Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 34
August 26, 1996

Ted DiBiase Appears on Nitro

Nitro Report

The program comes from Palmeto, Florida this evening.

Billy the Kid(man) vs. (something or other) Guerrera - they didn't display this newcomer's name on the screen and my Spanish language spelling knowledge is sadly lacking but it sounded like "who-in-tute". At any rate it was a pretty good match. The Guerrera kid is a real high-flyer and the Kid Man is coming right along. This is no Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis but not a bad match all the same - the Guerrera kid won it.

They show a scene from the new "Crow" movie - don't ask me why.

Review of the agreement between Sting/Lugar and Flair/Anderson.

Marcus Bagwell/Jim Powers (w/Teddy Long) vs. The Taskmaster/Big Bubba - poor Marcus keeps saddling himself with loser partners - he was better off as the "Handsome Stranger" in the GWF. The boys look good for about 30 seconds at the beginning, then its all Doomers for a while. Then suddenly Powers explodes on Bubba - switches to Sullivan...pretty funny moment when Powers was bashing both the Taskmaster and Jimmy Hart into the turnbuckle.

Amazingly, Powers gets a pinfall on Bubba, but then Nick Patrick restarts the match! He says that Bubba's shoulder came up (the replay clearly shows that it did...after the 3 count). While Powers and Bagwell are celebrating, the Doomers get the drop on them and the win. Teddy long gets in Patrick's face but the decision stands.

Bubba/Sullivan interview - Bubba wants to know when this Glacier guy is going to show up (as do we all).

Back from commercial - Sting and Lugar answer the challange of Benoit/Mongo.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Mike Enos - speed and youth vs. power and youth - Chavo gets thrown around like a sack of potatoes through most of this match. Enos tries a powerbomb but drops his opponent on his own leg (ouch!). Chavo puts him into a figure four leglock. The ref gets thumbed in the eye by Slater who then takes Enos' place in the ring...and promptly gets pinned.

Chavo w/Mean Gene - he calls DDP a coward for whipping him with a belt last week - says " mess with one Guerrero, you mess with all of us." He means to get revenge at Fall Brawl. Cut to commercial.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. JL (Jerry Lynne) for the Cruiserweight Title - JL holds the height and weight advantage (but then who doesn't against Mysterio). Tony points out that Rey Jr. is not from Mexico (in fact he was born in San Antonio, Texas).

(We see Hulk Hogan outside by the video trucks - he and the Outsiders spray paint one of the trucks - "NWO 4 life" - Tony says they better have insurance)

Back to the, lets go back out and watch the, lets go sell something.

We're back, and so is the match. Rey Jr. does his thru-the-ropes fake move then nails JL with what used to be called a "Badd Day" (We see Malenko is looking on). Back in the ring Mysterio is running circles around JL. Lynne convinces Rey Jr. to get down into a referree's positon then Pearl Harbors him. He uses his size advantage to punish the Cruiserweight Champion. We find out that Mysterio is a "screamer" (another infamous one is Lex Lugar).

Hour two begins - why do they do that during matches - all those fireworks have got to be distracting.

Mysterio keeps coming back and finally gets on top again. He wins it with one of his flying Frankinsteiner moves off the top rope.

Mean Gene w/Benoit and McMichaels (plus the ladies) - Mongo says he's having second thoughts about he and Benoit giving up their places to Sting and Lugar. Chris seems to be in agreement. They say they'll find out later where things really stand. Commercial time.

Review of Hogan's attack on Savage with chair - Savage's threat in return and his subsequent match with the Giant on Nitro. The Giant's leap over the top rope in pursuit of Savage was truely awesome! Savage promises the "scariest match of the Century" at Halloween Havoc against Hogan.

Hacksaw Jim Duggen vs. The Giant - get ready for a squash - but lets watch a commercial first.

Were back and Duggan is trying to topple the Giant with football tackles - he goes for another one and gets stopped by Jimmy Hart who is holding on to his leg. Of course he goes out after the pipsqueak - the Giant goes after Hacksaw but gets hung up in Jimmy's jacket and clobbered. In the ring again, Duggan is getting Bear Hugged.

Oh my God! There's Ted DiBiase (I read somewhere that he might show up tonight), he comes to ringside and takes a seat.

Back in the ring, Duggan is taping up. He hits the Giant with little effect. He does it again and rocks the big man. Hart shows up with the 2X4, distracting Duggan so the Giant can grab him and chokeslam him. In the audience DiBiase is telling us to expect a fifth man next week.

The Giant with Mean Gene - he says he'll be the one to face Hogan at Halloween Havoc after he destroys Savage at Fall Brawl. Cut to commercial.

Rock & Roll Express vs. Flair/Anderson - haven't we seen this match enough lately? Is this the new Nasties vs. PE type feud? (the announcers are trying to suggest that DiBiase was saying that he was going to be a fifth Horsemen...what are they talking about? Finally Bishoff seems to get it...or does he?

In the ring we have a pretty good match going on - how about we pay some attention to it? Nancy looks really foxy as she gouges Gibson's eyes on the outside. On the inside the action is fast and can these geezers go! Eventually Arn slips a DDT in on Ricky Morton to give Flair the win.

Interview with Flair and Arn - Arn tells the Outsiders to "...look into our guts..." - sound disgusting to me. Flair claims that Hogan gave up to the Figure 4 at the Clash (Yeah? So...?) Cut to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright - two "young lions" get their shot at each other. (Bishoff mentions that he personally brought Jericho into the organization) Jericho dominates this match from the outset (now Eric is referring to Jericho as "the Young Lion" - he must have heard me). After a nasty fall outside, Wright almost gets counted out but Chris tells the ref to end the match then goes out to comfort Alex (who has bounced his head off of the guardrail).

To Mean Gene, Jericho says he doesn't want to win the match that way...Hogan's way - Alex tries to speak but he's too groggy. Cut to commercial.

Steiner Brothers vs. The Blue Bloods (Eaton and Taylor) - the Bluebellys are arguing over who will start the match when Rick comes out and runs their heads together. Throughout the match these guys keep stopping to argue - it appears that their team is dissolving in light of Regals recent winning of the TV Title (we haven't seen this match yet but trust me - it happened). The Blueboys try a 2-story move only to have it reversed by Rick who seems unfazed by having his head bounced off the mat.

Taylor attacks Eaton after the match and they fight back to the dressing rooms.

Mean Gene w/the Steiners - they plan to take the Tag Belt from the Heat at fall Brawl. Commercial time.

Mongo McMichael/Chris Benoit vs. Sting/Lex Lugar - DiBiase is apparently scouting the Horsemen. (How come Sting and Lugar never come out to Lugar's music?)

They go right to it before the bell sounds. McMichaels is looking sharper every time we see him. This guy is a powerhouse. He and Benoit take Lugar apart (we get to hear Lex do some of that screaming I alluded to earlier). Finally Lex manages to tag Sting in and things go the other way for a while. Lugar falls outside the ring and gets posted. He's out of it.

Suddenly Hulk Hogan is ringside and is distracting Mongo - looks like a set-up. Sure enough the Outsiders are all over Mongo. They spray-paint NWO on his back!! Then they do it to Benoit and Sting. Lugar is still out on the floor. This reminds me of the first Sting/Lugar/Savage vs. Outsiders match that Lugar sat out at the Bash a while back. Hmmm...maybe he is involved with the NWO...

Flair and Arn hit the ring - and the Outsiders but they each get spray-pinted in the face! The NWO owns the ring...there are bodies all over the place. Heenan splits...the trash begins to fly into the ring. Hogan tries to spray paint the camera lens.

They chase Eric out of the broadcast booth and spray paint over the Nitro logo.

The Horsemen are holding their heads in the ring - they replay DiBiase's gesture as we fade to black.

Bishoff has done it again...RAW had better be good tonight.

(I know I'll get blasted for this in my Readers' Forum tomorrow - just keep it clean, okay guys?) I switched over to the Democratic Convention between shows expecting to see another dull presentation like that Republican snore fest two weeks ago. Surprisingly I got the Jim Brady's (who have jumped ship apparently), the President via satelite and an electrifying speech by paraplegic actor Christopher Reeves. Even the closing prayer was a barn burner!

Sorry, guys are gonna lose!

RAW Report

Opps! No RAW tonight - funny I hadn't heard it was being prempted (I must not have been paying attention this weekend)...guess I'll be publishing early tonight.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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