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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Monday Night Wars Edition

Bagwell's Recent Injury Speech a Scam!!

Buff strips off his neck brace after hitting Rick Steiner with a chair


Bret Hart is the new US Champ

DDP pre-injured and trounced

D-Lo Brown Takes the European Title

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 18

by Ervin Griffin and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 338 - July 20, 1998
Here's an interesting email I received from my music partner, who attended the Oakland Thunder card:

Dear Earl,

Just a brief note to let you know that the Live Card was great! After the main match with DDp and Hennig, the best thing was that there was an untelevised match between Goldberg and the giant. I was nervous for a while because Goldberg wasn't relly faring to well. When the giant got the choke hold on him I thought it was all over. But somehow Goldberg speared him and actually jackhammered the big lug!! It was amazing!! It made my night!!

Take care,

Bill Milano sent me this note


I've posted a WAV file of Arn Anderson's soliloquy on DDT Digest. If you feel it worthwhile, you may want to point your readers that happened to miss the show to it.

Bill Milano
The DDT Digest guy

A message from Ervin Griffin:

Hello everyone.

I have some things to announce. First, I have two new stories for my Fan Writings section for my web site. Mickey Alderson, a fellow writer of fan fiction for wrestling, has donated a story entitled "Slamboree '98: A Legends Reunion" to my site and believe me, it is waaaay better than the one that happened in real life!!!

Also, from the Readers Forum, Solie's own Deranged Clint presents a follow up of Hulk Hogan (1986) VS. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (1998) with a pt. 2 to the story. It you wish to check out these and other stories, then go to

Also, in addition to writing for Solie's, I now write for HWGN, which stands for Hardcore Wrestling Gazette Newsletter. E-mail this address ( ) for more details about subscription.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 18: Return Of The Dragon

This little line fits this chapter because this one follows one of the most exciting chapters in the career of "Nature Boy" Ric Flair!!! It all began two weeks after his Starrcade '88 victory over Lex Luger.

Flair and Barry Windham was being challenged by the late "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert!!! Gilbert challenged them to a tag team match on World Championship Wrestling (now known as WCW Saturday Night)!! Flair and Windham quickly accepted Gilbert's challenge saying that he (Gilbert) can get anyone he wants to!!! JJ Dillion offered to find out who the partner would be but Flair waived against it!!!

This arrogance would prove to be his downfall the following week as Gilbert unveiled his partner!!! It was Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat!!! Flair couldn't believe it!! (I did a similar scenerio in my Rick Steamboat VS. Chris Benoit story) This shock apparently didn't wear off in time as Steamboat pretty much dominated Flair and Windham!!!

The only time Flair and Windham saw an advantage was when Gilbert was in there and even then it was short-lived as Gilbert did some of his best wrestling in that bout!!! The match ended when Steamboat executed his trademark flying bodypress on Flair for the win!!! Flair was p*ssed!! Over the following weeks, JJ Dillion was fired for not "warning" Flair about Steamboat!!! Truth is that JJ took a job in the front office for the WWF and was leaving so they came up with this "firing" story to explain it. Anyway, Flair and Steamboat would have two more unscheduled run-ins before finally meeting on February 20, 1989 in Chicago, Ill at the UIC Pavillion for the NWA strap.

NEXT: War Of Attrition

If you have a question, comments, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at or

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Nitro Report

Scenes from last week begin the program. Scott Hall turns on Kevin Nash after seeming to have given him the high sign.

The Nitro Grrrrls dance on the platform. Nitro is live from the East Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the arena in which Goldberg made his first appearance on Nitro.

nWo music plays and Scott Hall appears in the entry way. He makes his way to the ring as the announcers talk about his relationship with Kevin Nash. He gets a round of boos as he starts his rants. He tries an abreviated version of his survey and doesn't get the results he hoped for. He rants against Nash, saying that he (Hall) did all the work. He claims that Nash "...isn't even a man" and that Nash is an embarrassment to him. He says Hollywood Hogan is more of a man then Nash.

Tony announces that the Championship Committee has named the two top contenders for the US Title as Bret Hart and Diamond Dallas Page. They will meet tonight for the Championship. They then go into a video recap of the events leading up to Hall's betrayal of Kevin Nash last week.

Stevie Ray vs. Johnny Boone - Stevie comes out without the TV Title this week - he says he left it with his brother and his attorney. His unintroduced opponent is a little skinny white guy. Stevie shakes his hand and then destroys him. Stevie takes the match out to the floor and roughs up his opponent before throwing back in. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. shows up ringside carrying the TV belt. He wears a Zorro mask and is holding his hobby horse. Stevie finishes the match then chases Chavo away. Chavo drops the belt as he retreats. Stevie seems embarrassed after retrieving it and tries to hide it as he heads up the aisle. Cut to commercial.

Video review of the Buff Bagwell incident from last week.

Mean Gene calls Rick Steiner down to talk about the incident. Steiner is out of his sling this week. First Okerlund wants to know how Rick feels about the things his brother has been saying about him recently. Rick is slightly out of character , his rant is pretty coherent. He calls Hogan a "crybaby" and then challenges his brother to a match at Sturgis. Buff Bagwell is wheeled out by one of the trainers as Rick finishes his spiel. Rick says he feels responsible for Bagwell's injury and says he'll help him anyway he can. Bagwell says that the experience of his injury and the aftermath has changes his life. He rises out of the wheelchair to shake Steiner's hand and embrace him. Suddenly Scott Steiner runs in and hits Rick with a chair! Then Bagwell grabs the chair away as if to protect his new friend...then he hits Rick!!! He tears off his neck brace and pulls off his shirt to reveal the nWo attire underneath. He and Scott celebrate as we cut to commercial.

Okerlund introduces Chris Jericho as we return. Jericho deliberately mispronounces Mean Gene's nickname before launching into a rant against Dean Malenko. He offers Malenko a shot at the belt next Monday. He says it will be Malenko's last chance at the title.

Tony claims that Dean Malenko doesn't want the belt - he wants Dean Malenko. Scott Hall interrupts Tony's shouting to take the mic and demand that they not show the Nash interview from last night because he's afraid he'll puke... Tony promises to show the tape later then we cut to the outside where a car appears to have crashed into the side of the building. It is still smoking and there is a sign on the wall that reads, "The Star of the Show". Cut to commercial.

Sick Boy vs. Steve McMicael - Tony relates the crashed car to Jay Leno somehow. I heard today that Leno will be involved in Road Wild, either as a wrestler or as DDP's manager. I guess this will be the set-up for Leno's entry into the storyline. In the ring Mongo is taking the Flock member apart. He executes the Mongo spike and it is over in a flash.

Video review of the confrontation between Arn Anderson and Dean Malenko last week.

Eric Bischoff's Late Show - Biscoff starts his segment by telling Leno's jokes from Friday night. He has canned laughter to accompany it as the live audience jeers him. He then switches to some of his own, directed at Leno. He sends us to commercial with a promise that Hogan will join him after the break...

...but it doesn't happen right away. First we get a replay of Kevin Nash's interview regarding Scott Hall. He tape is abrupty cut off, Tony starts to apologize then a camera shows us Scott Hall leaving the technical truck - Nash shows up and attacks him then the nWo swarms all over him. The Wolf Pack shows up and a donnybrook ensues. Cut back to the announce position where Bret Hart has arrived to demand that DDP face him for the US Title right now. Cut to the back again where Konnan is freaking out. DDP is down and out. Hart says that DDP is faking, demands the match now and heads to the ring. JJ Dillon arrives and goes to the ring and consults with Hart. He talks about, "buying some time..." then heads toward the back as we cut to commercial.

Another one of those very clever Masterlock commercials. This time its about their weatherproof models. I just realized that the voiceover is done by Jason Alexander (George from Seinfeld).

Video review of what just happened out back before the break.

Yuji Nagata (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Saturn - this should be good - to legit tough guys who are both excellent technical wrestlers. Saturn dominates the early going but Nagata is no slouch and soon turns things around. He downs Saturn and starts working on his left leg. Saturn comes back with a belly to back suplex, but Nagata roars back with a back kick and then a suplex of his own. He then rushes in and smashes his own knee into the corner to hand the initiative back to his opponent. Ton tells us that a match has been made between Nash/Sting and Hall/Giant and it will be next up. Saturn has the match in hand when Raven runs in and DDT's his former friend. The referee has been distracted by Oono so Nagata gets the easy victory. The Flock swarms all over Saturn until Kanyon runs in and saves his bacon. Saturn shows his gratitude by putting the Death Valley Driver on Kanyon. Cut to some Bret Hart carnage footage and then to commercial.

Kevin Nash/Sting vs. the Giant/Scott Hall - World tag Team Title match - Kevin interrupts the nWo/Hogan music in order to do his usual Wolf Pack call and response. Sting is looking pretty serious tonight for a change. Nash and Hall face each other in the ring but then Hall tags in the Giant before making contact. The Giant wins the first exhange but Nash comes right back. The Wolf Pack clears the ring. Hall and the Giant confer on the outside before re-entering the ring. Now Sting is up against Hall. Hall grabs an arm bar and throws his patented short shoulder block but Sting comes back with a clothesline and knocks him down. The camera draws back and we cut to commercial.

The Giants on the outside as we return. He re-enters the ring and faces Sting. They face down then he walks away. Sting attacks with a vengence and almost takes the big guy down but then tries the Stinger Splash one time too many and gets caught. Sting is down and being double-teamed. Hall has "Wolf Pac" on his trunks, by the way. Hall grabs an abdominal stretch until the referee catches the Giant providing leverage. Sting throws him off and tags in Nash who cleans house. Hall is laid out and about to be powerbombed but the Giant breaks that up. Sting comes in and pounces on the Giant. They are put out of the ring and Nash is still in charge. Sting tags back in and is about to put Hall into the Scorpion Deathlock when Bret Hart runs in. Sting is distracted and shoves Hart down. Hart rolls to the outside and then distracts Sting some more so that Hall can grab blindside him and gets the Outsiders' Edge. Hall takes the pin and the Titles for his team. Cut to commercial.

The announcers discuss what happened to DDP earlier then roll the tape. The Nitro Grrrrls are dancing on the platform when one of the trainers comes to fetch Kimberly and take her too the back. This doesn't look good for DDP...

Ultimo Dragon vs. Tokyo Magnum - the Dragon faces one of his students in this one and "takes him to school". Magnum stops to dance and gets creamed before the match begins. This Japanese jobber doesn't stand a chance in this one, of course. He mounts very little offense and it is clear that the master has taught Magnum everything that he (Magnum) knows but not nearly everything that he (UD) knows. A Dragon Sleeper gains him the easy victory. Cut to commercial.

Scott Norton vs. Jim (the jobber) Powers - this will be a squash for sure. Norton just freight-trains right over his opponent. Powers gets about 15 seconds of offense and then is destroyed. Norton draws it out a bit but the ending is inevitable. Cut to commercial.

A tribute video to Hollywood Hogan, appropriately enough it is in black and white...

Voodoo Child plays and there's Bichoff again. He leads Hogan and the rest of the nWo thugs out. Hogan assumes the lead position as they strut towards the ring. Hogan poses on the second rope. He and Hall are back on the ins again apparently. Hall and the Giant pose proudly on either side of Hogan, displaying their new Tag Team belts as Hogan begins his rant. He calls for a round of applause for the new champs, and gets jeers instead. The crowd continues to jeer louder as he turns his attention to Goldberg. He welcomes the Japanese contingent and shakes their hands. Muta seems surprised at that - he was starting to bow... Hogan rants about the match between DDP and Hart that's supposed to take place but seems doubtful. The cut back to some footage of Bischoff doing his Leno impression then to commercial.

Recap of the main event from Thunder last week.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Konnan (w/Antoine "Big Dawg" Carr) - Carr is a member of the Utah Jazz - Konnan turns his back to high-five his companion and gets blindsided. He comes back by elevating Guerrero and dropping on his face. He follows that with a gorrilla press slam. Eddie rolls out to the floor only to be intimidated by Carr. Back in the ring, both competitors are wary. They lock-up and Konnan takes the advantage again. Eddie uses a finger to the eye to retake the initiative. Moments later Konnan uses two handfulls of hair to take over again. Chavo appears in a Konnan outfit but doesn't seem to be able to distract anyone for a moment. Then Konnan pays him some heed and gets back jumped. Chavo gets his hobby horse into the ring and Eddie starts to use it but Konnan wrests it away from him and uses it himself as the referee is calling for the bell. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig (w/Rick Rude) vs. Lex Luger - a female fan is showing a lot of cleavage - that's the second time tonight the cameras have lingered on such a sight. Hennig out wrestles his opponent easily in the early going but can't overcome Luger's power advantage at first. he rolls out then gets the upper hand as he returns. Rude is getting involved as well - clearly Lex should have brought some back-up. The crowd chants "Hennig Sucks!" as the match goes on in his favor. There is yet to be any report on DDP's condition. Hennig grabs a sleeper hold in the center of the ring and Luger goes down to one knee. He eventually powers out of it with a belly-to-back. Both men are down for a moment then Luger takes control. He flings Hennig toward the corner but catches the ref. Rude enters the ring and is racked. Hennig nails Luger then gets the Hennig-plex. Rude holds Luger's foot as he is counted out by the dazed referee. Cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer is on hand to announce the main event - assuming it's going to happen...

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Bret Hart - US Title match - this is to fill the title vacated by Goldberg when he assumed the World belt - DDP's entrance is delayed and one of the officials confers with Buffer. The announcers are speculating that Hart will win the Title by default - but no - DDP appears limping and bandaged heavily. He is wearing, and blue. Hart just whales into him from the beginning. This is a rout, DDP is being creamed. He gets to his feet but can't land a blow. Hart is tearing him apart. Hart slaps on the Sharpshooter but DDP reaches the ropes. Bret goes back to it and this time they are too far away. DDP submits but Hart refuses to relinquish the hold for a moment. Hart is the new US Champ. Hall gets a lick in as Page is carted away. The nWo are celebrating in the ring as we cut to commercial.

It's been a good night for the nWo...

RAW Report

RAW comes to us on tape from somewhere unnamed as Mr. McMahon is introduced to make a "major" announcement. He is roundly jeered as he starts his rant directed at the Undertaker. He runs some footage showing how the Undertaker impersonated Kane to become the #1 contender for the World Title. He speculates about whether Kane and UT are in cahoots and recalls his question to that effect last week, and UT's response. He then takes credit for HHH's idea of having UT and Austin be the special enforcers for last weeks Tag Team Title rematch and shows us that footage. He recalls that UT and Kane then destroyed Mankind and Austin then calls UT to the ring. The Undertaker enters in his usual fashion. McMahon expresses his disappointment in the phenom and says his feelings were hurt. He wants to talk about respect. He tells UT that he needs to start showing him (Vince) respect. He tries to convince UT that if he will show respect, he can be more then a "flash in the pan Champion like Stone Cold". He demands an answer to his original question but UT refuses to respond. Vince screams at him to no avail - then orders a tag match pitting the Undertaker vs. Kane and Mankind. He tells UT he can go to hell, and gets chokeslammed for his trouble. Pat Patterson and Sgt. Slaughter enter the ring and get the same treatment. UT retreats. McMahon fals down as he is helped out of the ring and kicks Patterson who responds ready to fight.

This is broken up by the entrance of HHH - Helmsley's Michael Buffer impression is as lame as always, even though we haven't heard it in weeks. He should give up on that one. Cut to commercial.

HHH (w/Chyna) vs D-Lo Brown (w/The Rock) - European Title match - HHH is contemptuous of his opponent and gets slugged in his considerable nose. He comes back and takes the advantage. D-Lo is clotheslined to the floor. He gets into it with Chyna and takes a swing at her - she ducks and then decks him! Back in the ring HHH maintains his advantage for a moment then D-Lo comes back with a powerbomb. He positons HHH on the bottom rope so Maivia can get in a slap. D-Lo continues to dominate until he rushes headlong into an high knee. The tables are turned and Helmsley is in control until the Rock trips him. Chyna posts Maivia then grabs a chair to face off with Mark Henry in the aisle. The referee follows her. Back in the ring, HHH is about to get his finisher when Maivia enters and puts on the "Rock Bottom" on him. D-Lo gets the pin and the Title. In the back the Nation celebrates as we cut to commercial.

Pierre vs. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams - Brawl for All - the long awaited debut of Williams has him not really trying so much to box. He gets a takedown immediately - trades a few punches then gets another takedown. Jim Ross, of course can tell us all about Williams since he and Dr Death have been associated throughout both of their careers. Pierre is subject to a standing 8 count during the second round but is saved by the bell. Pierre gets creamed in the third round - there is no doubt about who the winner will be long before it's over. The referee stops the match with 6 seconds to go.

Video recap of Val Venis' cuckolding of Mr. Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi is at ringside with his "wife" and is berating her for humiliating him. He orders her into the ring for "punishment". She holds the ropes for Kaientai's entrance. She is being forced to crawl between his legs as he spanks her with a paddle when Venis shows up and rescues her then escorts her from the ring by carrying her up the aisle. Cut to commercial.

Skull (w/Paul Ellering/8-Ball) vs. Animal - Animal is looking for his missing partner when he is attacked by DOA at ringside. Ellering is about to run him over with his motorcycle when Hawk finally appears. Both Road Warriors are then punked on the ramp. Cut to commercial.

Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee/Southern Justice) vs. Steve Blackman (w/Dan Severn/Ken Shamrock) - I guess someone finally found a use for get Blackman over. Blackman is still too green for his own good, however. He keeps making mistakes but not enough to lose him the match. He puts Jarrett down for the count with a kick to the chest. On the outside, Owen Hart attacks Ken Shamrock.

In the back Michael Cole is pursuing the Undertaker who appears to be leaving the arena. Cut to commercial.

Replay of what we just saw - Cole tells us that UT has indeed left.

Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his entrance and goes to the ring for an interview. Ross informs him that UT has left then asks him what is on his mind concerning his match this Sunday with UT as his partner. Austin insults JR's breath then dismisses him. He speculates on UT's motives and then says McMahon deserves to be "screwed". Vince appears on the platform with his flunkies and disputes that. He says Ausitn will have to take UT's place if he fails to appear. Austin refuses to take the match. Vince coems back with a threat to strip Austin of the belt and give it to the Undertaker. Austin says "fine..." (in so many words) and then says that he'll beat both Mankind and Kane then come back and beat McMahon's a$$. Cut to commercial.

Recap of Jason Sensation's impressions from last week.

Owen Hart (w/NOD) vs. Faarooq - the WWF's attempt to paint Faarooq as an underdog seems destined to failure. Nobody really cares about him. He dominates the early going here by dint of his superior size but can't maintain his advantage for any length of time. Owen outwrestles him to neutralize the size advantage. He applies a Boston Crab to soften his opponent up but Faarooq powers him off. Owen downs his opponent again and then grabs the mic to argue with the crowd. Clearly they are getting under his skin. Faarooq comes back for a bit but again Owen turns the tables. He takes his time climbing the corner but gets the missle drop-kick. Faarooq comes roaring back but then tries a flying move and misses. Owen slaps on the Sharpshooter and gets the submission victory. Ken Shamrock runs in and chases Owen away through the crowd.

In the back Paul Bearer and his troops rant, first against the Undertaker then against Austin. Cut to commercial.

Mark Mero comes to the ring with Jaquelyn. he hands her the mic and she rants against Sable. Sable appears in a long gingham sundress and comes right to the ring to face her enemy. They trade barbs with Sable getting the better of it. Jaquie tears off the dress to reveal Sable's black bikini underwear. Sables throws Jaquie out of the ring via a hair-drag then struts away while back in the ring. Edge levels Mero while the camera is off them. Cut to commercial.

Replay of what just happened.

Shawn Micheals joins the broadcast team to a huge pop. He dances on the broadcast table as the crowd goes wild.

Review of a Brawl for All dark match featuring Scorpio and 8-Ball. Scorpio won it.

The Rock comments on his upcoming IC Title match against X-Pac (can you smell what the Rock is cookin'..?) Cut to commercial.

The Rock (w/NOD) vs. X-Pac (w/DX) - Intercontinental Title match - this erupts into an immediate free-for-all as DX arrives. We go to sell something while the ref restores order.

The ring has been cleared as we return. X-Pac dominates the first few exchanges but is then overwhelmed by his opponent after he rushes into the corner and hangs up on the second turnbuckle. He comes right back but then is subjected to a hotshot and then tossed out of the ring. On the outside, Maivia drops Waltman onto the guard rail then rolls him back into the ring. Maivia grabs a reverse chinlock for a while then stands him up and executes a Samoan Drop. A couple boots to the head then back to the chinlock. He gets up again and delivers the "People's Elbow" then covers in a nonchalant manner and fails to get the pin. X-Pac comes back but he's moving a little slow. Maivia comes back with a powerslam then Waltman levers him over the top to the floor. He returns to the ring but gets brained with his own belt by Chyna. X-Pac goes for the pin but no cigar. Moments later X-Pac ducks a clothesline and the ref gets it instead. D-Lo tries to interfere but HHH is there to prevent it then puts the Curtain Call on Maivia. X-Pac has the pin but a second referee runs in and informs the first what happened. X-Pac is disqualified. Another melee erupts between the two factions as officials swarm in to break it up. NOD retreats. Now the WWF is showing us some cleavage - HHH eggs the young lady on and she first exposes her bra, then flashes the camera - the view is censored however.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mankind/Kane - handicapp match - this appears to be a recipe for disaster for Austin but he fights a good fight against overwhelming odds. Kane is ejected from the ring so Mankind goes for his claw. They tumble to the outside and he puts it on again but Austin shoves him into the steps. The brawl continues on the outside while Kane waits in the ring. Austin returns and tries for a Stunner on Kane but is shoved into Mankind. Here comes the Undertaker and he occupies Austin's corner. In the ring, Austin is holding his own but sinking. Now Kane retreats to the apron and Mankind starts losing the initiative. He is stunned and pinned but Kane drops an elbow and hits his partner. Kane is brought to the corner where the Undertaker waits with a chair. he seems to be trying to bash Austin but gets Kane instead. Austin grabs the chair and bashes all three of them. He leaves the ring piled with bodies.

Another confusing evening all round...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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