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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Hogan and Hall Square Off

Kevin Nash runs in and gets punked by the nWo, including Hall

Misterio Forced to Relinquish his Title

Jericho drags out the rule book again...

Kane ans Mankind Take the Tag Titles

NAO fail to regain them in a rematch the same night

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 17

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

Malone, Rodman do battle in ring

By The Associated Press

Volume 3, Issue 336 - July 13, 1998
News from Bob Ryder:


Karl Malone's sister, Mattie Towns, died on Friday in Louisiana.

Funeral services were scheduled for Saturday in Monroe, LA. Mattie Towns was 46 years old.

Solie's would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Mr. Malone and his family and would like to add that, considering Mr. Malone's personal situation, his courageous performance on the Bash at the Beach PPV showed him to be a consumate professional and a credit to sports and entertainment in general.


The WWF website is promoting a "Code Red" for this Monday Night. The "Code Red" will consist of a one hour live pregame show for RAW. The show will take place on and requires NETSHOW to view.


Bret Hart has launched an official website in conjunction with The site features a Biography, Q&A, Gallery, Bret's Drawings, Mail, and Bret's Calgary Sun Column.


TV Guide will be running a story on wrestling in the near future, and the cover photo will reportedly be Steve Austin.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley recently completed work on the set of Pacific Blue, and will appear as a lifeguard in an upcoming episode.

The airdate for the episode is August 9.


Dan Severn successfully defended the NWA World title with three victories over the weekend.

Severn beat Big Val Puccio on July 9 at an NWA New England show, defeated Sgt Craig "Pitbull" Pittman on July 10 at an NWA All Star Wrestling show, and beat Tombstone on Saturday at an NWA New England show.

Severn is set to defend against Doink the Clown at an NWA Pacific Northwest show in Nanaimo, British Columbia on July 17. Severn will also appear on an NWA Ohio show this Wednesday, July 15

July 13, 1998

Malone, Rodman do battle in ring

By The Associated Press

San Diego -- While everyone was watching the NBA players in the wrestling match Sunday, a bodyguard snuck in and decided things.

Dennis "Rodzilla" Rodman and Karl "The Mailman" Malone were the main attractions in the tag-team match that was decided by a last-minute, dirty entrance from a bodyguard.

When it was over, it was the quiet, workmanlike Malone who acted like the wild, authority-defying Rodman usually does.

Rodman, a member of the NBA champion Chicago Bulls, and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan beat Malone, a member of the NBA Finals runner-up Utah Jazz, and "Diamond" Dallas Page before a sellout crowd of 12,000 and a pay-per-view television audience. After Malone delivered a series of head butts to Rodman and Hogan, the crowd began screaming at Hogan and that's when the team's beefy bodyguard entered the ring. After Page entered the ring for Malone, the unidentified bodyguard quickly slammed Page to the canvas. Hogan pounded Page with finishing blows to a referee's count. Hogan and Rodman were declared winners of World Championship Wrestling's "Bash at the Beach."

But a defiant Malone disagreed with the result. He grabbed the referee around the neck and slammed him into the canvas. He then spit at a crowd that had gathered around Hogan and Rodman and he left the ring at San Diego State's Cox Arena while flashing Page's trademark diamond symbol with his hands.

Lisa Padgett, 26, said her husband, John, 26, begged her to come to the match with him. "I got talked into it, that's how come I'm here," she said as fireworks launched from the beach clouded the air with smoke, sand and sparks. "He watches it like four times a week on television. I don't watch it at home, but it's awesome here." The Padgetts paid $125 each for ringside seats one day before the match.

Malone and Page were wearing purple latex pants. Rodman sauntered into the ring with a bandana on his head to hide his latest hair color--or perhaps lack of hair. The bandana stayed in place throughout the tussle. "Dennis dances to a different tune," said Hogan, who worked out daily with Rodman in preparation for the match. "This is a forum where he can achieve and perform to his utmost. Dennis can get into the ring and do what he does best."

It isn't the first time Rodman has teamed up with Hogan for a chance to thump on grown men and not get booted or fined for it. But this time he brought an NBA rival into the fray.

Representatives for World Championship Wrestling, a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., planned to pay Malone and Rodman for the pay-per-view cable TV match, but they wouldn't say how much.

As for Rodman and Hogan, they tag teamed last July in Florida for Rodman's wrestling debut, and after Game 3 of the NBA Finals this year, the two paired for a World Championship Wrestling event in Auburn Hills, Mich.

Rodman skipped practice, was fined, and the Bulls went on to beat Malone and the Jazz for their sixth title.

"Malone," Hogan snarled, "the guy that already is a loser on and off the court."

However, Malone vowed to hand-cancel Rodman with the help of Page. For Malone, it's living out his boyhood dream to "wrassle" with the big guys. "Him and his little coward friend will get beat in the ring," Malone predicted earlier in the week of his rumble with Rodman.

Hogan said the only plan of attack he and Rodman had for Malone and Page was to "romp and stomp them." "We're going to go ahead and embarrass Mr. Clean Cut," Hogan said.

Malone, who weighs 254 pounds to Rodman's 248, said he wasn't worried about an injury jeopardizing his basketball career. He said the Jazz didn't agree with many of the things he likes to do, like riding motorcycles, but he has to live his own life. Besides, he didn't plan on getting hurt.

As for Rodman, he said he does whatever he wants.

And Hogan said wrestling allows Rodman to be as bad as the crowd wants him to be. "I think he likes it a lot better," Hogan said, noting that if Rodman tires of criticism in the NBA, he always has a place in professional wrestling and could probably make more money doing it. "It's not rocket science," Hogan said. "The wilder he is, the more T-shirts we sell."

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 17: The 'Bloody' Controversy.

After surviving matches with Sting, Flair had no time to rest as he was set to face a familiar rival in the "Total Package" Lex Luger. These two were no strangers to each other. In 1986, Luger was the Southern Heavyweight Champion down in Florida for the PWF (Professional Wrestling from Florida. Really!!! That is what the fed was called). This independent group was part of the NWA organization and the NWA World Champion would make routine stops during the year to take on their top wrestlers. In either the spring or summer of 1986, Flair put his NWA crown on the line against Luger in a two out of three falls contest. Each man took one fall a piece with the match ending in a time-limit draw in the third fall. I'm not sure but I think it was a 60 minute bout.

A year later, Luger came to the World Championship Wrestling area (what is now known as WCW) and joined up with the Four Horsemen!! What made this move so shocking was the fact that Flair was a member of the group and that Luger and Flair would be on the same side. It also meant that Luger's dream of being NWA Champion would be sideswiped. For less than a year, Luger and Flair stood side by side in the Horsemen until Luger abruptly left that group in December of 1987. Many thought that Luger and Flair would meet immediately for the NWA title but Flair ended up feuding with Sting while Luger teamed up with Ole Anderson and Barry Windham to take on Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson (who were NWA World Tag Team Champions at this point).

When Sting's bid for the NWA title failed, Luger was named the next in line for a title shot. When the match was announced for July 10, 1988 in Baltimore, MD at the Great American Bash, the Horsemen started their mindgames immediately. This included a parking lot attack on Lex during a Clash Of The Champions event in Miami, FL at the James L. Knight Center (by this time, Barry Windham had turned heel and joined the Horsemen). Weeks of verbal intimidation went on before this big bout. When time for the match came, Flair (for one of the rare times in his reign as NWA Champion) was viewed as the underdog!!! Not only because of Luger's strength and ability but also because of his familiarity with him and his time with the Horsemen. The other flip of the coin there, however, is that Flair became more familiar with Luger as well. In any event, the match was on and it saw Luger dominate most of the contest. Only when Flair used dirty tactics and/or took advantage of a mistake did Flair see any offense. Late in the match, JJ Dillion took Luger and rammed him into the ringpost!!! This opened up a cut on Luger's forehead. Still, this didn't stop Luger as he still rallyed to put Flair in his "Human Torture Rack" backbreaker!!! While this was going on, Maryland State Athletics Commisiner Ray Ianucci ordered the bout to be stopped because of the bleeding on Luger's forehead. Now, I can understand a match being stopped because of blood (the Bret Hart/Steve Austin match at WM 13 is a great example), but this was a small cut at best!!! I've seen boxing matches that have continued with bigger cuts than that!!! I am not the biggest Lex Luger fan but he was screwed, PERIOD!!

Now, here is a little behind the scenes info on that bout that I got from Becky Taylor's FAQ on Flair page. Dusty Rhodes, who was the booker at that time, decided on this screwjob finish!!! Please!!! SCSA bled far worse than Luger did and that match wasn't stopped for about another 5 minutes or so!!! At least make it believable!!! Anyway, Flair retained his title and would survive numerous rematches against Luger including a bout at Starrcade '88: True Gritt, which proved to be Luger's last bout for the NWA title for almost a year!!! Flair thoght that his troubles were over but they were just beginning!!!

Next: Return Of The Dragon

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

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Nitro Report

We start with a video review of Goldberg's Title victory.

Nitro comes to us live from the Garden Arena of the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada - the Nitro grrrrls dance in the ring to the X-Files theme - they have glitzed up for tonight's show in spangles and gold lamee. Legendary Larry wears a Goldberg T-shirt. Tony tells us, as he did last week, that we will see the entire Hogan/Goldberg match later tonight. We starts now with replays of Hollywood Hogan's words interspersed with Goldbergs squashing of Scott Hall then of Hogan himself.

Voodoo Child ramps up and the nWo Hogan faction heads for the ring. Eric Bischoff looks decidedly grim as he prepares to make his remarks. His rant is the usual swill thanking the crowd then he hands it over to Hogan who claims that Goldberg is a flash in the pan. He goes on to talk about "nWo family business". He puts the blame for his own failings squarely on Hall's shoulders. Hall looks incredulous as Hogan declares that he wants to face Hall tonight in the ring. Hall says he's done everything that he's been told to do, admits that he lost to Goldberg and then reminds Hogan that he did as well. He accepts the challenge. Hogan says fine then turns on Bishoff - demanding to know why he is "snickering" - he assigns the referee duties to "Easy E" who is plainly horrified at the thought of getting between Hall and Hogan. He threatens Bischoff with the Disciple then hands the mic to Leslie, who complains about getting hit with a chair last week and challenges Diamond Dallas Page to a match tonight. Hall leaves the ring while this is going on. I just noticed that Brian Adams is missing. Hennig and Rude seem to be keeping their own council (interestingly, they were the ones I noticed snickering when Hogan was ranting). Cut to commercial.

Replay of stills from last night's main event.

Horace (w/Lodi) vs. The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) - Horace gets in the first shots but then is overwhelmed by his opponent. Lodi distracts the Barbarian while Horace goes out for his Stop sign and then clobbers his opponent. He puts him down then goes to the top and throws a splash. Jimmy Hart jumps onto the apron and gets creamed, Horace gets the sign again but this time Barbarian kicks it right into his face then gets the pin. The Flock swarms but here comes Meng. Meng clears the ring then faces his former partner. Barbarian wants to make nice but Meng grabs him in the Tongan Death Grip and puts him out.

Stills of the Goldberg/Hennig match from last night. Cut to Mean Gene up on the platform - he calls Curt Hennig and Rick Rude out for an interview. He wants to know where Rude was last night. Rude accuses Goldberg of somehow cancelling his plane flight! Hennig rants about having Goldberg's number and wants to have another match with him tonight. He further tells Rude to stay out of it because he knows "Goldberg's weakness" and doesn't want anybody to be able to say that Goldberg lost because of Rude's interference. I'm trying to figure out when Hennig was elected to the Championship Committee... Cut to commercial.

Stills of Jericho's loss the Rey Misterio, Jr. from last night. Cut to Mean Gene again who is standing with JJ Dillon. They call Misterio out for his interview. Rey comes out closely followed by Chris Jericho who has his rule book again. He cites a rule that says that if a suspended wrestler (Malenko, I presume) is present in the arena during a Championship match and his presence affects the outcome, then the match outcome is nullified. Dillon has to agree that Jericho is correct. Jericho demands the belt back and Dillon acquieces reluctantly. Malenko comes out to protest so Jericho suggests that Malenko and Misterio have a match to determine the #1 contender. Both agree and the match is made. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Grrrls and party info.

Hacksaw Jim Duggen vs. Rick Fuller - Fuller is a big bruiser and gives Duggen a slight challenge but nothing to write home about. Duggen uses a Polish Power style hammer followed by his three-point tackle and a knee drop to get the pin. Cut to commercial.

Video review of Buff Bagwell's emotional appearance on Nitro last week.

Mean Gene calls Buff out for an interview. He is wheeled out this time by his doctor. Gene wants to know where Bagwell stands vis-a-vis the nWo factions. He expresses confusion, then says that one thing he's sure of - he wants to talk to Rick Steiner. Steiner shows up with his arm in a sling. Before Bagwell can make his statement, Hulk Hogan comes striding down backed up by the Disciple. Hogan comandeers the mic and berates Bagwell, then he overturns Bagwell's wheelchair! Hogan splits and the doctor and Steiner help Buff up as the crowd chants "Hogan Sucks!!" Cut to commercial.

Stills from the TV Title match last night.

Bret Hart vs. Fit Finley - Finley pretty much domintes the match in the ring but then they take it out to the floor and Hart turns the tables. Finley is rammed viciously into the steps. Back in the ring, Hart continues his attack, setting up for the Sharpshooter but Finley is a tough cookie and manages a comeback. Now it is all Finley again until Hart gets an atomic drop then goes for the Sharpshooter. He fails the first time but then goes for it again immediately and gets it for the submission victory. Cut to commercial.

Stevie Ray vs. Rick Martel - Stevie comes out holding a title belt - could be the TV title but we don't get a good look at it at first. Martel wears a brace on his injured right knee. The belt is the TV title - we discover before the match begins. Stevie Ray asserts his superior size right off the bat then rushes into an upraised knee. Martel puts him down with a flying clothesline then grabs an armbar. Stevie shoves him off then side steps and sends Martel sprawling on the floor. He is out there and has his hands on the Canadian as we cut to commercial.

Martel is taking control in the ring as we return. He is working on Stevie's left arm quite effectively. The he drops his guard and is overwhelmed again. But Stevie then misses an elbow drop and hands the intitiative back to Martel. Martel gets a scoop slam, then Stevie comes back with a kick. The match see-saws. Martel manages to get the Boston Crab on his opponent but then Bret Hart runs in with a chair and brains him! Stevie and the referee are both confused for a moment but Stevie takes the easy pin after a pancake slam.

Mean Gene wants to know what the deal is with Stevie Ray and Bret Hart, then he asks about the TV Title. Stevie says that his brother is in the hospital and that he has been given power-of-attorney to defend the TV Title but declines to document that claim. He promises to defend the belt against all comers - Okerlund is dubious and so am I... Cut to commercial.

They show stills of Konnan vs. Disco Inferno - why I can't imagine...

Barry Darsow vs. Konnan (w/Sting) - why is it that Konnan seems to be the only member of the Wolfpack who wrestles with any frequency? Sting helps him with his tag lines then leaves the ring. Darsow attacks the distracted Konnan before the bell and we are off. Darsow takes Konnan apart as Sting cheers his man on from the ringside area. Konnan makes a comeback and gets a flurry culminating in his drop kick to the chest of his seated opponent. He follows up with a back kick then hits the Tequilla Sunrise for the submission victory. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring as we return. He invites Diamond Dallas Page to the ring. Page accepts the challenge from the Disciple and says "lets do it now!" The Disciple runs to the ring as Okerlund bails. DDP gets the first shot but then the Disciple takes over pretty quickly. DDP is reeling from being beaten piller-to-post. As the match progresses, Rick Rude strolls out to ringside. DDP has the regained the upper hand until Rude interferes. As the Disciple thinks he has things going his way, DDP runs him into Rude who has jumped up on the apron then rolls him up for the pin. As DDP leaves the ring he is met by Hogan with a chair and an attitude. Vincent holds DDP down while Hogan hits him again. Cut to commercial.

Saturn vs. Kanyon vs. Raven - triangle match - the fight starts in the aisle. In the ring, Raven sits in one corner grinning as Saturn and Kanyon go at it in another corner. As soon as Kanyon gains the upper hand, Raven attacks him. But Kanyon turns the tables and lays raven out. Meanwhile Saturn attacks Kanyon and knocks him out of the ring. He pulls a table out from under the ring and puts Kanyon on it then splashes him. The table crumbles and Raven is smiling again. Lodi throws Saturn back into the ring where Raven tries to position him on the top turnbuckle but is upset and dropped to the mat. Now Kanyon is back and all three are fighting each other alternately. They end up in a triple deck fall away slam which sees Raven end up on top. He tries to pin each of his opponents without success. The three of them go at it again then Kanyon gets Raven in a Flatliner. Saturn performs the save then puts the Death Valley Driver on Raven. He would have the pin except that Kanyon reaches in and pulls him off. Kanyon and Saturn battle outside the ring and are both counted out. Cut to commercial.

Video review of the Cruiserweight Title situation from earlier tonight.

Rey Misterio, Jr. vs. Dean Malenko - Cruiserweight Title #1 contender match - the two combatents shake hands before the bout. We get a wrestling lesson from these fine athletes in the early going of the match. Neither man seems to be able to gain a definite advantage as the match continues. Each seems capable of countering the other's primary weapons. Rey is catapulted over Malenko's head and almost lands upright on the top turnbuckle but slips and hurts his leg. He comes right back however and has Malenko on the top and positioned for a Frankensteiner but Malenko turns the tables and gets a super gut buster. As Malenko is getting ready to wrap things up, Jericho appears ringside and swings his title belt like a baseball bat to clobber Malenko - Dean doesn't know what hit him and neither does Misterio as he takes the pin. Cut to commercial.

The Dancing Fools vs. Lex Luger/Kevin Nash (w/Sting/Konnan)- what a way to waste this stable (Wolfpack, I mean). Putting them into a feud with these two clowns. What is Bischoff thinking? Disco watches Lex flex and immediately turns around and tags in Wright. Alex seems unintimidated and manages one good armdrag before getting run down by Luger. The Fools abandon the ring but Konnan is there to stop that action - then Sting gets involved and creams Wright before rolling him back into the ring. Moments later Wright is racked as Disco is Jack Knifed - surprise, surprise... Lets go sell something.

Video of Steve McMichael's interview from last Wednesday and then the clip of Arn's interview prior to his match with Ric Flair a while back.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Steve McMichael - a classic matchup - a good little guy vs a...well...a big guy. Eddie drop kicks Mongo in the back on the bell then pounds him in the back in the corner. Mongo absorbs the blows but can't quite get back into the match for several moments. Eventually his superior size wins out and he turns the tables. Chavo comes out just in time to distract Mongo so that Eddie gets a chance to drop-kick him in the knee. Chavo goes into the ring and gets between them. So Eddie uses his nephew as a weapon against his opponent. The match is thrown out and Mongo puts the Tombstone piledriver on Chavo as Eddie leaves the area. Cut to commercial.

Video review of Hogan's rant earlier.

Scott Hall vs. Hollywood Hogan (w/the Disciple) - Michael Buffer announces the first half of the main event. He introduces Bischoff as the special referee before bringing in the combatents. Bichoff doesn't look happy at all to be here. He wears a Hogan T-shirt. Hogan intimidates Bischoff as soon as he arrives in the ring. Hall looks suspicious as he apporoaches the ring. Probably a good idea... Hall tosses toothpicks into the faces of Hogan and Bischoff before the match gets underway. Hogan actuaaly looks hurt... Hogan tries to stuff his bandana down Halls throst and gets his hand bitten. Hall seems to have the upper hand during the early going but Hogan comes back with a cheap shot and turns the tables. He deals some heavy shots as Bischoff maintains his distance. As the match goes on it is clear that Bischoff is favoring Hogan. The Disciple attcks Hall and Bischoff ignores it. Hall comes roaring back and is in control again but Bischoff then fails to administer a count. Hogan recovers and grabs a sleeper that is actually a choke. Bischoff ignore it until Hall reverses the hold - then he is right there to break it up. Suddenly DDP runs into the ring and attacks everyone. Bischoff is Diamond Cut. DDP almost clears the ring but then gets caught from behind by Hogan. Now Kevin Nash is running in and cleaning house. He high signs Hall and starts to put Hogan into the Jack Knife - but Hall attacks him! It appears that the nWo is back on track as they dominate the ring again. Cut to commercial.

Goldberg vs. Curt Hennig - World Title match - Michael Buffer intros the match. Goldberg makes another entrance from the back area, flanked by securitys - like he did at Nitro when he won the title. Hennig takes his time re-entring the ring after the Champ's entrance. Hennig jaws some the attacks and is repelled then speared. Goldberg holds him verticle for a long moment before executing the Jackhammer and getting the win. That's all she wrote, folks.

I just realized they never did show the entire Hogan/Goldberg match as promised.

RAW Report

Scenes from last week's program open the show cut to the opening montage.

RAW is live from E. Rutherford, New Jersey. Shawn Michaels is introduced and enter the arena to a huge pop. He does his classic dance routine in the center ring then high fives the referee before joining the announce team (Ross and Lawler). He mentions that the WWF was "brutalized by the competition" last week and cites that as his reason for appearing tonight.

The Undertaker vs. Vader - UT enters and has to step back as one of the ring posts expldes in his face. Even Michaels seems taken aback as he comments on th Undertaker's place in the WWF competition. Vader enters then the lights go out and Kane appears with Mankind and Paul Bearer. He advances to the ring area then watches as the match begins. Vader asserts his superior size and takes over after the first two exchanges. UT comes right back and does his rope walk then smashes down on his opponent. He knocks Vader out of the ring and goes out after him but is distracted by Kane and fails to follow through. Back in the ring, UT goes back on the offensive but is rebuffed immediately. Vader gets a big splash on the Dead man. He pounds on him some more and then gets an even bigger splash from the second rope. Then UT suddenly comes to life and gets a chokeslam. He follows with the Tombstone and the pin. Mankind is in the ring with a chair but Kane grabs it away. Kane decks Vader with the weapon while UT is out getting a chair of his own. Kane leaves before the confrontation can take place. Cut to commercial.

The starting backfield of the New York Giants are pointed out sitting ringside as we return.

The announcers are running down last night's WCW PPV as Bart Gunn is introduced.

Bart Gunn vs. Bob Holly - Brawl for All - Bart seems to have the better boxing form and definitely has the reach advantage. The action is pretty mild during the first round - Bart appears to get the 5 points for punches landed. Bart again dominates the second round with punches, although Holly keeps his guard up and deflects a lot of them. The third round is a rout for Bart Gunn as well. Holly's not happy with the result and swings at Bart after the match. (Yawn)

Video of DX as the NOD. The Nation are shown in the back and they are not amused.

Jason Sensation is with the announce team and cutting up with wrestler impressions including all of the WWF's top guns. In the back the Nation has it's say. Jason looks a little non-plussed as he is personally threatened by Owen. Still he repeates the impression - Owen runs out and slaps the tar out of him then drags him into the ring and puts him in the Sharpshooter. The rest of the Nation tries to calm him down then DX hits the ring and performs the rescue. Cut to commercial.

The Rock/Owen Hart vs. HHH/X-Pac - the four of them erupt into action before the bell. Maivia and X-Pac end up on the outside while HHH takes on Owen in the ring. Eventually DX clears the ring. The sound keeps cutting out at this point. Things settle down and X-Pac faces the Rock. They criss-cross and the Rock puts Waltman down with a Samoan Drop. Owen comes in and really tears into X-Pac but can't quite put him away. Maivia tags in and continues the assault. Michaels declines to discuss his relationship with DX - says they have something going for them and he is happy to sit back and call the match. In the ring the two combatents have cracked heads and both are down. The Rock recovers first and takes out after HHH then turns around to get a boot in the gut and dropped on his face. X-Pac takes the pin. Cut to Marc Mero and Jaquelyn together in the back then to commercial.

Sable comes out to have her say at the announce table.

Marc Mero (w/Jaquelyn) vs. Steve Blackman - this is a rematch from the first Brawl for All - Mero is out for blood and likely to fare better in this one. Jaquelyn accosts Sable at ringside giving Mero a chance to get in his low blow while the referee is out getting between them. Mero positions his opponent so Jaquelyn can splash him but Sable upsets her balance. In the confusion Blackman lays Mero out and pins him. Cut to commercial.

New Age Outlaws vs Kane/Mankind - Tag Team Title match - right behind Kane and Mankind comes the Undertaker to watch from ringside. Mankind tears into Road Dog to start but is kicked off from the corner. Billy comes in and they trade punches. Foley falls to the outside, Chyna nails him with one of the title belts. He is rolled back in and and holds his own until he can tag Kane in. Kane is the irrisistable force. Billy ends up ut on the floor where Mankind runs him into the steps. Maivia and Owen show up on the ramp to lend their distraction to things. In the ring Mankind is controlling Billy. Both tag out ans Road Dog puts a flurry on Kane who absorbes the blows. Out on the ramp. DX is attacking the NOD and meanwhile in the ring, Kane is Tombstoning the Dog (after D'Lo hits him with a Frog Splash) to get the pin and the Titles. Cut to commercial.

In the back, Vince McMahon is agreeing with DX that they got screwed in the ring before the break, He promises to do something about it.

Too Much/Taka Michinoku vs. Kaientai - why Taka would team up with these snakes I can't imagine. As soon as Taka gets in the ring, Kaientai attack en mass - to their credit, Too Much help him out. For their own part, Too Much showboats...well...too much...The action is fast and furious win this one with Kaientai dominating throughout and getting the pin on Taka. His partners attack him after the bout. Val Venis shows up on the platform and rants at Yamaguchi. He admits he was wrong last week to mess with another man's wife. He offers a phoney apology then shows a video which depicts Yamaguchi's wife with Mr. Cheese in the sack. Yamaguchi throws a fit in the ring. Cut to commercial.

McMahon comes to the ring to make an announcement. He introduces the Undertaker as the "most demonic, twisted soul in the WWF". UT comes down so McMahon can rant at him. He poses the question about whether or not UT is in cahoots with his brother. UT tells him to go to Hell. Now Stone Cold decides to come down and get involved. Austin invites McMahon to leave. Vince declines. Austin wants to know where UT is coming from regarding the tag team match they have coming up. UT tells Austin to go to Hell as well. DX comes down and HHH demands a rematch for the Tag Titles tonight. He suggests that UT and Austin be made special enforcers outside the ring for the rematch. McMahon agrees then splits before UT can get his hands on him. Cut to commercial.

Kama vs. Dan Severn - Brawl for All - Severn keeps going for takedowns to his detriment. Kama keeps punching and defending his position. During the second round he wastes time holding Kama down after a take down attempt. They are in the ropes so I'm not sure it counts as a takedown. Michaels refers to Severn as "Ken Shamrock" during the third round. In the end Severn is awarded the duke for his takedowns despite the fact that the unofficial count had Kama ahead after the second round. Cut to commercial.

New Age Outlaws vs. Kane/Mankind II - Tag Team Title match - Austin shows up with beer in hand. I guess he thinks he's the Sandman now. Billy and Mankind Battle on the outside while Kane is destroying the Road Dog in the ring. Then Billy comes in and they doubleteam the big guy. They then jump outside and go to work on Mankind. Kane leaves the ring and knocks them all down on the ramp. Back in the ring it's Kane and the Dog again and the Dog is not doing well. Mankind comes in to continue the attack. Kane is back in and goes for the pin but Billy saves his partner. The Champs are effectively isolating the weak link on the opponents' team. Billy comes in a somehow manages to make th exchange without a tag - then the referee gets squashed in the corner and he is out of it. Moments later the Dog slips in a low blow and rolls Kane up. Austin starts the count but UT pulls him out of the ring. Now Kane gets a chokeslam and UT starts the count but Austin breaks it up. They face off and then Kane attacks Austin from behind. The ring fills up as NOD and DX run in and the place is in chaos as we fade to black...

That ending reminded me ever so much of typical WCW fare...

At least that's the way I see it...

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Join the livliest discussion of wrestling topics on the web. Please watch your language, we have children surfing in here. Visit Solie's Readers' Forum. This page is a personal tribute and is in no way connected to any of the wrestling promotions mentioned on it. It is dedicated to the Dean of Wrestling announcers, Gordon Solie.

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