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Friday Morning Edition

Bret Hart is the
Two Time US Champion!

HeatWave '98 Report

by Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Weekend Rumblings...

Volume 3, Issue 347 - August 10, 1998
News from Bob Ryder:


The contract has been signed, and Warrior is expected to make his debut on the August 17 episode of NITRO. WCW will refer to him as "Warrior" while legal disputes over the name he used in the WWF are settled.


Multichannel News is reporting approximately 400,000 buys for Road Wild, almost double last years number.


The WWF is continuing negotiations with two Times Square locations for a Wrestlemania Cafe. The WWF had submitted the high bid on another site in the Times Square area, but the bid was awarded to another bidder. WWF fans are being asked to help by sending a letter saying you want to see a Wrestlemania Cafe in Time Square to:


Tickets are now on sale for ECW's "Labor Day Bayou Bash 98".

The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

The Alexandria event will be held at the Riverfront Center and seats approximately 1400. The Baton Rouge event will be at the Riverside Centroplex Exhibition Hall and seats approximately 2000. The New Orleans event will be held in Chalmette at the St Bernard Civic Auditorium and seats approximately 2000. The Thibodaux event will be held at the Thibodaux Civic Center which seats approximately 1500.

Bell time for Thibodaux is 2pm. All other shows start at 8pm.

Fans can purchase tickets online at the Ticketmaster website


The long awaited Arn Anderson autobiography, "Arn Anderson 4 Ever, A Look Behind the Curtain" is now available for shipping. The book is available for purchase online at at a rate of $20 plus $5.95 shipping and handling. Each copy will be autographed by Arn Anderson.

HeatWave '98 Report

By Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Hello and welcome. Now, unlike many of you readers, I have never had the pleasure of viewing the urban legend known as Extreme Championship Wrestling....until now!!!

I viewed the ECW event called "HeatWave '98" and I was well pleased. I have to say that I totally marked out for them!!! Well, here are my opinions on each bout:

Jerry Lynn VS. Justin Credible

The former jobbers for WCW (Lynn) and WWF (Credible) really took it to each other. Incredible moves and stunts. I have to say that ECW is really a no holds barred fed. Where else can you see a valet get "Tombstoned"? Speaking of which, I loved the ending where Credible performed the "Tombstone" piledriver from the top rope!!! I had to clap out loud on that one!!! Credible got a hard fought victory and I was thinking, "what the hell can they do next on this show?" Well, I got my answer.

Chris Candido VS. Lance Storm

A good match that saw the return of Sunny under her real name of Tammy Fytch. Candido, I must say, is a 100 times better than he was as Skip!!! He seems to be in better shape too. The fans seemed to be into this match. We nearly got to see some exposure when the ref accidently pulled away at Tammy's dress. She was, however, covered up quickly. The end came when Candido performed a powerbomb from the top rope to put away Storm!!! I clapped for that one too!!! It is great to see Tammy back in the spotlight and out of the poor role that Vince and Co. had her in. Whatever her personal problems are, I hope she can straighten them out soon.

Mike Awesome VS. Tanaka

The former WCW jobber was a bad-ass here. This made me wonder with all of this talent, why is WCW or WWF so damn stubborn to try to promote these guys? These guys really went at it. Now, I realize wrestling is a work but there is only so much of that stuff they can fake. No one on planet earth is going to convince me that that powerbomb through the table to the concrete floor from in the ring did not hurt Awesome like hell!!! These guys are damn tough. He kicked out after that move. Tanaka had to perform a tornado-DDT on two chairs to finally keep him down for the win. Awesome, to his credit, walked out on his own after laying on the mat for about three minutes!!!

Sabu/Rob Van Damn VS. Hakushi/Hiabusa

I know that Hakushi is using his real name these days but I'll use his WWF name here. RVD showed why he has earned the press that he has these days while Sabu is just wild. All four of these men went at it with no regard for their own safety or the opponents (no wonder Cactus Jack and Terry Funk was so at home here). That match ended with a double-leg drop on Hakushi and Hiabusa by RVD and Sabu through a table. These men are going to be hard to beat for the ECW Tag Belts.

TAZ VS. Bamm Bamm Bigelow

TAZ is a mean looking man. I know that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is called the "toughest son of a b*tch" but this man would give him a run for the money there. BBB and TAZ put on a decent match that saw them go through the ring ramp this time!!! This time, BBB was forced to tap out to the "TAZ-mission" (although it looked like he was really trying to reach for the ropes).

The Dudleys VS. Tommy Dreamer/The Sandman/Spike Dudley

These are the only true heels that I saw on the card that night. Most everyone else got mixed reactions to standing ovations. When The Dudleys came out, they got nothing but boos. Their "Dudley Death Drop" (a double team Diamond Cutter) is devestating. I actually cringed when they showed them doing it to Beullah McGillicutty. Anyway, this match was wild and saw some awesome shots. The match ended when Dreamer executed a DDT onto a ladder on Bubba Ray Dudley for the win. Afterwards, Jack Victory came in but so did New Jack with a shopping cart full of weapons such as a golf iron, trash can, "Stop" sign, etc. They basically drove the Dudleys out of the ring and stood together to a standing ovation from the crowd.

I must say that I enjoyed that ECW card. I was also surprised by the enthusiasm that the ECW crowd showed. By the way, now that I have seen her, I must say that Francine is a beautiful piece of work!!! I would definitely order another ECW PPV again. I would certainly order them before WCW now. Nothing against WCW, but gave better matches when they weren't on top like they are now. The WWF still puts on decent shows despite not having that many top names. ECW HeatWave '98 was worth it and I would order it again.

Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis. Many of his previous articles are available in the Articles section of the website. Check out Ervin's Pro-Wrestling Fan Fiction web site.

Visit Jeremy Hartley's
Up Close Wrestling

This is the official web site of my friend Jeremy Hartley and the home of the "Up Close and Personal" RealAudio show. Jeremy has assembled all of his UCP interviews here and will also be featuring my "Time Machine" series which used to run on the TBR Wrestling Hotline. Jeremy has interviews with such wrestling personalities and Lou Thesz, Les Thatcher, Bob Blackburn, Buddy Landel and people associated with the Internet Wrestling Community such as Al Isaacs, Bob Ryder, Scot Teal, J. Michael Kenyon and even yours truely!

Weekend Rumblings...

This week I have added a number of new Titles to my Title Histories section thanks to the assistance of Brian Westcott. We have added several Titles from Japan including some FMW and New Japan titles as well as two new listings under the AAA promotion out of Mexico.

Brian has a wrestling web site of his own which was good enough to make my A-List for it's content. Check out Westcott's Wrestling Archives, the International Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, an article about the NWA and a SHOOT interview by Buddy Landel.

On another front, I have expanded the Collection of Dixie Moulton photo archives considerably in the past two weeks. I have recently added images of Jesse Ventura, Rufus Jones, Jim Brunzell, Bobby Duncum, Larry "the Ax" Hennig and a host of others.

Readers' Responses

I have received a number of editorial responses concerning the letter I published in the last issue. The letter, for those who may not have seen it, was sent by reader Rick H, who complained about the kind of product being put out by the WWF is recent months. He generally agreed with my own assessment and expressed it rather well and so, rather then write my own editorial on the subject (which had been his request), I chose to publish his letter instead.

The emails I received (actually only two) split evenly between agreeing with us and condemning us. Much more numerous were several posts on a couple of popular wrestling discussion boards, where the run of opinion went against our position about two to one.

Of course the letter, and my own feelings, are only opinions. People are free to agree or disagree.

I will note that the dominant argument from the distaff side seem to center on the fact that the WWF is more popular then ever, which apparently justifies any actions on the WWF's part in the eyes of it's boosters. My own answer to that line of reasoning would be, in that case, how much more popular would the WWF be if they actually allowed Sable and Jaquelyn to go totally nude on their PPV broadcast? What if Val Venis engaged in his sex acts right out in the open, I mean why not? Anything to boost ratings, right? Just imagine what the ratings for RAW would have been the next week if they had actually allowed Brian Pillman to shoot Steve Austin on camera during that housebreaking incident last year? No doubt any of those actions would cause more people to watch the program, but is that what it's really all about? Maybe so...

My contention is that these angles are a calculated effort by the WWF to appeal to the lowest instincts of adolescent boys, and not "adult" programming as Vince McMahon would tell us. As an adult (at 28, my son is probably older then most of the WWF's audience), I can tell you that such things don't appeal to me. Oh, I enjoyed looking at Sable's breasts as much as any other normal male, but I have to question their use as a prop in a wrestling angle that is being targetted towards kids.

The one email I received on that subject argued that the WWF and wrestling in general is incredibly popular with college students, then went on to point out the tendency of college students to engage in drunkeness and other immature activities.

Fine, maybe I should amend my assessment of the WWF's target audience from "14 year old boys" to "14 year old boys and young adults with 14 year old mentalities".

Works for me ;-)

For wrestling action from the old days, visit the Solie's Classic Wrestling Images Gallery featuring

The Collection of Dixie Moulton

The collection has been greatly expanded in the past two weeks to includes images of such all-time greats as: Ray Stevens, "Jumping Jim" Brunzell, Larry "the Axe" Hennig, Pat Patterson, Jesse Ventura, "the Outlaw" Bobby Duncum, Tom Zenk, Rufus Jones and a host of others. Check it out!

Thunder Report

Thunder is live from Fargo, North Dakota.

To open the show, Scott Hall comes out to run his survey. He changes it a little first, asking if people are here to see the "n-W-o" (like in th old days, actually) then narrows the choices down, then ignores the results. Cut to commercial.

Konnan vs. Scott Hall - Hall starts out trying to intimidate his opponent. Tossing the toothpick, then trash talking and feigning slaps, etc. Hall in fact continually uses these psychological strategies throughout the match. Konnan is the better wrestler, very powerfull, and Hall's taunts seem to fire him up. Hall goes to the eyes and then he is relentless as the match progresses. But Konnan is very resilliant, so Hall is in for the "long haul" (no pun intended). He goes to his old standby, the abdominal stretch and now we're in a holding action. Konnan finally hip-tosses him off, but Hall is quick and puts him back down. When Konnan finally gets the upperhand for a moment, Hall, with his back to his opponent in the corner, levels him with a low blow leg lift. From there it's all downhill for Konnan, who continues to thwart Hall for another minute and a half or so...then is pinned out of an Outsider's Edge. That was a pretty good opening match. Cut to commercial.

Raven (w/Lodi) comes to the ring. Somebody throws a full cup of liquid right on him as he comes down the aisle. Horace is already in the ring, apparently this is his penence for allowing Raven to get nailed a few nights ago. Raven executes his usual whining complaint then walks right over to him and smashes him in the mouth with the microphone! From there the "match" is a rout until Raven makes the mistake of trying to use the Stop Sign. Lodi takes it away from him and then causes Raven to get the sign kicked in his face by the recovered Horace. Now it is all Horace for several minutes until Raven regains control of the weapon. He uses it one more time and tosses Horace to the floor. Raven dives on to him then drags him back into the ring. He order Lodi to start the carnage but Lodi hesitates and gets slapped for it. Riggs runs in and starts putting the boots to Horace...but hesitently... Kidman acts the same but the beating ensues until Saturn comes in and tries to talk to them. He helps Horace up and Horace turns on him!! The Flock swarms, and Kanyon has to break it up.

Stevie Ray tells Mean Gene that his brother has ordered him to get the TV belt back. He challenges the Giant for some reason (probably that unprovoked attack last week...) then says he'll beat Eddie Guerrero tonight. Cut to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. - TV Title match - Well, I guess I will have to update my WCW Title Histories - I was sure that something would happen to change that decision since Jericho won a match against a pretender to the Title (there is supposed to be clarification on Monday so I won't change anything yet).

Jericho underestimates his opponent in the beginning of the match and pays for it. Chavo is a very intense competitor - you have to be on top of your game to control him. Jericho finally gains the upperhand but then Chavo pulls out the "crazy" card and bites him on the hip!! Jericho is thrown offstride and his opponent is taking the advantage as we cut to commercial.

Jericho execute a Lionsault as we return but doesn't get the pin. He his fully in control at this point. Jericho strikes me as the successor to Bret Hart. Excellent execution, Dungeon trained, high mobility, better by far then Hart - and a very good character that can play the hero or the villian. While I'm complimenting Jericho, he is loosing the intitiative. Chavo is on the attack and Jericho is reeling in a matter of moments. Out of frustration, Jericho retreats and grabs the hobby horse. He tears it apart and stomps on it for the second time this week. Chavo is enraged and rushes into the corner but misses. He is knocked out of the ring and comes back with another horse - this one appears to be constructed around a baseball bat!! He lays into Jericho's left arm and gets DQ'd. Jericho slips out of the ring and can't lift his left arm to aknowledge the victory. Chavo demonstrates with the bat/horse. At one point the hollow shell of the bat slips down and we can see that the horses head is mounted on a broomstick which has been made to resemble a bat. Cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay joins the crew for the second hour. They talk about the situation regarding Lex Luger's regaining of the US Title (Luger was the first WCW US Champ, having been the NWA US Titlist when the promotion changed in the early 90's). They show stills from Luger's Title match with Bret Hart. Bret Hart then comes down and does his crybaby schtick. He is very bitter about the desertion of the fans from his cause (well...duh...). He recites his litany of "bests" and says that he will beat Flexy tonight and win back the belt, etc, ad nauseum... Cut to commercial...please!!!

The Dancing Fools (w/Tokyo Magnum) vs. Public Enemy - this is a rematch from when Disco was triple table-shot last Sunday. PE brings only one table tonight. They control the first exchanges but then Alex Wright turns the tables then heads for the corner. Fly-Boy cuts him off as he climbs then suplexes him to the mat. Wright manages to tag in Disco who is doubleteamed. PE really seems to have it together tonight. It is Wright who is out on the mat when the table comes into play. PE set him up on the table which leans in the corner and prepare to launch themselves but Wright signals in Magnum. Magnum runs over and pushes Wright instead of pulling - thus putting his own body in the line of fire. Now suddenly Meng is in the ring and beating on PE. He clears the ring and is then set upon by the Barbarian and Jimmy Hart. Security joins the frey, everybody gets their throats gripped and we cut to commercial.

Kevin Nash comes to the ring alone and gives the troups a pep rap. He wants to talk about the mistaken impression that Goldberg apparently had that he (Nash) was the one that struck him from behind last week. He seems to imply that he and "G" have shared a beer together and worked out their difference since the incident then appeals to Goldberg by extending an invitation to join the Wolf Pack. Cut to commercial.

Two young fans are dressed like the old Sting in a statement of preference I imagine.

Curt Henng (w/Rick Rude) vs. Kevin Nash - Nash catches Hennig in a corner almost immediately and asserts his physical dominence from the opening bell. Hennig finally sidesteps a rush to the corner and then attacks the left leg of his opponent. That is Nash's weakness, that old injury stopped his NBA ambitions many years ago. Nash suffers for several moments then gets to his feet and puts a boot to Hennig's face. Rick Rude runs in, decks the referee, then stops to remove his outer clothing. Nash is distracted enough for Scott Hall to slip into the ring and blindside him. The three thugs smash Nash until Lex Luger runs in to make the save. Cut to commercial.

Stevie Ray vs. Eddie Guerrero - Big Stevie Ray is...well...big... but he has little else to bring to this contest besides his fledgeling character. Big would seem to be enough during the opening moments but then Guerrero does a little "around the world" armdrag and gets into the driver's seat. He eventually runs into Stevie's bulk however. Now the Giant and Scott Hall stroll out to watch the preceedings. In the ring, Stevie is applying all the muscle he can to the task of grounding his opponent. We watch a considerable amount of the match over the shoulders of the Tag Champs on the arena bigscreen. Guerrero never fully recovers from his last offensive move, which smashed him on the canvas after running headlong into a clothesline, and is pinned as the Tag Champs look on. Cut to commercial.

Bret Hart vs. Lex Luger - US Title match - I have never hidden my disdain of Flexy Lexy - but I think it would be a shame to take away his US belt right way. His previous long run as US Champ was probably the finest year or so in his career so far. Besides, Hart needs to go after the World strap. The Champ comes out first, contrary to custom. The crowd gets pretty obscene in their villification of Hart. The match is dominated by Luger in the early going until Hart bulls him into a corner to break a headlock and starts punching on the break. When Luger starts back, Hart maneuvers the referee into restraining Luger then cheapshots him over the official's shoulder. Hart is relentless as the match continues. He is working on Luger's back and very effectively. He goes for his flying elbow drop and misses but is right back on Luger - too late - Luger is fired up and clotheslines him twice then hits the robo-forearm. Hart goes out for a chair with Luger right behind him. Back in the ring, Luger gets hold of the chair but the ref grabs it away. Hart is on his feet in a flash and runs the both of them into the corner. He flattens Luger with the chair then revives the referee, slaps on the Sharpshooter. Luger never seems to submit but apparently passes out from the pain. Bret Hart is the Two Time US Champion!

At least that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver
Editor, Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything thats been said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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