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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition

WWF "Over the Edge" Report

Volume 3, Issue 321 - June 2, 1998
I had not planned to write this program up but I received so many emails asking me to reconsider that decision that I decided to publish this special report on the In Your House replay.

WWF "Over the Edge" PPV Report

The program opens with a long video montage that recounts the Austin/McMahon feud, giving it "Big Brother" overtones which liken "Mr. McMahon" to a dictator.

The announcers (Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler) are prattling about "will Steve Austin be able to hold onto his Title in the face of these overwhelming odds..?"

LOD 2000 (w/Puke and Sunny) vs. Skull/8-Ball (w/Chainz) - the fight starts out as a six man brawl with Puke and Chainz involved but sorts itself out to Animal vs. 8-Ball. Animal takes the early advantage - they are clearly the crowd favorites. Both sides change so that Skull now faces Hawk. Hawk loses the initiative until Skull tries out a piledriver. Hawk pops right up and turns the tables. He is moving slower these days, no doubt about it. He settles into a reverse chinlock for a moment. Then he lets his opponent up long enough to scoop-slam him then drop a leg. Hawk then misses a move and tumbles out into the waiting arms of Chainz who mauls him then rolls him back in. Now Hawk is in trouble for a moment then comes back with a rather weak looking clothesline. 8-Ball tags in and takes over on the weakened Hawk. Hawk fights out of the corner but then is clotheslined from the outside by Skull. They are tagging quickly and isolating the Road Warrior. Animal is not helping by jumping into the ring out of frustration. Hawk continues to take a beating until he uses a desparation ploy to outmaneuver his attackers and gets the tag to Animal. The fresh Road Warrior runs right through both of his opponents - one of whom is downed in the ring. The illegal switch is made behind the referee's back but then Puke hops on the apron and nails the imposter thus giving Animal the chance to get the pin.

Doc Hendrix hawks the Hotline until the Rock interrupts to ask where the winners are supposed to stand for interviews.

Rocky Maivia makes an "unscheduled" appearance to the chant of "Rocky Sucks!" He goes to the ring and "lays the smack down" - in other words, he insults the home town crowd. Faarooq runs in and attacks the IC Champ. He tries to use a chair but gets upset in the attempt - but then comes back and does get the shot in. He tries to piledrive the Rock on the chair but misses it. NOD arrives to drive him from the ring. Maivia is down. This puts the Intercontinental Title match which was supposed to take place later in jeapordy. The officials put a cervical collar on Maivia and haul him away.

Michael Cole interviews Austin who is as defiant as always. He doesn't know if anyone will step up to watch his back and insure that McMahon calls the match fairly.

Tennessee Lee introduces his protege - Dubba J.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve Blackman - I seem to remember that when Blackman first appeared in the WWF he was touted as a martial arts expert with no formal wrestling training. Now JR is telling us that he trained in Stu Hart's dungeon. So which is it..? The match starts out in the aisle but quickly goes into the ring. Regardless of Blackman's training (or lack thereof) he is clearly a rookie grappler and no match for a veteran like Jarrett. Jarrett, on the other hand, is enough of a pro to make his opponent look good in a convincing fashion. Al Snow is seated with the Spanish language announcers - with the Head, of course. In the ring, Jarrett is all over his opponent. Blackman's moves are crisp but he makes every rookie mistake in the book. At ringside, Al Snow is hauled away by security while in the ring Jarrett, has a sleeper on and Blackman is fading fast. We here that Commissioner Slaughter has ordered Maivia to compete regardless of his injury or forfeit the Title. Blackman escapes and grabs a clumsy sleeper of his own but Jarrett turns into it and gets a belly-to-back suplex. Both guys are down for a 6 count. Back on their feet again, the two combatants clothesline each other. This time both are up quicker and Blackman starts a prolonged flurry of martial arts blows. Lee has to jump up and distract Blackman to prevent a loss by Jarrett - but Blackman recovers his composure and retains the advantage. Lee throws one of Blackman's sticks into the ring but Blackman intercepts it and uses it while the referee is distracted by the manager at ringside. Jarrett kicks out and then Lee brains Blackman with the stick to give Dubba J the victory.

Video review of the challenge Marc Mero made to Sable - "...find somebody who can beat me or leave the WWF..." - or words to that effect.

Marc Mero vs. Sable - Sable elects to do her own dirty work. Mero seems to have a change of heart after Sable reveals her intention to fight her own battle. He makes a little speech offering her her freedom then lays down and invites her to pin him! She proceeds to take him up on it but he allows a two count then suddenly turns her over and pins her. He taunts her as she leaves the ring area.

Michael Cole interviews a distraught Sable who thanks her fans for their support and tells them "goodbye".

Doc Hendrix tries to interview the Rock in the dressing room but is unsuccessful. First his mic fails, then he can't get the Nation of Domination to answer any questions.

Kaientai (w/Yamaguchi) vs. Taka Michinoku/Bradshaw - 3 on 2 match - this match was unannounced on the card. Taka and the big Texan quickly clear the ring and then Bradshaw launches Taka over the ropes onto his opponents on the floor. Sho re-enters the ring against Taka but then Bradshaw is tagged in the Japanese team scatters until Taka is brought back in. Taka is knocked from the ring and then a little chase drama ensues with Bradshaw chasing all three of their opponents in and out of the ring. Togo comes in as Taka returns to the ring - Togo gets creamed - Funaki tries his hand but doesn't fare well either. Taka is doing most of the work here because Kaientai refuse to face Bradshaw and the wear and tear is begining to show. But he can't be beaten as yet. Bradshaw breaks up the one serious attempt at a pin. Kaientai are showing some great teamwork while Taka and Bradshaw have little or none at all. At one point one of them holds Taka in a Camel Clutch as another drop-kicks him in the face (ouch!!) Finally Bradsghaw comes in and drops all three of them with boots to the face. They then gang up on him and control him for about 2 seconds then he shrugs them off and goes back to work. Taka is back in a gets a Michinoku Driver on Teo but the other two prevent the pin. Togo then plants a Senton bomb on Taka to get the pin. We see a forlorn Sable leaving the arena alone then go to a WWF Attitude promo spot.

Faarooq vs. The Rock - Intercontinental Title match - Faarooq is in the ring but Maivia fails to appear after two introductions. Slaughter comes out instead and announces again that Maivia has to come out in ten seconds or forfeit the Title belt. He starts counting down the seconds - at "2" Maivia appears with his neck still in a brace. He slowly makes his way to the ring and is met first by Slaughter then by Faarooq - who starts the fight outside the ring. He removes the neck brace as he rolls Maivia into the ring. Maivia takes some shots then slips out and starts to limp away. Faarooq overtakes him in the aisle and forces the Champ back to the ring. Maivia rolls out again then catches Faarooq on his way out of the ring. Now it is all Maivia for the next several exchanges. Faarooq is enormously powerful and makes a comeback but is interuppted by a DDT. Maivia is back in command for a moment, then Faarooq comes back with a sidewalk slam. Maivia cowers in the corner as the referee admonishes Faarooq - then the Rock uses the referee as cover to surprise Faarooq with a roll-up and a rope-assisted pin. Afterwards Faarooq delivers two more piledrivers then the NOD swarms over him until Dork-X runs in to attack them. I notice that the crowd reacts almost not-at-all to DX's appearance. Sure...these guys are over...right. Seems to me that the only time they get a reaction is when they give the teenage boys in the audience a chance to yell "Suck It!"

Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs Vader - Mask vs. Mask match - this is a return match from months ago when Kane brained Vader with a wrench. Vader uses his sleight weight advantage to good affect in the opening moments - but Kane is quite a handfull. Soon the mastadon is sucking wind and Kane is pulling ahead. The match has degenerated into a slugfest in the center of the ring when Kane grabs Vader and applies a head vice. JR has just reminded us that the referee is the recently ill Earl Hebner. Welcome back Earl! Vader abandons the ring but grabs a big wrench as he retreats. Kane runs him down in the aisle and gets smacked in the head with it. Back in the ring a big clothesline puts Kane down. Vader goes for a moonsault off the top but misses. A Tombstone puts him away. Now Vader must unmask - Kane does the honors while Vader is still out of it on the mat. Paul Bearer taunts the mastadon chanting "It's Time, Its Time, It's Paul Bearer Time!" They leave him laying in the ring. Afterward Vader, confronted by Michael Cole, makes no excuses for himself - mentions his massive size then calls himself "a big piece of sh*t" - he says, "...maybe Vader Time is over..."

Michael Cole is in the ring and says they are now going to honor two of the greats of wrestling. He introduces Mad Dog Vachon, who is helped to the ring on his artificial leg by two young ladies. Next Cole introduces The Crusher (Crusher Lisowsky). They are presented with plaques. Vachon thanks members of his family including his wife and his niece Luna. Crusher sings a short song but is interupted by the King who enters the ring to insult them. He wants Vachon to show the crowd his wooden leg but Crusher punches him a good one then starts to help Vachon from the ring. He pauses to raise Vachon's arm when Lawler runs back in and attacks a second time. This time he succeeds in removing Vachon's artificial leg but fails in an attempt to brain the Crusher with it. He retreats again then sneaks back in only to get smashed with the leg by Crusher.

Dork-X makes it's scheduled entrance and again the crowds sits on its collective hands. Oh sure - they respond to HHH's little call and response schtick but even that is pretty muted. His Michael Buffer impression gets weaker and weaker everytime he does it. Road Dog does his spiel and gets a little more reaction but the crowd seems more then commonly subdued tonight. Obviously they are waiting for the Austin Title match...McMahon may be sacrificing all of his other angles on this alter...

DX vs. NOD (Owen Hart/D'Lo Brown/Kama Mustapha) - the crowd chants "Owen Sucks!" before the match gets started. DX quickly isolates D'Lo and goes to work on him until he manages to tag in Owen. Billy Gunn maintains his advantage over the Canadian until Owen executes a spinning back-kick then goes for a Sharpshooter. Billy escapes and tags in Helmsley. The match see-saws for a bit with HHH holding the advantage for the most part. Road Dog is tagged in and continues the assault. HHH is brought back in and succombs to a surprise mulekick. Kama tags in and devastates HHH. D'Lo then tags in a squanders the advantage. Both teams exchange and Kama comes in for the first time vs. Billy. He gets in a shot then tags D'Lo back in. D'lo is overwhelmed again and allows Billy to tag out to HHH. Now DX is working smoothly and D'Lo is being isolated again. The crowd is still not warming to this match, there are even some cat calls occasionally but mostly they just sit there. Kama finally gets to tag in and turn the tables on the Road Dog. Now it is Jesse James turn to be isolated. Owen gets a piledriver on him but he kicks out. HHH has to rescue him from the next pin attempt. Things don't look good for the Dorks. Road Dog is on his way to becoming Road Kill. D'Lo is getting his revenge as he tortures the Dog. This kid is coming right along. Owen comes in and almost gets pinned but James doesn't have it in him at this point. Owen goes for a Sharpshooter but HHH breaks that up. Kama is in and working the Dog over again. D'Lo is back in a hits a moonsault (barely) - HHH makes the save again. The Dog finally escapes and Billy comes in a house afire. HHH and Kama brawl on the outside as Billy and D'Lo battle in the ring. There is more action on the outside then on the inside until Owen Hart dive bombs HHH in the ring then puts a Pedagree on him! Owen gets the pin. Dork-X gather around their fallen leader as we go the replay.

Now we get an extended video review of the McMahon/Austin feud. I rush down the hall to take a pee then come back to find it only halfway through the tale. I go back and get a softdrink. The promo lasts a full 7 minutes.

Doc Hendrix is in the back talking to McMahon and his stooges. Vince says he is going to call it down the middle but if Austin lays a hand on him he will stop the match and award the Title to Dude Love.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Dude Love - WWF Title match - Vince McMahon is the special referee - before the match the Fink introduces Pat Patterson as "the first Intercontinental Champion who won a grueling tournament etc. etc...." (Ross is heard to mutter "Wink, wink...") Patterson, the guest ring announcer, introduces Jerry Brisco, including a plug for the Brisco Brothers body shop in a long drawn out, rather soppy speech. Brisco is the guest time keeper - by the way. Patterson then introduces McMahon like a true sychophant, gushing all over the ring. McMahon comes out looking quite womanly (I like that characterization too, Pamela...) in his sleevless striped shirt and bulging pectorials. Patterson goes on to give Dude Love an adoring intro as well then ends with a perfunctory put down on the Champion as the crowd finally rises out of its stuper. He then refuses to intro Austin. The fans don't care... The reaction rises as he approaches the ring. Before the match can start the lights go out and the Undertaker's music plays. UT makes his entrance as we pass the twenty minute mark since this match was first announced. The Undertaker is here to watch Austin's back. Austin bulls Foley into the corner and Vince breaks it up. He gets the double bird flipped in his face for his trouble. He and Foley confer as Austin starts another advance. McMahon starts to count before Austin's shoulders are down right away. The crowd chants "Vince is Dead!" Meanwhile, Austin extracts the Dudes false teeth and stomps on them (Dude Love has lost his smile..?) The fight goes to the outside where Foley reverses a whip and sends Austin crashing into the steps. McMahon taunts him as he tries to rise. Back in the ring, Dude gets a Russian leg sweep then pounds Austin into the corner. He continues his fight as Vince stands poised to jump in and count. The Champ comes off the ropes and executes a neckbreaker then gets a series of clothelines. The struggle for position then Dude grabs a handfull of Austin's lower jaw (mandible to you). Austin escapes by throwing Foley over the top rope. Vince grabs a mic at ringside and reminds us that this is a no disqualification match..? The fight has gone to the outside and out into the crowd at this point. Back in the ring, Austin goes for a spring board onto Dude who is draped over the second rope - but misses and hangs himself up. The match goes out to the floor again and Dude gets a flying neck breaker on the concrete.

Now Vince runs over to Patterson and orders him to "remind" us that falls count anywhere in this match. Meanwhile the combatants are brawling on the wrecked cars that are strewn all over as set decoration. Vince is right there - but so is the Undertaker. Austin pulls the Dude on top of a station wagon to apply a Stunner but gets flung over a Mercury to the floor. Dude has a length of pipe - looks like steel or lead and brains the Champ with it. Austin is now bleeding from a cut on the forehead. McMahon is admonishing Foley to step up his attack but he walks away. Then we see that he is climbing onto a nearby car. He throws an elbow but misses and smashes onto the concrete. Austin beats Foley back into the ring where Patterson reaches in to trip Austin. Foley exposes the turnbuckle then slams Austin's head onto the naked steel. He pounds the Champ into the corner then rushes in and knees him hard. He drops to the mat and applies a Camel Clutch. The camera shot shows a closeup of Austins blood smeared face. Patterson hands the Dude a chair which he uses on Austin's ribs. He then DDT's him onto the chair - but Austin kicks out. Austin slumps in the corner as Foley rushes in with the chair but Austin gets his boot up and the Dude takes the shot. Austin hits him again for good measure. Austin covers but McMahon refuses to administer the count. The Champ menaces McMahon as Foley rushes in from behind with a chair. Austin ducks away and McMahon takes the chair shot. Austin downs Foley and a second referee runs in to make the count but Patterson drags him from the ring before he can count "2". Foley grabs the mandible Claw again and Patterson tries to count but UT drags him out and chokeslams him throught the broadcast table! Brisco is next to suffer the same fate as UT detroys the Spanish announcers' table. Austin applies the Stunner then drags Vince's inert body over. He re-covers the challenger and then uses Vince's limp arm to count the 1-2-3. Austin retains his Title and everything is in chaos in Vinnieland. Austin stands on a car to celebrate with the crowd as we fade to black.

A rather lackluster PPV in my estimation - but that last match was a killer...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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