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JYD Killed in Car Accident

WCW Tag Team Titles Held Up

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 12

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 322 - June 5, 1998
This story is from the Associated Press and was sent to me by David King.

Wrestler ``Junk Yard Dog'' killed in car accident

A professional wrestler from Charlotte was killed in a car accident in Mississippi. Sylvester Ritter went by the name of "Junk Yard Dog."

He was killed about 11:40 a.m. on Interstate 20 about eight miles east of Forest in central Mississippi. The Highway Patrol refused to give any other details.

Ritter weighed 300 pounds and when he wrestled, he wore a dog collar around his neck. He also wore full-length red tights with white boots.

He was known for his trademark head butts, and his finishing move was called "The Thump," a giant power slam.

His contemporaries in the ring included Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage and Nikolai Volkoff.

Solie's extends it's deepest sympathy to the Ritter family. Ervin Griffin will be filing a tribute article in a few days

Here's a letter from Ervin Griffin:

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that vote on both the BattleBowl II and the Battle Of The Champions dream cards!!! The results will be seen in Solie's and will be done "what-if" style based on the votes. I may or may not do an actual card based on these matches but it is likely that I will use some of these matches for future stories. Also, I want to announce a new story and a new e-mail dream card that I have put up!!! First, the new story features Degeneration X VS. the nWo VS. The Four Horsemen in a 12 man WarGames/Royal Rumble rules cage match!!! Second, the new e-mail dream card is Pro Wrestling: UFC Style!!! That's right!!! These matches will be between pro wrestlers but they will be fought in the Octagon and they are not works at all!!! Imagine if some of these guys went at it for real!!! The address is

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 12: What About Garvin?

In the midst of the Four Horsemen's feud with The Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes, not to mention Flair's own feud with Nikita Koloff, Ric Flair had two another familiar challenges face him down in the following year of 1987. These threats was none other than Ron "Hands Of Stone" Garvin and Barry Windham. Windham came from the Florida area in December 1986 and was already making noise about challenging Flair for the NWA title. Flair didn't take the challenges seriously until Windham challenged Flair to an inpromptu match on NWA World Wide Wrestling in February 1986. This match ended in a no-contest as both the Horsemen and fan favorites led by Dusty Rhodes interfered and caused the match to come to a abrupt end.

Flair and Windham had several classic matches at arena cards across the country, including a hard fought bout at the 1987 Jim Crockett Senior Memorial Cup (which Flair won by pinfall). In the meantime, Ron Garvin was feuding with Jim Cornette's Midnight Express with the help of "brother" (actually nephew) Jim Garvin who had recently turned to a face. In April of 1987, The Garvin's had a tag match on World Championship Wrestling on TBS with Ric Flair and then-Horseman member Lex Luger. At the end of the bout, Jim Garvin laid out Flair with his brainbuster suplex and got a mock three count (the bout was already over by this time as it ended in a no-contest). This began Flair's "obsession" with Precious (Jim Garvin's wife and valet)!!! Personally, I think this was Flair's way of trying to get under the Garvin's skins as I don't think he had any real interest in Precious at all.

Anyway, Flair would go into his customary title defenses for the Great American Bash by about June of that year. But, he would also take part in what has become one of my favorite all-time matches on July 4, 1987 in Atlanta, GA at The Omni. That match was WarGames.

Next: WarGames and The Dream Date

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Thunder Report

We get the replay of Stings defection to the nWo Wolfpack on Monday night.

Thunder comes to us live from Peoria, Illinois.

Booker T vs. Chris Benoit - 5th in the Best of 7 Series - Booker comes on very strong from the get-go and with good reason. He is down1 and 3 in the series so far. He dominates until Benoit suddenly gets in a series of German suplexes which puts both men down for a bit. Benoit recovers first and takes control of the match. After several winning exchanges he executes his flying headbutt but fails to get the pin. Stevie Ray has appeared at ringside to cheer his brother on. Benoit goes for the Crippler Crossface but can't quite get it applied. Booker recovers after that (partially because Stevie distracts his opponent) and has the advantage for several moments. He attempts a series of pins and gets closer each time. Finally a missle drop-kick turns the trick and Booker manages to get the pin. The series is now 3 and 2. Cut to commercial.

The Giant comes out to rant about Sting. He says that red and black are not Sting's colors then he chastises Sting for bodyslamming him on national TV. He says he has decided to name Brian Adams as his new Tag Team partner and co-holder of the Tag Team Titles. Adams comes down and demands a round of applause for the "new World Tag Team Champions". He pledges that they will be fighting Champions. The Giant then offers to put the Tag Titles on the line against Lex Luger and any partner he wants to select (gosh, now who do you suppose that might be..?)

Van Hammer vs. Reese (w/the Flock) - the biggest former and present Flock members lock it up. Neither of these guys are particularly talented and I doubt that the crowd cares at all what happens in this match. Hammer dominates the first exchange but then is upset by his opponent's superior size. In fact all Reese has to do is start to whip Hammer and simply not let go. Hammer comes right back though - there is no doubting his toughness. He seems to have the capability of out-punching his opponent. He can't stand up to a Stop sign to the head from behind, administered by Horace. Reese gets the easy pin after that and the Flock swarms into the ring, but then Juventud Guerrera, of all people runs (or rather, flies) in and saves Hammer's cookies. He clears the ring and then faces Reese, but before the big man can strike, Hammer grabs his diminuitive rescuer and hustles him from the ring while providing a shield with his body. Cut to commercial.

Alex Wright vs. Eddie Guerrero - it's good to see this talented youngster (Wright) back in action again. Eddie makes a rather abrupt entrance and grabs the mic. He says he doesn't know whay his nephew is acting so crazy but he has set up an appointment with a psychiatrist for the younger Guerrero. He addresses Chavo and says, "take your time coming back..." Wright attacks on the bell and takes a momentary advantage. As Eddie retakes the initiative, Chavo heads out toward the ring area. He comes right to the ring and charges in. Eddie ducks away and Chavo is levered over the top rope to the floor. The match is thrown out as Chavo approaches his uncle and starts raving at him. Eddie backs away with a stricken look on his face.

Tony Shiavone is in the ring and wants to talk to Lex Luger. He asks Luger to comment on Sting's joining of the Wolfpack last Monday. Luger says he has been appointed as the "head of recruitment" for the Red and Black. He accepts the Tag Team Title match as proposed by the Giant. He then invites Diamond Dallas Page to be his partner..? What about Sting? Doesn't he have a say in what happens with his Title belt? Cut to commercial.

Psychosis vs. Fit Finley - TV Title match - (sigh) I guess I'll just quit commenting on the fact that all these non-contenders are going after the TV belt while Benoit and Booker T fight it out for the top contender spot. There is little doubt about the outcome of this contest. Finley is too tough and too savvy to be outmaneuvered by the high flyer. In fact, Psychosis never really gets anything started because he is completely grounded by his more experienced opponent. He gets a very brief offensive flurry toward the end of the match - about two moves worth - before he is Tombstoned and pinned.

Replay of Luger inviting Sting to join the Wolfpack from Nitro, the subsequest tag match and then Stings descending from the rafters and revealing his intentions. They cleverly skip over the trouble he had removing the white and black nWo shirt to reveal the Wolfpack garb.

Glacier vs. Saturn - Saturn appears in the ring behind Glacier as he is finishing his entrance machinations. Saturn throws Glacier with a suplex before the latter knows what hit him.The fight goes out to the floor but Glacier is keeping his distance. Saturn chases him back into the ring and immediately goes for a pin - no cigar. Now Glacier recovers and gets in a few of his martial arts kicks before Saturn comes back with another suplex. Glacier has regained his composure and wins the next exchange but Lodi jumps onto the apron and distracts the Ice Man. The referee is knocked down in the next exchange and Saturn is in control with a standing side-kick. A second referee comes into the ring, grabs Saturn and downs him - it's Kanyon (the artist formerly known as Mortis). He throws his Mortis mask toward a stunned Glacier who nonetheless has the wherewithal to apply the Cryonic kick and take the pin. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig comes to the ring on crutches again. I forgot to mention last time that we saw Hennig walking on two legs during the teaser before Nitro, then he showed up on crutches later. He is still insisting that he is injured and now says that he will not be able to compete at the Great American Bash. He introduces Konnan who comes out and agrees to take his place. Konnan offers the first shot at the US Belt (once he wins it) to Hennig and sweetens the pot with a side wager. Dream on La Raza boy...

Dean Malenko vs. Silver King - these two guys have similar body styles but there the resemblence ends. Silver King actually appears to have the size advantage but it is slight at best. Otherwise he out of his depth. Soon after the match gets undwerway, Chris Jericho comes down to ringside and rings the bell! Then he invades the ring carrying what he claims to be an NWA rule book from 1934 which says he found in the Library of Congress. He cites an obscure ruling that says the Champion has the right of first refusal and claims that it somehow invalidates Malenko's Championship. He insults Malenko's family during his tirade so Malenko obliges Jericho's order that he should "let me have it" - meaning the belt - he "lets him have it" with the belt upside of his head. Cut to commercial.

Disco Inferno vs. Raven - Raven runs into the ring and attacks before the bell. He is vicious in his assault. Disco is no slouch and recovers quickly, taking advantage of "Raven's rules" by choking his opponent with a length of tape from his wrist. Raven comes back and throws Disco from the ring. Out on the floor, he smashes his opponent into the steps. Back in the ring, Raven sets up the chair for a hip toss but Disco puts on the brakes and slams his face on his own weapon. Raven absorbs the punishment and recovers quickly. An Evenflo DDT takes the win for him. He then grabs a mic and calls Kanyon out. He even lays down in the ring but fails to entice his enemy. Cut to commercial.

Tony mentions the death of the Junkyard Dog as we return. Tenay also pays tibute.

Goldberg vs. Hugh Morrus (w/ Jimmy Hart/Barbarian) - US Title match - how does Goldberg stand there in the midst of all that fire with his shirt off? I suppose he is standing between the nozzle blasts. Morrus and Barbarian double team the monster at the beginning of the match as the referee just looks on. Goldberg comes back with a back kick to level the Barbarian. Morrus beats him down momentarily but he just shrugs it off and decapitates his opponent with a clothesline. Jimmy Hart is on the top and gets caught there by Goldberg who tosses him bodily at the two attackers then spears all three of them! He Jackhammers the two wrestlers one after the other then pins Hugh Morrus. He leaves bodies laying all over the ring. So does this mean he is 95 and 0 or 96 and 0? Cut to commercial.

Giant/Brian Adams vs. Lex Luger/DDP - World Tag Team Title match? Is this legal? I doubt it... Luger comes out on his own at after the Tag Team Champs(?) make their entrance. Then DDP's music plays and Page appears. He gets a friendly pat from Luger as they advance to the ring together but doesn't make eye contact. Both of these teams are brand new - having never competed as a unit in either case. Luger controls Adams and then tags in Page who tries the first pin attempt - unsuccessfully. Luger comes back in and their strategy is clear - to isolate the "weak link". But it doesn't work and Adams manages to drop Luger then tag in the Giant. The Giant goes to work on Luger's neck. Adams is tagged in and continues the assault. He and the Giant are tagging in and out and isolating Luger. Luger fights back but he is being controlled pretty effectively. He finally tags in Page and the Diamond Man is on fire for about 25 seconds then is stopped by Adams. Stings appears in red face paint at ringside and distracts the Giant who abandons the match. In the ring DDP gets the Diamond Cutter on Adams and pins him. Supposedly Luger and DDP are the new Tag Champs. But no, JJ Dillon calls in and disputes the Giant's authority to sanction the match. He (with the Championship Committee) orders a match at the Bash between Sting and the Giant - the winner of that match will be declared to be the legitimate Tag Champ and will have the right to name his partner as the other half of the Championship team.

Works for me...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
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