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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 35
August 30, 1996

Odd & Ends

Who was that Masked Man?

Those who speculated over the past few days that the Mexican wrestler who appeared in the opening match on Nitro last week might have been, in fact, Sean Waltman (correspondence to my Readers' Forum pointed out that he had a similar build, costume, hair, moves etc.) should be advised that the wrestler in question was indeed Juventud Guerrera, a well known (and son of a well known) competitor in Latin America where he is considered a "heel's heel". His running feud with Psycosis has been the stuff of legends.

TV Follies

There was a rumor making the rounds last week that the WWF was planning to begin offering weekly late-night Saturday Pay-Per-View programs for $9.95 a pop. This turned out to be what is known in the political arena as a "trial balloon" and was quickly deflated as wrestling fans realized this would add $40 a month to their already expensive cable bills (and the TV companies weren't biting either). There was also talk of airing PPV's on a premium channel such as Showtime.

On another TV front, it has been confirmed that WWF Superstars will begin to air on the USA Network soon. It was not revealed whether it will replace one of the current weekend shows (WWF Mania and The Action Zone) or if it will be taken out of syndication entirely.

On still another front - speculation is growing about the possible permanent relocation of RAW to Friday nights following the airing of "Championship Friday" coming up on September 6th. It is said that the idea would be to use the RAW broadcast to set-up the weekend PPV programs. I, for one, would not welcome this move as it would certainly be the death knell of all the wonderful programming we have been seeing since Nitro began it's head-to-head competition with the WWF show on Monday nights. Of course there is also the idea that WCW would be expected to get a lot of mileage out such a move by claiming that they "ran the WWF out of town"...which would be the truth actually.

Other News

Missy Hyatt will soon make her long-rumored appearance in the WWF.

The Ultimate Warrior may take the WWF to court for breach of contract.

Barry Darsow (aka Smash of Demolition and the Repo Man) is said to be entering the WWF soon to reprise his Blacktop Bully character which went nowhere in the WCW a while back.

It was reported in the WWF area of America On Line that the BodyDonna's have split up.

In case you didn't notice, I have received a communication from the Web Master at the Official WCW web site concerning the possibility that it was the "real" Eric Bischoff who twice visited my Readers' Forum in the last several weeks. You can read this message here for yourself.

Ted DiBiase and the NWO

MiCasa Latest News reported today that Ted DiBiase is supposed to make a "major announcement" on the Nitro broadcast this coming Monday. I would expect this to be the that he will manage the NWO stable as well as revealing the identity of the fourth "wrestling member" of that organization.

In an exclusive interview published in the Bagpipe Report Issue #101 Ted DiBiase refused to enlighten us on what his role will (or won't) be in the ongoing NWO/WCW storyline. The announcers on Nitro were being coy about it, alternately speculating that he would be a fifth Horseman or the fourth member of the NWO.

The former suggestion is ludicrous, of course, DiBiase has been sidelined from wrestling now for several years by a debilitating neck injury, but there does seem to be a question about whether his duties in the WCW will include being a manager or simply a member of the broadcast team (a monumental waste of his considerable talents in my opinion).

I would only point out that he made his first appearance on Nitro in exactly the same fashion as Hall and Nash - by strolling into the arena unannounced (and taking a seat in the crowd). It seems to me that if he was slated to become a broadcaster there would be no need for the announcers (including Eric Bischoff) to speculate about his intentions.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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