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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WWF In Your House "Fully Loaded" Report

The Undertaker and Austin
Take the Tag Titles!!

Volume 3, Issue 340 - July 26, 1998
Here is a letter from Ervin Griffin

Hello readers.

Just want to say that new to my web page is my versions of WCW Monday Nitro and WWF RAW. I think you'll find them interesting. To check out the stories themselves, here are the URL's to them.

To "WCW Monday Nitro f/"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan


See ya.

Weekend Rumblings...

This weekend I have been a very busy little webmaster indeed.

I have added two new sections to the Classic Wrestling Image Gallery.

Champioship Wrestling from Florida (CWF) was the Florida based NWA promotion in which Gordon Solie first made his mark as a wrestling announcer. It was the genesis of a number of famous NWA angles including: JJ Dillon's involvement with Ric Flair, Blackjack Mulligan's feud with Angelo Mosca, the Tag Team of Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo, Kevin Sullivan's satanic character who feuded with Dusty Rhodes, the first appearances of Rhodes' alter ego, the Midnight Rider, the Tag Team of Dusty Rhodes and Terry Allen (Magnum TA). It was also home to such luminaries as "Exotic" Adrian Street, "the Outlaw" Bobby Duncom, Ox Baker and the Purple Haze ("Maniac" Mark Lewin - who originated the use of the word "You!" as an exclamation - later made famous by George "the Animal" Steele). The section has just a few pictures at this point but will be greatly expanded in the weeks to come as I uncover more of my video collection from that era.

The Photo Collection of Dixie Moulton - Dixie is a regular Solie's visitor who took snapshots at AWA house shows in and around the Rockford, Illinois area from 1976 until about 1985. She has donated her collection to the Solie's site, for which I am eternally grateful. This section is also small at this point but I have a whole box full of great pictures to scan so look for many more in the weeks to come.

The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen has been updated with two new chapters. Chapter 13 has been updated to talk about the induction of Barry Windham who betrayed his Tag Team partner, Lex Luger, to join the bad guys. The chapters following 13 were all shuffled forward and I have added Chapter 18 at the end which talks about the way Sting got his revenge for being ousted.

Visit Jeremy Hartley's
Up Close Wrestling

This is the official web site of my friend Jeremy Hartley and the home of the "Up Close and Personal" RealAudio show. Jeremy has assembled all of his UCP interviews here and will also be featuring my "Time Machine" series which used to run on the TBR Wrestling Hotline. Jeremy has interviews with such wrestling personalities and Lou Thesz, Les Thatcher, Bob Blackburn, Buddy Landel and people associated with the Internet Wrestling Community such as Al Isaacs, Bob Ryder, Scot Teal, J. Michael Kenyon and even yours truely!

WWF In Your House "Fully Loaded" Report

The Free-for-All is the usual load of interviews and hype. The highlight has to be Lawler with Sable in her dressing room. She retreats behind a backlit screen and peels then offers the King a little peek. He looks like he died and went to heaven... Later he talks to Michael Cole and expresses his disbelief that such a thing can be shown, even on cable television.

I notice in the replays of the incident that the Undertaker was definitely looking right at Kane when he swung that chair and cost him the World Title. Of course he would be, since it was an angle and he needed to hit him squarely to prevent injury - but still a careful look at that scene would seem to take the wind out of the sails who of those who say he meant to hit Austin.

After another burst of promotional hype, WWF In Your House is on the air.

Live from the Fresno Arena in Fresno, Califonia, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome to the program.

Val Venis vs. Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee/Southern Justice) - Mr Cheese makes his usual teasing speech and threatens (by implication) to strip off his trunks. Fortunately Tennesse Lee interrupts his performance to introduce his charge. For some reason Tennessee Lee sends Southern Justice away, then Kaientai shows up (w/ Mr. Yamaguchi). The officials send Kaientai away but Yamaguchi slips into the broadcast position to provide commentary. Jarrett gives Venis problems from the get go, clearly he has a huge advantage in experience and talent. Jarrett carries Venis, as most of his opponents do, and makes him look good, a consderable feat. Obviously Jarrett's cost for being allowed to return to the WWF was to trash WCW and then job to everyone in sight. For a while it begins to look like Jarrett's superiority will win out, but then Venis is the one getting the push after all. He stops Jarrett's momentum and almost gets a pin out of a fisherman's suplex. He goes for the moneyshot but is upset by Lee. Back on the mat, Jarrett tries for a Figure Four but Val rolls him up for a two count. Moments later he rolls him up again and gets the pin.

Venis taunts Yamaguchi with words about his wife before leaving.

The cameras have gone out to show us the exterior of the Hart House in Calgary.

D-Lo Brown (w/Kama) vs. X-Pac (w/Chyna) - non-Title match - Brown has the size advantage but X-Pac is very talented and much more experienced then his adversary. The early going is pretty even with both competitors getting in some good shots. The Waltman launches himself into the empty corner and loses his momentum. D-Lo grabs a reverse headlock and grounds his opponent. X-Pac fights to his feet but is downed again and stomped good then propelled into the corner back first with authority. He tries to fight back with kicks but keeps hitting D-Lo's chest protector. The European Champ is showing ring savvy beyond his limited experiance until he throws a moonsault and tastes the canvas. The chest protector worked to his disadvantage on that move. Moments later Kama takes advantage of Chyna's distraction of the referee to jump up and distract Waltman. D-Lo gets the Sky High and the pin.

We are informed that the Undertaker has so far failed to arrive.

Bradshaw/Terry Funk vs. Scorpio/Faarooq - Funk lets us (and his partner) know that he is taking six months off after this match. Bradshaw is not happy about that. Bradshaw starts against Scorpio and tries to overwhelm the smaller man but is out maneuvered. Faarooq is tagged in and loses the initiative almost immediately. Bradshaw hits a flying clothesline off the top then Funk is tagged in and continues the assault. Faarooq starts to turn it around but Bradshaw breaks that up. Bradshaw tags in and goes to the top again but is caught and powerslammed. Scorpio comes in and he goes to the top but Funk falls on the ropes to upset him. Bradshaw takes the advantage and is relentless. He pounds on Scorpio then tags in Funk. Funk takes the match out to the floor where he runs Scorpio into the railing and the steps. He climbs to the apron and drops a Vader-like bomb on Scorpio. Back in the ring Funk is blindsided by Faarooq thus giving the advantage back to Scorpio. Now Funk is being pounded while Bradshaw and Faarooq brawl on the the floor. Scorpio gets the 450 splash adnd the pin. Bradshaw attacks Funk after the loss and is attacked by Scorpio, but downs him as well then tosses him to the floor. He gets a chair and bashes Faarooq with it as he tries to help Scorpio. Funk is pissed as he leaves the ring area - maybe this won't be his last match just yet.

Vader vs. Mark Henry - Ross calls this "the battle of the bulls" and that sounds apt to me. Over the weekend they had a tug-of-war whicgh Henry won. The two monsters run into each other a couple of times at the beginning with little or no affect. The Henry scoops Vader and slams him, following it with an elbow drop. Vader doesn't really seem shaken, just disappointed in himself. Henry gets the first cover attempt but barely gets a two count. Moments later he tries a sunset flip but Vader drops his butt on his opponent's chest and almost gets the pin. Henry stands up and is mowed down by a huge standing clothesline. The match goes out to the floor where Henry is smashed headfirst into the steps. Henry is getting a lesson here. Back in the ring, Vader slams his forearms into the dside of Henry's head, scoop slams him then splashes him. Henry kicks out. They each bounce off the ropes and Henry gets a powerslam then a splash. Henry takes the pin.

There is still no sign of the Undertaker as the Internet guys (Kevin Kelly and somebody named Tom) discuss the situation. Out front, Kane and Mankind are making an entrance with Paul Bearer. It's too early for their match so I assume they have something to say about the Undertaker. Uncle Paul says that UT doesn't want to face Kane tonight because he is a coward. He threatens Steve Austin then the former Tag Champs music plays. The New Age Outlaws come down to rant. They want to challenge the Tag Champs tomorrow night on RAW. They then go on the attack. Officials swarm into the ring and pull them apart.

Review of the incident wherein Animal showed up for a match against a member of DOA without Hawk and got punked until his partner showed up.

DOA (w/Paul Ellering) vs LOD 2000 - Ellering wears a t-shirt that reads "Wizard of the Web" - gosh, I thought that was me... Animal starts the match against a doubleteam. He is being squashed right away until he comes back with a double clothesline and gets the tag. The twins are indistiguishable tonight, probably by design. Hawk is in with one of them and is in control until he rushes into the corner ansd runs his shoulder into the post. He falls out of the ring and is booted by Ellering then rolled back in. Everytime he falls out he gets stomped on. It doesn't look good for the LOD. Back in the ring the Bruise Brothers continue their joint assault. Hawk is being isolated and is purely on the defensive now. Ellering and the second twin keep interfering from the outside.

Hawk finally escapes and tags in Animal who cleans house with a vengance. The Warriors execute the Doomsday Device but Ellering prevents the pin. In the confusion the twins make the switch and Hawk is surprised and pinned.

On their way out, LOD encounters McMahon and his stooges. They exchange words and the Warriors don't look to happy about what is said.

Vince expresses his disappointment in the Undertaker's supposed know-show. He says, "don't blame me..." and lays out the different ways in which Austin and UT have screwed each other over the last few weeks. He mentions the fine print on the newspaper ads and the printed program which reads "Card subject to change."

He further reads the fine print which says that the promoter (McMahon) has the right to name a suitable replacement should sceduled talent fail to show up. He names the Brooklyn Brawler as Austins replacement partner if UT doesn't appear.

Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart - Hart family Dungeon match - Dan Severn is the special referee - the Dungeon is a plain basement room with wood paneled walls. One wonders if this is really the Hart Dungeon - if so, this is an historic event. The match is fast and furious with both combatents using the walls as weapons. The floor cover appears to be a tarp over a cement floor. Shamrock seems to have the advantage throughout early part of the fight for the most part. After a while Owen takes over using a hanging pipe for leverage (home court and all) then picks Shamrock up and pushes his head through the ceiling. Shamrock accidently hits Severn with a kick and then uses a dumbell to brain his opponent. Severn comes too as Owen moves Shamrocks arm in the simulation of a tap out (Shamrock is unconscious).

HHH (w/DX) vs The Rock (w/Kama/D-Lo) - 3 fall Intercontinental Title match - there is a lot of speculation that HHH will take this title and that his loss of the European Title was simply a set-up for it. I hope not, Maivia has developed a great heel personna that HHH doesn't even come close to matching. Slaughter ejects the extraneous personnel before the match gets underway. helmsley insults Maivia and gets creamed for his trouble at the beginning of the match. They get into a slug-fest which Maivia breaks up with a clothesline to take the advantage. The Rock takes his eyes off HHH to taunt Chyna and pays for it. He is pounded and then tossed over the top to the floor. HHH follows him out and pounds on him some more in the aisle then drags him back to the ring. The Rock rolls right out the other side and the fight continues on the floor where HHH gets flung into the steps. Both men are in dabger of being counted out which could mean the loss of a fall to each of them. Back in the ring Maivia retains his advantage.

HHH finally reverses things when Maivia ducks his head. He gets a two count on his first pin attempt. The match starts to see-saw now until Helmsley is tossed out over the top again. On the outside, Maivia helps his opponent up then decks him with a haymaker. He follows it with an atomic drop on the concrete. The referee forces him back into the ring but he goes right back out and tries to run HHH into the steps. The Rock reverses the move then re-enters the ring. meanwhile Mark Henry comes down and splashes HHH on the floor. Billy Gunn ruuns down and both outsiders are lead away. Back in the ring Chynna is distracting the ref so Maivia hits HHH with the title belt. Almost a pin but no cigar. He tries again and fails again. He slaps on a reverse chinlck and HHH sinks to the mat.

HHH seems to be sinking as the match continues. He escapes but is clothelined back to the mat. The fight goes back out to the floor once again. Maivia seems to be getting frustrated. Back in the ring, HHH appears to get the upper hand for a moment but Maivia executes a DDT and turns it back around. He grabs the chinlock again. After a bit, HHH fights to his feet and sinks a couple of elbows to escape momentarily. Then he is stopped in his tracks once more. He escapes again and the match see-saws until he hits the high-knee. He is out on his feet and can't follow up. Both guys are down as Kama heads for the ring. The Outlaws intercept him and talk him out of proceeding. In the ring, HHH is down but Maivia is arguing with the referee. D-Lo shows up to do his dirty work but HHH has been playing possum and knocks him off the corner. Then he turns around and gets "Rock Bottomed" and pinned to lose the first fall.

There is a one minute rest period between rounds.

As the rest period ends, HHH is knocked to the outside. Maivia follows him out and runs him into the steps then into the railing - but HHH rebounds and gets a clothesline. He attacks but is catapulted into the Spanish announcers' table. Back in the ring, the Rock drops the "People's elbow" and goes for the pin. No soap... The two criss cross and collide head on and both are down. Chyna decks D-Lo who is hanging off the apron. The ref goes out to argue with her and X-Pac runs in and downs Maivia. HHH tries for the pin but no cigar. Now there is a chair in the ring and HHH has it. Maivia wrestles it away and tries to use it but gets the referee. He turns to hit HHH but Chyna delivers a low blow then DDT's him on the chair. HHH takes the pin and the second fall.

Maivia stays down throughout the rest period and then HHH goes for the pin - but the referee is still out of it. Earl Hebner runs in to take over but Maivia kicks out. HHH sets the Rock up and mows him down with a clothesline but can't get the pin. The time limit is now under a minute. The match see-saws again. Maivia goes for the "Rock Bottom" but HHH blocks it and applies a Curtain Call. The time expires before he can get a pin and is so announced. DX runs in and runs off the Nation. Maivia is still the Champ. I'll give it to HHH - this was a great match.

The Undertaker has finally arrived. I think maybe "Tom" is Tom Pritchard but it's hard to tell with that weird hairdo he's wearing.

Review of the Sable/Jaquelyn feud.

Dustin Runnels asks for a moment of prayer before the bikini contest which he believes is

Bikini Contest - Sable vs. Jaquelyn (w/Marc Mero) - Jaquie wears Mero's boxer's robe to the ring and thigh high boots. Before she can disrobe Sable shows up wearing a long T-shirt and spiked heels. Jaquie's bikini is sensational a red thong one piece that leaves nothing to the imagination. Sable takes center ring and turns her back to her opponent. She strips off the T-shirt and has a very brief bikini bottom but her top covers too much for the crowd's pleasure. She explains that McMahon told her to wear something "conservative". She says that, however, she has her own ideas. She takes off the top and her top is two painted on hand shapes!!! She isn't wearing a top!!!! She wins the contest (pardon the pun) hands down... Mero objects and gets slapped for his trouble.

This brings McMahon to the ring who covers her up with his coat and hustles her away.

Review of the Austin/Undertaker/Kane situation.

I never can understand why they think they need to sell a match to customers that have already paid their $30.

Kane/Mankind vs. Steve Austin/The Undertaker - Tag Team Title match - Austin is teamed with his #1 challenger in this one, which of course, is what the match is really about. Is the Undertaker "in cahoots" with his brother. We are about to find out...maybe... UT makes his entrance alone following that of the Tag Champs so Austin could be walking into a trap, or so the reasoning goes... UT confronts Austin in the aisle and they are attacked by the Tag Champs before anything can happen. They fight back to the riing area whre UT seems to be holding up his end. Austin flips him off on principle, of course. The match gets underway with Austin and Mankind. Austin uis rammed into the enemy corner and Kane tags in. Austin gets moving and downs his opponent with a Thesz press. He goes for the Stunner but Kane slips away. They end up outside where Austin reasserts his dominence. Mankind interferes and the Undertaker stays out of it. In the ring, UT is tagged in against his brother. He fights off both of the Champs as Austin looks on. Mankind is tagged in officially and UT retains the advantage until Foley fights his way out of the corner. But UT reverses it and pounds his opponent in the corner. Mankind gets a blind tag, Kane comes in and chokeslams UT. Now it is all Kane for a while. Mankind tags in and continues the attack. He rams UT with his own body in the corner as Paul Bearer damns UT to Hell. The next moment Austin prevents a pin. UT is tossed out where Kane mows him down. The Tag Champs double team him on the outside. Back in the ring Foley still has the advantage until UT hits a DDT. Both are down then get up and make the tag. Austin cleans house then whales on Kane as UT goes out after Mankind. A chair gets into the ring and Austin uses it on Kane. He doesn't get the pin and Kane is right back up to plant a boot in his face. Now Austin is doubleteamed on the outside then rolled back in. Mankind goes to work again. He tags in Kane who stomps Austin in the corner.

Austin is tagged in and faces Kane. He is downed and Mankind comes in to work him over some more. He grabs a reverse chinlock. Austin fights to his feet but then collides head-to-head with his opponent. Kane is tagged in and prevents a tag. He goes back to work on Austin. UT steps into the ring, thus distracting the referee, allowing the doubleteam. Mankind then steps out and Austin is chokeslammed. Kane goes for the Tombstone but Austin kicks him off and delivers the Stunner, first on Kane then on Mankind. All three are down and the Undertaker stands there. Austin tries to crawl over but is prevented by Mankind. UT at first refuses to reach out but then relents and takes the tag. He cleans house, chokeslams both opponents then Tombstones Kane. Austin and the Undertaker are the new Tag Champs!!!

UT grabs both belts and leaves with them, ignoring Austin's protests. Fade to black...

More confusion...

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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