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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition

WCW/nWo Road Wild Report

Juventud Guerrera is the
Cruiserweight Champ again!!

Stylin' And Profilin':
The Legend Of Ric Flair: Part 20

by Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Volume 3, Issue 346 - August 8, 1998
News from Bob Ryder:


The WWF bid $9.2Million for the bankrupt Debbie Reynolds Hotel in Las Vegas on Wednesday. The deal, if approved by the bankruptcy court, would put the WWF in position to turn the hotel into a theme resort that could be homebase for a series of theme restaurants across the country.

WWF RELEASES "SUNNY" The WWF issued a statement on their website regarding "Sunny".

ARN ANDERSON 4 EVER The long awaited Arn Anderson autobiography, "Arn Anderson 4 Ever, A Look Behind the Curtain" will begin shipping next week. Fans who pre-ordered the book will be shipped first, and should begin receiving their books within the next 10-14 days. The book is now available for purchase online at at a rate of $20 plus $5.95 shipping and handling. Each copy will be autographed by Arn Anderson.

Stylin' And Profilin': The Legend Of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr. and Matt Benaka

Part 20: Terry Funk

When I hear certain songs, I tend to think of certain things. When I hear Public Enemy's "911 is a joke", I think of people who are suffering with no help coming to save them!!! What I am getting at is that I also think of the Ric Flair/Terry Funk feud back in 1989!! 911 would've been a joke in this case because unlawfulness reigned supreme!!!

As discussed in the last chapter, Flair suffered an injured neck after his WrestleWar '89 bout with Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat at the hands of Terry Funk. After much debate, the NWA granted Funk's request for a title shot against Flair for July 23, 1989 at the Great American Bash in Baltimore, MD.

Then came that day, Funk surprised everyone by bringing former World Class Championship Wrestling manager Gary Hart to the ring as his second!!! Hart, however, was never really a factor in the match as he pretty much let Flair and Funk go at it without much interference on his part. As for the match itself, Flair and Funk battered each other (I still watch this match on video occassionally)!!! Both men were bloodied and battered!!! By the way, was it just me or did everyone conviently forget about the "blood" rule in Maryland?!!! Funk and Flair bleed far worse than Lex Luger did the previous year but there was no stopping this match!!! Anyway, Flair won this brutal battle with a small package to retain the title!!! Flair looked pretty good considering that he had been gone since May 7 of that year!!! The best was yet to come, however, as The Great Muta came down on behalf of Funk and attacked Flair!!! Funk and Muta was going to piledrive Flair onto a chair when Sting arrived to save Flair's hide!!! The two rivals joined forces to drive off Funk and Muta (Sting had a great but controversial bout earlier on the same card with Muta for the NWA World Television strap)!!! What was a two man battle had now become a four man battle!!!

NEXT: Thunderdome & Troy

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

WCW/nWo Road Wild Report

5 o'clock on the dot and Road Wild is on the air with a whirl of promotional video.

Tony, Mike and Bobby welcome us and go right into a spiel concerning the main event. Earlier, on WCWSN, they showed the "training video" from the Tonight show last Wednesday. Clearly Leno is treating this all as a joke, so it will be interesting to see what kind of match it will be. First up...

Meng vs. the Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) - this one starts out as a heavy duty slug fest then they go into a sumo style lockup. They separate and Meng whips his opponent and follows him in with a clothesline. Barbarian answers with a suplex. They grapple some more and Meng executes a piledriver. Barbarian is right back up, obviously Heenan is right - you can't hurt either of these guys by hitting him in the head. Jimmy Hart seems to be the deciding factor - distracting Meng so Barbarian can take the upper hand, but neither man really is in control of this for any length of time. Meng goes down and Barbarian loads his boot, but Meng pops right back up and grabs the Tongan Death Grip and gets the pin. Hugh Morrus runs in and the attack is on. The two big guys hold Meng down while Jimmy throws a splash off the top. He seems to say something to Meng before he is thrust off. Hugh Morrus goes to the top and throws his moonsault and has a bit more affect. Hacksaw Duggan hits the ring with his 2X4 and breaks it up.

Disco Inferno/Alex Wright vs. Public Enemy - Tokyo Magnum joins them for the dance party as usual. I'm glad to see Wright back. PE walk down with two tables this time. The Fools seem to be hesitant about starting the match, finally Wright goes into the ring with Rocco Rock. Wright wins the first exchange with some fancy wrestling throws then grabs a wristlock for a bit. He is reversed then throws his opponent off with an arm-drag. Both teams make the exchange and Grunge goes to work on Disco, but his opponent turns the tables in a flash and tags in Wright. Wright fares pretty well until he stops to dance and thus blows it and surrenders the advantage. Tokyo Magnum throws him a trashcan and Wright uses it. Rocco vanishes for a moment then returns with an aluminum ladder. This seems to have turned into a Street Fight. The Dancers are run out of the ring and leave Tokyo Magnum to PE - then they return with a ladder of their own. Disco wants to make it into a Street Fight and the referee obliges. PE leave the ring and return with everything including the kitchen sink! The match degenerates into silliness. The best move I see is Grunge using two cookie sheets to ring Wright's bell. As things progress the Fools seem to be taking over. Wright uses the sink on Grunge with a vengence. Rocco retaliates with a trashcan lid. Tokyo Magnum gets into the frey - it doesn't matter since Street Fight rules means no DQ. Disco and Rocco fall out to the floor while Tokyo and Wright doubleteam Grunge. Tokyo bounds across the ring and hits Wright by mistake. Wright gets up and leaves. Tokyo follows him up the ramp. Back in the ring Disco is being creamed. He lies motionless in the ring as Grunge and Rocco stack up three tables then place the ladder next to the stack. Grunge drags Disco up the ladder to position him as Rocco climbs the scaffolding next to the ring then crashes through the stack. Disco is dragged back to the ring for the pin, but Magnum runs in and accidently hits him before PE can finish the job, which they do.

Dean Malenko is back at the Internet position vowing to call the Cruiserweight Title match fairly.

Saturn vs. Raven vs. Kanyon - triangle grudge match (pinfalls count anywhere in Sturgis) - Raven has been implying that Kanyon has gone over to the Flock but we shall see soon enough. Raven order Kanyon to "get him" but Saturn drops Kanyon with a clothesline. Raven grabs a chair and hands it to Kanyon but Saturn is still in command of things and blocks the blow. Kanyon falls out to the ground where Raven posts much for alliances. Back in the ring, Raven sits in the corner while the other two fight. Then Saturn and Kanyon suddenly realize what's going on and both attack him with dropkicks. Now they start cooperating up until a possible pinfall, at which point the bystander breaks it up. This cycle repeats several times then Saturn and Kanyon start fighting. All three end up tumbling to the platform. They start fighting up the aisle which is striped to resemble a road. They fight their way up to the music stage and continue to go at it. Raven drop-kicks Kanyon off the stage and he rolls all the way down the ramp to ground level. The fight goes to ground next to the ramp then they start brawling back towards the ring and into it. Saturn suplexes Raven and goes for the pin but Kanyon breaks it up. Saturn grabs a sleeper on Raven then Kanyon grabs one on Saturn. It is ended when Raven executes a jaw breaker on both guys. Kanyon places Saturn on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex but Raven gets under him and performs a fall-away on both. The fight goes back out to the platform between Raven and Kanyon - Saturn is out of it in the ring. Kanyon climbs the scaffold and tries a splash on Raven but Lodi pulls his leader out of the way. Back in the ring Saturn gets the DDD on Raven but Lodi interferes again. Lodi is suplexed out of his boots then Raven and Satun lock up again. Saturn gets a second DDD and takes the pin.

Psychosis vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. - Cruiserweight Title contenders match - these two know eack other very well, having trained together under Rey Misterio, Sr. (Jr.'s uncle). Though normally an insane high flyer himself, Psychosis choses to strive to ground his diminuitive opponent in the early going. As the match progresses Psychosis continues to assert his superior size and weight to retain the advantage. In fact the one time Rey gets lose he is thrust into the air and pancaked before he can react. Psychosis finally goes for his top rope legdrop but takes to long and misses. Rey is in command for the first time in the match and capitalizes with some of his trademark flying moves. Psychosis wisely rolls out of the ring at the first opportunity. Back inside, he trips Rey up and drops him in a powerbomb to turn the tables. He slaps on a double-trapezius claw hold and forces Rey to the mat. Rey fights to his feet but Psychosis gets under him and hoists him onto his shoulders and drops him on his head. The fight goes out to the platform where Psychosis delivers a fast drop-kick. Back in the ring, Psychosis grabs a half crab but can't make Rey submit. Now he starts working on the previously injured knee of Misterio. He leaps to the top corner but Misterio kicks him off to the platform then follows with a suicide dive. Back in the ring the match see-saws and Misterio ends up delivering a series of high-impact maneuvers. Pychosis comes back but can't seem to put his opponent away. Rey gets loose again and manages to throw his off-the-top Frankensteiner. Psychosis is dropped nastily on his head and pinned.

Stevie Ray vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (w/Pepe) - World TV Title match - I guess they are finally going to let Stevie Ray defend his bogus title. Chavo comes to the ring first to announce that "this match is null and void..." because he is real TV Champ (according to the contract he wrote himself and notarized with Stevie's notary stamp!) He reasserts his claim after Stevie enters the ring and demands the belt. Failing that he wants a ceremonial handshake. Stevie refuses, so then Chavo starts pretending to attack himself with the offending hand. The match gets started and Chavo is way overmatched. He has to thumb the eye to get a break. The he starts running in and out of the ring in an attempt to wear out the big guy. It doesn't work as Stevie stops chasing him. Chavo rolls into the ring thinking Stevie is behind him and gets surprised and squashed. Stevie gets a chair and starts to use it but Eddie Guerrero runs in and grabs onto it. He tells Stevie he personally doesn't want any trouble with him, the latter leaves in disgust.

Rick Steiner vs. Scott Steiner - this is supposed to be, but the last we heard Scott had bowed out. JJ Dillon shows up and confirms Scott's injury. Buff Bagwell rolls Scotty out on a stretcher and starts to gloat, but Dillon counters that the contract for the match states that WCW has the right to reschedule the match during the next 45 days - and it will take place and Fall Brawl. Buff yells "what..?" and Rick heads their way. Scott jumps off the stretcher and hightails it along with his cohoort.

Steve McMichael vs. Brian Adams (w/Vincent) - The two bulls hook it up and are pretty evenly matched. Adams gets in the first boot of the match and takes the advantage for about 5 seconds - Mongo comes right back and drops a big elbow. Adams rolls out of the ring to regroup. Back in the ring, Mongo seems to have the measure of his opponent until Adams side steps and drops the ex-football player on his back. Adams grabs a nerve hold on the trapezius. He then stands him up and clotheslines Mongo over the top. Vincent gets a few licks in and provides distraction so Adams can blindside his opponent. Back into the ring Adams continues the assault until Mongo manages a sidewalk slam followed up with a series of three-point tackles. Adams turns it around again but knocks the referee down in the process. Vincent has a chair and tries to hit Mongo but hits Adams instead. Vincent then gets the chair shot himself courtesy of McMichael's forearm. Mongo hits the Tombstone and the recovered ref makes the count.

Mean Gene is with a new American Ironhorse motorcycle and four lovely ladies. He reves up the engine after some inane remarks.

Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera - Cruiserweight Title match - Dean Malenko is the referee - Jericho wears an elaboritely designed kimono to the ring and takes the opportunity to insult the crowd. They rev up their engines to drown him out. Malenko shows no hesitancy to assert his authority throughout the match. The match is all over the ring and out on the platform where Jericho plunges off and hits the railing below. Juventud throws a suicide dive off the platform and connects but doesn't get all of it. They return to the ring where Malenko waits patiently. The match see-saws with Juventud steadily gaining ground until he launches himself off the top, gets caught in mid air and spiked on his shoulder. Now Malenko seems to be slowing his count as Jericho tries for a series of pins. Guerrera rolls out to the platform and walks it off as Malenko is definitely giving him a lot of leeway. Back in the ring, Jericho maintains his advantage with a reverse chinlock then switches to a sleeper. He releases the hold and applies the boots. He seems to be confused about what to do next. Juvey escapes momentarily but this seems to perk Jericho up and he retakes the advantage. Juvey ducks a clotheline and comes back with chops and a flying headscissors to take the advantage. Jericho thinks he gets a German suplex but Juvey lands on his feet. Jericho turns around as Guerrera goes for a Frankensteiner - Jericho shifts the balance point and delivers a powerbomb then a second one. Now Juvey is reeling but then comes back with a great DDT. He gets two pin attempts but no cigar. He climbs the corner but Jericho gets to his feet and upsets Juvey's balance then delivers a suplex of his own. Both men are down and Malenko is counting to 10 reluctantly. Juvey recovers at 8 and the match continues. Juvey throws a Frankensteiner but Jericho turns it into a Liontamer. Juveys makes it to the ropes and escapes but Jericho thinks he's won. Malenko will neither confirm or deny and gives Juvey time to recover. Jericho slaps Malenko and seals his fate. The match starts up again and Jericho is ahead but getting more and more physical with the referee until Malenko gives Juvey a boost so that he can Frankensteiner Jericho off the top and get the pin. Juventud Guerrera is the Cruiserweight Champ again!!

Scott Hall/the Giant/Curt Hennig/Scott Norton and Sting/Kevin Nash/Konnan/Lex Luger plus Goldberg - nWo Battle Royal - naturally this will really be an eight man tag match with Goldberg as the wild card. Scott Hall conducts a survey which doesn't go nearly the way he wanted it to. He pretends otherwise and Heenan suggests that he should invest some money in a Miracle Ear. Nash gets a much warmer reception for his rant then Konnan plays call and response with the crowd. Goldberg makes his entrance. How does he stand there with those sparks bouncing off of him..??? The nWo factions pair off as Goldberg watches until he gets a chance to attack the Giant. He breaks off then goes at it with Hall and eliminates him. Nash eliminates himself to attack Hall on the outside. He turns hius attention to Hennig next and pummels him into a corner. He seems content to let the two factions fight it out. He waits for his chance to attack the Giant once more but gets headbutted and booted silly. So far Hall and Nash are the only ones eliminated. Hennig tries to eliminate Goldberg but can't pull it off. Goldberg throws Konnan out. Sting is going for a Scorpion on Hennig but Norton breaks that up. The Giant is trying to eliminate Goldberg again but the Champ is showing a lot of intellegence and avoids being dumped. Next Goldberg eliminates Hennig, Norton then Sting in rapid succession. Only Luger, the Giant and Goldberg are left. Luger is next, speared and eliminated. The Giant is a different story. He gets the chokeslam but Goldberg is unfazed. He spears and Jackhammers the Giant!! Then he gets the pin.

Michael Buffer gets us ready to rumble as he announces the next match.

Hollywood Hogan/Eric Bischoff (w/the Disciple) vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Jay Leno (w/Kevin Eubanks) - Leno gets in the first lick by throwing his beverage onto Hogan and Bischoff at ringside. DDP takes the first turn against Hogan. He goes through his usual repetoire of moves (during which Leno gets in a punch) culminating in a swinging neck breaker. Hogan rolls to the outside where Eubanks posts him!! The match is back in the ring and Leno is leading the "Hogan Sucks!" chant. DDP gets poked in the eye and is isolated for a moment but then Bischoff gets in and gives up the advantage. Now Leno is in against Hogan! He taunts Hogan about his lack of hair then ducks his charge for a second time and tags in Page. Page has Hogan's number and starts working on his arm. he tags Leno in and Leno continues with the wristlock. Then Hogan asserst his size and bulls his opponent (Leno) into the corner. He drives a knee then turns away. Leno manages to tag in Page and together they hit Hogan with a double clotheline. Leno goes for the pin - no cigar. Hogan goes out to the floor where he meets Eubanks who whacks his arm with a chair. Page rolls Hogan back into the ring. Back inside, Page works Hogan over then Hollywood turns the tables. Bischoff comes in a deals some martial arts blows. They have Page isolated. As the Disciple distracts the referee, Hogan hits Page with a set of brass knucks then throws Bischoff onto him for the pin. Page kicks out. Hogan roughs him up some more then delivers the boot to the face. Before he can drop the leg Page is up and delivers a clothesline. Now things are getting confusing as everybody's getting involved. Hogan and Page end up on the floor and Bischoff faces Leno in the ring. He seems to shrink from the task but then thumbs an eye. They mix it up and Leno is showing a lot of moxie as he delivers a low blow then two rather clumsy punches. He pounds Bischoff's head into the corner 10 times. Hogan enters the ring and Leno turns only to be trapped by Bischoff. Hogan tries to hit Leno but he ducks and Bischoff takes it. DDP hits the ring again and Hogan is ejected. Eubanks comes in and puts the Diamond Cutter on Bischoff!! Leno gets the pin. Afterward, Hogan and Bischoff attack again and Goldberg comes to the rescue. He spears them both and drives them from the ring.

All in all, this match turned out better then I would have expected. Certainly it was more entertaining then that disaster at the last PPV.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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