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Monday Night Wars Edition

Luger is the new US Champ!!!

Jericho - The New TV Champ(?)

Time will tell...

Mankind and Kane are the new Tag Champs!

Nip It in the Bud...

(a reader speaks out)

Volume 3, Issue 347 - August 10, 1998

Nip It In the Bud...

Below is an email I received a week or so ago. The writer expresses very well a a lot of the frustrations I have felt lately with the direction that pro-wrestling in general, and the WWF in particular, seems to be going in these days.

I'm 35 years old and have been enjoying wrestling since the early seventies. I don't consider myself an old fogey but, in many of today's wrestling fans' eyes, maybe I am. My problem is the "WWF Attitude".

First off, as a wrestling fan I am from Greensboro, NC currently residing in Atlanta; I only mention this to let you know that as a wrestling fan I am a product of the Crockett run Mid-Atlantic promotion and the old Georgia Champoinship Wrestling promoton. Between the Greensboro Coliseum and the Omni in Atlanta, coupled with television shows like Florida Championship, Mid-South Wrestling and the Tennessee promotion home of Jerry Lawler; I feel I have seen some of the best performers and wrestling in the world.

My background aside I readily admit I have never been a Vinnie-Mac fan, but in the past when he had something worth watching. I watched simply because I love wrestling. I know Vince is fighting an up-hill battle with a less than stellar talent roster. He's getting all kinds of praise these days for doing "more with less" and maximizing his talent with (as many feel) better angles. All I see is a desperate man pushing the envelope of taste and morality to appeal to the purient interests of highly suggestible adolescents. That last sentence may be a mouthfull (and I can't believe I played the morality card because I have many vices and am far from a goodie two shoes) but it's true.

Steve Austin's actual workrate and wrestling ability has deteriorated over the last couple years, but his popularity has skyrocketed not as some would say because he is anti-establishment; but because of his use of an obscene gesture and profanity. DX vents their frustration by urinating on the competition's motorcycles. A "porn star" is one of the next generation main eventers. Last but not least Jaquelyn and Sable expose their breasts. A little bit of sex in wrestling has been a winning formula for years, just like in the rest of society ; but to have Jaquelyn pop out a nipple and Sable show all but a nipple is a new low, even for Vinnie-Mac. Some would argue that wrestling in general appeals to the lowest common denominator, but Vince has found a way to sink the bar even lower.

I guess my bottom line in all this is, I thank God that I had parents who watched wrestling and took me to shows at a young age so I could become hooked 4-life. I know that I would not have been allowed to watch the spectacle of profanity, obscene gestures, and brief nudity that resides in the WWF gutter today.

Thank you for bearing my ramblings and allowing me to get something off my chest. Like I said, I'm no angel but Vinnie-Mac is despoiling what has contrary to popular belief always been family entertainment. Don't get me wrong, the female anatomy is God's greatest creation but there are too many other outlets for it to take center stage in Wrestling. Please do a column if you agree or disagree with my thoughts on the "WWF Attitude".

Rick H Rick, I couldn't agree with you more, nor could I have said it any better. The fact that Val Venis is set to appear jointly with John Wayne Bobbit tonight on RAW only adds more fuel to this argument. The WWF's appeal to the basest instincts of 14-year-old boys is all the more evident.

Tennessee Lee Loses His Job

Last night's WWF Sunday Night Heat saw one semi-significant development. Jeff Jarrett and Tennessee Lee had an argument which ended when Lee tried to sic Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury/Dennis Knight - the former Godwins) on Jarrett. Instead they attacked Tennessee Lee and Jarrett joined in to pound him into the mat.

Also, the Undertaker did another turn with his Kane impression after Mankind challenged him to a match. Paul Bearer was assaulted and Mankind was Tombstoned on the concrete before it was over.

I caught HHH's acting debut on Pacific Blue last night. I have five words of advice for Helmsley - "Don't quit your day job."

Nitro Report

Nitro comes to us live from Rapid City, South Dakota at the Rushmore Civic Center. After the opening montage and a greeting from Tony we go right to the Nitro Grrrrls dancing in the ring. Kinmberly is not among their numbers - since DDP is not due to appear he preferred to keep her out of harms way. Tony then announces that they have been enjoined from telling anything about what went down in the main event at Sturgis.

The Barbarian (w/Jimmy hart) vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan - the latest installment in the Duggan/Meng feud against the forces of Jimmy Hart apparently. Meng has been announced as the challenger for the World Title in the main event tonight. Hacksaw comes on strong in the opening moments and clotheslines his opponent to the floor. But Barbarian comes roaring back and puts Duggan down. Jimmy Hart gets physically involved in this one - he seems to be returning to some of his style of old lately. The Barbarian is on the attack as the match progresses but Duggan doesn't seem much affected as he fights his way back time after time. He finally wins rather surprisingly with a roll-up. Hart's forces attack after the match and Meng runs-in (as usual) to save Duggan's cookies. Meng puts everybody down then, when Doug Dellenger tries to pull him off - lays it on him as well. Duggan is back and is the next victim as Meng kicks off further attempts at interference by various security guys. Cut to commercial.

Video replay chronicles the recent attack on Lex Luger by Scott Hall and the aftermath of same.

Mean Gene calls Lex Luger to the ring for a talk. Gene asks for Luger's comments on the nWo Hollywood's actions against him. He names Bret Hart as the second assailant and demands a match with Hart. Bret Hart shows up with the US Title over his shoulder and calls Luger a liar. He says he wasn't around when it happened (despite the fact that we saw him come walking out of the entryway just before Luger was discovered by Sting). Hart insists that Luger is jealous of his (Hart's) friendship with Sting (dream on Canada boy...) Luger practically snickers over that assertion, then reiterates his challenge for a US Title match tonight and Hart accepts the challenge. Cut to commercial.

Stills from Road Wild concerning Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Stevie Ray.

Tokyo Magnum (w/Alex Wright/Disco Inferno) vs. Eddie Guerrero - Magnum isn't dancing tonight. Wright and Disco both blast him verbally before the match and then they split. They pass Eddie on his way to the ring. As usual, TM is greatly overmatched in this one. He hits a few good moves at the beginning of the match but can't sustain it for any length of time. A Frog Splash does him in in under two minutes. Cut to commercial.

More stills from Road Wild. This time they look at the triangle match between Raven, Saturn and Kanyon.

Saturn vs. Kanyon - Kanyon is faster but Saturn has that brutal style and those suplexes. The beginning of this match seems pretty even with a slight edge given to Saturn. They trade the advantage back and forth throughout the match. Kanyon gets the first two pinfall attempts but can't get more then a two count. He has a short flurry but can't keep his opponent down. He applies a sleeper but Saturn breaks that up with a jaw breaker then follows up with a belly-to-back suplex. Kanyon comes back with a Russian leg sweep that hurts both guys but then hits a devastating neck breaker and gets another two count. He climbs the corner and gets upset there. Saturn climbs up with his and they struggle for control, then Saturn gets the belly-to-belly superplex. Lodi interferes and distracts the referee - giving Raven a chance to run in and DDT Saturn. Kanyon gets the pin without knowing how. In the back, Meng is still on a rampage. He incapacitates two more security men and the announcers are speculating about how the World Title match will go later as we go to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls lead us into a Nitro Party tape.

Sick Boy (w/Lodi) vs. Steve McMichael - Lodi runs in to distract Mongo so that Sick Boy can get in the first licks. Sick Boy lays in a number of flying moves to hold the advantage throughout the early part of the match. Mongo comes back with a clothesline that takes his oppoenent's head off. He follows it up with a couple of three point tackles then the Tombstone piledriver to take the pin. Cut to commercial.

As the second hour begins the announcers are telling us that all five of the WCW Titles will be on the line tonight.

Hollywood Hogan comes down with Eric Bischoff and the Disciple. Tony reminds us that he and the other announcers are not allowed to say anything about the main event at the PPV but says there will be a "WCW official" coming out later to give us the whole story. Of course Hogan's version is somewhere left of reality. He then says that nWo Hollywood wants the World Title back and demands a title shot at the earliest possible moment. Bischoff then delivers a "public service message" - nWo Hollywood will be providing ringside security for the World Title match later tonight. After some speculation about vairous matches to come, Tony announces that the Wolf Pack will also be ringside for the main event before we go to sell something.

Stevie Ray vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - World Television Title match (?) - Chris Jericho shows up with Cahavo's missing hobby horse before the latter can get to the ring. He turns back to get it and disappears. There are sounds of a struggle then Jericho reappears with the broken Pepe. He goes to the ring and issues his own challenge for the TV Title. Stevie accepts the challenge. So...

Chris Jericho vs. Stevie Ray - World Television Title match (?) - Stevie dominates the first few exchanges but Jericho comes back strong and almost gets a pin out of a roll-up. Stevie comes back with a boot to the face and takes control. He suplexes his opponent onto the top rope but Jericho roars right back and knocks Stevie out of the ring. He throws a suicide dive but injures his own wrist. He rolls Stevie back in then climbs to the top and flies. Stevie catches him and executes a powerslam. A backdrop follows then Stevie whips him into the air but Jericho gets a drop-kick and turns the tables. During the next move, the ref gets downed and then the Giant runs in and chokeslams Stevie. Jericho revives the referee and then slaps the Liontamer on the unconscious Stevie to win the match (and the Title?) I have a feeling that this is one of those times that "Mr. Loophole" may find himself on the losing end of the rulebook... Cut to commercial.

Bischoff shows up again with Miss Liz. He pauses on the ramp to make his spiel. He says he is going to tell the story about what happened Saturday night. He shows a series of stills that all favor his and Hogan's version of what went down. He warns us not to watch the Tonight Sgow tonight because Jay Leno will lie to us and show bogus footage. Apparently Bischoff is the "WCW official" that was referred to earlier. Tony insists that we will see what really happened.

Psychosis vs. Lizmark, Jr. vs. Rey Mistrerio Jr. - triple threat match - Psychosis goes on a tear at the beginning of the match and takes out both of his opponents. Lizmark spends most of the early contest crawling around on all fours. The Rey is knocked to the outside and Lizmark mounts a comeback. Misterio comes back and Psychosis finds himself on the receiving end. Misterio seems to be favoring his (previously) injured leg. Rey and Lizmark start cooperating at this point and it doesn't look good for Psychosis. Lizmark puts Psychosis on his shoulders while Misterio flies - but Psychosis shifts his weight foreward into a roll-up leaving Rey to taste canvas. Now it is every man for himself. At the end, Lizmark jumps off the top onto Psychosis who gets his legs elevated and stands his opponent straight up. Rey takes to the air onto the prone Psychosis and is monkey flipped right onto Lizmark's shoulders. He turns it into his Frankensteiner finisher to get the pin. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrls on the ramp this time.

Lex Luger vs. Bret Hart - US Title match - Bret Hart comes out to the nWo musical theme. That may be a first, but I'm not sure. It's also possible that this is the first one-on-one meeting between these two. I can't remember them locking it up during Luger's WWF tour. They tie up and Luger exhibits his superior upper body strength by shoving Hart off and out of the ring. They go for a test of strength - which Hart loses then takes a cheap shot to assert himself. But Luger throws him off and then runs him down with a clothesline. Hart rolls out and tries to leave with his Title belt. Luger follows him out and drags him back. Back in the ring, Luger executes a couple of arm drags then grabs an arm bar. With his upper body - this is a very effective hold. Hart bulls Luger back into the corner then rakes the eyes. He is asserting control as we cut away for a commercial.

Both are on the outside as we return. Hart slams Luger on the concrete then goes back to the ring. He's looking for a count out here. Or maybe not - he goes out and rolls Luger back in. Standing him up in the corner, Hart whales away on him. But then Luger springs back to life and reverses things until Hart applies a low blow. Luger crumples to the mat. Hart gets a backbreaker and a two count then goes into his usual repetoire of moves leading up to the Sharpshooter. He teases the finisher then drops his body onto Luger's lower abdomen. Hart executes a DDT and gets another two count. He seems to be trying to get disqulified but the referee is allowing a lot of latitude. Luger is being booted in the corner now. A suplex gives Hart another two count. He seems to be getting frustrated. He rakes his boot laces across Luger's face then pounds on the Package's back in the corner. In fact he is concentrating his attack on Luger's back setting up the Sharpshooter. Luger comes back and gets an atomic drop, a clothesline and a forearm shot then goes for the pin. No cigar. Luger keeps coming on and Hart, in desparation goes into his tights for a set of brass knucks. Too late! Luger knocks him down again then grabs him in the Torture Rack. Hart submits!!! Luger is the new US Champ!!! Cut to commercial.

Stills of the Cruiserweight Title match from Road Wild.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Kidman - Cruiserweight Title match - Kidman seems cleaned up a little tonight. He has a slight size advantage in this one but Juvey is on fire until he misses a baseball slide then then gets drop-kicked on the outside. Back in the ring, Kidman drops a Guillotine then grabs a reverse chinlock. They separate and things get fast and furious - as we would expect from this duo. Kidman realizes his weight advantage and is using it effectively. After more furious action, Juvey runs the 450 splash number on Kidman and gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Now we get WCW's version of the main event from Sunday. We see that, in fact, the Leno/DDP team won the match when Leno pinned Bischoff.

Raven (w/the Flock) comes to the ring. He excoriates the Flock for letting him down at the PPV. He knocks down a couple members then starts a match with Horace (who he blames for his loss of the triangle match) - He beats on Horace for a while then takes him out to the floor and sweeps his legs so that he hits the railing with his back. Horace comes back with a Stop sign shot then suicide dives on Raven. Back in the ring, he props up the Stop sign in the corner then whips Raven into it. He lays the sign on the mat and slams Raven on it. But then he takes to the air and misses. Raven calls for a chair from Lodi, sets it up and drops Horace face-first onto it. Kanyon arrives but is held off in the aisle. It is a diversion - Saturn runs in and gets the DDD on a surprised Raven then throws Horace on top of him for the pin. Cut to commercial.

More Nitro Grrrrrls...

Curt Hennig vs. Konnan - Konnan plays the crowds every well indeed these days. They really seem to respond to his call and response schtick. He starts the match a house afire and dominates the early exchanges. In fact he is probably Hennig's equal as a mat wrestler and is a bit more innovative to boot. Hennig leaves the ring to regroup then asserts himself on the way back in. Hennig tries to use one of Konnan's chains as a weapon but the ref grabs it away. Konnan then tries to choke Hennig with the same chain and gets disqualified. Go figure... Cut to commercial.

Giant/Scott Hall vs. Sting/Kevin Nash - Tag Team Title match - Hall tries his own call and response number and pretends to be happy with the results. We cut to commercial before the Wolf Pack makes their entrance.

Hall and Nash start the match. Hall angers his opponent by tossing his toothpick into his face and gets creamed for it. They lock up again and Hall gets a wrist lock and lays in the shoulder blocks. The Giant comes in a forces Nash into the corner then throws a forearm and misses. Nash lifts the knee several times and the Giant is ready to tag out. Hall comes in and walks right into it. It takes a cheapshot to stop Nash's freight train assault. Hall is back in and continues the attack. The Giant is back in and runs into an upraised boot. Both guys are down and and slow to get up - then both exchange partners. Sting cleans house - first ejecting the Giant then overwhelming Hall with three Stinger Splashes and the Scorpion. The Giant runs in and grabs the referee by the throat demanding that he call a DQ. The ref complies but gets chokeslammed anyway. The Tag Champs retain. Cut to commercial.

Michael Buffer's intro is delayed while Hollywood Hogan and his thugs (the Giant and Hall) come to the ring to provide "security". They are followed to the ring by the Wolf Pack. This will be kind of a lumberjack match, I guess.

Goldberg vs. Meng - World Title match - I believe we saw this match once before just before Meng took his vacation a while back, but i could be mistaken. Meng enters to the same music as of old - which he shares with his former partner. It is 11 PM straight up so I expect this to be short. Meng forces the Champ into the corner and works him over but has little affect. Goldberg explodes out of the opposite corner off a whip and forearms right through Meng. Meng rolls out then re-enters. They lock up again then Meng grabs the Tongan Death Grip. Goldberg struggles but can't break it. He is forced to his back on the mat then, for some reason Meng releases the hold and turns to the crowd. Goldberg rolls backward over his shoulder and regains his feet. Meng turns around and gets speared then Jackhammered and pinned. A melee erupts outside the ring and Hogan sneaks in with a chair. He lays Goldberg out but Kevin Nash prevents him from using it again. Hogan is ejected, when Goldberg turns around he thinks Nash is the one who hit him. Nash is speared and we fade to black...

RAW Report

Mankind is shown throwing a tantrum in the back as the program opens.

We see clips of the UT/Austin vs. Mankind/Kane confrontation then scenes from UT's little swerve last night.

Mankind heads to the ring with a chair. He wants to know what's going on between Kane and his brother. He wants to talk to the one man he trusts to tell him the truth and calls for "Mr. McMahon" to come down and give him the truth. McMahon shows up on the ramp but takes his time approaching the ring. Mankind sits in the center of the ring and asks Vince for his help. Vince takes the proferred microphone and tells Mankind that he detests weak people who need "pillers of strength" like himself to prop them up. Vince says he was invited out not to help but to "hurt" Mankind. He claims that Undertaker and Kane are in cahoots - his usual story these days. He uses elaborate circular reasoning to convince the deranged one. Then concludes by stating that Kane and the Undertaker are one in the same. Kane and Paul Bearer show up and Uncle Paul has his own ideas about how things are. He threatens to take his ball (Kane) and leave. Vince accuses Kane of being UT and demands that he remove the mask. Kane is unmoved then Vince makes a grab for the mask and the lights go out. The lights come back up and the Undertaker is standing in Kane's place. Mankind attacks UT as McMahon slips away. UT defends himself then splits. Jim Ross hypes the Four Corners Tag Team Title match that's coming up later then talks about Val Venis and John Wayne Bobbit making a joint appearance tonight. We see the Undertaker entering his dressing room where Kane seems to be awaiting him.

Sable comes to the ring and introduces Luna. She (Luna) is accompanied by the Oddities who are considerably less formally dressed then the last time we saw them. Cut to commercial.

Luna (w/the Oddities/Sable) vs Jaquelyn (w/Marc Mero) - Jaquelyn is a tough cookie but Luna is an excellent wrestler and her troops outnumber Jaquie's. There is really no contest here. The first time Jaquelyn climbs the ropes she is shaken off by Sable. Moments later it is all over. JR is talking about an Internet rumor that DX will disband tonight. I was too busy to get out on the web today so I don't know.

Michael Cole is in the back trying to get an interview without success. Cut to commercial.

The New Age Outlaws arrive in a foul mood.

Savio Vega vs. Darren Drozdov - Brawl-for-All - Savio should dominate this contest as he did the last one he was in. Puke has no finess what-so-ever whereas Savio is a trained fighter. But somehow, the Droz is connecting with his wild swings. And he manages to get a takedown in each round. Droz advances. HHH and Chyna drive up in a sports car as we cut to commercial.

LOD 2000 starts down the ramp only to have Hawk slip and fall right into the crowd. What the hell is going on here..? Cut to commercial.

Official are trying to reason with Hawk as we return, insisting that he is in no shape to wrestle. We cut to scenes from the Jarrett/Justice/Tennessee Lee confrontation.

Southern Justice show up for their match with LOD and Hawk can't cut it so Animal is on his own until Droz runs down to take Hawks place. Jeff Jarrett comes down and hits Droz with a guitar (Animal has been put out of action) then cuts some of his hair. We see X-Pac arriving alone in the back as we cut to commercial.

The New Age Outlaws come to the ring as we return. X-Pac follows them down. They are all wearing street clothes. Finally HHH and Chyna make their entrance. HHH starts his statement but X-Pac interrupts to say he's "...just about had it with you and your B**tch." He calls them j*ck-offs. HHH grabs the mic back and throws the ephethet back at Waltman and then extends it at NAO as well. They talk this over and finally agree that they are all a bunch of j*ck-offs. They prepare to moon the audience en masse but Chyna stops them by asking them if it ever occurred to any of them that people might be tried of looking at their butts...then she moons the audience, or rather exposes her thong underwear. The whole thing was a swerve. Cut to commercial.

Michael Cle tries to interview Austin but gets dunked in the shower instead.

The Godfather (w/his "hoes") vs. Vader - Bart Gunn confronts Jim Ross and before the match saying that Ross made excuses for Steve Williams after Bart knocked him out. Ross says he's sorry if he was misunderstood. Vader comes to the ring and Kama wants to know if Vader has ever been with a "hoe". He offers Vader a choice of any of his three "hoes" - Vader definitely looks interested. The declines the use of Kama's garden implements until he is offered all three, then he changes his tune and leaves with the girls. Bart Gunn confronts Vader outside the ring, then punches his lights out. He attacks Kama in the ring. Officials drag him off and the Godfather splits with the feminine pulchatrude. Val Venis drives up with his "guest" as we cut to commercial.

Dustin Runnels appears to urge parents not to let their children watch wrestling on TV.

Val Venis is rolled to the ring in a wheelchair by John Wayne Bobbit and "Mrs. Yamaguchi". Of course, Lawler is there to conduct the interview. Mr. Cheese appears to be in pain. He holds an ice pack to his groin as he starts his rant. This also turns out to be a swerve as Val strips off his outer pants and claims that the cold butcher block caused "shrinkage" and Bobbitt turned off the lights just in time. Lawler and Bobbitt are full of tasteless penis jokes. Venis then dumps "Mrs. Yamaguchi" on television then throws her a battery, for her vibrator I suppose - what a gentleman...

Edge is shown in the stands.

Bradshaw vs. Marc Mero - Mero tries to box his way though this and does dominate the punch count. Bradshaw gets a takedown early on and another during the second round to even the score. Bradshaw soesn't seem to have a good grasp of the rules - he keeps holding Mero and hitting him. After three rounds the ref declares a draw and orders one more. Bradshaw gets another takedown and thus clinches the win.

Video replay of the Undertaker's magic trick earlier. Michael Come finally gets an interview with the Undertaker who has little to say (sometimes you just can't win...)

Owen Hart/The Rock vs. Mankind/Kane vs. NAO vs. the Undertaker/Steve Austin - Four Corners Tag Team Title match - this time they have instituted a rule that won't allow one wrestler to pin his partner as NAO did in the last match of this type. NOD and DX enters then Ken Shamrock suddenly hits the ring (and Owen) - the rest of DX shows up and Shamrock refuses to release the ankle-lock submission. It appears he may have broken Owens ankle just before we cut to commercial.

D-Lo Brown has been brought in to replace the injured Owen Hart. Mankind trails Kane to the ring - clearly not trusting his partner. Finally the Tag Champs arrive separately. Why they would ever agree to this kind of match completely escapes me... Austin and Mankind start the match - after a moment Mankind seems to be leaving - but he comes back and then tags in D-Lo. Austin dominates him after the first couple of exchanges then tags in Kane. Kane takes a couple of shots then tags in Billy Gunn. Gunn dominates D-Lo then tags the Road Dog. D-Lo rakes his eyes and then tags Mankind in. Mankind misses a DDT attempt and gets back-dropped. He tags the Rock who is only in a moment then sends D-Lo back in. D-Lo and Billy Gunn slug it out after the Dog tags. Austin gets in against D-Lo then tags in his partner. UT creams Billy while Austin drops the Dog on the railing outside. Suddenly Austin and UT are in against each other but choose not to compete. Austin goes back out to attack Billy and the Dog is back in with the Undertaker. UT tags in D-Lo who drops the Dog on his face then tags in Maivia. The Rock comes close to pinning Road Dog but no cigar. Now D-Lo is in again and NOD is proving to be the most effective team. D-Lo gets the "Low Down" but Billy prevents the pin. The Rock is tagged in and sets up "the People's Elbow" - Austin prevents the pin this time. Mankind is tagged in and the Road Dog is sinking fast. Kane has yet to be in the match. The Dog gets a leg sweep and both guys are down. The Dog tags UT and all hell breaks loose. After much confusion, Kane is tagged in and chokeslams UT and pins him!! Mankind and Kane are the new Tag Champs!

The WWF has put on better shows lately.

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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