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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Benoit Battles Bret Hart

Goldberg & Kevin Greene to Meet
the Giant & Hennnig at the Bash!!


Promises to set himself on fire if he doesn't win the Title in a "First Blood" match!!

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 14

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 328 - June 22, 1998
News from Bob Ryder:



The WWF suddenly cancelled shows in Oklahoma City and Tulsa over the weekend and gave as a reason the fact that several top stars were suffering from injuries or illness.

Steve Austin worked the Houston show on Friday night, after missing shows the previous two nights. Austin worked the Houston show with his arm heavily bandaged, and is reportedly nursing a sore elbow. Austin is also said to have a viral infection that hospitalized him following the Houston show.

Undertaker reportedly injured his ankle at the Houston show, and some reports say the ankle is broken.

Kane was also injured at the Houston show, and his match was cut short after he hit the guardrail at the wrong angle, injuring his shoulder.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley missed shows on Wednesday and Thursday night, but was able to work the Houston show.

The WWF cancelled the Oklahoma shows to give their battered crew two extra days to recover for next weekend's King of the Ring PPV.


Joey Styles began legal action against the WWF earlier this week to seek damages for the unauthorized use of footage of Styles interviewing Steve Austin that was taken from ECW video footage.

The WWF aired a commercial on RAW last year that showed footage of Styles and Austin from an ECW television show. The footage was also included in a commercial video tape marketed by the WWF.

Jesse Ventura won a judgement in a similar case a few years ago.


Mark Madden is reportedly tired of being in limbo. Madden was removed from the WCW Hotline a couple of months ago, but met with officials at a recent NITRO and thought he was on the way back.

After waiting for several weeks, though, Madden is said to be ready to check other options, and may surface with either ECW or the WWF in the upcoming weeks. Madden's preference appears to be to return to WCW, but he's apparently not willing to continue waiting.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 14: Garvin Triumphs

That quote above is from one of my favorite songs outside of the R & B, Rap, and Jazz fields. I think it fits this period of Ric Flair's professional career in August 1987. After being humiliated on his "dream date" with Precious, Flair became obssessed with The Garvin Brothers (particularly Ron Garvin since it was him that embaressed Flair to begin with). This mental anguished led to Flair attacking Garvin during a match that he and Jim was having against The Midnight Express for the now defunct NWA United States Tag Team Titles. Flair, who was commetating for that bout, jumped into the match and attacked Garvin. Garvin, however, had the last laugh as he surprised Flair with a roll-up for a three count!!! Now, while that pin didn't mean anything in terms of titles changing hands, it did strike a psychological blow to Flair!!! This led Flair to say this:

"Garvin!!! I have lost all sense of control!!! And when I lose it, someone else will have to pay the price of a lifetime!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!" - Ric Flair

Then, came September 17, 1987 in Detroit, MI. Ron Garvin got another shot at Ric Flair's NWA World Title but this time the match was in a steel cage to insure a clear winner!!! While I have only seen the tail-end of this match, I have it on good authority that Flair seemed to be weakening as the match progressed!!! A rare thing for Flair to be winded as the match goes on!!! Anyway, the match ended when Garvin performed a perfect sunset flip from the top rope on Flair to end the match and win the title!! Finally, after chasing Flair for almost a year and a half, Garvin finally won the title!!! In weeks following that match, Garvin defended the title several times (mostly against Flair but I heard that Big Bubba Rogers, Tully Blanchard and Lex Luger got shots as well) before making a shocking announcement!!! He was going to go into a 40 day hiatus to prepare for Flair at Starrcade '87 in Chicago, Ill!!! Now, that totally violates the 30 day rule but the NWA granted Garvin's request!!! Flair, rightfully, was outraged!!! But, in a sense, this might have been a blessing in disguise!!! I'll tell you what I mean next time!!!

Next: The Man Again

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Nitro Report

We open with the scene at the Planet Hollywood Restaurant in Los Angeles where the Bash at the Beach press conference was held last Thursday. Tony tells us we will see more of that press conference tonight.

Nitro comes to us live from the Memorial Coloseum in Jacksonville, Florida. Tony spiels about the upcoming Bash main event as if it were the second coming then we go to yet another airing of the nWo attack on DDP about a year ago or something...

They cut to some footage from the Tonight show the night that Hogan and the Worm were the guests. He promises us more footage later. But first...

Mean Gene is inviting Diamond Dallas Page out to the ring for an interview. He asks DDP about the match and the crowd erupts in a "DDP!" chant. Page says he's "jacked" about the match then addresses Hogan as the "DDP" chant starts up again - he sick of Hogan's attitude and his work ethic and he (Page) wants Hogan bad. He then says that Karl Malone wants Rodman even worse and promises us that Hogan and Rodman are "going out with a bang!!" Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls cavort in the Tony announces a feature bout between Chris Benoit and Bret Hart tonight. Cut to a Nitro party tape.

Lynn Denton vs. Disco Inferno - I wonder if Denton is any relationship to the legendary wrestler, Len Denton. He desn't look anything like him but who knows. Disco takes the advantage pretty much from the get-go in this one. He is showboating a lot, so confident is he of victory. It proves to be his undoing for a while as Denton turns the tables and assaults his opponent relentlessly. Then he climbs to the top and gets caught there. Disco wisely curtails the showboating and the match see-saws until Disco gets a piledriver and the pin.

Mean Gene is here now to tell us about a big surprise - he introduces Kevin Greene. Greene looks like a dork in polo shirt, shorts and shoes with no socks. Greene answers question about his football career and says his health is good. He reveals that Bill Goldberg was his room mate back in 1991 when they were both with the Rams. At this point Curt Hennig and Rick Rude come down to make trouble as a "Goldberg" chant rises. Greene is distracted with jawing at Hennig and gets blindsided by the Giant. They rough him up a little then split. Greene throws out a challenge (as soon as he can talk again) then sets out to chase his attackers. Cut to commercial.

During the break something happened backstage, but first we get a replay of what just happened. We then see Greene being restrained backstage as he attempts to attack his attackers. Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit and Mongo McMichael are holding him back. JJ Dillon is there and he signs a match between Greene and the Giant for later tonight.

Yuji Nagata (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Tokyo Magnum - the latter is a newcomer who likes to showboat. He basically screws himself by acting like a jerk, posing and prancing around. He is supposed to be one of Ultimo Dragon's students - the Dragon should teach him better about how to deal with a formidable opponent like Nagata who literally pulls this idiot apart. The kid has a few good moves but is really a pretentious lightweight in the ring. The Nagata Lock proves to be his undoing.

We switch to the back where Stevie Ray is choking Chris Benoit out until Doug Dellenger and other security personnel restrain him. Cut to commercial.

Raven tribute video - he whines and carries on as usual. Poor hoo...

Public Enemy vs. Sick Boy/Horace (w/Lodi) - the Flock members attack on the bell, put Rock down then attack Grunge. PE turns it around in an instant and the Flock is out on the floor. Sick Boy comes in with Rock and grabs a wristlock. Rocco reverses it and tags in Grunge. They double team him with a pancake slam the Grunge goes for a cover. No cigar. Horace tags in and is immediately under control. This team can't stand up to PE's continuity. Horace finally overcomes the advantage through sheer power and a helping hand from his partner. Now it is all Horace for a while then he tags in Sick Boy who continues the assault. Rocco is being isolated pretty effectively. In the background, Lodi's sign says "Elvis is Alive!" Rock gets tossed to the floor and is helped back in by Grunge. In the ring, Rocco sidesteps a rush and causes Sick Boy to collide with the corner buckle. He is out of it though and can't follow up. He finally tags in his partner and now all four are in the ring and Horace is wielding their Stop sign. In the end he hits Sick Boy with it by mistake then gets it drop-kicked into his face. He is pinned. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrls...

Mean Gene calls Bret Hart to the ring for an interview. Hart still wears the Hogan shirt but has never donned the nWo colors. Bret rants about Chris Benoit, calling him ungrateful to the Hart family. His rant is reminiscent of the Anti-American rhetoric we remember from the end of his WWF tour. He blames the fans for "corrupting" Benoit.

Cut to more footage from the Tonight Show. This clip shows Page and Malone coming out to confront Rodman and Hogan. Rodman calls Malone a wimp and that brings Malone and Page out. Leno starts out laughing and joking as he gets between them. Malone sets Leno up for a Diamond Cutter but doesn't follow through then Rodman makes a crude remark which starts a little shoving before they cut to commercial. And then, so do we...

I can't figure out how Tony can justify his oft repeated statement that the coming Hogan/Rodman vs. Page/Malone match as being is the "most anticipated match in the history of wrestling" - really..?

Goldberg vs. Rick Fuller - Fuller can match Goldberg size wise but I doubt that means much. Goldberg starts by out-wrestling his opponent then he gets knocked down. Spear - Jackhammer - 'nuff said... Goldberg is bleeding from a small cut on his head as the camera cuts away. In the replay of his entrance I notice that there was a scab there before. Cut to commercial.

We cut to a segment where Tenay talks to some of the fans outside the building earlier today. Opinion seems to be split.

Nash, Sting and Konnan come down to the ring. I heard that Hall is coming back tonight and will join the Wolf Pack - maybe this is it. Nash and Konnan pump up the crowd then Nash quips that, in the back, "Goldberg killed Kenny" then hands the mic to Sting who does some more boostering. He reminds us that he and Nash are the Tag Champs and says they are ready to put the belts on the line tonight. Nash ends the appearance with a "Too Sweet" chant. Cut to commercial.

More fan reactions then we cut to the announcers.

Nitro Grrrrls frolic yet again...

Alex Wright vs. Eddie Guerrero - two very talented wrestlers face off for this one. Guerrero has a vast experience edge but also has Chavo to distract him so I would rate this match even. Wright bulls his opponent into the corner then goes to work on him early on. He applies some heavy footwear in the corner. Eddie comes back with a whip and a butt-bump then takes the initiative. It is shortlived as Wright re-asserts himself. Eddie is not looking good tonight. Eventually he gets it together and takes control of things until Wright rolls out of the ring to break his momentum. Easing back in, Wright feints toward the referee then surprises Eddie with his attack. He goes to the top to drop a knee but misses. Guerrero comes back with a brainbuster and would take the pin easily except that Chavo suddenly starts yelling at him from the aisle. The distracted Eddie is surprised, DDT'd and pinned. Chavo comes to the ring and tells a story about playing Monopoly - Eddie calls him a "whacko" to which Chavo responds, "Whacko? No, Chavo - C-H-A-V-O" and continues his insane rant. Cut to commercial.

While RAW advertises Waterguns - Nitro is sponsored by by Craftmatic beds and the Rascal old-folks scooter...

Konnan vs. Riggs (w/Lodi) - Konnan shows his superior mat skills throughout this contest. He ties Riggs in a knot until he charges across the ring and gets dropped onto the top rope. A great drop-kick sends K-Dawg for a loop. He is tossed to the outside then attacked there by Riggs as well. Back in the ring, Riggs is still in charge. But not for long. Knnan turns things around with a sidewalk slam but then is distracted by Lodi. Riggs blindsides his opponent but then goes to the top and launches himself...and misses. The Tequilla Sunrise tells the tale. Cut to commercial.

Press Conference footage. They talk some trash - mostly Malon and Rodman - DDP doesn't say anything... Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrrls...

Stevie Ray vs. Steve McMichael - Mongo is out for blood no doubt because of what happened to his buddy Benoit earlier. Stevie Ray takes the early advantage but then gts decked by his opponent. Now he's in the corner and getting pummeled. He comes back briefly but Mongo turns it back around immediately and has things well in hand as we go to commercial.

Stevie has recovered as we return. A back kick puts Mongo down then Stevie drops down for a reverse chinlock. Moments later he allows Mongo to get to his feet then kicks him down again. McMichael comes roaring back with massive forearms and turns the tables. He knocks Stevie to the floor then gets to close and is dragged out where he blocks a rail shot but then gets smashed into the steps. Stevie rolls him back in then goes for a chair. He is about to use it when Chris Benoit shows up and grabs the chair away. Benoit is prevented from using the chair by Booker T who shows up in street clothes. The Heat leave the ring and Stevie is counted out. Cut to commercial.

Eric Bischoff shows up with Miss Liz trailed by Hollywood Hogan, Disciple and Scott Steiner. Bischoff makes a silly rant about Randy Savage. Hogan does his Savage impression and continues the rant. He talks about "stage two of Hollywood's master plan" meaning the coming match with Page/Malone. He puts DDP down saying that he's famous because of his wife then calls Malone "the bigggest loser" in the NBA. At one point he refers to the team of "Diamond Dallas Page and Rodman" then corrects himself. He can't seem to keep his basketball players straight... Cut to commercial.

We get a replay of the Benoit/Stevie Ray incident from two weeks ago.

Chris Benoit vs. Bret Hart - now here is an opponent worthy of the "the best there is..." - it's about time! Hart has a slight size advantage but Benoit is very strong and quick. He takes the early advantage with a top wrist lock. Hart comes back with a scoop slam but Benoit bounces right to his feet and re-asserts his control. Hart cuts his assault short with a DDT. Now we have a very high-impact series of exchanges as the match see-saws. Neither seems to be able to dominate the other but they are beating the tar out of each other. The fight goes out to the floor and Hart is back in control as he posts his opponent. Hart returns to the ring for a moment then returns to the floor and rolls his opponent back inside. He gets a Tombstone then follows with a cavelier cover which allows Benoit to escape. Hart is contemplating his next move as we cut to commercial.

Hart is attempting a cover as we return. Benoit kicks out. Hart is getting frustrated and angry now. He stops to argue with the referee then rakes Benoit's face with his boot laces. Benoit gets loose and almost gets his German suplex but Hart foils it. Benoit comes back and tries again and gets two in a row then is blocked - so he applies a full nelson and gets the Dragon suplex. A snap suplex puts Hart down. Benoit goes for the top-rope headbutt and misses. Hart tries for the top but gets caught there. Benoit superplexes Hart and gets the two count. He stands Hart up and hits him with a short-arm clothesline then drops down for a Crippler Crossface but Hart reaches the ropes. Stevie Ray appears on the floor and distracts Benoit - Hart blindsides him then pulls him on top of himself. As the referee counts, Hart kick out. Benoit is out of it and easily falls prey to the Sharpshooter - because he is unconscience. In the replay we see that Hart used a foreign object to knock his opponent out. Cut to commercial.

Video review of the attack on Kevin Greene earlier.

Kevin Greene vs. The Giant - Michael Buffer is there to do the honors. The Giant puffs away as is usual these days as he comes to the ring. Buffer recites some of Greene's gridiron records and it is impressive. Greene comes out in jeans and a securtity T-shirt and throws two tackles before getting run down. As he goes to pick Greene up he is on the receiving end of a low-blow. Greene tackles him again then the nWo swarms into the ring and starts to punk him. Goldberg comes to the rescue and spikes Vincent on the floor then takes Brian Adams and the Disciple out simultaneously. The rest of the thugs scatter - although Hennig has to be held back by the Giant - and split. In the ring Greene and Goldberg confer then Greene throws out a challenge to the Giant and Hennig to meet himself and Goldberg at the PPV.

The crowd chants "Goldberg! Goldberg!" as we fade to black...

RAW Report

With all the injuries in the WWF this week (see the Bob Ryder story at the top) you know this program has to be on tape. We get clips from last week's RAW as the show opens. It must be especially worrying that neither Steve Austin nor the Undertaker are at 100%. RAW was taped in Austin, Texas.

Vince McMahon comes down to a chorus of boos to start the festivities. The "Hell in the Cell" cage is perched over the ring again this week. Vince introduces Kane as the "next World Wrestling Federation Champion..." Paul Bearer is not with him - in fact we saw him (supposedly via satelite) from his home a minute ago and he is shown again as Kane approaches the ring. The crowd chants "Austin! Austin!" as Vince starts his rant - telling Kane what he can expect "when" he becomes the Champ. He then turns his rant toward Austin - saying that Kane is dedicating the Title match to his father, then explaining the new stipulations for the match - it will be a "First Blood" match - the competitor who draws the First Blood will be the winner. He then turns to Kane and asks him to explain another special stip. Kane uses an electronic voice box to state that if he doesn't win the Title he will set himself on fire!!

Mark Henry vs. Ken Shamrock - Quarter Final KOTR match - officials force the NOD members to leave the ring area as we cut to commercial.

Henry overwhelms his opponent in the first exchange then launches himself onto the corner buckle. He comes right back and has an opportunity to pin Shamrock but pulls him up. Stupid move. He continues to bludgeon the smaller man then slaps on a bearhug. Then he slams him with authority and follows that with a splash across the back. The bearhug is applied once more. Shamrock escapes with a punch but then tries a sunset flip and gets squashed. Back to the bearhug. This time Shamrock uses a headbutt to escape. He throws two flying kicks then finally downs the big guy with a Frankensteiner. Henry falls out of the ring and is tackled by Vader as he gets to his feet! Back in the ring, Shamrock executes a belly-to-belly suplex and takes the pin.

Shamrock vows to win the King of the Ring in a short interview with Kevin Kelly. We see WWF newcomer Edge (Adam Copeland) in the stands before we cut to commercial.

X-Pac vs Dustin Runnels - Dustin prays in the corner as Waltman goes through his rather elaborate entrance. X-Pac is in rare form tonight, flying all over the ring. We haven't seen him perform like this in a long time. He dominates the early going but Dustin uses his superior size to overwhelm his much smaller opponent. Dustin tries a flying move himself and misses. Rolling to the floor he catches an running elbow from Chyna and returns to the ring on the defensive. X-Pac uncharacteristically slaps on a reverse chinlock. Dustin escapes and is whipped only to get a knee in the gut - then another. Dustin comes back with a bulldog and a couple of stinging rights. Now it's all Dustin until Chyna reaches in and trips him up. Waltman follows up with a back round kick and takes the pin. Afterward Dustin wants to shake hands but X-Pac gives him the Wolf Pack gesture instead. Cut to Paul Bearer at home who vows to be at Kane's side for his Title match next Sunday. Cut to commercial.

There's Edge again - still in the stands. Jerry Lawler is in the ring and starts a rant concerning Al Snow. He says Snow is hiding in the stands somewhere, dressed as an old woman, to sneak up on him so he invites him to the ring. Sure enough, there's Snow in a flower print dress and shawl. He wears a gray hair wig. The Head wears the King's crown and Lawler wants it back. He offers Snow a paper which is a contract for a tag match against Too Much. Snow and the Head, that is...against Lawler's little boy and his jobber partner. Snow talks about "jobbing" and then lays down in the ring and invites Too Much to come "get it over with". They take the bait and of course he destroys them both using the Head as a weapon. Cut to commercial.

Marc Mero vs. Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee) - KOTR Quarter Final match - the crowd takes up the Sable match before the match gets under way. The announcers are telling us that Sable has been employed in an unspecified capacity by Titan Sports. In the ring, Jarrett is showing his superior experience by out maneuvering his opponent. Mero is right there and as the match evolves it seems pretty even. Jarrett stops to strut then gets tripped from the outside by Jaquelyn. With the referee distracted on the outside, Mero gets his low-blow and then the TKO but the ref is still outside the ring. Before he can get back Sable appears on the ramp and distracts Mero - handing the easy DDT victory to Jarrett. Jarrett tells Kevin Kelly he will be the King of the Ring. Cut to commercial.

Road Dog vs. Kane - squash time! I expect this match will be counted in seconds. We watch Kane enter the ring over the shoulder of Paul Bearer who watches it on TV. Billy Gunn wants to stay ringside but on official is there to send him away. The Dog's one effective move is a finger to the eye. It gains him about 3 seconds then he's on the receiving end again. Kane seems to be extending this out for no good reason. I suppose they didn't want it to look too easy to beat a Tag Champ. Kane is about to execute a chokeslam when the Dog hits him a low-blow - with no affect. Kane completes the chokeslam then Tombstones the clown. Paul Bearer is still insisting that there was a plot on the part os the Undertaker to beat up on Austin. Suddenly UT shows up at Paul Bearer's house!! He uses the man's own furniture to assault him!! Cut to commercial.

Replay of what we just saw...

Edge vs. Jose Estrada - Edge seems to be kind of a combination of Raven and Goldberg - a big guy with a lot of aggression, described by JR as a "tortured soul" - he squashes Jose in about 30 seconds - first drop kicking him out of the ring and then somersaulting over the top rope and landing on his opponent's head. Cut to Kane back in the locker room having a fit as Mankind tries to calm him down then to commercial.

Jose is being carted away as we return.

Dan Severn vs. Owen Hart - KOTR Quarter Final match - this is interesting just because the fact is that Severn has never been defeated since becoming a pro-wrestler. If Owen beats him tonight it will be quite an accomplishment. I have this feeling that we are going to see a Shamrock/Savern match for the KOR Final - I don't know why. In the ring Owen puts Severn down then goes out to get a chair. Severn grabs the chair away and Owen goes back to the floor where X-Pac arrives and delivers a chair-shot of his own to the back of Owen's head then rolls him back inside. Severn grabs an un-needed submission hold to get the victory over his almost unconscience opponent. Cut to commercial.

The Rock is in the ring with the rest of NOD and throws out a challenge to DX - they head down the ramp but are turned back by WWF officials. Cut to commercial.

HHH vs. The Rock - KOR Quarter Final match - Maivia attacks before the bell and takes the advantage. His superior talent is quite evident in this match despite Levesque's experience edge. Helmsley eventually turns things around but doesn't hold the initiative for long. Maivia is firmly in control of this match. Helmsley is holding on but it doesn't look good unless he gets some help. Of course, Chyna has been allowed to remain at ringside...why is that, do you suppose..? The match goes to the outside where Maivia retains his advantage. Back in the ring, while the referee is checking on HHH, Chyna sneaks up behind the Rock and then DDT's him as he turns around! HHH returns to the ring and tries for a pin - no cigar. He grabs a sleeper which is reversed by Maivia. Chyna distracts him again but this time he keeps his composure and delivers a low-blow (what is this all about tonight..?) then executes a Fisherman's Suplex to get the pin. DX erupts into the ring and starts to punk Maivia - then NOD runs in to even the odds and we have a pier six brawl on our hands. In the back, Kane is knocking his head against the wall as Mankind tells him "I have something to do..." Cut to commercial.

Mankind rocks in the ring as we return. He rants about studying history as a boy. The cell starts to descend as he speaks. He is ranting at the Undertaker as it turns out - though he takes a while getting around to it. He vows to urinate on UT's grave...gosh, how refined... By the time he finishes the cage is covering the ring area. He is supposed to have a match with Billy Gunn but i certainly wouldn't get into the Cell with this nut.

Billy gunn makes his entrance as the cell starts to ascend again. They start the match as soon as Billy hits the ring. Mankind starts whaling on him immediately. Billy fights back and finally gets away from him for a moment. The fight gioes out to the floor where Chyna jumps on Foley's back. She is sent away as the brawl goes on at ringside. Mankind smashes Billy into the steps, but then tries again and is reversed into the steps himself. Back in the ring, Foley re-asserts his domination. As with Kane, he is carrying his opponent throughout the match. They go outside again where Mankind picks up a portion of the ringsteps but has them drop-kicked into his face. They struggle back in the ring then Mankind sinks the mandible claw to get the vistory. Foley heads back looking for Kane but can't find him.

In the arena, Sable makes a second entrance. She wears a cover-all leather (or maybe vinyl) outfit. She introduces Steve Austin. He comes to the ring in street clothes. He takes the mic from her then shows her how to flip the bird at Vince. He rants about somebody being under the ring then accepts the stipulations for the match with Kane. He promises to bring marshmellows, hot dogs and beer for Kane's little weenie roast. Kane appears on the platform, he gestures and suddenly Austin is drenched in stage blood!! He puts the voice box to his throat and says that the next time the blood will be real...fade to black as we look at Austin's "crimson mask"...

Five solid hours...

At least that's the way I see it...

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