekend and I thought I'd share my experience with you. Friday night Salina Kansas....Bicentennial Center about 7000 to 8000 people and these people were like a wrestling crowd of old. Lots of crowd heat. I will apologize now for any spelling errors.

Match 1 Bobby Eaton v. Steve Armstrong: the crowd cheered for Bobby so he became the face and Armstrong played the heel. Armstrong got the crowd going with his antics. Winner Eaton with a swinging neck breaker in a 15 minute match.

Match 2 Earnest the Cat Miller v Yugi Nagata: Miller was the face lots of USA crowd chants, Nagata with the win by pulling the tights, in 15 minutes.

Match 3 Konnan v Gentle Chris Adams: K-Dawg got the crowd going, it was clear that both these guys knew how to work a match. Both pulled off a funny spot where Konnan grabbed a bucket of popcorn from someone in the crowd and stood on the edge of the ring eating it. Adams then drop kicked him and the popcorn went flying. Later when Konnan took the advantage he grabbed the house microphone and yelled "Yo Cero Taco Bell". Winner Konnan with the Tequila Sunrise in another 15 minute match

Match 4: Chris Jericho v Disco Inferno: the boys did their homework as Jericho mispronounced Salina as Selena a common error if you are not from the area. Jericho is becoming a top heel as the crowd was booing him at every opportunity. Disco fell on his way to the ring which brought laughs from the announcer, referee, Jericho and Disco himself. Disco grabbed the microphone corrected the pronunciation to Salina and promised to win. About 15 to 20 minutes Jericho with the lion tamer. Sign of the night, Dean Malenko Hank's Hamburgers employee of the month.

Intermission 20 minutes

Match 5: the luchadors Juvi and Silver King v LaParka and Psychosis typical match, but I will say that live those matches are awesome. The high flying moves look spectacular. LaParka got my respect as he really worked the crowd over, that man is a great heel. Winner is Juvi and Silver King with a spinning head lock takeover thingee. LaParka chaired Psychosis after the match, because he got pinned. 20 minutes

Match 6: The Giant v Scott Norton, Giant in a quick squash. I was amazed at the size of the Giant:

Match 7 Sting v Scott Hall with K-Dawg. Sting winner with death drops on both Hall and Konnan. Match lasted about 15 minutes. Sting got the biggest pop of the night, man it was loud. After Sting left to another huge pop. Hall grabbed the microphone and thanked the crowd for attending and told everyone to drive home safe, and to watch Nitro this Monday...which caught me be surprise.

TonyB is a regular reader and an occasional contributor to Solie's Newsletter. I have omitted Tony's Topeka report in order to present the one below from Matt Benaka, which I received prior to Tony's.

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WCW House Show Report: 5/10 - Topeka

by Matt Benaka

Well, my younger cousin and I were looking forward to WCW's show. Originally, we were led to believe that Scott Hall would face Sting for The World Title and Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell would face The Giant & Rick Steiner in the main events. However, in true WCW fashion, we were given one main event instead: Sting & The Giant vs. Scott Norton & Brian Adams. I know that Bagwell has a legit injury, but why couldn't we see either Steiner Brother wrestle? Also, I heard that Hall is in rehab again, and Sting lost the World Title. However, why couldn't Hogan wrestle someone. Hell, he could have faced Bobby Eaton and the fans would have been happy; they just wanted to see a World Title Match. At any rate, the show was very weak but it entertained my cousin and that was the point of going anyway. Now that my rant is over, here's the matches:

Eric Bischoff came to the ring to tell the fans that they were not to throw things at the wrestlers or the ring and that they were not to climb over the guard rail or use laser lights. If we broke these rules, we'd be arrested. He then announced that the lineup wouldn't be what was advertised. I've never heard that arena boo someone as loudly as they did when he changed the card.

"Beautiful" Bobby Eaton vs. Steve Armstrong

Neither of these men are in good enough shape to be competitive in today's wrestling world. It only lasted about five minutes and Eaton got the win after a flying kneedrop. I remember when Eaton was one of the premier wrestlers. How I long for the days of The Midnight Express or even The Dangerous Alliance.

Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs. Yuji Nagata

There were more spots missed in this one match than I have ever seen before. After a certain point, I was no longer even concious of the fact that they were wrestling. I think that Miller won but can't say for sure.

Konnan vs. Chris Adams

This was an ok match, but nothing to get excited about. Before Adams could was introduced, Konnan was yapping about something but I couldn't understand a word he was saying other than that he was representing The Wolfpack. Adams is in great shape for his age, but Konnan got the submission win.

Psychosis & La Parka vs. Juventud (sp?) Guerrerra (sp?) & Silver King

Typically, I can't stand the lucha libre style of wrestling, but this was one of the best matches on the card. There were tons of missed spots, but La Parka covers them all with sill comedy. All four seemed to really be enjoying themselves and they know how to work a crowd. Guerrerra wound up pinning Psychosis while Silver King fought La Parka on the floor. After the match, La Parka took a Mexican flag one of the fans gave him, wrapped his steel chair in it and brained Psychosis for losing the match.

WCW World Cruiserweight Title Match - Chris Jericho vs. Disco Inferno

Jericho was wearing a skirt thing like Prince Iaukea (sp?) wears. He was telling the fans that he just loved us and our town, which he referred to as Tapioca. He really got the fans revved up. Disco Inferno called Jericho a jackass and the match began. Easily the best match of the night. Disco hit The Charbuster, but Jericho put his foot on the rope. Moments later, Jericho tried to apply The Lion Tamer but Disco rolled too much and it turned into a regular Boston Crab. He crawled for the ropes, but Jericho kept dragging him back to the middle of the ring after two or three minutes of being in the hold, Disco tapped out.

WCW United States Heavyweight Title Match - Bill Goldberg vs. Saturn

This was a truly terrible match. It lasted about six or seven minutes because Saturn kept leaving the ring and stalling for a minute or so between beatings from the champ. Saturn hit a couple top rope moves, but Goldberg did his routine. He hit a few high impact moves to start, his opponent stalled, his opponent beat on him for a while, Goldberg rallied back and hit his finisher for the win. I didn't like this guy when he was just starting, and I still don't like him. The way that he looks completely fatigued one second and then just straightens up and charges at his opponent with a tackle is ridiculous. At least Hogan and Warrior had to have the fans cheering for them before they hulked up. It seemed as though they were getting energy from the fans. Goldberg has no justification for where his energy comes from. Even though I don't like him, it was fascinating to see the number of flashbulbs going off during his match. For some reason, the fans love this guy.

Main Event - Sting & The Giant vs. Scott "Flash" Norton & Brian Adams

As I watched this match, I really longed for the old Sting; the spiked hair, flourescent tights, and flashy face paint. I've never liked The Giant and this was no exception. Sting started the match and was double teamed. Norton left the ring and Brian Adams dominated Sting for a few minutes. Sting made the tag and the fans popped. Adams tagged out as well. Even though I don't like The Giant, he sure seemed like he was enjoying himself out there. It's always more fun to watch if you can tell they're having fun too. The match lasted about ten minutes. Norton came off the tope rope at The Giant and was caught in a chokeslam for the win. Afterwards, Sting & The Giant worked the crowd a little more. The Giant kept giving the sign for the chokelsam. Sting climbed the turnbuckles and gave the old Stinger scream.

In the end, it was an entertaining show but not worth what the tickets cost.

Matt Benaka has been a regular contributor to Solie's Newsletter and also compiled the Wrestling Title Histories that appear on this site.

That's it for this Special Edition. I'll be back on Friday morning with the Thunder Report and the first installment of Jeremy Hartley's interview with the propriator of the "What Ever Happened Too..." web site, Scott Teal. Until then...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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