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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Sting Chooses Nash!

They successfully defend against Harlem Heat

Waltman Returns to the Ring

Gets screwed by Owen Hart in match against HHH

Kane and Mankind to Challenge the Tag Champs

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 13

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 326 - June 15, 1998
"The computer of the future may weigh no more then 1.5 tons"

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 13: WarGames and The Dream Date

July 4, 1987 is an historic date in wrestling and in the history of WCW (then a branch of the NWA). It was that day in Atlanta, GA at The Omni that the Four Horsemen of Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, James J. Dillion and Ric Flair would battle The Road Warriors, Nikita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes and Paul Ellering in the first ever WarGames bout!!! This match was, IMO, the best WarGames ever done (with the two exceptions of WarGames in 1989 and in 1992). These guys beat the living crap out of each other!!! The match started with Dusty Rhodes and Arn Anderson!!! From there, all hell broke loose!!! The match produced two injuries. JJ Dillion suffered a shoulder injury at the hands of the Roadies while Nikita suffered a neck injury when Tully and Flair spike-piledrived him twice!! This injury ultimately costed Nikita his NWA United States Title as he lost the belt 11 days later to Lex Luger in Greensboro!!!

Speaking of Greensboro, on that same night, Flair retained his NWA World Title against "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin. Weeks earlier, Garvin requested this match against Flair and also requested that it would be a cage match. Flair accepted only if Garvin would put his valet/wife "Precious" on the line as well. If Flair won, then Precious would have to go on a date with Flair (a married man no less!!). I personally think this was meant as a humiliation tool against Jim Garvin and, by extension, Ron Garvin. I don't think he had any real interest in Precious at all. In any event, Garvin put up a great fight but, midway through the contest, Garvin attempted a leapfrog but landed wrong on his left leg!!! Garvin injured his knee and Flair took advantage, mercilessly working the knee over!!! Finally, after Garvin put up a valiant fight, Flair put Garvin away with the figure-four (with help from the ropes)!!! A fan was so outraged, he tried to charge the cage but security prevented that!!! Afterwards, Flair tried to force Precious to come with him but Ron Garvin prevented that!!! Nevertheless, Flair had did what he wanted and that was to embarrass the Garvin Family. A week or two later, TBS' World Championship Wrestling showed the "dream date" which turned into a nightmare for Flair!!! He had a suite and everything prepared for Precious!!! But what he got was Ron Garvin in drag!!! Garvin knocked Flair out and pushed JJ Dillion (who was also there for reasons that I won't go into) into a jacuzzi with water that was about 80 degrees!!! This would be the beginning of the end of Flair's fifth reign as NWA World Champion.

Next: Garvin Triumphs

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Nitro Report

Live from Long Island, New York - we get right into the action with a New York Street Fight match between the Public Enemy and Barbarian/Hugh Morrus. Trash cans, cookie sheets, frying pans and all kinds of other junk litter the ring as the mayhem ensues. Barbarian/Morrus seem to have the upper hand through much of this "match" but PE get in their shots as well. Even Jimmy Hart gets involved (did I say "even" - where have I been..?) In fact he gets suplexed into the ring at one point. Morrus and Barbarian are holding Rocco Rock on the apron when Grunge picks Hart up and uses him to spear the three of them onto a table! Somehow the Morrus/Barbarian team are counted out and PE gets the win. Cut to the announcers who spiel about what happened at the Bash last night.

We go to tape of Mike Tenay interviewing some rabid fans outside the arena earlier today. He asks them to name their choices to be Stings tag team partner. The consensus seems to lie with Lex Luger although one fan wants it to be Diamond Dallas Page.

Speaking of whom - we get a replay of the incident wherein DDP was invited to join the Wolf Pack. Tony tells us that Sting and his partner (whoever) will face the reunited team of Harlem Heat on tonight's program. If it were Sting and Luger, that would be interesting because it was Harlem Heat who took the Titles from Sting and Luger the last time they held them. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrrls frolic on the platform. We hear that they have a new member but we don't get to see her yet...

Mean Gene is in the ring and invites Randy Savage to come down for an interview. Savage gets a pretty good pop and glad hands many fans on his way to the ring. Okerlund wants to know "what's up?" Savage says he's glad to be back in New York. He says he has a message to Roddy Piper - then he turns his statement toward DDP. He says the Wolf Pack wants DDP in but he (Savage) wants DDP to prove himself by facing the Macho Man in a cage on TV tonight. Savage is revealed to have been the lone member to vote against having DDP in the stable. This is followed by clips of the Savage/Piper/Hogan/Giant tag match from last night and the Piper/Savage debacle that followed. Cut to commercial.

Chris Benoit vs. Fit Finley - presumably these two are considered the two top contenders for the TV Title. Benoit bulls his opponent into the corner to start. The crowd erupts in a "Finley Sucks!!" chant. Finley has the size and experience advantage here but that counts for little against a competitor like Benoit. He uses his size to hold his opponent on the mat but that can only work for so long. Benoit comes alive as soon as he gets a break and Finley is on the defensive. Finley is a wiley veteran and turns things around almost immediately. The match starts to see-saw as we cut to commercial.

Finley is in charge as we return. The annuncers are reminding us that Benoit has had a "tough month" during his battles with Booker T. About this time Benoit goes nuts and is all over his opponent. Finley cuts him short with a finger to the eye. He hoists Benoit onto his shoulder than drops his throat across the top rope. Moments later he rushes into the corner and hits the post. Benoit gets in two German suplexes then runs out of gas. He recovers first though and continues hia assault. He goes to the top and throws his headbutt...and misses. Finley scoop slams him then drops a bomb on him. He gets a two count. Then he turns his back and gets drop-kicked out of the ring. Benoit suplexes him back in but Finley comes roaring back with a knee lift and and forward roll slam. As he goes to pick Benoit up for his finisher. Benoit forces him to the mat and slaps on the Crippler Crossface to get the win by submission.

Mean Gene asks Benoit if he has respect for Booker T - Benoit says "Respect..?" then he invite Booker T to the ring for a conference. Harlem Heat come to the ring. Benoit wants to shake his hand and then raises his hand. They exchange repects and Benoit starts to offer his help to Booker - Stevie Ray interrupts to say that he is Booker T's partner. Benoit patiently tries to make his point as Stevie Ray continues to protest. Finally, Benoit finishes his speech and then Stevie attacks him! Booker tries to pull them apart when suddenly Mongo McMichael hits the ring and comes to Benoit's aid. Booker T finally gets them separated and he and Stevie leave the ring. Benoit then looks at the camera and says, "I'm not here to represent nWo black and red...I'm not here to represent nWo black and white...I'm here for one thing..." then he holds up the Four Horsemen salute, as does McMichael. Cut to commercial.

Okerlund calls DDP down to respond to Savage's challenge. Of course he accepts the match. He then says that after he's finished with Savage his next targets will be Hollywood "Scum" Hogan and Dennis "the Worm" Rodman. He then hints about who his prospective partner would be against Hogan and Rodman, saying "the words out on the street...". He is referring to Carl Malone of course. We cut back to the announcers who show us the attack on DDP by the nWo Hollywood faction, then speculate about Malones rumored pending appearance in WCW.

More Nitro Girls in the aisle while Tony spiels about upcoming Nitro and Thunder cards. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene in the ring again. He calls Roddy Piper down for a palaver. Piper runs to the ring for some reason. He brags of his popularity in the Big Apple. He rants at Savage, calls him a lunatic then starts to talk about the cage match idea. The crowd interrupts him with a "Roddy! Roddy!" chant. Piper says his colors are "black and blue" and he represents the "New World Disorder" - he sanctions the cage match and then takes the job of refereeing this one on his own shoulders.

nWo Hollywood music plays as Chono and Tenzan approach the ring. They carry the IWGP World Tag Team Titles. Their opponents will be High Voltage. HV is immediatly on the defensive. Kaos is thrown out of the ring and Rage is doubleteamed. He clotheslines them both then Kaos re-enters the ring and they clear it. There is a standoff in progress as we cut to commercial.

Rage has Tenzan under control as we return. He releases his camel clutch and plants a boot in his opponent's back. Tenzan recovers and starts dealing out martial arts blows. Chono is tagged in and they double team the youngster. Now HV is back on the defensive, though Rage is still holding it together. He grabs an arm bar and drops to the mat with it to turn the tables. Kaos tags in and gives the advantage back to Tenzan. Moments later Chono tries to suplex Kaos but he blocks it several times then reverses the move. Tenzan tries to interfere but HV ejects him. Kaos goes up for a flying clothesline but hits Rage instead. The Japanes team is back in charge. Rage is knocked to the floor and Chono hits Kaos with a devastating kick to get the pin. Cut to commercial.

Stills from the Sting/Giant match last night is followed by the Wolfpack coming to the ring. Actually it's just Nash, Luger and Konnan. Nash pumps up the crowd with a "Wolf Pack's in the House!" call - then Konnan gets the crowd to respond to his la raza cliches. Nash then introduces Sting. He looks happy as he strides to the ring carrying both Tag Team Title belts. He takes the mic to announce his choice. His speech is boyant - very much the old Sting. He teases his decision by talking about Nash, Luger and Konnan then...puts off the announcement until the start of the Tag Team Title match later...tonight...of course... Cut to commercial.

Stills from the Kanyon/Saturn match last night.

Kanyon vs. Sick Boy - SB is in the ring as Kanyon runs in. He tries to attack first but Kanyon out-maneuvers him and takes the advantage. He is going all out and almost gets an early win - but Lodi interferes. He goes out after Lodi and gets a shot in but he is distracted and turns around to be leveled by Sick Boy's clothesline off the apron. Back in the ring, SB outs his opponent down again then stops to pose. That gives Kanyon a chance to come back, and he does. He sets up for the Flatliner but Sick Boy fingers his eyes. He comes right back and gets the Flatliner anyway...and the pin.

Curt Hennig and Rick Rude come down to rant on the ramp. Rude attempts to explain their reasoning is defecting to the Hollywood camp - saying Hogan pays better. He then turns his rant on Goldberg - as the "Goldberg" chant swells among the crowd. Hennig rants about his past as a knife-in-the-back artist and ends up making his friend Rude a little suspicious. Cut to stills of the Goldberg/Konnan match and the aftermath from last night. Cut to commercial

Here comes the decision about the Cruiserweight Title. JJ Dillon is with Mean Gene. He explains that since there was no Champion going into the match - ergo Chris Jericho is the new Champion by dint of winning the match (despite the fact that it was by disqualification). He attaches the the condition that Jericho has to face Dean Malenko within 30 days. Jericho disputes that and goes on to insult Malenko's deceased father again. Malenko runs in and beats Jericho to the backstage area where he tears Jericho to pieces. Security finally breaks it up and Jericho gets away. We last see him trying to flag down a car on the parking lot ramp.

The Giant vs. Chris Adams - the big guy is smoking a cigarette again as he makes his entrance. Doesn't he know that stuff can stunt your growth??? Adams rushes him as he takes his ciggy break in the corner with his back turned. The Giant seems to notice this flea attacking him so he turns around and squashes it. Cut to commercial.

Another video repeat of the attack on DDP last week. Then we go to Hogan's music. Bischoff leads Hollywood Hogan to the ring. Hogan calls the arena the "house that Hollywood built". He rants about Kevin Nash and declares that he (Hogan) will "always be the man, brother..." He then turns his attention to DDP - he challenges Page to find a partner and face him and Rodman in a match at Bash at the Beach (Gosh, who could have seen that one coming..?) Will this idiot ever defend his Title again..? Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls - in the ring this time. Announcers spiel and then we have a fireworks bonanza.

Harlem Heat vs Sting/Kevin Nash - World Tag Team Title match - Sting comes down and annouces Nash as his partner before Harlem Heat make their entrance. Nash comes down to join him. Sting presents him with the belt. Nash mconducts a survey - nWo Hollywood is roundly booed - Wolf Pack gets roundly cheered. No question on the response. Nash goes on to condemn Curt Hennig - he says, "...consider yourself hunted by the Pack..." The Heat come to the ring looking fit and ready. This should be an excellent match if Stevie doesn't spoil it. He is contentious before the match begins... Booker T starts against Sting. Booker is out-maneuvered during the first exchange and rolls out to the floor to confer with his brother. He is still hurting in his right knee. Booker comes back in and wins the next exchange. Stevie is arguing with his brother again. He tags in and is very aggressive against Sting. He seems to be trying to show Booker how to do it. Sting comes back and turns the tables then tags in Nash. Nash wins the first exchange but only has a slight size advantage. Stevie comes back with a body slam. Nash recovers quickly and Sting is tagged back in to continue the assault as we cut to commercial.

Sting is in trouble as we come back. Booker tags in and misses a drop-kick. Nash is in and controlling Booker T. He applies a sidewalk slam then tags Sting. Sting applies the boots to Booker's mid-section in the corner then drops a bomb on his opponent. He goes for it again and lands on Booker's knees. He manages to tag in Nash who keeps the pressure up on Booker. Sting tags back in and plants some boots on his opponent. A belly-to-back suplex is well executed then Nash tags back in. Nash goes for the Snake-Eyes in the corner but Booker wiggles free and almost gets a pin. Sting is tagged in and is downed by Booker who tags in Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray gets a big clothesline then stops to taunt Nash. It is a fatal mistake. Sting walks up behind him and Deathdrops him to get the pin.

nWo video of Big Papa pump in Hollywood...followed by a little tete-a-tete between Eric Bischoff and Scott Steiner on the ramp. Steiner puts down New York and New Yorkers - I suppose it's nice that Steiner gets to still be on camera even though he is currently on the shelf athletically... He taunts his brother who is also on the shelf with an arm injury. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls as we return. We stuill haven't been introduced to the new member...

Michael Buffer stands in the cage to announce the main event. It is a cyclone fence structure with a top on it.

Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page - cage match to determine if Page will be allowed (be Savage, that is...) to join the Wolf Pack - Roddy Piper is the referee - Savage really throws all that trash talk about "fogies still wrestling" in a cocked hat. Nobody can deny that he still has it in spades. He is introduced and then we go to commercial.

DDP is introduced as we return. He climbs to the roof of the cage to do his "Bang!" gesture. His ribs are taped up again. The competitors circle each other warily as the bell sounds. They lock up and DDP grabs a wristlock. Savage counters with a punch to DDP's injured ribs and takes the advantage. Savage tries to run Page into the cage wall but DDP blocks it and reverses the move. He starts to climb the corner but Savage hits the ropes and Page straddles the corner (ouch!!). He recovers immediately and backdrops Savage into the cage wall. He beats on Savage some more then goes for the pin but fails. Savage flings him into the cage wall. The match is see-sawing with each guys giving as much as he gets. Both guys go down and Piper starts a ten count. Savage crawls over and covers but Piper's count is very slow - he gets to two before Page kicks out. Savage is back on the attack as we cut to commercial.

Page is down as we return. He gets up and blocks a punch then levels his opponent. Savage comes back with a low blow as Page tries to apply a Diamond Cutter. Savage downs his opponent then executes a very cavelier cover. he fails to get the pin and decides to argue the point with Piper. They get into a tif and Savage lays Piper out. He lifts Page up but gets Diamond Cut!! No referee and Page can't follow up in any case. The crowd starts chanting "Goldberg" for some reason. Piper comes to then ahs attacks Page as Savage watches from the corner. Savage then attacks Piper but gets punched out. Piper sends both of the competitors into the cage wall. Suddenly the cage is lifted up about two feet and nWo Hollywood swarms into the ring! They start to work on all three as Sting climbs to the top of the cage. Even Liz is in the cage with them. Nash is there and trying to rip the door off then he retreats to the back - he finds the control to raise the cage as the lights go out and then the program ends abruptly as Tony is in mid-sentence.

This was a pretty strong show...

RAW Report

Scenes from last week open the show. Stone Cold is suckered in the ring by Kane and Mankind. A "hell-in-the-cell" cage hangs over the ring as we go to the opening montage.

RAW is live from San Antonio, Texas.

Sable appears after the announcers intro the show..? Uh, okay... The crowd goes nuts, then she introduces Vince McMahon as "the person responsible for my return to the WWF..." The Sable chants drown out Vince's attempt to start his rant. He hands Sable a prepared statement wherein Vince denies that he had anything to do with the attack on Austin at the end of last week's program. Sable seems dubious as she reads that Vince intends to bring the guilty parties to justice. Vince welcomes Sable back and then Austin's music plays.

Austin comes down and escorts Sable from the ring then comes back to make a statement. He says he threw up during the reading. He accuses McMahon of doing "little chickensh*t things to me..." and then states his intention to beat Vince's a**. Vince flees the ring calling for Austin to "listen to reason..." He rolls in and out of the ring to avoid contact then accuses the Undertaker of being the perpatrator and expects Austin to buy it. Dream on promoter boy... (didn't we see Kane and McMahon shaking hands..?) He tries in vain to convince Austin (and us) of UT's culpability. In the middle of this crap the Undertaker shows up in costume. He admits that he challenged Austin but says "I did it like a man..." He calls McMahon a "damn" liar. He then turns to Vince and threatens him with bodily harm telling him, "you will never be able to manipulate the mind of the Undertaker". Then the lights go out and Paul Bearer shows up with Kane and Mankind. He makes a speech to bolster McMahon's story (is this strangely reminiscent of the Hart/Piper/Savage scenerio?) Uncle Paul challenges UT and Austin to meet Kane and Mankind in the cell tonight. Cut to commercial.

Vader vs. Rocky Maivia - KOR Qualifier - the "big fat piece of sh*t" doesn't have a chance in this one in my estimation because his star is descending while the Rock's is definitely on the rise. Michael Cole refers to the Rock as the "co-leader of the nation" - I guess that means that Owen Hart has taken over some of his authority now. Vader is pretty much having his way with the youngster until Maivia slips in a kick to the gut and a DDT. The Rock pounds his opponent into the corner. He tries a scoop slam but can't get Vader up. Still he comes right back and drops the "People's Elbow". He goes for an early pin but no cigar. Vader comes back and gets a pin attempt of his own but Maivia kicks out and Vader is levered to the floor. Mark Henry lumbers down and splashes him as he lays on the concrete. Back in the ring Maivia gets the "Rock Bottom" to take the pin. Maivia advances to the next round.

We go backstage to watch as DX plans their strategy for the HHH vs. X-Pac KOR Qualifier later tonight. They tease HHH about his huge snoz, which Hunter insists isn't big. It starts to rain and they all gather under his nose to keep, I just made that part up. This will be Waltman's first televised match since his return to the WWF. Cut to commercial.

Puke vs. Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee) - Drozdov waits patiently in the ring as Jarrett makes his ridiculous entrance. Jarrett attacks from behind as the bell rings but is reversed almost immediately. He comes back moments later with a drop-kick to the mush but Puke counters with a football tackle and a pin attempt. Marc Mero comes down with Jaquelyn to complain about Sable's return. In the ring Drosdov and Jarrett are trading blows. Tennesse Lee goes out to molest Jaquelyn (figuratively, of course) and gets slapped silly (you'd think he'd learn to leave the women alone...) Jarrett comes out to defend his manager and gets Mero's low blow instead. Back in the ring he is easy pickings for Puke. Cut to commercial.

Another strategy session with the Dorks. The question for this one is, "Where's Chyna going to be for all this..?"

Val Venis vs. Chainz - Mr. Cheese takes a mic as he enters the ring and makes his usual double-entendre speech in reference to his tool... The two competitors trade boots to the face and Chainz takes the initiative with a clothesline but then he runs himself into the post. Venis goes to work with fists and boots. The announcers are pretending that they don't know that the cage match tonight is part of Vince's planning. Venis has the advantage but he spends too much time showboating for the crowd. As usual his opponent is laying down for him. Chainz gets a brief flurry near the end and turns the tables but the Cheese man reverses things with a power slam. Then he goes to the top but gets caught there. Chainz attempts a superplex but Venis resists and then punches his opponent in the ribs. Chainz tumble to the mat and Venis gets the "Money Shot" for the win. Cut to the Undertaker being interviewed by Kevin Kelly. UT doesn't trust Steve Austin but declares that Stone Cold can trust him. Cut to commercial.

More DX filler...HHH and X-Pac tell each other there will be no laying down in this one...

Marc Mero (w/Jaquelyn) vs. Dustin Runnels - Jeff Jarrett and company come down to complain about Mero's action during his match earlier. In the ring, Dustin is out-wrestling his opponent until Mero sidesteps him and sends him flying out of the ring. Mero smashes Runnels into the steps then rolls him back inside where Dustin makes a comeback. Mero stops him short and perches him on the corner buckle then Frankensteiners him to the mat. Jarrett jumps on the apron then Sable appears on the ramp. All of this distracts Mero who gets bulldogged and pinned.

Still more Dork stuff - Chyna advises them to go out there and wrestle like men. Uh...I think they need to figure that one out... But lets go sell something first.

Kevin Kelly interviews Dustin who thanks the Lord for his win (no mention of Sable...)

X-Pac vs. HHH - KOR Qualifier - Waltman has his own version of the DX theme - his reception is pretty mild as he walks out alone. HHH's entrance is much more elaborate and gets a better pop. X-Pac jumps on his leader before he is ready and tries to get a quick win. This match shows us that Waltman is definitely the more talented wrestler - he also has a considerable experience advantage over Levesque. Chyna comes down as things are going against HHH and tosses the recently ejected Waltman back into the ring. Now it is all HHH for a while. He is pressing his size advantage to pretty good effect until a reverse thrust kick knocks him out of the ring. Chyna shows her unbiased feelings by tossing Helmsley back in as she did with X-Pac earlier. Now HHH makes a comeback and knocks Waltman from the ring. Rocky Maivia suddenly appears in the stands and starts ranting at HHH. Apparently Waltman has been attacked by Owen Hart while we were all distracted. He is down and writhing in pain. He advises HHH to get back in the ring so he isn't counted out, which HHH does and wins the match. In a replay we see that Owen dropped Waltman astraddle the railing to incapacitate him.

Al Snow appears on the platform in his Avatar mask with the head just before we cut to the Slam of the Week (or Kaboom of the Week - whatever...) then to commercial.

The King is in the ring with Snow as we return and is berating him for his actions. Snow pulls off the mask and says he's here to make two citizens' arrests. One on Vince for trying to kill Snow's career and the second for the King for lewd behaviour. Lawler tries to mess with the head and gets creamed. Snow suplexes a ref that tries to intervene then brains the King again with the head this time. A security guys gets decked as well before Snow runs away. Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin agrees with the Undertaker that UT can't trust him and says he doesn't trust UT either.

Ken Shamrock/Dan Severn vs. Mark Henry/Owen Hart - this match is a no brainer unless a run in occurs.Two expert submission wrestlers against a big strong dummy and Owen Hart? Shamrock is going after an ankle lock submission and falls prey to the back round kick of Owen Hart. Henry comes in and splashes Shamrock (that's his move tonight...) Severn gets in and suplexes the big goof out of his boots then applies an armbar. Henry uses his bulk to escape and Owen rushes in to be speared and ridden. Severn goes for a submission hold but Henry breaks it up. Owen bulls Severn into the corner so that Henry can lend a hand. When that doesn't work he delivers a low blow. But Shamrock gets the tag and explodes all over his opponents. Suddenly DX invades the ring and starts fighting everybody. Owen retreats up the ramp but is surprised by Vader who then attacks Henry. NOD is in and all hell breaks loose - a brawl erupts in the aisle and around the ring area. Officials are trying to restore order as DX's music strikes up and we cut to commercial.

Tag Team Royal Rumble to determine the #1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles - LOD 2000 starts against...Mankind and Kane? Apparently they will compete twice tonight. Mankind is still wearing his Dude Love shirt and tie. We cut to commercial before the match can get underway.

This is a free for all match - no tags required - its a Battle Royal. The Midnight Express comes in next as Kane is almost eliminated but saves himself. The Headbangers are next - so far no eliminations. They are coming in every 30 seconds (as opposed to the two minute interval for a regular Royal Rumble). DOA is next - the ring is filling up. Golga and Kurrgan are in next as Bart Gunn is eliminated so the Midnight Express are out. Too Much (Light Heavyweights - Christopher/Taylor) are next to come down followed by Faarooq and Steve Blackman. DOA are eliminated as Bradshaw and Taka come down. Next is Funk and Scorpio. Kurrgan is eliminated by Funk. So he and Golga are out. Taka is thrown out then Too Much eliminate each other. Mosh is pressed and tossed. The Warriors are next. I must have missed Faarooq or Blackman going out because Funk and Scorpio are left with Kane and Mankind. Kane Tombstones Scorpio then together they eliminate Funk. Mankind and Kane are the #1 contenders and still have to face UT and Austin in the cage tonight. Cut to commercial.

The bad guys are in the ring as we return. Paul Bearer reitrates the challenge which Austin and UT have already accepted. Mankind recites a rather violent poem and gets a hug from uncle Paul. Paul is asserting that the opponent's won't show up. Then Austin's music starts up and he enters determinedly. he climbs partway up the cage but decides not to do his DDP impression. Undertaker enters next - well maybe not. His musicc plays but he doesn't show. He is introduced a second time and again faiils to appear. Mankind starts to run out but gets the door slammed in his face. Kane joins the brawl on the outside and he and Austin fight on the ramp while Paul locks himself in the cell. As Austin gets creamed on the ramp the Undertaker comes up from under the ring and goes to work on Paul Bearer. Kane leaves off his attack on Austin and climbs to the top of the cage. Now UT is tearing Bearer limb from limb while Austin fights Mankind and Kane is neutralized on top of the cage. Austin takes control on the outside and is attacking Mankind with whatever he can find handy. Bearer is bleeding like a stuck pig and Mankind is almost out of it. Kane is still confused on the top of the cage. Austin climbs up there and attacks his challenger. Kane is making a comeback as we fade to black...

Well, both shows were pretty strong tonight, with remarkably similar endings. I wonder who had the idea first..?

At least that's the way I see it...

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