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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition

WWF Sunday Night Heat Edition

Volume 3, Issue 343 - August 2, 1998
I have decided to publish a special edition for this premiere Heat program. I haven't decided yet whether this will become a regular edition in the future. That will depend on whether this program turns out to be just a warm up for the Monday night show (as I suspect it will).

Sunday Night Heat Report

Vince McMahon comes out and introduces his son Shane as the host and "star" of this new program. Shane struts out with a blonde on each arm - he seems to have changed his attitude drastically since the WrestleMania PPV. Jim Ross seems a bit confused, apparently not knowing about Shane's participation in advance.

Edge vs. Dubba J (w/Tennessee Lee) - this is the first time we have seen this newcomer in the ring since his match with one of the Borequas (Jose, I think) that ended so badly several weeks ago. Jarrett is in his usual role of late - putting over rookies - and puts on his usual competent (if losing) performance. At least he gives Edge a better run for or his money then his last opponent did. Edge finally regains the advantage with a series of snap suplexes ala Chris Benoit (who uses the German suplex in a similar fashion). Jarrett then comes back for a moment only to be tripped up (literally) by his own manager, who turns his back a moment too soon. Edge gets the pin out of Lee's error. Cut to commercial.

Jerry Lawler interviews HHH and X-Pac - but first Triple H has to do his tired Michael Buffer impression once again. Lawler seems intent on stirring up trouble within DX as he suggests that the match for IC Title contention on tomorrow's RAW program pitting the two DX'ers will drive a wedge between them. X-Pac denies the possibiltiy and says they will shake hands after the match and then go on as before. They then invite McMahon to take part in what is apparently their favorite activity. HHH cajols a female spectator into exposing her bosom and then we cut to commercial.

Droz's world. Puke talks trash and...well...pukes.

Puke/Headbangers vs. Kaientai (w/Yamaguchi-san) - before the match can get underway, Mr. Cheese makes an appearance with "Mrs. Yamaguchi". Kaientai is hugely outweighed in this match and it definitely plays to the advantage of their opponents. Drozdov is the weak link and he is the one who eventually surrenders the initiative back to Kaientai. He is making a comeback as we cut to commercial.

Thrasher is in and on the receiving end as we return. Togo misses a legdrop off the top and Drozdov gets tagged in, cleans house and ends the match. Val Venis dismisses the lady and heads to the ring then detours to check out one of the new female stars of Pacific Blue (which follows this program on USA) at ringside. Her companion, Mario Lopez, also of PB, takes exception, jumps the barrier and takes Mr. Cheese down. They are separated and the actor is escorted away by security as we cut to commercial.

Video recap of the events surrounding the bikini contest at the last PPV. McMahon is pushing his macho pig personna to the hilt.

D-Lo Brown (w/Mark Henry) vs. Ken Shamrock - European Title match - Steve Blackman and Dan Severn show up at ringside as the match gets underway. The match is pretty even with Shamrock seeming to hold most of the cards. Suddenly, D-Lo decides to take a shot at Severn, which brings him into the ring and ends the match abruptly. Shamrock is understandably miffed afterward. Cut to commercial.

Kane/Mankind (w/Paul Bearer) vs. the Rock and Owen Hart - #1 Contender for the Tag Team Title match - someone (a social worker friend) pointed out to me today that the Rocks "can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?" tag line could be construed as a reference to smoking crack (cookin' rock) - maybe McMahon should start rethinking some of these things... Owen starts with Foley and is barely able to maintain control. He tags in Maivia who fares a little better until Kane tags in. The monster takes the IC Champ apart for several moments, then Maivia gets a DDT. Kane rolls out then catches Maivia on the top rope as he comes back in. He is taking control of things again as we cut to commercial.

Owen seems to have gotten the drop on Mankind as we return, then Kane comes in and turns it around. He is about to put on the Tombstone but Maivia breaks that up. The match degenerates into a ringside brawl at this point, Owen slips back into the ring and the last possible moment and beats the ten count to take the win for his team.

Michael Cole is with Stone Cold who says that he still doesn't trust the Undertaker but that they will come out of their match with Owen and the Rock as the Champs tomorrow night.

Not a bad program (certainly a good counter to WCWSN) but nothing to write home about. I'm still not convinced that this is worth a special edition every week.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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